Days Transcript Monday 6/30/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/30/03--Canada; 7/01/03--USA

By Eric

 Sami: Hi.

 Sami: I found my voice. Now where's yours?

 Cassie: Lucas? Are you okay?

 Lucas: Yeah. I, uh...

 Cassie: You were thinking about sami, weren't you?

 Marlena: Okay. Easy, easy, easy. There you go. Say, how about some strawberry pancakes or some blueberry waffles or something -- look, I know I'm not a very good cook, but I could rustle something up for you. I would like to try. Ahh. "Too excited to eat." Ha ha ha. It's good to be home, isn't it? You bet. Sami, I have got your copy of your discharge instructions here. I want you to read them carefully for me. I'll leave them, but they say to rest, and to rest... oh, and rest. They want you to rest. Now, are you sure that I can't get you something to eat? I wouldn't mind. I -- well, I -- all righty. I know that being with will is the best medicine for you. And being in your own home and doing your own activities, just having life your way again. But you're still my little girl, and I want to take care of you. That's what I want to do. Hey, listen to me. Will's going to be at camp all day, you know, so you're going to be by yourself. I don't want getting lonely or bored. You've got to keep your mind active. That you have to do. Sami... no.

 Nicole: Guess what, victor. You're married to a working girl now.

 Victor: What?

 Brady: Nicole, I said that I would --

 Nicole: You said you would handle it. I know, but why should you have to? Besides, it's great news, and I want to be the one to tell him.

 Victor: Tell me what?

 Nicole: Brady offered me a job. I'm going to help him run the blue note.

 Victor: When we got married, you left titan so I wouldn't have to be your boss. The blue note is part of the titan empire. Ergo, you may not work there.

 Nicole: No? What's t m matter? You disapprove of nepotism? What about your grandson brady? He thinks I have great ideas. And you say you own the club. So why wouldn't you want it to be as successful as it can possibly be?

 Brady: Oh, my god! Larry welch!

 Philip: John, I'm sorry belle got involved. Okay, I know I ve said that a hundred times. You know, but I did protect her.

 John: I realize that, philip, and I am very grateful.

 Philip: So what's she think about her dad being a spy?

 John: She was upset that you knew something she didn'T.

 Philip: Well, I'm sorry about that, but it's pretty tough to keep her totally out of this when this case affects her more than justbout everybody else.

 John: What do you mean?

 Philip: Well, shawn's working for maya. Maya's boss is tony dimera, who's belle's uncle.

 John: So, it all comes back to tony, doesn't it?

 Tony: Hmm.

 Bart: For me? Ick. What is it?

 Tony: Well, we'll be certain once you send it to the lab for analysis.

 Bart: And what about this light sabre thingamabob?

 Tony: It's a laser! Now you have your next assignment. Please, make sure you put that into something safe. It's very expensive.

 Bart: Okedokey. Hi. We're just cleaning.

 Tony: Well, good morning.

 Rex: Good morning. What was that?

 Tony: What?

 Rex: That vial bart was carrying. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of r lives.

 Philip: I just don't understand why a man as rich as tony dimera would smuggle diamonds.

 John: Well, the ice on the boat was appraised at 400k.

 Philip: Even so, for a rich guy to take that kind of risk...

[ Telephone rings ]

 John: Yeah? Oh. Yeah, please, send him in. He's got my fall line. Thanks. You know, I assume that maya's taking most of the risk here, but I agree. There's got to be a bigger payoff somewhere.

 Philip: Well, there's always that vial. Although I know it doesn't seem like much of a reward, does it?

 John: Hey.

 Tek: Just came from the lab.

 John: All right. What have you got for us?

 Tony: You know, I won't know what's in that vial until I receive the laboratory analysis. Now I acquired it through a business transaction.

 Rex: But you wouldn't have it unless you thought it was valuable in some way.

 Tony: You know, it's not that I don't trust you. Of course, you're my son. It's just that until I get all the information at hand, I'd rather keep my own counsel.

 Rex: Oh, my god. You say that like it's all one thought. "I trust you. You're my son." Is that the only reason?

