Days Transcript Tuesday 7/8/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/8/03--Canada; 7/9/03--USA

By Eric

Hope: Something's happened to him.

Tommy: Maybe not. Maybe he just dropped it.

Hope: No, no, no. That wouldn't happen. It's not a coincidence that jesse shows up here and bo just disappears. We've got to find him, tommy. We've got to find bo.

Lucas: Well, I must admit, my memory is sketchy at times, but I think I would've remembered you. Wow. Cassie?

Nicole: No. You are not doing this to me. You are not dying on me, brady.

Larry: Oh, that's not victor.

Victor: What happened?

Nicole: Brady's been shot. Do something quick!

Shawn-d: I'm outside her office right now. Yes, I will find out everything I can. Philip, it will be fine. Don't worry, okay?

[ Telephone rings ]

Maya: Yes? All right. Good. And the boat? Well, get back to me as soon as you know anything. Well, hello there.

Shawn-d: What boat?

Tony: Hmm. Oh, thank you. Ha ha ha ha! From bar huh. Isn't that nice?

John: Oh, damn.

Tony: What the devil are you doing here?

John: I'm telling you, this yacht is going to blow.

Tony: Would you stop saying that?

John: It's no joke, dimera.

Tony: Five seconds.

John: Move out!

Tony: John! John! Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Tony: John. John. Are you all right? John. I got a pulse... but you're not breathing. Don't think I'm going to give you mouth-to-mouth. I left you to die in the sauna. I can easily do the same thing here. You brought it upon yourself, sneaking on my boat like that. But you saved my life and warned me about that bomb. A beautiful and wondrous gift by that bitch maya leano. Come on, john. Come on now. Snap out of it. Snap out of it! Come on! Breathe! Breathe!

John: [ Coughs ]

John: Where the hell am I? Tony. You all right?

Tony: Yeah, I'm fine. You okay?

John: I don't know. I do have one question, though. Why'd you save me?

Maya: Come in?

Shawn-d: Thank you.

Maya: It's not often I get such a pleasant surprise.

Shawn-d: I'm sorry.

Maya: What brings you here?

Shawn-d: Just wanted to learn a little bit more about you and your business. For the case.

Maya: Hmm. Which do you want to learn about first -- me or my business?

Shawn-d: Ahem. Can I -- can I actually get a glass of water?

Maya: Sure. How do you like it?

Shawn-d: Uh... wet would be good.

Maya: With gas or without?

Shawn-d: Uh, with will be fine, thanks. So, uh, I couldn't help overhear you talking about a boat before when you were on the phone.

Maya: Uh-huh.

Shawn-d: Yeah, but you didn't answer my question. What kind of boat were you talking about?

May w why are you so interested?

Lucas: What -- what are you doing here?

Cassie: I work here.

Lucas: Like hell you work here. Your father owns this place.

Cassie: Really?

Lucas: Yeah. Really. What do you think he'd do if he found out you were working here?

Cassie: He'd be mad.

Lucas: Mad? I think he'd be furious.

Cassie: Well, then he'd get over it. I really want this job.

Lucas: Yeah, well, your track record isn't that good when you really want something, is it? You don't have any appreciation. You don't say ytything. You don't say thank you. All you say is, "ew, get away from me."

Cassie: That was different.

Lucas: How is it different? How? How is this different from you wanting to sleep with me, huh?

Cassie: I don't want to talk about that.

Lucas: What, what, we're going to act like nothing happened, is that it?

Cassie: Nothing did happen.

Lucas: That's my point.

Cassie: Lucas, look it's only going to be for a little bit. Please, just -- just don't tell my father.

Lucas: Give me one good reason why I shouldn'T.

Woman: Excuse me. The guys at table nine are looking to order.

Cassie: Oh, okay.

Lucas: Damn it, all right. You take their order, but then you come right back here right away. I mean it.

Tommy: Hope, don't look.

Hope: Jesse?

Tommy: Yeah. Better look the other way.

Hope: Okay. Right.

Tommy: And be cool, okay? Let's just keep to the plan.

