Days Transcript Wednesday 8/13/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday  8/13/03--Canada; 8/14/03--USA

By Eric

Jack: Good morning.

Jennifer: Is it morning already?

Jack: You know how lucky I am?

Jennifer: No. How lucky are you?

Jack: I love waking up next to you. I'm never going to take it -- I'm never going to take you for granted, I swear.

Jack: You sleep okay?

Jennifer: Not really. I couldn't stop thinking about bo and hope and the whole attack.

Jack: They're going to be okay, thank god.

Jennifer: Yeah. The doctor said it was a miracle that hope survived that.

Jack: We're going to find out who's behind this. Who knows? Maybe I'll be the one to crack the case.

Jennifer: Well, somebody has to, jack.

Jack:Hat do you say we -- we do a rerun show today? That would free me up to do some heavy-duty investigating.

Jennifer: Okay, sure.

Jack: But before I do... there's something else important that I need to do.

Jennifer: Oh. A little business to take care of.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha.

Belle: I can barely keep my eyes open.

Shawn-d: Six more cups of coffee, and we'll be wide awake.

Belle: You doing okay?

Shawn-d: Considering I spent the titire night at the hospital, yeah.

Belle: Well, you'll be able to get some sleep tonight, right? I mean, the doctor said both your parents are in stable condition.

Shawn-d: Well, no. My mother's still not conscious.

Belle: Shawn, she's going to be fine. Maybe you should order some food.

Shawn-d: No, I'm -- I'm not hungry. I can'T.

Belle: Hey, you need your strength.

Shawn-d: Okay. No, you're right. Thank you.

Belle: For what?

Shawn-d: Taking care of me. All right, I'm going to -- I'm going to go check on zack, all right?

Belle: Hey. He has no idea what's going on, does he?

Shawn-d: No, and I hope he never does. I never want him to know how close we almost came to losing our mother. And I swear, I am going to find who tried to kill my parents. I'm going to track them down, and I'm going to nail them.

Rex: [ Thinking ] I have to get rid of this.

[ Reporter on tv ]

Philip: All right.

Philip: Tek. No, this is too dangerous. I can't case this place with cassie and rex here. I'm coming back later, sneaking in. All right, you got it?

Abe: Well, the prognosis is good. Bo and hope are a couple of very lucky people.

Roman: Abe, just promise me one thing -- that we're gonna find the son of a bitch who did this to bo and hope.

Man: Sir, the forensics report you requested.

Abe: All right, thank you.

Roman: What's up?

Abe: Well, it looks like we have our first solid lead.

Sami: Denise, i here to see count dimera.

Denise: Oh, I'm sorry, but --

Sami: What? You're sorry? Has there been a change in his condition? Hey! Hello?

Denise: I have no information on the patient at this time.

Sami: No information?

Denise: But I assure you he's getting the best care possible.

Sami: Look, I'm a friend of tony'S. If you don't tell me what's going on, I'm going to find out for myself.

Marlena: No, you won'T. You will have nothing to do with tony dimera.

Sami: Mom, you've got to be kidding me.

John: Hey, didn't you hear what your mother said?

Sami: John, let go. I'm going to see tony.

John: That's impossible.

Sami: Let me go!

John: He's missing. He's gone.

Sam he's missing? He's in a coma. What are you -- tell me what is going on.

Marlena: Why are you so interested in tony, sami? Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Celebrations dinner theatre will be getting big, fat and white--yanin ritchie will tell you what it's all about tomorrow on

Abe: You know, the lab has done a thorough analysis of the metal pipe we found at the scene.

Roman: Fingerprints?

Abe: Wiped clean.

Roman: What else are we talking about?

Abe: Traces of coffee. A few fibers, certain strands of hair.

Roman: Bo and hope's?

Abe: You know, they're running additional tests to confirm whether or not they match. If they do --

Roman: Then we're pretty sure we got the weapon.

Abe: And the fact that someone tried to remove the evidence makes it all the more incriminating.

Cassie: There you are. I thought you left without saying goodbye.

Philip: Oh, I just went to go make you some coffee.

Cassie: That's sweet.

Philip: Yeah, but I couldn't find the housekeeper anywhere, 'cause I think you need like an archaeologist or something to find anything in this house.

Cassie: Yeah, tell me about it.

>>Philip: Uh, how you feeling?

