Days Transcript Tuesday 9/9/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/9/03--Canada; 9/10/03--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Boo

Belle: Hmm.

Belle: No.

Belle: Nope.

Belle: Yeah. That's exactly where it belongs.

Mimi: Belle.

Belle: Meems. Are you okay? What's up?

Mimi: I just got back from the bank.

Belle: Did you find out why your rent check bounced?

Mimi: Yeah, I did. There's no money in there. Not a cent.

Philip: Here we go, all right?

Shawn-D: Back to me.

Philip: That's what I'm talking about. Now come on.

Shawn-D: Check ball.

Philip: Let's go. Show me something now. Come on, Brady, let's go. Then shoot it.

Shawn-D: You want me to take a three? Taking it to the hole!

Philip: Don't take it to the hole.

Shawn-D: Going for 3! Aah!

Rex: That's pretty weak.

Shawn-D: What the hell are you doing here?

Philip: Yeah, Rex, aren't you supposed to be studying, or dissecting something?

Rex: As a matter of fact, I was helping out one of my ex-professors, Taking his class -- strictly as a lark, mind you.

Shawn-D: What class was that, advanced arrogance?

Rex: No. Applied physics. And I can tell you that by the way you're shooting the ball, you're not going to be sinking anything.

Shawn-D: What the hell does this guy know about basketball?

Rex: I don't have to play the game to understand the physics involved.

Philip: If you don't know the game, why don't you shut up and butt out, all right?

Rex: That's the difference between a man and a primate. A man has the capacity to understand the complexities of the game, whereas a primate simply throws the ball up and hopes it goes in.

Shawn-D: Wow, you seem pretty sure of yourself there, Rex.

Rex: 100%.

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, I will destroy you 100%.

Jack: Hey. Whoa.

Caroline: Enjoy the movie. Okay. Oh.

Jack: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't even see you.

Caroline: Ah, Jack. How are you, dear?

Jack: I'm good, I'm good. And you? You're Christmas shopping.

Caroline: No. No. It's a little too early, even for me.

Jack: Right.

Caroline: I'm just trying to stave off boredom.

Jack: Uh-huh.

Caroline: Shawn is out of town. He's in Ireland, as a matter of fact.

Jack: Really? When does he get back?

Caroline: Hopefully soon. The Brady clan has moved Colin's body back there to be buried in the family crypt. It was an emotional journey.

Jack: Yes, I'm sure it is.

Caroline: Colin. Such a young man. So full of promise. I'm sure things would be easier for Shawn and the whole family if they could ever find out who killed him.

Jack: Curiously, that's what I'm working on at this minute.

Caroline: What?

Jack: I'm investigating the murder of Colin Murphy, and I think I'm pretty far down the road of finding out who did it.

Victor: Brady, you're not paying attention. To all the beautiful women here at the mall. What happened to your decision?

Brady: What decision?

Victor: To move on, to start dating.

Brady: Oh. Oh, yeah, that's right.

Victor: Perhaps you weren't sincere.

Brady: No, I was sincere. I just didn't think I had to pick up women here at the mall. But I am moving on.

Victor: Well, you can't do that if you're going to be fantasizing about my wife.

Brady: What? Granddad, what are you talking about? That is not the case. I am not interested in Nicole that way. I'm just worried about her, that's all. I'm wondering why she's having all these nightmares.

[ Engine revving ]

[ Engine backfires ]


Nicole: Let go! Let go of the gun! Let go! Aah!

[ Gunshot ]

Nicole: No! No! Aah! No, no!


[ Panting ]

Abe: What is it, Nicole? That car backfiring? That make you think of something? This ketchup in your hand -- does that remind you of blood? What is it, Nicole? You can tell me. Is that what you're thinking?

Nicole: Yes. Yes.

Victor: We'd better get over there before she says something she'll regret. 

Announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days Of Our Lives.

Mimi: All my life, I've had financial problems. Do you have any idea what kind of stress that puts on your system?

Belle: I can understand.

Mimi: No, you can't, 'cause you're Belle Black. Your dad's part of not just one, but two wealthy dynasties.

Belle: I'm going to get your water.

Mimi: The only thing my dad ever belonged to was the "can't support the family, so might as well leave them" club. God, for as long as I can remember, I've had to deny myself, pretend I didn't like that fabulous sweater in the window of Ballistix, or that incredible dress at Baron's -- or even a half-caf caramel cappuccino at .Com.

