Days Transcript Wednesday 7/9/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday  7/9/03--Canada; 7/10/03--USA

By Eric

Kate: Ha ha ha. You know, we haven't had an evening out like this in ages.

Roman: About time, huh?

Kate: Ha ha.

Maggie: Well, there you are. Hi, ka, , roman. Nice to see you both.

Roman: Hey, maggie, how you doing?

Maggie: Just fine. And how is sami? I understand she's home already.

Roman: Well, yeah. She, uh, you know, I thought it was a little too soon for her to come home, be on her own, but she insisted.

Maggie: And her voice?

Roman: Well, no change. Still talking to us on that whiteboard.

Maggie: Oh, well, you give her our love. Tell her that mickey and i are keeping her in our prayers.

Roman: I will do that, maggie, thank you.

Maggie: Well, your table is ready. Um, reservation for four, yes?

Roman: Well, unless we're being stood up.

Abe: Oh, well, don't count on that.

Roman: Ha ha ha ha.

Kate: How are you?

Maggie: Hello.

Lexie: Hey, roman.

Maggie: How are you?

Lexie: Hi, maggie.

Maggie: Well, obviously, being parents of a new baby agrees with you two.

Abe: Oh, really? You haven't noticed we never sleep?

Maggie: No. Ha ha ha.

Kate: Oh, stop. And, lexie, you look fantastic. You must be exercising like mad.

Lexie: Yes, I am. I am determined to get back into all my summer clothes.

Maggie: And how is that beautiful baby of yours?

Abe: Oh-ho-ho, he is wonderful. He's getting bigger almost as fast as his mama's getting smaller.

Lexie: Yes, this is the first time we've left him at night.

Maggie: At night. I see. Oh, having a little, uh, separation anxiety?

Lexie: A lot, maggie. But my mom, um, wants to spend some quality time alone with her grandson. I mean, she practically ordered us out of the house.

Roman: Well, I don't suppose you brought any pictures, did you?

Lexie: Oh.

Abe: I thought you'd never ask.

Roman: Ha ha ha ha.

Lexie: Abe has documented every second of theo's life.

Roman: Well, there is, uh, absolutely nothing like a new child coming into your life, right?

Rex: I never should have left cassie alone. Where could she have gone?

Mimi: I'm sure she's just walking around, trying to chill out or whatever. She has to come home sometime.

Rex: What if she does something crazy? What if she tells lucas?

Mimi: She'll be fine. She probably just needs time alone after this whole thing with lucas -- I mean, finding out he's her half-brother after... oh, I mean, at least nothing really happened between the two of them, right? I mean, thanks to you, you nipped it in the bud. You should be proud of yoursF. But you're not. You're still freaked out and worried.

Rex: Look, I have to find her.

Mimi: No, you have to sit down and relax. Come here. You're not going to find cassie by running around in circles.

Rex: Oh, god.

Mimi: Now close your eyes and use that psychic thing to talk to her. Get out there in the ethers and track her down. That's it. See? It worked before, it'll work again.

Rex: Mm.

Mimi: Better?

Rex: Yeah.

Mimi: Bmiming her in yet?

Rex: That's it.

Mimi: What? What's wrong? Do you know where she is?

Rex: I've got it. The answer to everything.

Belle: Oh. Great.

Philip: I got 'em.

Belle: Philip, what are you doing here?

Philip: You're moving in, right? Let me help you out.

Belle: Yeah, but I told you that I was moving tomorrow. Give me those.

Philip: Well, I knew you wouldn't be able to wait till tomorrow, right?

Belle: [ Grunts ] I don't believe this.

Philip: See, belle, you're that little girl who ate all the cookies out of her lunchbox on the way to school in the morning.

Belle: That's a fantastic image. Thank you for reminding me.

Philip: I don't blame you for wanting to move into this place early. It's amazing.

Belle: It is, isn't it?

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Belle: You know, I'm really glad that you're here. This place isn't as, you know...

Philip: What, lonely?

Belle: Yeah.

Philip: Here we go. Happy housewarming.

Belle: Philip, they're beautiful.

Philip: Well, I thought brady's old bachelor pad could use a little brightening up.