Cassie: Fine. It's funny that we fell asleep on the couch watching tv last night. It wasn't too uncomfortable for you, was it?

Philip: No, not too bad. Um, it was a little weird, though.

Cassie: How so?

Philip: Well, you let me stay over, you let me sleep on the couch with you, but then that was it.

Cassie: What do you mean?

Philip: Well, you didn't, you know, come on to me at all. I mean, I've been thinking about when I first came back into town, okay? You came on to me pretty hot and heavy -- memean, all through that whole "love is blind" thing, and then just like that, it totally stops. And as much as I hate to admit, it bothers me a little bit.

Cassie: Okay, look, you're totally attractive.

Philip: Whoa, whoa, whoa, no. I'm not fishing for compliments here, okay?

Cassie: Listen to me. You know that I don't have many friends. And rex and I have always been close, but now that he has mimi --

Philip: Wait. Are you saying I'm a little like a brother replacement?

Cassie: Yeah. Sort of.

Philip: Well, that clears things up -- sort of.

Cassie: Hey, why don't you stay for breakfast? Come on. Orange juice, waffles -- you name it.

Philip: Actually, I got some errands to run, but some other time.

Cassie: Yeah. Sure.

Philip: Okay? I'll see you soon. Come here.

Cassie: Mm... have a good day.

Philip: Okay. You too.

Cassie: Bye.

Mimi: Rex? Rex? Rex?!

Rex: Hey.

Mimi: Where'd you go?

Rex: I took the trash out. What's it look like?

Mimi: I didn't realize you were so tidy first thing in the morning.

Rex: Yeah, well, I guess I am.

Mimi: Are you okay?

Rex: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be? Now that we're back together, I want things the way they were.

Mimi: So do I. But I think the only way that's going to happen is if you get professional help and accept the fact that kate and roman are your biological parents. You can't keep living in denial, rex, pretending you're a dimera.

Rex: Don't you ever say that again! You hear me? Never again!

Mimi: Okay. Sorry.

Mimi: But can you not get so mad so suddenly? If I at least had some warning. You scare me when you get like this, rex. You scare the hell out of me.

Shawn-d: Whoever tried to kill my parents, I'm going to find them. I'm going to find them.

Belle: Shawn, leave it to the police, please.

Shawn-d: No, I can't leave it to the police. It's not going to work.

Belle: Shawn, whoever did this is dangerous and violent, all right? They're sick.

Shawn-d: Right. Yeah, you're exactly right, and they are not gonna get another shot at my family, 'cause I'm going to find the psychopath who did this, and I'm going to stop him.

Sami: How many times do I have to tell you? Tony is my friend.

Marlena: Tony is a dangerous man.

Sami: Look, says who, people who are jealous of him?

Marlena: Oh, for heaven's sakes, sami.

John: Tony was also unaccounted for during the attack on bo and hope.

Sami: Wait a second. You're saying he's a suspect? Tony is in a coma. You're saying he crashed the fashion show and bashed bo and hope on the head, and he's not even conscious?

Marlena: Sami!

>>Sami: Well, I'm sorry, mom, but I think that that sounds ridiculous. It sounds insane. I mean, I repeat -- tony is in a coma.

Marlena: And I repeat -- tony is not in his room. We have no way of knowing what condition he might be in.

John: You can't assume anything with the dimeras. You can't take anything at face value.

Sami: Oh!

Marlena: Look, even if tony had nothing to do with what happened to bo and hope, getting involved with him would be a very bad mistake.

Sami: Mom, stop saying that!

Marlena: Sami, you've had a lot of problems in your relationships in the past. You have made consistently bad choices. Choosing tony would be the worst thing you could possibly do.

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Jennifer: Mmm... you're the best, jack.

Jack: I could win a pulitzer for this.

Jennifer: [ Laughs ] Really? I didn't know they gave those out for love-making.

Jack: Breaking this story, cracking the fashion show attack could put me back on the map as being a serious journalist. No more daytime talk show host. I mean, this could be huge. This is the break I've been waiting for.

Jennifer: Jack, I know that. Just --

Jack: Why? Why?

Jennifer: I don't want you to be impulsive about this.

Jack: No, no, no. I'm not being impulsive. This is me finally being able to make a contribution. I'm gonna crack the case of who tried to kill bo and hope, and then -- and then I'm gonna move on to an even bigger story.

Roman: What about the master switch?

Abe: Nothing. Prints are smudged.

