Days Transcript Thursday 9/11/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/11/03--Canada; 9/12/03--USA

By Eric

Mimi: Wow, all this stuff. Don't you think we got too much?

Belle: No, it's our first dinner party, and we want it to be right, right? Look, aromatherapy candles to soothe and calm.

Mimi: I guess wwf at the dinner table would be bad for the ambiance, not that anything can keep the peace between Shawn and Rex.

Belle: The least we can do is try, right? Are you okay? What's wrong?

Mimi: Nothing. Just this stupid pie dough. It doesn't roll out right. It just goes all square.

Belle: Do you mind if I try? Stop it. Ha ha ha. Mimi, did you use margarine?

Mimi: Yeah.

Belle: Okay, the recipe calls for butter.

Mimi: Well, that was cheaper. I mean, it doesn't make a difference, does it?

[ Knock on door ]

Belle: Oh, my god. They're early. Shawn, what are you doing here? I'm not even ready yet.

Shawn-d: Oh, you are looking beautiful. And I know I'm early. I just came by to help. Hey, Mimi.

Mimi: Hey.

Belle: You came by to help or to escape?

Shawn-d: Okay, yes, Rex and Cassie are over at my place, and I have had enough of the wonder twins, so I did come to escape, even if it is just for a few minutes.

Belle: Well, if you really want to help, you can sit down...

Shawn-d: Mm-hmm.

Belle: Take a load off, chill, and promise to keep an open mind. Otherwise, tonight's going to be a total disaster.

Cassie: You're getting another headache, aren't you? Rex?

Rex: Did you come over here just to hover?

Cassie: No. What else am I supposed to do tonight? I wasn't invited to Belle and Mimi's thrilling party. Although I can't believe you'd ever want to go anyplace where your twin isn't welcome. You know, you could bring me as your date.

Rex: Cassie, I know what you're doing. I don't need my sister to babysit me all night, okay? I'm going to take a nap for a couple minutes, and then I'll be fine. I'll see you tomorrow.

Cassie: Take care of yourself.

Rex: Good night.

Cassie: Good night.

Cassie: Ah. Let me guess -- you're on your way to Belle's party?

Philip: Yeah. I'm a little early. You going too?

Cassie: I thought this was a couples thing. Where's your date?

Philip: She had to work at the last second.

Cassie: That's a bummer. You're playing the fifth wheel. Wait, I know how to fix that. You could bring me.

Hope: Why, rex? Why are you trying to kill us?

Rex: I-I'm not. I wasn't --

Bo: Why do you have the weapon in your hand?

Rex: Oh, my god. Where did this come from?

[ Footsteps ]

Bo: What the hell are you doing here?

Abe: What are you both doing here? I should haul you in for breaking and entering.

Victor: Still dead.

Nicole: And abe carver?

Victor: Not.

Nicole: How high is the price on his head?

Victor: Once more, let me reiterate. I am not going to kill the commander of police at your whim. How much trouble has the first murder caused you? Haven't you learned your lesson? You're the one that's earned the death penalty, certainly not abe.

Nicole: If you don't keep your promise to protect me, you might as well be dead.

Harold: You're sure as hell not going to win the pulitzer that way. You know, jack, you said you came back to the "spectator" because you missed hard news, real journalism, right? But so far, I haven't seen you file a single story.

Jack: Harold, my man, the bigger the story, the longer the lead time.

Harold: Well, we could run articles leading up to the big story, you know, if we at least knew what it was.

Jack: And ruin everything in the process? Listen, you tell vern that I am about to crack a case that the salem P.D. Has not been able to solve.

Harold: Fine. Well, how long are we going to have to wait to find out who done it?

Jack: That depends. It depends on how much I'm willing to put on the line to see it through.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Jennifer: Gram? Gram!

Jennifer: Gra-- gram. Gram. Gram! Gram, it's me! Gram! Gram! Gram! Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Find out the latest scoop from the hill.Legislature correspondent graham olsen will share his perspective on

Jennifer: Gram. Gram!

Alice: Tom...

Jennifer: Gram.

Ali: : Oh. Oh, jennifer rose.

Jennifer: Hi, gram.

Alice: Yeah.