Belle: Thank you. Ha ha ha ha.

Tony: You know, you'd think that someone would have seen a boat this size going down and call the coast guard.

John: Nah, not at night, and not with your running lights out.

Tony: Our air pocket is not going to last forever.

John: [ Laughs ] Now, that is one thing that you and i are both agreeing on.

Both: [ Laughing ]

Tony: You know what? I-I'm going to give another try for that -- take a dive down there and look at those doors again and see if we can escape.

John: Tony...

Tony: What?

John: We already tried that.

Tony: Well, then, what do you suggest?

John: Make peace with the almighty.

Tony: I never figured you to be a quitter.

John: I'm a realist. We exhausted possibilities for escape, we're running out of air... short of a miracle, we are about to sleep with e fishes. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

[Music throughout]

Shawn-d: Hey.

Belle: Hey, shawn, hey.

Shawn-d: I figured you were going to be here moving in. I wasn't expecting to see you here.

Philip: I thought you were, you know, at work, shawn.

Shawn-d: Yeah, not anymore.

Belle: Anyway, um, I was just thanking philip because he got me these as a housewarming present.

Shawn-d: Oh. You better put those in water.

Belle: I'm going to go do that.

Philip: So was maya in her office?

Shawn-d: Yeah. I overheard her talking to somebody on the phone. Something's up.

Belle: Hey, guys, it looks like brady left some snacks. Do you want anythi??

Philip: Sure, whatever you got.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn-d: Maybe we shouldn't talk here.

Philip: She can't hear us. Tell me what you got on maya.

Shawn-d: All right, so she was talking to somebody on the phone. It sounded suspicious. When I asked her about it, she says that it was just a customer of hers asking about some antique model of a sailing ship.

Philip: What makes you think she wasn't?

Shawn-d: Just a feeling. I mean, it threw her, seeing me there, knowing that I overheard. She was definitely rattled.

Philip: What do you think she was talking about?

Shawn-d: I don't know. Maybe the freighter that we were all on the other night when you found the stuff that she was smuggling.

Philip: We got to be sure of that.

Shawn-d: Yeah, well, you're I.S.A. Can't you just break into her office and hack the computer files?

Philip: Well, we need a distraction to do that.

Shawn-d: No. No, don't -- don't look at me.

Philip: It's got to be you, man. She trusts you. She's hot for you, too. You got to make another date with maya as soon as possible.

>>Belle: What?

Tony: I never thought it would end like this.

John: Ha ha. Well, so much for planning ahead.

Tony: Ha ha. I always thought I would go out in a blaze of glory... many, many years from now.

John: Yeah. It is ironic, though, isn't it? I mean, look at us -- side by side in a situation neither one of us created, about to die like comrades in arms instead of mortal enemies.

Both: [ Laugh ]

Tony: You have to admit... god does have a sense of humor.

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Mimi: Forensics experts say that the body of cassie dimera, A.K.A. Brady, washed up on the beaches of st. Tropez in the early hours of the morning. Are you getting all this?

Rex: Yeah, uh-huh.

Mimi: Okay, so what happened? A few minutes ago, you were all panicked ouout where cassie might be, and now you don't seem to care at all.

Rex: If I bounce back the point of light, and distance to earth -- yes! That's it.

Mimi: Glad one of us is a mathematical know-it-all.

Rex: Not now, mimi.

Mimi: Well, at least tell me what this is.

Rex: It's a new laser, okay? I got the idea when you stimulated the nerve bundle at the base of my cerebellum.

Mimi: That's what you were thinking when I was kissing the back of your neck?

Rex: Yeah.

Mimi: Hmm, remind me to kiss the back of your neck more often so I can stimulate even more nerve bundles at the base of your cere-whatever.

Rex: Bellum.

Mimi: Or better yet, remind me not to, because the last thing I want to do is make you think even more than you already do about the bounce-back points of light whatever. And while we're on the subject, is it just kissing your neck that stimulates these particular nerve bundles, because I can certainly avoid that pt t of your anatomy in the future.

Rex: Mimi, I have to finish, okay? It's important.

Mimi: Oh, of course, and I'm not.

Rex: Did I say that?

