Days Transcript Friday 9/12/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 9/12/03--Canada; 9/15/03--USA

By Eric

 Philip: In the case against rex dimera -- the attempted murder of bo and hope brady -- how do you find?

 Shawn-d: No, no, no, wait a minute. What have we heard so far, a couple character witnesses -- the accused's sister and his girlfriend? And you want to render a verdict off that?

 Belle: What are you trying to say, shawn?

 Shawn-d: Means, motive, opportunity -- rex was there the night of the fashion show.

 Cassie: So were a lot of other people.

 Shawn-d: He had motive. My folks destroyed the source of the natural explosive that the dimeras were trying to exploit, so they could've lost a lot of money.

 Rex: Which doesn't mean I'd kill anyone over it.

 Mimi: Exactly.

 Belle: Quiet down, all of you. You're all out of order. What about means, shawn?

 Shawn-d: The police found a pipe at the scene of the crime.

 Belle: Fingerprints?

 Shawn-d: None.

 Cassie: If the police couldn't connect some dumb pipe to my brother, how can you?

 Belle: It's not your turn to talk, cassie.

 Cassie: Who died and made her god? She's going to take shawn's side and vote against my brother.

 Philip: So, belle, what do you think?

 Belle: Will you both agree to live with this? I find rex... not guilty.

 Shawn-d: How could you?

 Lexie: Ooh...look who's home. It's daddy. Daddy's home.


 Lexie: Hi, honey. We thought you'd be working late tonight.

 Abe: Well, I hurried. I didn't want to miss the big event of the evening. Yeah. Hey, big guy, yeah, you can bring this with you. Huh? You ready for bed? You want daddy to give you a bath and read you a story? Huh? Ha ha ha, yeah. How about "goodnight moon" for the millionth time? Is that good?

 Lexie: I bet you know that one by heart, huh?

 Abe: Oh, I recite it in mslsleep.

 Lexie: What would theo and i do without you?

 Abe: Yeah, well, you'll never have to find out, will you? No.

 Lexie: I love you so much. You'll never leave us.

 Abe: Well, the only place I'm going right now is get this guy ready for bed. So, are you ready for daddy to give you a bath? Okay, here we go. Ha ha ha. Yeah.

 Lexie: Oh, abe... our son needs you. I need you. You can't die.

 Maggie: I know I left my reading glasses in here somewhere.

 Jennifer: Well, aunt maggie, think back. I mean, you must've used them while you were here.

 Maggie: I know I'm going to get a chain and hang them around my neck.

 Mickey: You smell smoke?

 Jennifer: Yeah, I just got a whiff.

 Mickey: I'm going upstairs and check on mom.

 Maggie: That's a good idea. Oh, goodness. It's strong. The smell's stronger in here.

 Jennifer: Oh, my god.

 Jack: Ow.

 Brady: Granddad? Nicole, are you here?

 Brady: The phone's dead.

 Henderson: The repairman came by to fix it. Obviously, he failed.

 Brady: You talked to my grandfather about something. Did he and nicole go out to dinner or...

 Henderson: Neither of them mentioned it to me.

 Brady: Strange.

 Jennifer: Who could've done this?

 Mickey: Mom's sound asleep.

 Maggie: Well, we found the source of the smell. Look.

 Mickey: What... the devil? How did that catch fire?

 Jennifer: Something's going to happen to him. Something terrible.

[ Safety clicks ]

 Jack: What was that? I'm hearing things.

 Brady: Still cold. Where could she haveone?

[ Gunshot ] Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Mickey: Don't panic. Now, sit down, sit down, sit down.

 Maggie: Here, you look like you're going to faint. Here.

 Jennifer: How does a picture catch on fire when there is nobody in the room?

 Mickey: I'm sure there's a logical explanation.

 Jennifer: Aunt maggie, maybe it's a sign. Like gram's visions and like celeste's premonitions.

 Maggie: I don't know, honey.

