Days Transcript Thursday 8/7/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 8/7/03--Canada; 8/8/03--USA

By Eric

Barry: Okay, we'll place you right here.

Jennifer: Okay, and I'll tell jack -- I'll give him his spot.

Jack: Jennifer.

Kate: Jack!

Jack: Jennifer --

Kate: Jack, these are the revisions.

Jack: Revisions? Look, they're wearing underwear and pjs. How complicated does this have to get?

Kate: Underwear and pjs? Try lingerie and sleepwear, and you forgot the swimsuits. Did you even read that? Jennifer, please, could you go over this together?

Jennifer: Yes. Thanks, kate.

Jack: This is fine. French -- not my forte.

Jennifer: All right, well, well, jack, come on, it can't be that hard. Let'sesee, uh... oh, décolletage -- that means low-cut, all right? And, uh, let's see -- oh, peignoir, that's -- that's that little -- it's like a filmy robe that you wear over a very sexy nightgown, and bandeau -- that's -- that's a top. It's a tube top.

Jack: Fine, fine. You do the french, I'll do the translations.

Jennifer: Jack, you don't have to be nervous. Look at this. This is great. I mean, it's -- it's a tv studio. The audience is in their homes.

Jack: That's where I want to be -- in my home. When the subject is fashion, I'm on very shaky ground, I warn you.

Jennifer: All right. But I need you here to hold me up because if you weren't here, I couldn't do this. I just couldn'T. I-I'd probably quit.

Jack: Okay. If I promise to stand by your side, will you do a demonstration of some of these -- some of these words, like, um... décolletage.

Jennifer: Décolletage -- jack.

Nicole: I haven't modeled in so long.

Brady: They're lucky to have you. Nicole, my god. That's enough makeup. You look good without it.

Nicole: Men are so clueless. All right. Let's go.

Victor: Where do you think you're going, nicole?

Cassie: Couldn't I wear something a little sexier?

Belle: Sexier? Cassie, if you were any sexier, you'd be naked.

Cassie: I don't know. I just -- I wouldn't mind a little more color, maybe some more feathers. This is just so suburban. Although why should i be surprised? You did design it.

Belle: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 --

Shawn-d: Cassie?

Belle: If I could have found another size zero, I would not have put cassie in this fashion show.

Shawn-d: They -- there is such a thing as a zero? A size zero?

Belle: Trick of the trade. You make women think they're skinny, they'll buy anything, but cassie is skinny. She's also annoying and bitchy.

Shawn-d: And don't worry about it, okay? Because the show is going to be great. I am so proud of you.

Belle: Besides putting cassie in the fashion show, there is one other major mistake that I made.

Shawn-d: Oh, yeah? What's that?

Belle: Putting you in these sexy pajama bottoms. I forgot how many women are going to be looking at you, thinking you're the hottest guy they've ever seen...

Shawn-d: Yeah, right, okay.

Belle: And then I'm going to have hundreds of girls running after you, chasing you --

Shawn-d: And I'm going to tell every single one of those girls that are running after me and chasing me that I love you.

Hope: Here's mommy's big boy.

Bo: There you go, tiny man. We brought you a present from the indian reservation.

Hope: Yes, we did. This is called a tom-tom, sweetie. Here you go. It's real. Here.

Bo: Go ahead.

Hope: Wa-wa-wa-wa, wa-wa-wa-wa! There you go.

Bo: You are now an honorary cree indian. Ooh.

Lucas: Welcome back. I heard you had an explosive time on the reservation.

Hope: Excuse me?

Bo: How did you hear about this?

Lucas: I got this fax while you were gone.

Bo: Okay. We were at the reservation. So what?

Lucas: So what? I was on the verge of making the biggest deal of my life, that's what -- for tony dimera. But thanks to you two, my whole deal blew up -- literally!

Rex: If you're here to see my father, forget it.

Sami: Your father?

Rex: Damn you, sami.

Sami: No, rex. Damn you. You don't tell me when I can see tony -- or I'll make an announcement over the P.A. And let everyone know that you're not really tony's son.

Rex: Shut up! Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. It's corn season all over again...and tomorrow chef emily richards will tell us how to jazz up this canadian favorite. Hc gd kellogg's raisin bran

Brady: Granddad, belle and kate need nicole at the fashion show today.

Victor: I'm sure kate will survive without seeing my wife half-dressed.

Brady: Actually, kate is counting on nicole. That's the problem.

Nicole: The problem is victor's afraid that I might actually enjoy myself for once.

