Days Transcript Thursday 7/24/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/24/03--Canada; 7/25/03--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Bernadette

Victor: Anything interesting in the news today?

Nicole: Why do you have to sneak up on me like that?

Victor: Surely you've checked out your astrological forecast. First thing you turn to, isn't it? Let me guess. "Stormy weather ahead. Avoid duplicity."

Nicole: That's your area of expertise.

Victor: My dear, I have never been anything but honest and forthright with you.

Nicole: Oh. Like the flowers you sent me at the Blue Note? What did the card say? Let's see. The one word on it that I recall -- it was "truce," if I'm not mistaken. What was that, one of your sick jokes?

Victor: You know, for a brief moment, I actually felt hopeful about our future. God knows why. Then somebody went and tried to put a bullet in me. And wouldn't you know, that made me cynical all over again. Now I don't trust anyone, least of all you, my dear.

Nicole: Well, Victor, you shouldn't trust me. What I mean is, would you ever consider trusting someone who made a deal with the devil?

Cassie: Hey! Why don't you move your junk out of the way so people can walk?

Kate: [ Gasps ] That's a Leonardo briefcase, thank you very much. Look what you did!

Cassie: Ah, shoot. Did I scratch the vinyl?

Kate: This is hand-burnished Italian leather.

Cassie: Why do I see you as a synthetic type? "Hand-burnished Italian leather." Pretentious bitch.

Philip: You okay?

Cassie: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just fed up.

Philip: Not with me, though, right?

Cassie: No, not at all.

Philip: Good.

Cassie: Okay, so what's going on? Your message sounded like it was important.

Philip: Yes, well, there are different degrees of importance.

Cassie: What degree is this?

Philip: Oh, on a scale of 1 to 10, this would be like a b-plus.

Cassie: Oh, okay. I'm interested. What is it?

Philip: Okay. You know how little kids have a real hard time keeping secrets?

Cassie: Yeah.

Philip: All right, that's like me. I'm like a kid when it comes to surprises.

Rex: God! You know, I was hoping 40 laps might help clear my head. But exercise, any physical activity, seems to fill me with more questions. I thought unlocking my DNA might help me understand how my brain works, but it's just given me more problems to solve. I mean, what are these mood swings about, and what is causing these horrific headaches? Why am I unable to control my emotions?

(Rexís flashback)

Mimi: Please stop, Rex. I hate when you get like this. It scares me.

Rex: Yeah, well, you know what scares me? The thought of someone finding out who my real parents are.

Mimi: I don't get it. Why are you so jazzed about being a Dimera, anyway? I mean, sure, they've got power and a ton of money. I mean, this vase probably cost more than what my dad makes in an entire year, but you know what? That isn't everything. Doesn't that make you want to hate them?!

Rex: Shut up! Shut up! You don't understand! You never will!

Mimi: This was a mistake. I never should have come here.

Rex: Maybe it's just paranoia. Maybe it's anxiety knowing that I'm not a Dimera, that Tony's not my father.

Tony: Where is that doctor? He knows we're waiting.

Woman: You, take these down to radiology.

Sal: Now? I'm in the middle of something here.

Woman: Whatever it is can wait. Go!

Tony: You know, it's obvious that Dr. Galloway doesn't care. And this hospital is so understaffed.

Lucas: Yeah, you know what? I'm not waiting around. I'm just going right in there.

Tony: Mnh. No, don't do that. Not now. You know how emotional Sami gets. And besides, the doctor may have some information we need before we see her.

Lucas: Oh, man.

Tony: No, don't do that. Don't, donít.

Lucas: Tony, back at your house --

Tony: What about my house? What?

Lucas: Well, you said you wanted to have a relationship with Sami.

Tony: What, you want to go into an in-depth conversation about what we talked about? Why did I open myself up to you? Why did I discuss with you my feelings? What possessed me?

Lucas: Well, you're obviously not in love with her. You said you haven't even thought about it. You haven't even asked yourself that question.

Tony: What, you think I'm going to spend an hour discussing my relationship with Sami now?

Lucas: Well, I was just wondering, do you think it's fair? Do you think it's really fair to Sami? You know she's the type of woman who needs love. It's not right. She's not ready for it.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Victor: So, you made a deal with the devil, huh?

