Days Transcript Friday 8/8/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 8/8/03--Canada; 8/11/03--USA

By Eric

Abe: Damn it. I was supposed to get out of that meeting in time to go see lexie and the fashion show.

Roman: Can't rush internal affairs.

Abe: You know, you didn't have to be at that meeting. It's my case. You could've gone to see kate. She must be disappointed you're not there to cheer her on.

Roman: Not that disappointed.

Abe: So, what's wrong? You two having a problem?

Roman: Well, it's, uh, let's just say we both could use some space.

Abe: I'm sorry about that. I hope it works out.

[ Telephone rings ]

Abe: Excuse me. Commander carver. Yes. Yes, I am aware that larry welch made a deathbed retraction of his murder confession. I have reopened the colin murphy case. I'll keep you posted.

Roman: Colin murphy, huh?

Abe: Yeah. It's come back to haunt you, me, the department, and whoever thoutt they got away with murder.

Victor: You're mine, nicole. Body and soul. It's either here or in the penitentiary. After all, let's face the facts. Finally, I have in my possession irrefutable proof that you murdered colin murphy.

Woman: Oh, my god.

[ Shouting and yelling ]

>>Ohohn: Somebody call 911.

Jennifer: Barry! Barry, call 911!

Jack: This is the last thing the people at home need to see.

John: You're not going to help.

Marlena: I want to stop the bleeding, but I don't want to move her.

Lexie: Yeah. Looks like they were both struck in the back of the head.

Kate: Oh, god. Oh, my god, how could this have happened? I wish I had never planned this!

Philip: No, mom, this isn't your fault. Come on.

Lucas: It turns out hope and bo paid a little visit to the reservation. That's how hope got the inside track on the explosive substance. She knew where it was. So they decided to save the planet and blow the cave. What am I going to do?

Rex: No, this is your fault, damn it. If you hadn't shoved your way into my family's business, I would've been able to make that land deal before the bradys destroyed any hope of it.

Jack: Barry! Barry! Come on! Come on now!

Lexie: There's so much blood. We need to stop the bleeding.

Marlena: We need cotton -- anything to absorb the blood.

Lexie: A shirt, a shirt, a skirt.

Shawn-d: Here, here, I'll get it.

John: Shawn -- let them do what they do best. Stay back. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. @)D@

Nicole: Give me that.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Did you really think that was the only copy, nicole? You think I would be that careless? I haveotot tons of dirt on you. I mean, I got the original of all these documents, plus I have the videotape of you and colin making love. It's all down in the safe.

Nico: You going to the cops about your wife killing colin murphy?

Victor: Actually, I was thinking of destroying the evidence.

Nico: Are you sure you should do that?

Victor: Well, it may be time to let the past go.

[ Wheezing, coughing ]

Roman: You know, you investigate a murder case, you question all the possible suspects, you narrow it down to the most likely...

Abe: We gather the evidence, the case is really cooking, it's coming together.

Roman: We had a confession, abe. We had a confession, and bang -- we're back to square one.

Abe: No new suspects. Cold evidence trail. The commissioner is breathing down my neck. I'm loving I

Roman: The damn case was solved, and I am not buying the fact that larry welch is telling the truth this time

Abe: Yeah, but we're the suckers who got to put our sherlock hats back on and find out who really did it.

Roman: Well, there were no shortage of people who wanted to do the bastard in.

Abe: It still doesn't explain why the feds are so hot to sveve this case all of a sudden. The commissioner's riding my butt because they're riding his.

Roman: Yeah, I don't get it, either. I mean, what, this english-irish ladies' man? I mean, what's the big fuss over his unsolved murder when there are others we should be working on?

[ Knock on door ]

Abe: Come in.

Man: Sorry to bother you, commander.

Abe: Just give it to me.

Man: 911 just came in. That charity fashion show...

Roman: What happened?

Man: I don't know. But some people got hurt pretty bad.

Abe: All right, thank you. Let's take my car. Come on.

Marlena: They're unconscious, but they're alive, shawn.

Shawn-d: For how long? You have to save them.

Lexie: Shawn, we're doing everything we can.

Belle: They're going to be okay.

Shawn-d: We don't know that.

Belle: Yeah, but we have to believe that.

Jennifer: This is so surreal. Stst a few minutes ago...

Nicole: Life was normal. Nobody was getting killed.

