Days Transcript Monday 6/9/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/9/03--Canada; 6/10/03--USA

By Eric

Brady: Hi. Am I interrupting anything?

Chloe: No. I was just babysitting joy.

Brady: Well, can I come in? It's kind of hot out here.

Brady: Uh, chloe, about our conversation before at the blue note...

Chloe: What about it?

Brady: Well, I kind of got the feeling that you thought I was deliberately trying to hurt you and that I didn't care if I did. I want you to know that's not true.

Chloe: I see. You came here to make yourself feel better.

Brady: No. No, I didn'T. I came here -- I came here to break up with you.

>>Officer: Your wife is here to see you.

Man: Wife? I don't have...

Nicole: Well, well, well, look at you. Aren't you a sight for sore eyes, baby?

Rex: Rolf, I know you're here. Show yourself.

Rolf: Don't move!

Kate: Roman, come on. You have to eat something.

Roman: Not hungry. I shouldn't even be here, kate. I should be with sami at the hospital.

Kate: There's nothing that you can do for her right now. Come on, we'll go back in a few minutes, okay?

Roman: I should be there.

Mimi: Hi.

Kate: Hi, mimi.

Mimi: I am really sorry about your daughter, captain brady. Any news?

Kate: Well, we're waiting to hear right now. Roman's been at the hospital nonstop, so I thought I would get him out and try to get him to eat.

Mimi: The friesere are really good. Yeah, but who feels like eating, right? I was at the dimera mansion right after it happened. I saw the blood. It's just so tragic. But if anyone can pull through such a terrible accident like that, it's sami, right?

Kate: Sami is very strong.

Mimi: I'm sure she'll be fine. Th m must be really hard for you. I know everyone in her family is really upset, including belle.

Bart: Boss, it's me. I'm sorry I let rex's girlfriend get away before we could find out if she was onto the diamond operation, but I've got her in my sights now, under surveillance. Sir -- sir -- I won't -- sir, don't worry. She opens her mouth about diamonds, I'll shut it forever.

Lucas: Has there been any change?

Nurse: Her condition is still extremely critical. I'm sorry.

Cassie: Hey. Can I come in?

Lucas: Yeah, sure. What happened to you?

Cassie: Blading. My brother says I'm A... a real hell on wheels. Anyhow, after they patched me up downstairs, I thought I'd come see how she was doing.

Lucas: She's not doing well.

Cassie: Where she fell looks like nothing ever happened. All the blood and broken glass is gone. Look at her. She's -- she's so pale.

Lucas: Yeah, I know. I know.

Cassie: I just hope she makes it. It'd be horrible if she died.

Lucas: Don't even say that. If anything happens to sami... will would be devastated. And I'd be the one to blame. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Esor trash?

Cassie: What do you mean you'll be to blame?

Lucas: Sami and I have had a crazy history. We've been going after each other for years, taking potshots at each other and... I don't know why. It's just what we do, you know?

Cassie: Sounds like belle and me. We can't be in the same room without ragging on each other.

Lucas: Yeah, but this time, I took it way too far. It's one thing to mess with somebody -- you know, fair and square -- but I should have drawn the line. I should have drawn the line at grinding her into the dirt.

Cassie: So maybe you were a little meaner than usual. It wasn't a big deal.

Lucas: No, you don't understand. Yoweweren't there. She was freaking out. She was freaking out, and I -- I just kept pushing her and pushing her. She was going off the deep end, and I laughed in her face. I was taunting her. I'm the reason why she snapped. And this is the result.

Cassie: This wasn't your fault. This was an accident.

Lucas: Look, I know it was an accident. I know I physically didn't throw her through those doors, but I'm the one who screwed her. I mentally screwed her. I'm the one who made her lose it.

Cassie: You didn't mean for this to happen.

Lucas: It doesn't change anything, you know? It doesn't take a psychic to see that -- that she was a complete mess, but I didn't care. I was vicious. Don't you understand? Every time she freaked out, I'd laugh. The more she freaked out, the more hilarious I thought it was, and that's not right. That's sick.

Cassie: Look, I don't see how that's possible because... the lucas that I know is kind and gentle and caring. I'm serious. Let's face it. Sami is no saint. She probably deserved for this to happen.

Lucas: No. You're wrong. Nobody deserves this. Do you hear me? Nobody.

Csisie: It isn't doing you any good hanging around this hospital.

Lucas: I'm going to stay here. I'm staying here until she wakes up.