 Tony: Oh, wait a minute. I didn't mean it to sound like an indictment. I'm grateful -- I'm proud that you're my son.

 Rex: All right, well, you said last night that our lives are going to change forever. I pretty much like my life the way it is right now.

 Tony: But you've always been interested in bettering your life.

 Rex: Do you think I need to?

 Tony: Well, I don't think anybody's life is perfect. Mine certainly isn'T.

 Rex: It isn't? I hope cassie and I are never a burden to you, father.

 Tony: Oh, no, no, no. What are you talking about, a burden? You're t e most important thing that ever happened to me in my life. And not just because of the financial gain of your invention. It's more than just turning coal into diamonds. Your invention is going to provide capital for very important work to benefit all mankind, and also for the family.

 Rex: That's all I ever wanted. And I know you'll take good care of her.

 Tony: Her? You mean your laser. Yes. Also, I know you recommended against air travel. That's why I'm having her sent on my yacht down to south america. I will escort her down there, and I will not take my eyes off her.

 Rex: Thank you. I should tell you before you go --

 Tony: What? What is it?

 Rex: Well, you're aware that the prototype met a bad end. Through circumstances beyond my control, it misfired and instigated the earthquakes recently experienced in salem.

 Tony: My god, it's that powerful?

 Rex: Nothing to worry about. It was just trial and error. It won't happen again.

 Tony: Well, I hope not. You're talking about an earthquake.

 Rex: That's why you have to be extremely careful. I mean, dad, if anything were to ever happen to you --

 Tony: No, no, no. No.

 Marlena: Sami, why on earth would you want to see tony? "Tony will pay." You know what? The last couple weeks, all that's happened to you has been because tony wanted you to pay for a thing that does not even concern him. And he's also been on pretty shaky moral ground himself. And tony will pay. But that's not your responsibility. Your responsibility right now is to take care of yourself and get better, and be around the opople who love you the most, especially will. And, honey, listen. If lucas gives you a problem about seeing will, please don't get upset about it. Just -- just get a hold of john or me or your dad, and we'll take care of it. Okay? You getting hungry yet? No. You getting tired? Okay. I'll go and let you rest. Welcome home. Mm, I love you so. And I'll be back in a few hours to check on you in case you need anything at all.

 Lucas: Sami? No, I was thinking about you.

 Cassie: Yeah, sure.

 Lucas: Come on, why wouldn't I be? You're so beautiful.

 Cassie: I'm what?

 Lucas: Beautiful.

 Tony: What is this? Love to cool down

 Tek: All right, we got a lock on the cargo ship that maya's using to transport the hot ice. How's that for an oxymoron?

 John: And?

 Tek: It's headed for south america. Meanwhile, the dimera yacht's being readied for sea.

 John: Let me guess. Same destination.

 Tek: We're going to track them both via spy satellite.

 Philip: And I can do some legwork on this end -- see what I can find out through titan about my father's shipping line and its cargo.

 John: All right, just don't let victor know you're asking questions.

 Philip: Yeah, I don't want to be disowned. I also really don't want my father to be a criminal. But if he is, I need to know.

 John: Well, I hope to hell he's clean. I want my half-brother to be the one running this operation, because I don't have a relationship with him.

 Philip: Sure you do. You have a bad one.

 John: Good point. Aside from that, he's family. It's hard to deal with the fact that your own flesh and blood can cause so many people so much pain. Therefore, I hope that my brother is the only one running this operation.

 Tek: It would make ending it a whole lot simpler.

 John: Yeah. Unfortunately, I think my brother and I are going to have to take a little cruise in order for that to happen.

 Tony: Let's see. What is the east side lab sending you, rex?

 Rex: It's, uh, software for a project I've been working on. God, I've been waiting weeks for this.

 Tony: Oh, well, that's good. That means you're going to be very busy while I'm gone.

 Cassie: Gone? Where are you going?

 Tony: Oh, I'm just taking a short trip. I wish I could take you with me. All the years that we were separated, I hate leaving you behind. But you're all grown, and I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun without me.

 Cassie: I hate for you to leave, too.

 Tony: Ha ha ha ha.

 Cassie: Oh, I'm going to miss you so much.

