Days Transcript Monday 7/7/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/7/03--Canada; 7/8/03--USA

By Eric

Lucas: You know you're all the same -- all you women in this town. You're all crazy! Something must be in the water. I don't know what it is. Yeah, I don't care what you're writing! Enough with the writing on the board! Oh, she dumped me, huh? Nobody dumps lucas roberts! You got that? She did not dump me, damn it! You know, losing your voice hasn't slowed you down a bit, has it? You're still a bitch.

Bliss: What can I get you?

Cassie: One tequila sunrise, please.

Bliss: One sunrise coming up.

Cassie: The grenadine in the drink makes it so pretty. I normally drink vodka when I'm partying 'cause, you know, it gets you there quicker.

Cassie: The women here are beautiful.

Bliss: The hostesses? Well, sure. That's what keeps the men coming back.

Cassie: Tell me what you honestly think -- um, do you think that I have what it takes to be a hostess here?

Bo: Hey, tommy, how's it going?

Tommy: My night just got way better.

Hope: So tell me, tommy, you gonna help us out again?

Tommy: Anything for you, babe.

Bo: Hey, focus here. Focus. When you meeting with jesse?

Tommy: Any time now. I told him parking all these italian jobs got me wanting some hot new wheels. Get it -- hot?

Bo: Yeah, I got it. Very funny. That bastard's gonna find out he stole the wrong guy's brand-new S.U.V.

Hope: We're going to get it back.

Bo: Yeah, you bet we are.

Tommy: Well, you better get lost 'cause if jesse sees you, it's gonna blow the whole deal.

Bo: Relax. We're gonna stick around and nab him.

Hope: I'm going to take the inside. I have the perfect way to hide. I'll be right back.

Bo: Hold on. What are you going to do?

Hope: I fit into echelon perfectly before, didn't I?

Bo: I don't wt t you in there by yourself.

Hope: Do you not trust your partner?

Bo: It's those sleazebag customers I don't trust!

Hope: Well, trust me. I know what I'm doing. Be right back.

Tommy: What a woman.

Bo: Yeah. She's my woman.

Brady: Hey, granddad.

Victor: Hmm? Oh, good evening, brady.

Brady: It's kind of quiet around the old mansion tonight.

Victor: Cook's night off.

Brady: Cook? Well, what about your wife? You know -- nicole? Remember her?

Victor: If you're trying to be funny --

Brady: I am. And I'll stop. Is everything okay? You and cocole have been fighting a lot lately.

Victor: My marriage is none of your business. Neither is nicole.

Larry: You know, I was thinking. Wouldn't it be a hell of a lot less suspicious if I shot victor someplace other than his own house?

Nicole: The old bastard practically keeps me prisoner, okay? I mean, he won't even let me go out to a freaking restaurant!

Larry: Look, I'm just saying you're going to be the one implicated, not me. I mean, I got barbecued in a fire, remember? I don't exist.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, well, thanks to me. I'm the one who got your ass out of jail, remember? All right? So why don't you be grateful and shut up because we're going to do this my way. Now, I will entice victor out to the pool area, and then you will have a clear shot. Got it?

Larry: Yes, boss.

Nicole: Hey, hey! Hands off! What -- what the hell are you doing?!

Larry: I'm just getting a little sneak preview of my reward.

Nicole: Oh, larry! God!

[ Fire alarm sounds ] Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Soulmates, buddies,

your better half--

Nicole: Oh, larry!

Larry: Hey, blondie, baby... we made a deal, remember? Right? I shoot victor -- god rest his soul -- and to reward me, you get to spend a long, sexy night with yours truly -- moi. Now, you didn't forget, did you?

Nicole: No, I didn't forget. Can you just not talk about it, okay?

Larry: All right, all right. As long as I get my mon's worth. Ah, by the way, here's the address of the motel where I'll be staying, waiting for you, tonight. It's uh, on the interstate... just outside of the city limits.

Nicole: Fine.

