Days Transcript Tuesday 7/1/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/1/03--Canada; 7/2/03--USA

By Eric

Hope: Ooh, moy loves you, loves you, loves you. I'm rrrry, my little wiggly worm. Is mommy holding you too tight, huh? Okay, you can get down and play with your cars, but don't go too far. You stay right over there, okay, sweetheart?

Bo: Hey, he's okay. Leave him alone.

Hope: I know, I know. I just hate being away from him. Look, when I said we were going to do this bounty hunting thing for our family -- getting criminals off the street is a really wonderful thing, but if we're not here to watch him grow up --

Bo: Hope, we're going to be here.

Hope: I just keep thinking about last night, thinking, you know, is there something we could have done differently?

Bo: If you're considering not doing this anymore, I'll understand, but --

Hope: I'm not a quitter. I'm no---- I'm not a quitter.

Bo: I know that.

Hope: But I don't want the bad guys to win, either, and I certainly don't want our children growing up without parents.

Bo: Hey --

Hope: Wait. If we're going to keep doing this job, no more unnecessary risks, okay?

Bo: Okay, I guess.

Hope: I believe in us. I know we got out of that chop shop last night because we trusted each other and we worked together.

Bo: You got that right.

Hope: I'm not doing that again, though.

Bo: Okay. Hey, victor.

Victor: Bo, hope, I'm glad I found you.

Hope: Hey, victor.

Victor: Well, why such long faces, considering the news of the day? I mean, not that you want to wish any man dead, but still...

Bo: What are you talking about?

Victor: Oh, you haven't seen the papers.

Bo: No. It's been quite a morning.

Hope: Yeah, it has been quite a morning. Quite complicated, actually.

Victor: Well, your complications have gotten much fewer. Larry lch is dead.

Man: Here's the piece. I didn't think you'd want me waving it around. Cash first.

Nicole: Well, how do I know it shoots?

Man: What's the matter? You don't trust me? I don't think you'd want me to do a demo.

Kate: Oh. I really shouldn't be doing this. Sami is not going to want to see me.

Roman: Look, whatever happened between the two of you before, I know you're not going to cause problems for sami again. Kate, I love you, and as soon as she acceptshat, the better it's going to be for all of us.

Kate: Ha ha.

Will: This is, like, mousse. I hate mousse. You couldn't make something that we all three like? And where's dad? Isn't dad supposed to be home by now?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Roman: Hey, hey, hey, sweetheart. Did I wake you? You okay? Well, welcome home. Come here.

Roman: Listen, uh, mind some company? I mean, is it okay if we come in?

Cassie: I think this is it.

Lucas: Yeah, I guess so. 4 on the door -- that's us. Ahem. Ma'am.

Lucas: I'll take care of a little private business here.

Cassie: Is -- is this the best room they have?

Lucas: Well, it's got a bed, doesn't it? Sorry to take you to a no-tell motel, but that's the way it's got to be. Didn't want anyone to find out about us.

Cassie: What about your place? Your son.

Lucas: Yeah.

Cassie: Right.

Lucas: Look, uh, cassie, we don't -- we don't have to do this. We can wait if you --

Cassie: No, no, no, no, no. I don't want to.

Lucas: Well, you know, it's -- it's, uh... it's your first time. I'm sure you'd want it to be special, right?

Cassie: Well, it is special because it's with you... unless you don't want to anymore.

Lucas: Well, I didn't say that.

Cassie: Good.

Mimi: What's wrong? Is there not a match? Do you still not know who your mother is?

Rex: Oh, no.

Tony: I want to review our course. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Tony: I want to avoid any inquiries from the coast guard. I have some delicate cargo on board. I don't want it to be subject to inspection.

Man: We won't do anything to draw undue attention. I know where to expect patrols. We won't be searched.

Bart: Okay, boss, I'm off.

Tony: But not off dy.Y.

Bart: No. No, I'm, uh, double-0 bart. And if the twinners slip up -- oh, yeah, what should I do? Call you?

Tony: Bart, you know, I'm going to be out of the country. You're supposed to ensure that they don't slip up.

Bart: No, and they won't, sir, I promise. Anything else?

Tony: Yes. Sami brady's spirits need to be uplifted.

Bart: Sure. No problem.

Tony: I want you to send her some flowers every day from me.