Jennifer: Hi, it's me. Here, let me help you sit up.

Alice: Oh. All right, thank you.

Jennifer: Oh, goodness.

Alice: Oh, dear, you frightened me half to death.

Jennifer: Really -- I frightened you?

Alice: Yeah.

Jennifer: Are you -- arare you feeling okay?

Alice: Don't you ever take a nap?

Jennifer: Yes, I do, gram. You don'T. Are you all right? Are you still having nightmares?

Alice: I was having a wonderful dream about tom.

Jennifer: Yeah, you said his name as you were waking up. Listen, I-I didn't mean to disturb you, gram. Just -- I was bringing you some dinner.

Alice: Oh, darling, thank you so much. Wait a minute, you're wonderful, but... I've eaten already.

Jennifer: Ha ha.

Alice: And you should be having dinner with your daughter and your husband.

Jennifer: Well, uh, you know, abby's at a friend's house, and -- and jack -- I don't -- I don't know where he is. He told me he would be home, and I haven't heard from him since this morning.

Alice: And you're worried.

Jennifer: Gram, he's chasing some really big story, and he told me that it's very dangerous and he won't tell me any more than that. So the longer he goes without calling me, the more trouble I'm afraid he is getting into.

Harold: You're not thinking of giving up on this story. You can'T.

Jack: Of course I'm not going to give up on it, harold. You know me better than that. I just need a plan.

Harold: But you already think you know who did it.

Jack: Look, I got motive, means, opportunity. I've got a cover-up. It's just all circumstantial. I-I need proof. That's what I need.

Harold: Well, you're not going to find it sitting around here all night. It's late. Go home, get an early start in the morning.

Jack: You know, if I go home, jennifer's going to be there. I'm going to be tempted to talk to her about all of this, and she's going to -- no, no, no, no, I'm t going to involve her in this.

Harold: No, no, no, no, I miss watching the two of you work together -- you know, the fighting and the making up -- hey, fine! You know what? If you are going to stick around here, well, I've got a somewhat more mundane matter that needs to be vered tonight, and I don't have anybody else I can send.

Jack: Mundane? Me.

Harold: Mm-hmm.

Jack: All right, lay it on me.

Harold: A construction crane fell, and it severed some fiber optic cables in the lakefront district.

Jack: Lakefront district?

Harold: Yeah, isn't that -- that's where you grew up, right?

Jack: Yeah. Right there in the lap of luxury -- that's me all over it. Who better to cover this captivating breaking news? You're right, harold. This is the story for me.

Victor: Are you threatening my life now?

Nicole: How much use do I have for a husband who sends me straight from this prison of a mansion to statesville? I've served my time right here, and unless you want your precious little philip and shawn-douglas and brady and bo to find out what a masochistic, misogynistic... well, loser their family patriarch turned out to be, you better make sure that abe carver never arrests me for the murder of colin murphy.

Bo: Now, I assume we're all here for the same reason? This is where someone tried to kill me and hope. I know the salem P.D.'S been working on this. You have any new leads? Okay. So our main suspect is still dimera who has the convenient alibi of being in a coma at the time.

Hope: Yeah, just like he was conveniently out of the country when colin murphy, his not-so-trusty employee, was murdered. And our son wound up falsely accused.

Bo: You don't expect me to sit at home and wait for that maniac or whoever did this to us to hurt my family again, now, do you?

Hope: And I'm sure that neither one of you seriously expects I do the same.

Abe: We're on the same side here, aren't we?

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Abe: Wouldn't it be better if we were working together, rather than the two of you sneaking around, trespassing on private property?

Bo: What are you talking about? It's against police policy to share information with civilians.

Abe: Yeah. Bo, I know you left the force out of frustration. You thought the system didn't work for you, and you wanted to protect your family. But working outside the system is not all it's cracked up to be. You're a family man. You have responsibilities. I mean, not that a cop's salary is a princely amount, but... I mean, you could get back youreniority on the force. The benefits are great -- health, retirement.

Bo: Abe, what are you saying?

Abe: I want you back on the force. We're at a crossroads, bo. We need you. I need you to watch my back.

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Shawn-d: You know, it's not too late to cancel the party.

