Days Transcript Friday 7/04/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/04/03--Canada; 7/07/03--USA

By Eric


>> Larry: Hurry up and get those damn bullets, nicole. Let's get the "victor is dead" show on the road.

>> Victor: Will someone tell me what the hell is going on here?

>> Brady: Why don't you ask your wife? She is the one planning the surprise.

>> Victor: Well? Don't keep me in suspense, nicole. What are you up to?

>> Philip: Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late, but I hit every light on the way here. So what's up?

>> Shawn-d: I was hoping you could tell me, phil.

>> Belle: Shawn, be nice.

>> Shawn-d: I am being nice, considining the fact that you've spent more time with my girlfriend in the past two days than I have in the past two weeks. Do you like spending time with my girlfriend, phil?

>> Belle: Shawn, please.

>> Philip: I don't know what you're getting at here, shawn --

>> Shawn-d: You can save it, phil, 'cause I know exactly what's going on.

>> Kate: I am trying, believe me. I want to get along with sami. It's just that I'm worried about lucas. He was hurt so terribly by her in the past.

>> Roman: He stood her up, kate. You think that wasn't hurtful?

>> Kate: Of course it was, and I feel really badly for sami, and I'm disappointed in lucas. Being involved with cassie dimera, of all people. You know, I never thought I would say something like this, but she's even a bigger mistake for him than sami.

>> Roman: Hey, don't compare sami to cassie. They're not even in the same universe.

>> Cassie: What the hell is wrong with you, kicking the door in? You scared me to death.

>> Lucas: Get out of here right now, both of you!

>> Mimi: Oh, my god, rex. We're too late.

>> Rex: You son of a -- like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

>> Rex: Get your hands off her.

>> Lucas: Hey, what's your problem, dude? You need to get out of here right now.

>> Cassie: What are you doing here? What is wrong with you?

>> Rex: Oh, my god. This is a nightme.E.

>> Lucas: Hey, excuse me. Are you hard of hearing? Leave now.

>> Rex: Shut up!

>> Lucas: Wait, wait, are you telling me to shut up? I don't think so. No, no. Screw that.

>> Mimi: Maybe we should get some fresh air and give them some privacy.

>> Rex: I'm not going anywhere until I talk to cassie.

>> Lucas: You're not talking to anybody, pal.

>> Mimi: Oh, wow. Um, I'm going to be outside.

>> Rex: Look, cassie, trust me, you need to hear this.

>> Lucas: Hey, for the last time, get out. I mean it.

>> Rex: You're drunk, both of you.

>> Cassie: We had a little champagne, rex -- that's it.

>> Rex: What, did you get her wasted? Have a good time?

>> Lucas: Hey, she's a big girl. She can make her own decisions.

>> Rex: You took advantage of her. You probably had this whole night planned out, didn't you -- a cheap motel, a little bubbly? Man, you are sick.

>> Lucas: Fine. You know what? That's it. Let's go, big guy.

>> Cassie: Stop it, stop it. He didn't force me to do anything.

>> Rex: Oh, I'm sure he was a complete gentleman.

>> Cassie: You know what? Let's talk about this later. Can I please just get esessed?

>> Mimi: She's right, rex. Come on.

>> Lucas: What the hell's going on?

>> Kate: Sorry. I shouldn't have said that. Sami is going through a terrible time.

>> Roman: All right, I tell you what, kate -- let's just not discuss it anymore, all right? You're concerned about lucas, I'm worried about sami. Let's just leave it at that.

>> Kate: Okay.

>> Roman: All right.

>> Kate: Ha ha. Thank you. Oh, look who's here. Philip.

>> Philip: Hey. Hey, mom. Hi.

>> Kate: Hi, sweetie.

>> Philip: How are you doing?

>> Kate: Oh, what, you can't give your mother a hug now that you're a marine, hmm? I don't care. I'm just glad you're home. You're -- you're safe, and you're sound, and you're out of harm's way.

>> Philip: Ha ha.

>> Roman: All right, tell you what. Let's grab a table.

>> Kate: Okay. Sure. You're coming for dinner this week?

>> Philip: Oh, yeah.

>> Kate: Yeah, okay. We'll make whatever you want. Just call ahead.