Bart: Roses, carnations, lilies, or mums? Charming but expensive, but nothing that says "I love you" or "I hate you" or "I'm going to kill you." Got it. Anchors aweigh, boss. Excuse me.

Man: If you'd like to join me on the bridge...

Tony: Uh, no, thank you. I have some important work to do.

Man: Well, let me know if you need anything at all. We've just taken on a new crew, so if you have any problems...

Tony: Yes, thank you.

[ Siren blaring ]

Tony: Damn it.

Maya: I'm not paying you to have a leisurely lunch.

Sal: You're not paying me to swim with the sharks, either.

Maya: Sure I am.

Sal: Hey, since dimera's on vacation, and I got nobody to tail, does that mean I'm on vacation, too?

Maya: What do you mean?

Sal: Oh, probably you didn't know about litt t tony's boat trip, huh?

Maya: No. Now, you tell me everything you know about it right now.

Bo: What caused the explosion?

Victor: Well, uh... I'm not sure.

Hope:Asas there a body this time?

Victor: Yes, there was.

Bo: Burned beyond recognition.

Victor: Essentially, yes.

Hope: You don't think larry staged this whole escape to get at us again, do you?

Victor: Listen, I know larry welch. I mean, he may be desperate, but he doesn't have a friend in the world that would help him pull off an operation like this. And if they were to try something this stupid, believe me, he'd be very sorry.

Hope: It is horrible to feel relieved to hear that a man is dead and gone, but if larry had ever gotten out of prison, bo --

Bo: Hey, hey. It's going to be all right.

Man: If you want to know the specs, it's a .38 caliber. It weighs --

Nicole: I don't care, as long as it shoots straight and has a silencer.

Man: Whoa. Nobody mentioned anything about that. You can't get a silencer for a .38.

Nicole: Well, I need one now.

Man: Why don't you just get your bodyguard over there to do the deed?

Nicole: What? Uh, uh, thank you for all your extra trouble. I'm sure my husband will be very surprised. You jerk. You're following me?

>>Lucas: Whoa, wait, wait, slow down a little bit.

Cassie: Why?

Lucas: Well, because, cassie, it -- you know. You've got to -- you've got to relax a little, you know? Or else it -- it, uh... it won't -- won't work. I actually wanted to make a toast but forgot the damn glasses.

Cassie: Oh, well, here, look. These will be fine.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah.

Cassie: Lucas, I want to thank you for being patient with me, and thank you for treating me like I was special.

Lucas: You are special. You're very special. You're beautiful, and you're an amazing woman.

Cassie: When I first came to salem, I was like a baby. I had never seen mountains or snow. I had never tasted champagne.

Lucas: Ah, here we go.

Cassie: Ha ha ha.

Lucas: We can fix that.

Cassie: And I never had a friend, and -- being with someone and meaning something to someone is so important for a woman, and now I'm a woman. Ha ha. And I-I -- I couldn't be happier th I I'm spending tonight here with you.

Rex: There's a match.

Mimi: You knoththis woman?

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Kate: Sami, you're looking very well.

[ Gasps ] Will. I didn't expect you to be here. Hello, sweetie.

Will: Hi, grandma and grandpa. Did you guys come for dinner?

Kate: Well, we didn't know you were going to be eating so early.

Roman: Well, I'm glad you're taking care of yourself. Did you cook?

Will: We're celebrating mom coming home from the hospital.

Kate: Oh.

Will: Is it okay if I go to jorge's till it's time for dinner?

Roman: We'll give you a call when your mom's ready for you to come home.

Will: Okay. Thanks. Bye, mom. See you later.

Roman: See you later, buddy.

Kate: Bye, sweetie.

Roman: Well, um, I brought you something. I figured your mom would have you inundated with flowers, and you know us practical men. Do you have it?

Kate: Here you go.

Roman: You know, I-I just figured, you know, when you're alone, uh, of course I know if you need anything, you can always use the e-mail or text messaging, but I just figured in case of an emergency, you can call your mom or me and, uh, ring this bell. How's that? Want to give it a try?

Roman: Ha ha. Don't tell me you're trying to get rid of us here.

Kate: Sami, your table's set for three. Are you expecting a guest?

Mimi: Kate isn't so bad. I mean, I know she abandoned, like, four of her kids, including you and cassie, and lucas is a total jerk, but let's say that's not completely her fault. And philip's pretty much okay --

Rex: Oh, my god -- lucas. Lucas is our half-brother.

