Days Transcript Friday 7/25/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/25/03--Canada; 7/28/03--USA

By Eric

[ Knock on door ]

Belle: Hey.

Shawn-d: Hey. I thought you could use a break.

Belle: Oh, I so need a break right now, but I don't deserve one. I've only finished, like, two of these sketches.

Shawn-d: Well, that's good, right?

Belle: Shawn, I have to do 10.

Shawn-d: Well, maybe you need some fuel to get you going again.

Belle: Ugh, you know, I take any excuse to stop working.

Shawn-d: Did -- did you want me to go?

Belle: No, no, no. I want you to stay.

Shawn-d: All right, good. Is there anything I can do to help?

Belle: Yes. Oh, god. Do these sketches have any potential?

Shawn-d: Uh, well, that -- that would look sexy on you. Yeah, that one's good, too. These, um... aren't these a little risqué?

Belle: Shawn, they're pajamas.

Shawn-d: Oh.

Belle: "Oh."

Shawn-d: Oh, yeah, I -- I don't know much about pajamas. I --

Belle: I wear them.

Shawn-d: Yeah, well, usually, I'm paying attention to what's underneath. I'm -- I'm sorry, I'm sorry. What's -- what is this? These are more? What's wrong with these?

Belle: I don't know what I'm doing. I am an intern. Do you think kate was just trying to score points with my dad, which is why she gave me such a high-profile assignment? Or maybe she just wants me to fail right away, so I never get close to the corporate track at basic black, not like that'll happen anyway, but... oh, my god, I'm insane.

Shawn-d: No, no, you're tired, okay? And it's really hard to be creative when you're pushing yourself so hard. Maybe you need a nap to refresh, recharge, and it'll inspire you to keep going.

Belle: Shawn, do you remember when I said I didn't want you to leave?

Shawn-d: Yes.

Belle: Do you know what might inspire me?

>>Nicole: Why would you tell brady about my past?

Brady: Nicole, nicole, stop it. Stop it. It does not matter. It doesn't matter.

Nicole: It doesn't matter? To you or to me? If it didn't matter, then why did you keep asking what my father made me do? So now you know. Nicole walker -- porn queen. And if you want any further details, you can just rent the damn movie.

John: I got it. I got it. Affirmative. I will take care of it.

Cassie: You are just so cute.

Philip: Cassie, what's in your hand?

Cassie: Nothing.

Philip: Oh, really? 'Cause it looks likeouou're hiding something. Why don't you just tell me?

Lucas: Did you fishsh giving your statement? Ready to go home?

Sami: No.

Lucas: Why not?

Sami: 'Cause I have to check on tony.

Lucas: Wait a minute. I already talked to one of the nurses. He's still in surgery. Sami, we're not his family. They're not going to tell us anything about his condition.

Sami: They will tell me. I know everybody in this hospital.

Lucas: Would you relax? Your voice -- you're going to hurt yourself. Stop it. I already told lexie to call us as soon as he got out of surgery. Don't worry.

Sami: There she is.

Lucas: Lexie, what are you doing out here? Surgery isn't over, is it?

Sami: Tony -- did he -- is he dead? Like sands through the hourglass, sarare the days of our lives.


John: Yeah, I'll be in touch.

Cassie: Tell you what? I'm sorry if you don't want me to touch you.

Philip: No, I just I just didn't know what you were doing.

Cassie: What, did you think I was being sneaky or not to be trusted? You know, that's what everyone says about me, so if you don't feel comfortable hanging out with me --

Philip: No, I do, okay? I totally do.

Nicole: You know, I'm, um... I'm surprised you haven't seen me in living color. You seem like the type, living life as a voyeur.

Victor: Nicole, please direct your contempt toward me. After all, I'm the one that is legally obligated to put up with you.

Nicole: You son of a --

Victor: You really think I told brady that to hurt you?

>>Nicole: You didn't tell brady why I starred in porn flicks, did you? You didn't tell him that my father drugged me.

Victor: I didn't get much of a chance to tell him anything.