Larry: Oh, no, no. Ha ha ha. No, no, no, don't you even think about leaving me by my lonesome, blondie, 'cause if you don't show up, the cops are going to get an anonymous phone call tipping them off that victor kiriakis' wife -- oh, excuse me, should I say widow? -- Hired a hit man to bump him off. Nonow, we'll be expecting you... tonight.

Nicole: Yeah, sure. Just don't get ahead ofourself, larry. You still have a job to do, and I can't wait another minute for that monster to die!

Larry: Okay, okay. The gun's all ready, just like I'll be later on at the motel.

Victor: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take it out on you. I have very little patience with my wife these days.

Brady: The way you say that is...

Victor: What?

Brady: "My wife."

Victor: And just how would you like me to say it, brady?

Brady: Well, it just doesn't sound very friendly, that's all.

Victo n nicole and i are not friends.

Brady: Why the hell are you married then? And I'm sorry. I know you just got through telling me that your marriage is none of my business, but I live here now, so I guess it kind of is my business. I mean, I'm around you and nicole all the time, and you're my grandfather. You expect me not to care?

Victor: No, of course not.

Brady: I'm worried about you and nicole. I can't help but wonder why you don't just end it, unless you're in love.

Brady: There you go -- looking all angry, not saying aththing.

Victor: I don't like this conversation.

Brady: Well, don't you think it would be better for you if you had somebody to talk to? And, hey, I may not be that person --

Victor: You're not.

Brady: Well, fine! Can I just say that I wish you were happy?

Victor: Nobody's happy all the time, brady.

Brady: I know that.

Victor: If you think you're going to find someone that you love and get married and be happy, you're going to be sorely disappointed. I mean, companionship is wonderful and all that, but the only person that can make you happy is you.

Brady: Well, thank you, dr. Phil.

Victor: That's very disrespectful.

Brady: Well, I'm sorry, okay? I apologize. But you're lecturing me about -- about life and love like I'm a naive fool! I know damn well that a good relationship is not the only thing that can make a person happy, but when two people make each other miserable...

Victor: Nicole and i are not miserable!

Brady: Well, you just snipe at each other and argue all the time.

Victor: We have our arguments, yes -- like any other couple. We disagree on a lot of things and we argue, but we always make up.

Brady: I've never seen that.

Victor: Has it ever occurred to you that we may do it in private?

Brady: You're right. You're right. Okay, fine. How lame of me not to think of that.

Victor: Excuse me.

Brady: Granddad, listen to me. I know this conversation is making you uncomfortable, but I keep wondering -- how did it all go downhill so fast? You told me you were getting married, and you were so in love.

Victor: Things change.

Brady: That fast? If I didn't know you better, I'd say you hated nicole. You treat your own wife like she's less important than henderson.

Victor: I can count on henderson.

Brady: All right, bear with me. Let me go out on a limb here. Is it the age thing? Is that where the problem is? I mean, hey, maybe you could get into a younger groove, maybe do some of the things that nicole likes to --

Victor: You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Brady: You're right. I've never been married. I don't know what I'm talking about, but maybe you could just cut her some slack.

Victor: I'm letting her manage the blue note with you, aren't I?

Brady: Yes, and that's going to get her out of the house, and it's going to give you a chance to miss her, and it may be just the thing you need to get your relationship back on track.

Victor: I'm not going to hold my breath.

Nicole: Hi.

Victor: Where have you been? I had to send henderson out looking for you.

Nicole: Well, every marriage needs a little mystery. Ha ha. But if you must know, I've been working on my surprise for you. Aren't you a little bit curious? Victor, I've been trying to please you. Can't you just accept that I'm trying to make an effort?

Brady: You know what? I'm going to leave you two alone.

Nicole: No, brady, don't go. I'm sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable.

Victor: I'm sure he's used to it.

Nicole: You're family, and since you've moved in here, well, you get to see our marriage up close -- all the dirty laundry. Lucky you.