Mimi: Yeah, and austin, and philip, and then there's billie... now, let's see, uh, sami and eric, and, hmm... are you okay? Who are you calling?

Rex: Cassie. Look, I've got to stop her.

Lucas: Ha ha.

Cassie: More. Ha ha.

Lucas: All righty, then.

Cassie: That's perfect. Thank you.

Lucas: Ah.

Cassie: The bubbles tickle.

Lucas: Do they tickle?

Cassie: Ha ha.

Lucas: You like being tickled?

Cassie: That feels good.

Lucas: Yeah?

Cassie: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: Oh, you are so sweet.

Cassie: Ha ha. Nobody's ever told me that before.

Lucas: Oh, well, they should have, 'cause you are.

Cassie: You know, I really don't care about this room.

Lucas: Yeah?

Cassie: Thank you for bringing me someplace where people won't be watching me all the time, waiting for me to do something wrong. I feel like a grownup here, and I don't have to answer to anybody.

Lucas: Mnh-mnh.

Cassie: And the only person I have to make happy is you.

Lucas: Well, we have a long night. Take as long as you want.

Cassie: Ha ha. Wait a second. Let me turn off the ringer on my cell phone, because people are going to start calling me.

[ Beep ]

Cassie: Sorry. Where were we? Well, nobody is going to interrupt us this time.

Lucas: They better not.

Cassie: Ha ha.

Brady: Where's your horse, nicole?

Nicole: What are you talking about?

Brady: You said you were going riding. You lied to me. Why?

Nicole: You're not my keeper. You're just like your grandfather.

Brady: What does that mean?

Nicole: Nothing.

Brady: Who was that?

Nicole: Somebody.

Brady: You bought something from that somebody.

Nicole: It's none of your business.

Brady: So what's in the purse, huh? What's going on with you? You on drugs, huh? Is that it?

Nicole: Brady. Ical peel,

Nicole: Oh, brady! God, what are you, the salem P.D.? You going to frisk me? How about a strip search?

Brady: This may be hard for you to believe, nicole, but I'm worried about you. I'm worried about my grandfather.

Nicole: Okay, okay. I did buy something from that guy -- a surprise for victor. I was trying to keep it a secret.

Brady: So you buy presents from strange guys in alleys?

Nicole: I've been trying very hard to get something special for victor -- anything to get him to treat me like a human being.

Brady: Oh, so this is bribery.

Nicole: Oh, my god, brady. You see how horrible he treats me, even when he's trying to be on his best behavior in front of his precious grandson. Well, you think that's okay, that I'm always in the wrong? Misogynist pigs, both of you.

Brady: All right, see, I don't know you. I don't know you at all, but I do know my grandfather, and he's not the type of person to try to make women feel unhappy.

Nicole: Yeah, well, that's what I thought when I married him.

Brady: Well, your marriage is none of my business.

Nicole: Wow. We finally agree on something.

Brady: All right, I butted in, if you remember, because you kind of asked me to. So, anyway, if you're still interested in managing the blue note with me, a pig like me, victor said it was okay. That's what I came to tell you.

Nicole: You got him to change his mind?

Brady: Yes, I did.

Nicole: Well, when do I start?

Brady: Tomorrow night.

Nicole: I'll be there.

Brady: See you around.

Nicole: All set.

Bo: 1, 2...

Hope: 3 -- catapult! Oh! What's daddy doing to you? Okay, you got to get ready for your play date with grandma, okay? Say see you later, alligator, daddy.

Bo: See you later, alligator.

>>Opope: Bye, grandpa.

Victor: See you soon, zack.

Hope: Say "bye, grandpa." Kisses. Kisses. See you later. I'll be right back, honey.

Bo: All right.

Victor: Well, it's come to my attention that the "fancy face" is for sale.

Bo: Yeah --

Victor: Now, I know you and hope are starting a new business. If you're in need of capital, bo, I wish you'd come to me. I mean, we could set up a loan. There's no reason for you to be beholden to me.

Bo: Thanks. I-I don't need the cash. We already sold the "fancy face." We haven't been using her much recently, and... it just felt right.

Victor: It's all right. You don't have to convince me. It's your decision.

Bo: Yeah, well, I haven't told hope yet that the "fancy face" has been sold. She's having a bit of a hard time with this.

Victor: Sounds like you're having a bit of a hard time with it yourself.