Nicole: You know, your grandfather knew he was marrying a porn star. It's the only reason he wanted me, you know.

Victor: Do you really want brady to know the real reason that we're mired in this perpetual misery we call a marriage?

Lexie: Tony is in recovery.

Lucas: So he's going to pull through. He's okay.

Lexie: Well, uh... we're concerned about all the blood he's lost. His brain may have been deprived of oxygen.

Lucas: The same thing happened to sami, and she's fine, you know, as fine as she ever was.

Lexie: And she's completely recovered, while my poor brother is in there --

Lucas: Wait, wait, lexie. Does he need a blood donation of any kind? Should we call cassie?

Lexie: No, no, uh, when he found out about his rare blood type, he banked his blood for autotransfusion in case it was ever needed.

Lucas: Oh, thank god. So he'll be okay. He'll be fine.

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Belle: Mm, no. It's okay. It's okay.

Shawn-d: Belle...

Belle: I know, I know. If I don't get these done, I'm going to be very grumpy. It's just -- I knew if I didn't get a lot done, I wouldn't be able to spend time with you.

Shawn-d: No, it'skay.

Belle: No, it's not okay.

Shawn-d: This is a really big opportunity for you.

Belle: Yeah, I just didn't think it would be this hard.

Shawn-d: The more you do it, the quicker you'll get.

Belle: I hope so.

Shawn-d: Are you inspired yet?

Belle: I don't know. Maybe you could just...

[ Knock on door ]

Shawn-d: Who's that?

Belle: Don't know, don't care.

[ Knock on door ]

Belle: [ Groans ] I just know someone's trying to sell me something. Why can't everyone just go away and leave us alone?

Alice: Oh, hello, belle.

Belle: Mrs. Horton, kate, hi.

Kate: Hi. We saw your car outside, and, um... oh, hi, shawn. Ha ha. Did, um, did we come at a bad time?

Lucas: Sami, you can't do anything for tony now.

Woman: How does he look?

Lexie: Well, unfortunately, sami might have done more harm than good warning tony. You see, the way the knife went into his chest... well, let's just say it might have been better if the knife had gone into his back. He might not be fighting for his life right now.

Lucas: Are you okay? Come on, let's -- let's -- let's get out of here, okay? Let's get you home yourself.

Sami: Lucas, what if tony doesn't make it?

Lucas: Sami, there are worse places to be stabbed than a hospital. You know, he got quick attention. He got good attention. He's going to be fine. Maybe I should call cassie.

Sami: Why?

Lucas: Because she's tony's daughter, that's why. What? What, what do you care if I call cassie, huh?

Sami: I don't care what you do with slutty cassie.

Philip: So how's whiskers?

Cassie: He's perfect.

Philip: Yeah?

Cassie: Thank you again. No one's ever given me a gift like that before. Nobody's ever been remotely that thoughtful.

Philip: Well, I hope tony doesn't mind.

Cassie: Well, he doesn't know, but I told you, I don't care if he does, and it doesn't matter. It's just another creature in the backyard. I thought whiskers would be happier if he was outside and free. I mean, that's where rabbits are supposed to live, right?

Philip: Right, right, yeah.

Cassie: And I know he'll come back to me. I mean, he knows me. You should have seen how happy he was when I let him out of his cage.

Philip: Um, well, I'm glad.

Cassie: I hope you're not mad at me for letting him go.

Philip: No. No, no, but you know what? I just remembered I have to meet someone inside from the base, so I better get going, okay?

Cassie: Yeah, okay.

Philip: All right, well, see you soon?

Cassie: Mm-hmm.

Philip: Okay.

Case:E: Bye.

[ Sighs ]

John: Didn't think you saw me.

Philip: I saw you.

John: That's good. It's nice to be aware of your surroundings beyond cassie dimera.

Philip: Oh, you don't approve of the company I keep, john? Is that why you decided to stop and spy on me? (Female announcer)it's hot. It's stic..

John: I'm a spy. Spying is what I do.