>> Philip: Okay, mom. I'll give you a call. Take care, all right? So have you guys ordered?

>> Shawn-d: What's the story, phil? Ever since you've come back to salem, you've been acting like something's going on, like you're hiding something.

>> Philip: Look, shawn, I'm sorry my life isn't an open book, but, you know --

>> Shawn-d: Oh, yeah, that's right. You have a code of honor 'cause you're a U.S. Marine.

>> Philip: Yes, sir, I do.

>> Shawn-d: And my dad was a merchant marine, and he had a code of honor, so I can say that I do know something about this more than the average guy.

>> Philip: That's great, okay? I'm glad. Can we order now, please?

>> Shawn-d: And if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that something is going on here. What is a U.S. Marine doing snooping around the ships in salem's harbor?

>> Philip: Drop it, okay? Ththis is none of your business.

>> Shawn-d: It is my business, because you have my girlfriend involved.

>> Philip: Wait a minute.

>> Shawn-d: And I swear to you, if something would have happened to her, I would have nailed you --

>> Belle: Shawn, it's okay.

>> Shawn-d: Just tell me, okay? Because eventually, everyone's going to find out anyway.

>> Philip: Okay, fine. I'll talk, but, shawn, you listen to me -- you have to keep this strictly on the Q.T.

>> Shawn-d: That's fine. It stays right here at the table.

>> Philip: I'm investigating tony dimera and his smuggling operation.

>> Shawn-d: Tony dimera?

>> Philip: Quiet down.

>> Shawn-d: What the hell were you doing dragging belle into this? You could have got her killed. This is out there on global - I'm seanna collins. Join the fun on the streets downtown for the street performers festival. Children can visit kids world, color the festival weather and then watch for their picture next week on global news morning edition. Learn about safe and responsible river recreationat river day 2003 - sunday at the rundle park recreation centre. Enjoy all kinds of free activities for the entire familymiss saigon is broadways classic love story. It's coming to the jubilee auditorum from july 15th to the 20th. Miss saigon has captured hearts and awards around the world for it's soaring melodies and powerful emotions.And for three days, july 11th, 12th and 13th, the streets of old strathcona will be transformed into a large outdoor art studio. "Art walk" is one of the largest street celebrations of the visual arts in canada. - More than 100 artists will be showing

>> Philip: I don't know what you're yelling at me for. She's the one you should be mad at.

>> Belle: Excuse me?

>> Philip: I didn't ask for her to follow me, and, in fact, when I found out what she was doing, I told her to leave. But a hell of a lot of good that did. Look, shawn, you don't want belle hanging around with me, that is fine. It's okay by me. It'll make my life a lot easier. But you talk to her, okay? 'Cause maybe then, she will actually listen.

>> Belle: So now I'm supposed to take orders?

>> Shawn-d: All right. Hold -- hold on. Let's not do this. It's not worth it, okay?

>> Philip: No, it is worth it. I mean, you do want your girlfriend to be safe, don't you?

>> Shawn-d: Of course I do.

>> Philip: Well, then, you talk to her. Tell her to stop snooping around in my business. Every time I turn around lately, there she is. How am I supposed to concentrate w work when I have to keep tabs on your girlfriend? Look, this is serious, okay? This is not some game. And if belle isn't careful, she's going to get hurt.

>> Belle: You think because I'm female, that I can't defend myself?

>> Philip: No, that's not what I meant.

>> Belle: Oh, my god, philip. This is not the dark ages. Wake up.

>> Roman: You know what? This all looks good, but all we need are two iced teas.

>> Lisa: You got it.

>> Kate: I am still amazed at how mature philip is. He's really grown up, hasn't he?

>> Roman: Well, that's what the military does -- turns boys into men.

>> Kate: Yeah. I wish lucas would show a little maturity. He has made one bad decision after another.

>> Roman: Like going to work for tony dimera.

>> Kate: [ Sighs ] And dating tony's daughter. I'll tell you, if he has any sort of relationship with cassie, it's only going to end in disaster.

>> Lucas: Real nice. Nice romantic evening ruined by your wonder twin power brother, who barges in like rambo.

>> Cassie: Lucas, I am so sorry. I don't know what's wrong with him.