 Tony: Oh, cassie, I'm sorry.

 Cassie: It's okay. I know you wouldn't leave if you didn't have to.

 Tony: Well, I'm only doing this trip for our family's future.

 Cassie: Our future?

 Tony: Well, yes. So we don't have to rrrry.

 Cassie: Okay. Well, I don't want you to worry about me, either. Me or rex.

 Tony: You have so many people looking after you.

 Rex: Yeah.

 Tony: So many people you can count on.

 Rex: Well, have a great trip.

 Tony: Thank you.

 Rex: I hope it's as productive as you envision it to be.

 Tony: Yeah. Listen, do you mind? I'd like to speak to lucas alone.

 Rex: Sure.

 Lucas: [ Clears throat ]

 Cassie: Ahh...

 Rex: I saw you kissing lucas.

 Cassie: Tony didn'T.

 Rex: No, evidently he didn'T.

 Cassie: And you're not going to say anything.

 Rex: Lucas hurts people, cassie. What do you want with him?

 Cassie: I don't know. Everyone says I hurt people, too, so as far as I can see, lucas and I are perfect for each other.

 Tony: I want you to understand that what I'm going to ask you is more of a personal favor than a working assignment.

 Lucas: Well, I'm honored you'd ask me.

 Tony: Good. You know, cassie's had some legal troubles lately. I would like you to keep a close eye on her while I'm gone.

 Lucas: Sure. Yeah, you can count on me.

 Tony: Good. I knew I could. By the way, I was surprised to see you when I came home. Isn't this the day that sami's being discharged from the hospital?

 Lucas: Yeah, yeah, she is. Um, she should be home by now.

 Tony: Youefeft her with will unsupervised?

 Lucas: No, no, he's at day camp. I'm going to take him across the hall tonight.

 Tony: Oh, but sami's alone?

 Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I think she is. Why?

 Tony: Well, it just seems a little premature that she'd be left home alone to take care of herself. I mean, I'd hate for her to jeopardize her own recovery.

 Lucas: What, you -- what, are you scared that she's going to sue you or something?

 Tony: No, we've had this conversation before. I only feel responsible to the extent that she injured herself in my home.

 Lucas: Yeah, well, don't worry about it. When it comes to sami, it's always my fault.

 Tony: No, no, no. That's not true. I feel I can open sami's eyes to that which she can't see, even though it's right in front of her eyes.

 Brady: Larry welch is dead.

 Brady: Look at this.

 Nicole: Really?

 Brady: Yeah. It says there was some kind of freak accident when he was being transported to the maximum security prison. The vehicle exploded.

 Victor: Yes, his body was burned beyond recognition.

 Brady: So, are you suspicious that he may not be dead?

 Victor: He better be dead -- for bo's sake as well as his own.

 Victor: Could you pass the salt?

 Nicole: Um... in the unlikely event that I have a job to get to, I, uh, I better get moving.

 Victor: What about breakfast?

 Nicole: Oh, I'm not hungry. I'm going to go for my morning ride.

 Brady: She all right?

 Victor: Why wouldn't she be?

 Brady: Granddad, I really don't know how to say this, but do you really want your wife not to work? Withllll due respect, that sounds a little...

 Victor: What? Neanderthal-like? Would you want your wife working in a nightclub?

 Brady: At the nightclub. At a nightclub behind the scenes.

 Victor: At night, when I would prefer to have her home with me.

 Brady: Well, are you going to keep her locked up forever, or what?

 Nicole: Hey! Psst! Where the hell are you?

 Larry: Pop goes the weasel.

 Nicole: Oh! I'm gonna pop you! You damn neat gave me a heart attack.

 Larry: Yeah, well, I'm going to have a heart attack unless you get me something decent to eat.

 Nicole: You can satisfy every appetite you have as soon as youakake this money to buy a gun and blow away my husband.

 Lucas: You know, I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but before he left, your father asked me to keep a close eye on you.

 Cassie: Good. So we have his blessing.

 Lucas: Uh, none for me, thank you.

 Cassie: Why?

 Lucas: Why? 'Cause it's a tad bit early to start drinking, that's why.