Nicole: That's right, Lucifer. I married you, didn't I? I signed the license, said the vows.

Victor: You know, Larry Welch's incompetence certainly cost you the role of a lifetime -- grieving widow with tear-stained cheek who couldn't wait to get home to her chilled champagne and her murdered husband's bank account. Did you have your widow's weeds already picked out?

Rex: I've checked out every medical book that deals with neurology and headaches -- and a few books on relationships, too. These mood swings are destroying what I have with Mimi. I can't let that continue. These med books -- I keep avoiding opening them. I'm afraid to discover that my headaches -- I mean -- what -- what if they're symptoms of a brain tumor? I mean, how will I ever know if there's a history of neurological problems in my family? My biological family. These books won't tell me that. They won't tell me what's been passed down to me by my...parents. For that, I need to speak to them face to face. I need to actually talk to Roman Brady and Kate Roberts.

Roman: Hey, what's the matter? You got a headache?

Kate: Oh... it's that little slut Cassie. Watching her out there with my son has made me just a little bit tense.

Roman: Well, they are getting to be fast friends.

Kate: You know, she walked by the table earlier, and she kicked my briefcase. Now, you would think she would have apologized, but instead she insulted me. She has absolutely no respect for anyone or anything.

Roman: She is difficult. I agree.

Kate: Oh...

Roman: But in all fairness to both she and her brother, they never really learned how to get along with people.

Kate: Well, obviously they are never going to learn, so why don't they just go back where they came from and leave us all alone?

Philip: I was thinking about how crazy your childhood was. I mean, you didn't even really have a childhood. You never got a chance to be a kid, you know?

Cassie: Right, so that's exactly why I have absolutely no patience. Please, please, tell me what my surprise is, or I'm going to lose my mind.

Philip: Okay, fine. Just -- you wait right there.

Cassie: Okay.

Philip: And close your eyes.

Cassie: Close my eyes?

Philip: Yes. Close your eyes.

Cassie: Okay.

Philip: Are they closed?

Cassie: Yes.

Philip: All right, keep them closed...

Cassie: ĎKay.

Philip: Until I say.

Cassie: Just hurry.

Philip: I'm hurrying. Open.

Cassie: Philip, a bunny!

Philip: Yeah. I was thinking about, you know, the stuffed bunny you have, and how much he means to you, and I thought you might want to take care of something that's actually alive.

Cassie: Philip, look at this little guy. Ohh!

Philip: Yeah. Do you like him?

Cassie: Are you serious? I love him. He's -- oh, he's perfect. This is the best present ever.

Philip: I just hope your dad doesn't get all nuts about it.

Cassie: Ah, so what if he does? I don't give a damn what Tony thinks. Yes. No, I donít.

[ Both laugh ]

Tony: She's a big girl.

Sami: [ Voice cracking ] Tony, watch out!

Tony: Ooh! 

Sal: Aah!

[ Both grunting ]

Sal: Aah! Ahh!

Sami: Tony!

Cassie: Thank you so much for not thinking that I was juvenile for carrying around my stuffed rabbit.

Philip: No, no. It's just it got to me. It made me think you should have a real bunny to talk to, not a pretend one.

Cassie: You are so sweet. Isn't he sweet, whiskers? Yes, I'm going to call you whiskers, just like the little bunny I knew when I was growing up. And then we're gonna be best friends. Ha. What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Philip: Well, it's just that the other day, when you told me you feel alone in the world I just thought since you have Rex, you shouldn't feel that way. I mean, from everything I've read about twins, there's supposed to be this really strong connection, right?

Cassie: Well, yeah. I mean, Rex and I connect on a lot of levels. There's just this other side of him.

Philip: What's that?

Cassie: The genius side. He spends most of his day locked up in his room working on bizarre experiments.

Kate: It's obvious to me that Cassie's starting to get her nasty little feline claws into my unsuspecting son.

Roman: Will you just relax? Philip can take care of himself.

Kate: Really?

Roman: Yes.

Kate: I don't think basic training includes declawing a trampy alley cat. Thank you.

Roman: Thank you very much. Ah, we're getting switched.

Lisa: Sorry.

