Days Transcript Thursday 8/28/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 8/28/03--Canada; 8/29/03--USA

Mimi: Hey!

Rex: You ran out on me. Why? Where are you going that you don't want me to know about?

Shawn-d: Hey, shouldn't mimi be helping? 'Cause this is her place, too, right?

Belle: She should be here any minute. You know, it's weird calling it her place. She's hardly ever here. She's always with rex.

Shawn-d: Doesn't she realize the guy is out of his mind?

Belle: She is in love with him, shawn. She thinks she's the luckiest girl in the world 'cause her boyfriend's so smart and gorgeous.

Shawn-d: Yeah, who cares if he's crazy and violent?

Belle: We don't know for a fact rex is the one that attacked your parents.

Shawn-d: He just had motive and opportunity, and if he hadn't walked in on me when I was looking at his computer, I'm sure I would have found even more incriminating evidence than I already did.

Belle: It's a shame.

Shawn-d: And you know what? I'm not going to stop there. I'm telling you, I'm going to continue investigating him until I find out what the hell he's up to, and philip -- he better stay out of my way.

Philip: Look, mom, I'm just kind of busy right now. Can I call you back? Okokay. All right, bye.

Cassie: Philip.

Philip: Cassie, hey.

Cassie: This works out well. Great timing.

Philip: For what? What are you doing here?

Cassie: I'm here to help you break up shawn and belle.

Kate: Ah, hello.

Marlena: Oh.

Kate: Want company?

Marlena: Well, since it's you, yes, I do.

Kate: I thought I'd get a bite and then go over to salem place. You look upset.

Marlena: Oh, well, no, just the usual worries. Well... maybe a little more serious than the usual worries.

Kate: Something to do with sami, by chance?

Woman: Great party dresses. You want to try on a couple?

Sami: Um, actually, I need some work outfits. I just got a great job at an upscale company.

Woman: Congratulations. I'll put something together for you. Be back in a minute.

Sami: Thanks.

Caroline: Hi, sami.

Sami: Oh, grandma.

Caroline: I heard about your job at basic black. Oh, that's wonderful.

Sami: Yeah, I'm really excited about it.

Caroline: Of course you are, and I know john was the one who had enough faith in you to give you a chance.

Sami: Yeah, well, that's what john and mom want everyone to think, but I know better.

Caroline: What's that supposed to mean?

Sami: Look, mom and john have never done anything to help me. They just broke up my family and ruined my childhood, remember?

Caroline: Oh, sami, for heaven's sakes. When are you going to get past what happened all those years ago?

Sami: Probably never.

Caroline: Well, your father got past it. Roman forgave marlena and john, and yet you still harbor all this resentment.

Sami: Well, because my dad refuses to see the bad side of anybody, but I see john and marlena for who they really are. They are just stuck-up, selfish millionaires who have always treated the bradys like trash.

Caroline: Sami, don't say that.

Sami: It's true. That is who they really are, and it's about time that you dealt with it, grandma.

Tony: Hmm.

[ Knock on door ]

Tony: Come in.

Woman: Commander carver is here.

Abe: You have some explaining to do, dimera.

Tony: Oh, two visits in one day. To what do I owe the honor?

Abe: One of my informants is dead.

Tony: What has that got to do with me?

Abe: Oh, cut the act. You know as well as I do he worked his way into the dimera organization. He was ready to talk and wound up with a bullet inisis head.

Tony: Well, what can I say? 2-timing's a dangerous business.

Abe: And you're suspect number one.

Tony: Hmm. Has it ever occurred to you, did you ever think, that this man possibly could have made hundreds of enemies?

Abe: None as ruthless as you are.

Tony: How do you think my sister would react if she finds out that you're harassing me?

Abe: You stay the hell away from her.

Tony: Are you really going to arrest your own brother-in-law?

Victor: On a scale of 10, I'd say your hangover was a 9.

Nicole: An evening with a vodka bottle beats spending the night with you.

Victor: Your attempted cacape last night was pathetic.

Nicole: If that damn plane had left on time, I'd be dancing in the streets of paris by now.

Victor: I have operatives all over the world. You'll never escape from me.

Nicole: Why not? Why not let me go?

Victor: Because you're mine. From now on, you'll obey me and stay away from my grandson or I'll have you arrested for the murder of colin murphy.