>> Lucas: I do -- a chemical imbalance of some sort. Hey, you make it a habit of chaperoning your sister's dates, or did I just get lucky?

>> Rex: Can we go someplace private?

>> Lucas: Last thing cassie needs right now is a -- is a lecture from her overprotective brother.

>> Rex: That's what a brother is supposed to do -- protect and defend his sister. But what you did -- it's disgusting.

>> Mimi: Easy, please, guys.

>> Lucas: No, cassie didn't think so.

>> Cassie: Oh, rex, stop it. What is wrong with you?

>> Rex: Look, just get this jerk out of here.

>> Cassie: No. What?

>> Rex: I told you, cassie, we need to talk, okay? Alone.

>> Lucas: Is that okay with you, or do you need me to stay?

>> Cassie: No, no. I'm fine, I'm fine. Just -- just go.

>> Lucas: Great. I don't know what I'm doing here anyway. This whole thing's a big mistake. Excuse me.

>> Cassie: [ Groans ]

>> Mimi: Don't you think he has a right to know?

>> Cassie: Right to know what?

>> Mimi: Don't look at me. I already said too much.

>> Cassie: You guys are scaring me. Would someone please tell me what is going on?

>> Larry: Never send a woman to do a man's job.

>> Victor: Tell me, nicole, what's this surprise?

>> Brady: Well, whatever it is, she seems pretty anxious to find it. Must be pretty important, huh, nicole?

>> Nicole: Of course. I put a lot of thought into my gifts for victor. But they're for victor, so it's really none of your business.

>> Victor: Aren't I a lucky man to have such a devoted and trusting wife?

>> Nicole: Ha ha.

>> Brady: You -- you know what? I'm just going to get out of your way.

>> Nicole: Uh, don't go.

>> Nicole: Um, what I mean is, uh, don't go on our account. Oh, shoot. You know, I-I -- I forgot that I need to speak to mr. Cooper about the rose bushes he's planting in the garden, and I-I should probably get to him before he leaves.

>> Victor: Seems a bit high-strung tonight, doesn't she?

>> Brady: Yeah, nicole is pretty hard to read sometimes.

>> Victor: Yes, well, I wouldn't argue with that. Have you seen the recording studio today? They've made ququite a bit of progress.

>> Brady: Yes, that's what henderson said. Unfortunately, I won't be able to check it out today. I have to bail. I have a surprise of my own for someone special. See you around.

>> Nicole: Oh, god, that was close. Look, we're going to have to find another way to get our own ammo. Oh, my god -- larry. Damn it, larry, where'd you go?

>> Belle: So because you're guys, you never mess up. Is that what you're saying? Because you've both been after that maya chick, and neither e e of you has managed to nail her yet? Oops, wait a second. Wouldn't want to make that sound like she's shawn's flavor of the month or anything.

>> Shawn-d: How many times do i have to tell you, I'm not --

>> Belle: And you -- you have a lot of nerve telling me to stay out of your business, especially after I saved your butt in the cargo hold of that ship. If I hadn't knocked that creep out, who knows what he would have done with you?

>> Shawn-d: Hold on a second. What creep?

>> Belle: The guy on the ship. Oh, gee, I'm surprised philip hasn't told you about that.

>> Philip: You know, belle, I never would have been in trouble in the first place if it wasn't for you, okay? This isn't "charlie's angels," you're not friggin' cameron diaz, okay?

>> Belle: That's so funny, philip. How long did it take you to come w with that?

[ Cellular phone beeps ]

>> Belle: Look, you guys can find someone else to pick on. I am out of here.

>> Shawn-d: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Hold on a second. Where are you going?

>> Belle: I don't know. Maybe your -- your little spy friend here can figure it out for you.

[ Metallic object drops ]

>> Lucas: What? What? Not now, okay? Please. I've had a night from hell. I just want to go in my apartment and crash, seriously. Get off me. What? Take it easy. What do you want? What? Table looks great. Nice job. What's that got to do with me?

>> Lucas: What is this? You've got to be kidding me.

>> Rex: Maybe you should sit down.

>> Cassie: You're stalling.

>> Mimi: I'll be outside if you need me.

>> Cassie: Okay, so let's hear it. What is so damn important you have to barge in here and ruin my entire evening?

