Days Transcript Friday 8/15/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 8/15/03--Canada; 8/18/03--USA

By Eric

[ Telephone rings ]

>> Sami: I'm coming! I'm coming! Hello, will? No, no, I'm not interested in contributing to your worthy cause. Look, just get off the line. I'm expecting an important call.

>> Lucas: Speaking of our son, I got a letter from him.

>> Sami: That's not fair. He's written you way more than he's written me.

>> Lucas: Yeah, well, there are some things a boy just can't discuss with his mommy.

>> Sami: Such as? Well, he's too young for girls. Isn't he?!

>> Lucas: Relax, okay? Man.

>> Sami: Well, tell me what he can't talk to me about.

>> Lucas: I don't know, how to throw a perfect spiral, run a down-and-out -- things like that.

>> Sami: Yeah, I guess I couldn't help him with that. I don't even know what that is.

>> Lucas: No, you don'T. Here, take a seat. We'll read this letter together. All right.

>> Belle: It does look like rex had a reason to go after bo and hope, but it's hard to believe, and I don't want to. I thought rex was the calm one, the rational one. If either of the twins were dangerous, I thought for sure it would be cassie.

>> Shawn-d: Who's to say cassie isn't a part of it?

>> Philip: No. Cassie wouldn't have anything to do with something like this.

>> Belle: Well, that's what I thought about rex.

>> Philip: Look, I'm gonna see what else he's got in here and print this out.

[ Door opens ]

>> Belle: Someone's home.

>> Mimi: I thought count dimera was looking pretty good -- I mean, as good as anyone looks under the circumstances, with all those tubes and gizmos hooked up and beeping away.

>> Rex: Yeah, wait till he finds out that while lying in a coma, lucas botched the deal of the century.

>> Mimi: Maybe it's for the best. I mean, since the mystery substance turned out to be some kind of natural explosive. I mean, why wouldn't he want it destroyed? It seems to me bo and hope brady did a good thing, right, by blowing it up.

>> Cassie: Thank god you're home. I need to speak to you.

>> Rex: Go ahead.

>> Cassie: Alone.

>> Rex: Mimi, could you give us a minute, please?

>> Cassie: Yeah, please.

>> Mimi: I'll wait for you upstairs.

>> Cassie: [ Scoffs ]

>> Rex: What is it?

>> Cassie: You are in major trouble. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.


[ Doorbell rings ]

>> Sami: My delivery.

>> Lucas: Yeah.

>> Lucas's voice: "Dear dad, there's a party for the guys in my cabin this weekend. Mom's supposed to send homemade cookies. Knowing her, she'll probably order those fancy ones from the bakery and pretend she made them herself. That's okay. She's just being mom, and I love her."

>> Sami: Great. Hey, lucas, what are you doing? Those aren't for you.

>> Lucas: Sami, I think our son is on to you.

>> Sami: What is that supposed to mean?

>> Lucas: These cookies, are they for will's party at camp?

>> Sami: Yes, and I got them from the best bakery in salem.

>> Lucas: I can see that. They're made out of, uh... what are they, star-shaped? They got pink sprinkles all over them. Come on now, sami. He's the captain of the volleyball team. He can't pass these around to his friends. They're gonna think he's a punk or something.

>> Sami: He's the captain of the volleyball team?

>> Lucas: Yeah. Here. Come here.

>> Sami: What?

>> Lucas: Come on.

>> Sami: Lucas, what are you -- what are you doing?

>> Lucas: We are going to bake. We're going to bake homemade cookies from scratch.

>> Sami: Are you crazy? I don't bake, lucas. I don't even own baking pans.

>> Lucas: So what? I do.

>> Sami: You do?

>> Lucas: Yeah. It so happens I bake. I roast, I simmer, I slice, and I dice. I do it all.

>> Sami: Wow. Eat you heart out, emeril.

>> Lucas: That's right. I have muffin pans, I have cookie sheets, and... I have the one thing that very few people possess.

>> Sami: An ego the size of the hulk?

>> Lucas: Ah ha! No. Grandma alice's recipe for homemade chocolate chippers. That's what I got.

>> Sami: Those are really good.

>> Lucas: Aren't they, though? What have you got here? You got flour?

>> Sami: N

>> Lucas: No flour. You got brown sugar or something?

>> Sami: No.

>> Lucas: You have chocolate chips?

>> Sami: No, okay?