Victor: Knock it off, will you, nicole?

Nicole: Okay. Okay. It's time for your surprise, anyway. I'm going to go slip into something a little more alluring, and I might be upstairs for a little while, but I guarantee it'll be worth it. All you have to do is meet me out by the pool. I promise I won't keep you waiting too long.

Victor: I have a few things to do. I'll meet you when I'm free.

Nicole: Victor, why can't you meet me now? I don't want the surprise to spoil. Gosh, victor, I don't ask you for too much!

Brady: Nicole, are you okay? You seem a little faint.

Nicole: I'm just...excited. I-I can't wait for the night of my life. Henderson, uh, is everything ready? I just want everything to be perfect for you.

Henderson: It's all taken care of, mrs. Kiriakis.

Nicole: All right. Um... then I'll just go upstairs and change then. Don't wait for m okay?

Nicole: You go on out and start enjoying everything.

Hope: Roxy, thank you so much for letting me pose in the box tonight.

Roxy: I'm glad to get a break. Good luck with your research project.

Hope: Thank you.

Bliss: There's the manager. If you want a job here, he's the guy you've got to impress. Show him what you got.

Cassie: What I've got? You mean...

Bliss: Well, if you have to ask, this isn't the job for you, honey.

Bo: Hey, fancy face. Tommy just heard from that bail-jumping, car-stealing piece of dirt. He's on his way. What about you? Did you find a place to hide where jesse won't see you?

Hope: Oh, he'll see me. He just won't know he's seeing me.

Bo: Gotta go.

Man: Hey, tommy, I'm not paying you to socialize out here.

Bo:E's not socializing. He's breaking me in, um, showing me the ropes.

Man: Oh, oh. So who the hell are you?

Bo: The new guy.

Tommy: Y-yeah. He's my new assistant.

Man: You don't have an assistant.

Tommy: Well, clyde -- the day manager -- hired him. You see, sir, a night at the echelon doesn't end when a guy leaves the club. No way. When I bring a client's car to a smooth stop, when I hand him his keys with a smile, I'm echelon's chance at one more good impression. All right? Think about it, sir. I'm the first person the client sees when he gets here, right? And I'm the last face he sees when he leaves. That's why I'm trying to whip this rookie into shape. It's for you, sir! The parking attendant is the key to the entire echelon experience.

Man: I never thought of it like that before, kid.

Tommy: So how about that raise?

Man: Hell, no! Are you kidding me? The economy sucks. Guys are so broke, they'rststaying home with their wives! All right? So get back to work -- both of ya! And no fender-benders, you knuckleheads, okay?

Tommy: It worked! My head hurts.

Bo: From using all those big words. Hey, hope. Listen, he's going to be here any minute. You sure you found a place where jesse won't see you?

Hope: Trust me. I'm beautifully invisible.

Lucas: You know what? I could have any woman I want. Any woman I want any time I want! Stop writing on this damn board! What's the matter? What's the matter, huh? You going to write on the walls with your lipstick now? Is that what you're going to do? You can't do anything, can you? Can you?! But there's plenty I can do to you. What's the matter? What's the matter? You're not having fun anymore? I am!

Tony: Well, what's going on? Why did the fire alarm go off again?

Man: Sorry, mr. Dimera. We're searched high and low. No sign of a fire anywhere onboard.

Tony: Okay. I'll check it out myself. Thank you. He ou he^ve

Bliss: You ready?

Cassie: Ready. Ha ha.

Man: Hey, what's up, bliss?

Bliss: This chick wants to be a hostess.

Man: [ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah?

Cassie: I hope you think I'm pretty enough.

Man: Oh, you're plenty pretty enough. You got the body, too.

Cassie: Thank you. Does that mean that I'm hired?

Man: No. Not until I see you in action.

Cassie: Oh, you mean like an audition.

Man: Yeah, just like an audition...for me. Pretend I'm a customer. Make me happy.

