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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/22/03--Canada; 7/23/03--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Bernadette

(Sami’s Dream)

Sami: I hate you! I hate you!

Tony: You're a spoiled little brat who finally got what she deserved!

Sami: Let me go! Let me go!

Tony: Oh, I'll let you go, Sami! You can go to hell!


Lucas: Let's see what's on the tube. Infomercial... infomercial... more infomercials. Insomnia. No, I don't think so. Oh, man. I've got to get rid of this stuff.

Sami: [ Sobbing ]


Cassie: Hey, thanks again for the ride.

Philip: No problem.

Cassie: Do you want to stay and listen to that cd that I told you about?

Philip: I think I should pass. You know, I doubt your dad would be too thrilled to find a Kiriakis here. I guess that's what you were talking about earlier, right? You know, how you and I could never...hook up.

Cassie: Oh, no, that's not exactly what I meant. You know what? I'm going to get you that cd. You can -- you can borrow it.

Philip: Okay.

Rex: What the hell are you doing here?


Tony: You know, you haven't answered my question, Victor. Why do you think your wife is so interested in Larry's condition?

Victor: Why wouldn't she be interested? The man tried to kill me.

Tony: Yes, I must admit, it's not exactly shocking. After all, you were instrumental in sending the man to prison for Colin Murphy’s murder. But don't worry, Victor. Your secret's safe with me.


[ Monitor beeping ]

Abe: Larry, who helped you stage your death and take out Victor?

Larry: [ Coughs ]

Abe: Whoever it was, they don't give a damn about you, Larry. Why the hell are you protecting them now? Who was it? Tell me while you still can.

Brady: Is he... accusing you, Nicole?

Abe: Larry, speak up.

Larry: [ Weakly ] Hope.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. 


Hope: I thought you were dead.

Abe: We all did. It was a setup. He faked his own death so he could escape and go after Victor. What we don't know is why.

Hope: Or  who helped him. There's no way he could've pulled this off on his own. Someone had to have helped him.

Abe: And that's what I was trying to find out when you got here.

Brady: I think he's trying to say something.

Larry: Oh... talk to Hope... alone?

Abe: You don't have to do this.

Hope: No, I want to. I have some things I want to say to Larry myself.

Abe: You need anything, I've got a couple of officers right outside. All right, let's go.


Victor: I have your word then?

Tony: What, that your secret is safe with me? Of course. I can't imagine why you'd have any doubts. But Larry Welch, on the other hand -- god knows what he might say.

Abe: Tony. Can I see you for a minute? I'd like to ask you some questions.

Tony: Of course. Would you excuse us?


Rex: What's this jerk doing here?

Philip: Your sister is just getting me a cd. Chill.

Rex: Don't tell me to chill.

Cassie: Rex, stop it.

Philip: You know what? I'm outta here.

Cassie: No. No, no. Don't go.

Rex: If he wants to go, let him. In fact, I don't ever want you showing your face here again, you got that? Just stay away from my sister.

Philip: She and I are friends, okay? Now, what the hell is your problem?

Rex: Look, you're going to be the one with a problem if you don't get your ass outta here!

Mimi: Rex!

Cassie: I am so sorry about this.

Philip: No, no, no. It's not your fault. Your brother here just needs to cool off a little bit.

Cassie: I can't believe you just did that.

Rex: Look, he never should've been here in the first place.

Cassie: Oh, my god, you were so rude, and you were so obnoxious. You had no right talking to him like that.

Rex: I don't want that scum hanging out with you.

Cassie: He's our brother.

Rex: Half-brother. And I swear, Cassie, if you say anything to anyone, especially Philip --

Cassie: You're afraid that if I get close to him, then I'm just going to blab everything?

Rex: I don't want him taking advantage of you.

Cassie: He's just being my friend.

Rex: Yeah, right.

Cassie: You don't need to be overprotective of me. If I want to hang out with him, I'm going to, and there is nothing you can do to stop me.


Philip: Hey. It's Philip. Can you meet me outside the Dimera mansion? Okay, good. I need to do some more investigating.