>> Lucas: Do you have anything? You have walnuts? Come on, sami.

>> Sami: No. No, I don'T. Okay? No, I don't have anything, because as much as I have tried to be a good mother, I have failed. I can't bake, I can't tell a strike from a ball, and I buy will geeky clothes. At least that's what he thinks.

>> Lucas: Sami, stop this.

>> Sami: No, I'm serious, lucas. I'm trying to tell you, I am a terrible mother.

>> Cassie: Commander carver cornered me just now in the hospital.

>> Rex: Why?

>> Cassie: He wanted to ask me questions about the attacks on the bradys.

>> Rex: What makes him think you know anything?

>> Cassie: Because I was there the night of the fashion show.

>> Rex: So were plenty of other people.

>> Cassie: And I'm your sister.

>> Rex: So?

>> Cassie: Rex, you need to tell me the truth right now. Did you attack bo and hope adady?

>> Bart: Hey, just so you know, I shoot trespassers.

>> Mimi: Please, please, please, have mercy! Don't yell at me! I'm just waiting for rex.

>> Bart: How you doing, two mis?

>> Mimi: Not bad, one bart. And yourself?

>> Bart: Do you believe in tingles?

>> Mimi: What kind?

>> Bart: I'm downstairs listening to tony bennett and K.D. Lang singing this duet on my headphones, when all of a sudden I get this tingle.

>> Mimi: They're awfully good together, especially that first cut. Definitely tingle-worthy.

>> Bart: You know the cd?

>> Mimi: My little brother makes me lip-synch to it all the time.

>> Bart: Is that a fact? I used to lip-synch all the time when I was a kid for hours on end. Your little brother's into jazz, right?

>> Mimi: Our mother bought us the cd thinking that K.D. Was still in her country music phase, but, of course, she's not. So, at what point did you tingle?

>> Bart:H, it wasn't a jazz tingle. It was a spooky tingle, like someone's in the house. So I thought I'd come and check it out.

>> Belle: We have to get out of here.

>> Shawn-d: The window. Quick.

>> Philip: You two go ahead. I'm gonna catch up to you after I print out this evidence.

>> Belle: Philip, we don't have time. We can come back for it.

>> Philip: Are you kidding? We may never have another opportunity like this again. Rex is a computer whiz. He's gonna know his files were opened.

>> Belle: Look. This is out there on global - I'm seanna collins. The attack of the killer fringe continues until the 24th. It's an eleven day extravaganza of plays, dance, music, mime - over 1,200 performances of 140 productions on 30 stages in old strathcona. Watch for fringe reviews on global news at 5:30 and 11the dragon boat festival is this weekend at louise mckinney park watch for races on the north saskatchewan river all weekend with a record number teams and over 1500 particpants on sunday, three edmonton salons will be at reds in west edmonton mall for a cut-a- thon. For a minimum twenty dollar donation, have your hair cut by a top stylist - one hundred percent of the money raised goes to the stollery childrens hospital. And the grove car show 'n shine takes place tomorrow in spruce grove.Enjoy a parade, car and motorcycle show, midway, dunk tank - an entire day of fun to raise awareness and funds for the spruce grove grain elevator

>> Nicole: Sometimes I feel so claustrophobic in that house, like the walls are csing in and I can't breathe.

>> Brady: Why is that?

>> Nicole: I used to go on a lot of trips with victor on his private jet when I used to work for titan. But never once did I feel that feeling of freedom. And it's made me wish that...

>> Brady: Go on.

>> Nicole: That I could go back and change things.

>> Brady: Well, if you could go back and change the past, what would you do differently?

>> Paul: I'm gonna give you something now. It's gonna help you calm down. You won't even know what's happened, okay?

>> Nicole: Give me something? Daddy, what are you --

>> Paul: Shh, shh, shh. Easy does it, sweetheart. Easy does it. It won't be that bad, little doll. It'll sting just a tiny bit, but you'll only feel it once.

>> Nicole: Daddy, don't!

>> Paul: There. All over. It's all done.

>> Nicole: Daddy, what did you do to me?

>> Paul: You'll be fine, sweetheart. Just fine. All right, let's go. That's it. Just move right in there. Step -- ju o one more step. There you go, darling. Okay. You're gonna be great, all right? We're ready to reshoot. Quiet on the set, all right? You're gonna do great, darling.

[ Gunshot ]

>> Nicole: There's so many things I would change.