Philip: Yeah? Well, um, I'm a spy, too, and I don't ever remember eavesdropping on a conversation between you and marlena.

John: Oh, so you and cassie are a couple now.

Philip: No.

John: Who's whiskers?

Philip: A rabbit. At least, heasas, until... wait, why am I talking to you about this, john? This is none of your business.

John: You got something to hide?

Philip: No, I don'T.

John: Good, because I am your character witness now, remember?

Philip: Well, I never asked you to be.

John: Fine. You don't want my help?

Philip: No, hold on. John, look, I appreciate your help -- I do. But I just can't help but wondering if maybe I wouldn't be in trouble at all if you hadn't complained about me in the first place.

John: Your mission was a success. You did not recruit my daughter. She followed you, and I reported that in my file.

Philip: Look, john, I wanted to work with you so I could learn from the best, okay? Now, I've been through a pretty grueling recruiting process here, and you've known me since birth. Why are you listening in to the private conversations of mine? Why don't you trust me?

John: I trust you.

Philip: Oh, but not cassie. Yeah, I've been through that one before. But she's your family, john.

John: My heart goes out to cassie, but she needs help, and she doesn't need to turn to you for that help.

Philip: I'm just trying to be the girl's friend.

John: You're being a good guy.

Philip: Hey, I'm not doing a good deed here --

John: Duty, honor -- it's what brought you in this line of work in the first place. So it's hard for me to give you this message from the higher-ups in the I.S.A.

Philip: What message is that?

John: It's over, philip.

Shawn-d: Can I offer you ladies cookies?

Kate: Oh, thank you. How thoughtful of you, especially considering the fact that we barged in here uninvited.

Belle: Shawn is very thoughtful. He's like his grandmother.

Alice: Oh.

Belle: You know, shawn figured I could use something sweet.

Alice: I beg your pardon?

Belle: Oh -- cookies. Cookies -- sweet. It's been a rough day.

Kate: Ha ha ha ha. Having a little trouble with the sketches, are we?

Shawn-d: She's doing great.

Kate: Well, don't worry. We're not going to be here long, 'cause we know you have a lot to do.

Belle: You know, I didn't realize you two were friends.

Alice: We're not.

Kate: Ha ha. Actually, I came to alice with a proposal for a fundraiser for the horton foundation.

Shawn-d: Cool, that's -- that's going to be great.

Kate: But we realized that we couldn't proceed any further until we checked with belle.

Belle: Why?

Kate: Because basic black is going to do a benefit fashion show, and I want to use your sleepwear line to headline it.

Belle: No way.

Kate: Oh, yes -- way.

Belle: But it's not completely on the drawing board yet. What about evening wear, or something a little more glamorous by a name designer?

Shawn-d: Pajamas can be evening wear.

Alice: Belle, dear, we want to see real people in real clothes that people could really wear.

Belle: You mean like regular salem people modeling these clothes?

Kate: You know something? That is a really wonderful idea. Because pajamas -- I mean, they're a popular commodity in the hospital, and if we can find a way to make it more fun...

Alice: Yes -- fun and comfortable.

Kate: Yes. Kind of like sending flowers, sure to brighten someone's day.

Shawn-d: Or night.

Kate: Ha ha. So, anyway, we have a new talented designer who grew up in salem. That's going to create interest. And people will see that everyone can look and feel good in your fashions.

Shawn-d: You better get to work.

Belle: Yeah, I -- I guess I better.

Nicole: Go ahead, victor. Tell brady why I'm still married to you. I don't care. Nothing could be worse than where I am right now.

Victor: When you decided to marry me, you expected the power and the prestige that you would possess as mrs. Victor kiriakis. Perhaps what you didn't expect were the duties that you would have to accept as my faithful wife. I tried to prepare you. Oh, I made my expectations so very clear.

Nicole: That you did. Why don't you just divorce m you stay married to me why? Because you like to torture me, and you're teaching your grandson the same sport. Must be the only way he could get some. But I'm worth it, victor. Oh, am I worth it.