Roman: I will say this about Cassie. At least she's out there. I mean, what you see is what you get.

Kate: So, what, are you giving her points for being out there?

Roman: I'm just saying atat least you know who she is, unlike her brother Rex. I mean, he's slippery. He's got some kind of secret agenda going. He's always suspicious of people, always angry --

Mimi: Hey! Hey! You wouldn't say those things about Rex if you knew the truth.

Kate: Mimi!

Roman: Truth? What truth are you talking about?

Nicole: I got news for you, Victor. If you dropped dead, I would not be wearing widow's weeds. I would put on my brightest, gaudiest designer dress, and ice down the champagne.

Brady: Hi there.

Victor: Brady.

Brady: I just wanted to tell you, I spoke to Roman. He said he doesn't have anything more on Larry Welch.

Victor: Well, that doesn't surprise me. I'm going to Titan. Call me if you hear anything further.

Nicole: Well, you missed all the fun.

Brady: I don't get it. He was almost killed. Doesn't that make a person think about his life and what's important?

Nicole: Victor thinks he's invincible.

Brady: Well, he's not. Nobody is.

Nicole: Tell him that.

Brady: Nicole, tell me something. If you were nearly gunned down, wouldn't that be like a wake-up call to you? Wouldn't you want to make some changes?

Nicole: What kind of changes?

Brady: I don't know, let's start with this marriage. Why in the world does he want to stay married when it's completely obvious you two make each other miserable? 

Nicole: You are more naive than I thought, Brady.

Brady: Will you just cut the crap, Nicole? Cut it!

Nicole: Marriage is not all moonlight and roses, you know?

Brady: Right. So I'm supposed to believe that after everything that I see here -- the fighting, the accusations, the insults -- that you two bicker just like every other happily married couple I don't think so, Nicole. You two hate each other's guts.

Nicole: Okay. I admit we're not going to win the couple of the year award.

Brady: All right, you know what? The sarcasm is getting a little tiresome.

Nicole: I'll tell you what's tiresome, Brady. You explaining my marriage to me. My god, ever since you moved in here, you've been determined to figure out what's going on between me and Victor, like it's any of your business.

Brady: It's not my business to worry about my grandfather, Nicole?

Nicole: Fine. Worry about him. But whatever's going on in my life is off limits to you, you got that? Your opinions mean nothing to me. You mean nothing to me.

Brady: Well, I'm really sorry to hear that.

Nicole: Why? What, do you think you're the center of my universe or something?

Brady: No, no, I thought that we were becoming friends. And, Nicole, when a friend of mine is hurting -- all right, you know what? Let's just get to the bottom line here. Did you ever really love my grandfather?

Nicole: I, um... I never got the hang of love. Not the kind that a wife is supposed to have for her husband. I'll never have th.. I'm not -- I'm not capable of loving anybody.

Mimi: I'm sorry. Eavesdropping -- it's such a tacky thing to do. I mean, it's just plain wrong.

Kate: And yet that didn't stop you from doing it.

Roman: I wouldn't say these things about Rex if I knew what, Mimi?

Mimi: Oh, right. Um, what I meant was that if you knew that he was, um...

Roman: Yeah?

Mimi: Your biggest fan. I probably shouldn't be saying this. I mean, Rex would be so embarrassed, but he is. Your biggest fan, that is. I mean, he follows all your cases, from jaywalking to the big whodunit murder cases. He really thinks what you do is just rad. But I better get going.

Roman: Mimi, whoa. Stop right there, all right? You know that's not true.

Kate: Rex doesn't even like Roman.

Roman: No, and if he does, he's keeping it a hell of a secret from me.

Mimi: You don't know Rex at all. I mean, he is really sweet and caring, smart.

Roman: Right.

Mimi: Really smart.

Roman: Uh-huh, no doubt that he's smart.

Mimi: I mean, he's really, really smart.

Roman: Okay, we agree on smart. But he's also deceptive.

Mimi: Okay, Rex can be moody. I'll even give you a little weird. I mean, he can come across a bit intense sometimes, and he certainly has his bad days, but don't we all? Actually, I'm having one today, so if you don't mind, I'll see you later. Take care.

Kate: Just a little weird?