Mimi: You are not going to leave us here to eat two pies and all this other food that we paid a lot of money for.

Shawn-d: Hey, well, I will help you. And I know you want me to work things out with rex, but he tried to kill my parents. And I'll probably never prove it, but I just know.

Belle: Shawn, how do you think you're going to live thth the guy without you two trying to kill each other?

Shawn-d: Hey, it wasn't my idea. And I'll just avoid him like the plague, which he is.

Belle: Then why don't you just move back home? I'm sorry, but what's the point of you living across the hall if you're miserable the whole time?

Mimi: And by the way, my boyfriend will be welcome in my apartment anytime, whether you like it or not.

Belle: Shawn, you lived with rex for an entire semester, and it was totally fine.

Shawn-d: You lived with cassie r an entire semester, and no one's asking you to do it again. Listen, you didn't even invite her here tonight because you couldn't stand to have her here for more than two hours.

Belle: Or two minutes.

[ Knock on door ]

Philip: Hey.

Belle: Hey.

Philip: For you.

Belle: Thank you, but you didn't have to bring flowers.

Philip: Well, thanks for inviting us. And I'm sorry, but --

Belle: No, it's okay. Shawn'here early, too.

Philip: No, I'm sorry because my date couldn't come, so I brought someone else.

Bo: You need me to watch your back. Why? What's -- what's going on?

Abe: Well, there's never been any shortage of criminals in this town.

Hope: Yeah, but you sound worried.

Abe: Look, a cop's always worried. Bo, you're one of my best police officers. You too, hope. I wish we could work on this together.

Hope: You know what? So do I.

Bo: Hey, I don't --

Hope: Brady, okay, listen. Come here. You may be digging around without the salem P.D. To back you up, buatat least let me, okay?

Bo: Well, that's not -- listen --

Hope: Brady, I don't want our little guy to grow up without parents, god forbid, something should happen to both of us. But that doesn't mean you should be out here alone by yourself. Please, we have always worked together as a team, haven't we?

Abe: You know, the salem P.D. Could use some good manpower. Some good womanpower, too. If you think you could answer to your brother as commander, well, I'd love to have you back.

Bo: Wh-- roman as commander?

Abe: He will be soon. I'm retiring.

Hope: What?

Bo: Oh. That's what you meant when you said the department is at a crossroads?

Hope: Is everything all right, abe?

Abe: I've put in my 20 years and then some. You know, since theo was born, I've understood exactly why you wanted to spend more time with your family, and I just want to take the chance when I have it.

Hope: Yeah. Yeah, and then, um, you can spend more time seeing brandon, as well, right?

Abe: Well, for years, I didn't know about him, and now I'd like to have the chance to get to know him, but before I leave, there are some things I have to see through. When I solve these last couple of cases, I can leave with a feeling of a job well done, that I've accomplished what I set out to do. Until then, well, who knows how many lives may be in danger? P w

Bo: You obviously have a lot on your plate, abe.

Hope: Yeah, but you specifically asked us to watch your back. Why?

Abe: Come back to the department, and I'll give you the details on my caseload.

Hope: And you're just going to leave us hanging, huh?

Bo: Oh, man.

Abe: Look, I know this is not an easy decision. Zack's not even in school yet.

Hope: It's not just that. I need to make sure that I'm available for gran, in case she needs me.

Bo: We'll think about it, okay?

Abe: That's fair enough. How is alice?

Hope: I'm worried about her. She's still having nightmares.

Abe: You know, you might know that my mother-in-law has what she cal h her... vibes. I don't give it much credence, but... lately she's been having these unsettling premonitions.

Hope: Abe, has she heard the old wives' tale, that when the spirit mentions someone's name then that person's doomed to die?

Bo: It's silly.

Hope: Okay. It was new to me, too, but gran was very serious about it, bo.

Abe: So, when she has these, uh, visions, for want of a better word, tom -- he hasn'T...

Hope: No, no. God forbid, thank god he has not said her name, no.

Bo: Nor anybody else's, for that matter.

Tom v voice: Abe...

Hope: [ Gasps ] Oh, my god, it's happening again.

Bo: It's okay.

Mickey: Hey, mom!

Jennifer: Hey.

Mickey: Oh, hey.