Roman: Anything else?

Abe: Since we found the metal pipe at the scene, that would seem to indicate that the suspect was part of the show, had access to the facility.

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, unless...

Abe: What?

Roman: Unless somebody was able to get in under the radar, slip in undetected.

Abe: Like tony dimera?

Roman: Like tony dimera. That very well could be.

Abe: Who somehow disappeare from intensive care when he was supposedly in a coma.

Roman: Yeah, we can't rule it out. We also can't forget that bo and hope messed up a blockbuster deal for the dimera corporation.

Abe: Mother nature's tnt.

Roman: You got it. Whatever that stuff was, tony was poised to make billions from it, and bo and hope blew it for him. I would think that would be enough to put him into big-time revenge mode.

Abe: Puts him on the suspect list, along with his right-hand man lucas roberts.

Roman: And don't forget tony's kids. Cassie and rex can't be ruled out.

Rex: Look, no one will ever find out roman brady is my father. Do you understand me? And anyone who tries to take away my dimera birthright, anyone who crosses my path will get what they deserve.

[ Crowd screaming ]

Mimi: Rex... I think you've made your point.

Rex: Oh, my god. I've upset you.

Mimi: No kidding.

Rex: I'm sorry. I didn't -- didn't mean to freak you out. Just -- come here.

Mimi: I just wish I knew why you were so angry.

Rex: Look, I can't -- I won't -- give up the life I have here, mimi, or the future I can make for myself as a member of the most powerful family in salem. Do not ask me to give that up.

Shawn-d: I have every right to defend my family and go after the people or persons who tried to kill my parents.

Belle: You may have the right, but it is not smart. It doesn't make sense for you to risk your own life.

Shawn-d: It makes perfect sense to me.

Belle: Why can't you just leave it to the professionals?

Shawn-d: Oh, yeah, the professionals. Why don't we give our old buddy philip a crack at it?

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn-d: What? What? He's the mystery marine who skulks around on tanker ships --

Belle: Don't do this. That is not what I meant.

Shawn-d: I want to set the record straight here, because I was the one who saved our butts that night, not philip.

Philip: Hey, shawn, if you're gonna talk behind my back, at least have something nice to say -- or try not to time it so poorly.

Shawn-d: I'm really sorry. I'm just a little rattled here, okay?

Philip: Hey, who wouldn't be, man? It's okay.

Shawn-d: It's just whoever tried to attack my parents is probably going to try again, and I have to stop them.

Philip: Maybe I can help.

Shawn-d: Yeah?

Philip: Yeah. In fact, I have a suspect in mind. Al peel, Ladies com

Cassie: Hey, you two. Who's up for a cup of hazelnut java?

Rex: What was philip doing here earlier?

Cassie: Excuse me.

Mimi: Rex.

Rex: Did he spend the night?

Cassie: Yes, he did.

Rex: I don't remember you getting permission for that.

Cassie: Permission? Since when do I need permission for anything?

Rex: Don't play dumb, cassie.

Cassie: I will have whoever I want over whenever I want, unless there's some huge grotesque double standard here. I mean, I don't remember you asking permission to have mimi in your room last night.

Rex: I love mimi, and I trust her completely, which is a lot more than I can say for philip kiriakis.

Cassie: What are you talking about?

Rex: How can you even ask me that? You know he was snooping around here last night. Look, and having someone like philip sticking his nose in places it doesn't belgg is potentially disastrous. I mean, between my work upstairs and tony's files in the house, cassie, we can't let the enemy get near them.

Cassie: Philip is not the enemy.

Philip: Rex dimera -- I've been keeping an eye on him for a while now, since before the attack on bo and hope at the fashion show, and something is definitely off with the kid.

Belle: Wait a minute. Why would rex want to hurt bo and hope? That does not make sense.

Philip: Well, not if you haven't been keeping tabs on him.

Shawn-d: You know what? Philip could be right. Think about it. My parents broke up a really big dimera operation -- the whole thing with tony trying to get his hands on that mystery substance, which would have made him even more rich and more powerful. If rex was part of it, which he probably was, then he wouldn't be too happy about the whole operation getting trashed, would he?

Belle: Oh, my god. I just remembered something, and it's not good.

Sami: This is a private conversation, lucas.

Lucas: Well, I am a horton. I'm doing fundraising for the hospital.

Sami: And that gives you the right to spy on me?