Lucas: Sami. Sami, wake up. Wake up, it's okay. Don't be scared, all right? I didn't mean to scare you. I just -- I used the key that you gave me in case of an emergency. No, no, Will's fine. It has nothing to do with Will. This is a good emergency. I was just out in the hall, and I was taking out the trash. Forget it. All right, it has nothing to do with the trash. Listen, a couple of minutes ago when I was out in the hall, I heard you. You were crying. I don't know. Something was happening. You must've been having a bad dream or a nightmare or something. You were really upset. Isn't that great? Well, Sami, if I heard you crying, that means that... that you got your voice back. You can talk.

Lucas: Yes, you can. You were crying. All right, then, what was it then, huh? It wasn't the t.v. No one else is here, Sami. It had to be you. I know it was. So come on, just... just try to make another sound. Any sound at all. What? What, you think I'm joking, is that it? I wouldn't do that to you. Maybe I would've in the past, but not now. Sami, I hate seeing you like this. Will hates seeing you like this. He's heartbroken over what's happened. He really wants you to get better. So, please, for Will's sake, just give it another shot. All right, wait, wait, wait, here. Pretend you're talking to Will. Go ahead. Just tell him how much you miss him.


Tony: I can't imagine why you'd have any more questions for me, Abe.

Abe: Why are you really here, Tony?

Tony: I'm sorry?

Abe: It's just the two of us. There's no one else around. So you can tell me the truth. Since when do you care about what happens to Larry Welch?

Tony: I thought we already had this discussion. Larry Welch attacked my family. He is a menace to society. Why wouldn't I have any interest in what happens to him?


[ Monitor beeping ]

Larry: [ Coughs ] Man... would have -- would have had a good life. Had so great times back then. Back when you loved me.

[ Chokes ] Mm. You... should have gone away with me.


(Larry’s flashback)

Hope: Would you please put that ring on my finger?

Larry: Hope, are you saying yes?

Hope: Yes. Of course I'm saying yes. I want to marry you. I want to elope.

Larry: You know, we had some good times. It's hard to remember, isn't it?

Hope: Impossible.

Larry: We didn't hate each other then. Look, this -- this life can't be any easier on you than it is on me... any less lonely.


[ Coughs ] It's your fault. You ruined my life.

[ Coughs ]

Hope: You have no one to blame but you. You had every opportunity in the world, Larry, to make a decent life for yourself. You were a lawyer, the district attorney. You swore to uphold justice, but you betrayed your oath, turned into a criminal. You lied to everyone who ever trusted you.

Larry: Yeah?

Hope: And now you're -- you're dying the same way you lived -- violently, with nothing but anger and hatred in your heart.

Larry: I'm in pain...

[ Coughs ] But still... to make your life... a living hell.

Hope: You'll see the devil soon enough, Larry. You'll never see me again.

[ Beeping speeds up ]

Hope: You can die right now knowing that I am going to live a long and very happy life with my family while you burn in hell.

Larry: [ Coughs ]

[ Wheezes ]

[ Monitor flat lining ]


Rex: Don't even say it.

Mimi: What, that you were a complete jerk downstairs, that you went totally ballistic for no reason at all?

Rex: The guy had it coming, all right?

Mimi: This is just a thought, and I know you're probably not going to go for it, but don't you think this would all be a lot easier if you'd just come clean and tell Philip the truth, that he's your half-brother?

Rex: No, damn it. It wouldn't be easier, all right? The truth would destroy our lives, and I'll destroy anyone who finds out the truth.


Tek: Hey, this better be good. I was up to my eyeballs in moo shu at the China Wok.

Philip: Well, I'm sorry about that, man.

Tek: What -- what's up?

Philip: Rex Dimera -- I got a bad feeling about him.

Tek: What do you expect? Look who his father is.

Philip: If only there was some way I could find out what he was up to.

Tek: Oh, no, no way. We'd need the okay from headquarters. I can't do it.

Philip: Oh, come on. You've always told me to take the initiative, right? I sure could use a point in my favor right now.

Tek: True. Yeah.

Philip: So come on -- what's a little investigating going to hurt, okay? And nobody's going to know.

Tek: I can't believe I'm letting you talk me into this.

Philip: Thanks, man.

Tek: But if you're going to do this, you're going to do it right. You got that?

Philip: Yes, sir.

Tek: All right, now, you're not going to be able to crack into that security system, so to get in, you're going to have to be a little creative.