Bo: Well, when you're trying to build a future, you have to let go of a piece of the past.

Victor: Bo, there aren't many jobs I can think of that are more dangerous than being a cop, but bounty hunter?

Bo: Yeah. It seems for us that danger seems to follow us wherever we go.

Victor: That doesn't mean you have to go out looking for it.

Bo: Doesn't mean we have to sit around and wait for it to sneak up on us, either. When larry welch was out there plotting his revenge, we felt like sitting ducks, anand if this thing doesn't work out, we'll rethink what we're going to do. But right now, this is what feels right.

Victor: Well, I'm very proud of you, bo. Listen, I know you want to do this on your own, but if there's any way at all that I can help...

Bo: Thanks. I appreciate that.

Rex: Damn it. Cassie never turns off her cell phone.

Mimi: Rex, I really don't think you need to worry. Lucas works for tony. He wouldn't want to ruin everything by getting involved with your sister --

his sister, even though he doesn't know it yet -- yikes. Anyhow, I don't think he has much patience for obnoxious women.

Rex: Lucas doesn't have patience for anything. He was already kissing cassie, for god's sake.

Bart: Knock, knock. All right, I see everybody's fully accounted for and fully dressed. Good.

Rex: My sister's not accounted for.

Bart: Your sister? She went out with lucas. They were in the living room when last I left. Now his car is gone, and hers isn'T. 'Cause we --

Mimi: What are you doing?

Rex: Trying to reach cassie.

Mimi: The telepathy thing, right? Well, tell you what -- I'm going to go look for her at lucas's apartment. Good luck.

Rex: Cassie, wherever you are, please listen to me.

Cassie: Rex.

Lucas: What?

Cassie: Oh, no, no. I-I just can't believe that... I'm about to have sex with -- with you. .

Roman: So is, uh, is your mom going to have dinner with you and will?

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Roman: Oh. That's the station. I've been expecting this call. Can I take it in will's room?

[ Ring ]

Roman: Brady here.

Kate: Well, well, well. Freshly cut flowers. Fancy folded napkins -- wow. Who did you go to all this trouble for, huh? Lucas? You know, your father blames him for what happened to you, but we both know he's not responsible, don't we? Look, sami, I'm sorry for your pain, but you can't have it both ways. You can't vilify lucas and then try to woo him at the same time. Don't turn your back on me. You know, your father thinks you've turned over a new leaf, but we know you're the same old sami, don't we? What do you want from lucas this time, revenge? Well, whatever your plan is, it is not going to work, because it looks to me like he stood you up, huh? What are you -- stop that! What the hell are you doing?

Roman: Hey! Hey, what's going on? What the hell is going on here? Sami!

Kate: Stop!

[ Seagulls squawking ]

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Hey. Did victor leave?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: You didn't tell him about the stolen suv, did you?

Bo: No, no, no. He's got his own brand of justice. I mean, I appreciate the freedom of working outside the law, but victor takes it a little too far.

Hope: Yeah, I know.

Bo: He offered us financial help.

Hope: Yeah, but I know you. You couldn't take it, the same way I couldn't take it from gran.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: So I guess we hould, uh, put our insurance claim in. Come here.

Bo: Whoa, hold on, hold on. I don't know about that. It's a brand-new suv. Jesse is going to want to maximize his profits by selling it in one piece, so there's still a chance we can get it back. Man. If the word gets out that those punks ripped us off, nobody's going to hire us again.

Hope: Yeah. I hadn't thought about that.

Bo: Well, maybe you should. Is that what you want? What do you want to do?

Maya: Tony obviously doesn't realize that it's my job to double-deal. He's already missed the boat.

Sal: He's on the boat.

Maya: It's a figure of speech, sal.

Sal: Oh. Oh, oh, oh.

Maya: But his little head trip is going to end our working relationship on a very permanent basis.

Sal: Yeah?

Maya: Lunch is over, sal. Here's what you're going to do. You're going to go and you're...

[ Whispering ]

John: Tek. I'm going to me this fast. I don't know how long this boat's going to hold a signal. I'm on board. We're getting ready to shove off. Dimera has a piece of high-tech equipment in a crate in his stateroom. Yeah, he's definitely trying to keep it under wraps. That's why I think it may be the key to the whole operation.

Nicole: Oh. Hey. Psst. Why are you sleeping?