Cassie: Well, that can take a long time. Let me get you out of here. You look like you could use a drink.

Lisa: Okay, that's one iced mocha frappuccino with a shot of vanilla. It's too hot for anything but a iced drink, isn't it?

Bart: Yeah, it sure is. Thanks. Mmm. Oh, boss, that is good. I am telling you, that is delicious. You've got to try one of these things -- sir, I'm not gfing around. I got her in my sights. Having coffee's just my cover. The situation's under control. Right now she's talking to roman brady. Bo-- I know. I know he's a cop. Don't worry. I won't let her blab. I'll figure out something to stop her. Don't worry.

Mimi: Have the doctors given you any sort of prognosis?

Roman: Well, at this point, I mean, you know, it's hard --

Kate: No one is giving up hope.

Mimi: Well, I'll keep saying prayers for her.

Roman: Thank you, mimi. That means a lot. That's about all we can do right now.

Mimi: How's will doing?

Kate: His grandparents ckcked him up at school. He's over at their house. He wanted to see his mom, but we didn't think that would be the best thing for him right now.

Mimi: Of course. So, how's the rest of the family holding up?

Roman: Hanging in there. I've been putting this off till I get some good news, but, uh, I need to call my son.

Mimi: Rex?

Rex: Not so brave without your gun, huh? Dr. Rolf. Just the man I was looking for.

Rolf: Rex. Rex, I-I didn't realize it was you.

Rex: Well, of course not. I was only shouting.

Rolf: Well, I'm delighted to see you. It's been far too long.

Rex: I'm not here for small talk. I'm here for answers. How could you do this to me and my sister?

Rolf: Do what?

Rex: You knew the truth all along, but you let everyone else believe a lie.

Rolf: I-I have no idea what you're talking about.

Rex: I will beat the truth out of you if I have to. You're the only one who can tell me the real story, and you're going to do that right now. Who the hell is my mother? This is out there on gloabl - I'm seanna collins. Global tv presents afest 2003 - one hundred years of powered flight! A wonderful treat for dad on fathers day - sunday at the hanger on kingsway. Enjoy free interactive family events and aircraft history from 10 to 4the edmonton garrison military family resource centre is hosting the "viva las vegas fun money casino and silent auction fundraiser" - saturday night at the garrison. Be a big winner and support a great event.And join global "out there" on wednesday for tim horton's camp day.All money from coffee sales on wednesday will be donated to the tim horton's children's foundation which provides underprivileged children from across the country with a summer holiday at a camp somewhere in canada. Join me, brienne hurlburt, mike sobel and john sexsmith at tim hortons on 130 avenue and st. Albert trail - we'll be serving up coffee throughout the day wednesday supporting this wonderful cause

Roman: Mimi, uh, what are you talking about? I mean, I was talking about my son eric -- sami's twin brother.

Mimi: Of course you were. I meant eric, but I said rex. They sound alike, don't they? Eric, rex. Rex, eric. My mind has jumped tracks, but that's nothing new. Oops. There goes another train of thought. I'm supposed to meet rex -- my boyfriend rex -- he's sort of related to sami, too. I mean, they all share one sibling, at least. Right?

Roman: Uh... kate, you know what? Why don't we head ba to the hospital?

Kate: Good idea.

Rom: Uh, mimi, you want this hamburger? Shame for it to go to waste.

Mimi: You sure?

Roman: Absolutely I'm sure, and, uh, I also hear that the french fries are good.

Mimi: Well, maybe I'll have a couple while I wait for rex.

Roman: All right. Take care.

Mimi: Okay, bye.

Bart: Ahem. Excuse me. We met at the dimera mansion. Right? What was your name again?

Mimi: Me? Mimi.

Bart: Me-mimi?

Mimi: What?

Bart: Mimimi?

Mimi: No, just two "mi"s, not three "mi"S.

Bart: What?

Mimi: My name mimi -- just mimi -- two "mi"S.

Bt:T: Oh. Right. I'm bart. Just bart. One bart.

Mimi: Hi.

Bart: Hi. Boy, ha ha ha ha! That was confusing.

Mimi: Yeah, but I'm easily confused.

Bart: Me too. You know, you might've been confused about something else today.

Mimi: Really?

Bart: Mm-hmm. You left your sweater at the dimera mansion.

Mimi: I did? Oh, it's so hot outside, I didn't even notice. Did you bring it with you?

Bart: No, I didn'T. I left it at the mansion.