Roman: Well, it seems to me that Rex has convinced Mimi that he's somebody he's not.

Philip: So what are these bizarre experiments that Rex does in his room?

Cassie: Well, he tried to explain it to me once, but it was just too complicated and boring. I zoned out.

Cassie: So you have no idea what he's up to. I mean, he must be trying to figure something out, right? Or invent something?

Cassie: Well, yeah, he is, but whenever he talks about it, I just turn off the listening switch.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Cassie: I do know that if he wanted to wreak some sort of havoc, I would stand way back, and I mean, like, back to state line.

Philip: Wreak havoc?

Cassie: Never mind.

Philip: No, no, no. Cassie, what did -- what did you mean by that?

Cassie: It was just a saying.

Rex: Come on, don't close me out now. What is this big secret? What is Rex up to?

Cassie: Look, Rex is my twin brother, and I'm not going to talk about him behind his back. Thank you for my bunny. He's perfect.

Philip: Look, Cassie, I wasn't trying --

Cassie: No, Philip. Bye.

Philip: Okay.

Cassie: Let's get you home.

Philip: Here. See ya.

Cassie: Come on, young man.

Philip: Hey.

Mimi: Hey. Was it something I didn't say?

Philip: Ha ha. Where's Rex?

Mimi: Probably in his room.

Philip: Want to go eat this inside?

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Roman: Brady. Where? All right, I'm right there.

Kate: What is it?

Roman: There was a stabbing at the hospital. I got to get over there.

Kate: Oh, my god. I'll come with you.

Roman: All right. Let's go.

Lexie: Tony? Tony? Tony? Can you hear me? Huh? Okay. Oh, god. Somebody fill me in.

Lucas: How is he?

Lexie: Lucas, what happened?

Lucas: That guy right there -- he stabbed him with a scalpel.

Lexie: And how's he doing?

Lucas: I don't know.

Lexie: From the bleeding, I'm guessing a severed aortic artery. Check the records. He has a very rare blood type. We need a lot. Page Dr. James. We have to move on this. We're not going to lose him.

Lucas: Lexie, is he going to be okay?

Lexie: We need a gurney out here now! This is my brother. Damn it.

Brady: Nicole, what do you mean, you're not capable of -- of loving anyone?

Nicole: I tried. I can't. I guess my heart is hard or something.

Brady: That's a load, and you know it.

Nicole: You don't believe me? Just ask Victor. He'll tell you.

Brady: I don't want to ask Victor. I don't care what he thinks, and you ow what? I'm not buying it. Nicole, there's not a person in this world that does not want to be loved and to be able to give that love back.

Nicole: Well, there's at least one, and you're looking at her. You know... love is for fools, for people who want to get the crap kicked out of them.

Brady: Okay, okay, so I get it. You were burned. You were hurt, and -- and now you don't want to step out and take that chance, so you keep your emotions all bottled up nice and neat, you know, a cork in the top.

Nicole: Please, Brady, save me from the dime store psychology. You don't know anything about my life.

Brady: Then tell me.

Nicole: It's just an ugly story with a tragic ending.

Brady: That story is not over, Nicole.

Nicole: Might as well be.

Brady: I'm here. I want to understand, so... please.

Philip: So no hot date with Rex tonight?

Mimi: No, he's in genius mode.

Philip: Must be hard dating somebody that smart.

Mimi: No, it's great most of the time, when he's not all moody and angry at me for bothering him.

Philip: How could you ever be a bother, Meems? Come on.

Mimi: Yeah, I know, right? I'm such a delightful human being, it's hard to believe someone wouldn't want to spend every minute of every day with me.

Philip: Well, yeah. Actually, it is hard to believe.

Mimi: Philip. That's such a lovely thing to say, Phil, but we both know I can be a big pain. Speaking of which, besides getting all moody, Rex gets these headaches, too. Probably 'cause his brain's working too hard making all these inventions and stuff.

Philip: Well, what kind of inventions? Like moccasins that don't wear out or something like that?

Mimi: Are you kidding? Bigger than that. I'm telling you, the guy has blueprints and computer printouts all over the place.

Philip: He's designing stuff, huh? Like -- like what?

Mimi: Uh, we don't really talk about it.