Nicole: What does brady have to do with this?

Victor: You're trying to get him on your side, make me out the bad guy.

Nicole: You are the bad guy.

Victor: When he finds out that you're a whore and a murderer, he'll figure out soon enough who the real villain is. In fact, maybe it's time I told brady.

Brady: Told me what? Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.


Brady: So what is it you, uh, want to tell me?

Victor: It can wait.

Brady: Does it have anything to do with last night?

Nicole: Why would you think that?

Brady: I was looking for you. Where were you?

Nicole: Out.

Victor: Sometimes nicole needs to be alone. Last night was one of those times.

Nicole: Now is one of those times, too.

Brady: All right, what the hell is going on here, granddad?

Victor: Not a damn thing. She's miserabl s she blames me.

Brady: So why don't you try speaking to her instead of locking her in her room?

Victor: I have work to do, brady.

Brady: Granddad -- all right, sorry, please, just... tell me what happened between you two last night. What was it?

Rex: Mimi, you're meeting someone, aren't you?

Mimi: No. Yes. But it's -- it's not what you think. I'm meeting belle. We're painting the loft today.

Rex: Why couldn't you just tell me?

Mimi: Because I -- I-I knew you'd want to help, and -- and it's not like we can't use all the help we can get, but I just -- I-I thought you wouldn't be interested.

Rex: So you didn't even tell me?

Mimi: Shawn and philip are going to be there, and every time you guys are in the same room together, it turns into a shouting match or worse, and I just -- I don't need that.

Rex: Am I supposed to be happy about shawn breaking into my room and snooping through my computer files, huh? Whose side are you on, mimi?

Mimi: Yours, of course. Look... we really could use your help painting, so why don't you come back to the loft with me? I mean, who knows, maybe we can all be friends again, the way we used to be.

Rex: I doubt that, but I'll go.

Mimi: Great. I'll race you to my new bedroom.

Rex: I'll givyoyou a 10-second head start.

Mimi: Okay.

Rex: [ Thinking ] I love you, mimi, but the truth is, I can't let shawn out of my sight. Because if there's one thing I've learned from tony, it's keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

Philip: Cassie, I never gave the green light to this little plan of yours.

Cassie: But you do want shawn and belle to break up, don't you?

Philip: Yeah, but game playing and deception are not the ways I'd like to go about getting a woman. And even if I ever did decide to sink to that level, it is impossible to break those two up. And besides, they're my friends, and I don't want --

Cassie: Fine, fine, I don't need your approval. I'm going to do whatever I want anyway. I'm going to pit shawn and belle against each other, and then it's all clear. You can just swoop in on her little heart.

Belle: I thought I heard voices. What are you doing here?

Cassie: I'm here to help you paint. Excuse me.

Philip: [ Sighs ]

Cassie: Hey, shawn, let me help you.

Philip: Don't look at me. I didn't invite her.

Belle: Well, thanks for bringing the paint.

Philip: Sure. I got a bunch more in the car. I need shawn to help me.

Belle: If you can tear him away from cassie.

Cassie: There. Maybe I should start with the baseboards down there. 

Tony: Lexie's a dimera. You try to destroy her family, she'll never forgive you.

Abe: Theo and i are lexie's family.

Tony: Yes, well, she could divorce you and keep the child. Call it the best of both worlds.

Abe: Let's start with where you went when I left here, when my informant was shot.

Tony: I was here at home.

Abe: Can anyone vouch for you?

Tony: Actually, no.

Belle: Cassie, it's time for you to go home.

Cassie: W?? I'm just here to help.

Belle: Hard work's not your style. You might break a nail.

Cassie: Hmm. You're just jealous. Your boyfriend looks down my shirt, and you go ballistic.

Belle: Home, cassie. Now.

Cassie: Not a chance. This party's just heating up.

Shawn-d: Man, it is so hot out there.

Philip: Yeah, it is.

Cassie: I didn't know we were gonna go topless.

Belle: We're not.

Cassie: Oh, but I don't want to get paint on my shirt.

Rex: Cassie, what are you doing?

Cassie: Um, painting.

Belle: Well, keep your shirt on.

Shawn-d: What are you doing here?

Mimi: Shawn, please don't start.

Rex: I was invited. Unlike you, I don't break in where I'm not wanted.