Belle: Take a sip.

Mimi: Then I finally came into some money on my own. Got it fair and square, and I stupidly thought that my financial problems were over.

Belle: They're not?

Mimi: No. They never will be, either. See, I'm not a Brady, or a Horton, or a DiMera. No, no, I'm a Lockhart. And being a Lockhart means that your destiny in life is to struggle and be poor. Oh, my god.

Belle: Hey.

Mimi: [ Sobbing ]

Philip: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Come on, come on, get back, get back. Rex, what's your deal, man? We are out here trying to play basketball and to release some pressure. Why would you have to come along and start something?

Rex: That wasn't my intention. I was merely pointing out your ignorance on trajectory, angular momentum, and the most basic law of gravity.

Shawn-D: Well, it just so happens I'm calculating the trajectory of my fist into your face, and the law of gravity when your head's bouncing off the floor.

Rex: You see what I mean? You're capable of nothing more than primal impulses.

Philip: All right, Rex, well, if you're such an expert at everything, including basketball, then why don't you give us a little demonstration of your advanced knowledge of applied physics here on the court?

Shawn-D: Yeah, unless you're too much of a wuss.

Rex: You're on.

Caroline: Jack, please. Colin's my nephew, and, sure, the family would like to have closure on his murder, but let the police handle this.

Jack: You sound like my wife.

Caroline: Well, whatever Jennifer is telling you, she's right. This is too dangerous, dear. This is a cold-blooded killer we're talking about.

Jack: Look, I know what I'm doing. I'm being very, very, very, very careful.

Caroline: I hope so. Your wife and daughter need you, and that's more important than getting a good story, isn't it -- being there for your family?

Jack: Absolutely. Now, don't worry about a thing. You get on with your shopping, and if your husband calls, tell him "erin go bragh" for me.

Caroline: I will. Love to Jennifer and Abby, dear.

Jack: All right? Absolutely. Take care.

Jack: Hey there.

Man: Hi.

Jack: I'm Jack Deveraux, and you're...

Man: I'm the caterer from the Kiriakis wedding. Name's Emerson.

Jack: Uh-huh. Emerson. Thank you for meeting with me.

Emerson: No problem. Here's the list you asked for.

Jack: Excellent.

Emerson: That's everyone who worked the wedding at the Kiriakis mansion the night Colin Murphy was shot.

Jack: Uh-huh. That is a lot of people.

Emerson: I don't know what good it does you, though. The police have interviewed everyone.

Jack: I know. I've got all their statements right here.

Emerson: Whoa. How did you get the police to give you something like that? I mean, they don't usually share things with reporters, do they?

Jack: That's where you're mistaken. I'm not just any reporter. I'm me. And there's something that's definitely not right here.

Abe: So, what is it, Nicole? What are you seeing? What are you remembering?

Victor: Commander Carver, are you badgering my wife?

Abe: She spilled ketchup on her hand. It obviously reminded her of blood, jarred her memory. And since the Colin Murphy murder happened on her wedding night, it struck a nerve. So, what do you want to tell me about that night, Nicole?

Victor: That's enough, Commander.

Brady: Hang on a second. Wait. I think I know why the sight of the ketchup and the memory of blood is upsetting to Nicole. And you're right, Commander Carver, it does have to do with murder. 

Victor: Brady.

Abe: Go on. You say that Nicole's upset because of a murder?

Brady: Yes. You know how Nicole's father died. He was shot. And Nicole was there. She was -- she was standing there in his last dying minutes while he was bleeding to death from a gunshot wound to the chest. And he was a monster. It's not like he was some loving father that she wanted to say a peaceful goodbye to. He was a hateful man who deserved to die. That's what she was remembering. That was the hell that she was just going through. Isn't that right, Nicole?

Nicole: Yes.

Abe: Look, I don't have time to waste.

Brady: It makes perfect sense, commander.

Abe: I'm still on the Colin Murphy murder investigation. I'm going full throttle. I'm not gonna let up till I find the truth. You can take that to the bank.

Victor: I'm late for a meeting. Nico's got the car out front. I want you to go home, Nicole.

Brady: I'll take her home.

Victor: That won't be necessary, Brady.

Brady: I'm going home anyway. There's something there that I need for the meeting. She's upset. You don't want her to be alone, do you?

Victor: Fine, go on. I'll be there in a few minutes myself.