>> Rex: I only wish I'd barged in sooner.

>> Cassie: You kno lucas may not be your favorite person, but I happen to really like him. He makes me feel special and beautiful. You should just be happy for me.

>> Rex: You don't understand, cassie. You can't be with him.

>> Cassie: Why, 'cause you and tony don't approve? You know, rex, that's just too damn bad. I can be with any man I want.

>> Rex: Not lucas. Damn it, cassie, you just slept with your half brother. ó[Music throughout]

>> Lucas: "What kind of father are you? Don't you care about your son at all? For some stupid reason, I actually thought that for the sake of will, we could make peace. That's why I invited you to a dinner tonight, so we could be together as a civilized family." I'm sorry. I didn't get an invitation. What? I didn't, I swear. What? "I wrote will a note." Welli I don't know what happened to the note, but he didn't give it to me. What, you don't believe me, is that it? Great, here I thought that we were getting somewhere. I thought we were making progress. Boy, I guess I was wrong, wasn't I? Oh, this will be good. What are you going to do? What have you got here? Oh, it's my fault now? Oh, it's my fault. Well, you know what? You're the one who wrote me this nasty little letter. Let's see what else it says. I didn't finish. Uh, let's see. Uh, uh, let me guess -- "there's no being civilized with you, lucas. You're a pig, and you have no morals." I have no mora?? What kind of crap is that? You're the one with no morals! You're the most unethical person I ever met in my life! You lie, and you manipulate. God knows how many paternity tests you've switched. Oh, what? What? Don't give me that! If you had your way, you'd still be married to austin, and I wouldn't even know will's my son! Oh, go ahead, write yourself out of that one. Here it is. Go ahead. What's the problem? Oh, can't do it fast enough. You know what, sami? This -- this really sucks. This is terrible. I thought after your accident, I thought maybe -- just maybe -- there was a chance we could get rid of all the bad blood between us. But here you go, just dredging it up again! And wait, wait. You know what? If -- if I would have gotten that invitation, I would have been here. I would have been here for your family dinner. Just so you know. "Liar"? I'm a liar? Don't call me a liar. You're --

>> Rex: Look, it's true, cassie. Lucas roberts is our half-brother.

>> Cassie: No.

>> Rex: I just wish you didn't have to find out this way. Okay, I tried to get here as fast as I could.

>> Cassie: No, this is -- this is a lie, rex. This is a sick joke.

>> Rex: It's crazy, I know, but I have the test to prove it. I did a dna analysis. Kate roberts is our biological mother. I know this is a lot to digest, okay, and I'll explain it to you later, but the bottom line is that we're related to lucas. So whatever happened between the two of you tonight, it --

>> Cassie: Okay, you know what? We didn't do it, rex. We -- we didn't have sex.

>> Shawn-d: I'm gonna go find her.

>> Philip: Wait a second. You want belle tbebe safe, don't you?

>> Shawn-d: Yes. How many times do I have to say it? Of course I do.

>> Philip: Well, then we need to keep her out of this isa stuff.

>> Shawn-d: How? What do you want me to do?

>> Philip: I want you to keep an eye on maya. See what you can find out, okay? You see anything suspicious, let me know.

>> Shawn-d: That's fine. I'll keep an eye on her.

>> Philip: And one more thing. You can't tell belle.

>> Roman: You know what? If worrying about something really helped, then I'd say let's just sit here and knock ourselves out -- me fretting about sami, you freaked out about lucas and cassie. But the only thing worrying is going to do is make us old before our time.

>> Kate: Oh... you're right. I mean, you really are right. But even if we vow not to worry, could we really be happy knowing that our children's lives are in turmoil?

>> Roman: Yeah, c can. We got to work at it. We got to be optimistic. We got to be hopeful. But, you know, maybe if the kids see us, you know, happy, in love, respecting each other, maybe they'll be more likely to find that kind of relationship themselves.

>> Kate: Lucas will never have that with sami, believe me.

>> Roman: Kate, what the hell are you doing? Damn it.

>> Kate: What? I'm just stating a fact.

>> Roman: Well, here's a fact. Sami's my daughter, and I don't appreciate you acting like she's not good enough for your son.

