Days Transcript Monday 8/11/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 8/11/03--Canada; 8/12/03--USA

By Eric

Sami: You are still the same pathetic loser you have always been.

Lucas: Oh, there she is. There's the sami I know and love -- the same one who was willing me to die when I was in that coma!

Sami: I wish you were still in that coma!

Lucas: I wish you never got your friggin' voice back!

Sami: Damn you, you jerk!

Lucas: Oh, there we go. There we go. Come on, further proof of mpoint. Go ahead, sami.

Sami: You know, I had just started to get a couple ounces of respect for you.

Lucas: Respect for me? You mean my money.

Sami: You mean tony dimera's money, and I have no respect for any part of you, and that includes your wallet.

Lucas: The only thing you're interested in in tony dimera's pants is his money. It's like an aphrodisiac to you, isn't it, sami? Isn't it?

Brady: Thank you, nico, for looking after my grandfather, but I'm here now, and I'm going to call his personal physician.

Nico: I wouldn't do that. He was real clear about not wanting a doctor, and the incident you were talking about -- I would soft-pedal any bad news.

Brady: Well, we probably shouldn't mention the incident to him.

Nicole: Yeah, whatever you think is best.

Brady: You want to go upstairs and check on him with me?

Nicole: Sure.

Brady: What is this?

Nicole: Give me that.

[ Groans ]

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Did you really think that was the only copy, nicole? You think I would be that careless? I have got tons of dirt on you. I mean, I got the original of all these documents, plus I have the videotape of you and colin making love. It's all down in the safe.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Henderson: I'll get the door.

Nicole: Uh, I can't imagine who that'd be. I mean, maybe victor changed his mind and called his doctor.

Abe: Well, in fact, henderson, this is police business. I'd like to speak to mr. Kiriakis about the colin murphy murder.

Cassie: Rex. Oh, no.

Philip: Why'd you just do that?

Cassie: What?

Philip: You just wiped off that pipe, which coulhahave been the weapon used against my brother and hope. Why the hell did you do that?

Kate: No, joelle, it didn't go very well. Weren't you watching television? The whole thing shouldn't even be over yet. It came to a screeching halt because this place became a -- a crime scene. Bo and hope brady were bludgeoned to an inch of their lives. No, I don't know who did it. Look, our whole job right now is damage control, okay? So just listen very carefully, and I'm going to tell you what we're going to do.

Jack: Okay. Harold said that vern is going to print the front page in black and white, so that gives us until 2:00 A.M. To make the morning edition.

Jennifer: All right, that's good.

Jack: Look, you just want to get over to the hospital, I know. You want to take care of hope and bo and make sure they're all right. So I'll take care of everything here.

Jennifer: Okay, thank you.

Jack: All right? Okay.

Jennifer: You know, jack, bo and hope did this as -- as a favor to us. This was our show.

Jack: No, no, no. They did this for the horton foundation. Hope is a horton just like you are, right? You know how tough she is. Okay?

Jennifer: You know, all they ever want to do is help people. I don't know who could have done this to them, jack.

Jack: [ Sighs ] I don't know, either.

Marlena: Oh, john.

John: Have they taken bo and hope to surgery yet?

Marlena: Dr. Torres is trying to stabilize them. Who would do such a horrible thing?

John: I've got an idea.

Belle: Here.

Shawn-d: Thanks.

Belle: No word yet? Shawn, I'm so sorry.

Shawn-d: Whoever did this to my mom and dad -- they are going to pay.

Roman: So this is where you were standing at the time of the attack.

Rex: Yes, sir.

Roman: Did you see anything that might shed some light on what happened?

Roman: Rex. What's the matter, son? Look, if you know something about bo and hope's attack, you tell me right now. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.


Henderson: Commander carver, I'll let mr. Kiriakis know you're here.

Abe: Thank you.

Brady: Abe, won't you please come in?

Abe: Thanks, brady, nicole.

Brady: I need to ask you a favor. My grandfather is not feeling very well, and nicole and I did not mention to him what happened at the fashion show.