>> Brady: Name one.

>> Nicole: No. You -- you -- you wouldn't be interested in it.

>> Brady: Yes, nicole, I would. I want to know everything about you.

>> Nicole: Why?

>> Brady: Because I care.

>> Lucas: There you go.

>> Sami: This is gonna be a disaster.

>> Lucas: It is not. All we got to do is follow this recipe. We'll be fine.

>> Sami: I don't know why I let you talk me into this, lucas, when there's a perfectly good box of cookies sitting there on the coffee table.

>> Lucas: I don't care. They're not homemade, and they're pink. Forget it.

>> Sami: All we're doing is wasting time and making me feel inadequate.

>> Lucas: You know what? You're gonna feel more inadequate if you don't do this. Just keep stirring.

>> Sami: It doesn't even matter, because this wasn't my idea. It was your idea. It would never have occurred to me to make cookies for my son, because I am a rotten mother, like I said.

>> Lucas: Where is all this coming from? Why would you say that?

>> Sami: I just had a lot of time to think aut things in the hospital -- too much time -- and... there are a lot of things that I would have done differently for will's sake.

>> Lucas: Such as?

>> Sami: This one night in the hospital I had this nightmare that will was all grown up, and he had written this book like "mommie dearest."

>> Lucas: Right.

>> Sami: And everyone in salem was outraged, and they were waitg in the streets to stone me.

>> Lucas: Come on, sami, it's just a dream.

>> Sami: No, I know it is, but it's still --

>> Lucas: But what? Stop it. You're a good mother. You are. You give will a lot of love. The kid's crazy about you. Who cares if you can't bake worth a damn? It's all good. Don't even.

>> Sami: Ha ha ha ha!

[ Spits ]

>> Lucas: Oh, I'm sorry. I got you good. You all right?

>> Sami: I hate flour.

>> Lucas: I --

>> Sami: [ Spits ]

>> Lucas: Don't taste it. It's nasty.

>> Sami: I know.

>> Lucas: Sorry.

>> Sami: Ha ha ha.

>> Sami: I have to clean this up. How big are we gonna make these cookies?

>> Lucas: Well...

>> Sami: Like that?

>> Lucas: No, not like that. That's a baby cookie. They got to be bigger than that. Big scoop. Us guys, we like them the size of about a hamburger.

>> Sami: Ew! That's -- okay.

>> Lucas: They look great. Look, I know I've given you a hard time in the past for the way you've raised will, but... I am really proud of the way he's turned out.

>> Sami: Captain of the volleyball team.

>> Lucas: That's right. He's a born leader, that kid.

>> Sami: He's really tough, too. You know, I mean, when life throws him a curve ball, he always manages to hit it back.

>> Lucas: Yeah, he does. God knows he's had his share of curve balls.

>> Sami: Yeah, and when you were still drunk and -- and you almost died in that fire, will really hung in there, you know. He -- he's really brave.

>> Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, and when you almost married austin, but it fell through because you were lying to him, he was very brave through that as well.

>> Sami: Thanks for bringing that up.

>> Lucas: Then you married brandon.

>> Sami: Can we please not discuss my love life?

>> Lucas: Just pointing out how well our son has adjusted through all this stuff.

>> Sami: Yeah, well, we've both done the best job that we could, and let's just leave it at that.

>> Lucas: Yeah, but...

>> Sami: But what?

>> Lucas: Nothing. Forget it.

>> Sami: No, just say it.

>> Lucas: No, it's just a little frustrating. Maybe I would have been a better parent if I would have known that will was my son from the very beginning.

>> Sami: What are you saying, lucas?

>> Lucas: Look, I don't want to get into this right now, all right?

>> Sami: Wait, you can't make a comment like that and expect me to ignore it. So you're frustrated. Come on, let's hear it. Get it off your chest.

>> Lucas: Well, it's nothing you haven't heard before. I was fool enough to believe that will was my brother's son for the first few years of his life.

>> Sami: And you can't ever move past it? Lucas, it's not like we were married, desperately trying to have children. It was a one-night stand, and we were careless.

>> Lucas: So what? That's not the point. You were carrying my kid, and I didn't even know it.

>> Sami: Well, neither did I.

>> Lucas: You didn't even consider the fact that baby could have been mine, sami.

>> Sami: And you're angry about that?

>> Lucas: No, I'm not angry. I'm insulted, that's what I am.