 Mickey: It must've -- it must've bn this -- I don't know -- the halogen bulb is just, uh, you know, the newfangled thing gets too hot, and it caught the picture on fire.

 Jennifer: Here, hold this a second. I'm going to call jack's cell.

 Maggie: Do you really think it was the bulb?

 Mickey: What else?

 Maggie: A sign.

 Jennifer: It's still off.

 Maggie: Isn't jack supposed to keep his cell phone on, just in case someone calls in with a lead to a story?

 Jennifer: Yes, or in case of an emergency. He never turns off unless he's undercover.

 Mickey: What's his big story he's working on for the "spectator"?

 Jennifer: I'm not supposed to tell you, but he is investigating the meras. And I am worried sick about it.

 Maggie: Well, I don't blame you. Do you know I was talking to abe's informant in salem place just minutes before the poor man was murdered?

 Jennifer: And then jack went behind my back and had you draw up a will, uncle mickey.

 Mickey: Well, see, I advised him to tell you about that, but he didn't want to worry you, darling.

 Jennifer: Something's wrong. I can feel it.

 Abe: I read him a story, he was still wide awake, so I sang. Ha ha ha.

 Lexie: Yeah, I know. I could hear you all the way down here.

 Abe: Yeah, ha ha ha ha! Well, theo finally dropped off during the second verse of "mockingbird."

Mockingbird ha ha ha ha! I think it was a comment on my voice.

 Lexie: Well, I think it's because you made him feel very secure and protected, just like I do whenever you p your arms around me.

 Abe: Ahh, yeah. Have I told you how beautiful you are?

 Lexie: Yes... but, you know, you used to be such a workaholic that you wouldn't even notice if I wore the same thing twice.

 Abe: Oh, shame on me.

 Lexie: Mm-hmm.

 Abe: Ha ha ha ha.

 Lexie: Now you compliment me all the time. Honey, there's been such a big change in you ever since you decided to retire.

 Abe: I love you and theo. I want to spend as much time with both of you as possible.

 Lexie: Well, if this is a preview of coming attractions, I can't wait until you retire for sure.

 Abe: You know what? This -- what is this all about here?

 Lexie: Well, I made bruschetta because I was thinking we could take a second honeymoon in italy.

 Abe: M. That sounds great. You know, I'll run this by tek and see what he thinks about it.

 Lexie: You are not planning on doing some I.S.A. Work while we're on vacation.

 Abe: Ha ha ha ha. Oh, relax. Tek has traveled the globe, and he'll be able to give us some pointers on where to go, what to see.

 Lexie: Okay. Oh, honey, I can't believe it. A future without the constant threat of danger hanging over our heads.

 Abe: I just have a few more cases to finish up.

 Lexie: Do you really have to, abe?

 Abe: We've been over this before, lex. I need to find out who attacked bo and hope, and, of course, there's the colin murphy murder.

 Lexie: Oh, abe, come on, that could take forever.

 Abe: I'm very close to making an arrest.

 Lexie: And the murphy case?

 Abe: My investigation's leadindirectly to someone in the kiriakis household.

 Brady: Henderson, did you hear that noise? That sounded like a gunshot.

 Henderson: I'm a little hard of hearing, sir.

 Brady: There's been a few attempts on my grandfather's life. I'm wondering if this, you know --

 Henderson: I didn't really hear anything...

 Brady: Nicole. There you are.

 Nicole: Oh, I didn't know anyone was here.

 Brady: What's wrong with you?

 Nicole: Nothing.

 Brady: Did you hear that gunshot?

 Nicole: What happened?

 Brady: Well, that's what I'd like to know. Where's my grandfather?

 Nicole: I'm not really sure.

[ Door slams ]

 Brady: Granddad! Thank god. I was afraid that sebody had taken another shot at you. Did you hear that noise?

 Victor: What are you talking about? Well, I got to go outside and explore this.

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 Shawn-d: You promised to be impartial. Now you're siding with your brother?