Cassie: They're not dead.

Brady: Cassie, she didn't mean that. She's just in shock right now.

Philip: What I'm wondering is who would do something so evil and why? Now, I mean it. Think, everybody. We were all here. And somebody must've seen something suspicious without knowing it, but now that we know what happened, we should be able to put it together. Anybody?

John: What can I do to help, doc?

Marlena: I can't get a radial pulse. John, get blankets. They're going into shock.

[ Shouting and yelling ]

Marlena: I was holding her head to stop the bleeding.

Sami: Yeah, there was a blackout, and then when the lights came back on, we saw them.

Lexie: Yeah, well, that's when they were hit on the back of the head. They've lost a lot of blood.

Kyle: We'll take it.

Woman: Have they been in and out of consciousness at all?

Marlena: No, unconscious the entire time.

Lexie: No response to all stimuli.

Kyle: Weak pulse.

Woman: Same here.

Shawn-d: Ey're going to be okay, right?

Kyle: With this much blood loss...

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Nico: Mr. K., I forgot -- boss. Oh, my god. Henderson! Henderson, damn it, get in here!

Henderson: I told you never to shout at me -- mr. Kiriakis! Is he dead?

Nico: Sir. What can we do?

Henderson: It's probably his heart. I'll get his pills.

Nico: It's going to be all right. You're going to make it, mr. K.

Shawn-d: Tell me that they're going to be okay.

Sami: Philip, I don't know. I mean, I was just thinking about the fashion show and having a good time. That's all.

Lucas: It's a shame. The fashion show was going so well.

Philip: Right, and everyone applauding for you, mom, and for belle -- giving you guys flowers. I mean, that's what I was looking at -- you and belle. Isn't that right, everybody?

Brady: The lights went out, and that's all I know.

Nicole: Right.

Abe: Oh, my god.

Roman: It's bo and hope. Oh, my god. Bernie. Seal down this crime scene. Nobody gets in or out -- nobody. I don't care who it is. Anybody tries, you bring 'em to me.

Shawn-d: Who the hell did this to my parents? Who tried to kill them? Answer me!

Roman: Shawn. Shawn, we are going to find out.

Shawn-d: Why'd they do it, uncle roman? Who would try to hurt mom and dad?

Lucas: Forget about it, rex, all right? It's over.

Rex: Don't tell me to forget about it, all right? Nyny can't fight back right now, but I can and I will. The people who lost this deal for him are going to pay. (Female announcer)it's hot. It's sticky.

Henderson: Take these, mr. Kiriakis.

Victor: I don't need 'em anymore. The pain's gone.

Henderson: Oh, thank god. Take them anyway.

Nico: Wait a minute, mr. K.

Victor: I feel fine.

Henderson: I still think it would be wise to call 911.

Victor: No.

Nico: This isn't just henderson being wimpy, boss.

Henderson: Excuse me?

Nico: Chill. Mae e you should get looked at by a doctor.

Victor: I said no. No doctors, no hospitals, no ambulances. I don't want a bunch of high-priced temperature takers hovering over me. Now stop fussing. You're officially off. Now get out of here.

Nico: I cancelled my plans.

Victor: You don't want to disappoint veronica.

No: Vanessa.

Victor: Whatever. Henderson, have the cook make me some tea, and make sure I'm not disturbed for the next hour. There's something that I have to take care of.

Shawn-d: I'm going in the ambulance with my parents.

Belle: I'm going to go with you.

Kyle: Sorry. Immediate family only.

Belle: Okay, then, um, I'll get to the hospital as soon as I can. I love you.

Shawn-d: I love you, too.

Philip: Hey. You okay? I can't believe this. How is shawn going to deal?

Belle: Bo's your half-brother.

Philip: Yeah, but it's not like one of my parents getting hurt.

Belle: You're being so brave, philip.

Marlena: I wish I could've done more.

John: Come on, you did all you can. It's in god's hands now.

Jennifer: You know what? I'm going to call gram.

Jack: No, no, wait, wait, just wail till we hear some better news.

Jennifer: Oh, gosh, jack. What if they --

Jack: No, no, no, no, no. Don't even think it.

Kate: What you and marlena did could mean all the difference.

Lexie: Or it could make no difference at all.

Lucas: Sami, you look really shook up. Can I get you something?