Hope: Right. The plan.

Tommy: And if bo is in trouble, jesse will lead the way to him. So go before he sees you.

Hope: Okay.

Jesse: Hey.

Tommy: What's up?

Jesse: Hey, so, uh, who's that chick you were talking to?

Tommy: Oh, she's just, uh, one of the hostesses. She asked me to check her car first. I was, like... she just got it, so she's, like, in love with it or something. Why? Why do you ask?

Jesse: I don't know. She looks familiar.

Victor: A shooting. Yes. 13201 glen oaks. Yes.

Nicole: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. This wasn't supposed to happen. It's just a big mistake.

Victor: The police and paramedics are on their way.

Nicole: Brady, don't leave us. You've got to make it. You've got to.

Victor: Thank god.

Brady: [ Coughing ]

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Victor: Brady, do you understand me? You've been shot. Now lie still. An ambulance is on the way.

Brady: I'm not shot.

Nicole: Brady.

Larry: [ Thinking ] That's not good. I mean, it's good I didn't hit him, but it's not good that my aim is so off.

Brady: I am telling you, I am not shot.

Nicole: You're not.

Brady: No. I just smacked my head in the pool.

Victor: I heard a gunshot.

Brady: So did I. It startled me, so I spun around and slipped and fell in the pool, and I hit my head.

Victor: You were out cold. Nicole had to jump in and pull you out.

Brady: Thank you.

Nicole: Yeah. I-I was right here. It was the least I could do.

Victor: Where'd the shot come from?

Bradyover there. In those trees.

Shawn-d: I'm interested in the business. I think it's fascinating. Look at all these great things you have around here. They're all antiques, right?

Maya: Yes, and you didn't answer my question. Why the great interest in boats?

Shawn-d: Welli I was hoping you were getting a shipment in. That way, you can show it to me. I'd love to see it if you do.

Maya: No. I have a customer who collects antique models of sailing ships. I think I may have found one in rach gia in the kien giang province of southern vietnam.

Shawn-d: The kien giang province?

Maya: Are you familiar with it?

Shawn-d: No. No, I'm not.

Maya: It's a fishing village on the gulf of thailand. They used to make exact replicas of the real ships, and if the model was kept safe and dry, then the real ships would always return safely. Not that I mind, but... tell me again, why are you here?

Shawn-d: I told you, I wanted to get to know you better.

Maya: Well, I think that's a great idea. I'd like to get to know you better, too.

Jesse: I swear, I know her from somewhere.

Tommy: No kidding. Well, you've been here before, right?

Jesse: Oh, yeah. A few times.

Tommy: Oh, well, you saw her right here. She's been working at echelon for a while. Who could forget that face? Oh, and that body... she's something, huh?

Jesse: Yeah, for sure. Hey, you still vibing on that suv we talked about?

Tommy: Yeah. You're damn right.

Jesse: All right, let's check it.

Lucas: Hope? Is that you?

Tony: We seem to be in a bit of a jam at the moment. I thought, obviously, we have a better chance working out a solution by using two brains.

John: Huh. So who sent you the fruit basket and why?

Tony: Oh, that's not important now.

John: Yeah, you're not going to tell me, huh?

Tony: You know, I don't think this is the time to have this kind of a discussion.

John: So, where does this passageway lead?

Tony: Well, there are... two staterooms to port, a storage closet to starboard, and all the way aft is the door that leads up -- or down, as our configuration is at the moment -- to the main deck.

John: All right. Sit tight. I won't leave the ship without you.

[ Door opens ]

Tommy: Well, she feels great. She looks great. How does she run, man?

Jesse: Take the reins.

Bo: Not so fast, scumbag.

[ Engages safety ]

Victor: No one here. If this is where the shot came from, they've taken off.

Nicole: Uh, where'd you get the gun?

Victor: I heard a shot. I wasn't about to come out here unarmed.

[ Sirens blaring in distance ]

Brady: Granddad, I do not need paramedics, okay? It's just a bump and a little scratch.

Victor: I want you checked out. Besides, the police are going to have to take a statement.