>>Maggie: Jennifer, hi!

Jennifer: Wt are you guys doing here?

Maggie: We brought dinner.

Jennifer: Oh.

Maggie: I guess you did, too.

Mickey: We all had that same idea.

Jennifer: Yes, we did. And, uh, gram already ate dinner.

Mickey: Oh, yeah? So, how she's doing?

Jennifer: She's upstairs freshening up. You know, she was napping when I came here.

Mickey: Oh? She, what, still having nightmares or what?

Jennifer: Well, listen, uncle mickey, aunt maggie, I was wondering -- I know how much gram still wants to live here, but I was thinking it would be easier if we moved her downstairs and set up a room, and then we could take turns going grocery shopping and cooking for her...

Maggie: Alice's independence is so important to her, that I think even taking a little bit of it away is going to make --

Jennifer: Aunt maggie, I know that and I know that gram is amazing, but she needs help now. She is still seeing pictures moving around and hearing voices and thinking she's seeing grandpa.

Maggie: Are you going to tell jennifer?

Mickey: Tell jennifer?

Jennifer: Tell me what?

Maggie: There's nothing wrong with alice. What's wrong is here. In salem.

Jennifer: What are you talking about?

Maggie: I guess you could call it, um, evil?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Nicole: Victor, you've probably killed a hundred people. What's one more? Look, I know why you married a murderess. You know exactly who I am. We're the same type of person deep down, aren't we?

Victor: I'll be upstairs. I don't want to d disturbed.

Henderson: It's about time.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I understand your phones are out of order? I need to come in here and test your lines.

Henderson: All right.

Jack: All right, thank you. Whoo-ee. Oh, thank you. Thank you. All right now, what do we got -- uh... you know, this is going to take about three times as long if I got me an audience.

Henderson: I'll be in the next room. Please don't wander anywhere else in the house. Mr. Kiriakis does not wish to be disturbed.

Jack: He won't even know I'm here. No, sir. He won't even know...

Jack: No, sir. Victor, I don't have to bug you for too long, I hope.

Philip: I hope you don't mind I brought cassie. What's up, meems? What's going on?

Shawn-d: What's up, bro?

Belle: Thanks again for the flowers. I'm just going to throw them in water.

Philip: Okay. Now, cassie, belle is throwing this party for your brother, so please promise me you're not going to cause her any trouble tonight.

Cassie: Philip, believe me, the last thing that I want is trouble.

[ Knock on door ]

Mimi: Ooh. I'll get it. Hey. Come in. Can I get you anything to drink?

Rex: Uh, just some water for now, thanks.

Cassie: Rex, are you okay?

Rex: Yeah, I'm fine. What are you doing here?

Cassie: Philip brought me. Wasn't that nice of him?

Rex: Great. Thanks. Hey. Uh, you need any help?

Belle: No. I got everything under control.

Shawn-d: That's more than we can say for some people.

Rex: Don't you worry about me. Turn back time? I just want to finish this.

I really like the -- i like .

Johnny: Personally i think it's a good thing.Know.

I know. First tn ng's first. Okay. I need a little --strumming the guitar. Thauf strong sound. E that under consideration, all right? Should go. You know?

Liz: What do you say, johnnie?

Lucas: Put on a little

Lucas: With all the legalization. ]

Shawn-d: Put that down right now.

Rex: Sure. You know, it's funny. When cassie and I were staying inour parents' garage, we used to see all these knife commercials, and I always wanted to try that. Who knew it would actually work?

Mimi: Well, you're just good at everything you try, aren't you, babe?

Rex: Not exactly. When cassie and I came to salem, I didn't even know how to talk, never really had a friend. Shawn, belle -- they took us in. They were good to us. Dude, why in the world did you ever think I would want to hurt your parents? I mean, we lived in their house when we had nowhere else to go.

Shawn-d: According to your own computer files.

Rex: That you broke into my house to look at.

Shawn-d: You and your family had a reason to want revenge against my parents for destroying your natural dynamite or whatever it was.

Rex: That doesn't mean I'd bludgeon them, for god's sake! That's hardly productive for anyone.

Shawn-d: Do you see how he is? Always logical until he has a total meltdown. You have serious anger management issues.