Sami: Well, of course I'm shook up. They're my aunt and uncle.

Lucas: Hey, you don't have to be ashamed of being freaked out. We all are.

Sami: Oh, okay, lucas. Let's just worry about bo and hope.

Roman: Listen, shawn had to go with his folks, but everybody else is staying put.

Abe: Can't keep 'em hostage.

Roman: We got a crime scene here, abe.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Abe: Watch it. Commander carver. The colin murphy case is going to have to wait. Because he's already dead, that's why. I got two people here fighting for their lives and a whole studio full of suspects.

Roman: Boy, they are really on your back about that colin murphy rdrder.

Abe: Yeah, well, I don't care. Bo and hope are my priority, and finding out who did this to them.

Cassie: Hey, what are you doing here all by yourself? What is that?

Cassie: Don't you dare go all zombie on me. Tell me what's wrong with you --

Rex: What the hell -- don'T.

Cassie: Do you know what just happened in there? Shawn's parents are going to the hospital. There was accident.

Rex: What am I supposed to do about it?

Cassie: Focus on your arm.

Rex: What about it?

Cassie: How did you get this?

Rex: How should I know?

Cassie: Are you crazy? They're going to ask you.

Rex: It's makeup. My god. What's the big deal? The lights went out, I bumped into a makeup counter backstage. I couldn't see where I was going, okay?

Cassie: Yeah, I guess.

Roman: All right, all right, folks, listen up. Come on in. As you can see, this is now an official crime scene. Whatever you were doing before the lights went out, you are now done. Nobody leaves this area unless you get an okay from me or commander carver. We're going to come around and talk to each and every one of you. Now, this goes without saying, but I'm going to say it, anyway. Do not touch anything. That means everyone. Even your personal belongings are evidence until we inform you otherwise.

Nicole: We can't leave? For how long?

Brady: We're all technically suspects, nicole.

Nicole: I-I didn't have anything to do with what happened to bo and hope brady, and neither did you. We're each other's witnesses.

Brady: We still can't leave until we've been officially questioned. It's not going to take that long. Why are you so upset?

Nicole: I don't know. Scenes like this creep me out.

Brady: Are you reminded of what happened after your wedding?

Brady: You know, after your wedding, when colin murphy was murdered? What's wrong?

Nicole: I just don't want to be here.

Roman: Jack, I'm gonna need a list of anybody who had access to the backstage area -- the models, the crew, any technicians going in and out.

Kate: I could help.

Jennifer: Uh, me too. We'll take care of it.

Jack: Yeah.

Roman: All right. Well, thank you.

Belle: Shawn needs me. His parents could be -- I have to go to him, philip.

Philip: Hey, john.

John: Yeah?

Philip: Can't you pull a few strings, get your daughter permission to go to the hospital?

John: I'll see what I can do, sweetheart. Abraham, is there any way that you could clear belle to go to the hospital to be with shawn?

Marlena: I think lexie and i should go, too.

Lexie: Yeah.

John: I'll tell you what. I will bring both of them to the station. You can get their statement, all right?

Abe: Well, it can't hurt.

John: Thanks.

Abe: You go on.

Belle: Thank you.

Abe: God bless you.

Roman: All right, sweetheart, you still holding up?

Sami: Yeah. But, dad, I mean, there's so much blood. Can they live after having lost so much?

Roman: Hey, you are living proof. We almost lost you not too long ago.

Lucas: Look, uh, sami might get mad at me for saying this, but she's pretty shook up.

Roman: Well, yeah, yeah. Reminds her of her accident. But this wasn't an accident. Tell me, did either one of you see anything?

Sami: No. We were talking to philip about how no one noticed anything.

Roman: All right, all right. Memory's funny. It's like a computer. It collects information faster than you can think. So later on you might come up with something. Call me if that happens. Please call me, no matter how small, no matter how insignificant. Even if you don't think it's worth mentioning, please call me. That might be the thing that we're looking for to put this thing together.

Lucas: Okay.

Roman: All right, lucas, do me a favor. Can you make sure sami gets home all right?

Lucas: Yeah, I can do that.

Sami: Dad, I don't need a sitter.

Roman: Hey, hey, you are still recovering from your fall. Don't argue with me.

Sami: I brought my car here. I'm fine. I can drive myself home.