>> Sami: This is about your ego? Give me a break, lucas.

>> Lucas: No, it's not about my ego. The point is, even when you knew, sami, you didn't have the decency -- you didn't have the decency to clue me in. What's up with that?

>> Sami: How did I know that you'd want to be a father?

>> Lucas: How do you know I didn't?

>> Sami: You were pretty irresponsible.

>> Lucas: Oh, yeah. Unlike you, miss maturity?

>> Sami: Okay, I was clueless, too. I was very young and naive, and I didn't think you were the kind of guy who would care.

>> Lucas: You didn't think, huh? You didn't think I was the kind of guy who would care? How could you even assume that? What do you know? You didn't even know me.

>> Sami: Yeah, I did know you, lucas. We were friends.

>> Lucas: Yeah, we were friends, but you didn't know that side of me.

>> Sami: You're right. I didn'T. And now I do, and I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry because I made a big mistake trying to keep you away from your son. You're a great father, lucas. You're the best.

>> Lucas: Yeah, I am a good father. Will's the most important thing in the world to me.

>> Sami: I feel the exact same way. Isn't there any way we can move past this?

>> Lucas: I'll try. Look, I have moved past it. I have. I shouldn't have brought it up.

>> Sami: No, you shouldn't have.

>> Lucas: I'm blaming you because I wasn't a great parent, and that's wrong. I apologize.

>> Sami: Maybe we should just shelve this discussion and get these suckers in the oven, huh?

>> Lucas: Yeah.

>> Sami: I, um, I really wish that phone would ring.

>> Lucas: Well, they got to line up for a pay phone at camp, so it might be a while. Here, have a cookie.

>> Sami: No. No, thanks.

>> Lucas: Look, I'm really sorry I pushed things earlier, okay? A lot of stuff has happened lately, and I've been real tense.

>> Sami: Me too.

>> Lucas: I mean, tony gets stabbed. He goes into a coma. I blow the biggest deal of my life. I lose a half a mil in dimera money.

>> Sami: And belle's first fashion show, and my aunt and uncle get attacked at the end.

>> Lucas: Yeah, what next?

>> Sami: Oh, god, don't ask.

>> Lucas: The world's kind of a crazy place, isn't it?

>> Sami: What do you think the world will be like when will's an adult?

>> Lucas: I don't even want to think about it.

>> Sami: What if the ozone layer disappears?

>> Lucas: I don't know, sami, he's a smart kid. Maybe he'll become a scientist and fix it.

>> Sami: What if there's, like, a plague?

>> Lucas: Then he'll become a doctor and find a cure.

>> Sami: What if this huge asteroid hits salem?

>> Lucas: Will you stop it, sami? All we can do is raise our son the best we can. Whatever happens after that, it's out of our control.

>> Sami: I think I will have a cookie after all.

>> Lucas: Look, sami, all we gotta do is give will love and support, you know? And maybe -- I don't know, maybe make things a little easier for him in the future.

>> Sami: Will is really lucky to have you, lucas. A great dad who's around all the time. That's something I didn't have growing up.

>> Lucas: Yeah, you did. You had a father figure.

>> Sami: No, I didn'T. John black was not a father to me. He ruined my life.

>> Nicole: Oh, no.

>> Brady: What?

>> Nicole: We're almost home, aren't we?

>> Brady: Yeah, we're making really good time.

>> Nicole: No, wait. When you get to the driveway, don't pull in.

>> Brady: Why not?

>> Nicole: Because I've had such a good time today, and I don't want it to end, nonot yet.

>> Brady: Okay.

>> Nicole: Well, you said you wanted to get to know me better, so now here's your chance. So you just -- just keep going, okay, and I'm gonna take you somewhere this time.

>> Cassie: Look, if it was you, I need to know so I can protect you.

>> Rex: I don't get it. Why would you think I attacked bo and hope?

>> Cassie: The pipe, rex. I found a pipe near the back stage of the fashion show. I wiped it clean of any fingerprints, but the police found it, and now they're interested.

>> Rex: Cassie, why would you do that? Why were you destroying evidence?

>> Cassie: Because you disappeared just before the bradys were attacked. When I found you, you had a red stain on your sleeve, and you were acting really weird. You told me the stain was makeup, but a few minutes later, I saw you go to the sink and wash your hands. Don't worry. I didn't tell commander carver any of this.