Philip: No, no. That's the easy part. Once I get inside, I'm going to need some high-tech support. Now, Rex is pretty ingenious when it comes to computers, so I'm going to want to stay underneath the radar. What are these?

Tek: Couple of items you might find helpful.

Philip: Okay.

Tek: My favorite -- night-vision moon glasses.

Philip: Nice.

Tek: Okay, these puppies have 15 infrared illuminators so you can see up to 100 yards in total darkness. Now, this is a digital recorder. It has a highly sensitive built-in microphone with a voice activation system. Check it out.


Nicole: Did you hear the code blue? Larry's probably kicking it as we speak, and all I have to say is good riddance.

Brady: That's a little harsh, Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, come on, Brady. You're probably thinking the same thing. You just don't have the guts to say it. He tried to kill you.

Brady: The bastard went after my grandfather, too. And I would have strangled him with my bare hands if I could.

Nicole: See? Doesn't that feel good? Larry deserves to suffer, to die a long, painful death.

Nicole: What happened? What'd Larry say? Hope, what is it?

Hope: He's dead.

Nicole: Oh, my god. It's over.


Brady: Hope, you okay? Do you want me to call Bo?

Hope: No, he's out of town.

Brady: I'm sure he's going to want to know what -- what happened.

Hope: He'll find out soon enough.

Brady: You're sure? You shouldn't be alone right now.

Hope: Brady, I'm fine. Thank you. Larry's gone. He's never going to hurt my family again.


Victor: Nicole?

Nicole: Ahem. Victor, don't do that.

Victor: I've got a question for you.

Nicole: Can it wait till tomorrow? My -- my mind's a big blur.

Victor: Your mind is just fine. When I arrived at the Blue Note tonight, just before Larry took his shot, you came running out of the club yelling, like you were trying to warn me, like you knew exactly what was going to happen. How could that be? How could you have known in advance that Larry was going to take a shot at me?


Lucas: You can do it, Sami. Just act like you're talking to Will. Tell him how much you love him and how much you miss him.

Sami: [ Faintly ] W-- w--

Lucas: Sami, it's all right. Don't worry about it, okay? It's going to take some time. Look... why don't you try humming or something? You know, it doesn't have to be loud. Just make a sound.

Lucas: It's all right, all right. Don't try any more, okay? Stop. We'll try again later, okay? 


Lucas: It's going to be okay. It's okay. I know it's hard. It's okay.

Lucas: All right, look, maybe you should just take a break, all right? Just take it easy for a while. But it's going to happen. It is, Sami. You just have to be patient. Now wait a second. Don't tell me you're going to give up. Where's your confidence? Where's that Sami spunk? Where's that "when I want something bad enough, I can make it happen" attitude? Come on, come on, don't cry. Don't cry. I know this has been hard for you. I know it has. But, Sami, it's going to get better, I promise you. Look, tomorrow morning, why don't I take you to the hospital? Go see your doctor.

Lucas: "Why do you care?"

Lucas: Because of Will. That's why I care. No one yells at that kid the way you do. I mean, I tell him to make his bed and eat his veggies, and the kid laughs at me. He ignores me. So if you don't get your voice back soon, we're going to have a slob and a -- I don't know, a malnutritioned kid on our hands. See that? There's that smile. It's going to work out, okay? Things are going to get better. You want me to stick around?

Lucas: Oh. I, uh... I guess I should probably go, huh?

Lucas: Well, look, if you need anything, um, you have a key to my apartment, so please... come over anytime you want.

Lucas: [ Sighs ]


Mimi: Please stop, Rex. I hate when you get like this. It scares me.

Rex: Yeah, well, you know what scares me? The thought of someone finding out who my real parents are.

Mimi: I don't get it. Why are you so jazzed about being a Dimera, anyway? I mean, sure, they've got power and a ton of money, I mean... this vase probably cost more than what my dad makes in an entire year, but you know what? That isn't everything.

Rex: Look, I don't need this right now, okay? Especially from you.

Mimi: Would you take off the rose-colored glasses for, like, two seconds? I mean, the Dimeras are evil, horrible people. You can ask anyone in Salem. I mean, look at what Stefano did to you and Cassie. You spent your whole childhood being poked and prodded in some laboratory. Doesn't that make you mad?

Rex: Shut up! Shut up!