Philip: Aren't you the least bit curious?

Mimi: Sure, but I figure... why are you so interested?

Philip: Well, if Rex is coming up with some way to eliminate zits or something, I want to be one of the first to know.

Mimi: Oh, I think Rex is way beyond acne medication.

Philip: Really. So, Mimi, what if he's working on something dangerous or something bad?

Mimi: Why would he be? And why is everyone putting down Rex? Is it dis Mimi's boyfriend day?

Philip: I'm just worried about you.

Mimi: Well, there's no need to be worried about me, Philip. Rex is a good guy.

Philip: Are you sure? Seems like bad news to me.

[ Knock on door ]

Cassie: Rex, are you in there?

[ Knock on door ]

Cassie: Rex.

Rex: Come in.

Cassie: About time.

Rex: Were you there long?

Cassie: Yeah, an hour and a half.

Rex: Sorry. I was -- I've been concentrating.

Cassie: I'm kidding. I just got here.

Rex: Oh.

Cassie: What are you reading?

Rex: Brain books.

Cassie: You always read brain books.

Rex: No, these are actually about the brain. Yeah, how it works, cause, effect, neurotransmissions. Look, I'm trying to pinpoint the source of my headaches. I mean, initial impulses seem to emanate from the left frontal lobe, then continue through the cerebellum to the --

Cassie: Okay, stop.

Rex: Here, let me diagram it for you.

Cassie: No, no, no. It's okay -- how about just a handful of aspirin?

Rex: Aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen -- none of it works.

Cassie: Well, is there anything I can do to help you?

Rex: Yes. But not with the headache. With something else.

Cassie: Sure. Name it.

Rex: I need you to get close to Philip.

Santos: So tell me what happened.

Woman: Well, he stabbed him, and then there was a fight, and --

Santos: Was he alone?

Lucas: You okay? You want to sit down or something? No, no, I'm fine. Don't worry about it. It's all over. It's going to be fine, okay?

Kate: I got most of the details on the ride over. Are you okay?

Lucas: Yeah, I'm fine. Everything's fine, mom.

Roman: Lucas, I understand you're the one that took this guy out.

Lucas: No. I mean, I-I don't know. I-I'm not sure what happened. I-I know I scared him, and -- and he hit his head and fell, I guess.

Roman: Well, that's not the way I heard it. Sami, is that what happened? That's what I thought. Lucas, when did you realize this guy was going after Tony?

Lucas: I didn't. Sami did. Sami was the one who warned him. You called out to him, didn't you?

Sami: Yes.

Mimi: Why is everyone dumping on Rex? You barely even know him.

Philip: Well, I know him enough to know what kind of person he is.

Mimi: Knock it off, Philip. He's my boyfriend. And why are you so buddy-buddy with Cassie all of a sudden?

Philip: Look, it's not all of a sudden. I like Cassie, and she's my friend, and that's it.

Mimi: Of course she's just your friend, because the one you have the hots for is Belle.

Philip: What?

Mimi: You can deny it all you want, but it was so obvious the other night in the loft.

Philip: Oh, really?

Mimi: I don't think Belle or Shawn got it, but I sure did.

Philip: Mimi, there's nothing to get. The dumbest thing I could do is to fall for Belle.

Mimi: That's true, but sometimes, we don't get to choose who we fall in love with.

Cassie: Why do you want me to get close to Philip?

Rex: No earth-shattering reason. Data pool -- that's all.

Cassie: For what?

Rex: He's our partial sibling -- our half-brother.

Cassie: I understood what "partial sibling" meant. Okay, I'm not as smart as you, but I'm not an idiot.

Rex: I need his DNA for the family pool. Why are you giving me such a hard time about this?

Cassie: What do you need?

Rex: A strand of hair pulled by the root. But if this is too much to ask...

Cassie: No, no, no. That's fine. I think I can do that. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Roman: Oh, Sami, I knew it. I said you'd speak again. I knew this in my gut. This is great.

Lucas: I didn't even think about it when you spoke, but everything was happening so fast.

Roman: Yeah, how'd it come about? Was it gradual? What?

Sami: Well -- I wa--

Lucas: Wait, Sami, you don't have to speak.