 Cassie: Oh, stop it. It's summertime, and your boss is out of town. We... are on vacation.

 Lucas: Vacation.

 Cassie: Mm-hmm.

 Lucas: [ Clears throat ] Maybe I'll indulge myself a little bit. What is it?

 Cassie: Vodka tonic. Is that okay? Yes, I guess it is. Hey, what's the matter? Is it sami? You kiss me, and then you make these excuses not to be with me, and all the mixed signals hurt my feelings. You know, if my dad knew about what you were doing --

 Lucas: Wait, I am not trying to hurt your feelings, all right? But that's what I end up doing. I hurt people. That's what I do.

 Cassie: No, you don'T.

 Lucas: Look, when your dad asked me to keep an eye on you, I know this is not what he had in mind. That man would kill me.

 Cassie: He wouldn't kill you. Don't tell me that you're afraid of my father.

 Lucas: I'm not afraid. I'm afraid of hurting you. You're young, and you're inexperienced. You don't need a guy like me in your life. Trust me, okay?

 Cassie: You are exactly the man that I need. Come here.

 Mimi: Okay, are we starting a psychic connection thing here?

 Rex: I saw your car pull up. Did you get it?

 Mimi: I downloaded all the data from the hospital mainframe. I just hope she's in there and the records can tell you who your mother is.

 John: Got a second?

 Marlena: Hi.

 John: So, did sami get home okay?

 Marlena: Yes, yes, yes, she did. She's home. She's fine. She did not want me to stay, so, I don't know... it isn't as though I cacacall her and check on her. So I'll go back a little later on.

 John: Yeah. Well, tell her that I'm thinking about her. I-I hate to do this to you right now.

 Marlena: Why? What's wrong?

 John: I've got to leave.

[ Knock on door ]

 Tony: Sami, I know you're in there. Please let me in. It's tony. I have a wonderful surprise for you.

 Tony: Wow, you are home. Well, good for you. Can I come in? You know, it's just amazing. I knew you'd recover faster than the doctors had predicted. You have an amazing will. Ahh. It's a nice home. Oh, that look -- what's that look? Oh, sorry. The surprise, of course. How could I forget? I hope this will lift your spirits. This is no place for abandage...till now. this is out there on gloabl - I'm seanna collins. Global tv

 Larry: I'm not allowed out of the barn, remember? How the hell do you expect me to purchase a firearm? And let's not forget that I'm a convicted felon, not to mention dead.

 Nicole: I can't buy it.

 Larry: Well, tell you what. You just keep being victor's love slave for the next 10 years, and maybe he'll have a heart attack. In the end, you'll have offed him yourself. Crafty old bastard, he's going to probably outlive us all.

 Nicole: Fine. If I have to buy it, can you at least just tell me what to do?

 Larry: You mean you've never done it before? You're a virgin?

 Nicole: Just remember whose hands your life is in right now.

 Larry: Okay. As it is, there is a guy who owes me a favor or two. But now you're gonna owe him a favor or two.

 Nicole: Just tell me what to do.

 Victor: Nicole is talented. She's very smart. You're absolutely right. But you've never worked with her. Be careful what you get yourself involved in, brady.

 Brady: Is that why you wanted her to leave titan?

 Victor: You know, when your home life and your business life become one and the same, it's a very rare relationship that doesn'tufuffer. Kate and I learned that in the hardest possible way. And I'm sure you saw that working with chloe -- how difficult it is when you're involved with someone.

 Brady: In love with someone. Chloe is the one that I love.

 Victor: Well, then answer me this, brady. Why are you so concerned about nicole? About her future, her feelings? Why do you care?

 Marlena: John, where are you going?

 John: Isa business. But I don't think you would be displeased if you knew the specifics of my assignment.

 Marlena: Tony. Hmm. You know, as much as I don't want him anywhere near my children, I don't want him anywhere near you, either. I don't want anything to happen to you.

 Joh I can take him on. I can win. I will win. My ducks are all lined up. I'm not taking any unnecessary risks. I have every reason in the world to come home safe... to you.

 Tony: Ha ha ha. Yes, it's real.