 Belle: This is not about sides, shawn.

 Shawn-d: That bastard attacked my parents, and he damn near killed them.

 Cassie: Wrong.

 Belle: Look, I know how upset you are, and it was a horrible thing that happened.

 Shawn-d: So, what, he's innocent because he's your family?

 Belle: No.

 Philip: Shawn, why don't you let her explain?

 Belle: I just felt there wasn't enough solid evidence to convict rex.

 Mimi: Hear, hear.

 Belle: Motive, means, opportunity -- it was all so weak. You're pre-law. You should know that.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, well, I just know that he did it.

 Belle: Shawn, I love you. Really, I do. I just think you're letting your feelings cloud your judgment.

 Mimi: So do I.

 Rex: Look, I hate what hapned to your parents. But, I swear, I had nothing to do with it. Can't you just accept that so we can all move on?

 Shawn-d: Well, if rex is innocent, who did it? Tell me that.

 Belle: Who knows? Who killed your cousin colin? Some crimes just go unsolved.

 Brady: There could be a hit man on the property. Why don't you want me to investigate?

 Victor: It's much too dangerous. Just stay where you are, brady.

 Nicole: Maybe it was a truck backfiring. Leave it alone.

 Brady: Noi'I'm not going to leave it alone. Your phone is dead. What's up with that?

 Victor: We've already reported it.

 Brady: Yeah, henderson said a guy came by to try to fix it and he didn'T. Where'd he go?

 Victor: Well, actually, it turned out he was a fake -- somebody snooping. I got rid of him. Don't worry. He won't be back.

 Nicole: Ever.

 Man: There's a dead man lying in the middle of glen oaks drive.

 Jennifer: [ Shivers ] Oh, I'm freezing.

 Mickey: Oh, here, take my jacket.

 Jennifer: Well, you need it, don't you, unc m mickey?

 Mickey: No, no, not a bit. Not a bit. Here.

 Maggie: Actually, it's a little stuffy in here.

 Jennifer: Why am I so cold?

 Maggie: Well, look at it this way -- you haven't had any visions of your late grandfather, so you're probably a little tired and a little rundown.

 Mickey: I don't care what my mom says, I don't believe in ghosts. It's a bunch of hooey.

 Maggie: Alice probably thinks that tom is her guardian angel and that he's watching over us and that he'll warn us if we're in any danger.

 Jennifer: Well, I haven't seen any visions of grandpa, and I have a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

 Jennifer: Harold, hey. It's me. Have you heard from jack? What do you mean it's been hours? You told me he was working on a rtitine assignment. What was it again? A fiber optic cable was cut in the lakefront district? That doesn't sound like a jack deveraux story to me, harold. Thank you.

 Mickey: Jack is covering a power outage?

 Maggie: Well, maybe we're going to have another big blackout.

 Mickey: Oh, lord, I hope not.

 Jennifer: No, he was making it sound like it was just a local story.

 Mickey: If harold says that jack's out on this assignment, well, why wouldn't he be?

 Jennifer: Because he wouldn't be. He wouldn't be working on a routine assignment, uncle mickey.

 Mickey: Well, I haven't seen hibybyline in the paper since he's been back. I mean, have I?

 Jennifer: Because he said he's laying the groundwork for some huge story, supposedly.

 Maggie: Now, you've worked with jack for a long time. Now, you know that he wouldn't take any unnecessary risks.

 Jennifer: Aunt maggie, that's the whole point. He would. He would, and I would way back when. You don't understand. Your -- your adrenaline starts, and you forget everything that's going on around you. But we have abby now.

 Maggie: Okay, so have you told him how you feel?

 Jennifer: Yes, I've told him a hundred times. He said I am crazy for worrying. But the thing that bothers me, the reason that I'm so worried is that jack said he needs to prove himself to us. And I don't know where that's coming from. Doesn't he understand that we love him?

 Mgigie: Well, of course he does.

 Jennifer: All right, then why is he doing this?