Marlena: Sami was devastated when brandon left her. And then she got the annulment papers through the mail.

Kate: Well, what did she expect?

Marlena: She still loves him. Doesn't want to sign the papers. And she's hoping that abe can sort of campaign on her behalf.

Kate: What? She's living in a fantasy if she thinks abe's going to side with her after what she did to lexie, changing the paternity test.

Marlena: Oh, I know. I know. She's ridiculous to think that abe might help her, and in fact, he didn'T. He refused her.

Kate: [ Sighs ]

Marlena: And then all hell broke loose, and apparent s she had some nasty words for abe and lexie before she left in tears.

Kate: Your daughter is really on the edge.

Marlena: I shouldn't be telling you this. I mean, she is going to be working for you. Kate, I'm hoping that this will be like a second chance for sami, working at basic black.

Kate: Whenever sami is feeling less than zero, she makes me enemy number one, which makes basic black the worst possible place for her to be, don't you think?

Sami: You're my family. My grandparents are supposed to love me and keep me safe. You didn't fight for me. You didn't try to help your son save his marriage.

Caroline: Stop right there, young lady. Don't you judge your grandfather and me. We did everything we could to keep your parents from splitting up, but marlena loved john.

Sami: You mean that she got a taste of the high life and never looked back.

Caroline: Don't you talk that way about your mother.

Sami: Are you kidding me? She went for the first high roller who came along. She abandoned me and eric and left my poor father heartbroken.

Caroline: Oh, samantha brady. How can you have so much life experience, and so little tolerance of other people's faults? I mean, you know what it's like to make a mistake. You want forgiveness and grace, so why can't you be less harsh in your judgment of others?

Sami: When you say things like that, it makes you seem so good and noble. But the truth is, if you're for what's right, you're against what's wrong, and what john and mom did was wrong.

Caroline: Things happen between a man and a woman that you don't plan. I mean, you ought to know that. When it comes to love and passion, our minds are sometimes ruled by our heart, even if it means hurting others. It's -- I'm not saying it's right.

Sami: Well, yes, you are, because you're siding with them against me, just like everyone else in this pathetic family.

Caroline: Don't you talk about your family that way. I won't have that. Hasn't marlena suffered enough without having her own daughter put her down?

Sami: Marlena's a whore!

Caroline: Dear god!

Sami: You know, grandma, you're the one who taught me about the bible, and the 10 commandments say "thou shall not commit adultery."

Caroline: The bible also speaks of forgiveness.

Sami: Yeah, when the person confesses and repents, and that is not marlena.

Caroline: Sami!

Sami: Well -- sorry, grandma. I apologize. I'll forgive, okay? I'll forgive my head off.

Caroline: Well, I hope you mean it.

Sami: I do. This conversation has... helped me see the light. I'm a changed person.

Caroline: If only that were true.

Sami: I love you, grandma. I'm sorry, okay? I'llee you later, and happy shopping.

Caroline: Sami, call me soon. We'll go out to dinner with your grandfather. He'd love to see you.

Sami: I would love that. I will. I promise. Take care.

Caroline: Yeah.

Sami: Sorry, grandma, but forgiveness? No way. I am out for the sweet taste of revenge.

Brady: Granddad, something must have happened last night. Nicole was so upset, she climbed out of her bedroom window.

Victor: Why do you care?

Brady: Because I live under the same roof. I notice these things.

Victor: Look, some things that happen between a husband and wife are private, and impossible for outsiders to understand. Look at bill and hillary.

Brady: I just want the two of you to be happy, okay?

Victor: And I appreciate that, but trust me, our marriage will survive. Now, why don't you show me that new recording studio of yours?

Brady: Whoa. That was the smoothest change of gears I've heard in a very long time.

Victor: Well, watch and learn. Come on, you owe me a tour.

Nicole: I'll never get out of this hellhole. Not without an ally.

Abe: No one on your staff can vouch for your whereabouts when my informant was being killed.

Tony: Actually, I gave the staff -- well, most of them -- the rest of the day off.

Abe: What about the woman that answered the door?

Tony: Mabel? Oh, she was out all morning running errands.

Abe: Rex and his girlfriend -- they were here.

Tony: Yes, they were, but they left. I've been alone for hours.

Abe: Well, it looks like your luck has ruouout, dimera. No alibi. You're on shaky ground.