Brady: Is this true?

Victor: Don't meddle in things you don't understand, brady. Now I would like to discuss this withy y wife in private.

Brady: Fine. I'll wait for you.

Victor: All brady needs is a white charger. He's always miming to your rescue.

Nicole: He doesn't get why you treat me so badly.

Victor: Well, that's because he doesn't know that you're a common killer. You want me to tell him?

Nicole: Oh, for god's sake, victor, the fashion show is for charity. It would make you look good if I did it.

Victor: I will not have you baring your assets in public.

Nicole: Why don't you just go all the way and have me branded? "Exclusive property of victor kiriakis."

Victor: Don't think I haven't considered it.

Nicole: Bastard.

Victor: Murderer.

Nicole: You are just worried that some of your esteemed colleagues will see me modeling lingerie and recognize me from one of my old porn flicks.

Victor: I would think you'd be sensitive to that yourself.

Nicole: Oh, victor! I didn't choose to do those movies. I am not ashamed, but you obviouslare.

Victor: You are not modeling in that show, and that's it.

Nicole: You live to make me miserable.

Victor: It's what you richly deserve.

Nicole: I'm not going.

Brady: Nicole, why do you let him treat you like that?

Nicole: Thank you for caring, brady.

Brady: You know, I never knew my own grandfather could be such a stone-cold son of a bitch.

Cassie: This is the women's dressing room.

Philip: Yeah, I think I got a little lost backstage. This is my first modeling gig.

Cassie: Mm.

Philip: You look amazing, though, cassie. Maybe you'll get an offer out of this.

Cassie: An offer?

Philip: Yeah, to model -- you know, professionally.

Cassie: Maybe if I was wearing something a little more cutting edge, instead of this girl-next-door number.

Philip: Well, if the girl next door looks this good, I'm never leaving home.

Cassie: Don't flatter me.

Philip: Why?

Cassie: Because you make me nervous.

Philip: Well, I feel a lot less nervous about doing this now that I know you're in the show. I mean, maybe I make you jittery, but you calm me down, cass.

Cassie: Well, if you're so freaked out about modining, why'd you even sign up?

Philip: Belle asked me to.

Cassie: Of course, you couldn't say no to belle.

Philip: Don't start, cassie.

Cassie: Philip, everyone can see it. You're crazy about her.

Philip: Just like everyone can see that she's in love with shawn, so can we change the subject, please?

Cassie: Mm...ha ha.

Kate: Philip.

Philip: Hey.

Kate: You don't have time to chat. You need to get into wardrobe.

Philip: You mean I'm not just wearing this, mom?

Kate: Ha ha. I'm not kidding. They're waiting for you, okay?

Philip: All right, I'm going, I'm going. You have fun, cassie.

Cassie: Yeah.

[ Clears throat ]

Kate: Close the robe, cassie. We didn't invite you to the fashion show so you could run down the hallways half-naked, coming on to all the men.

Cassie: I was told to wear this dopey thing.

Kate: Well, it's gorgeous, but if you're more comfortable in a g-string, I suggest you get a job pole-dancing downtown.

Cassie: How dare you?

Kate: I know your type, cassie, and F.Y.I. -- You're not my son's type.

Cassie: And you know this why?

Kate: Mommy's intuition.

Cassie: "Mommy's intuition." You don't even know that rex and I are your kids, too. I pray to god you never find out, you witch!

Sami: Get your paws off of me!

Rex: Keep your mouth shut!

Sami: I haven't told anyone that you're not a dimera -- not yet. But if you keep manhandling me --

Rex: I'll do what I have to to protect myself and my sister, just like you're doing everything you can do.

Sami: What is that supposed to mean?

Rex: The way you're all over lucas now that tony's in a coma.

Sami: Look, who I spend my time with is none of your business, rex.

Rex: Whoa, you're not just spending time, you're making time, and it's disgusting. And you hang out at tony's bedside hoping he'll wake up, see your adoring face, and make you his wife. But if he doesn't wake up, you got lucas in your back pocket. And it helps that he's running tony's company now. You want a rich guy, and you don't really care which one.

Sami: You're just jealous. You're notich, your girlfriend dumped you, and you're not really a dimera. So, if you can't find a way to be nicer to me, you better be prepared to trade out that designer shirt for a blue collar, mr. Brady.

Hope: Where is your conscience, lucas?

Lucas: This is business.

Bo: Busins?S? Do you know the harm that could have been caused by that explosive material on the reservation?