Jack: Everyone on this list has made a statement to the police with the exception of one -- Eileen Parker.

Emerson: Oh, yeah.

Jack: Oh, yeah. It says right here that Eileen was a waitress at the wedding. Why didn't she make a statement?

Emerson: She never finished her shift. Left early.

Jack: Why did she do that? You remember?

Emerson: No, not sure what the reason was. She just hit the road.

Jack: When? What time?

Emerson: Right in the middle of the whole shebang. I tried calling her the next day. I thought maybe she'd gotten sick, but she'd left Salem.

Jack: Where did she go?

Emerson: Paris. Can you believe that?

Jack: Paris. Uh-huh. Had she made plans for that before?

Emerson: Not to my knowledge. In fact, I was surprised she could afford to travel. She was always crying poor mouth, claimed she was barely scraping by.

Jack: Uh-huh. And is she still in Paris?

Emerson: No. One of her friends still works for me, told me Eileen's back in Salem.

Jack: Now that's convenient. Can you put me in touch with her?

Emerson: Sure, if it's important.

Jack: Damn right it's important. The police have not interviewed her, so I've got to.

Mimi: No money. Creditors...eviction... skid row.

Belle: Come on, Mimi, get a grip.

Mimi: I am broke -- completely broke.

Belle: That can't be true.

Mimi: It is. I have no money, Belle. None.

Belle: It can't have all just disappeared. You had tons of money in the bank from the winnings on the game show.


Mimi: So I walk into Belle's loft, and she says to me, "oh, by the way, Mimi, your rent check just bounced."

Bonnie: Really?

Mimi: Yes, mom, really.

Bonnie: What's the problem? I thought Belle's dad owned the place. I can't see that he'd evict you two.

Mimi: That is not the point.

Bonnie: Calm down, sweetie.

Mimi: How can I? I just ran to the ATM to check my balance, and I've got nothing -- zip, zero, nada.

Bonnie: Those machines are always breaking down.

Mimi: So I went inside and gave the teller a really hard time.

Bonnie: Good for you.

Mimi: The woman pulled up my records on her computer, and there were all of these withdrawals I never made. It's all there in black and white!

Bonnie: Is this why you're acting like a lunatic?

Mimi: You've been embezzling from me, mom! Admit it!

Bonnie: I may have borrowed a little, but I had every intention of paying it back.

Mimi: You emptied my account. Where did you stash it? I want whatever's left.

Bonnie: Sorry, sweetie. I invested it.


Mimi: Uh, yeah, there -- there must have just been a mix-up at the bank.

Belle: Yeah, so the money -- it has to somewhere.

Mimi: Yeah. I mean, it must be. They probably just put it into the wrong account or something.

Belle: So why are you freaking out?

Mimi: Because I don't -- I mean, I don't know if they're ever going to find it. I don't know how long it's going to take for them to straighten it out, you know?

Belle: Mimi, do you remember when we sold lemonade outside my building all day, and the weather was like 90 degrees?

Mimi: You mean when were in, like, first grade?

Belle: I think so. I just remember how incredibly generous you were.

Mimi: What are you talking about?

Belle: Well, we made like $15 altogether, right?

Mimi: That much?

Belle: Something like that. But when it came down to split it, you didn't want any of it.

Mimi: Okay, now that doesn't sound like me.

Belle: No, it does, and that's my point. You were like, "Belle, but the table was yours. The lemonade was yours. Your mom was babysitting. You should keep all the money."

Mimi: It's coming back to me now.

Belle: And even though we were only like 7, I remember being very impressed by you.

Mimi: And I remember you made me take half of it.

Belle: I said I wouldn't be your friend unless you did.

Mimi: I remember the first time I saw where you lived -- this amazing penthouse, and I thought, "oh, no, god, she can never see where I live. I'll never want her to see our room."

Belle: But you did invite me over eventually.

Mimi: Yeah. And you walked in like it was some great place and you were so happy to be there.

Belle: I was. Why would it matter to me that your house wasn't all big and fancy? Mimi, I've had rich friends and not-so-rich friends, and the only thing that's ever made me care about someone is -- it's had nothing to do with how much money they had or how they dressed. I love you because you are funny. And I love your loyalty and your generosity and your honesty. You know, I read this article that said there is no correlation between how rich someone is and how happy they are -- none.

Mimi: That's hard to believe.