 Tony: No, no, it's yours. You're tougher th that diamond,amami. And infinitely more valuable. I hope you'll never forget that. You know, when I tried to teach you a lesson, it certainly wasn't meant to be this one. I did it... because I thought it would be worthwhile. I thought it would heal, not hurt. Sami, you're a beautiful diamond in the rough. Anyway, I just wanted to come by and tell you that I'm going to be leaving town soon, but I'll be back. I just wanted to come by and tell you how I truly feel about you.

 Brady: I don't even know nicole. You're my grandfather. You are the one whose happiness matters to me.

 Victor: Thank you.

 Brady: No, no! Thank you. I mean, you didn't -- you didn't raise my mom. She was gone when I was just a baby, and you and my dad haven't always been the best of friends... but you always looked after me. You're the person that I counted on, especially as a kid, and I respect you for that. I know that you didn't like the fact that chloe and i were together, but I also respect that you were able to keep your personal feelings aside when she got sick. And now that we're apart... being in love has reminded me of when you used to give me relationship advice. And I-I'm not going to do that to you. I mean, how could I? It's just that ever since chloe got sick, I've felt really close to my mom, and I had a dream that she was worried about you.

 Victor: You did?

 Brady: Yeah. I-I love you, granddad. You have so much to give, and I just want to see you happy.

 Victor: Thank you. I know it took a lot for you to say that. You're a very wise young man.

 Brady: Well, thank you. But if I'm so wise, why do you think I'm crazy if I want to work with nicole?

 Victor: If you want nicole to help you manage the blue note, then by all means. I wish you the best of luck.

 Brady: Thank you.

 Victor: So, go. Tell her the good news.

 Brady: Ha ha. Thank you. I will. I'll do that. I'll see you around.

 Brady: Hey, nicole.

[ Car drives away ]

 Brady: Nicole!

 Marlena: Thank you... for loving us so much.

 John: Look, I'll be home as soon as I can. I just don't know when that will be.

 Marlena: Are you leaving today?

 John: I came to say gooyeye.

 Marlena: I won't say goodbye. I'll say I love you.

 John: And I love you... always.

 Tony: No, I can't take it back. Sami, don't you believe you deserve good things in your life? I know you're in a very fragile state right now, and you must see yourself in a differt t way. And why wouldn't you, with what you've been through? And you've been given a second chance from this point on, but things have to be different. I can't apologize to you for what my father did to you when you were a child because I wasn't part of that, but what's healing for me is to be able to say to you, I forgive you for the pain you tried to inflict on my sister. I hope you can forgive me, too, samantha.

 Tony: My wish is that I will hear the same words from you one day... and in time, all will be healed.

 Tony: Anyway, I better be going. You be well. You stay strong. It's nice to see you. Bye. Morning edition is off for canada day tomorrow... but join us again wake up. Wake up to a whole new dimension in comfort.

 Tony: Don't jostle it!

 Bart: It's secure, boss. It won't pitch and sway when the ship moves. Speaking of which, it's moving an awful lot for still being docked.

 Tony: Motion is more perceptible when you're aboard.

 Bart: I-I told you I get seasick.

 Tony: Oh, please, not in my presence.

 Bart: No, not in your presence. I'll just go and hurry up and get the rest of your bags, sir.

 Tony: That's good. Excellent. Oh, but bart, one thing. Um, I left instructions with lucas to look after my daughter while I'm away. I would like you to look after lucas -- and cassie and rex. Just make sure they don't get into any kind of trouble. Is that understood?

 Bart: It's understood.

 Rex: Okay, I just finished loading the software I got from the janex lab. Now all we have to do is wait for the computer to find a match.

 Mimi: Will it take long?

 Rex: Minutes to hours.

 Mimi: Wow. There's a really good chance you're about to find out who your mother is. This is major.

 Rex: Yeah. But, you know, the most major thing to me is you.

 Mimi: You know, I think I know a way to help make the time go by.

 Rex: Yeah?

 Mimi: Yeah.