Nicole: Well, maybe -- maybe it wasn't a gunshot. It sounded like one. It could've been a car backfiring. I mean, we didn't see anyone, and you didn't find anyone in the bushes. Maybe it was just kids lighting a firecracker.

Brady: It was a gunshot. I'm sure of it.

Victor: Nicole, before the police start asking questions, I have one of my own. What did you mean when you said to brady that it wasn't supposed to happen, that it was a mistake?

Shawn-d: What if for now you just tell me about your life? Where you grew up, what your parents were like -- that sort of thing.

Maya: I was born in malta.

Shawn-d: Malta? Aren't there knights from malta?

Maya: The knights of st. John. You're a smart B.. maybe I can grade you on the curve.

Shawn-d: So, what about your childhood?

Maya: I was one of those silver spoon babies. It wasn't until I was much older that I used the spoon for caviar.

Shawn-d: And your parents?

Maya: My mother disappeared when I was very young. The police were convinced that my father killed her.

Bo: Get out of my truck very slowly, and get on the ground.

Jesse: I don't think so. See, I think you should give me your gun, that is, unless you want this kid to die. Now... as I was saying, give me your gun or I'll kill your little buddy here. Drop it right here next to me, and don't get funny.

Bo: You're not going to get away with this.

Jesse: I've already gotten away with all sorts of things. Now shut the hell up. You, start the car and drive.

Tommy: Right. No problem.

[ Engine starts ]

Hope: Lucas, uh, it's so good to see you. Listen, I've got to get going. Excuse me.

Lucas: Whoa, wait, what are you doing here?

Hope: I don't have time to talk right now.

Lucas: Well, I know bo quit the force, but if you guys need help paying bills --

Hope: I'll talk to you later.

Hope: Oh, damn it, that's our car. Bo, where are you?

Tony: John? John! You bastard.

Tony: Aah! You left me to die here, you bastard.

Tony: I knew it. I should never have saved your worthless life. Oh, god. Where the hell were you?!

John: You didn't think I checked out on you, did you?

Tony: Of course I didn'T. I was worried that something must've happened to you! So, how is it? How bad is it?

John: It's bad. The doors are buckled, completely jammed. At least that wasn't made out of steel.

Tony: There's gotta be a way.

John: So, how long can you tread water?

Lucas: Why don't you come over here and sit down with me? Come on.

Cassie: I have customers.

Lucas: I said sit now. Come on.

Cassie: You have no right to speak to me like this.

Lucas: Oh, yeah? How should I talk to you, huh?

Cassie: Civilly.

Lucas: That wouldn't work with you. You're a real case, you know that? One minute, you tell me you want me, you need me here and now. Oh, baby, baby. And the next minute, it's "get away from me. You make me sick. Don't touch me." Well, which is it, huh? Which cassie am I talking to now, or is there another one I haven't met yet?

Cassie: Oh, that's really cute.

Lucas: You know what, cassie? You have a lot of issues. You need to work 'em out.

Cassie: Oh, my -- you have no right to boss me around, you know? I have one big brother. I don't need --

Lucas: What? What? You don't need what?

Cassie: Nothing.

Lucas: You know what? All I have to do is have a little talk with your father, that's all.

Cassie: Lucas, please, no. Please, just don't tell him.

Nicole: It was a mistake. All the things I said... I told brady a million times to go to hell or drop dead or something just as bad, and I shouldn't have. I'm sorry. I never wanted them to happen, and I-I didn't want brady to die before I had a chance to tell him I was sorry.

Man: Your man told us we'd find the victim back here?

Brady: No victims here. No one was shot.

Victor: He fell in the pool and hit his head. You better have a look at him.

Abe: That's it? He fell in the pool?

Victor: Someone took a shot at him. He turned to see where the shooter was and slipped and fell into the pool. Thank god the shooter missed.

Abe: Are you sure brady was the target?

Shawn-d: So your father killed your mother?

Maya: I never said that. I said the police were convinced that my father killed her. They were wrong. He had nothing to do with her disappearance. He was absolutely lost without her.