Mimi: You came all the way here to tell me that, but you didn't bring my sweate

Bart: Mind if I sit down?

Mimi: No, go ahead.

Bart: So, I, um, saw you talking to captain brady. Good cop. Good guy. Looked like you were having a real serious conversation.

Mimi: When am I ever going to learn? Motor mouth mimi strikes again.

Bart: What did you say?

Mimi: What didn't I say? I have this gift for going on and on and on and blabbing stuff that I really shouldn't, and it gets me into nothing but trouble.

Bart: Trouble?

Mimi: Big trouble.

Bart: Big trouble.

Rex: Answer me! Who is my moer?

Rolf: Not only is your intelligence extraordinary, but your physical strength is quite impressive, as well. You are quite simply the perfect human specimen, just as you wereesesigned to be.

Rex: You're not answering my question.

Rolf: As a scientist yourself, you are certainly aware of successive pressure on the carotid artery -- I may, at the very least, pass out. However, I could also be dead within a matter of seconds. Please release your grip.

[ Coughs ] Your only flaw seems to be that you do not understand the boundaries of your behavior.

Rex: I've had it with your analytical crap. Tell me, who is my mother?

Rolf: Please give me a moment to catch my breath. Stand back and give me some air.

[ Coughs ] You could use a little work on impulse control, as well.

Rex: What? Am I crossing the line here? I don't think so. You're to blame if your experiment is running amok. You created me, dr. Frankenstein, and now you're going to tell me the truth. Who's my mother?

Rolf: Why are you asking all these questions? Marlena gave birth to you and cassie. She is your mother. This everyone knows.

Rex: You just won't stop lying, will you?

Larry: You know, uh, maybe I've been in the slammer too long, or maybe this heat wave is getting to me, but, uh, I don't recall you or getting married -- who the hell are you?

Nicole: Nicole waerer.

Larry: Doesn't ring a bell.

Nicole: The current mrs. Victor kiriakis.

Larry: Oh. My condolences.

Nicole: You don't know the half of it.

Larry: So, uh, what's with posing as my wife?

Nicole: Well, I wanted a private meeting with you. That's all. Clever, huh?

Larry: Normally, I'd say yes, but anybody who marries victor kiriakis can't be that clever. Um, look, so, why do you want to see me -- aside from my dashing looks, rapier wit, and, uh, winning personality?

Nicole: Well, I was trying to think of someone who detests my husband as much as I do.

Larry: Oh. And I came to mind? I'm honored.

Nicole: I'm not aware of the particulars, but I do know that victor made you take the fall for a crime you did not commit. Twice.

Larry: Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Nicole: Yeah. And I know that you did not kill colin murphy.

Larry: Oh, really? And how do you know that?

Nicole: Believe me, I know you're innocent.

Larry: Well, your, uh, faith in me is... touching. Nicole, is it? You know, I can feel myself being rehabilitated as we speak.

Nicole: And I also know that you would give your eyeteeth to get back at victor.

Larry: True. Especially since I don't need 'em much here. I mean, the food's too mushy. What I wouldn't give for a rare steak right now.

Nicole: Well, maybe I can give you something you can really sink your teeth into.

Chloe: You... want to break up?

Brady: No, no. I don't want to break up with you, chloe. I just -- I just think that...

Chloe: We have to. For my sake. To make me stronger and more independent. You're doing me a favor. What a guy. How will I ever be able to repay you?

Brady: Well, if it helps to be sarcastic --

Chloe: "If it helps"? No, it doesn't help. Nothing's going to help, except maybe if you get the hell out of here.

Brady: You know what? You have been given the chance of a lifetime, chloe, and I will not let you give up on that to stay here with me. It's just wrong.

Chloe: Oh, and you know what's right or wrong? Who made you such an authority, brady?

Brady: Because I know you and what you need.

Chloe: Like hell.

Brady: Chloe, you have been given such an incredible gift. You have the voice of an angel. Everything about you -- your talent, your presence...

Chloe: Stop acting like a fan, damn it! I don't need you to admire my talent. I need you to love me.

Brady: I do. That's why I'm doing this.

Chloe: I don't believe you. I think that you've lost interest in me. I think that now that I'm cured of my illness, you know that you can move on to someone else without any guilt.

Brady: What? Move on to somebody else -- no! Chloe...

Chloe: I know you do, brady. Just admit it. Stop playing this stupid game. Just tell me. You found somebody else, haven't you? You're in love with somebody else.