Tony: Why is it every time a crime is committed here in salem, I am automatically the suspect, hmm?

Abe: I know your history.

Tony: How could I have possibly bashed in people's skulls while I was in a coma, shot people at point-blank range, and they were miles away?

Abe: I never said he was shot at point-blank range. How did you know that?

Tony: I just read minds.

Abe: This is not a joke, damn it.

Tony: If you're going to arrest me for murder, then do it. Otherwise, get the hell out of my house.

Abe: One way or another, I'm going to get the goods on you, dimera.

Shawn-d: You're not welcome here.

Rex: Yeah? If you don't like it, take off.

Belle: No, no, no, no. No, everyone stays, because we need workers.

Mimi: Yeah, let's start upstairs. You guys start downstairs, and maybe we can work our way back to one another by the end of the day.

Shawn-d: Yeah, don't count on it, all right? You know, if the lights go off, watch your back, because he's liable to hit you upside the head like he did my parents.

Philip: Whoa. Shawn, come on, man.

Rex: Where the hell do you get off?

Philip: No, shawn, no! Not here, man! This is not the place, okay? You calm yourself down!

Shawn-d: Philip, why don't you stay out of it?

Belle: Stop!

Mimi: No!

Philip: Back up!

Shawn-d: Just like a dimera, coming at me when my back is turned!

Rex: You started this, breaking into my house and hacking into my computer files!

Shawn-d: If I had those files, you'd be in jail right now!

Rex: I have nothing to hide! I should have had you arrested for breaking and entering.

Mimi: Stop it, you guys, please, both of you! We all used to be friends! We trusted one another, and we stood up for each other! I'm sick of this.

Belle: Mimi's right. We all need to get along. Rex, you are my brother, and I care about you. Anand I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And like it or not, we're all going to be family. So please just try to get along.

Mimi: [ Crying ]

Shawn-d: Mimi, don't cry.

Mimi: This is supposed to be fun. This is our first apartment.

Belle: Mimi and i were really looking forward to decorating this place, making it our own.

Shawn-d: Come on, it's not too late to still have a good time.

Cassie: Yeah, it's been a lot of laughs so far.

Philip: We need to find a way to work together, you guys.

Shawn-d: You're right. I still have my suspicions, but there's no sense in figining.

Rex: Your suspicions are wrong. I didn't attack your parents.

Belle: Guys, please. Don't let the feud between the dimeras and the bradys continue into our generation. Look at what it did to our parents.

Shawn-d: Okay. Wrestling match is over.

Philip: Right, so let's go back to our corners and come out painting.

Rex: Meems. Hey. Come on.

Shawn-d: I'm sorry.

Belle: Yeah, me too. It started out to be such a good day.

Shawn-d: Hey. It's just important how we finish, right?

Cassie: Leave everything to me. Belle and shawn are history.

Woman: Will this work for you?

Sami: Well, the cut is nice, but the color's not right. I need something that won't show blood.

Woman: What? Why?

Sami: I'm in the revenge business, and it can get very messy.

Woman: Right. Um, well, I'll just go look for something that's a little more blood-friendly.

Sami: [ Laughs ]

Marlena: You're in a good mood.

Sami: Mom. How long have you been standing there?

Marlena: Long enough to hear you laughing. What's so funny?

Sami: I'm just thrilled about my new job. Higher than a kite.

Marlena: Let me bring you down to earth, sami. What happened? What did you say that upset your grandmother so?

Sami: I just told her a few home truths. You know what a pollyanna grandma can be. She never deals with reality.

Brady: That better be lemonade.

Nicole: Actually, it's a new drink. I like to call it the colin murphy. One splash irish whiskey, one shot in the back, shake well, and put it on ice till the cops show up.

Brady: So that's it.

Nicole: That's what?

Brady: That's why you're so upset. You're haunted by the shooting on your wedding night.

Nicole: Close, but no cigar.

Brady: Nicole, that is not the answer. Just give me it. Put it down.

Nicole: Brady, you don't even know what the question is.

Brady: Then clue me in, okay?

Nicole: Ask victor.

Brady: I did. Hehe told me to butt out.

Nicole: Ditto.

Brady: All right, you don't want my help, then you're on your own.

Nicole: Okay. One question, but it's got to be the right one.

Brady: Okay. Give me a hint.