Roman: Do the world a favor and don't get behind that wheel right now, all right? Lucas?

Lucas: I'll handle it. I'll take her home.

Sami: No!

Lucas: Yes.

Roman: All right, sami, I'll tell you what. Why don't you wait till I interview these people, then I'll drive you home? I think it'll only probably take maybe three, four hours.

Sami: Ahh... all right, all right. Let's go.

Lexie: Abe, I'm afraid of what we might find when we get to the hospital.

Abe: You know, when I was on my way over here, I was just driving myself crazy thinking you might have been the one who was hurt.

Lexie: Oh, sweetie. Your job -- people just don't realize what you go through, how much of your heart you put into every case.

Abe: Thank you. But this time it's people we love.

Marlena: Honey, will you come with us?

John: I have a feeling I ought to stick around here for a while.

Marlena: Okay. Well, call if you have any news at all.

John: All right.

Belle: Thanks, dad.

John: Hey, I want you to keep your chin up. Shawn's going to need you to be strong at the hospital, all right? Who could have done this? Who would want to hurt bo and hope?

Man: I've got a delivery for mr. Dimera.

Man #2: Tony dimera? He's in room 234.

Man: Okay, what are we dealing with?

Kyle: Trauma to the head, both patients.

Woman: They haven't regained consciousness.

Kyle: Significant blood loss.

Man: Okay, let's get the blood bank on the phone.

Shawn-d: They're my mom and dad. Listen, doctor --

Man: I got blown pupil here. We got pressure on the brain. Let's get them to trauma one now.

Shawn-d: They're my parents.

Man: Sorry.

Shawn-d: Let me --

Victor: Henderson, see to my tea.

Nico: I'll stay with him, henderson.

Henderson: Call if you need me.

Nico: Whatever you think you've got to take of, mr. K., I can do it for you. You just sit here, take it easy. Nothing is more important than your health.

Victor: Oh, nico, st s spouting platitudes at me.

Nico: I won't, sir. What is it you've got to do? What's wrong? Feel like you're going to pass out again?

Victor: Oh, no, I just -- I can'T.

Nico: You can't what?

Victor: Just give me a minute, will you? Before I collapsed... there -- there was something very important that I had to do. What the hell was it?

Sami: Okay, I am home. You have done your good deed for the day.

Lucas: Sami, you shouldn't be alone right now.

Sami: Why the hell not? I am alone plenty. What makes today special?

Lucas: You don't have to be tough with me, all right? After what happened with bo and hope, seeing all that blood -- I know it shook you up. Your dad said it probably reminded you of your accident.

Sami: Oh, yeah, the accident that you caused.

Lucas: Wait, I know you're upset, sami, but I didn't --

Sami: But nothing, okay? Stop pretending like you care about me. It's making me sick.

Lucas: Why are you doing this?

Sami: What am I doing? I'm just telling the truth.

Lucas: You're pushing me away.

Sami: And you want me to act all chummy with you? We are not friends anymore, remember that, lucas? So stop trying to warm my heart. God, I'm sick of you sucking up to me.

Lucas: Sucking up to you? I am not sucking up to you. I'm being supportive, all right?

Sami: Yeah, and let me ask you something. Why are you doing that, so you can go to your A.A. Meeting and tell them all what a swell guy you are, that now that you've stopped drinking, you're so girly and sensitive?

Lucas: Well, that's why you're alone. What guy would want to spend five minutes with you? What, what? Hell, is time going too fast for you? Just spend five minutes with sami brady. It'll go by in an eternity.

Sami: Oh, you are so funny.

Lucas: I don't understand you. Re I am trying to help you, and all you do is insult me.

Sami: Yeah. And how exactly are you trying to help me? Please explain it to me.

Lucas: You were upset about bo and hope, and I brought you home.

Sami: Right. And you thought I would be grateful you drove me all the way home? You live down the hall, lucas. You think I should forget the fact that you destroyed my chance at happiness?

Lucas: I didn't do that. You did that on your own -- lying and scheming and messing with people's lives, sami.

Sami: You know, you just don't want me to be happy, do you?

Lucas: What? What is that?

Sami: Because you're not happy. You have never been in love, and you never will be.

Lucas: I've been in love, I'll have you know. A lot of times.

Sami: Oh, yeah? When?

Lucas: I was in love in high school. A beautiful girl named amy.