Lucas: No, it gives me the right to be here. I can't help it if your voice carries. Ever since you got your voice back, you haven't been able to shut your mouth.

Sami: I don't need you or your nastiness, lucas.

Lucas: You know, I completely agree with you, dr. Evans.

Sami: What?

Lucas: Before tony was hospitalized, sami was spending way too much time with count dimera.

Sami: Do not listen to him. He is just trying to hurt me.

Lucas: You know, that's not the worst part. The worst part is, sami was encouraged. She's been accepting tony's overly generous material gestures.

Marlena: Yes, I heard about the gifts of jelry he gave you, sami. Lucas is right. You never should have accepted them.

Lucas: Yeah. Why don't you tell the truth, sami? It's not about that diamond pendant or those earrings, is it? You're dreaming about the diamond engagement ring, right? So you can complete the whole set.

Air should smell fresh and clean,

Sami: There is nothing romantic between tony and me.

Lucas: Yeah, right.

Sami: You know, by the way, I'd like to thank all of you for noticing that I am not wearing my scarf today.

Marlena: Oh, sami, that's wonderful, honey.

Sami: Yeah, the doctor said he was really impressed with how quickly I'm healing.

John: That's good for you, sami.

Sami: But back to the subject at hand, I'm just trying to explain that tony is only giving me the jewelry because he feels responsible. As you know, I was fighting with tony at his house, and that's when I fell through the glass doors. And tony feels guilty. But our relationship is completely platonic.

Lucas: But you want it to be something more. Just admit it, sami.

Sami: Look, st t your mouth, or I will shut it for you!

Marlena: Sami brady!

Sami: Well, who are you gonna believe, him or me?

Lucas: Sami gravitates towards unhealthy relationships. We all know that. As soon as a guy treats her like a princess, she's putty in his hands.

Sami: That is not true.

Marlena: You should take a long look atouour behavior, sami.

Sami: Mom, this is completely unfair.

Marlena: Stop being so defensive, and start being honest about your motives and your objectives.

Sami: Now you two are going to gang up against me? What, are you and lucas best friends now, talking about me behind my back?

Marlena: Sami, you've made lots of mistakes with men, but this could be the biggest. I'm begging you. Think long and hard about this before it's too late. Let's go.

John: Your mom only wants what's best for you.

Sami: Hmm. So, lucas, I think I'll give you a choice.

Lucas: Choice?

Sami: How do you want to die?

Jennifer: Okay, so tell me about this big story you're working on.

Jack: Unfortunately, it has to stay under wraps for now.

Jennifer: Oh, come on. Just tell me, jack.

Jack: All you need to know is that this story is going to bring your husband a lot of attention, and it's going to restore my credibility in this business.

Jennifer: You know, that's what I don't get, jack.

Jack: Really? What's to get?

Jennifer: Look, you are the best reporter that I have ever seen, and you act like you're just starting out in this business, or like you've been a failure. And we know that that's not the case, so why do you feel this need to prove yourself all the time? Why do you do that, jack?

Jack: Maybe I don't feel worthy of being married to a horton.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: Let me finish. All the time growing up as a deveraux, that name made me feel superior, and I was. My father was a respected U.S. Senator. I had it made. The truth wa it was a sham. He was anything but respectable. He wasn't even my father. Biologically, I couldn't have been further from being a deveraux. So, now maybe I feel this need to prove that I'm okay, prove that I'm worthy of you.

Jennifer: Well, you know what? That's another thing I don't get, because you are a great man, and you are smart, and you're funny.

Jack: Yes, but you're perfect.

Jennifer: Jack, will you stop?

Jack: That's the way that I see you. You are perfect -- pure perfection. That's why I will always feel the need to prove myself, to go after the pulitzer, so that I can take that medal and I can go to tom horton's grave and say, "look right there. Jack deveraux's reformed himself. He's finally worthy of being married to a horton. Not just any horton, mind you, but the cream of the crop -- the flawless jennifer."

Jennifer: That is very sweet, but it is way over the top, and it is so inaccurate, jack. I am not perfect, and I am not flawless. I am only very lucky to be married to a man who thinks I am.

Jack: I'm gonna prove my love to you every day for the rest of our lives. I'm gonna do right by you, and by abigail.

Jennifer: Jack...

Jack: I'm gonna make my girls proud -- both of them.