H hope: Is he there yet?

Bo: Our S.U.V. Just pulled into the alley. It's gotta be jesse.

Hope: Be careful.

Bo: I'll be real careful when I mess up his face.

Victor: I'm going out to the pool.

Brady: I'm sorry. Did you say something? I-I'm listening to this incredible new band. I think I've made a great discovery. Do you want to listen?

Victor: No, I'll trust you. I just said I was going out to the pool to see nicole's big surprise.

Brady: Oh, before you go, I do want to apolozeze for not minding my own business about your marriage.

Victor: I understand. You're curious.

Brady: No, I'm concerned. I swear. I just -- I care about you, and the fact that you're in a bad marriage -- there I go again.

Victor: Yes, there you go again. Excuse me.

Brady: Uh, granddad... why did you ask me to live here?

Victor: Because I thought it would be good for you, convenient to work. And it's a big house. I suppose I wanted your company.

Brady: Well, I'm glad. And again, I'm sorry if I -- if I'm making you regret that you asked me to come and live here with you.

Victor: You're not. And I know that all the questions about my marriage are because you're concerned about me, and I appreciate that.

Henderson: Sorry to interrupt, sir. You have that conference call with the tokyo office.

Victor: Oh! Thank you for reminding me, henderson. All this nonsense about this surprise distracted me. Um, I'll take it upstairs.

Brady: Oh, henderson, since you're in the know about this surprise, would it be a problem if I went out by the pool for a minute? I just want to check up on the construction of the recording studio.

Henderson: I'm sure it won't be a problem. Your grandfather is going to be tied up for a while with the tokyo people.

Brady: Thank you.

Lucas: I can't believe I actually felt sorry for you. Poor sami can't talk! You know, your silence is a gift to this world, and me especially. You know why? 'Cause I finally get to tell you what I think of you, and you can't say anything back to me, and that is a beautiful thing! No, no, don't even bother. Don't even bother looking for a way out. I've been trying to escape you for years, and I can't do it. You know what? The only reason why I ever had anything to do with you -- the only reason is because of will. I did it for my son's sake. That's why I gave you joint custody. You know what? Looking back -- boy, that was a huge mistake. As a mother, you suck! You are the worst mother I've ever met in my life. You don't care about anybody but yourself. It's all about what sami wants and what sami needs. The hell with everybody, right? The hell with whoever gets hurt. Who cares if your son's father starts drinking again? You'd love to see me fall! You live for my destruction, don't you? You know, when I was almost dead in that fire a couple years ago, there you were. There you were. You refused to let me see my own son, you bitch! You drove me to the point where I di't care if I lived or died. And when I got conscious again, there you were. There you were, in my ear, willing me to die. I'll never forget that. I will never forgive you! You know what? I've had a hard life, but I only have one regret in my life, and that is of all the women in the world that could have been my son's mother, I get stuck with you. I need a genie or something. I need a genie to just give me one wish. If I had one wish, sami, I'd wish you were never will's mother.

Cassie: I've been told that i make guys really happy.

Man: You sust hold on to that thought, gorgeous. I'll be right back.

Man: Ahem. Hello! Who the hell are you? What are you doing here? Where's what's-her-face, uh, roxy?

Bo: Damn it. Hope turned off her mic.

Tommy: Hey, she's a kick-ass babe. She'll be okay. But you're gonna get your head bashed in if you don't hide, like now!

Bo: Yeah, yeah.

Hope: I'm a friend of roxy'S. Poor girl. She had the worst headache -- a migraine. So she called me up and asked me toovover for her. Hope I'm doing a good job.

Man: Yes, you are. Hey, look, if you're interested in a regular gig, come back here and talk to me, beautiful, okay?

Hope: Thanks. You never know.

Jesse: Tommy, what's up? How you doin'? You're looking especially sharp tonight.

John: Oh, damn.

Tony: What the devil are you doing here?