Sami: Oh, give me a break. High school does not count, lucas. I'm talking about as an adult. And if you say that you were in love with my big sister carrie, or with nicole walker, I swear to god, I will freak out.

Lucas: I was in love with carrie -- and nicole.

Sami: But it doesn't count, because they couldn't stand you. It can'te e unrequited love, lucas. That's just lame.

Lucas: I don't want to talk about this.

Sami: Ahh. Great. You know what, lucas? You don't want to talk about it because you know I'm right, don't you? That's it. You have been meddling in my life because you can't stand to see me happily married.

Lucas: Happily? To someone you've been lying to since day one?

Sami: All I know is if it weren't for you and your meddling, brandon would be here with me right now. I would be happily married to the most gorgeous and sensitive man in the entire universe, and instead I'm stuck here fighting with thbiggest jerk that I have ever known. I hate you, lucas roberts. I hate you so much!

Roman: Excuse me. Who was the last model down the runway?

Nicole: Uh, I don't know. Brady, do you remember?

Roman: All right, well, would it be fair to say that once all the other models were on stage, the last one in the lineup would have been the last one in the backstage area?

Brady: I guess, yeah.

Nicole: Are you accusing us of something, roman?

Roman: I'm trying to set a timeline here, nicole. We're talking about attempted murder.

Brady: Okay, nicole was the last model in the lingerie segment, but all of us were out on stage after the beachwear segment. We were applauding, and kate and belle got flowers.

Roman: All right. How long after the end of modeling till the lights going out?

Nicole: Uh, I don't -- I don't know. A few moments?

Abe: So this is a list of everyone who had access to the backstage area?

Jennifer: Yes, these are all the production people that worked on the show.

Abe: I'm gonna have to question every one of them.

Kate: Well, I called the office, and lewis is going to get contact numbers for all of our people.

Philip: So what do you think? Power got shut off to cover the attack on the bradys, right?

John: That's a fact. Let's go. I'm gonna need some help.

Philip: What are you talking about? We're not cops.

John: Philip, friends of mine almost got killed, and they still might die. I'm not gonna stand around here doing nothing. Let's go check out that electrical panel.

Roman: All right, you two can go.

Brady: Thank you. And I hope bo and hope are going to be okay.

Roman: Thank you, brady.

Abe: This list of people with backstage access is pretty long. Kate said she'd work on getting the numbers where we can reach them.

Roman: All right. I'll have burman call this in, start setting up some appointments.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Abe: The commissioner or the feds, huh?

Roman: Yeah. Well, either way, I'm glad I'm not you.

Abe: Commander carver. Yes, commissioner. Yeah. Yeah, I did say that to washington. I'm at the crime scene right now, commissioner. The colin murphy case is going to be back-burnered. Well, sorry your golf game was interrupted. Look, I know how hot washington is to solve the murphy murder, but I'm gonna call this one the way I see it. Look, I promise you personally ththat I will get back to this case as soon as I can. It's the best I can do.

Roman: Bet he loved that.

Abe: You know, he is really, really happy with me right now. Murphy is not going to get any deader if I put this off for a day or two. But bo and hope -- that feels like family to me, and I can't let the bradys dow

Roman: You know what, abe? As a brady, that is very important to me. It means a lot. But I also know what can happen if the commissioner decides to go after you. So I have this covered, okay?

Abe: Bo's your brother, and I can't let you handle this alone.

Roman: No, listen to me. You got to get the powers-that-be off your back. Otherwise, you're not gonna be any good to anybody, okay? I am working my way through these folks. So far everybody's cooperating. You go work on that colin murphy murder case. Get it taken care of.

Abe: Damn it. Oh, you know, I ha ha -- I hate letting him yank my chain. You're right, you're right. Yeah, they've got the power, and I'm just stuck, so I'm gonna start this by going back to the original crime scene. If you need me, I'll be at the kiriakis place.

Roman: All right, partner. I've got this covered. Don't worry about it.

Nico: Take it easy, sir.

Victor: Oh, the hell with that. I'm fine. I'm just -- I'm just having trouble remembering this one thing.

Nico: I'd call a doctor if I were you.

Victor: You're not me.

Nico: Okay. Just at least lie down, okay? I read somewhere the brain works better lying down.

Victor: That's ridiculous.