>> Rex: You really think I did this, don't you? You think I attacked bo and hope brady.

>> Mimi: There is somebody in the house -- rex and cassie. They're downstairs. But you know what? Actually, I think I'm gonna go downstairs and see what's keeping him.

>> Bart: Not alone, you're not. I'm not letting you take any chances. Come on. We'll check out the situation together.

>> Mimi: Okay.

>> Belle: That was way too close.

>> Shawn-d: Suddenly this house is just crawling with people.

>> Philip: All right, I've got the 5-year plan proving that rex had a motive to attack your parents.

>> Shawn-d: Great.

>> Belle: Come on! What are we waiting for?

>> Philip: I just want to see what other evidence he has on this computer.

>> Belle: Philip, did you not hear mimi? Rex is downstairs.

>> Philip: Well, I'm gonna have to work pretty fast, aren't I?

>> Shawn-d: Will you just leave it?

>> Belle: Look, philip, if rex attacked the bradys with a pipe -- I can't believe I'm saying this about my own half-brother -- but who knows what he's gonna do to us if he catches us up here?

>> Philip: I c˙n handle rex, but you two should definitely clear out.

>> Shawn-d: No, forget it. This is my fight. If anyone's staying, it's me.

>> Philip: Like hell you are.

>> Rex: Whoa, wait. You really think m m responsible, don't you? That I bludgeoned bo and hope?

>> Cassie: No, rex, I don't, but the police might. Look, if they knew what I knew -- you have to admit this is pretty suspicious. I saw you scrubbing your hands like you were trying to get rid of something.

>> Rex: Stop! What are you talking about?

>> Cassie: If you don't know, then -- then something really is wrong.

>> Rex: No, there is nothing wrong. No one in our family attacked the bradys, all right? We have nothing to worry about.

>> Cassie: But, x --

>> Rex: Besides, there are more important things I have to deal with.

>> Cassie: More important?

>> Rex: Have you forgotten? Lucas just threw away a truckload of dimera money.

>> Cassie: Why does that have anything to do with you?

>> Rex: Everything! It is up to me to salvage the dimera family empire.

>> Lucas: So, I thought you and john worked things out.

>> Sam w well, we did. I mean, I pretended to for my mom's sake, but I always felt like I was just being phony. "Oh, john black is such a great guy." The whole time I have thought he is nothing but an arrogant jerk.

>> Lucas: How is john arrogant?

>> Sami: How is he not? He thinks he's god's gift to women. He thinks he's so irresistible, and that is why my mom left a perfectly wonderful husband to spend the rest of her life with him. What a major mistake.

>> Lucas: Come on, sami. John raised you.

>> Sami: Exactly. Yosesee how I turned out? I mean, look at me. I'm a mess.

>> Lucas: Well, that's true.

>> Sami: You weren't supposed to agree with me.

>> Lucas: Well, come on. You spoon-fed me that. I couldn't resist.

>> Sami: Anyways, look, I'm tired of trying to see the good side of john black. I can't stand him, and that's all there is to it.

>> Lucas: Well, I'm a little confused. I mean, not too long ago you were crying on my shoulder because tony and john went down with the yacht.

>> Sami: I didn't have a voice, lucas. You don't know what was going on inside my head.

>> Lucas: Were those tears just for tony?

>> Sami: I was crying bec--

>> Lucas: Because why, you thought your sugar daddy was gonna drown?

>> Sami: No! I was crying because I had been through a terrible ordeal, and my nerves were shot. Either way, the point is that john black has never been a father to me. He was just there. And unfortunately, he's still there.

>> Lucas: Ah, come on. Don't you think you're being a little hard on the guy?

>> Sami: I'm being hard on him? Do you know how critical he is of me? Every time my mom is mad at me, I always know that it's because of guess who -- her wonderful loving husband. I'm sure that he just sits there waiting for me to screw up so that he can complain about me and compare me to his perfect little tinker bell. God, that nickname makes my skin crawl. Ugh!

>> Lucas: Wait a minute. You're not jealous of belle, are you? Come on, sami.

>> Sami: No. No, I'm not jealous of belle. She's really cool. I love her. I'm just annoyed that I will never measure up to her in my mother's eyes, and it's all because of john.

>> Lucas: Ah, come on, your mom's smart. She's a rirink. She's not gonna let anybody influence her, not about her daughter.