Brady: Nicole, come on.

Nicole: No, you go to hell, both of you.

[ Sobbing ]

Lucas: So what, you're not going to talk to me? Is that it, sami?

Sami: You're the one who told me to rest my voice.

Lucas: Yeah, well, you'll be hearing that from a lot of people. What? What? Come on, why are you crying? You're -- are you crying because of cassie? Come on.

Sami: Cassie? Are you insane? Yes -- obviously you are. I just saw a man get stabbed in front of me -- blood and -- if I could just --

Lucas: I know, it brought it all back. I know. I'm sorry about that, okay?

Sami: It started out to be such a nice day, too.

Lucas: Yeah. Aside from the part where you woke up in my bed.

Sami: Yeah, aside from that.

Lexie: Oh, good, you're still here.

Lucas: What? What? Is it tony?

Lexie: Come with me right now.

Woman: His B.P.'S up to 90.

Lexie: Thanks, sandy.

Sandy: One visitor at a time in the I.C.U.

Lexie: They won't stay long. My brother was asking for them, and I know he won't rest until he sees them. Um, I have to see dr. James. Don't you dare upset him.

Lucas: We won'T. Thanks for letting us in, lexie. I really appreciate it.

Lexie: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: Hey. We, uh... we didn't think you'd be awake for hours. No, it's all right. Don't worry about it. You're weak. You just got out of surgery.

Tony: You're like a son to me, lucas.

Tony: Uh... well, I, uh... just as you did, I'm so sorry for the pain I caused you.

Sami: I know, tony. Look, we don't have to talk about this now. You can say it later.

Tony: No, I have to.

Sami: But, tony --

Lucas: No, no, no, come on. Let him talk.

Tony: Sami, lucas -- let him take care of you while I cannot.

Sami: What? Lucas?

Tony: You owe me a life. You, uh... tried to save me.

Sami: No, you turned when you heard my voice, and the knife went into your chest, and I just made things worse.

Tony: It's okay, it's okay. Trying to help someone -- it's always for the greater good, especially when that someone had once hurt you. Oh. Take good care of her.

Lucas: I will.

Brady: I shouldn't be here.

Victor: I'm sure you're quite disturbed by what you just saw, as well you should be.

Victor: Now you understand why nicole was such a disturbed young woman, why I make such allowances for her. She's quite fragile.

Brady: You don't treat her that way.

Victor: She needs to fight for herself. Brady, all married couples fight. It's inevitable.

Brady: She's in pain because of her past, and, my god, her father, but... she says it's because of you, and she obviously believes it.

Victor: Yes. And do you?

Nicole: [ Sobbing ]

Shawn-d: Well, I'd say congratulations are in order. Cookie? Well, okay. When can we go out and celebrate?

Belle: I can't wait, but I'm sorry, I guess I'm going to be pretty busy over the next couple weeks.

Shawn-d: All right, I'll be here.

Belle: Thanks.

Shawn-d: We'll go out after the big show. What do you say?

Belle: Shawn, what if I don't finish?

Shawn-d: You will, and then there's going to be tons of people out there wearing your fashions, your designs.

Belle: Yeah, to bed, where not very many people will see them. Don't you think that's a good y y to start? God, why did I say I would run this thing? What was I thinking? I guess I could get some people from school to volunteer. And your mom -- she used to be a model. She's not exactly a regular person, but --

Shawn-d: Sure she is, and I'm sure she'd be happy to do it. And she's on the board of the horton foundation, too.

Belle: Do you think your dad would do it? I would love to get some couples.

Shawn-d: Uh, my dad in pajamas?

Belle: All right, all right.

Shawn-d: You know, I do know of a couple who might want to do this.

Belle: No. You would do it?

Shawn-d: Of course I would. Babe, I'm proud of you.

Belle: Thanks, shawn. There's not very many guys out there who would get in front of the whole world in their pajamas.

Shawn-d: Okay, well, you know what? I retract my statement. When you put it that way --

Belle: No, no, no, my -- my designs are very attractive and macho.