Larry: Oh. Look, I'm bored. You're supposed to entertain me, remember?

Nicole: How's this for entertainment?

Larry: What a pistol.

Nicole: If you're talking about the gun, you got me a bad deal. There was supposed to be a silencer and --

Larry: Yeah, I wish you had a silencer. Oh. Empty. Way to go, einstein. Just what we need -- a gun with no bullets. Huh?

Nicole: Shouldn't you have arranged for bullets when you arranged for the gun? What are you trying to do, stall?

Larry: Ha ha ha. You think I like this arrangement? You're the one that's stalling, sweetums, and, you know, complain all you like, but unless you want me to clunk hubby over the head with the butt of this thing --

Nicole: All right, I'll get the bullets. I-I don't need a permit. I can just walk in and -- wait a minute. Someone can still trace them backo o me, and I'll be caught.

Larry: I'm sure victor has a few firearms to his name.

Nicole: Yeah, but they're locked up.

Larry: Well, you know, it's a big mansion. With all those pesky bodyguards and such, I'm sure there's got to be a stray bullet somewhere, probably with your name on it.

Nicole: Or yours.

Larry: You know, this is a standard .38.

Nicole: So I heard.

Larry: Wouldn't it be delicious to kill a man with his own ammo?

Nicole: It'd be delicious to have him dead no matter what. Look, I'll be right back. Just go hide.

Larry: [ Sighs ]

Roman: Sami, sami -- sami, come here. Sit down.

Kate: I don't know what's wrong with her. Roman, maybe I should just leave.

Roman: Sami, you can't get upset like that. It's not good for you. And don't try to talk.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Mimi: Oh, sami, I'm glad you're home. Hey, how are you feeling? Oh, right, you can't talk. Oh, good, you guys can talk, and you might know. I'm actually looking for lucas, and he's not in his apartment, so have you seen him?

Kate: No, we haven'T. Why?

Mimi: Um, well, rex was looking for cassie, and he thought that maybe she was with lucas, so I came over here to see if... never mind.

Kate: Oh. You mean he stood you up to be with cassie dimera?

Roman: Stood you up. I mean, wha-- is that who you were expecting for dinner?

Kate: Why does rex think that lucas was with cassie?

Mimi: I'm not sure, but it looks like they're not here, so sorry to bother you. Bye.

Cassie: [ Breathing heavily ]

Lucas: You okay?

Cassie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine. It's --

Lucas: What?

Cassie: How about you pour us some champagne?

Lucas: Cassie, look --

Cassie: No, no, it's not you. This is perfect.

Lucas: But...

Cassie: I just can't stop thinking about my brother.

Lucas: Your brother?

Cassie: I know it sounds crazy. It's just that -- look, rex is my twin, and he and I usually don't keep any secrets from each other, and if he knew about this, then -- lucas,ooook, I don't care if he likes it or not. It -- I just wish he didn't have to find out, and, see, the thing is that sometimes we have this strange psychic connection. I think I'm just a little distracted.

Lucas: I know I am now.

C cassie: Well, if I just knew he was okay...

Lucas: All right, you know what? Instead of using your -- your telepathy or whatever you guys have, why don't you use a telephone?

[ Telephone rings ]

Rex: Cassie?

Tony: No, rex, it's your father.

Rex: [ Sighs ]

Tony: Is everything all right?

Rex: Yeah, fine. And with you?

Tony: Well, everything's right on schedule. You know, I've just reviewed the operations manual you were kind enough to provide, and I must congratulate you once more. Your invention is a marvel of design, efficiency, elegance...

Rex: Thanks.

Tony: Diamonds from coal. You know, man has dabbled in alchemy since the middle ages, but only now, since your laser -- the future of the dimeras has never been brighter.

Hope: You know what I want to do right now? I want to visit the "fancy face." Come on, let's go.

Bo: Whoa, wait a minute. Uh... there's something I got to tell you.

Hope: What?

Bo: I sold the "fancy face ii." She's gone.

Brady: What are you looking for?

Cassie: I'm not going to do that.

Lucas: You know what? Maybe we should just go home.

Cassie: No, I don't want to go home. I want to be here with you. Lucas, I'm just sick of being a freak.

Lucas: Cassie, come on. You're not a freak.

Cassie: It's just that my brother is the only other person I've known my whole life, and... it's just time to cut the cord. I don't thin that he's in trouble. I mean, this -- this doesn't feel like it did before. I just think that he's worried about me. Look, this is right. I know it is. Come here.