Rex: Well, I remember when you were putting your fist through glass windows, yelling at everyone who crossed your path. You were practically ready to be committed because you thought you shot a man in the back -- colin murphy, your own cousin. And it's not like you didn't pull the trigger. You're just lucky you missed.

Shawn-d: That scum was trying to kill my father, and he was probably ordered to do it by your father!

Rex: You of all people should know what it feels like to be presumed guilty of a crime you didn't commit.

Mimi: Uh, guys, why don't we just sit down? Belle, please just bring over the salad, please?

Shawn-d: You know what? I've lost my appetite. I can't do this. I'm sorry. I'm outta here.

Rex: You see? You see what I mean? He attacks me, he leaves. He doesn't want to work this out, and he doesn't care how it affects you!

Belle: Shawn, wait a minute. I think I have an idea, a way we might be able

s settle this.

Shawn-d: I'm listening.

Belle: It might -- it might sound crazy, but we're getting a little desperate, right?

Shawn-d: No, I'm sorry. There is no way to fix this.

Belle: I have to believe that there is.

Hope: What do you think caused the fuse to blow?

Abe: Maybe a power surge. You know, the electric company has crews in this part of town fixing a cut cable.

Bo: So you're running the prints you lifted from that fuse box. What, about 80 of them? That'll narrow things down a lot. You okay?

Hope: Hmm?

Bo: You okay?

Hope: Just being here, you know, where we were attacked. I just -- we're fine, right? I mean, all of us -- we're... well, you know, we were just talking about ghosts foretelling people's deaths. I just -- I know that we weren't really serious about it, but I got a little jumpy. Can we get out of here now? Are we done?

Bo: Yeah, sure, let's go.

Hope: Yeah, good. I'd like to stop by gran's on the way home.

Bo: Yeah, I want to go by there, too.

Abe: You know, I'd like to come with you. Mrs. Horton is like family to me, just like the two of you. Look, um, it would mean a lot to me if you both came back to the force when I go.

Bo: You mean when you leave?

Abe: When I go.

Belle: I can't stand this. Can you? Everyone's so tense all the time.

Shawn-d: What are you trying to say, that this is my fault?

Belle: Of course not. But we have to be willing to do something to try and change this.

Shawn-d: No one's asking you to get along with cassie. We all deal with the fact that you two hate each other. Why should this be any different?

Belle: Because rex is dating mimi. Mimi is my roommate. Rex is your roommate. And if we don't do anything to change this, then I'm going to move out. Is that what you want?

Shawn-d: No, of course not.

Belle: Good.

Shawn-d: So, what's your idea?

Belle: Well, maybe we can try and figure out ourselves what happened the night of the fashion show.

Shawn-d: The police haven't been able to figure it out. What do you expect us to do?

Belle: Well, you were telling me about that thing they do in law school -- mock trial.

Shawn-d: A mock trial... with rex? I thought you said you wanted to have a peaceful dinner. You just want to calmly pull him aside and tell him that we think he's a homicidal maniac?

Belle: Of course not, shawn. But you're pre-law. This is what you want to do with the rest of your life, and we have rex here. You could question him, grill him, cross-examine him, whatever you want.

Shawn-d: Well, if he's wiling to do it. Of course, he could lie.

Rex: I think it's about time we got everything out in the open -- no more secrets, no more lies, all right? And no more breaking into people's rooms.

Shawn-d: And no more trying to kill people's parents.

Philip: And no more arguing about any of this, okay? Now, belle, what was your idea?

Shawn-d: She has an idea for a mock trial. "Mock" being the key word.

Philip: Well, you know what? I don't hear anything better miming from anyone else. Now, who's going to volunteer to be judge?

Mimi: Oh, come on, we're not really going to do this, are we?

Philip: We're going to need somebody impartial, and, belle, I nominate you.

Cassie: "Impartial" -- she's shawn's girlfriend.

Philip: Well, she's also rex's sister. So, what do you say, belle? It was your idea. Will you do it?

Jennifer: Evil? Aunt maggie, what are you talking about?