Shawn-d: Of course they are.

Belle: But still, this is going to be a very hard concept to sell. I know.

Shawn-d: What?

Belle: Philip. He'll do it.

Shawn-d: No. No way.

Belle: Why not?

Shawn-d: Don't you know he's the last person you should ask to be part of this show?

Sami: Tony.

Lucas: No, it's all right. It's all right. He just needs his sleep. It's okay.

Sami: No, no, lucas, I don't think he's sleeping.

Lucas: Okay. Tony? Tony.

Sami: Oh, lucas.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Lucas: We need a doctor in here right away! Get in here! Hit that button. I'll be right back, okay? Stay here. Someone -- lexie, we just lost him.

Lexie: Tony. All right, you have to leave.

Sami: Oh, god, tony, no.

Lexie: Get her out of here.

Lucas: Come on, sami, let's get out h here.

Lexie: Both of you -- out. We need room to work. It looks like anaphylaxis. First, cpr.

Sandy: Okay.

Philip: I'm out. Of what, the case, the I.S.A., The corps, what?

John: The case, which is over anyway.

Philip: No, not quite.

John: And the I.S.A.

Philip: What?!

John: At least for now, until I complete your case through the right channels.

Philip: Well, how long does that take?

John: You know the answer to that.

Philip: As long as it takes.

John: So in the meantime, your off-base privileges have been suspended. That means you're back to the K.P., P.T. --

P philip: And the B.X. For my crewcut.

John: That's right. It's what you signed up for, philip. You joined the marines, not the I.S.A. Proud to serve, right?

Philip: I am proud to serve, and I'll do anything for the good of the mission, john, but you can't sit there and tell me that this is not against the mission.

John: Damn it, philip, you don't get it. It's not up to you.

Philip: I know. But damn it, john, all this time, all this training, and I have a line on tony's supplier. And sure, some other agent could step in and do a fine job, okay, but nobody has the ins that I do. No one has the relationships that I do.

John: Slow down, will you? Now, what relationships are you talking about?

Philip: Rex dimera. John, he's a serious threat, and you need me to take him down.

Sami: Tony wasn't breathing, was he, lucas?

Lucas: I don't know, sami. Haven't you learned anything by working in the hospital, huh? Forget it. I'm not going to just stay here. I'm -- I'm going to do something. I'm going to find out what's going on here.

Sami: Lexie.

Lucas: Lexie. Is he okay? Is he going to be all right?

Lexie: Tony... he'S... in a coma.

Lucas: He's what? Wait a minute. How'd that happen?

Lexie: Well, it seems he had a reaction to the anesthesia that he was given during his surgery.

Lucas: It's not permanent. It's not permanent. He's going to be okay.

Sami: He's going to die, isn't he?

Lexie: How dare you ask me that? No, sami. My brother is not going to die.

Sami: Uh... lucas, she said that he might --

Lucas: Sami, sami, please. Lexie's right. Tony's pretty much unstoppable... kind of like somebody else I know.

Sami: Lucas, why would he worry about me? Why would he ask you to take care of me?

Cassie: Where is he? Where's my father?

Lucas: He's in I.C.U. Wait, wait, cassie. You can't see him right now.

Cassie: What do you mean, I can't see him right now? Oh, my -- oh, my god, lucas. He's dead -- he's dead, isn't he?

[ Sobbing ]

Belle: Why shouldn't I want philip wearing my designs?

Shawn-d: Look what happened last time you got involved in his work. He got in trouble with his job, and you could have been killed. I-I just think it's better that you stay out of each other's careers.

Belle: Shawn, this is a charity event. It's a one-time deal. Philip's father is one of the richest men in salem, and his mother is the vice-president of this company. Besides the fact that philip looks good in anything he wears.

Shawn-d: Besides the fact he just can't say no to you.

Belle: I know -- I know you're not jealous. Philip can't say no to helping people. He's -- he's a good guy.

Shawn-d: Yes, he is a good guy. Isn't he supposed to be low-profile in his job?