Mimi: Do you have any idea how it feels, rex? I mean, one minute, you act all sweet and romantic, and then the next, it's like you're dying to get rid of me.

Rex: Why do you have to put it that way? Wanting you to leave doesn't mean I'm dying to get rid of you. I thought you understood I have responsibilities.

Mimi: Oh, yes, I know -- the brilliant rex. It would be such a shame to sit around and waste time spending time with yougigirlfriend. Heaven forbid.

Rex: Here we go.

Mimi: What? What did I do now?

Rex: It's just this reaction you have, okay? This overreaction when I don't want to be with you. Why do you make me feel so bad for having a mission in life? You know, for wanting to prove myself.

Mimi: I am not doing that. I get that you have a higher purpose in life than the rest of us because of your oversized brain, but what I don't get is why you keep pushing me aside like I don't even matter.

Rex: Mimi, it's not --

Mimi: It's like I am just this silly diversion or whatever, just someone to help you pass the time until you have something really meaningful to do. That's how I feel when I spend time with my little brother, like it's just okay until I have something better to do, until the phone rings, until you call me or when my friends call.

Rex: Can I please just get a word in here, okay? I don't think of you as some silly diversion, mimi. You know I don't, all right? But sometimes I just wish that...

Mimi: What? Go on.

Rex: That you cared a whole lot about something, all right? That you were passionate about something other than me, I mean. You know, that you were busy, too, so you didn't feel so bad when I needed to be alone. I mean, like right now. I mean, don't you have something you can do?

Mimi: Oh, you bet I do, and I have someone to do it with.

John: Oh, anthony.

Tony: Hmm?

John: By any chance... did you have someone following your boat, you know, tracking it or something?

Tony: [ Chuckles ] That's a nice try. No, I made sure I sailed out under the radar.

John: Anthony...

Tony: Yeah?

John: Any thoughts on who put that bomb in the fruit basket?

Tony: John, does it matter now?

John: No, I just don't like loose ends, that's all.

Both: [ Laugh ]

Tony: Neither do I. I don't like seeing things unresolved.

John: Yeah, unresolved. Hey, anthony.

Tony: Hmm?

John: You ever wonder what it uld have been like if we -- if we knew we were brothers right from the start?

Tony: I don't know. I think we would have been rivals from the start.

John: Maybe not enemies, though.

Tony: Ha ha. What, you would not have stolen my wife?

John: I guess we were going to die enemies anyway.

Both: [ Laugh ]

Tony: Unless something dramatic happens that's going to change our last moments on earth.

John: What, like forgiveness?

Tony: Well, I wouldn't go that far.

John: Yeah.

Tony: But, you know... you do have some admirable qualities.

John: Some?

Both: [ Laugh ]

John: Yeah, well, so do you. It's too bad you used them to follow in your father's footsteps.

Tony: Well, be careful. I wouldn't upset stefano right now. He may be waiting for us on the other side to greet us. Don't ruffle daddy's feathers at this late a date.

Both: [ Laughing ]

Lexie: Kate, don't tell abe, okay? I just had to check on theo.

Kate: Abe is probably sitting at the table calling celeste himself.

Lexie: Ha ha ha ha.

Kate: So how is theo and grandmdodoing, hmm?

Lexie: Well, my mom says that he is sound asleep in her arms.

Kate: Oh.

Lexie: She can't bear to put him down. This is the first night abe and I haven't been there to put him to bed. Not that I don't enjoy being out, uh, especially with you and roman.

Kate: Oh, come on, lexie. I understand. You know something? Seeing the two of you together is like looking at two people who have just fallen in love.

Lexie: Ha ha. Well, I guess we have, in a way. Ever since I found out I was pregnant, um... our time together is just so... we have gotten much closer.

Kate: I admire the way you and abe have moved past obstacles and... I don't know, you have -- you have really rebuilt your life together, haven't you?

Lexie: Abe gets all the credit because he was willing to forgive. He was willing to give our marriage a second chance.

Kate: Well, that's all wcacan really hope for in life, isn't it? A second chance.

Lexie: Mm. And you seem to have found it with roman.

Kate: Sometimes I think I have.

Lexie: Uh-huh.