Maggie: Uh... I was talking about all the terrible things that seem to be happening to our friends and family in salem lately. I mean, the attack on bo and hope -- it was so brutal and senseless. And then sami's accident and john black'S... and before that, colin murphy was murdered. I don't mean to be morbid. It's just that it's no wonder we're all feeling a little unsettled right now. Suddenly, our town doesn't seem like a very safe place to be.

Mickey: So, uh, I-I hear that, uh, jack's back at the "spectator" working on a very big story, huh?

Jennifer: Yeah, he is.

Maggie: So, what's wrong, jennifer?

Jennifer: You just said -- salem doesn't seem like such a safe place to be anymore, and I don't want my husband to be the next one to nearly die, and I don't want that for anyone else, either.

Maggie: So it's this story that he's working on that's got you so worried?

Jennifer: Oh, at t maggie, I don't even know what it is. He didn't come home for dinner, he didn't even call me.

Maggie: So, why don't you call him?

Jennifer: Because I can't call him if he's in the middle of something right now.

Maggie: Well, he's probably lost track of time. So I'm sure he'd be thrilled to hear from you.

Jennifer: I'm calling him.

Maggie: Okay.

Mickey: Honey...

Maggie: Hmm?

Mickey: You realize that what abe told me was said in confidence. I... our niece, who also happens to be a reporter, cannot find out that the commander of the salem police department thinks he's having visions and hearing his name spoken by my dead father.

Maggie: But your whole family is worried about your mother's mental health when she claims she's seeing the same thing. So maybe there's nothing wrong with alice at all.

Mickey: Don't tell me that you -- now you believe in ghosts.

Maggie: Do you have any other explanation?

Harold: Yeah, jack's actually going to be filing the story tonight.

Jennifer: You mean he got a break?

Harold: Well, not much to break, really. I could write the ending myself.

Jennifer: What -- harold, I don't understand.

Harold: Well, we're kind of shorthanded, so jack's filling in to cover some routine local news.

Jennifer: Routine -- jack?

Harold: Yeah. Anyhow, you should be able to reach him on his cell.

Jennifer: All right, harold, thanks. I'll talk to you soon. Bye. All right. Come on, jack. Come on, jack, pick up, please.

Jack: All right. Good. All set. Okay. Ahem.

Nicole: Oh. Good. The phone man's here. Is everything fixed?

Jack: Absolutely. Ahem.

Belle: I don't know, philip. Me, of all people?

Mimi: You're asking her to take sides against her boyfriend or her half-brother.

Belle: Which is what I'm being asked to do anyway, so... yeah, I'll be the judge. But as long as we all agree what we decide is what we decide.

Cassie: You mean what you decide. You get to be the judge and the jury, right?

Philip: Cassie.

Cassie: Fine. Objection withdrawn.

Shawn-d: Well, I object. This is insane.

Belle: You know what, shawn? You're right, but I don't know what else to do.

Shawn-d: I know.

Belle: Now, besides mimi, we were all at the fashion show. We're all witnesses, anif we can't figure out what happened, maybe nobody will, and then what?

Rex: I agree. And I believe you'll be fair.

Belle: Do you believe I'll be fair?

Shawn-d: Of course.

Mimi: Okay, everybody, let's eat.

Cassie: This party's a blast.

Belle: Now, there's no point in rehashing what we remember, because we've been over it about a hundred times, and I'm assuming that everyone's telling the truth. Now, mimi, you and cassie know rex better than anyone. Do you think he's capable of hurting someone? Mimi, I know you broke up with rex before because you said you were worried about his temper. You guys are back together now, but are you still worried? I mean, can you tell me you know he's innocent?

Jack: A right.

Jack: Damn. I rush all the way out here, and now the whole thing doesn't even work.

Victor's voice: Colin...

Jack: Oh, come on, come on, come on, come on.

Victor's voice: Murderer...

Nicole: I'm tired of talking, at least to you.

Nicole: I thought this was working.

Victor: Why would you think that?

>>Icicole: Well, when you were upstairs, the phone guy was in here, and he said this was working.

Victor: What was he doing in the house? The problem was with the outside line.

Jack: Come on... come on, keep talking.

Tonight on "global national": Renew... restore... rebuild... it's been two years since 9/11. How are they coping? Wilf dinnick and mike armstrong are in new york to find out. On tonight's "global national."