Roman: What did the doctors say?

Kate: They're still waiting for the latest test results.

Roman: Yeah. I know this can go either way, but...the longer it takes for sami to come around... it's just driving me nuts that I can't help her. And it is absolutely hell just waiting, not doing a damn thing.

Kate: When lucas was in that coma for so long and no one thought he would come out of it, all I could do was wait. Just like you're doing now. But no matter how bleak the prognosis was, I could never give up on my child. And you can't give up on sami.

Roman: You know, I've, uh, been through a lot of stuff in my life, but, uh, this...

Kate: Roman, no matter what the doctors say, you can't stop hoping for a miracle. And I'm going to pray for that miracle -- that it will happen for you the way it happened for lucas and me.

Cassie: Thank you. That feels so much better.

Lucas: Well, good. You want some ice?

Cassie: Yeah. In a glass.

Lucas: I could use a drink, too. Is vodka okay?

Cassie: Yeah, it's perfect.

Lucas: All right. Be right back.

Lucas: You know, sami almost died once before. She was on death row. But, uh, I couldn't let that happen. No way. I would've given anything to trade places with her then. I'd do the same thing right now.

Cassie: She's going to be okay.

Lucas: I hope so. Because if she dies, I'll never be able to live with myself. Not after what I've done.

Cassie: Okay. I know you don't want to hear this right now...

Cassie: But I think you're an amazing person. Come here.

Rolf: [ Coughing ] Why did you do that? With your brilliant mind, isis is how you solve a problem -- with violence?

Rex: I've had it with all the lies and deceit. I can't take it anymore.

Rolf: Yes, well, assaulting me is not going to get you any closer to the facts.

Rex: I have to know the truth about how and why cassie and I were genetically engineered.

Rolf: It's not important. It is the past. What is important is who you are now and what you can become.

Rex: Listen, no one is going to stop me from getting to the bottom of this. I've already unlocked d dna, all right? It's clear that cassie's my biological twin.

Rolf: Well, of course she is. You already knew that.

Rex: Yeah, but my tests also proved that neither marlena nor tony are my parents.

Rolf: Yes, well, perhaps your tests were wrong.

Rex: They weren'T. Further tests provedhat we're actually the children of roman brady. But cassie and I thought we were dimeras, but... it turns out our father is some blue-collar cop. Pretty ironic, huh? Guess the joke's on us. Now the only missing piece of the puzzle is, who is our mother? Look, don't give me that innocent look. You know who she is. Tell me now or else. Cscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscscs˝ ˝ Ú

Brady: Chloe, please, there is no one else. Oh, my god. That is not what this is about! You need to know that that's true. Chloe, look at me, please. Just -- just look at me. I-I love you and only you. I'm letting you go because I love you.

Chloe: That doesn't make any sense.

Brady: All right. If you -- if you stay here with me and you give up on your career and your dreams, it may -- it may seem like the right thing to do right now, but I know -- and I think you know, too, in your heart -- that if you make that decision and if I let you go through with that decision, it will ruin your life and my life, too.

Larry: I'm intrigued. You know, I hardly ever have any fun in this place. The last time we had any excitement here was that one tuesday when they didn't serve cream tuna on toast.

Nicole: Wow, that sounds like a thrill.

Larry: Oh, yeah. I'm living la vida loca. So, please, enlighten me. Obviously, you hate your husband. That's one thing we both have in common, but what's t d deal? I mean, you want to team up to take down victor kiriakis?

Mimi: Speaking of trouble, I'm going to have trouble getting into my clothes if I keep scarfing these. Please have some.

Bart: Oh, sure, thank you.

Mimi: Is that a frappuccino? I love those.

Bart: Me too. I got this one with a shot of vanilla.

Mimi: I had one of those the other day. I nearly lost my mind, it was so good. Between the caffeine and the sugar rush, I had so much energy, I could barely contain myself. I started calling people on the phone that I don't even like just because I couldn't stop talking. I seriously could not shut up. I was spilling my guts to anyone.

Bart: Oh, really? Why don't you try some?

Mimi: No thanks. Trust me, you don't want to see me strung out on frappuccino. I just go on and on and on.

Bart: What was it that you said to roman brady that you shouldn't have said buyoyou said anyway? Maybe something about what you saw or heard at the dimera mansion?

Mimi: As a matter of fact, it was. When am I going to learn to muzzle myself? I cannot keep a secret. My mouth is faster than an internet high-speed cable connection. Does that ever happen to you?