>> Sami: You're giving her too much credit. She's under john's spell. You think m good at tricking people? John black is a master of the game. He tricked everyone into thinking he was roman brady.

>> Lucas: No, wait a minute.

>> Sami: No, I'm serious. Do you know what kind of role model that is?

>> Lucas: Sami, he didn't trick anybody. I mean, he was brainwashed by stefano. That's why he thought he was your dad.

>> Sami: Well, it still messed me up, didn't it?

>> Lucas: Look, I can understand that it was hard for you, okay? But you did survive. And now you got roman in your life, too -- forever. So you're lucky. You don't have one dad. You have two.

>> Sami: You haven't heard me at all, have you? I mean, god, john black is not my father. You don't listen to anything I say, do you?

>> Lucas: I am listening. I'm sorry, all right?

>> Sami: Will and eric and my real dad are the only people I can count on to love me unconditionally.

>> Lucas: What about your mom?

>> Sami: Yes, my mom loves me in her politically correct way, but she's never really accepted me, and I know that's because of john badmouthing me to her.

>> Lucas: Ah, come on. Just give the guy a break.

>> Sami: God, lucas, why do you keep defending him?

>> Lucas: Because he's always been there for you, that's why.

>> Sami: Oh, yeah, he has always been there for me, especially when I was young and impressionable. What a guy.

>> Sami: God, he was so stupid. He didn't even lock the door. You know, I bet he wanted someone to see him and my mother going at it like animals.

>> Lucas: Sami, stop it. You got to let go of this grudge towards john] It's gonna eat you alive. It's best you just forget about it.

>> Sami: I will never forget what jn n black has done to my family.

>> Nicole: [ Hums ]

>> Brady: This is where you wanted to take me?

>> Nicole: Well, you know what they say. It's never too late to have a happy childhood. Come on. Yep, in the sand. Come on!

>> Nicole: Okay. Here we go. Hoo-ah!

>> Brady: All right. Ready? 1, 2, 3, go.

>> Nicole: Whee! Okay, big push.

>> Brady: Ha ha ha ha.

>> Nicole: Higher?

>> Brady: Ha ha ha ha.

>> Nicole: Whoo! Ha! Ha ha! Uh-oh. Oaoa! Whoo! Aah! Get him, get him, get him, get him, get him!

[ All laughing ]

>> Nicole: Ha ha ha. Hey. So, is he not the worst jumper you've ever seen, or what?

>> Brady: All right, that's it. Don't make fun of me, or else you two are going to get... a tickle attack!

>> Girl: No, don't! We'll fall!

>> Brady: Hey, come here.

>> Nicole: Wait a minute. I'm stuck. I think I need help.

>> Brady: Nicole, you're helpless.

>> Nicole: I kno

>> Brady: Come here.

>> Nicole: So -- okay. Oh, my goodness. Well, you are the most appalling jumper. I mean, at least in my experience.

>> Brady: What do you expect? I went to boarding school. I didn't learn how to jump rope.

>> Girl: Never?

>> Brady: No. Actually, I learned how to fence.

>> Girl: What's that?

>> Brady: Well, um... oh, you know what? I can show you. Here, hold that.

>> Nicole: Uh-oh.

>> Brady: You ready?

>> Nicole: Uh...

>> Brady: En garde.

>> Nicole: Aha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ooh, I'm going to -- oh!

>> Girl: You killed her.

>> Brady: No! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to kill her. It was an accident.

>> Girl: Ha ha ha. Do it again.

>> Brady: Ha ha ha ha.

>> Nicole: Oh, again? Ha ha ha ha. Oh, dear. Whoo. Hey, um... where are your parents?

>> Girl: At home, fighting. Either that or watching tv. They never come to the park and play with me.

>> Nicole: Well, I tell you what. Whenever I'm at the park, I'll play with you, okay?

>> Girl: Okay.

>> Brady: Ha ha ha.

>> Nicole: It's a deal.

>> Girl: I have to go now. See you later. Uh, what's your name?

>> Nicole: Nicole.

>> Girl: You're way cool, nicole.

>> Brady: Ha ha.

>> Nicole: Thanks. Bye.

>> Brady: You know, I learned something about you today.

>> Nicole: What?

>> Brady: You're just a great big kid who's going to make a great mom someday.

>> Nicole: Yeah, that's not going to happen.

>> Brady: Why not?

>> Nicole: I don't think victor wants any little rugrats.

>> Brady: Sure he does.