Mimi: Oh, good, you're still here. Lucas isn't home, and his mom -- your mom -- doesn't have a clue where he went.

Rex: Are you familiar with the dew drop inn?

Mimi: Ha ha ha. Well, I've never been there, but I know where it is.

Rex: They're there.

Mimi: Why would lucas take cassie to a dive like that, unless... let's go.

At the same moment that they make the decision, you'll find out here at home.

Calgary, nagano, salt lake city.

[Crowd cheers]

The decision on the vancouver/whistler bid, 9:00 A.M. Wednesday.

Nicole: You know, you scared me half to death, brady.

Brady: Sorry about that.

Nicole: No, you're not. What are you doing here?

Brady: I live here.

Nicole: Why are you following me?

Brady: You really love to flatter yourself, don't you?

Nicole: Being pursued by you isn't exactly what I consider flattery.

Brady: Well, if I didn't keep finding you meeting up with scumbags in stables and alleys, I wouldn't even notice you, nicole. And you keep jumping out of your skin every time I see you.

Nicole: Oh, really? Maybe it's because you're creeping me out, brady. You know, you seriously ne to get a life.

Brady: Well, why do I want to work with you again? Tell me.

Nicole: I don't know. Why do you?

Victor: Why do you what? What's going on here?

Hope: Why didn't you tell me?

Bo: 'Cause I --

Hope: I thought we were going to interview all potential buyers together.

Bo: I know, I know. We -- I got this amazing offer, and I -- I didn't want to make it more difficult for you. Sorry, you should have been part of the decision.

Hope: No, you were just trying to protect me, and you're right -- it is easier this way. It's done. But from now on, promise me that --

Bo: Everything we do, we do together.

Hope: Very good.

Bo: Uh-huh.

Hope: I love you, brady.

Bo: Okay, good.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Bo: Brady.

Tommy: Hey, this is tommy thompson.

Bo: Tommy thompson. How you doing? You holding down that job?

Tommy: Yeah, and, uh... I got to tell you, lots of rare wheels coming through the garage.

Bo: Really?

Tommy: And word is, your new vehicle's on the market at a pretty sweet price.

Bo: Thanks for the tip, tommy. See ya.

Hope: Did tommy have a lead on the suv?

Bo: Yes, jesss trying to sell her, and she's all in one piece.

Hope: What are we waiting for? Let's go.

Bo: All right.

Maya: Well?

Sal: I did it.

Maya: Ha ha. Good. Tony dimera won't be bothering anybody anymore.

Man: Hey, mate... sorry I don't know your name yet.

John: Bob, sir.

Man: Bob, this is for count dimera.

John: Well, actually, sir, the count just gave me orders to bring him something from the galley.

Man: Well, we don't want to keep the good man waiting. I'll deliver these myself.

John: Aye-aye, captain.

Tony: Come in. Hmm. Oh, thank you.

Tony: Ha ha ha. From bart. Ah, well, nice.

Roman: Sami, do you want us to stay? Do you want just me to stay?

Roman: All right, well, uh, get some rest, then, okay? And, uh, do you want us to let will know it's time to come home, or do you want to get him when you're ready? All right, well, give us a call if you need anything, okay?

Kate: Sami, you take care of yourself. I really mean that.

Kate: She looks well, don't you think?

Roman: She seems real upset, being stood up like that.

Kate: Well, if you don't want to see lucas and sami together, why are you so upset, hmm? Lucas is a good father, you know.

Roman: Kate, I have always said that about lucas, but we both know he's asking for a lot of trouble getting involved with the dimeras.

Mimi: You'd think the clerk would help us.

Rex: It doesn't matter. It's room 4, okay? I know it.

Mimi: Are you sure? I mean, not to knock E.S.P., But there's a "do not disturb" sign on the door, and if we go barging in on, like, strangers, it's going to be -- oh, my god, rex. Oh, my god.

Rex: Ahem. so, it was called cattle point. Of the nation, and subsequentlyne of th here. Your cruise director, ron uc: What kind of crap is that? You're the most unethical person I ever met in my life! You -- you lie, and god knows how many paternity tests you've switched.

Brady: How would you like to liveerere?

Belle: For real, brady?

Brady: Yes. Ha ha.

Belle: Oh, my god! I would love to!

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