Shawn-d: What do you remember?

Belle: Mimi told me some stuff -- things about when she broke up with rex.

Shawn-d: Well, what? Go on.

Belle: Just that he was really angry and moody lately, and that he'd totally lose his temper and fly off the handle about little things, and she was afraid that he'd get violent.

Philip: He didn't ever --

Belle: No, no, I-I asked mimi if she thought he was capable, but she said he never touched her. I just got the feeling that she was worried he might go too far someday.

Shawn-d: Yeah, well, that settles it. Rex is definitely a suspect.

Philip: Yeah, but we're going to need some hard evidence before we charge him.

Belle: Okay, how are we supposed to get that?

Phip: Well, I was at the dimera mansion earlier, and I disabled the security system before I left. Now, I'm going to go back over there when no one's around, and I'm going to get the goods on rex.

Shawn-d: Nah, forget it. I can't let you do that, philip.

Cassie: Look, I'm sorry, but I refuse to think of philip that way -- as the enemy.

Rex: You're being naive, cassie.

Cassie: He's one of my closest friends.

Rex: Why, because he pays attention to you, pumps you for information? That doesn't make him a friend.

Cassie: How dare you try and come between us?

Rex: He's sneaking around here.

Cassie: You're paranoid.

Rex: I'm stating a fact, all right? He is up to no good, cassie. I'd bet my life on it. I mean, he could jeopardize all my plans.

Cassie: You and your damn plans. You know, have you ever stopped to think for once that maybe you have an inflated idea of what your experenents are, if -- if that is what you're talking about?

Rex: Cassie, trust me.

Cassie: What is up in your room that if he found it, it would be so damn bad?

Rex: That he's our half-brother?

Mimi: That wouldn't be the worst thing. Everyone deserves to know the truth.

Rex and cassie: No.

Cassie: Hey, rex is right about this. I don't want anyone finding out the truth any more than he does. Nobody will find out who our parents are.

Mimi: Yeah, right, because roman brady's not rich enough and kate's not some fancy psychiatrist like your fake mother.

Cassie: I happen to hate kate and roman, and that's my prerogative, and it's none of your damn business.

Mimi: Yeah, and why don't you keke them, cassie? Roman even testified in your defense. He kept you out of jail.

Cassie: I wouldn't have been brought up on any solicitation charge if it wasn't for roman brady being a do-gooder hard-assed jerk.

Mimi: You are truly meaner than a junkyard dog.

Cassie: And kate roberts is nothing but a piece of trash in a designer suit. We're going to stay dimeras, and that is the end of it.

Mimi: Whatever you say, snob.

Cassie: And as for philip -- he is my friend, and I intend to keep it that way.

Shawn-d: You're out of this investigation. Let the cops handle it from here on out.

Rex: What? I thought you wanted to find the person who tried to kill your parents.

Shawn-d: Yeah, I wasn't thinking straight, okay? It was a in the heat

the moment-type thing.

Philip: Oh, so you've come around now, and you want the police on it.

Shawn-d: Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying. I'm going to let abe and uncle roman handle it from here on out, okay? So just drop it.

Philip: Whatever you say, shawn.

Shawn-d: You know, I'm going to go check on my brother. I'll be back in a minute.

Belle: Okay.

Belle: What a huge relief. All this vigilante stuff shawn was talking about -- I'm glad he's finally being rational.

Philip: Well, maybe he's just telling you what you want to hear.

Belle: He wouldn't do that. He said he was going to let the authorities handle it, so --

Philip: And I think he's just trying to get me to mind my own business.

Belle: Which you should do. You're not investigating this.

Belle: I'm serious, philip. Don't even think about it.

Roman: Well, looks like we got our work cut out for us, pard.

Abe: I better get back to the station. The feds are on me about the colin murphy murder case. Ever since welch recanted his confession, the powers that be have been all over me to find the real killer.

Roman: Yeah, you know what? I still think welch is just messing with our minds, leaving us this big mystery just to try to drive us crazy.

Abe: Possible.

Roman: Well, I guess it's also possible there is a murderer on the loose.

Abe: Well, if there is, we damn well better nail him.

John: Oh, abraham, a word in private?

Abe: Yeah, over here.

Roman: Doc, what's wrong?

Marlena: It's nothing you want to hear right now. We've got a very big problem, and it's sami. Come on. Let me fill you in. Atter of tools ]

Lucas: I just don't understand why you're always hanging around tony's hospital bed. Hoping he wakes up so he can ask you for your hand?