>> Nicole: All those priceless chinese carpets? I mean, think of the mess.

>> Brady: Granddad loves children. Think about it. He and kate couldn't conceive on their own, so they went to a fertility clinic. That's h p philip was born.

>> Nicole: Yeah, well, trust me, there aren't going to be any kids in my future.

>> Shawn-d: Where do you get off giving me orders?

>> Philip: I just think I can handle this a little more effectively than you, shawn. Now take these papers and get out of here.

>> Belle: Excuse me, but what is more important right now -- finding out who's the tougher guy, the bigger hero, or nailing who attacked shawn's parents?

>> Shawn-d: Exactly.

>> Belle: Shh. We are this close to getting caught, anyoyou guys are trying to out-macho each other. I thought we agreed to work together as a team.

>> Shawn-d: Yeah, we did, so here's the plan -- why don't you two go downstairs and distract rex?

>> Philip: No way.

>> Belle: How are we supposed to explain our presence?

>> Shawn-d: Just make something up. If he's with mimi, I'm sure he won't go off on you.

>> Belle: That's true.

>> Shawn-d: Make somethi u up. Invite him to go to a movie or something. Meanwhile, I'll be going through the computer files to see what else I can come up with.

>> Philip: We're not playing to our strengths here. I'm the one with the I.S.A. Training.

>> Shawn-d: What the hell does that have to do with anything?

>> Philip: I have skills, shawn. I can take rex.

>> Shawn-d: And this is my problem, and I will solve it.

>> Mimi: What the heck are you talking about? I didn't activate any alarm.

Jen, did you wear my black blouse last night?

>> Lucas: Look, sami, neither of us had an ideal childhood, all right? I mean, I have father issues myself. But it's no excuse. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and for will.

>> Sami: I'll do anything for our son.

>> Lucas: Good. Then we can work together, provide him some stability.

>> Sami: Speaking of working together... the cookies. Oh, god -- cookies.

>> Lucas: Hurry. They're going to burn.

>> Sami: Are they okay?

>> Lucas: I don't know. Here, take this. Take that.

>> Sami: Okay. No, you open it.

>> Lucas: I got it, I got it.

>> Sami: Oh, god. [ Gasps ]

>> Lucas: Uh-oh.

>> Sami: Hot.

>> Lucas: There we go.

>> Sami: Oh. They're... they're perfect.

>> Lucas: Yeah. You see what we can accomplish when we pool our talents?

>> Sami: They look like they came right out of the store.

>> Lucas: Yeah, but when will tastes them, he'll know that they came from his great-grandma alice's favorite recipe.

>> Nicole: No!

>> Woman: No more hang-gliding for you, bitch.

>> Nicole: How long before I get out?

>> Woman: You killed colin murphy. You're never getting out.

>> Nicole: Don't leave me in here. Don't leave me in here! Let me out! Let me out!

>> Brady: Nicole? You okay? What's wrong?

>> Nicole: Nothing.

>> Brady: You want more?

>> Nicole: Push me as high as you can. Higher. I want to go to the moon and never come back.

>> Bart: Somebody deactivated the security system. See, that's what the tingle was all about.

>> Mimi: Well, it wasn't me, 'cause I didn't even know you had one.

>> Rex: What's going on?

>> Bart: The house alarm's been shut down. Cassie, did you happen to punch any buttons when you came home?

>> Cassie: No, it was already off when I came in. I thought you did it.

>> Bart: Me? No way.

>> Rex: Well, have we had any unexpected visitors?

>> Bart: No. I mean, I-I-I don't think so. There was a period of time when I was listening to some instructional security tapes, uh, uh, and I might have missed something.

>> Mimi: He had a tingle.

>> Rex: A what?

>> Cassie: Okay, excuse me, but while you geeks figure out this security problem, I'm going to go get a tan. I'm going to put on my bathing suit and hang out by the pool. It's been a very stressful day.

>> Mimi: You know, I don't really understand alarms, either, so I'm going to make us some snacks.

>> Rex: Listen, there are a lot of valuable things in this house. That alarm should be on at all times, just as if my father were here.

>> Bart: Absolutely.

>> Rex: I want to know what happened -- now!

>> Bart: No problemo. I'm on it.

>> Rex: And if there's somebody in this house, I'm going to find them if I have to turn this place upside-down.

>> Nicole: This was the best day I've had in a long time.