Nicole: Why don't you ask me what the one good thing in my life is?

Brady: What is the one good thing in your life?

Nicole: You.

Cassie: Leave it to belle to pick the color of urine for her walls.

Philip: Ha ha. Right. Hey! Cassie! Try to keep it on the wall. Come on. Ahh.

Mimi: Oh!

Rex: Watch where you're going.

Belle: This is a disaster.

Shawn-d: I have an idea.

Belle: Oh, quick, before they all kill each other.

Shawn-d: All right, everybody, break time. Listen, pizza's gonna be here in probably about 15 minutes, so, uh, put those paint brushes down, and I'm gonna learn you all some oldies.

Belle: You're a genius.

Shawn-d: Show them how it's done, babe.

Belle: What are you doing?

Mimi: They're so cute!

Ain't no valley

low enough...

Rex: Hey, you want to dance?

Mimi: As long as it doesn't involve another competition. Sure.

Philip: Whoa!

Cassie: Can you stand it?

Philip: All right, but I lead. Come on.

Cassie: You can have your hands on me once you get the paint off.

Philip: All right.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Belle: Hey. Whose cell phone is that?

Mimi: Ignore it!

Philip: No, I'm sorry, you guys. I got to answer it. It could be the base.

Cassie: Hello?

Kate: Who's this?

Cassie: Who's this?

Kate: This is kate roberts. Is that you, cassie?

Cassie: You got it.

Kate: What the hell are you doing answering my son's phone?

To keep me

from gettin' to you, baby

Cassie: I can't hear you.

Kate: Turn down the music, then, cassie.

Oh, darling

no wind, no rain

Cassie: Hey, shawn, can you turn it down a little?

Shawn-d: Okay. Come again?

Kate: Where's my son?

Cassie: Oh, mrs. Roberts. Hi, yes, philip is right here. We're at a party, having a fabulous time.

Kate: Put him on the phone, cassie.

Cassie: Ready for 20 questions?

Philip: Mom, what's going on? I told you I'd call you later.

Kate: Where are you?

Plilip: I'm at mimi and belle's loft. We're helping them paint.

Kate: Well, why is cassie there? Why are you hanging around with that little tramp?

Philip: Mom, was there some other reason that you called?

Cassie: [ Giggles ]

Rex: You get a kick out of torturing kate, don't you?

Cassie: Uh, bio-mother is a big pain in -- never mind. She thinks I'm trying to hit on philip.

Rex: She'd freak if she knew philip was our half-brother.

Cassie: She'd freak if she knew she was our mother. Do you know I'd rather die than have her and that monster roman brady for parents?

Rex: That's not going to happen. We're dimeras. We're always going to be dimeras.

Cassie: As long as your big-mouth girlfriend and sami don't spill their guts.

Rex: That's not happening. I'll make sure it doesn'T.

Marlena: You tell me exactly what you said to your grandmother.

Sami: We were just talking about my childhood and how your adulterous affair with john ruined my life.

Marlena: Oh, sami, for heaven's sake.

Sami: Hey, if she's uncomfortable with the truth, there's nothing I can do about that.

Marlena: Does it occur to you that by labeling me an adulteress, you made caroline think that maybe you felt the same way about her?

Sami: What? Oh, my god, her -- oh, her affair with victor. It's been so long that I had forgotten.

Marlena: She hasn't forgotten. You hurt her very deeply.

Sami: Well, I'm sorry, okay? I wasn't thinking about --

Marlena: You don't think, sami, that's your problem. You blasted abe and lexie. You're out of control. Don't you get that?

Sami: Abe and lexie are trying to keep me away from brandon.

Marlena: Brandon? Honey, brandon wants nothing to do with you. Don't you understand that?

Sami: I am not ashamed to fight for my marriage, unlike you. You ditched daddy for another wealthier man.

Marlena: Oh, stop. How dare you?

Sami: You roll over on your back and let joe millionaire have his way with you.

Marlena: How dare you speak to me like that? How dare you?

Sami: Hey, I just call it like I see it.

Marlena: It's not about money.

Sami: Oh, be quiet, mom.

Marlena: I love john. I did then, I do now.

Sami: Well, daddy loved you the whole time, but obviously, his cop salary wasn't enough for you, so you peddled your flesh to the highest bidder. You are the one who is out of control, not me.