Sami: I don't want to marry tony.

Lucas: Stranger things have happened.

Sami: Lucas, he is not going to propose to me.

Lucas: Oh, yeah? How can you be so pessimistic, huh?

Sami: Lucas, first of all, he is not in love with me, and he's not going to be. And secondly, he's not even here.

Lucas: Pardon me?

Sami: He's gone.

Lucas: What do you mean, he's gone?

Sami: Tony is missing.

Lucas: Since when?

Sami: Since last night, mr. Clueless. What, you're the top of the dimera food chain and running the whole organization, and the last to know?

Lucas: Well, wait a minute. The guy's in a coma. Where'd he disappear to?

Sami: Good question.

Lucas: Well, I'm going to find out where he is.

Sami: No, wait a second.

I'm going to find out where he is.

Roman: Samantha! Samantha, hold it right there.

Sami: Dad.

Roman: You stay away from tony dimera.

Sami: I should have known that you would go to him.

Marlena: Your father has a right to know.

Sami: And I have a right to be friends with whoever I choose. You two can rant and rave all you like, but that is not going to change my opinion of tony dimera. At least he treats me with more respect than either one of you.

Roman: If he respected you, he'd leave you alone.

Sami: No, you would. But you know what? It doesn't matter, because I am not going to take your orders -- not anymore. I'm not going to let anyone tell me what to do or how to live my life.

Roman: Want to bet?

Jennifer: Jack, your girls are already very proud of you. We couldn't love you any more than we do. We just want you to be happy.

Jack: Then please just accept that h have to do this.

Jennifer: What, that you're going to just go after every big story you can find?

Jack: Right.

Jennifer: What about the talk show?

Jack: I cannot give it my best anymore, jennifer. I am sorry. I have to do something important. I mean, you're going to see. The big boys are going to be knocking down my door -- "new york times," "washington post," "boston globe" -- I mean, who knows, maybe they'll -- they'll even be offering me the editor's chair. I don't know.

Jennifer: Jack, now, you know that I have tremendous faith in you, but it is cutthroat out there. I mean, maybe you should lower your expectations.

Jack: And set myself up to fail? Nonono. I'm going to do this, jennifer. I'm going to make it happen, and I'm not going to stop until I do.

Jennifer: All right, well, then -- then maybe it would be a good idea for you to have a partner.

Jack: No, no.

Jennifer: Jack, I'm volunteering myself.

Jack: Jennifer, please. I-I love working with yo I I do, but not this time.

Jennifer: Why not?

Jack: Look, I don't know any better way to say this. I'm going to be -- I'm going to be swimming with sharks out there, and the last thing I need is to think of anyone trying to harm your uncommonly beautiful head. Please.

Jennifer: Oh, wait. If you're saying that this is that dangerous, jack, and that you're going to be out there in the middle of this --

Jack: Look, you -- you want to make an omelet, you got to break a couple of eggs, right?

Jennifer: Okay, so you're willing to keep me out of harm's way, and you're willing to fly straight into the eggbeaters and get yourself scrambled.

Jack: All right, you know, I didn't even think about it. Before I get started with all this, we haven't even had breakfast. What do you say? We'll do it -- the works.

Belle: No, you're not taking on the dimeras by yourself. I'm telling you this as a friend -- unless you want your career with the I.S.A. To go down the tubes, you need to listen to me. Please, philip.

Philip: Fine.

Belle: Thank you.

Philip: When you look at me like that, I can't say no. I should go. Will you say goodbye to shawn for me?

Belle: I will.

Philip: See ya.

Shawn-d: Philip's gone. Good, I can get my plan back on track.

Belle: What plan?

Shawn-d: Well, you heard him. He said he disabled the dimera security system.

Belle: So?

Shawn-d: So I'm going to go over there and have a look around.

Belle: I don't believe this. What happened to all that talk about going to the cops and talking to your uncle?

Shawn-d: That was just to throw philip off.

Belle: This is so not good.

Shawn-d: Belle, listen to me. This is my fight. No one can do it except for me. You don't understand. I was just upstairs looking at my ttle brother. You think I ever want to sit him down and tell him how our parents are gone? I'm going to find whoever did this, and then it's over.

Belle: I guess I can't talk you out of this, huh?