Hope: Especially in the hands of tony dimera. Is that what you wanted? For innocent people to be hurt?

Lucas: Of course not. I was trying to impress my boss. But now I'm gonna wind up looking like a loser again. Thank you.

Brady: You know, granddad, I have loved you and looked up to you my entire life, but ever since I moved in here and saw the shocking way you treat nicole, I've lost a lot of respect for you.

Victor: And I've lost patience with you interfering in my private affairs.

Brady: You know, you never actually defend the way you treat your wife, but how can you? It's indefensible. You're nicer to the man who cleans your pool, granddad.

Victor: I have one message for you, brady. Don't get involved in my relationship with nicole.

Brady: Well, you know what? It's too late for that. Because you invited me to move in here with you. What, did you think I wouldn't notice the way you humiliate your wife when I'm around? I don't know how or why this ugliness started between you and nicole, and frankly, I don't care. But is this how you want to live the rest of your life, being bitter and being angry? Or do you -- do you want to try to live with nicole? If not in harmony, ththen at least in peace, because I will tell you something. If you don't, that bitterness will kill you. And if it does, will anyone even care?

Philip: Hey, cassie, hang on a second.

Cassie: What is it? Why are you following me?

Philip: In that outfit, you gotta be kidding me.

Cassie: Please stop flirting with me.

Philip: Fine. Sorry. I just was wondering maybe if you wanted to go after the owow and get a latte with me.

Cassie: I already have plans.

Philip: Of course you do. Well, I'll try some other time, okay?

Man: Hey.

Cassie: Hey.

Man: If you're not doing anything after the show, you want to get a drink thth me?

Cassie: I'm not doing anything. I'd love to get a drink with you. Good.

Man: Great.

Cassie: Come on...

Philip: Belle black, fashion designer.

Belle: Ha ha. You aren't making fun of me, are you?

Philip: No way. I'm impressed.

Belle: Hey, that monitor you got me, I'm so excited to look at the show on it and see what I can do better next time.

Philip: Cool. Hey, be honest with me. I'm the kind of guy that girls like, right? I mean, you'd go out with me.

Belle: Look, philip, I already told you --

Philip: No, no, no. I mean, like, if you weren't going out with shawn. Seriously, just level with me here as a friend.

Belle: I don't get it. What is it that you want me to tell you?

Philip: That I'm cute, a catch, a chick magnet -- whatever.

Belle: I cannot believe you need me to tell you this, philip. You are a total hunk, and just because I didn't break up with my boyfriend because you kissed me doesn't -- no. No, no, no. Tell me you are not crushing on miss skin-and-bones. She's a pain. Do yourself a favor. Forget about her.

Shawn-d: Hey.

Marlena: She's bound to be here somewhere.

Shawn-d: Look who I found. Your fan club.

Marlena: Hi! There you are!

Belle: I'm so glad that you're here.

Marlena: Your daddy's ready for his close-up now.

John: No, he's not, but I'll tough it out for you, tink.

Belle: Dad, you are going to love what you're wearing.

John: [ Laughs ]

Marlena: So am I.

John: Yeah... ha ha ha ha!

[ Both laughing ]

Alice: Come on. Maybe this will cool you down.

Lucas: Thank you. I need something after the day I've had.

Alice: Before you leave for the fashion show, may I ask a favor?

Lucas: Absolutely, grandma. Anything for you.

Alice: Will you repsesent the family and say a few words?

Lucas: You want me to represent the horton family at the fashion show?

Alice: Well, why not?

Lucas: Well, grandma, maybe you don't know this yet, but I'm working for tony dimera now.

Alice: Yes, I know.

Lucas: Well, a lot of people think I made a deal with the devil. Now, grandma, I want respect. I do, but if I had to choose, I'd take the money and the power. I mean, you can't have it all, right?

Alicewewell, I shared my life with a man who had all that -- and more, too. He had love.

Lucas: That's because he had you, grandma. I'm telling you, they don't make them like you anymore.

>>Lilice: Maybe you're looking in the wrong places.

Lucas: I'll never be able to follow in tom horton's footsteps. Those shoes are way too big for me to ever fill.

Alice: You can do anything if you believe in yourself.

Lucas: Maybe if I had help. You know, if I had someone to believe in me. Someone besides my grandma.

Sami: If count dimera wakes up, please let him know that I was here. I have something very important to tell him. Would you stop doing that, damn it?

Rex: Keep pushing me, and you're going to end up with more than a bruise on your arm.