Mimi: Doesn't that make you want to hate them?!

Rex: You don't understand. You never will.

Mimi: This was a mistake. I never should have come here.

Rex: You got that right.

Mimi: Fine!

Rex: Fine!


[ Beeping ]

Philip: Thanks for helping me out, buddy.

Tek: You owe me, man.

Philip: Yeah, I'll get you a big plate of moo shu.

Tek: All right, check you later, spy kid.

Philip: See ya.

[ Door opens ]

Philip: Meems. Are you -- are you okay?

Mimi: [ Sobbing ]

Philip: Are you all right?

Mimi: Yes, I'm fine.

Philip: Come here.

Mimi: I thought you left.

Philip: No.

Mimi: What the heck is this?

Philip: Don't touch that, don't touch that.

Mimi: Wait a sec. I finally figured it out. You're spying on the Dimeras, aren't you?


Tony: You know, good police work requires attention to detail and then following up with every lead.

Abe: You wouldn't be telling me how to do my job, would you, Tony?

Tony: Oh, no, but you seem to be stuck on one suspect. Certainly Kiriakis has his share of enemies. But the sooner you open up your investigation, the sooner you'll find out who the real culprit is.


Victor: I'm waiting, Nicole.

Nicole: When -- when you called me from the limo and told me you pulled up, I just couldn't wait. I had to see you to thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent me. Anyway, um... when I got outside, I saw you, and I saw the gun... oh, god, Victor, I -- I thought I was going to lose you. That's why I screamed. I was so scared. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to you.


Hope: I'd appreciate that. Thank you. The nurse said she'd let us know if there's any change.

Nicole: What do you mean, change?

Hope: The doctor's trying to revive him.

Nicole: What?

Hope: Dr. Raeker.

Nicole: Did you revive him, or is Larry Welch really dead?

[Music throughout]


Dr. Raeker: Larry Welch has expired. We couldn't revive him.

[ Pager beeping ]

Dr. Raeker: Excuse me.

Hope: It's over. He's really gone.

Victor: Yes, I'm sure we'll all rest a lot easier tonight.

Abe: Hope.

Hope: Abe.

Abe: Look, I know Bo's out of town, so if you'd like to come over and spend the night with us --

Hope: No, we'll -- we'll be fine.

Abe: Yeah. I know you will.

Hope: Listen, I have to get going. I still have to pick Zack up from the pub. Excuse me, good night, everyone.

Brady: Good night.


Victor: Well, if you'll excuse me, I'd like a moment with the deceased. I want to make sure that Welch is truly dead.

Tony: Yes, well, I'll join you.


Brady: You don't look so good.

Nicole: I just want this night to be over.


Sami: [ Sighs ]

Lucas' voice: Maybe you should just take a break, all right? Just take it easy for a while. But it's going to happen. It is, Sami. You just have to be patient. Now, wait a second. Don't tell me you're going to give up. Where's your confidence? Where's that Sami spunk? Where's that "when I want something bad enough, I can make it happen" attitude? Look, if you need anything, um, you have a key to my apartment, so... please, come over anytime you want.

Sami: [ Sighs ]


Hope: Gran?

Alice: Ooh!

Hope: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. I'm sorry, gran. I know it's late...

Alice: I'm sorry.

Hope: But I saw the light on. I thought I'd give it a shot.

Alice: Good. Well, now, I'll get you some tea.

Hope: No, no, you stay put. I'll get the tea.

Hope: Looks like someone's been pretty busy over there, huh?

Alice: I hope that you'll take those home to the boys.

Hope: Are you kidding me? They would be thrilled. You know, your doughnuts are the only ones Zack will eat, right? I bought a box a couple of weeks ago, he wouldn't even touch them. He's at Caroline and Shawn’s right now. I was going to pick him up on the way home from the hospital, but since it was so late, Caroline insisted that he spend the night there.

Alice: What were you doing at the hospital?

Hope: Remember a few weeks ago we thought that Larry Welch had died in that awful explosion? Well, it was all just a setup. He'd been alive this whole time, gran. He could've come after us. You know, he was probably just waiting for the right moment to make his move. But tonight, he really did die. For some reason, though, I just -- I can't -- I don't feel completely at ease. I mean, with all the pain that man has put my family through, I'm afraid he's going to haunt us from beyond the grave.