Shawn-d: Not a chance.

Belle: Then I'm going with you.

Shawn-d: No.

Belle: No, I'm not taking no for an answer. Shawn, your mother and father are a team, and that is exactly how it's going to be with us. I'm going with you.

Shawn-d: Fine. Let's go.

Mimi: Well, I think I'm going to go get a get-well card for shawn's parents.

Rex: Why? Those two deserve what they got.

Mimi: What was that?

Rex: I said fine. Look, I should go to the hospital to visit tony. You want to come with me?

Mimi: Sure.

Abe: So what does your gut tell you, john? You think tony's involved?

John: I don't want to believe it, abraham, but when it comes to the dimeras...

Cassie: John, have you seen my mother?

John: Ye-- yeah, well, she and roman, I believe, went to see sami. If you'll excuse me, I'll be right back.

Abe: Yeah. Uh, uh, cassie, wait.

Cassie: What?

Abe: I want to ask you a few more questions about the fashion show. We think we may have a lead on theururder weapon, and maybe you can help.

Cassie: Hey, lexie.

Lexie: Yeah?

Cassie: Did you see rex leave?

Man: Whoa!

Cassie: Hey. What are you doing here all by yourself? What is that?

Cassie: Rex. Oh, no.

Philip: Why'd you just do that?

Cassie: What?

Philip: You just wiped off that pipe, which could have been the weapon used against my brother and hop why the hell did you do that? I'm going to show this to captain brady, and I'm going to have to tell him what I saw.

Cassie: No, philip, you can'T. Please. Why do you think I can help you? What did philip tell you? Ical peel,

The league said times were good and tv ratings were up. But suddenly, one team's down. Then another. What gives?

We're struggling. They're not coming out.

Did league cheerleading get a little out of hand?

On tonight's "global national" with kevin newman.

Roman: Sami, I am not about to let you get involved with tony dimera. There's no way in hell.

Marlena: Sami, listen to your father, please.

Lucas: Yeah, give it up, sami. You're outnumbered three to one. You can't win.

Sami: I've beaten greater odds than this before, believe me. I'm going to surprise you all and come out on top this time.

Jack: This story has to remain confidential until it breaks.

Jennifer: Jack --

Jack: The less you know, the better. That way, you can't talk me out of it.

Jennifer: Well, obviously, there is no stopping you, then.

Jack: Bingo.

Jennifer: Jack, you know, investigative journalism can be so risky and so dangerous, and I know that you know that, so --

Jack: I'm going to get this scoop, jennifer, no matter what I have to do or where it leads me.

Jennifer: Well, then, I wish you luck, because you're going to need it.

Belle: This idea stinks.

Shawn-d: Shh.

Belle: We should not be doing this.

Shawn-d: It's too late.

Shawn-d: Thank you, philip. The security system is definitely disabled.

Rex: I forgot my wallet. Hey, wait by the car, all right? I'll be right back.

John: I was wondering something. Is it -- is it possible that mr. Dimera came out of his coma and just kind of wandered out of the hospital undetected

Woman: Hmm, I suppose anything is possible, but it's highly unlikely. The monitors never indicated he was regaining consciousness.

John: I see. And I suppose it's -- it's pretty farfetched, not to mention impossible, for a comatose patient to just get up and...

Woman: Get up and walk out of the hospital?

John: Yeah.

Woman: It would be a first.

John: Yeah. Yeah.

Abe: So what does philip kiriakis have to do with all this?

Cassie: Oh, nothing, nothing. He just -- he saw, um... he saw me spill some coffee, and I-I wiped it up, and it was just a misunderstanding.

Abe: Was this coffee spilled on a metal pipe, by any chance?

Cassie: You know, I'm not sure. It -- it spilt everywhere. It was -- it was really a mess.

Abe: I see.

Cassie: Yeah, you know, um... I'm sorry I couldn't help you out any further. I-I really need to go, but if I think of anything...

Abe: Let me know.

Cassie: Yeah.

Shawn-d: Let's see what rex is up to.

Belle: Aah!

Brady: We're going to strap ourselves to that hang glider and fly to the car.

Nicole: Are you freakin' crazy?

Marlena: [ Gasps ] John!

Belle: Unbelievable.

Philip: Do you know what this means?

Shawn-d: That we just found the motive for rex to try and kill my parents.

Bo: Come on, fancy face. Time to open those pretty eyes.

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