Sami: I -- I want -- I want to.

Roman: Are you sure? All right, what happened?

Sami: I -- I saw the guy and the -- scalpel. He was going for -- Tony. I --

Lucas: You probably saved Tony's life.

Roman: All right, Sami, before you talk any more, I think the doctor ought to check you out.

Lucas: I actually paged Dr. Galloway. He's on his way. I paged him before any of this happened.

Roman: Okay, good, good. Why don't you wait r the doctor over there? I got to get back to work.

Lucas: I'll see you back.

Sami: No, I'm -- I'm okay. I'll just find a doctor.

Lucas: You sure?

Roman: All right, I tell you what -- you can take off. I got plenty to keep me busy here for a while.

Kate: Okay, yeah. I need to get back to work, but I just want to talk to Lucas for a moment.

Roman: Okay. I'll see you in a while.

Kate: Okay.

Roman: All right.

Lucas: How's Tony?

Lexie: Well, um, Dr. James is his surgeon. He's the best. And I'll be there to lend a hand if I can.

Lucas: Well, how long is it going to take? Do you know?

Lexie: No, I don't know. Um, I'll keep you posted, okay?

Lucas: All right. Thanks, Lexie. Good luck.

Woman: How does he look?

Lexie: Well, unfortunately, Sami might have done more harm than good warning Tony. You see, the way the knife went into his chest, um... well, let's just say it might have been better if the knife had gone into his back. He might not be fighting for his life right now. 

Roman: All right. If this guy was going to get out of here after the hit on Tony, there's probably some clothes around here, hopefully with I.D. In them. I want to know who's under this sheet.

Santos: Right. I'll have all the supply closets searched.

Roman: All right. I also want to know who belongs to every car out in that parking lot.

Santos: I'm on that, sir.

Roman: All right, thanks.

Sami: This can't be my fault. It can't be.

Dr. Galloway: Talking to yourself already? I heard you said a few words earlier. That's terrific. You just don't want to strain anything at this point.

Lucas: Man, I should have seen that S.O.B. coming.

Kate: What are you, Tony's bodyguard now? Would you have thrown yourself in front of that scalpel?

Lucas: What are you talking about? I don't need to get paid to want to stop somebody from getting murdered. You got that?

Kate: Lucas, this is vintage Dimera, okay? There's hit men, and there's-- and there's death squads. That's what happens when you work for a man like Tony. I mean, what do you want, to be e next one getting stabbed?

Lucas: One guy with a scalpel is not a death squad.

Kate: You are young, and you're smart. Go work for someone else, will you, please? Just stay away from Tony Dimera.

Lucas: Sorry, mom. I'm not bailing out on him now. He needs me more than ever.

Dr. Galloway: Well, it looks pretty good. Probably still a little tender. You go ahead and use your voice. Just don't overdo it, and everything should be just fine.

Nicole: So what do you want to know?

Brady: I want to know about you.

Nicole: There's not much to tell.

Brady: Nicole, you didn't just appear on this earth as an adult. Come on.

Nicole: I don't remember much of my childhood.

Brady: Sure you do.

N Nicole: Okay. Ha ha. Here it goes. When I was a little girl, I wore pigtails.

Brady: [ Chuckles ] Go on.

Nicole: Do you remember my father Paul?

Brady: Yes. Yes, I do.

Nicole: He, uh... he was a bad man -- very bad, and I was too young and stupid to realize it. Especially since... he was good to me, in a way. He didn't beat me like he did Brandon and my mother. I was his little girl. I was very special to him... which is why he made me do special things.

Brady: Did -- did -- did he abuse you or...

Nicole: No. No, he never touched me. He just -- he forced me to --

Brady: Nicole, what did he force you to do?

Nicole: Enough true confessions for one day, Brady.

Brady: No, wait -- hey, hey, hey, hey, wait, wait. If you ever want to -- want to finish this story, you know I'm here.

Nicole: Don't feel sorry for me, Brady. I mean, people have gone through worse things and survived. I'm strong.

Brady: Nicole, I know that -- I know that you are strong, but to grow up without any sense of self-worth...

Nicole: Brady, come on. I'm -- I'm Mrs. Moneybags Kiriakis. I can just go buy myself some self-worth. You think I should -- should get the jumbo size?