Abe: Well, you'd think he'd want to know about his son and daughter-in-law.

Brady: Well, given his health right now, I think we should wait until we find out more about bo and hope's condition.

Abe: Then I won't say anything.

Brady: Thank you.

Victor: Abe.

Abe: Victor. Sorry to disturb you. I know it's late, but I have some new information on the colin murphy murder, and I'd like to speak to you in private.

Victor: Of course.

Brady: Here, granddad. Is there anything I can get you? Anything you need?

Victor: Nicole could have left me at any point if she really wanted to.

Nico: Sir, you've got her on a tight leash, plus you had her scared.

Victor: It's a hollow victory, nico.

Nico: Sir?

Victor: And what do I get out of it? Other than ending my life as a bitter and angry man. My grandson has made me see that I have other options.

Nico: Like what, sir?

Victor: Like destroying this blackilil material. I'm giving my marriage another chance. Before I collapsed, there was something very important that I had to do. What was it?

Brady: Well, I'll leave you two alone, then.

Victor: Uh, brady, stay. Whatever you've got to say, commander, you can say in front of my wife and my grandson.

Abe: All right. The colin murphy murder investigation has been reopened.

Brady: But larry welch confessed.

Abe: Before he died, he recanted, which is why I'm here. Starting from scratch at the crime scene. We want to make sure that nobody gets away with murder.

Cassie: A weapon? Philip, I spilled some coffee on the ground, and I bent down to wipe it up. There's junk all over the place back there. I don't know why you would think that...

Philip: Why wouldn't you think? Cassie, you know what went down here. You know the police are looking for a blunt object, and you've got to know you just destroyed important evidence. So why would you do that? Answer my question, cassie. Why?

Rex: I don't know anything about what happened to bo and hope. Like I just explained, I was right here on the runway like all the other people in the fashion show. Are you questioning everyone or just the dimeras?

Roman: Is there a reason I should be singling out the dimeras?

Rex: You always seem to find one.

Roman: Why in the hell are you so defensive, rex? You got something to hide?

Kate: Jack, what's the latest?

Jack: Bo and hope are still in the E.R., They're still critical, and the police don't have the slightest idea who might be responsible.

Kate: I do. I am.

Marlena: You know who did this?

John: I said I have an idea.

Marlena: Have you told roman?

John: We've got to be extremely careful in how we proceed on this.

Dr. Torres: Shawn. We're going to take your parents upstairs to surgery.

Shawn-d: What -- what kind of surgery?

Dr. Torres: It's a relatively simple procedure called a craniostomy. What we're going to do is we're going to drill small burr holes into the skull to relieve the pressure that's pushing against the cranium.

Shawn-d: Yeah, okay. So you're talking about the brain?

Dr. Torres: Yes.

Shawn-d: So are they going to be okay?

Dr. Torres: I can't make any promises, shawn. They're both in critical condition. We're going to take them upstairs right now. We're going to make sure that they have the best possible chance for survival.

Shawn-d: Oh, my god. Control thatcan be drying?

Lucas: Listen, you throw one more thing -- go ahead, throw one more thing, and I'm going to drop birthstone kitty on her head.

Sami: No. No, you wouldn't dare, because you know grandma evans gave that to me when I was 16 years old.

Lucas: I don't care who gave it to you. I'll slam this thing into a million pieces. Go ahead, throw one more thing. I dare you.

Lucas: Look, sami, I brought you home because I thought you needed some rest. After everything that's happened, after everything you saw, I know you're upset.

Sami: Well, it's my aunt and uncle.

Lucas: It's more than that. Are you sure you're okay?

Sami: It's just like my dad said -- seeing that blood brought everything -- made me remember.

Lucas: I know. Made you remember your accident. I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do for you?

Sami: No.

Lucas: All right. I'll go. You get some rest, all right?

Lucas: Wait a minute. What the hell is this?

Kate: The fashion show was my idea. I helped plan the whole thing. Maybe if basic black had provided better security --

Jack: Better? We had double security, from the tv station, too.

Kate: Then how did this happen? How does someone get in here to do that to bo and hope?