Brady: I am the one good thing in your life. Nicole, how is that possible?

Nicole: The only moments of happiness I've had all summer have been with you. You realize you may have to take me hang-gliding all the time now. I mean, I could get addicted to that feeling of freedom, which I haven't felt since --

Brady: You haven't felt that free since when? Okay, here we are.

Nicole: And where is that? Beside a road on the edge of nowhere?

Brady: Just be patient and wait.

Nolole: Why? There's nothing out here.

Brady: Shh. You'll see. Okay, stand up. Here we go. Here we go.

Nicole: Ooh. Ooh!

[ Airplane approaching ]

Nicole: Oh.

Brady: Come on, baby!

Nicole: Wow!

Brady: Whoo-hoo!

Nicole: That's incredible! Push me as high asouou can. Higher! I want to go to the moon and never come back. I don'know what I would do without your kindness.

Brady: Is there anything I can do to help?

Nicole: Nothing.

Brady: And you're sure about that.

Nicole: If only it were possible, I would ask you to get me the hell out of this prison.

Marlena: I'm with john for love, sami, not for money.

Sami: Oh, but the private jet is just icing on the cake, huh?

Marlena: I don't need his finances. I have a career.

Sami: That's right -- the great dr. Evans. How dare you call yourself a psychiatrist when you're the one who needs a shrink?

Marlena: Oh, sami, I know that I've made mistakes.

Sami: Ha ha. You think?

Marlena: I know that I've hurt people. I'm sorry about that, especially about hurting you. But now you've got to grow up. You've got a son. You've got a chance at a career. So please don't blow it.

Sami: Oh, thanks for the vote of confidence, mom.

Marlena: Sami, I want you to succeed with all my heart. I love you. I want you to make something of yourself and of your life. Will you please try to do that?

Kate: How dare she? What is wrong with that girl?

Victor: You know, you keep talking to yourself in public like that, they're going to cart you off and put you in a rubber room.

Kate: Well, guess who our son is hanging out with these days. Cassie dimera -- that little tramp.

Ain't too proud to beg

Rex: Just stay away from kate roberts, cassie, all right? You have nothing to gain from playing games with her.

Mimi: And everything to lose.

>>Asassie: What is that supposed to mean?

Mimi: Just that kate might start to sense that... you're a lot like her, and she might put 2 and 2 together and...

Cassie: The only way she could put 2 and 2 together is if you opened your big fat mouth.

Rex: Keep it down.

Mimi: I promised I wouldn't tell,ndnd I won'T. And you promised you'd keep the peace with shawn.

Rex: I'm going to get a soda.

Don't leave me, girl

don't you go

Shawn-d: Oh, did I tell you I'm, uh, moving across the hall from belle?

Philip: That's great, man.

Belle: I'm so excited. We're going to be neighbors. Ha ha ha ha.

All night and day

just to keep you

from walking away

Rex: So, you're, uh, getting a loft of your own? How can you afford it?

Shawn-d: Well, not that it's any of your business, but I'm subletting half the apartment from this guy.

Rex: You're going to have a roommate. Who is it?

Shawn-d: What is it to you?

Rex: Nothing. Sounds like a great deal. Perfect, in fact.

Ain't too proud to plead

There has to be rules.

Ottawa wants their money back. They claim these workers got benefits they didn't deserve. But payback has a price.

Trere's two people who tried to commit suicide already.

Caught in the clawback. Tonight's "global nation

Tony: I want it done now! Do you understand? Damn it!

Bart: I got here as fast as I could, count. What's wrong?

Tony: Um... an informant of abe carver's has been found murdered at salem place today. The commander is trying to pin it on me.

Bart: Same old same old. He blames the dimeras for everything.

Tony: Lexie's a dimera.

Bart: Yeah, but her passport says "carver."

Tony: At the moment.

Bart: Come again?

Tony: Lexie's got to return to the dimera fold, but she never will while she's married to carver.

Bart: I see a divorce on the horizon.

Tony: No, no. My sister loves abe too much to do that. No, the best way to save my sister... is to kill her husband.

Abe: Well, have ballistics run a trace on the bullet, and round up all my other informants.

[ Knock on door ]

Abe: Yeah, come in.

Santos: A special delivery for you, commander.

Abe: All right, bring it in.

Santos: Okay, mark.