Sami: Get it through your thick skull, rex. You don't have the power of the dimera family behind you anymore. All I have to do is tell tony that your real father is roman brady, and life as you know it will come to a screeching halt for you and that bratty sister of yours.

Rex: You bitch.

Sami: No more credit cards, no more caviar, no more sports cars. You have everything to lose, rex. So if you can't find a way to be nicer to me, I suggest you stay out of my face. See you on the runway.

Rex: Mimi, it's rex. Please call me back. I ssss you so much, mimi. I can't make it without your love, mimi. God, at least call and let me know when you're back, damn it! !ó!ó9i9i9i

Victor: So, no one will care if I die, huh?

Brady: Sorry. That was a little harsh.

Victor: No, don't take it back. You meant it. There aren't many young men who would insult their grandfather as well as their boss.

Brady: I'm just thinking about my mom. And forgive me, but I just don't think she would approve of the way you treat your wife.

Victor: I have a damn good reason for treating nicole the way I do. She has done something I can't forgive.

Brady: Is there anything you like about nicole? I mean, you married her. And don't tell me she looks good, because you're not that superficial. I just want the rest of your married life to be happy, for both of your sakes.

Victor: Nicole, get in here.

Brady: Please.

Victor: Don't push it.

Nicole: What is it?

Victor: When you get back, I would like to discuss the future of our marriage.

Nicole: What future?

Victor: What could be if we put the past behind us.

Nicole: Hang on. When I get back? Get back from where?

Victor: I'm giving you my permission to model in the fashion show.

Nicole: Oh, my god, are you serious?

Victor: You can thank brady. He's been giving me advice on how to better live my life. Take good care of her.

Brady: I will.

Nicole: Yeah, let's get out of here before he changes his mind.

Marlena: Oh, hey -- say, where's roman? He's not going to miss your big day, is he?

Kate: Uh, had to work. You look absolutely fantastic.

Marlena: Thanks.

Kate: Have fun, okay?

Marlena: You too.

Kate: Ha ha ha ha. Next?

Marlena: Rex, there you are. Is everything okay? Are you all right?

Rex: Yes, okay? Why wouldn't things be okay?

Marlena: Oh. Sorry, just -- just checking.

Rex: Well, I wish everyone would stop being so damn concerned about me.

Belle: Come get ready, rex. Let's go. Sorry, mom.

Man: Here we go.

Jennifer: Ooh, ooh!

Man: Let's settle, people.

Jack: All right, settle -- we're going to -- we're all going to --

Man: In 5, 4, 3, 2...

Jack: Hi, everybody. Jennifer and I usually greet you from our house, but today we're in the house that basic black built.

Jennifer: That's right, and we have a fashion show for you today that even the guys will love.

Jack: All proceeds benefiting the horton foundation.

Jennifer: That's right, a very worthy cause. So we're going to start the show right away. We're going to bring out some beautiful, gorgeous models who are wearing sleepwear designed by salem's own belle black.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Techno music playing ]

Jennifer: Well, I think -- I think that I am going to buy some of those pajama bottoms that bo brady had on.

Jack: That's not exactly your style, jennifer.

Jennifer: No, they're for you, and then I'm going to take you home.

Jack: Down, girl. Well, actually, I was just thinking that that little outfit that nicole kiriakis had on would look really swell on you.

Jennifer: You think, huh?

Jack: You wouldn't have it on long, mind you, but --

Jennifer: Jack deveraux.

Jack: Oh. I'm sorry. I keep forgetting that, uh, we're not alone.

Jennifer: No, we are not alone.

Jack: Ahem. And, uh, moving right along, we should, uh, remind everyone of the real reason behind this fashion show.

Jennifer: That's right. The reason we are here is for such a very worthy cause, so please be generous with your contributions. There's a 1-800 number on the bottom of your screen, and the phones are open, and someone will be there to accept your contribution, but before we go on with the fashion show, my brother lucas roberts would like to say a few words about the horton foundation. Lucas.

Lucas: Thanks, jen. Thanks, jack. Ahem. The horton foundation has been helping communities for over 20 years. Proceeds from today's fashion show will pay for the education and medical needs of the cree native american tribe. They are battling a devastating illness. The dimera organization would like to donate $500,000 to this cause.

[ Applause ]

Lucas: Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Sami: Lucas, half a million dollars? That is amazing.

Lucas: Yeah, well, it's tony's money.

Sami: Yeah, but tony is not here. You decided to make that donation. Lucas, I-I'm really impressed.

Lucas: You are?