 Maggie: Well, I'll bet -- I'll bet jack knows that this story is important for all of us living in salem and for our future.

 Jennifer: Aunt maggie, I know that, and I respect what jack does, and he is -- he is so good, but he cannot control everything that happens. And I don't know. Maybe he really doesn't understand that we wouldn't be able to survive without him in our life. Gosh, now I'm just getting hysterical, and I don't even know what I'm saying rig n now, aunt maggie.

 Maggie: No, no, you're not. You're not. Look, okay, what can we do, okay?

 Jennifer: I need to go to the carvers' house, and I need to get police information about this broken cable.

 Maggie: All right, I'll go with you.

 Mickey: Now, wait a second. I'd rather you wouldn't go by yourself, jennifer. Maggie will go with you, and I'll stay here with mom.

 Jennifer: Okay.

 Maggie: Okay.

 Mickey: All right. Everything's going to be okay.

[ Door closes ]

 Mickey: I hope.

 Alice: It's happening... isn't it?

 Mickey: What are you talking about, mom?

 Alice: My tom came back to tell us about some terrible loss. Is it all coming true?

 Lexie: The kiriakis household? Well, abe, that could be very dangerous.

 Abe: The case leads where it leads. I'm just following the trail.

 Lexie: Honey, victor is like an iceberg. There's this successful tycoon on the surface, but there's all that other stuff submerged.

 Abe: Well, don't worry. I'm being very careful.

 Lexie: Can't you delegate? Do you have to be so hands-on?

 Abe: You know, roman's taking over my job as commander. I can't leave all the tricky business to him.

 Lexie: Honey, roman is very capable, and you know how much he loves a challenge.

 Abe: He's my friend. I wouldn't feel right about it.

 Lexie: Oh, god. I'm starting to get scared again.

 Abe: Sweetheart, I have to retire in a way that I'm at peace with. Hey, you know how boringly meododical I can be, huh?

 Lexie: Hmm. Mr. By-the-book.

 Abe: Hey... I got to go out this way, okay?

 Lexie: And what about me? What about theo? You've already said how much you regret not being able to raise brandon. Well, god forbid something like that should happen to our son, abe.

[ Telephone rings ]

 Abe: I'll get it. Yeah. Carver.

 Man: Uh, yes, sir. You left a standing order that you wanted to be notified if any crime reports came in from the lakefront district.

 Abe: Yeah, what is it?

 Man: Uh, there's a civilian down in front of the kiriakis estate.

 Abe: I'll be right there. Gotta go.

 Lexie: No, honey, honey, can't you send somebody else just this once?

 Abe: Any suspicious activity in the kiriakis neighborhood I eded to take care of myself.

 Lexie: No, abe, please...

 Abe: Everything will be all right.

 Lexie: No. No. Nothing will ever be all right again. Gb

 Shawn-d: "Some crimes go unsolved"? What's that supposed to mean?

 Belle: That we may never know who killed colin.

 Shawn-d: Probably the same person who tried to kill my parents.

 Rex: Next you're going to say I'm responsible for every unsolved crime in the history of the salem P.D.

 Mimi: Guys, can't we just call a moratorium and eat our cherry pie?

 Belle: You can't actually say you suspect rex of killing colin.

 Shawn-d: Why not?

 Belle: Shawn, you thought at one point you shot colin yourself. You were arrested. You thought you would spend the rest of your life in jail. And then as it turns out, you were innocent. The only reason I'm saying this is because when it comes to the attack on your parents, we need to give rex the benefit of the doubt.

 Shawn-d: That's dangerous. Very dangerous.

 Belle: I only said he was not guilty. I didn't say he was innocent.

 Cassie: Now she's talking out of both sides of her mouth.

 Philip: Now, wait a minute. What if the crimes are linked? Who would be responsible?

 Shawn-d: Scratch the surface of any crime in salem, and you're bound to find a dimera. First it was stefano, then it was tony, and now it's rex.