Jack: Maybe that someone was invited.

Kate: Jack, what are you saying?

Jack: I'm saying we need to go over the list of the cast, the crew, and the guests, because the person who did this may be someone that we know.

Rex: Look, I'm happy to cooperate, but I've told you twice, I didn't see anything. Now, what else could you possibly want to know?

Roman: You were shawn brady's roommate at salem U., So you were acquainted with his parents. As a matter of fact, you lived in bo and hope's garage part of last summer unbeknownst to them, correct?

Rex: You know it is.

Roman: Would you say that you were on friendly terms?

Lucas: Turns out hope and bo paid a little visit to the reservation. That's how hope got the inside track on the explosive substance. She knew where it was. So they decided to save the planet and blow the cave. What am I going to do?

Rex: Tony can't fight back right now, but I can, and I will. The people who lost is deal for him are going to pay.

Roman: Rex, what is it? What's wro? ?

Marlena: All right, so what's your hunch?

John: Bo and hope have been doing some pretty dangerous work lately.

Marlena: Bounty hunting.

John: Mm-hmm. And there's a possibility they made an enemy who would like a little revenge.

Marlena: Vin ramsell?

John: Maybe.

Marlena: But not what you're thinking.

John: Well, what bo and hope do for a living, for the most part, the bad guys know that it's not personal. I mean, if they want to hold a grudge, they'll do that against the cops who put them in jail in the first place.

Marlena: So you think it is personal.

John: Well, look what happened -- how brutal, how senseless. Yeah, I'd have to say it was pretty damn personal.

Shawn-d: They said this was a quick procedure. Why haven't we heard? What if... what if my parents... I don't -- I don't -- I don't even know what to do.

Bo: Hope?

Woman: We squeezed in another unit, and the B.P.'S still low.

Dr. Torres: Gcs is down to 4.

Woman: Have you spoken to the family?

Dr. Torres: Not yet. I was hoping that if we waited, I'd have better news to give them.


Yect. Ha cameras in the or anything

Brady: Nicole, whoa. You okay? Come here. Sit down. Come here. Let me get you some water, all right?

Abe: Nicole, is there something going around or... did something I said upset you?

Brady: Here you go, nicole.

Nicole: Thanks.

Nicole: Of course it upsets me, dredging up all those memories of a person being killed on my wedding day, and now we're going to have to go over it 100 times again.

Abe: I apologize. You seem pretty shaken up. You sure that's all it is?

Bo: Hope?

Woman: Mr. Brady, you're awake. How are you feeling?

Bo: My wife?

Woman: Your wife is out of surgery, mr. Brady. She's in recovery.

Bo: Is she okay?

Woman: I'm not her nurse. I'm sorry. Let me get her doctor, and he can tell you exactly how she's doing, okay? I'll be right back.

Bo: Yeah.

Bo: I'm coming.

Rex: Migraine.

Roman: You know, there are medications to treat that sort of thing. Of course, sometimes, the cause can be as simple as severe stress.

Rex: What do you think, it's all in my head?

Roman: I don't know, rex. It did come on all of a sudden, just as soon as I started to question you about your relationship with bo and hope. Are you going to answer me?

Rex: I barely know bo and hope brady. What do you think, that I did this?

Philip: I'm going to show this to captain brady, and I'm going to have to tell him what I saw.

Cassie: No, philip, you can'T. You can'T. Please.

John: The timing of this attack, coming rightftfter bo and hope crossed the one person you don't ever want to cross.

Marlena: What are you saying?

John: Tony dimera. That's our number one suspect.

Marlena: But, john, he's --

Jennifer: Marlena, john, dr. Torres is ready to speak with us.

Marlena: [ Gasps ]

Jennifer: There he is.

Marlena: Belle, shawn.

Shawn-d: Did they come through the surgery?

Dr. Torres: Yes.

Shawn-d: Oh, thank god. What -- what took so long? Are they okay? And when can I see them? Is it poss--

Dr. Torres: One question at a time, shawn. Now, your father's already regained consciousness.

Belle: That's great news.