>> Kate: Oh, please, it's not a question of not good enough.

>> Roman: Well, what the hell is it a question of, then?

>> Kate: Lucas and sami do not do well together, okay?

>> Roman: You're right. They don'T. Who does lucas do well with? I'd like to know that.

>> Kate: Are you really going to sit there and pretend that sami has not been a destructive force in lucas's life, that she is not a very troubled young woman who really needs to straighten herself out before she's involved with anyone?

>> Roman: Oh, and lucas is a prince. Whew, what a catch. Works for a mobster, drinks himself into a stupor. Wow! What father wouldn't want lucas roberts as a son-in-law?

>> Kate: That's very cruel.

>> Roman: And what you said about sami isn't? You're talking about how destructive she could be, manipulative, rotten to the core. Come on, kate, don't pretend you've got tender feelings for her. You can't stand my daughter. Just admit it. That's all you've got to do, lady just admit it.

>> Brady: There she is.

>> Belle: Hey, brady.

>> Brady: You got here awful fast.

>> Belle: Yeah, well, the old adrenaline was flowing big time.

>> Brady: Everything okay?

>> Belle: Sort of. How about with you?

>> Brady: Yeah, it's fine. I'm still a little disoriented, living with my grandfather, but I'll get used to it.

>> Belle: Yeah. Great big mansion, lots of servants -- what's not to get used to, right?

>> Brady: Yeah, I guess.

>> Belle: You know, it almost doesn't even look like you've moved out of this place yet. All your stuff's still here.

>> Brady: Yeah, except for my clothes, my cd collection, dvds, my toothbrush.

>> Belle: So why did you want to meet me here? Feeling a little homesick?

>> Brady: No, no, not at all. I was just thinking that dad still owns this place, obviously, and maybe you don't want to live in the dorms next fall.

>> Belle: Oh, my god, you -- were you thinking --

>> Brady: Yes, I was. How would you like to live here?

>> Belle: For real, brady?

>> Brady: Yes.

>> Belle: Oh, my god, I would love to! A three-hour flightwith my boss

>> Belle: Oh, my god, brady, I cannot believe it. This is going to be my own place.

>> Brady: All right, but before you go there, you might want to check out the closet space, because I don't think there's going to be enough room for your 90 million outfits, your 14,000 pairs of shoes, and your umpteen little purses that you have.

>> Belle: I have to call mimi. She's just going to flip out.

>> Brady: All right, well, the cable is still hooked up. So is the phone. The number of the pizza joint down the block is on speed alal, so you're all set. All right, which reminds me. This furniture is still mine, so if you and your friends could be...extra careful not to spill the nail polish, you know what I mean?

>> Belle: I'll be extra careful, I promise.

>> Brady: Congratulations.

>> Belle: Ahh! Wait, wait. Shouldn't we talk to mom and dad about this? 'Cause what if they say no?

>> Brady: I took care of it. I already talked to them.

>> Belle: And they're okay with this?

>> Brady: I think they're going to miss having you around this summer, but they both agreed that you are mature enough to live on your own.

>> Belle: They said that?

>> Brady: Yeah, it's kind of hard to believe, isn't it?

>> Belle: Oh, you are really --

>> Brady: All right, all right, all right -- but seriously, serious, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think you were ready.

>> Belle: That's very sweet of you, brady.

>> Brady: Well, you are an adult now. I think you can take care of yourself.

>> Belle: I wish some people thought that.

>> Brady: Uh-oh. What happened? Something go on with shawn, or...

>> Belle: And philip, but I really don't want to talk about it, 'cause it's just going to get me upset.

>> Brady: As you know, no one messes with my little -- wait a second, my grown-up sister -- and getsway with it.

>> Belle: It's really not that big of a deal. So, um... how are you doing now that chloe's gone?

>> Brady: Not great.

>> Brady: Especially he.E. Everything I see reminds me of her.

>> Belle: Which is why you moved out.

>> Brady: Mm-hmm. Not that I don't think about her all the time, no matter where I am.

>> Belle: Have you, uh, talked to her?

>> Brady: No. I mean, I've picked up the phone at least a dozen times to call her, but I could never go through with it.

>> Belle: Why not?