Nicole: Is that a wiretap?

Victor: Looks like a dual-function device. Accepts phone conversations, but it also picks up ambient room noise. The tradeoff is, it's only good for about 500 yards.

Nicole: You mean whoever planted this is right outside listening?

Victor: I wouldn't be surprised.

Nicole: Well, what if they hear, victor? I can't go to jail.

Victor: I don't think this was planted by the police. They don't have a warrant.

Nicole: You mean... someone else might know? Victor, you've got to get rid of them.

Victor: Who am I not supposed to get rid of?

Nicole: If you don't do this for me, you know what the alternative is. I will ruin your life forever.

Cassie: Of course my brother is not capable of hurting anyone. He's the best. Really, he is.

Mimi: Whoa. Cassie and I actually agree on something. Belle, I know I told you that rex has a temper sometimes, but who doesn't? I mean, he's never hurt me. Never. And I truly believe that he would never hurt anyone else, either. Definitely not on purpose, and especially not shawn's parents. And if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get the pies out of the oven, and you deliberate on whatever you have to do. I'm sorry. I didn't expect tonight to turn into a trial, literally.

Rex: It's okay. I'm used to it.

Mimi: Are you okay?

Rex: Of course.

Mimi: I lied for you.

Rex: What do you mean you lied for me? Do you belive I'm guilty?

Mimi: No, that's not what I meant. I just -- I mean, I didn't tell them everything that I know.

Rex: Then it doesn't matter, right? Because you know I'm innocent.

Mimi: These pies need to cool off.

Philip: All right, you guys, last chance -- does anybody have anything else that they want to say at all? Belle, do you have any more questions you need to ask?

Belle: No.

Philip: So you've got your verdict. Do you think rex attacked bo and hope? Is he guilty or innocent?

Hope: Hi. What's going on? Is there a party going on?

Mickey: Yeah, we just finished. Do you want to start another one?

Jennifer: You know, grandma -- she just went to bed. We came over and brought her some dinner earlier.

Hope: How is she doing?

Jennifer: She's about the same. I thought that jack would be with you, abe. I guess not.

Abe: I'm sorry.

Jennifer: Well, did you hear from him at all tonight?

Abe: Well, not for a while. Is everything all right?

Jennifer: Well, I-I hope so. I mean, I tried calling his cell phone, and it's turned off. And he's a reporter. You know, you always wait for your source to call. The only time that he is out of reach is when he's undercover, abe.

Abe: Are you afraid it could mean he's in danger you know, I warned jack to back off and let the police do their job. I hope he was paying attention. Sorry I missed mrs. Horton. Would you give her my love?

Hope: Of course.

Mickey: Sure.

Hope: It's good to see you.

Mickey: Abe, let me walk out with you, huh?

Bo: See you soon, all right?

Abe: All right.

Mickey: How you doing?

Abe: Well, no ghostly apparitions this time, ifhahat's what you mean. Although I came here half-expecting to see it again. Well, maybe that just means everything's going to be all right. I want to thank you once again for taking care of my will.

Mickey: Everything's going to be okay, abe.

Hope: This is such a great shot of abby.

Jennifer: Well, I meant to show these to gram while I was here. I forgot.

Hope: You know, it looks like abby had a ball at camp. Oh, my gosh, look at this picture of jack.

Jennifer: I know. Abby took it. She loves her daddy so much.

Hope: So jack's working with abe?

Jennifer: He was supposed to be. I just wish I knew that he was okay.

Jack: Why can't I hear anything? Aah!

Victor: Get out of the truck.

Jack: [ Nervously ] Ha ha. Uh, look, uh, mister, I don't know what to say.

Victor: It's all over, jack.

Jack: Aah!

Victor: I'm giving you your marching orders. I want you to walk away from here, and don't ever look back.

Hope: You know what? How much do you want to bet jack's at home waiting for you right now?

Jennifer: Well, I hope you're right.

Bo: Good night, jen. Take care.

Jennifer: Okay, you too. Bye. I'll talk to you later.

Hope: All right, sweetie. Take care.

Bo: It'll be all right.

Jennifer: Bye.

Jack: Ow.

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