Sami: Well, yeah. I guess I just didn't realize you have that kind of power in tony's organization. I mean, I think it --

Rex: Who gave you the right to give away my father's money?

Sami: Look, rex, you --

Rex: Shut up. It's bad enough that you blew the reservation land deal. My father's going to be mad enough about that. But when he finds out you just threw away half a million dollars --

Lucas: I didn't blow the land deal. Bo and hope blew it. What, what, you don't believe me? Check this out, rex. Look familiar?


Lucas: Turns out ho a and bo paid a little visit to the reservation. That's how hope got the inside track on the explosive substance. She knew where it was. So they decided to save the planet and blow the cave. What am I going to do?

Rex: No, this is your fault, damn it. If you hadn't shoved your way into my family's business, I'd have been able to make that land deal before the bradys destroyed any hope of it.

Sami: Rex --

Lucas: Forget about it, rex, all right? It's over.

Rex: Don't tell me to forget about it. All right, tony can' fight back right now, but I can, and I will. The people who lost this deal for him are going to pay.

Victor: There's nothing special about her. She's like every other whore.

Brady: Ha ha ha ha. I bet I could sell her autograph to all the guys at the gym. I'll have her sign it nicole "street" walker kiriakis. No, better yet, I can invite them all over so they can experience lolita in the flesh.

Victor: [ Laughing ]

Brady: Nicole. We're waiting for you.

Nicole: What?

Brady: The lingerie segment. You're on.

Brady: You look beautiful.

Nicole: I think I look like A... I'm sorry, brady, but I'm not sure I can do this.

Brady: Okay. Here's what we're going to do. Take that off.

Jennifer: And now what you've all bn n waiting for -- women's lingerie.

Jack: That would be underwear to you and me, gentlemen.

Jennifer: Kate roberts and basic black -- they have just done a spectacular job on this line. And now we're going to get our first peek at some of belle black's creations. Now, we've seen her pajamas --

Jack: Not the pajamas that belle herself sleeps in.

Jennifer: Well, she probably does sleep in them.

Jack: You know what I mean. Not the very pjs that belle cuddles up in every night, you know, kind of --

Jennifer: Okay, we've seen her pajama line. Now here are a few items that belle hopes a lot of young women will be wearing under their clothes thisalall. And here are our models. Hope brady.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jennifer: Lexie carver.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jennifer: Sami brady.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jennifer: Cassie dimera.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jennifer: And nicole kiriakis.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jack: Nothing turns on a man more than seeing a gorgeous woman wearing his shirt.

Belle: No, no, no. Nicole is supposed to be wearing the red lace. Brady, why does she have your shirt on?

Brady: I-I can't really explain it, but trust me, it was the right thing to do.

Philip: I don't care what john says. Rex u up to something, and if I can prove it, the I.S.A. Is going to make me an agent again.

Rex: What the hell are you doing? 0x feeling all night. I don't know if I have

And here he's -- he's1

Jennifer: And nicole kiriakis.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Nico: I am going now, sir. It's my afternoon off. Sir?

Victor: Oh, yes. Have a good time, nico.

Nico: You're going to the cops about your wife killing colin murphy?

Victor: Actually, I was thinking of destroying the evidence.

Nico: Are you sure you should do that?

Victor: Well, it may be time to let the past go, move on with my life.

Nicole: Thank you for letting me borrow your shirt.

Brady: You're welcome. Hey, I think it's going to be the next big thing in sleepwear. Don't you think, belle, you should start designing men's shirts made just for women?

Belle: And then you'll want a cut of the profit?

Brady: That sounds good.

Belle: Not gonna happen. Good job, nicole.

Nicole: Thanks. You know, you've been bringing me good luck.

Brady: I haven't been doing anything. You were terrific out there on your own.

Nicole: I'm not talking about the modeling. I mean, when I think about how upset I was when you moved in with us... but since you've been there, victor's been letting me do things again -- working with you at the blue note, this fashion show, and... now victor wants to give our marriage another chance. I can hardly believe it.

Brady: Well, hey, you deserve to get what you want.

Nicole: What I want?

Brady: Yeah. A happy marriage with my grandfather.

Hope: Hey, lucas. Hey, congratulations. That was such a wonderful donation.

Lucas: Well, thanks.

Hope: Good for you.

Lucas: Well, it's good P.R. For the dimera organization. Part of my job is making my boss look good.

Sami: What's awesome is that you had the power to do that. I mean, you haven't even been working there that long, and tony has you practically running things.