Shawn-d: So you were raised by your father after that, after your mother left?

Maya: Yes. And it was wonderful. We were never apart. When he traveled, I went with him. My classroom was the entire world.

Shawn-d: Okay, so, after traveling the entire world, you decided now to settle in salem, right? Why?

Maya: I never settle anywhere. I'm hereigight now.

Shawn-d: So this isn't forever.

Maya: Nothing is forever.

Shawn-d: Except for love?

Ma: Not even that. And anyone who says otherwise is a fool or a liar.

Jesse: I still can't believe you and your bitch got out of that warehouse. I almost didn't recognize her with that wig on, but tommy was right, weren't you, tommy?

Tommy: Me, right? I'm never right. You can ask anyone.

Jesse: What were you right about, tommy?

Tommy: Let's see. Uh... maybe, uh... "she's got a face you can't forget." That's it, right? That's what I said.

Jesse: Yeah, that's it. Then wt t did you say?

Tommy: Um... something, uh... maybe... "she's got a great body." Whatever. I don't know.

Jesse: I think this kid's got a thing for your wife.

Bo: Hey, look, this is between you and me. It's got notngng to do with tommy, so let him go.

Jesse: Like hell. He set me up. Tommy did a bad thing. Tommy is a bad boy.

Bo: Tommy did exactly like I told him. He had no choice. Let him go.

Maya: It must be interesting having two women in your life who couldn't be more different from one another. On the one side, you have innocent, inexperienced belle. And on the other... well, there's me.

Shawn-d: I hate to break this to you, but you're not in my life the way belle is. You see, she's it for me. And you want to know why, maya? Because I love her.

Maya: Ha ha ha. Touching. And, you know, I don't believe you came here to talk to me about belle or my childhood -- not for a minute.

Shawn-d: It's just I'm trying to --

Maya: Oh, come on, be honest. Why did you come here?

Shawn-d: Fine! The truth is, I'm spying oyoyou.

Lucas: Why? Cassie, why are you working here? It's not like you need the money.

Cassie: I like it here.

Lucas: You like it here. You like -- you like having men ogle you and drool all over you? You like that?

Cassie: The men in here like me. I feel their stares, and they want me, and I like that.

Lucas: They want you for a quick "wham-bam, thank you, ma'am," and that's it. It's back to their girlfriends or their wives or whoever they go home to. You know what? I wanted you, and I thought you wanted me, too.

Cassie: It wouldn't have worked between us. It wasn't real.

Lucas: Wasn't real? And you think this place is real? Let me tell you something. Every single guy in this place is pretending to be somebody they're not. The only reason why they like the girls is because the girls tell them exactly what they want to hear. They wait on them hand and foot. And the only reason why the girls like the guys is because they're getting paid to. That's what this club is about. It has nothing to do with the outside world or real love.

Cassie: You know, you don't know anything about real love, either.

Brady: Here, nicole.

Nicole: Oh. Thank you.

Brady: The paramedics must get commission for every warm body they transport.

Victor: They want to take you in for observation?

Brady: Yeah, they did, but I sent them on their way.

Victor: You should've gone. You could have aononcussion.

Brady: Granddad, I'm fine. I swear.

Abe: Can you think of anybody who would want to come after you like this?

Brady: It never dawned on me, but now that I think about it, yeah, there might be a few people who want me dead.

Bo: Look, tommy had nothing to do with this. Let him go.

Jesse: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Just shut up! Or I'm going to start gapping people right here and now. Turn right at that alley up there.

Tommy: Can I ask whe e we're going?

Jesse: The perfect place to dump a couple of bodies.

Hope: Okay, where are you going? Brady, I wish I knew where you were.

John: You see, the thing is, if we make it out of here, we're going to have to tread water for quite some time. And if we don't, we're going to drown.

Tony: We're not going to drown. The water's not rising. We'll stand on the railings and just hold onto the ceiling. The coast guard's bound to come and rescue us sooner or later.

John: You see, there's only so much oxygen trapped in here. And once we use it up, well, we're going to black out and we're going to drown.