>> Brady: Because... I wouldn't know atat to say. I mean, it would either be a serious conversation about how much I miss her, and how hard this is... whether or not I made the right decision pushing her to leave salem. Or you know what? It would just be idtic small talk, like, "how's the weather where you are? 'Cause it's really hot here in salem." Either way -- either way, it would just be really lame. Besides, chloe really needs her space right now, and the last thing she needs is -- is... a distraction like me. But damn it, you know, I made the right decision. I know I did. Do me a favor, okay? Don't ever let me fall in love again. I mean, if it ever starts to happen, just remind me of what a colossal waste of energy it really is.

>> Belle: But it's not, brady. And you know it's not. Just because a relationship doesn't last forever, it doesn't mean it's a waste. Life doesn't last forever, and it's still a wonderful thing. It has meaning and value.

>> Brady: Touché. What I had with chloe was... it was unbelievable. If I could do it all over again, I would not change a thing.

>> Belle: Hey, do you -- do you mind if I call shawn and invite him over?

>> Brady: It's your place. Go ahead.

>> Shawn-d: You think she's actually going to sit back and let the guys run the show? I mean, you know belle. You saw her in puerto rico when we were chasing after gran's ruby.

>> Philip: Yeah. She had to be right in the middle of the action.

>> Shawn-d: So then you see my point. Actually, I'm going to give her a call right now. Oh, what do you know?

>> Philip: Who is it -- belle?

>> Shawn-d: Yeah. She wants us to meet her at brady's loft.

>> Philip: Really?

>> Shawn-d: Yeah.

>> Philip: I wonder why.

>> Shawn-d: I don't know. What do you say we go find out, huh?

>> Philip: Yeah.

>> Nicole: Where are you?!

>> Larry: Right here.

>> Nicole: You know, larry, I thought you bailed on me.

>> Larry: Yeah, well, you were taking so damn long to get the bullets, I decided to get them myself.

>> Nicole: Well?

>> Larry: Voilà. Ripped them off from a dealer. You know, you may be easy on the eyes, sweet cakes, but you're not very easy to work with.

>> Nicole: Well, excuse me. I've never planned a murder before.

>> Larry: Okay, relax, all right? It's just time to get the show on the road, that's all. The sooner, the better.

>> Nicole: What do you want me to do?

>> Larry: Whatever it takes to lure victor into the public so I can get a clear shot at him.

>> Nicole: No way that's going to happen.

>> Rex: But I thought for sure you and lucas had -- wait a second. I got to tell mimi.

>> Cassie: Oh, that's terrific. Now the whole town's going to know.

>> Mimi: [ Humming ]

>> Rex: Mimi! Hey!

>> Mimi: I didn't hear anything, I swear.

>> Rex: It's okay. We got here in tim

>> Mimi: What? You're kidding! You guys didn'T...

>> Cassie: No, not that it's any of your damn business, but, no, we didn'T. The whole time I was here with lucas, I felt like there was something wrong. That was you, wasn't it? You were -- you were trying to warn me.

>> Mimi: Well, then everything's cool then.

>> Cassie: No, everything's not cool.

>> Mimi: Sorry, I just meant that since --

>> Cassie: Mimi, I was in bxdith him. How can I live with myself? How can I ever face him again?

>> Rex: Hey, come on, it's going to be okay, cass.

>> Cassie: No, it's not going to be okay. Don't you get it? This is the kind of thing that stays with you. You can't just block it out and forget that it ever happened. My god, what's wrong with me?

>> Rex: Nothing is wrong with you. Okay? You're smart, and you're beautiful. Don't let one mistake change the way you feel about yourself.

>> Cassie: I have to get out of here.

>> Rex: Where are you going to go? I mean, can I drive you?

>> Cassie: No, rex, you've done enough for me tonight. I -- I have to deal with this on my own.

>> Rex: Just wait, wait, wait. Listen, you can't tell anyone about this, okay, or our lives as dimeras are over. Please, just don't tell anyone.

>> Cassie: I have to go.

>> Mimi: Think she'll keep her mouth shut?

>> Nicole: How am I supposed to lure victor out in public when he keeps me locked up like a damn prisoner?

>> Larry: So dramatic.

>> Nicole: I'm serious. We don't even go out together, not unless it's victor's idea. So if it's gonna happen, it's got to happen right here in his own backyard.