Belle: No. The article also said the only way to find true happiness was through love and friendship and being involved in some kind of work that they're proud of. Come on, Meems, don't get all depressed over money. It's not worth it.

Mimi: I can't even pay my share of the rent.

Belle: Hey, don't worry about it. I have enough money to cover rent for both of us this month, okay? And I think our landlord will be pretty understanding, seeing as how it's my dad.

Mimi: You're the best friend anyone could ever have.

Mimi's voice: I hate having to lie to you, belle.

Philip: Come on now. Show him how it's done. That's it. Watch the ball. Watch -- oh. Come on.

Shawn-D: Where you at, Rex? Where you at, huh?

Philip: Watch the ball, Rex. There you go. Oh, no! Ooh!

Shawn-D: Oh!

Philip: 12-zip.

Rex: That's not fair.

Shawn-D: What are you talking about?

Rex: Why can't we just play straight up?

Philip: That's not the way it's done, man. I'm sorry.

Shawn-D: It's your ball.

Philip: Come on, show me something now.

Shawn-D: Ready to start playing?

Philip: Put the ball in the hole. Dribble dribble. Oh, no, you lost it. Come on, Shawn, put it in, put it in. 14-nothing. 14-nothing.

Rex: Okay, okay, I get it. You have to use deceit and trickery to score. How fitting.

Philip: That's the way the game's played, Rex.

Shawn-D: Trickery and deceit.

Philip: Come on, let's do something. Score. It's 14-nothing.

Shawn-D: Come on, buddy. Come on.

Philip: No!

[ All shouting ]

Philip: Come on, give me that ball. I want some of that. No, give it to me. It's my turn to teach captain ego here a little physics lesson.

Rex: Bring it on.

Philip: All right, ready? Throw it back to me. There you go. You ready? All right, watch this. Ready? Oh!

Shawn-D: Ha ha ha. Phil, you almost had it.

Philip: All right, come on.

Rex: All right. Now it's my turn. Ha. Okay, okay, I got it now. Remember, I can out-think you. And with advanced muscle memory, I can out-shoot you.

Shawn-D: Oh, come on, it's 2 to 2. We finally got a game.

Philip: You made one shot. Let's go. One shot. You ready? Play a little defense. You've been scored on every time.

Rex: Come on, let's go. Right in here.

Shawn-D: Oh! No, he just missed it!

Rex: Like that?

Philip: When you block me on my way to the hoop, okay, that's called a foul. And the lesson's over, all right? Bye, Rex. See you later.

Jack: I'm so glad that you could open up to me in this way.

Woman: You disgusting pervert!

Jack: I -- I -- well, we'll always have Paris. Great.

Jack: You're not going to hit me, right?

Woman #2: I hadn't planned on it.

Jack: Eileen?

Eileen: I am. And you're Jack Deveraux.

Jack: Right. Right. Thanks for agreeing to meet with me.

Eileen: It's hard to say no to Emerson. He's given me lots of work, and he's a good guy, you know?

Jack: He seems to be, yes.

Eileen: But I've got to tell you -- I don't feel comfortable with this at all.

Jack: Why not?

Eileen: The Kiriakis wedding -- it creeped me out, to tell you the truth. And I never felt right about leaving work that night. Felt even worse not telling anyone why.

Jack: But you're going to tell me now, right?

Eileen: It was Mrs. Kiriakis. She seemed real nervous. You'd think someone would be happy at their own wedding, right? Not her. She was real down. She gave me some money, told me to get lost. Told me to pack up my stuff and get out of her house. Real nasty about it, too.

Jack: She gave you money, huh?

Eileen: A whole bunch. I think it was because --

Jack: Please. Please, Eileen, go on. Please tell me.

Eileen: I heard something that night.

Abe: Hey, Tek. Thank you, man. I'm glad the I.S.A. Could free you up for us.

Tek: Ah, john told me to open up the candy store, give you what you need.

Abe: Yeah, well, our guys have gone over this a million times, and even with all our equipment, we still can't come up with anything.

Tek: So what have we got here?

Abe: Oh, these first three tapes are surveillance tapes -- inside, outside, day and night. All the wedding's there, start to finish. And this last tape is from the cameraman that Kiriakis hired to shoot the sacred event.

Tek: So what are we looking for?

Abe: Anything to indicate what might have happened when Colin Murphy was killed.