Kate: Other times, I think maybe it will slip away. I don't know. I just feel like something is going to happen to mess it all up.

Lexie: Yeah. Ahem. I-I know what you're feeling. Um... I often... wake up in the middle of the night scared that it was all a dream, and then I see abe sleeping next to me, and I hear theo breathing, and I -- I just thank god for all the blessings in my life. I can't believe how lucky I am, kate -- how close I came to losing everything that's most precious to me.

Kate: Well, but you made your luck when you outsmarted sami.

Lexie: Ha ha. Yeah, guess that's true, huh? Ha ha. Although I am not proud ofavaving to resort to that, you know? I mean, sinking to her level, in a way.

Kate: Yeah, well, you really didn't have a choice. You really didn'T. I just... I just hope that I can do as well trying to stay one step ahead of sami.

Lexie: Is she giving you and roman trouble?

Kate: Oh, she has tried to turn him against me from the very start, and so far, she hasn't succeeded, but I know if I let my guard down, she's just going to move in for the kill. And I have to admit to you -- I have to admit to you, I am scared.

Roman: Well, you know what, partner? Seeing you and lexie so happy, knowing what you went through to get here gives me a lot of hope.

Abe: Well, I never had any doubt about you and kate.

Roman: Just about me, right?

Abe: Ha ha ha ha ha. You know, I have to admit when kate declared her love for you over the police radio, and you just blew her off, I thought you needed to have your head examined.

Roman: All right, I'm a slow learner.

Abe: So, are things going okay for you and kate?

Roman: Well, uh, yeah, pretty much. I mean, you know, sometimes they're great, sometimes they're not. I mean, it's not like you and lexie. We don't have that kind of bond. We don't have years of marriage, a son. I mean, there's nothing like having a kid together to make people closer.

Abe: Not always.

Roman: Well, that's a good point. You're right about that. I should know that. Yeah. No. Sometimes people have kids together, it tears them apart. No guarantee. And the worst thing that people can do is think that if they have a kid, it'll keep the marriage together. No, a relationship has to be strong, and not until then -- not until then -- should you even consider bringing a child into it.

Abe: You know, I know there's a lecture in there somewhere.

Roman: Ha ha ha ha. All right, I'm sorry. I'm -- ha ha ha ha. I guess you can tell I've been, uh, been listening to the best shrink of all, dr. Marlena evans, right?

Abe: Ha ha ha. I imagine she has some influence.

Roman: Yeah, well, no doubt about that, but, uh, I mean, like you need all this, right? I mean, I don't know what the hell I'm going on about this for anyway. I mean, taining about kids?

Abe: Well, there must be a reason. You thinking about having more yourself?

Roman: Me?

Abe: Roman brady.

Roman: Ha.

Abe: Ha ha ha ha.

Roman: Well, I, you know... I don't know. Why?

Abe: Well, just the way you were, uh, going on just now.

Roman: Well, I mean, come on. Yeah, it's just -- I mean, it's too -- too early. It's -- it's -- well, it's just too damn early to think about that. I mean, with me and kate I mean, we're just getting to know each other. We haven't even discussed the possibility of -- of having kids. Kids. Whoo. Me and kate... well... who knows, right?

Mimi: If you're here to see rex, forget it. He's hung out the "do not disturb" sign.

Cassie: Get out of my way.

Rex: Cassie.

Cassie: I'm so glad that you're here.

Rex: I looked everywhere for you. Where'd you go?

Cassie: All over. I was trying to wrap my mind around everything that's happened.

Rex: Cassie, as long as we think and act like dimeras, everyone will believe we are. Okay, tony and marlena will always be our parents, so forget about anything else.

Cassie: How could I do that? God, rex, lucas and I almost... I don't want to say it. I don't ever want to think about him again. I already cut lucas out of my life.

Rex: You didn't tell him, did you?

Cassie: That he's our half-brother? No. I just told him that it was over between him and me, and that I never, ever want to see him again.

Belle: Tell me I did not just hear philip ask you to go on another date with cruella leano.

Shawn-d: It was -- it was -- we -- he was joking.

Belle: I'm not laughing.

Shawn-d: We're busted.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Belle: Start talking.