>> Larry: You know, that actually would work. I mean, the d d man has been the target of hit men before, hasn't he? All we have to do is make it look like a -- a hit man got on the grounds and put one right in his head. What's wrong, sweetheart? Having second thoughts? Huh? 'Cause, you know, when victor hits the concrete for the last time, you're going to be the merry widow. Think about it. Money, freedom -- they'll all be yours. And then you... sweet thing... you'll be all mine.

>> Belle: Hey.

>> Shawn-d: Hey.

>> Belle: Guys, come on in!

>> Philip: Hey.

>> Shawn-d: Doing okay?

>> Belle: Yeah, I'm fine. Hey.

>> Philip: How you doing?

>> Brady: Hey, what's up?

>> Shawn-d: What's going on with your sister?

>> Philip: What's up, brady?

>> Brady: Hey there. So, did you want to tell them, or should I?

>> Philip: Tell us -- tell us what?

>> Belle: Welcome to my new place.

>> Shawn-d: Are you serious?

>> Belle: Yeah. Yeah, I'm serious. Well, brady moved in with victor, so, um, he asked me to move in here.

>> Shawn-d: Just like that?

>> Belle: "Just like that?" What, did you want me to take a few years and think about it?

>> Shawn-d: You know what I mean. It just seems kind of sudden, that's all.

>> Belle: Well, brady moved out suddenly, so, yeah, I guess everything's going pretty quickly, but my mom and dad are okay with it, accordi to brady, so why wait? You know, it never occurred to me that I could be living here. This just always seemed like brady's place.

>> Shawn-d: Well, isn't it?

>> Belle: Isn't it what?

>> Shawn-d: Brady's place.

>> Belle: No, not anymore.

>> Shawn-d: Well, didn't you say you were just going to move in with grandpa victor temporarily?

>> Brady: Not necessarily. I mean, I'm not going to be living there the rest of my life, but if it works out, yeah, I could be there for quite a while. It's convenient fowowork, there's tons of space there, and besides, I think my grandfather enjoys my company.

>> Shawn-d: What happens if you get sick of living at the kiriakis mansion and you want to move back into your loft? What happens then? Do you just kick belle out?

>> Brady: You're being really negative about this, shawn, and for some strange reason, I don't think it's about me.

>> Shawn-d: I have a problem with her moving in, getting all settled, and then a week later having to move out.

>> Brady: Okay, so who are you, her mother? Who is, by the way, totally cool with this, as she just told you, so I don't understand why you're not.

>> Shawn-d: I'm cool with it if belle is.

>> Belle: I am! Can't you see that? I am beside myself. I'm excited and grateful, and it just feels right. And you're acting grim about it.

>> Shawn-d: I just don't want you living all by yourself.

>> Belle: Why exactly is that?

>> Shawn-d: Because of this neighborhood. Look how bad it is.

>> Brady: Ah, shawn, you don't have a clue what the hell you're talking about. This neighborhood is perfectly safe. It's lively. Tons of young people live in and around this building. There's a 24-hour drugstore on the corner. And do you think that my parents -- our parents -- would allow ble to live here alone if it weren't totally safe?

>> Shawn-d: All right, I guess not.

>> Belle: No, no, of course they wouldn'T. So stop worrying and being a downer, and just be happy for me.

>> Shawn-d: Yeah, fine. I'm great. It's great.

>> Belle: Shawn, this is incredible. I can have my friends over, and I can cook for them, which I love. And brady's right. This is an amazing neighborhood. It's two blocks away from salem place. That's perfect.

I have the most incredible brother, or what?

>> Philip: Your own bachelorette pad, huh, belle?

>> Belle: Yeah, now...

>> Philip: Good deal.

>> Belle: All I need to do is set up my justin timberla p posters.

>> Brady: I don't think so.

>> Belle: I was just kidding.

>> Belle: Look, shawn, this place won't mean anything to me if I don't have you to share it with. I mean, I could cook for you, and if that cooking thing doesn't work out, we can order pizza, and we can watch tv together, and I can share my dreams with you -- which you're in all of, by the way. You know that, don't you?