Tony: Well, then, we've got to do something. We've got to find a way.

John: Calm down. You use twice as much oxygen when you're agitated.

Tony: I'm not agitated.

John: I only came up here to get some air. I'm going back out to work on the door.

Tony: No, no, I'm going to go down this time.

John: Sure about that?

Tony: Yeah, it's my boat. I know it better than you do.

John: Hey. Don't forget to write. Ha ha ha ha.

Lucas: What are you saying? Are you saying I don't know what real love is? Huh? I'll tell you what real love is. Real love is being sick as a dog and still getting up in the middle of the night to take care of your kid. It's having no money and still figuring out a way to pay the bills. It's keeping a smile on your face no matter how tough things get. And that's what soul mates do -- they stick by each other no matter how bad it gets -- through thick and thin, through all the joy, the pain, the rewards and the struggles.

Cassie: You've been through all that, huh?

Lucas: No, hahaven'T. Not yet. But I have plenty of time.

Cassie: Well, time's being wasted. You should get started.

Lucas: I'll worry about my life. You worry about yours.

Cassie: I am. And I have. Right here. Right now.

Lucas: It's not right, cassie. It's just not the place.

Cassie: You don't understand. This is the only place that I can feel good about myself.

Lucas: What are you talking about? That is the most pathetic thing I've ever heard in my life.

Cassie: Lucas, please, just...

Lucasalall right, look, we don't have any more women. No one can cover your shift, so you can stay for the night. But that's it. I'm going to keep my eye on you, okay?

Cassie: Thank you.

Man: Where are you going, beautiful?

Cassie: Oh, me?

Man: Yeah -- you. You are so hot.

Cassie: You really think so?

Man: Your name's cassie, right?

Cassie: Yeah. Yeah, that's me.

Abe: So, brady, tell me, who would want to see you dead?

Brady: Well, when I took over the blue note, I had to cancel some gigs. They weren't exactly the bands that I felt belonged to the blue note. Some guys were pretty tough and pretty ticked off. They made some threats, and maybe I should've taken them seriously.

Abe: Well, I'll need their names and numbers where we can pick 'em up.

Brady: Yeah, I should have them at the club.

Abe: Well, that'll help. Till then, I'm going to have my people search the grounds for the shell casing, the slug itself, footprints, tire tracks, whatever else will help.

Victor: Whatever it takes to catch this bastard.

Abe: You can count on that. So, what is that all about?

Nicole: Uh... victor and I were planning to meet out here. I was in my room changing when I heard the shot.

Victor: That's right. Said you had a surprise waiting for me when I got down here. Exactly what was that, my dear?

Maya: Ha ha ha. You're here to spy on me, huh?

Shawn-d: Yeah, that's right. My uncle mickey wants to make sure that there's no surprises with any of his clients. And I'm supposed to make sure that there's no skeletons in the closet. And if there are, I'm supposed to count them and catalog them.

Maya: I have nothing to hide.

Shawn-d: Well, I'll take your word for it.

Maya: Any other questions?

Shawn-d: Any other questions. Yeah. Yeah, there's one.

Maya: Go right ahead.

Shawn-d: You know I have a girlfriend, so why do you keep coming on to me? What are you trying to prove?

John: Damn it, tony. You've been down there too long.

Tony: I caught my trousers.

John: Easy, easy, easy. Hey, hey, hey. Just catch your breath. Not too much, though. Ha ha ha.

Tony: My trousers got caught... I couldn't breathe. pulled me free. You saved me... john. Thank you. Thank you.

John: Kind of makes us even, doesn't it?

Jesse: Outta the car, tommy boy.

Tommy: Hey, what are you going to do? If I had some idea, I could prepare myself.

Jesse: Shut up! Close the door and stand against the car. Out. Slow-like. Hands where I can see 'em.

Jesse: Hold it right there.

Bo: All right, all right. You win.

Jesse: Drop the gun. Kick it over there. Down on your knees. I'm tired of you!