Tek: The Murphy murder.

Abe: Dr. Murphy was shot on the terrace. You know, the funny thing is we have cameras pointing out there, but not a single shot to indicate any activity that might help us with anything.

Tek: Videotape.

Abe: Sorry?

Tek: We left tape time a long time ago, Commander. It's all digital now.

Abe: Ha ha ha. Well, I don't care what you do. You can transfer it, whatever. I want to find out who killed Colin Murphy.

Nicole: [ Sobbing ]

[ Knock on door ]

Brady: Nicole? I know you're in there. Open up.

Nicole: Go away, Brady.

Brady: Not until I see you.

Nicole: I'm okay.

Brady: Nicole, please, just open the door for a second.

Brady: You lied to me. You're not okay, are you?

Caroline: I hope I haven't kept you waiting.

Victor: Oh, no, I just got here. Please.

Caroline: So, how's it going?

Victor: Oh, I'm hanging in there. How about you?

Caroline: Things are a little lonely around the pub. Shawn's in Ireland visiting family.

Victor: Ah, I see.

Caroline: I'm not going to let you off the hook that easily, Victor. I asked how you are.

Victor: Oh, and I told you. I'm -- I'm okay.

Caroline: No. No, you're not. There is something bothering you.

Victor: Yes, of course there is. You know me so well. That's why it always helps to talk to you.

Caroline: Does it have something to do with your marriage?

Victor: Yes, yes, it does. But it's not just Nicole. I'm afraid there's a problem developing between Nicole and my grandson.

Nicole: I'm sorry. I'm usually much stronger than this. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Brady: What was it, Nicole? What got you so upset?

Nicole: It's just like you said -- remembering my father. But Abe has to twist everything around so it's always pointing at Colin's murder.

Brady: I want you to know that stuff I said at Salem Place about your father and his death -- I made it up. I didn't believe it. I just didn't like the way Abe was grilling you.

Nicole: Thank you.

Brady: So tell me the truth, Nicole. Was it about your father that got you so upset, like I told Abe? Or was it about Colin's Murder?

Jack: So, what were Mr. and Mrs. Kiriakis arguing about, Eileen?

Eileen: Well, from what I could hear, Mrs. Kiriakis was upset that her husband-to-be had invited Dr. Murphy to the wedding. Unhappy's not the word. She was actually furious.

Jack: What happened then?

Eileen: Well, then Mrs. K. Came downstairs, and I ran into her. I was just bringing her up a bottle of champagne like she had requested. She asked me if I had overheard her argument with Mr. Kiriakis. I admitted I had a little.

Jack: And how did she react to that?

Eileen: She did not like it. She made a real mean face, then she gave me a wad of money and told me to tell the caterer I was quitting for the evening.

Jack: And so you told him.

Eileen: Right. I mean, believe me, I felt bad. You know, I knew he needed me. I knew he'd be mad as hell, what with all the guests to serve and everything, and all that fancy food. But it was a lot of money -- you know, the wad of bills. So as I was heading out, I overheard some shouting on the terrace. It was Mrs. Kiriakis. Only this time she was fighting with some other man.

Jack: Who was it? Did you recognize who it was, Eileen?

Eileen: No, it could have been anybody. So as I turned to go, I ran right into Mr. Kiriakis.

Jack: He was right there, huh? What did he have to say about it?

Eileen: He told me to forget everything I had heard and seen, and then he sent me off to Paris for cooking lessons. Wild, right? Paris.

Jack: So you left the country.

Eileen: Wouldn't you? I mean, what an offer. Très bon, oui?

Jack: And how long did you stay in Paris?

Eileen: I got back yesterday. My mother lives here in Salem, and she was sick, so I came home.

Jack: I see. I see. So you didn't know anything about the murder?

Eileen: No, not until I came home and then called a couple of waitress friends. Look, Mr. Deveraux, this makes me nervous. Maybe I should call the police and tell them what I know.

Abe: How's it going?

Tek: That's it. Finito.

Abe: What?

Tek: I'm done.

Abe: Ha ha. You're done? How could you be? Our CSI unit worked on those tapes for weeks.

Tek: I guess, uh, I know something they didn't.

Abe: Did you find anything?

Tek: You betcha. You made for them.

Belle: Now, no more talking about money troubles, and no more worrying or feeling guilty about not being able to pay rent. The bank made the mistake, so they're going to fix it.