Scrumptious strawberry

shortcake. We will return for the seco h half of "days of our lives" in just a moment. C

Lucas: Damn you. Damn you. I always say I'm never going to let you get to me, but you always do, don't you? Because you're evil and you bring out the worst in people. That's why I have to get will away from you. You know what? If he wasn't such a good kid, if I wasn't such a good dad, you would have warped him by now. I can't believe I ever agreed to share custody with you! You know, I should have taken him someplace where you'd never find him again, like europe or the bahamas somewhere. They've got great schools in the bahamas. He could grow up without a sicko mom. That would be great. Of course, he's settled here now. I'm settled. I have my job. I have a job with a great future, and he's got his friends. He's planted his roots. He's not going to want to go anywhere. And he loves you. Yeah, that's right. Will does love you because he doesn't know the truth about you. This whole family tries to hide it from him. They try to hide the fact that his mother is no good, that his mother is just -- is just a bad person. But you know what? I'm going to be the one to tell him. I'm going to tell him. We're going to start our own club. We're going to have a whole new chapter of this. It's gonna be the "I hate sami" club, and I'm gonna be the president of it and will's gonna be the vice president, and when I get done wising him up, you know what? He's gonna hate your guts.

Man: Hey, doll face.

Cassie: Hey yourself.

Man: How old are you?

Cassie: Old enough. If I can drink here, I can work her r right?

Man: [ Chuckles ] Okay. So you tell me -- why do you want to be an echelon hostess in 25 words or less?

Cassie: Oh, that's easy. I like men. They're my favorite animal.

Man: Oh, good answer! Wait a second. You don't have a criminal record, do you?

Cassie: With this face?

Man: Yeah, right. Now, look, you have said all the right things. Now it's time to show me.

>>Cassie: Show you what, exactly?

Man: A good time, baby.

Hope: Bo, are you still there? What's going on?

Tommy: What you got?

Jesse: Got a hot S.U.V.

Nicole: Where the hell is victor, damn it? Why isn't he down there?

Victor: I've got the bastard right where I want him. Just let him try to shoot me down.

Tommy: So, tell me, jesse, how hot is this S.U.V.?

Jesse: It's burnin', man.

Tommy: With my luck, I will get pulled over for driving a stolen car.

Jesse: No, man, you know me. It's been totally stripped of I.D. It's brand-new. Still got that new-car smell.

Tommy: All right. Sweet.

Jesse: Look, you got the time it'll take me to down a scotch and water, maybe feel up a hostess or two. But, hey, if you don't want to take the car off my hands, I got three other guys who want it.

Bo: New-car smell! I could rip his damn face off.

Tommywhat is your wife doing inside?

Bo: I have no idea. She didn't have time to tell me. But if he recognizes her, things are going to get real messy real fast.

Tommy: Jesse is total scum.

Bo: Yeah, you got that right. But I got a plan. Just don't have much time.

Man: Mmm. Turn around. Let me see what you got here. Nice and slow. Oh, yeah.

Man: You look like you know just what to do, baby. You're going to make all my other hostesses look like old news.

Lucas: Go ahead. Go ahead, hit me. It's not gonna change a thing. I still hate you, and you still can't say a word!

Sami: God!

Tony: Hey, careful, sami.

Sami: I hate you! I hate you!

Tony: Just calm down!

Sami: Let me go! God, and you pretended to be my friend!

Tony: Just get control of yourself!

Sami: No! You betrayed me. You are an evil and manipulative bastard!

Tony: Well, you're a spoiled little brat who finally got what she deserves!

Sami: Oh, you are evil and dangerous, just like my family said. You are a monster!

Tony: Well, then, don't make me angry.

Sami: Let me go! Let me go!

Tony: Oh, I'll let you go, sami! You can go to hell!

Sami: Aah!

Lucas: Sami, stop it. Sami, stop! Quit it! Quit it. Stop. Y-you're bleeding.

Man: Freeze!

John: There's no time for chitchat, man.