Belle: The marines didn't have a problem with him doing "love is blind."

Shawn-d: Yeah, I still haven't figured that one out, either. His job -- it is very important --

Belle: So he can't find two hours to do this.

Shawn-d: And he's really dangerous. I just don't want you to get involved with him.

Belle: Shawn, philip's not the only person in my life who --

Shawn-d: What?

Belle: Nothing. Your parents -- they have a dangerous job, too. And are you going to stand here and tell me that I can't be friends with philip because he's a marine?

Shawn-d: Of course not. I'm not --

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Shawn-d: Hold on one second. Hello?

Mickey: Shawn, hey, I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time.

Shawn-d: No, no, not at all, uncle mickey. I'm fine. What -- what's going on?

Mickey: Are you -- are you free to meet with me?

Shawn-d: Um, sure. Right now -- where?

Mickey: I'll be at your grandparents' pub in, uh, about 10 minutes.

Shawn-d: Okay. Yeah, that's fine. I'll -- I'll see you there. Bye.

Shawn-d: I have to go.

Belle: Shawn, don't leave because you're mad.

Shawn-d: I'm not mad, belle.

Belle: Yes, you are. What is wrong? Seriously, shawn, tell me what's really going on.

Shawn-d: It's exactly what I said. Ever since philip has gotten back to town, you've been chasing after him, worrying about him, getting yourself in the middle of really dangerous situations. Why? I get enough of that at home. I love you, and I just don't want to see anything happ t to you, but you continue to be very stubborn, and you continue to go back for more. I'm not jealous. I'm just worried... about you. Does that mean anything?

Belle: Shawn --

Shawn-d: Okay, I know it can be seen as being overprotective. I understand that. But look at what's happened in the past. Just think about it, all right? I love you.

Belle: I love you, too.

John: Thank you. Do you want to clarify that statement?

Philip: I've gotten kind of friendly with cassie, as you know.

John: Come on, go.

Philip: And not just to pump her for information, but she is rex's sister.

John: Go.

Philip: Okay, she pretty much admitted to me that rex is trouble.

John: Well, cassie would know from trouble. Now, anything more specific?

Philip: Mimi says the guy's got blueprints all over his room.

John: What kind of blueprints?

Philip: I don't know. Mimi's no engineer.

John: Neither are you. Now, have you got anything else?

Philip: Not so far.

John: Then I guess we'll take it from here.

Philip: Oh, come on, john. I have a relationship with mimi. I have a relationship with cassie, and they will tell me things they won't tell anybody else in a million --

John: So did you ever stop to think how your friendship with belle impeded your ability to proceed competently on this case? It is not necessarily an advantage. More often than not, these relationships are a liability. Let it go.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

John: John black. What? Oh, damn it. No, no. I'm on my way. Yeah. I'll be in touch.

Philip: So what?

John: Let it go. Concentrate on the duties that you have been assigned. They are important enough.

Philip: I know theyrere. But stopping rex is more important.

Brady: You know, I was looking on the internet. They have a sequel to "locker room lolita." Evidently, the -- the star is much better endowed.

Victor: Ha ha ha. With personality, too, one hopes. Ha ha ha.

Brady: See, now k know why all the regulars at the blue note are always buying her drinks and pretending like she's their long-lost best friend lolita.

Victor: She looks familiar to them because there's nothing special about her. She's like every other whore.

Brady: Ha ha ha ha. It's funny how I never saw it before.

Nicole: No, that's not true.

Brady: Oh, and to think, my own step-grandmother. You know, I bet I could sell her autograph to all the guys at the gym. I'll have her sign it "nicole 'street' walker kiriakis." No, better yet, I can invite them all over so they can experience lolita in the flesh.

Both: [ Laughing ]

Nicole: [ Gasps ]

Nicole: [ Sobbing ]

Brady: Granddad, I -- I know that you said nicole adores being your wealthy wife, but did you know that she's borrowing money all over the place?

Victor: All over the place where?

Brady: Well, from me, and other guys at the blue note.