Mimi: Right. I know.

Belle: Now, on to a really important subject -- boyfriend troubles.

Mimi: Hmm. Isn't it lovely how all problems seem to come at the same time?

Belle: I don't want to sound like a broken record, but we need to find a way to get Rex and Shawn to get along.

Mimi: Yeah, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Belle: Well, they have to call a truce, or else I think they're going to hurt each other.

Mimi: Or worse. It's just that Rex has a really bad temper, and I don't know what he might do.

Belle: Just because Rex has a bad temper -- what do you mean, you don't know what he might do? You don't think he's capable of...

Mimi: Killing someone? No.

Belle: You don't sound so sure.

Mimi: Just -- I just think that if we don't intervene, then something bad definitely could happen.

Belle: I got it. I have an idea about how we can bring the guys together.

Shawn-D: He almost did you in out there.

Philip: Yeah, Rex was pretty good.

Shawn-D: Yeah, he was showing some talent.

Rex: Look, you guys think I'm a freak, don't you?

Shawn-D: No -- no. We don't think you're a freak, do we?

Philip: No, no, I wouldn't say freak.

Shawn-D: Yeah, just not a very nice guy.

Philip: You're just an arrogant S.O.B., man, and people don't like that.

Shawn-D: Yeah. I guess, uh, I guess that's because you're a DiMera, though. You know, you all think that you're superior to everyone else, even though you're a bunch of criminals.

Rex: Well, it's better than being a lowlife pond scum-sucking Brady. You know, you and your whole family can all go to hell.

Shawn-D: Oh, really, Rex? Well, if that's the way you feel about me, why don't you move the hell out of my apartment?

Rex: Yeah, that would be too easy.

Philip: Guys, look, why don't we just hit the road, okay? Come on. Let's go.

Shawn-D: Philip, thanks.

Philip: Yeah. What the hell is with that guy? I mean, why does he hate the Brady's so much?

Shawn-D: Are you kidding me? That's what DiMeras do. Come on.

Rex: I hate being a Brady. I hate it.

Abe: So when you took apart the surveillance tapes from the Kiriakis mansion...

Tek: Nothing there.

Abe: I thought you said you found something.

Tek: I did. I found nothing. Watch this. See that?

Abe: That glitch -- is that...

Tek: This tape has been edited -- flawlessly. It's a professional job, most likely.

Abe: So there's something that was removed.

Tek: Had to be the murder.

Abe: So there's no way to prove it.

Tek: Well, maybe there is.

Abe: Go on.

Tek: I did find something on the footage from the wedding itself -- something I think will give you the evidence that you've been looking for.

Abe: You know, that's the window leading out to the terrace. I've seen this shot.

Tek: Not like this. Okay, look in the background through the window. There's two people out there.

Abe: Yeah. There's something white there. Is that the curtain, or -- or is that outside on the terrace?

Tek: Outside. It looks like a wedding veil to me.

Abe: Yeah, that's Nicole.

Tek: Yep. It looks like she's having one heck of an argument with somebody.

Abe: But who is it?

Tek: What kind of watch did Colin Murphy have on when he was killed?

Abe: Um... Grand Mariner.

Tek: This guy's wearing a Grand Mariner.

Abe: That's the approximate time of death, according to the coroner.

Tek: And he's got a pretty distinctive ring on that finger, too.

Abe: Yeah. That's the ring that Colin Murphy was wearing when he was killed. That's Colin Murphy just before he died. This is the break we've been waiting for.

Tek: Careful. The closer you get to the truth, the closer you get to danger.

Abe: That's why I'm not going to share this information with Jack. I want him safe.

Jack: You don't need to make a statement. I can tell the police what you heard and saw.

Eileen: If you're sure.

Jack: Oh, absolutely. Besides, you don't want to get involved, right? Tell me -- is there any chance that you could identify the man that Nicole was arguing with on the terrace?

Eileen: No, I didn't get a good enough look.

Jack: Okay, okay. That's fine. You've given me plenty to go on. Thank you very much.

Eileen: You're welcome. Glad I could help.

Jack: Sure, and, uh... you take care. And if my wife and I should ever need a cook...

 Eileen: Oh, I make a mean Coquilles St. Jacques.

Jack: I'll bet you do.

Eileen: Au revoir.

Jack: Au revoir. I'm really onto something here. Both Victor and Nicole have been keeping secrets about the night Colin was murdered.