 Rex: That's absurd.

 Cassie: Our father was out of the country the time that colin was killed.

 Shawn-d: Of course he was. Your father always has an airtight alibi. It's too bad that your little brother didn't pick up on that strategy.

 Rex: Wasn't I just exonerated? Are you such a sore loser that you can't accept belle's verdict?

 Shawn-d: Oh, you know, you worship the ground that tony walks on, and I wouldn't be surprised that you would be doing all of his little dirty work.

 Philip: Come on, get back!

[ Doorbell rings ]

 Jennifer: Lexie, hi. I'm sorry that we came by so late.

 Lexie: No, no, don't apologize. Come on in.

 Maggie: Thanks, lexie.

 Jennifer: Is abe here?

 Lexie: No, you just missed him. He went out on a police call.

 Jennifer: Was it about jack?

 Lexie: I don't think so. Why?

 Jennifer: Lexie, I have a terrible feeling. I am so afraid that jack's life is in danger.

[ Siren blaring ]

[ Police radio chatter ]

 Abe: Any word on the identity of the victim?

 Man: We thought he was a repairman because of his uniform, but his I.D. Says he's a reporter -- jack deveraux.

 Abe: Oh, my god. Is he dead?

 Man: The guy who phoned 911 reported him dead because of all the blood. Turns out that was from a cut to the head. Deveraux's one lucky snoop.

 Abe: How is he?

 Kyle: Well, I managed to stop the bleeding.

 Abe: What the hell is jack doing out here in a jump suit?

 Jack: [ Groans ] What happened?

 Abe: That's what I would like to know.

 Jack: head.

 Abe: You've got some explaining to do, deveraux.

 Brady: Grandad, why are you being so casual about all this?

 Victor: Am I?

 Brady: It wasn't too long ago that larry welch made an attempt on your life and damn near shot me instead.

 Victor: Larry welch is dead.

 Brady: Yes, but at the time, there was speculation he had an accomplice. Now, this fake repairman -- maybe he was the one.

 Victor: Brady, it was a reporter snooping around, trying to get information on our lives.

 Brady: Papazzzzi, you mean.

 Victor: Forget it. He won't be a problem anymore.

 Brady: Well, what did you do to him?

 Victor: I told him to get off my property.

 Brady: And he just turned tail and ran? Usually it's a lot harder to shake these guys.

 Victor: I think he got the message.

 Victor: Why don't you go put some clothes on?

 Victor: Brady was right, wasn't he? He did hear a gunshot. Ah, yes, my killer wife has a thirst for blood, doesn't she?

 Lexie: Abe got a call from the dispatcher, but he didn't say a word about jack, so I'm sure that jack is fine. Come on, sit down.

 Maggie: We're not keeping you up, are we, lexie?

 Lexie: No, the only person in bed around here is theo.

 Jennifer: Listen, I don't mean to be an alarmist, but I have not heard from jack since early this morning, lexie.

 Lexie: But, jennifer, you've told me how jack is when he's running down a lead. He forgets to eat.

 Jennifer: I know, but this is a very dangerous story that he's working on. He won't even let me help him investigate it, lexie.

 Maggie: Jack had my husband draw up a will, and it's, uh, spooked jennifer.

 Lexie: I know. Abe did the same thing. When he got that emergency call an hour or so ago, my heart stopped.

 Jennifer: Lexie, you are not going to believe what happened at my grandmother's house tonight.

 Lexie: What?

 Jennifer: I brought some pictures over to show her of jack and abby, and jack's picture caught on fire, lexie.

 Lexie: You me someone lit a match to it?

 Maggie: No, it was kind of sort of like spontaneous combustion or something.

 Lexie: How strange.

 Maggie: Although my husband is convinced there's some other reason, some other answer.

 Lexie: Okay, jennifer, you know, why don't you stay here until we hear from abe, okay? And I'm sure he can help you find jack.