Nico: Just for a few minutes, okay? That's it. A nap, that's all. Just give yourself a chance to recharge.

Victor: All right. It's our greatest offer ever.

Brady: Got to tell victor what happened right away.

Nicole: I know.

Brady: Henderson, where's my grandfather? We need to tell him something.

Henderson: It'll have to wait. Mr. Kiriakis had an episode today.

Nicole: What does that mean?

Brady: Is he all right?

Henderson: He passed out. It could have been a heart attack. We don't know.

Nicole: Who's we?

Henderson: Nico and I.

Brady: Where is he? What did the doctor say?

Henderson: Oh, he's refused to even let us call a doctor.

Brady: Then where is he, henderson? I need to take him to the hospital to get him checked out.

Henderson: The last I saw him, he was in the living room with nico.

Belle: Shawn.

Marlena: Shawn, how are your parents?

Shawn-d: I don't know. The doctors met us when we came in, and they wouldn't let me go with them.

Lexie: It's standard procedure. They never allow family in with patients, even when they're young children, shawn --

Shawn-d: But I don't even know if they're alive!

Belle: Hey.

Lexie: Look, um, we'll go and see what's going on, let you know, okay?

Marlena: Yeah. Be right back, honey.

Belle: I'm so sorry you had to wait here alone, but I'm here now, and I'm not going to leave you, okay?

Shawn-d: I just keep asking myself who would do this. Who would try and hurt my parents? ynI=


We're fascinated with their lives. Yet even more intrigued with their deaths. What has killed 17 whales off nova scotia this summer? Scientists checking now. Revealing their findings tonight. On global national with kevin newman.

Lucas: Wait, wait, wait. This is good. You're blaming me because you're not with brandon, is that it?

Sami: Oh, I blame you for every bad thing that has ever happened to me. You have been nothing but a poisonous thorn in my side from the beginning.

Lucas: Never mind the fact that I'm half responsible for will being in this world, right? You don't care about that, is that it?

Sami: You didn't mean for that to happen. In fact, I'm pretty sure that that was the furthest thing from your mind when you talked me into having sex with you in that photo lab that night. So don't ask me to be grateful!

Lucas: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute. I talked you into viving sex with me? No, no, no. You begged me to make love to you, sami.

Sami: Now I know you're insane.

Lucas: You were so desperate that night, you would have made love to mickey mouse.

Sami: That is disgusting!

Lucas: And what about all the tears, huh? "Oh, lucas, I'm not desirable enough. Austin doesn't want me. But you want me, don't you, lucas? I'm not that much of a turn-off, am I? Am I?"

Sami: I said nothing of the kind.

Lucas: Yeah, maybe not in the exact words, but you said something like that.

Sami: No, no, those were not my words, period. God, I was crying because I was vulnerable and I was sad. And you knew it, and you took advantage of me. God, you knew that I was depressed, and so you talked me into having sex with you.

Lucas: Took advantage of you? That is such B.S.! I did not do that!

Sami: Well, all I know is that I promised myself afterwards that I would never let me touch you again, because it completely creeped me out.

Lucas: That's not the way I remember it. I think you were begging for more, sweetie.

Sami: If that's true, it's because I was fantasizing that you were austin.

Lucas: You bitch.

Sami: It's true. In fact, I'm sure that every woman you've ever had sex with was doing the exact same thing -- fantasizing that you were someone else because that is the only way they could get through it.

Lucas: Oh, that's great. You know, brandon is the smartest guy I've ever met. He's brilliant. It took him one day -- not even a full day -- to get out of town. He couldn't get away from you fast enough, sami.

Sami: He would never have left if you had just minded urur own freaking business!

Lucas: Oh, let's run a few more "ifs," shall we? Maybe if you didn't switch the paternity test, if you didn't lie to brandon, if you weren't so damn selfish!

Sami: Shut up!

Lucas: What, so you hate hearing the truth, is that it?

Sami: No, I hate you, and every vindictive word out of your mouth!

Lucas: Haven't changed a bit, have you?

Sami: Me? Me? You haven't changed, either. What about you, pretending to be all sympathetic and understanding in front of my dad? "Oh, of course. Of course I'll take sami home. Poor sami, she's all shook up." You are the same pathetic loser that you have always been!

Lucas: Oh, there she is -- the sami I know and love, the same sami who was willing me to die when I was in my co..