Tony: You satisfied?

Victor: The last thing I want is a repeat performance.

Tony: Well, you don't have to worry about Larry Welch anymore.


Brady: Nicole... if you keep that up, you're going to wear the heels off of those shoes. Look -- the guy is dead. Why the hell are you still so nervous?


[ Knock on door ]

Rex: Who is it?

Cassie: Me. Can I come in?

Rex: Yeah. Look, if you're still mad about what happened with Philip, then...

Cassie: No, I was just going downstairs to get ice cream, and since I'm such a nice sister, I thought I'd see if you wanted some.

Rex: No, I'm busy.

Cassie: You're too busy for a lot of things these days, because of your stupid experiments. What's in this, anyway?

Rex: Hey, put that down!

Cassie: What, is it going to explode or something?

Rex: Hey! This may be a joke to you, Cassie, all right, but my future as a Dimera is at stake here. If my project works, Tony's going to be a very happy man.

Cassie: I don't even know why you bother. So you can make compounds -- big deal. It's not going to change the fact that you're not Tony's son.

Rex: I will always be a Dimera.


Philip: A spy? Th-that's funny, Meems.

Mimi: Then explain that thingamajig, double-o Phil.

Philip: Look, this is just my new PDA, okay? Maybe you should think about laying off those Bond flicks.

Mimi: I have never seen a palm pilot like that before.

Philip: So, do you need a lift home?

Mimi: My car's right there.

Philip: Right. Ha ha. That's a sweet ride, too, Meems. Is she a 6-shift or --

Mimi: Hey, don't change the subject, Philip. Why were you spying on the Dimeras? You're more than just a marine, aren't you?


Lucas: Sami. 


Rex: I swear, Cassie, if you screw this up, if anyone finds out Kate and Roman are really our parents, I'll --

Cassie: Hey, I promise they're not going to hear about it from me. Well, it doesn't mean that I'm going to stop hanging out with Philip.

Rex: Here we go again.

Cassie: Look, Rex, how many friends have I had since we've been in Salem? Let me think -- none! And now that I've found someone that's cool and fun, you want me to blow it off. I'm not going to.

Rex: We'll talk about this later, okay? Right now I have work to do.

Cassie: Oh, right. Your precious work. I'm so sorry I interrupted.

Rex: Look, Tony and I have big plans, all right? Philip can never find out what they are.


Mimi: Are the Dimeras in trouble? Is that why you're casing the place?

Philip: Mimi, I told you, I'm not -- look, I only came back here to give your boyfriend a piece of my mind. But just forget it, okay? Forget it.


Hope: I knew I'd feel a lot better if I came to see you. I also feel about five pounds heavier. Mm. Oh, my gosh, it's that late. I can't believe it. You probably want to go to bed, huh?

Alice: Oh, no, I stay up for Conan.

Hope: Are you kidding me? You have me and Bo beat. I mean, we get sleepy around 9:00 at night. But you know what, gran? I really should get going. It's been a long day, and one that I'd really like to forget.

Alice: Concentrate on your wonderful future with Bo, dear.

Hope: That's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to focus on all the adventures that lie ahead. And especially watching my two wonderful boys grow up. That is the greatest adventure of all, isn't it?

Alice: Yes.

Hope: And soon, Larry Welch will be nothing but a bad memory.


Man: Excuse us, gentlemen.

Victor: Rot in hell.


Victor: Why so rattled, Nicole? It's not as if you haven't seen a dead body before. In fact, you bagged one of your own, didn't you? Colin Murphy ring a bell? I almost got killed covering for you. And now it's payback time.

Nicole: Let go of me.

Brady: You guys taking off?

Victor: Yes, I think we've seen enough for one day.

Brady: I'm just glad you're okay.

Victor: Yeah, well, if anything like that happens again, there's going to be hell to pay. No matter who it is.


(On the next Days of Our Lives)

Philip: We made a mistake before, and we cannot go there again.

Shawn-d: Can't go where?

Hope: What?

Jennifer: There's something that you can do for us right now.

Hope: Uh-oh.

Tony: Sami's background is certainly different than mine, and yet I identify with her survival instincts...

Lucas: So, what are you saying? Are you in love with her or what?

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