Marlena: Oh, my. Thank you, god.

Shawn-d: What about my mom? Is she okay?

Dr. Torres: I'm sorry to have to tell you this.

Looking for a conditioner

Lucas: A letter from will.

Sami: You can read.

Lucas: Yeah, I can. It's addressed to both of us.

Sami: Well, he mailed it to me, and I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. So don't get your panties in a bunch or knickers in a wad.

Lucas: Ha ha. Hey.

Sami: Look, just wait your turn.

Lucas: No.

Sami: Hey, give it to me.

Lucas: No, you wait your turn. Stop it. I'll read this. I'll summarize for the both of us.

Sami: Oh, great.

Lucas: "Mom and dad, I'm having a great time at camp." First place in archery -- not bad. Also excelling in basket weaving? Guess we all know what you're getting for christmas this year. Hey, stop that. Am I done? No. Enough.

Sami: Lucas --

Lucas: Wait.

Sami: I want to read it.

Lucas: Oh, wait. Interesting. This is getting good. He's finally ready to make one of his allotted phone calls, and guess who he wants to talk to. Both of us.

Sami: Oh. Well, that is not going to happen, because you won't be on that call.

Roman: Rex, I am just asking you the same questions I asked everybody else.

Rex: Why don't I think that's true? Are you finished?

Roman: No, I am not. One more question. Why do I get the feeling that I, personally, make you feel so uncomfortable?

Mimi: Okay, well, I may have barely made it out of freshman biology, but you can't be related to sami if you're not related to marlena. She's her mother.

Rex: But she's not mine.

Mimi: But to be genetically linked to sami, you have to share a parent. Ohh. My god, then that means...

Rex: Yeah. That roman brady is my father. You're right. I don't like you. Can I go now?

Roman: For now.

Philip: You can't ask me to withhold evidence from a police investigation.

Rex: I'm outta here. Can you get a ride home?

Philip: Cassie, what's going on?

Cassie: You know that I have a police record, and they hate all the dimeras. They would do anything to try and punish us. Philip, I don't know anything about that metal pipe. I didn't do anything wrong. I thought you were my friend. Why would -- why do you want me to get in trouble?

Philip: Captain brady, let me show you something.

Cassie: What are you doing?

Philip: You see this pipe right here? Think that might be the weapon?

Dr. Torres: We told you that we took your mother for an mri. Now, those scans revealed that she has three intracerebral hematomas.

Shawn-d: Intracerebral -- that'd be inside of her brain.

Dr. Torres: It's a type of blood clot that develops after a blood vessel ruptures.

Shawn-d: So what -- what can you do for that?

Dr. Torres: Sometimes the clot resolves itself without any intervention.

Jennifer: And what if it doesn't?

Dr. Torres: We can perform brain surgery, but I'm reluctant to take that approach, given the possibility that it may cause further trauma to the healthy tissue. Now, right now, we're treating it wi m medication.

Shawn-d: Do you think that -- that'll work?

Dr. Torres: Shawn, there's no way of knowing, but we're doing the best that we can for right now.

Shawn-d: No, no, don't -- don't give me that. Just -- just tell me straight. Are you saying that my mother could die?

Dr. Torres: Yes, she could.

Belle: Shawn.

Belle: Oh.

Jennifer: I'm going to, uh... I'm just going to call the rest of our family, okay?

Marlena: John... tony's in a coma. I can't believe he could have done this.

John: He's a dimera, isn't he?

Rex: Oh, my god. How did you -- what are you doing here?

Shawn-d: I've asked you so many times before to take care of my family, and you have. But we don't need to be tested anymore. So why do you keep letting this happen? Hi L.

[ They were fighting ical peel,

Victor: It's bad enough that a man was murdered in our home. You said you had questions for me. There's no reason to be badgering my wife. So welch recanted on his deathbed. I'm sure he didn't finger anybody in this house.

Abe: No, he didn't name any names.

Brady: You said you had evidence against this guy, right? He's been a felon for how many decades? I'm sure he wanted to cause a little trouble for the salem P.D.