Sami: I wish you were still in that coma!

Lucas: I wish you never got your friggin' voice back!

Nico: Uh, I didn't know you were back, mrs. K.

Nicole: There was an incident at the fashion show, so they canceled the reception.

Brady: Nico, how's my grandfather?

Nico: He's resting upstairs.

Brady: Thank you for looking after him, but I'm here now, and I'm gonna call his personal physician.

Nico: I wouldn't do that. He's real clear about not wanting a doctor. And the incident you were talking about -- I would soft-pedal any bad news.

Brady: Okay, well, we probably shouldn't mention what happened then.

Nicole: Whatever you think is best.

Brady: Want to go upstairs and check on him with me?

Brady: What is this?

John: Everything look copacetic with the electrical panel?

Philip: As far as I can tell without touching anything, yeah.

John: We'll dust it for prints in case the wires were tampered with.

Philip: Okay. Hey, mom.

John: Hey. Hell of a night, huh? How are you holding up?

Kate: I'm numb. You know, an hour ago, we were on an incredible roll, and then in the blink of an eye, life me e a change for two wonderful people.

Philip: I just hope belle's with shawn. I mean, no guy should have to go through something like this alone.

Jnifer: Jack, I just -- I want to go to the hospital.

Jack: I know that. I know you do, but there's nothing that you can do there right now. We should stay right here and help roman with this investigation.

Jennifer: Who could have done this to bo and hope? They are such good, loving people.

Jack: We don't know for sure that they were the targets. The only thing we know for sure is that whoever set this thing up is one sick bastard. Come on, let's go.

Roman: [ Sighs ] Cassie and rex. Where the hell are they?

Roman: Cassie, I've been looking for you. What are you doing back there? And where's your brother?

Rex: I, uh, I went to get my sister a cup of coffee. Is that a problem, captain brady?

Roman: Well, everybody else was on stage.

Rex: Do you have questions for me?

Roman: Yeah, same ones I had for the others. Where were you standing when the power went out?

Rex: That's easy. I was over there.

Roman: All right, show me.

Rex: Sure. No problem.

Roman: What'd you do after the power went out?

Cassie: Oh, rex, no.

Marlena: Shawn.

Shawn-d: Did they give you any information? Because they wouldn't tell me a damn thing. How are my mom and dad?

Marlena: Honey, sit down. Come here. Sit down.

Shawn-d: Oh, god, no.

Belle: Mom...

Marle: : Dr. Torres has managed to stop the external bleeding.

Belle: Thank god.

Marlena: Yes. Now, there is still some concern about internal hemorrhaging.

Shawn-d: Internal? Meaning?

Marlena: Sometimes there is a blood buildup in the brain.

Shawn-d: So, okay -- so what are they gonna do? They got to --

Marlena: They will take them upstairs to get an mri and check the possible extent of any internal damage.

Shawn-d: You mean brain damage?

Marlena: Yes, I do. Shawn, everything that can be done is being done for them right now.

Shawn-d: Wait, what if everything isn't enough? What -- what if they --

Marlena: I don't have an answer for you. I know there is tremendous power in prayer, and in love.

Belle: Shawn, what do you want us to do for you right now? How can we help you?

Shawn-d: I just want the truth... so I can be prepared.

Marlena: All right. Your parents have severe injuries, shawn. We don't know the outcome. It could go either way. I'm so sorry.

Shawn-d: I'm gonna kill whoever did this.

Man: Hey, I went down to that room. It's empty.

Man #2: Are you sure?

Man: Yep. It said "dimera" outside. No tony dimera on the inside.

Man #2: Maybe he went down for tests. Leave the flowers here, and I'll see that he gets them. Gail, could you check --

Lex: : Mark, we need your help. We're taking this patient to mri.

Mark: Clear the way, please.

Man: Let's go, let's go.

Shawn-d: I want to go with them. I want --

Marlena: Shawn, honey, no. No, not right now. They're in very good hands.

Lucas: The only thing you're interested in in tony dimera's pants is his money!

Abe: The colin murphy murder investigation has been reopened. We want to make sure that nobody gets away with murder.

Philip: I have to show this to captain brady.

Cassie: No, philip, you can'T. You can't, please.

Shawn-d: Are you saying that my mother could die?

Man: Yes.

Bo: We need a doctor in here! Hope? Hope?

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