Victor: [ Sighs ] Not Brady. It's my wife that I'm worried about.

Caroline: Then ask Brady to leave.

Victor: No, I can't do that. You know family's the most important thing to me. I mean, Bo and I have never been that close, probably never will be. Isabella's dead. I've lost Phillip to the marines, and it seems like he's not going to be the heir apparent I wanted him to be. That just leaves Brady. And you, of course.

Caroline: Me?

Victor: Yeah, I still haven't gotten over losing you. I regret not being able to steal you away from Shawn.

Caroline: Don't say that, Victor.

Victor: Well, it's the truth. You were the great love of my life, Caroline. Your love was the deepest, the most unconditional. I know I would have been a much happier man if you had chosen to stay with me.

Caroline: It -- it saddens me that you feel that way.

Victor: Well, it's very lonely. That's why I can't let Brady leave.

Caroline: But what if you're right? What if there is a growing attraction between your wife and your grandson? What will you do then?

Victor: Well, I won't put up with it, that's for damn sure.

Brady: Hey, hey, come here. Come on. No, no. You know what? You know what? This is not right. You really have to talk to my grandfather about this, Nicole.

Nicole: I can't.

Brady: No, I have done all that I can. To do any more would --

Nicole: No, Brady, don't go. Not when I need you so much.

Mimi: Mmm, I want that.

Belle: That looks good. Oh, that has lots of ice cream in it.

[ Basketball thumps ]

Belle: Oh. Hey, guys, where are you going?

Shawn-D: To get cleaned up.

Belle: Well, can you come inside for a second? I have an announcement to make.

Philip: Um, Belle, we just played a pretty grisly game of basketball, and I think I got to be ready to stop these two guys, 'cause they're going to go at it again.

Belle: What happened?

Shawn-D: Some people just can't take the agony of defeat.

Belle: Okay, okay, enough dirty looks and digs. I have a great idea. We're going to have a dinner party, the whole bunch of us, and by the end of the night, we're going to be laughing and having a rip-roaring good time. It's going to be a bonding experience, right, Mimi?

Mimi: Yeah.

Belle: By the end of the night, we're all going to be great friends.

Philip: [ Coughs ]

Shawn-D: Yeah, right.

Abe: Nice work, man. Thanks.

Tek: Technology, my friend -- that's what it's all about. So what are you going to do?

Abe: I'm going to get on this right away. I've got to solve this before...

Tek: Before taxes are due? Before the next Presidential election? What?

Abe: Before City Hall gets on my neck.

Tek: Why doesn't city hall go after the sanitation department this week?

Abe: I'm getting the early retirement. I'm going to spend time with my family. I'd like to have this off the books before I go, and now... thanks to you, I just might be able to pull it off.

Jack: That's it. The first big break -- all roads lead to Victor and Nicole. They know more about Colin's murder than they've told the police or anyone. I'm on the trail here. I can smell the truth.

Caroline's voice: Shawn, of course I miss you. Well, for the moment, things are quiet around here. It's -- I just feel something isn't right. Oh, no, I'm fine. No, I wasn't talking about me. Um... well, Alice and... Celeste feel it, too. I don't want to alarm you, Shawn, but... I just wouldn't feel right if I kept it from you. Something bad is going to happen. Something very bad.

Caroline: But what if your wife -- what if there is a growing attraction between your wife and your grandson? What will you do then?

Victor: Well, I won't put up with it. That's for damn sure.

Brady: Nicole -- I got to go.

Nicole: Brady, wait. Just give me a minute.

Nicole's voice: I can't live like this anymore. I have to kill Victor, and Brady is my only hope. I need you.

Brady: This is not right, Nicole. I should not be here. You have my grandfather.

Nicole: Brady. Victor can't give me what you can give me. He's old, cruel. You're young and kind, and I need you in my life. Please don't leave. Please stay.

(On the next Days Of Our Lives.)

Sami: I am not Tony DiMera's girlfriend.

Lucas: If you're not his girlfriend, you're his whore.

Tony: Whatever I accomplish will be passed to you and Rex.

Cassie: We're not real DiMeras.

Tony: Are you saying I'm not your father?

Shawn-D: What's wrong with Mimi?

Belle: She's acting weirder than usual.

Mimi: You took everything I had, and you threw it away.

Nicole: The only way to protect yourself is to kill anyone who could send me to jail.

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