Abe: May very well be the case. But we're obligated to follow up on all the leads, and there's still the unresolved matter of your grandfather bullying his way into welch's holding cell at the time of the hearing, just before welch's initial confession. And you haven't been very forthcoming about the matters you discussed.

Brady: Oh, no. Here, hold this. Granddad? Granddad? Granddad, are you having trouble breathing? What's going on? Granddad, can I get you some water or -- granddad?

Roman: All right, bag this up for evidence. Get csi over here. All right, philip. Good job.

Philip: I just want these bastards caught. If it turns out that was the weapon used on bo and hope, it's probably going to lead us to the person who did it.

Jack: So we kept the cameras rolling even after the lights went out, right?

Barry: That's right.

Kate: So if we go frame by frame using your image-enhancing capabilities, maybe we'll get a glimpse of events that happened before the attack.

Barry: Well, I can't guarantee anything.

Jack: But we might be able to I.D. The person who did it.

Rex: Mimi, you're home.

Mimi: I'm home.

Marlena: John... you can't believe that tony is guilty. That would be nearly impossible.

John: Impossible?

Marlena: Ha ha ha. I know he has employees, but wasn't he in a coma prior b bo and hope causing the explosion in that cave? I -- he could not have known they were the ones responsible for the loss of that natural dynamite.

John: Doc, he was awake after surgery. He was paid a visit by lucas, his right-hand man. Now, what better alibi could there be than to be in a coma? Now, it kind of reminds me of a trick his old man pulled once -- faked a coma so convincingly all the doctors bought it. Then he crawls out of his crib, and he commits murder.

Shawn-d: I know you don't want us to suffer, but how much more do you expect us to take? Just please answer me.

Belle: He will. Come on, let's pray together. You know what they say -- where two or more are gathered.

Belle: "I arise today through the strength of heaven, light of sun, radiance of moon, splendor of fire, speed of lightning, swiftness of wind, depth of sea, stability of earth, the firmness of rock. I arise today through god's strength to pilot me, god's might to uphold me, god's wisdom to guide me...

Both: God's eye to look before me, god's ear to hear me, god's word to speak for me, god's hand to guide me, god's way to lie before me, god's shield to protect me, god's host to veve me from the snares of the devil, the temptations of excess, from everyone who shall wish me ill, afar and near, alone and in multitude."


Lucas: You know nothing is more important to me than my son. What do you want to do, keep playing tug-owawar with the kid forever, is that it? You know, when everybody told me that I should share custody, they told me that would be best for will, but you've never had to share a damn thing in your life, have you, sami? No. And what do you think would happen if we went in front of the judge now, huh? You know will's old enough. You know his decisions carry a lot of weight. If he had a choice, if he was asked who he'd want to live with, he wouldn't pick you, sami. He'd pick me. You know it.

Sami: Fine. Will needs a strong male role model. Good luck convincing the judge that's you. So take the phone call. Talk to will, poison his mind against me. Just leave me out of it.

Lucas: Yeah, 'cause it's all or nothing with you, right, sami? You can't even get on the phone and create a united front for your own son, can you?

Sami: I'm not going to lie to him.

Lucas: Fine, I'll just tell him that his mom couldn't make an effort to be civil. She didn't even want to talk to her only son.

Sami: No. Like hell you will!

Cassie: Philip, look, I know what it's like to be scared to death for your own family. I guess nobody's shedding too many tears over tony being stabbed, though.

Philip: I know how much you care about your family.

Cassie: Is that why you hang out with me? Are you trying to collect evidence against the dimeras?

Philip: Of course not. But you have to understand what this is about, cassie. Bo is my brother, and I would do anything to help him. I mean, if rex were in trouble, you'd do the same thing for him, wouldn't you?

Mimi: I'm so sorry I ever thought... just being away from you -- I could think clearly. Finally. And I know now that you could never hurt anyone, rex.

Belle: I know you said you didn't feel like you could do anything for your mom or dad, but you are. Someone in heaven is always watching over your family, shawn.