Brady: Nicole, please.

Nicole: Do not feel sorry for me. Now, you said that you were excited about seeing me. I'll bet you're excite about seeing that!

Mimi: Rex?

Rex: Mimi, I am so glad you're here.

Mimi: Hi.

Rex: Hey. Look... I'm really sorry about last night.

Mimi: You should be.

Rex: So do you forgive me?

Mimi: I'm thinking about it.

Rex: I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. It's just...

Mimi: I know, you're moody, and you take out your lousy mood swings on me, which is such a lovely thing to do.

Rex: It's totally unfair.

Mimi: Rex, you have to find out what's wrong. I mean, there's got to be a reason why you're having these headaches and mood swings.

Rex: I know, and I'm working on it, finding out why I behave the way I do. I mean, I have been poring through books all morning, and I'm going to figure it out, I swear.

Mimi: By reading about it. Rex... analyzing the problem doesn't necessarily mean you're going to change anything. I mean, I figured out why my little brother and i fight all the time about the stupidest things, but guess what -- we still fight.

Rex: It's just a start. I know. I admit that. But it's important to me to learn to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Okay, look, I don't ever mean to push you away or make you feel like you don't matter, Mimi, because you do, more than anyone or anything.

Mimi: That is sweet.

Rex: Mm.

Mimi: Now let me tell you the real reason I came by to see you.

Rex: You mean it wasn't because you missed me?

Mimi: Of course it was, but I also wanted to warn you about Philip.

Rex: Warn me?

Mimi: Rex, he thinks that you're up to something -- something bad.

Rex: I don't give a damn what Philip thinks.

Mimi: He's not right, is he? I mean, this thing you're working on -- it's legit isnít it?

Rex: How could you ask that?

Mimi: I'm sorry. I just -- I get worried sometimes. I can't help it.

Rex: You know how much I love you, Mimi, and you love me, don't you?

Mimi: Yes, I do. I can't seem to help that, either. Still, Rex, I just -- I --

Rex: Shh.

Cassie: Hey. Long time no see.

Philip: Hey, you're back.

Cassie: I took my little bunny home and got him all cozy. Thank you again so much for whiskers. I love him so much.

Philip: Ha ha ha. What are you doing?

Cassie: You know, you're just as cute as that bunny.

Philip: Oh, come on.

Cassie: Well...

Dr. Galloway: You made a remarkable recovery. I want to see you in a week.

Sami: Thank you.

Lucas: Thanks, doc.

Dr. Galloway: Sure.

Lucas: Appreciate it. Sounds great. I heard. Why don't you try to say something? Aw, come on, please. I thought my days of endless monologues were over. I guess all you needed to do was get a little emotional to get your voice back. Your first words were a warning to Tony.

Dr. Galloway(Samiís flashback): Your voice will come back when it's ready to -- in the heat of the moment when you least expect it to, when you have something important to say. Luca-- Lucas.

Lucas: Sami, I really hope Tony pulls through. He's an amazing man. I've never met somebody so smart and strong before. I really respect him. I'm -- I'm no good at waiting around. I'm going to go see what's happening.

Victor: Brady, what are you doing sitting here all alone?

Brady: Oh. I was just thinking. Do you need me for something?

Victor: I was hoping you'd join me for lunch.

Brady: I'm sorry, I'm -- I'm not really hungry right now.

Victor: What were you thinking about?

Brady: Nicole was telling me a little bit about her childhood and her father. She said that he forced her to do something, but she wouldn't tell me what it was.

Victor: Porn.

Brady: What?

Victor: That's what he forced her to do. Paul Mendez decided he would share his daughter's beauty with the rest of the world, so he forced her to star in porn films as a teenager.

Nicole: Damn you. How could you?! How could you tell him?! How could you do this to me?! [ Sobbing ] Why?! How could you?! How could you?!

(On the next Days of Our Lives)

Kate: Basic Black is going to do a benefit fashion show, and I want to use your sleepwear line to headline.

Belle: No way.

Nicole: Your grandfather knew he was marrying a porn star. It's the only reason he wanted me, you know.

Cassie: Oh, my god. He's dead, isn't he?

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