Jesse: Now talk to your maker. Tell him you're about to visit him, and this time, you're going to be staying for a while. Cscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscsc is head & shoulders

Some will use the summer to save up; this one will save lives.

You want to be here. You want to help.

The 19-year-old montrealer who's now an ambulance attendant in tel aviv. Experience life. And death. A profile. On tonight's global national.

Cassie: So, do all three of you work out at the same gym together?

Man: Yeah, we work out. Don't we, guys?

Man #2: Yep. We pump the big stuff.

Cassie: Hey, it shows.

Man #3: The new girl's a natural. The guys love her. They can't seem to get enough of her.

Lucas: Yeah, I know. It's just what worries me.

Cassie: So, what do you guys like best about me?

Man: No doubt about it. You got great legs.

Cassie: You're going to make me blush.

Nicole: I was going to surprise you, victor, with a private little party and maybe some expensive havana cigars that I managed to get my hands on. Oh. I'm not going to get in trouble for buying cuban cigars, am I?

Abe: My hearing must be going. I didn't hear anything about cuban cigars. Talk to you later, victor.

Victor: Oh. You should be sitting down, young man.

Nicole: Um... I'm going to get some more towels. Okay.

Victor: You really think it could've been somebody from the club?

Brady: It's the only thing I could think of. Unless the shot wasn't intended for me at all. But that would

Nicole: Hello?

Larry: It's me, larry.

Nicole: Where are you?

Larry: I'm at the motel south of town.

Nicole: You almost killed brady, you idiot.

Larry: I know. What the hell was he doing out there instead of victor? This is what I get for working with amateurs.

Nicole: You really screwed things up. The police are all ov t the place. Everybody's pointing fingers. We have to put our plans on hold.

Larry: Like hell I will. Victor may be old, but he's not stupid. It's only a matter of time before he figures it out. Now, look, we need to take care of this, and we need to take care of it fast. I'm taking him out tomorrow.

[ Horn honks ]

Bo: Go, tommy!

Hope: You all right?

Bo: You okay?

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Thanks for the distraction.

Hope: Want to do the honors, tommy?

Tommy: My pleasure. On top of the way you look, you have great timing, mrs. B.

Hope: That's "hope."

Tommy: Yeah. Hope. Ththanks.

Bo: Hey, tommy. Sorry about this whole mess.

Tommy: Hey. It's no big deal. I wasn't even scared.

Bo: Yeah. You bet he is. Well, we got some good news.

Hope: What's that?

Bo: We got our new car back.

Hope: Yes, we do.

Maya: I'm not trying to prove anything. It's just, well, let's see, how should I put it? If there was a pastry cart and you were on it, you'd be the stud muffin.

Shawn-d: So, that's very romantic.

Maya: Who's talking about romance?

Shawn-d: I better get going.

Maya: Is s been swell. Come up and spy on me again some time.

[ Telephone rings ]

Maya: Bye-bye now.

[ Ring ]

Maya: Close the door after you.

[ Ring ]

Maya: The bomb went off? What about the yacht that's great. That's perfect.

Tony: It's getting harder to breathe. How long do you think we have?

John: I'd be able to answer that question if I could get some oxygen into my brain.

Tony: That's comforting.

John: I do know how we can make this air stretch twice as long, though.

Tony: How?

John: Have only one of us breathe it. Ha ha ha ha.

Tony: Funny, funny. It didn't occur to me.

John: Oh, like hell. So, why'd you save me, anyway?

Tony: Why'd you save me?

John: I wasn't thinking. Ha ha ha ha. This is ironic, isn't it?

Tony: I suppose we could have a deep discussion about brotherly love, retribution, and guilt. But if you don't mind, I'd rather have this conversation at another time.

John: I don't think there's going to be another timebrbro.

Cassie: I already cut lucas out of my life.

Rex: You didn't tell him, did you?

Cassie: I just told him that it was over between him and me.

Bellephphilip, they're beautiful. Thank you.

Tony: I didn't figure you as being a quitter.

John: I'm a realist. Short of a miracle, we are about to sleep with the fishes.

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