>> Lucas: "Cassie." I did not sleep with cassie. All right? How can you even say that -- me and cassie? I mean, she's cute, but -- I mean, I didn't sleep with her. All right, that I know. I did not sleep with cassie. You know what? What's it to you, anyway? It's none of your business who I date! I can date whoever I want!

[ Knock on door ]

>> Lucas: You know what? I'll get that on my way out, thank you.

>> Cassie: I thought I heard your voice. Um, I was on my way to your apartment.

>> Lucas: What's going on?

>> Cassi : There's something you need to know.

>> A regulation allows americans to remove their number from the telemarketers list. Here, we're thinking about a similar regulation. Thinking about it for two years now! See why ottawa's put us on hold. "Global national" tonight.

>> Brady: And the couple downstairs, linda and gary -- they're really cool, so if you evere eed anything, please don't hesitate to give them a holler. I'll put their number on the fridge.

>> Belle: Got it.

>> Brady: Okay. I'm going to take off.

>> Belle: No, stay.

>> Brady: I told my grandfather I wouldn't be long. Besides, you don't want your older brother cramping your style, do you?

>> Belle: Look, brady, I want you to stop by all the timeokokay?

>> Brady: I will. See you guys.

>> Philip: Later, man.

>> Shawn-d: See ya, brady.

>> Brady: Now, remember, if you have any questions...

>> Belle: I'll call.

>> Brady: All right. Give me a hug.

>> Belle: Thanks again, brady.

>> Brady: You got it. See ya.

>> Belle: Say hello to the independent woman.

>> Shawn-d: Congratulations.

>> Belle: Wait, could you say that again and, um, this time act like you mean it?

>> Shawn-d: I know you can take care of yourself, but I like taking care of you, and I'm sorry if that bothers you, but I'm always going to be protective, all right? And that's because I love you.

>> Kate: I have been trying -- and apparently, you haven't noticed -- to make a great effort to be fair to sami, fair about sami, and just because I think they would make an absolutely horrible couple doesn't mean that I can't stand her.

>> Roman: Fine.

>> Kate: Oh, please. Don't humor me. You know, if you don't think I'm trying, then we should just end it right here.

>> Roman: Oh, kate, come on.

>> Kate: No, I really mean that. If we can't be adults about it, then I think we should stop seeing each other.

>> Roman: All right. All right. Listen... we can both be defensive about our kids. That is understandable, especially since neither lucas nor sami has had an easy life. So I guess between guilt feelings, sadness, that you and I do tend to act out at each other once in a while, and I agree with you. That's not right. So... I'll tell you what -- why don't we agree, sweetheart... that unless we have something positive to say, we stay off the subject of our children entirely? Deal?

>> Kate: Deal.

>> Roman: Good.

>> Kate: Ha ha ha ha ha.

>> Mimi: Look, I know cassie's upset. Who can amame her? But, hey nothing really happened, so she's sure to get over it real soon and get back to being the... lovely, high-spirited, charming girl we've all come to know and love. Rex, can't you just be a teeny-weeny little bit happy?

>> Rex: Did you see the okok on her face when she left? She's ing to do something stupid, I know it. I-I just hope it doesn't involve lucas.

>> Cassie: What happened tonight can never happen again. If you so much as touch me, I swear to you, I-I'll be sick.

>> Lucas: Wait a minute. I don't -- I don't believe this. One minute, you're throwing yourself at me, and the next minute --

>> Cassie: I never threw myself at you.

>> Lucas: Oh, I think you did.

>> Cassie: Forget it. Just -- justeave me the hell alone.

>> Lucas: Fine. My pleasure. Psycho bitch.

>> Lucas: What? What? What are you looking at? You know what? You can go to hell, for all I care.

>> Larry: What's wrong? Got a problem?

>> Nicole: Of course not. I just thought we could wait until we really have something to celebrate.

>> Larry: All right. Well, then, let's rock and roll. Victor dies tonight.

[ Laughing ]

>> Lucas: As a mother, you suck! If I had one wish, sami, I'd wish you were never will's mother.

>> Nicole: I will entice victor out to the pool area, and then you will have a clear shot. Got it?

>> Larry: Yes, boss.

>> Nicole: Hey, hey.

>> Larry: Say good night, victor. Ical peel,


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