 Jennifer: All right, thanks. Just being here -- I feel better.

 Lexie: Good. I'm glad. I'll just be glad when abe gets home.

 Maggie: Well, surely no one would take on the police commander.

 Lexie: Well, I wish, but in today's world, anything could happen.

 Kyle: Well, he seems to be ay, but I think we better take him to the hospital, have him checked out, just to be sure.

 Jack: No, no, no, I'm okay.

 Abe: I'll handle this. I'll handle it.

 Abe: All right, start at the beginning.

 Jack: Uh... I-I arard a sound like a gunshot, and I took a dive for the pavement. I must've hit my head on the curb.

 Abe: Well, luckily, you're a total bonehead.

 Jack: Ah, abe, does that mean you really care?

 Abe: Jack, I told you to stay away from thkikiriakises and the murphy case.

 Jack: Do you think someone tried to shoot me?

 Abe: It could be. Officer.

 Man: Yes, sir.

 Abe: Take a look around the area, see if you can find an empty shell casing.

 Man: We're on it.

 Jack: Damn. Somebody tried to kill me.

 Abe: Did you get a look at the shooter?

 Jack: Nah. Uh, I got my suspicions, though.

 Abe: Well, tell me.

 Jack: You know, I'd rather not say until I got more proof.

 Abe: So, what's up with this disguise?

 Jack: Huh? This? I, uh...

 Abe: You were snooping around. Now, did you gain illegal access to the kiriakis mansion? You're telling me everything... unless you want to spend the night in jail.

 Victor: You do everything to excess, don't you? Pressuring me to get rid of anyone who may have found out you killed colin murphy. First it was abe carver --

 Nicole: That phony repairman who bugged our phone -- how much do you think he heard?

 Victor: I don't know. Jack's pretty resourceful.

 Nicole: That was jack?

 Victor: One and the same.

 Nicole: Damn reporters.

 Victor: As I said, I took care of him.

 Nicole: Well, your warning better have been permanent, because if he overheard our conversation, we could both be in big trouble.

 Victor: Will you just calm down?

 Nicole: You have got to keep me out of prison, victor, whatever it takes, because if I go to statesville, so do you.

 Victor: As you take great pleasure in reminding me.

 Nicole: Hey, you're an accomplice to murder. You withheld evidence. You obstructed justice.

 Victor: Keep your voice down.

 Nicole: And if you don't protect me, I'm going to tell everyone what a sadistic S.O.B. You are in your private life. Yeah, and I mean your sons philip and bo, and not to mention your grandsons shawn and brady.

 Brady: Yeah, I'm right here. Something you want to say to me personally?

 Philip: Shawn, chill! Would you chill out?

 Belle: Stop -- stop fighting!

 Shawn-d: The dimeras have always had it out for the bradys! The history goes back as far as I can remember! Just one evil plot after the next, and now it's just been handed down one more generation.

 Cassie: You don't know what you're talkinabout.

 Rex: Shut up, cassie.

 Shawn-d: No, listen. Everyone knows that you both have been genetically engineered by stefano. The question is why. I think he had it arranged for you to be brought to salem so you could carry on his criminal legacy.

 Belle: Shawn, we have absotetely no proof that that's true.

 Shawn-d: No, tell the truth, rex, cassie -- just why were the both of you brought here?

 Cassie: We don't know.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, like hell you don'T.

 Rex: Leave her alone. She's telling the truth.

 Shawn-d: No, you are hiding something! Are you taking orders from stefano?

 Mimi: Stefano is dead, shawn.

 Shawn-d: So we've been told.

 Belle: You still think he's out there somewhere?

 Shawn-d: Like it hasn't happened before that he's risen up? How many times has the phoenix risen from the ashes?

 Cassie: Okay, those ashes are in an urn over the fireplace at home.

 Rex: What you're suggesting is ridiculous.

 Shawn-d: No, you came here to salem with tattoos on your wrists of the phoenix. That is the mark of stefano!