 Marlena: Oh! Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I didn't want to knock and wake you up in case you were asleep. I sure didn't mean to startle you. Did you take your pill? Good. And how do you feel? All right? You hungry? What do you say I swing by tuscany and bring you home some eggplant parmigiana? That sound good? Sami, you've got to eat to get well. You have to start eating, honey. "Dinner with lucas and will"? Oh. I would think you'd want to be alone with will on your first night back. Look, if lucas doesn't allow that, I'll be glad to talk to him. Honey, you -- you don't want to spend time with lucas, do you? I-I know that he's will's dad and you've got to have good communication in order to get along, but I just think it's so soon after what happened. I mean, honey, he's -- he's rejoicing in your misery. I think that he needs some help. He's -- sami, I don't want him to hurt you again. I think you've got to take care of yourself. "I am... I am moving forward." Well... I hope so.

 Cassie: Lucas, I think one day you're going to be a very powerful man... and fun. Fun and... so handsome in this suit. I bet you're even handsomer out of it.

 Lucas: Cassie --

 Cassie: Look, I know what it's like to be lonely and unappreciated and misunderstood. There's a lot of people that think I'm a mean and nasty person. But I want you to know who I really am, and I want to know you. I want to know you. 'Cause we have so much in common.

 Cassie: Am I wrong?

 Lucas: Ahem. No.

 Cassie: Well, we can't do this here.

 Lucas: No, no. We can'T.

 Cassie: But later...

 Lucas: Wait. Cassie, we really shouldn'T.

 Cassie: Yes, we should. You better not say no to me.

 Lucas: And what if I do?

 Cassie: Then you will definitely regret it.

 A lot of people will keep you waiting. There's e e who won'T.

 I'm kevin newman.

 Stay up to date without staying up... on global national with kevin newman.

 Man: Hey.

 Nicole: Ohh.

 Man: I thought you were expecting me.

 Nicole: I was. It's just I've, uh, I've never done this before.

 Man: Got the cash?

 Nicole: Yeah.

 Man: It's real easy. You give it to me.

 Nicole: Well, first show me the gun.

 Marlena: Sami, what are you going to eat for supper? I don't mind stopping by tuscany and getting supper for all three of you. I don't mind doing that at all. "Don't need a babysitter."

[ Laughs ] I know you don'T. Maybe lucas does. Just kidding! Just kidding. Honey, I know that he's asked you to forgive him, and I-I believe in forgiveness. Doesn't mean that you've got to forget what happened. Does not mean that you have to trust him again. You know, when tony came back to salem, he tried to convince me that he needed me to be around him, to be near him -- that I could make a difference in his life. That was a lie. And look what happened. He ended up hurting you. Sami, I don't know if I can ever forgive him for that. I just want to make sure that he's never around you again. I-I don't ever want him to hurt you again.

 Rex: I love you so much.

 Mimi: Oh, rex, I love...

[ Computer beeps ]

 Mimi: You, too. Is it finished?

 Rex: Yeah.

 Mimi: And? Is there a match? Do you know who your mother is?

 Cassie: Is is a yes?

 Lucas: This is a hell, yes.

 Cassie: [ Giggles ] Well, then let's go. I don't want to wait. Let's find a place where we can finally be together. Come on, let's go.

 Bart: I'll keep an eagle eye on 'em, boss. I just better get home so I can get to it. I'll fetch your luggage so i don'have to stay on this boat forever.

 Captain: You have everything you need, count dimera?

 Tony: Ah, yes, thank you. Bart's getting the last of my bags. Then we should be underway.

 Philip: You think he's on the boat by now?

 Tek: If everything's on schedule. And it better be. This is the most dangerous part of the mission. John's out there without any backup. If tony finds him -- I don't even want to go there.

 Philip: Should we try and establish contact?

 Tek: No! We don't want to distract him. Every move that john makes right now has to be so very precise. We want this mission to be the end of tony dimera... not of john black.

 And here he's- he's1 player, right?!

 Kate: What are you -- what the hell are you doing?

 Roman: Hey, hey! What's going on? What the hell is going on here?

 Nicole: Are you following me?

 Brady: Do you buy presents from strange guys in alleys?

 Nicole: All set.

 Cassie: I couldn't be happier that I'm spending tonight here with you.

 Mimi: You know this woman?

 Rex: My mother is...


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