Abe: What the hell?

Mark: Well, with all due respect, commander, I'd call it a threat.

Rex: Well, maybe we can paint your loft one day.

Shawn-d: Yeah, just leave the boxing gloves at home.

Rex: Stop calling me a psychopath, and you've got yourself a deal.

Philip: Why is he so interested in you moving across the hall?

Shawn-d: I don't know, but I'm going to be keeping a close eye on him.

Philip: How? He's always at the dimera mansion.

Shawn-d: So?

Philip: So you're never gngng to get in there again, man, not with that new security system they set up.

Shawn-d: Oh, I'll find a way, 'cause I am not going to let him get away with hurting my family.

Mimi: Looks like you and shawn called a truce.

Rex: Yeah. I even offered to help him paint his new place.

Cassie: What new place?

Rex: Oh, he's moving into the loft across the hall. Yeah, today is a new day, meems. If all goes according to plan, I might just become shawn brady's best friend.

Please don't leave me, girl

don't you go

Sami: Mom, I will do my best to take advantage of my opportunity at basic black, okay? I'm going to work my butt off, and I'll even be nice to people.

Marlena: I hope so.

Sami: I will, I promise. I'm going to try to make you proud of me.

Marlena: That would be lovely, sami.

Marlena: Can I help you, uh, choose anything?

Sami: Thanks. Uh, I think I have it covered.

Marlena: All righty. How about supper?

Sami: No, thank you. I have other plans, but maybe a different night. I'll call you.

Marlena: Yeah. Goodbye.

Sami: She wants me to come to supper? What, and sit there and watch john nibble on her earlobe like I'm not even there? God, she can't be serious.

Woman: Is this perfect or what?

Sami: Ah. It's perfect. Wow. Well, let the games begin.

Woman: I, uh, thought you were going to wear it to work.

Sami: The workplace is where I will play this game, and the name of the game is revenge... with a capital "R."

Kate: So first I find out that john has handed sami a job at basic black, where the spawn of hell is going to be plotting my downfall from the very first day. And then I learn that cassie is philip's party girl.

Victor: Philip's matured a great deal since joining the marines. I'm sure he'll see through the likes of cassie.

Kate: No, I'm not so sure about that, victor. I do not trust that girl.

Victor: I'll look after philip. You're going to have your hands full with sami. Don't let working with her put a strain on your relationship with roman.

Kate: Thanks for the advice, but you know something? It's already happening, and she hasn't even set foot in the office yet.

Victor: If you love roman, you fight for him. Don't let sami destroy your life. You may not get a second chance.

Kate: You're right. Oh, I'm going to take sami on, and I'm going to beat her at her own game

Brady: Nicole, if -- if you want to get away from here and away from my grandfather, just ask for a divorce.

Nicole: Victor will never let me go.

Brady: Well, he can't hold you against your will.

Nicole: You want to bet?

Brady: Yeah, I do.

Nicole: It's not that simple.

Brady: What's the complication?

Nicole:T't's a long story, for one thing -- too long to get into now.

Brady: Nicole, every time I talk to you or my grandfather about your marriage, this -- this wall just comes up. Why is that? Every single time.

Nicole: Don't worry about us. We'll survive.

Brady: I know you will. I'm not so sure about him.

Nicole: What do you mean?

Brady: His heart is not that strong. He can't take a lot of stress. You know that.

Nicole: Oh, please, brady. Victor's ornery enough to outlive us all.

Brady: You need to be apart.

Nicole: Well, we're not, so stop trying to understand it. Just face it.

Brady: I'm due in the recording studio right now. There's a band coming in.

Nicole: Go ahead.

Brady: You want to join us?

N nicole: No. Some other time. I have some things to work out.

Brady: All right, well, do it without the booze, okay? No matter what the problem is, alcohol's not the answer.

Nicole: You're right, brady. The only way I'll be free is if I kill my husband. I should have done that the first time around. It just goes to prove if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself. To widowhood.

Mimi: It's really weird having our boyfriends hate each other.

Shawn-d: Whoa! What --

Rex: Heads up.

Kate: Welcome to basic black.

Sami: No, you're not my --

Kate: New boss.

Roman: What the hell is the wreath about?

Abe: My S.O.B. Brother-in-law wants me dead.

Tony: Goodbye, abe.

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