Shawn-d: I was with maya tonight.

Belle: What?

Philip: Look, I asked him to go see her for I.S.A. To get information.

Belle: Why didn't you tell me?

Shawn-d: Because we knew you'd freak out.

Belle: I'm not freaking out!

Philip: No, that's not completely true, now. Shawn wanted to level with you, and I told him not to.

Belle: Why would you do this to me?

Philip: 'Cause I was yiying to protect you. Now, this investigation into what maya's doing, it's already put your life at risk more than once.

Belle: And I have told both of you more than once -- many times, in fact -- that I do not need protecting.

Philip: Well, then why don't you try telling your dad? Because if anything else happens to you, he's going to string me up.

Belle: You guys, what happened to the three musketeers? All for one, one for all? When we were on that island in the cave with water up to our necks, almost drowning, because that creep paul mendez was chasing us, we had no secrets, and the danger was much worse th a anything maya's dished out.

Shawn-d: She has a point.

Philip: Yeah.

Belle: No more secrets, okay? If I have learned anything this year, it's that secrets can be very destructive.

Shawn-d: No more secrets. I'm sorry. The three musketeers are back in business. Right?

Philip: Right.

Belle: All for one...

Shawn-d: And one for all.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Philip: Hold on a second. Yeah. Philip kiriakis.

Tek: Hey, it's tek. I need to see you.

Philip: What, now?

Tek: Yeah. Where are you?

Philip: I'm -- I'm with belle. I'm at the loft where john black used to live.

Tek: The one his son brady took over?

Philip: That's right. Why don't I just, uh, why don't I just meet you at the blue note?

Tek: What I have to say concerns belle, too. Just stay put. I'll be right over.

Tony: You know... tonight could have ended differently for you if you were not so possessed of trying to destroy me.

John: Well, now, that wasn't it at all. I-I prefer to think of it as -- as, um... as pursuing you.

[ Coughs ] I was pursuing you in order to protect all the people that I love, tony. That's it.

Tony: Oh. What are you doing now? You're sacrificing yourself for them, are you? That bomb was meant... only for me, not for you.

John: Your brotherly love is very touching. Thank you.

Tony: You should have let her go, john.

John: A little late for that now, isn't it, tony? (Female announcer)it's hot. It's sticky.

Kate: So, I knew that if I let myself care for roman -- rereally care -- it would mean nothing but trouble from sami.

Lexie: Oh, please. There is no trouble as far as I can see. Roman adores you.

Kate: Hmm. And I really love him. And he makes me feel so...

Lexie: Vulnerable?

Kate: Yes. And already sami is using this accident to reel roman in and to close me out. I mean, even coming rere tonight, he felt guilty about leaving her.

Lexie: But he came -- because he has his priorities straight. He loves his daughter, but he also knows that she has some serious problems. She treats people horribly.

Kate: Mm. And yet he always forgives her. And he's not the only one.

Lexie: What do you mean?

Kate: Oh, god. I'm worried about lucas. After all the problems that sami has caused for him in his life, I think she's getting her claws back into him again.

Lexie: What?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Lexie: I thought they hated each other.

Kate: Well, they did before the accident, but now sami is using their son and her injuries to make him feel sorry for her and to do her bidding. That woman is capable of causing great havoc in the lives of men who love her, and yet they still keep coming back.

Lexie: Especially her father.

Kate: And'm so worried that our differences over our children may mean the end for roman and me.

Mimi: You okay?

Cassie: I just wish I never had to see lucas again.

Rex: But you will -- every day as long he's working for tony.

Cassie: Well, then I'll just stay out of the house, that's it.

Rex: I'm not going to let lucas drive you out of your home, even if I have to get tony to fire him.

Cassie: Rex, no, he has a son to support.

Mimi: A son who's also your nephew.

Cassie: You know, honey, I really do not need you telling me who my family is and who they aren'T.

Mimi: Sorry.

Rex: It's okay. We've all had a hell of a night. But we have to go on with our lives as if's nothing's changed. 'Cause it hasn't, not as far as anyone outside this room is concerned.

Mimi: Could you two really go on living a lie?

Cassie and rex: Yes.