 Belle: So did my dad.

 Shawn-d: That is a -- that is another story.

 Belle: Is it? They were just branded and brainwashed by the same monster.

 Philip: Stefano made john black his pawn.

 Belle: The twins were just victimized by stefano, shawn.

 Shawn-d: That doesn't make them any less dangerous.

 Belle: Wait a second. So, is my dad dangerous? Am I? I mean, I'm the daughter of one of stefano's mercenaries, soldier black. Does that make me an evil dimera, too?

 Mickey: Okay. Here's some warm milk, darling...

 Alice: Thank you, dear.

 Mickey: To help you sleep.

 Alice: How did this happen?

 Mickey: Oh, um, well, I think it was a spark from the lamp -- or, the bulb, and, uh... I've got to change that as soon as I can.

 Alice: It wasn't a bulb or the lamp. This is another bad omen. Your father has been trying to warn us.

 Mickey: Mom, with all due respect, I -- I know how much you love dad, you respect him and everything, but, uh, it's just that I -- I, uh, am not a superstitious person, okay?

 Alice: We ignore these signs at our own peril, dear. I need to pray for our family, for both you and maggie, and jennifer and jack, and hope and bo, and our dear friends lexie and abe. Tom... ask the good lord to keep us safe, won't you, tom? Please? Do it for me.

 Jennifer: Yeah. Have you gteten all your homework done? Okay, sweetie, good. Yeah, tell vern and grandma I said hello, and I'll pick you up in the morning. Okay, I love you, too. Yeah, I'm sorry that daddy had to work late also. Okay, bye-bye.

 Maggie: Abby hasn't heard from jack, either?

 Jennifer: No. And he always calls her to say good night. Oh, where is that man? Why is he doing this right now?

 Maggie: Honey, don't get yourself upset again.

 Jennifer: Aunt maggie, if he is not dead, I am going to kill him.

 Abe: Get up. Come on, jack. Come on. All right, answer me. Did you use this disguise to go snooping around the kiriakis estate?

 Jack: Look, I ran into victor out here on the street. He figured I was looking for a story and confronted me right here and warned me to stay away from his house.

 Abe: Not vevery friendly warning, I take it.

 Jack: No, no, no. He told me to walk away and don't look back, which is exactly what I did -- until I heard the shot.

 Abe: And then you dropped to the ground, hit your head, and blacked out?

 Jack: Somebody in that house tried to kill me. Wait a minute. Where are you going?

 Abe: I'm going to go arrest the killer.

 Jack: Right now? This is finally over? Wait, wait -- abe, wait. Wait. Abe, wait up! Wait, wait! On saturdays morning edition, you'll meet the winner of our "dream make-over" contest - find out what she's getting nm


 Brady: Well?

 Victor: My wife was just saying how all you boys take after me.

 Brady: Really? How so?

 Victor: Well, you all love a mystery. You love to get to the bottom of things. We kiriakis men are like a dog with a bone. We never give up.

 Brady: Yeah. So why don't you tell me -- what's up with the gunshot, the phony repairman?

[ Doorbell rings ]

 Henderson: I was just closing one of the upstairs windows, and I spotted commander carver coming up the walk. Are you and mrs. Kiriakis available, sir?

 Nicole: I am not answering any more of abe carver's questions. Get rid of him.

[ Doorbell rings ]

 Jack: Abe, come on, wait.

 Abe: I told you to get the hell out of here! Get out of here!

J jennifer: Aunt maggie, I'm sorry. I am starting to lose it, really.

 Maggie: Um...

 Lexie: No, you're not.

 Jennifer: Lexie, I shouldn't be here right now. You have theo's christening in the morning.

 Lexie: Well, maggie's been helping me with some last-minute details. Look, I am so happy that you both dropped by. Now, how about some herb tea?

 Jennifer: That'd be great.

 Maggie: Great.

 Jennifer: Thank you. Please.

 Maggie: Perfect.

 Lexie: Okay.