>> Brady: [ Chuckles ] Me too.

>> Nicole: Thanks to you. The playground, hang-gliding, watching the planes take off -- it was everything I needed. But there we are -- home sweet home.

>> Brady: You know, nicole, most people would give their right arm to live in a place like that.

>> Nicole: It's like a trap to me.

>> Brady: You've been talking about that a lot lately, haven't you? Being trapped, wanting to feel free. I know it's your marriage, okay, but what I don't understand is why -- why you and my grandfather stay together. Why does he lock you in your room? Why don't you tell me?

>> Nicole: No. I can'T. I won'T.

>> Sami: [ Sighs ]

>> Lucas: I'll take care of this.

>> Sami: Well, we're going to have to taste them.

>> Lucas: Oh, we have to.

>> Sami: Ha ha ha. Oh -- perfect.

>> Lucas: Nice. That kid's going to be knocked out.

>> Sami: I baked a perfect batch of cookies. That is something my mother can't do.

>> Lucas: And that's important? Why?

>> Sami: Well, being the adult child of a saint isn't easy. Poor marlena -- she's so good, and her eldest daughter is so bad. Well, she couldn't stay married to my dad, and she could never bake cookies like these.

>> Lucas: Yeah, well, let's not forget you had a little help, okay?

>> Sami: Eh, whatever.

>> Lucas: Hey.

>> Sami: They smell so good. I remember when eric and i would visit our grandparents in colorado, they would always have freshly baked chocolate chip cookies waiting for us on the kitchen table.

>> Lucas: Well, see, there you go. You have fond memoeses of your youth.

>> Sami: Grandpa evans is the one who taught me to appreciate the simpler things in life -- sunsets and wildflowers and catching lightning bugs in a jar.

>> Lucas: Actually, I have will to thank for that. Watching that kid learn how to tie his shoes -- when he finally did it, it was like columbus discovering america.

>> Sami: That's really cool. How come you never told me that?

>> Lucas: 'Cause we weren't speaking then.

>> Sami: That would explain it.

>> Lucas: Yeah. Look, sami, I grew up pretty fortunate, but will made me realize there's more to life than making a buck.

>> Sami: Well, as heartwarming as all this is, I have one question for you, then.

>> Lucas: Fine. Shoot.

>> Sami: If you've learned to appreciate the simpler things in life, then why did you hook up with the richest, most powerful man in salem?

>> Lucas: Well, I could ask you the same question, couldn't I?

>> Sami: I am not working for tony.

>> Lucas: No, but you are accepting his gifts. I mean, why? If all you really want is a healthy kid and a home and someone to make cookies with.

[ Telephone rings ]

>> Sami: Saved by the bell. That's got to be will.

[ Ring ]

>> Sami: Hello?

>> Belle: Get out. Get out now.

>> Shawn-d: What? What is it?

>> Belle: Rex knows someone deactivated the alarm, and he's turning this place upside-down.

>> Philip: Out the window.

>> Shawn-d: This file looks really suspicious. I just need a little time to access it.

>> Belle: Did you not just hear what I said?

>> Shawn-d: I owe it to my folks.

>> Cassie: Hey, rex.

>> Philip: Come on, belle. We're out of here.

>> Cassie: Hey. If your boring girlfriend ever leaves, come outside and catch some rays with me.

>> Rex: Be careful. We may have a prowler.

>> Cassie: Oh, gosh.

>> Philip: I'm going to go first and make sure the trellis holds. You come right after me, okay?

>> Belle: Okay. Shawn --

>> Shawn-d: Don't worry. You'll be fine.

>> Belle: I'm not worried about myself. I'm worrieababout you.

>> Shawn-d: I can handle this. Trust me.

>> Rex: What the hell are you doing in my room?

>> Belle: Help.

>> Philip: What?

>> Belle: I'm caught.

>> Cassie: Philip. What'soioing on?

>> Belle: I just love piĐa coladas.

>> Sami: Aren't you going to make a drink for your big sis?

>> Cassie: What will you have?

>> Sami: Well, nothing virgin.

>> Victor: You will crawl on your belly in a beautiful mansi o or rot in a cold, damp prison cell for the murder of colin murphy.

>> Marlena: Stefano had a habit of rising from the ashes. You think you can do that, hmm? I never thought new york would be completely lights out.

>>> Reporter: With power restored to limited parts of the city, the

>>> Graham: Affordable gas

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