Cassie: Could you please put a muzzle on your face? You know, the only person that we have to worry about is rolf.

Rex: Uh, he won't be talking to anyone. Trust me.

Cassie: How can you be so sure?

Mimi: Because he's dead.

Rex: Dead to the dimeras. Tony threw him out. Rolf's out of salem and out of our lives.

Cassie: Okay, well, then what if he resurfaces?

Mimi: Oh, god forbid.

Rex: Dr. Rolf isn't a threat. Okay, no one is, as long as you do what I tell you. This isn't like before, cassie. We're not helpless, locked away in a room. No. We have identiti,, family, and power. Whatever happens we'll deal with it. All right, we're in control of our lives and our destiny.

Cassie: You're right. Control is everything, isn't it?

Rex: Power is everything. Tony taught me that. And what I'm working on will give us unlimited power. We'll be invaluable to the dimera empire. We'll always have a place in this family -- forever.

Cassie: I don't understand.

Rex: Look, I can't explain everything to you yet, but we're going to be dimeras in every way that matters. We always will be. No one can take our name or our family away from us. You have to believe that. We all have to.

Tony: You know, watching my children develop... coming into their own... I'm going to miss them.

John: Well, you know, tony, for what it's worth... you were a pretty good father. You were turning into a pretty damn good father.

Tony: Oh. Thank you.

John: You're welcome.

Tony: Well...

John: You're wel-- you're welcome. You're a good father.

Tony: Everything I've done for cassie and rex... I've done it for them since they came into my life. And... oh, my gosh. All the plans for their future.

John: I think they knew that. You know, I think that -- you're a good father.

Tony: I promised I'd spend the rest of my life with them to make up for all that lost time.

John: [ Panting ]

Tony: I'll never... have that chance. Or trash?

Randy: Who there's not -- a lot of strangers there. Sucker got duped again into

Shannon: Never mind the cameras in the fuller relationship if you're able to include me.

Dana: Iokay, bye.

Randy: Our anniversary.

Johnny: Brenda, it's natural. I don't want to think I'm coming on to you or anything, but you must get hit do? They can do be dead in a year.

Lucas:Ut a man needs you're in t rdy way yect. HaT. Y wso i came out I'm now going to say an

Philip: What's up, man?

Tek: It's not good.

Belle: Philip said that you have news that concerns me.

Tek: I didn't think we'd have company.

Belle: It's okay. Shawn and I don't keep ansecrets.

Philip: Yeah, he's helping us get information from maya. She trusts him.

Shawn-d: Maya's a client at the law firm I work at. I've had a couple business meetings with her so far, just trying to find out what she's up to.

Philip: And john has okayed his involvement as an informant in this investigation.

Tek: You sure?

Philip: Yeah, I'm sure. Now what's going on?

Tek: I just received a report. Um...I'm afraid it's bad news.

John: You know, count, marlena... she's going to make sure that, uh, um... cassie and rex get everything they need, so don't worry.

Tony: Except a father. I'm sure rex will come through it -- through it okay. But I'm concerned about cassie. She's so fragile. She needs more love than anyone I've ever known.

John: Just like sami.

Tony: Sami. She must be suffering right now... because of me.

John: Because of you? Ah, come on, brother. You told me that was an accident.

Tony: It was. I didn't mean... happen. Ah, god, I'll never get a chance to make it up to her. He said he'd be back... and he wasn't lying.Arny returns in terminator 3. For your chance to esor trash?

Abe: Never say never, partner.

Roman: No, you heard me. Not in a million years. Forget about it. Got that? Forget about it.

Kate: Hey. What's goi on? Don't tell me that you two are fighting.

Lexie: I can't leave you alone for a second.

Abe: We're just kikidding around, that's all.

Kate: Well, it didn't sound like you were just kidding around. What were you so adamant about? Forget about what?

Cassie: You know, if tony ever finds out that he isn't out father, he's going to throw us out.

Rex: No. No way. Hey, remember when tony first asked us to come live here? He didn't know he was our father then, and he still wanted us. This will always be our home, cassie. I'm sure of it.

Cassie: I'm glad one of us is.

Mimi: Cassie, tony and marlena love you. That doesn't stop just because things didn't turn out the way yoththought they would.