 Maggie: Jennifer, you look exhausted. Why don't you sit down?

 Jennifer: No, aunt maggie, I'm too nervous.

 Maggie: Jack's going to be okay. I just know it.

 Jennifer: With all these bad omens happening, how can you be so sure of that?

 Maggie: Well, I -- I probably shouldn't be mentioning this.

 Jennifer: What?

 Maggie: Earlier mickey said something.

 Jennifer: What? What did he say?

 Maggie: Lexie has more reason to be concerned about her husband than you do yours.

 Jennifer: What exactly did uncle mickey say?

 Mickey: Not the bulb. Not the wiring. No, it's just -- mom, you back?

 Shawn-d: Of course your father is not evil, and neither are you.

 Belle: Well, tony is his half-brother, so are you going to go after my dad next?

 Cassie: Trouble in paradise.

 Philip: Don't start, cassie.

 Cassie: Carpe diem, pal.

 Mimi: Why don't we just leave?

 Rex: No way. This is your place just as chch as it is belle'S.

 Mimi: But I don't want any more fighting.

 Rex: Shawn's the one who started it.

 Shawn-d: Your father is not a dimera. He is a good guy. Everyone knows that.

 Belle: Do they? If you're on a witch hunt, nobody is safe.

 Shawn-d: I admire your father, and I know that you wowould never hurt a soul, but you have to be blind not to see the truth about test tube boy over there. When the twins first came to salem, your father thought that they were a ticking time bomb. I just don't want to see any of the people that I love get hurt.

 Belle: Neither do I.

 Shawn-d: It has happened too many times to your family and to mine, and I am not going to sit by and let it happen again. So don't tell me rex is innocent, because I will never believe it! T|%qc (music throughout)

 After mad cow, they didn't seek government compensation. All they want is to make ends meet.

 There's not enough there to keep our families fed.

 Owner-operators of cattle trucks. Forgotten victims.

 They packed it in.

 Tonight's global national.

 Cassie: I am so glad you brought me. I wouldn't have missed this for the entire world.

 Philip: You and i are leaving. Let's go.

 Cassie: Ah.

 Philip: Belle, mimi, thank you for dinner. We a o out of here.

 Mimi: Good idea.

 Belle: Bye, philip.

 Philip: See you, guys.

 Cassie: Bye, rex.

 Philip: Rex.

 Philip: [ Sighs ] Let's go.

 Cassie: Don't you see? This is the perfect time for you to make the move on belle.

 Belle: How did I ever come up with the idea of a mock trial, and why did I agree to be the judge?

 Rex: Hey, I appreciate what you did. Sorry shawn didn't make an effort to get along.

 Mimi: Rex, can you give us a minute, please?

 Rex: Sure. Meet you back at my place?

 Mimi: Yeah, I'll be there soon. Belle, you made the right decision, judging rex innocent.

 Belle: Yeah, but did I lose shawn in the process?

 Shawn-d: How could belle do this to me?! This is all rex's fault. Just -- damn rex dimera to hell!

 Rex: No lousy brady is ever going to stand in my way.

 Mickey: Dad. Is that really you?

 Mickey: Why are you here? What are you trying to tell us?

 Maggie: Alice isn't the only one who's seen tom's ghost.

 Jennifer: Who else, aunt maggie?

 Maggie: Abe. And apparently he heard tom call out his name.

 Abe: For the last time, jack, stay out of this!

 Jack: Wait a minute! I got to --

 Henderson: I'm sorry, commander. The family is not to be disturbed.

 Abe: This is official police business.

 Henderson: Perhaps you could return in the morning?

 Abe: Tell kiriakis if he doesn't see me, I'm going to have him arrested for obstructing justice.

 Victor: I'll handle this, henderson.

 Jack: [ Panting ] Ahh! All right.

 Brady: What the hell is going on here?

 Abe: I'm here about the shooting. I'm convinced the person who pulled the trigger is in this room.

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