Bo: I love you, fancy face. I need you... very much. So, please, please don't leave. Wake up. Wake up to a whole new dimension in comfort. Time

Some cities pay nothing to university labs for west nile testing. The city of ottawa pays thousands to a private firm and gets a more thorough job. How long before all health officials learn that you can't bite city hall? Global national tonight.

Abe: Victor, you having trouble breathing?

Brady: He collapsed, but he was too stubborn to go to the hospital.

Victor: How did you know that?

Brady: Henderson told me.

Abe: I'm going to call 911.

Victor: No. It's passing.

Abe: But you need to get to the hospital --

Victor: No.

Abe: Look, I'm sorry. I'll come back later when you're feeling better. I'll see myself out.

Nicole: I'll take that. Brady, just --

Brady: Nicole --

Sami: Fine. Fine. We will talk to will together.

Lucas: Wasn't so hard, was it? You could've said that in the first place. You know, he's going to be happy you got your voice back, sami. Maybe you can train it to say something nice.

Sami: Shut up, and get out.

Lucas: That's typical. Typical sami.

Sami: Aah! Damn you, lucas!

Barry: So that kate roberts is pretty hot.

Roman: Yeah, she is.

Barry: So you two still...

Roman: Still what?

Barry: Dating? 'Cause if she's on the market...

Roman: Well, maybe you better ask kate that.

Barry: Oh. Sorry, that's the end of the tape.

Roman: Damn it. We've got nothing. And there's nothing I can do for bo and hope, except make sure this doesn't happen again... to them or anybody else. There were so many people in this place tonight that I care about. It could've been my ex-wife, it could've been my daughter...

Barry: Kate?

Kate: If romaknknew the truth, he wouldn't care about me. And he'd understand exactly why we can never be together.

Cassie: Do you even have to ask? Of course I would do anything for my brother. Rex has been there for me my whole life. He's been the only one.

Philip: Well, bo and I were never very close growing up. I mean, he's only my half-brother, and he's so much older. But he's also shawn's dad. And do you know what the worst part is? Someone we know could've done this to him and hope.

Cassi why would you say that

Philip: Because everyone who got in here was invited.

Cassie: It's easy to break through security.

Philip: Is it?

Cassie: I'm not speaking from personal experience. Philip, I was invited. And now I'm -- I'm leaving.

Philip: What is wrong with you tonight, cassie? Do you think rex did this?

Mimi: Yeah, I'm home. Well, I know I'm not home home, mom... but I will be sooner if you let me hang up. You don't want me driving and talking at the same time.

Mimi: Okay, I love you. All right, see you soon. Bye. Are you okay?

Rex: You're home. I'm great.

Jack: What happened?

Jennifer: Oh, nothing. Nothing. Hope's just not waking up. She's not showing any signs that the treatment is working. You know, if I could choose my family, jack, she would be my best friend.

Jack: I know. I know.

Jennifer: Why is this happening?

Marlena: Oh, john. Were you able to discern whether or not tony was faking the coma?

John: No. He wasn't in his room.

Marlena: What?

John: He was gone. Or should I say... vanished?

Shawn-d: I'm so glad that you're here.

Alice: Darling, god... is looking after your mother and father, and so will your great-grandfather tom. Now, why don't we all just say a silent prayer, hmm?

Shawn-d: All right.

Alice: [ Thinking ] I pray that my dear tom is watching after bo and hope. He loved them both with all of his heart. I... bo has regained consciousness, but our precious hope is still in jeopardy. Please, tom, please... and send me a sign that hope is going to be all right.

Shawn-d: Gran. You don't think...

Alice: Oh. Tom! No!

[ Monitor flatlining ]

Bo: Hope. We need a doctor in here! Hope? Hope...

Nicole: This is the only evidence that proves I killed colin.

Victor: You're the one who's dead meat. Hand it over now!

Marlena: Tony dimera disappeared from his hospital room.

Philip: Some people think tony is the one who attacked bo and hope.

Cassie: Stop!

Shawn-d: Please don't take my mom.

Dr. Torres: I'm sorry, mr. Brady, she's gone.

Bo: Come on, breathe for me!

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