Cassie: You know, things just really don't work out with me and the whole "l" word. Either I'm falling for some other girl's boyfriend, or, I don't know, college criminal. Or some edgy guy who just couldn't care less about me. I'm just really starting to think that some people get the short end of the stick when it comes to "happily ever after."

Rex: Look, come here. Why don't we all just get out of here and go downtown, okay?

Cassie: No, you guys go. I'm just going to crash.

Rex: Are you sure?

Cassie: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I'll see you in the morning.

Rex: I'm here if you need me, okay?

Cassie: Thank you.

Tek: Nyny dimera left salem earlier today on his yacht.

Philip: Yeah, I know.

Tek: Apparently I.S.A. Is not the only organization trying to put a stop to dimera's smuggling operation.

Belle: What do you mean?

Tek: I received a report of an explosion aboard the ship.

Belle: Oh, my god.

Tek: I'm sorry to tell you. The yacht sank almost instantly.

Shawn-d: Were there any survivors?

Tek: No.

Bel: : Tony, he -- he's my uncle.

Tek: I know. I'm sorry. I --

Shawn-d: She needs -- give her a second, okay?

Shawn-d: Okay?

Belle: We -- we have to get a hold of cassie and rex. It's -- it's -- his children.

Tek: I know.

Belle: How are they going to deal with this? It's their father. They love him.

Philip: Belle, there's something else you need to know, too.

Tek: Dimera wasn't alone on that yacht.

John: [ Grunts ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Tony: [ Breathing heavily ]

Tony: I'll see you on the other side, brother. Unless we're going in opposite directions.

John: Hey, tony...

John: Wow... a8@@

if you're too timid to wax

It's the other side of the world, but it could make winners out of a pair of toronto bike-makers. They built one that's right in the thick of it. If it does well, so will they. Pedalling their wares to the world. On tonight's "global national".

Lexie: Whew. This chocolate mousse is going to set my diet program back big time.

Kate: Oh, but it was worth it, wasn't it? Every bite.

Lexie: Yes, it was. This whole evening's been wonderful.

Kate: Well, except for that slight altercation we walked in on earlier.

Abe: It was nothing. Nothing.

Roman: No. Abe -- see, abe insisted on paying the check. I said, "no, forget about it. We invited you. It's on us."

Kate: Oh, come on. That was it?

Roman: That was i

Abe: Yeah, we're going to have to do this again -- on us.

Roman: Anytime.

Kate: Okay.

Lexie: All right. As much as I hate to break this up, we really should get going, because theo will be waking up very hungry, so...

Abe: Oh, yes, you're right.

Roman: And the next one is on you, all right?

Abe: All right, you're on. It's a deal.

Kate: Good night, guys.

Lexie: Good night.

Abe: All right, we'll see you both later, huh?

Kate: Bye. I'll tell you, the change their son has brought in their life -- it's just woerful. I don't think I've seen two happier people.

Roman: Well, I don't think we're doing o o bad ourselves.

Kate: Oh... no, we're not, are we?

Roman: Mnh-mnh. What do you think? Do you think I ought to buy you a brandy, or do you think we ought to go home and start working on having a child of our own?

Kate: Roman, bite your tongue. What are you talking about? No way. Absolutely no way. Forget about it.

Cassie: Rex doesn't need me. He's got mimi. Nobody needs me.

Cassie: [ Sobbing ]

Rex: [ Thinking ] This baby's going to revolutionize tony's organization and buy me a seat in the dimera family business for life.

Belle: What do you mean, dimera wasn't the only one on that yacht? Not cassie or rex, right?

Tek: No, no --

Philip: Just let me, okay?

Belle: Philip, you're scaring me.

Philip: Belle, I'm so sorry. Your father was on that yacht, too.

Belle: No!

[ Echoing ] No! No!

[ Helicopter approaching ]

Lucas: The dimera yacht -- it exploded at sea. Tony was on board.

Maya: That's worth celebrating. My little bon voyage present sent tony straight where he belongs -- hell. Ha ha ha ha!

Belle: No, no, this is not true. My father is not --

Marlena: What is it? What's wrong?

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