Tony: What the hell are you doing on my yacht? Stow away, did you? Don't look very convincing as a deck hand.

John: Shut up! Your yacht is getting ready to blow keke mount st. Helens!

John: Have your boy drop the gun. I'm not the enemy here. Whoever sent you that fruit basket hid a bomb inside.

Tony: You've been watching too much television. I know why you're here. You want to take something from us. You want me and my crew out of the way. Move another inch and you'll be shot!

John: I'm not going to die on this boat. Damn it, there's a bomb in the basket. A bomb is in the basket! It's going to go any second. Look for yourself!

Lucas: It's okay. Sami, it's okay. It is. You're not bleeding that much. It's not that bad, seriously. Wait. Wait a minute. Wait. I'm not going to hurt you, okay? Come here. It's okay. Just sit down on the couch. I don't think you need to go to the hospital. It's not that bad. Here, lay down. Lay down. That's even better. Put your feet up. Here. Uh... now let me just look underneath the bandage to see how it's doing. Please. It's gonna be okay, all right? I'm not a doctor, but you can ask will -- I'm pretty gentle. Let me just see. That's right.

Victor: You can tell mr. Hanako that mr. Kiriakis is dead serious. I expect him to put the brakes on this hostile takeover.

Nicole: Victor, you can't get your surprise unless you go down to the pool. You better hurry up!

Victor: I am on a business call. I don't have time for your poolside nonsense.

Nicole: But what about my surprise, victor?

Victor: I'll be down there when I'm done. Now leave me the hell alone. Pardon the interruption.

Nicole: Damn it!

Nicole: Maybe I should go down and tell larry it's going to be a while. Brady! Oh, my god!

Larry: Say good night, victor.

[ Gunshot ]

Nicole: Brady, no! Oh, my god! Brady!

Tommy: Wow. Just --

Hope: Tommy, where's bo?

Tommy: I've been looking for him, too. I found this outside.

Hope: It's no wonder I wasn't able to get ahold of him in the last couple minutes.

Tommy: Hey, he'll be okay.

Hope: I hope you're right, totommy.

Cassie: Let's get to know each other better.

Man: That's fine by me.

Cassie: There, now that's much better.

Man: Yeah.

Cassie: Feel my hair -- how soft and silky it is.

Man: Ohh.

Cassie: Do you see anything else that you like?

Man: Everything.

Cassie: [ Giggles ] Hey! You work out, don't you? I'll bet you could lift me up with just one hand.

Man: Ha ha ha ha! You are so good at this. You're a natural, baby, a natural.

Cassie: Really? So do I get the job?

Man: Yeah. You're hired.

Cassie: Really?

Man: Yeah, really.

Cassie: Ha ha! Oh! Thank you so much!

Man: Hey, you are going to raise the bar around here, baby. All my other girls will have to work double-time just to keep up with you.

Cassie: They're so pretty.

Man: Yeah, but you -- you've got that whole naughty-but-nice thing going on. The customers are going to eat it up. You're going to be very, very popular, baby.

Cassie: Popular?

Man: Yeah.

Cassie: I cannot wait to get started. Thank you. Mmm.

Lucas: You didn't know I was such a good nurse, did ya?

Lucas: Am I hurting you?

Lucas: One more little -- there we go. There. It's good as new. You're all fixed up. You should be fine now. That'll be $100. Ha ha. Don't feel like laughing, do you? I don't really blame you. I said some horrible things to you earlier, and... I'm really sorry.

Lucas: Um, would have been nice to have that dinner, just you, me and will.

Lucas: All right. Well, uh, I'm going to go.

Lucas: There you go. Good night.

John: I'm telling ya, this yacht is gonna blow!

Tony: Would you stop saying that?

John: It's no joke, dimera.

Tony: Seconds! Move out!

Hope: Something's happened to him. Brady, I wish I knew where you were.

Nicole: Do something, quick!

Larry: Uh-oh. That's not victor.

Tony: John! John?

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