Victor: [ Sighs ]

Victor: Brady, I know you're concerned about me, so I'll tell you this -- I knew about nicole's past before I marrieder. Quite frankly, I felt sorry for her. I thought that my affection might make a difference, might change her. I felt she changed me. I, uh, I felt young again. I envisioned a happy future for the two of us. But things changed. She no longer adores me, and I no longer feel sorry for her. I now know the true nicole walker. Ere's flowers,music, photographer.

B before tobey maguire made him a household name,

My character, red pollard.

He was just one of the family in edmonton. Now he's the canadian jockey who became the american legend.

Once hollywood gets ahold of it, anything can help, eh.

Memories before hollywood. Tonight.

Mickey: Yeah, mom, right. I'll see you later. So... yeah, bye-bye. Oh, I love you, too. Bye-bye.

Shawn-d: Hey, uncle mickey.

Mickey: Ha ha ha ha. Shawn, shawn, thanks for meeting me on such short notice.

Shawn-d: Yeah, no problem. No problem. Was that gran?

Mickey: Yeah, yeah, she said to tell you hi.

Shawn-d: Oh, yeah, I already saw her today.

Mickey: Oh, the fashion show -- that's right. She told me. It's for a good cause.

Shawn-d: It is for a good cause, yeah. So, what's up?

Mickey: Well, while we're on the subject, I've got a little proposition for you.

[ Knock on door ]

Belle: Philip.

Philip: Hey.

Belle: Hi.

Philip: I'm sorry. I know you're in the middle of this huge project, but... I just didn't really know anywhere else to go. I mean, you're the only person I can talk to about this, so... is it okay if I come in?

Nicole: Ugh.

[ Knock on door ]

Nicole: Who is it?

Brady: It's me. Brady.

Nicole: Go away.

Nicole: Do you remember my father paul?

Brady: Yes, I do.

Nicole: He, uh... he was a bad man -- very bad, and I was too young and stupid to realize it. I was his little girl. I was very special to him... which is why he made me do special things.

Brady: Did -- did -- did he abuse you or...

Nicole: No. No, he never touched me. He just -- he forced me to --

Brady: Nicole, what did he force you to do?

Nicole: Enough true confessions for one day, brady.

Brady: No, wait -- hey, hey, hey, hey, wait, wait. If you ever want to -- want to finish this story, you ow I'm here.

Nicole: Don't feel sorry for me, brady. I mean, people have gone through worse things and survived. I'm strong.

Lucas: Cassie, tony's not dead.

Cassie: He's okay?

Lucas: He's alive. He came out of the surgery. He woke up.

Cassie: Well, then why can't I see him?

Lucas: Because he slipped into a coma. I'm sorry. He had a bad reaction to the anesthetic. But, wait, lexie seems to think he's going to be okay, all right?

Cassie: She thinks he's going to be okay?

Lucas: You know tony, all right? He's a fighter. He just found his family. Hehe's going to fight to stay with you.

Cassie: Lucas, I can't lose him. He's my daddy.

Sami: Lucas, I'll stay with cassie if you want to go upstairs and check on tony's condition. When he wakes up, he's going to want to finish our conversation.

Lucas: Sure.

Cassie: Your voice...

Sami: It's back.

Cassie: Has anybody called rex? I mean, how -- how am I supposed to tell him that we might lo o our father?

Sami: Well, you've already been there and done that. Got through the mourning period pretty well, I'd say.

Cassie: What?

Sami: I'm going to give you a reason to cry, cassie. Tony's going to live, but no matter what happens, there is no way you are inheriting the dimera fortune. I know the truth.

Cassie: What are you talking about?

Sami: I know, cassie. I know that tony is not your father.

Sami: Let me ask you a question, cassie. Ever had your ass kicked?

John: So, what are you saying? You want tony to die?

Belle: Philip, listen to me, okay? If there's one thing you can count on, it's going to be me. We've been friends forever. What could change that?

Philip: This. Layton editorial july 25, 2003

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