Bo: It doesn't hurt that his boss is in a coma.

[ Crash ]

Bo: What --

Sami: Uh...

[ All shouting ]

John: Philip, get off!

Shawn-d: Let go! Philip!

Bo: What the hell's going on here? Calm down!

John: That's it, everybody, shut up! Everybody! Now, what's going on here? Who the hell started this?

Rex: I came in and found your precious son going through my gym bag!

>>Kate: Philip, is that true?

Philip: No, I didn't know it was your bag.

Rex: Oh, that's crap!

Philip: I was looking for my own stuff, rex.

Kate: Well, you know something? Whatever happened, can we just put it aside for the sake of the fashion show?

Bo: Ooh. Got some anger in you, don't you, kid?

Rex: You think?

Kate: Oh!

Bo: Well, listen, buddy --

Kate: Listen, bo, please. You and hope, you're up next.

Bo: All right.

Cassie: Rex, I'm scared. You keep going after people. What's wrong with you?

Jack: For those of you -- and come to think of it, jennifer and me, too -- who haven't taken your summer vacations yet, here is a look that u and your significant other are going to want for those days at the beach.

Jennifer: For those romantic days at the beach. So, to show us the coolest looks for those hot, hot days, we have bo and hope brady.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Victor: Nicole could have left me at any point if she really wanted to.

Nico: Sir, you've got her on a tight leash, plus you had her scared.

Victor: It's a hollow victory, nico.

Nico: Sir?

Victor: And what do I get out of it, other than ending my life as a bitter and angry man? My grandson has made me see that I have other options.

Nico: Like what, sir?

Victor: Like destroying this blackmail material, and giving my marriage another chance.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jennifer: [ Laughing ]

Hope: Whoo!

Jennifer: There he is! Come on!

Jack: Shawn.

Jennifer: [ Laughing ]

Jack: Oh, I think all folks ought to give yourselves a big hand, 'cause you've got a lot more courage than I have.

Jennifer: Yes! All of you. Now, come on, some of salem's most prominent citizens have nearly bared all for charity, so show them how grateful you are and call the 800 number and make a very generous donation. Thank you.

Jack: Thank you.

When you sleep, you dream.

Two women. Two opposing sides of the conflict. Each carrying the pain of loss.

I didn't want to tell her the truth.

Whoever kills in cold blood, I would put him to death.

What will the next generation carry with them? On global national tonight.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jack: And so, whether you're heading for a weekend of fun in the sun...

Jennifer: Or just a romantic eveninatat home...

Jack: Let belle black and kate roberts dress you in their latest intimate styles from basic black.

Jennifer: Yes, kate, bow! Come take a bow!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jennifer: Congratulations.

Jack: Conatatulations, ladies.

Belle: Thank you.

Jack: Congratulations. Take a bow.

Belle: Thank you so much, everyone. You all look so beautiful.

Kate: Oh, yes, hear, hear. And thank you, everyone, so much for helping us raise money for the horton foundation.

Belle: And the cree reservation.

Jack: Yeah!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Marlena: I'm sure roman wishese could have been here.

Kate: Thanks.

Bo: I don't know when I've had so much fun.

Hope: This has been great.

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Hope: Really great.

John: Hey, tinkerbell. Ha ha ha!

Marlena: Oh, my!

John: Your mom and i are so proud of you, honey.

Marlena: So proud of you.

Belle: Thank you so much. I'm gonna go see shawn, okay?

John: Okay, baby. Good job.

Cassie: Hey, lexie.

Lexie: Yeah?

Cassie: Did you see rex leave?

John: Whoa!

All: [ Gasp ]

Victor: Don't let me keep you from wherever you're going, nico.

Nico: I will leave my cell phone on just in case you need me.

Victor: I'm sure I won'T. Have a nice afternoon.

Victor: [ Gasping ]

Jack: Jennifer, are you okay?

Jennifer: Yeah, I'm fine. What happened?

Jack: Damned if I know. Are we still on the air?

Man: Someone turned off the master switch backstage!

Jack: Turn it on!

Man: I have no idea!

Lexie: Yeah!

Belle: Oh, my god! Aah!

All: [ Screaming ]

John: Back! Back! Everybody back!

All: [ Shouting ]

Philip: Think, everybody. We were all here. Somebody must have seen something suspicious without knowing it. But now that we know what happened, we should be able to put it together.

Marlena: I shsh I could have done more.

John: You did all you can. It's in god's hands now.

Shawn-d: Who would do this? Who would try and hurt my parents?

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