Bart: Me, mimi? Um... well, yeah, sometimes. No, usually, I say something stupid, and then to cover it, I say something stupider.

Mimi: Mm, yes, that happens to me all the time.

Bart: You do -- well, then, what did you say to roman brady?

Mimi: Oh, I really can't tell you. I've already blabbed too much, anyway.

Bart: No, you haven't blabbed anything yet.

Mimi: Wow, well, that's a new one for me. Hey, maybe you're a good influence on me.

Bart: Ha ha ha ha. Terrific. Let me be the first person that you don't spill your guts to. Excuse me, I gotta make a call.

Mimi: Okay.

Bart: All right, it's hit the fan. Rex dimera's bigmouth girlfriend is history.

Rolf: This is unbelievable.

Rex: What? What are you talking about? What is unbelievable?

Rolf: You. No one was ever supposed to break your genetic code, and yet you have. It's nothing short of astonishing.

Rex: Why wasn't anyone supposed to break the code?

Rolf: Stefano never wanted anyone to know that roman brady was your biological father. But you -- you have put together the pieces of this very complicated puzzle.

Rex: Damn it! I am sick of being your test tube experiment! Dr. Rolf, you are going to tell me everything you know, or I will make sure everyone knows tony is not our father. What would that do to the precious dimera legacy?

Rolf: Hmm. All right. As you've already been told, marlena did give birth to you and cassie.

Rex: Yeah, but she's not our mother, so how can that be?

Rolf: Because it's -- because when --

Rex: How?

Rolf: Because we did not use her genetic material. There was a donor.

Cassie: I've got an idea. Why don't you let me help you get your mind off things and relax with a nice back massage?

Lucas: Tony is my boss. He said he'd kilmeme if I laid a finger on you.

Cassie: So, let me lay my fingers on you. Come here. Come here.

Lucas: Look, we really shouldn'T. Your father --

Cassie: You're such a weird guy. You know, not many men would be thinking of my father right now.

Lucas: Ha ha ha.

Cassie: Oh, was -- was that a laugh I heard? See, I told you, you feel better already.

Lucas: Yeah. You know, we really should stop.

Cassie: I don't want to. And you don't want me to. You want me to keep going... keep going? 'Cause you're the kind of man that likes to live dangerously. ˙Aa

Roman: Hey. Hey, daughter. It's your dad here... right next to you. And I am not going anywhere until you get better. You hear me? I love you, sami girl. I love you very, very much. Doctor, is there any news?

Man: Yes, captain brady. There's been a change in your daughter's prognosis.

Mimi: Hey, rex, it's mimi again. Why isn't your phone on? We were supposed to meet and have lunch together, remember? Although I've already kind of eaten, I guess. Actually, it was someone else's lunch and this whole mess of fries. I'm going to have so much water retention tomorrow. Anyway, are you checking your messages? Where are you? What's going on? I'm getting worried about you. Call me when you get this.

Bart: Hey. You made it. Traffic?

Man: Don't bust my chops... barto. Where's the hit?

Bart: Over there. All right? Right over there. That's your target. She's just about getting ready to leave. Now, listen, make it look like an accident. Whatever you do, make it quick and painless. She's kind of special. Kind of reminds me of me.

Man: Reason enough to whack her.

Rex: Who was the egg donor?

Rolf: Well, I-I can't say. I don't know.

Rex: Yes, you do. Where was she from, huh? Was she from salem? Answer me.

Rolf: Yes! Yes! She was from salem.

Rex: Who was she? Look, start talking now!

Rolf: I have nothing more to say on the subject.

Rolf: All right. All right, I'll talk. You want to know who your mother is? Your mother is... aah!

Larry: So, you want to, uh, hook up with me on some sort of anti-victor campaign?

Nicole: In a manner of speaking, yes.

Larry: Well, hell, I'm all for that, but, I mean, let's, you know, let's get realistic here. I'm not exactly the most useful guy to have on your team, I mean, considering I'm still, um...

[ Rattles handcuffs ]

Larry: Although, I could probably get you a pretty good deal on some personalized license plates.

Nicole: Yes, of course, you can't do anything from prison. But I was thinking...

Larry: Oh, my god -- beauty and brains. Thank you.

Nicole: I've been thinking...

Larry: Mm.

Nicole: If there were a way to, uh...

Larry: What?

Nicole: Bust you out --

Larry: Shh.

Nicole: Sorry.

Larry: That's okay.

Nicole: [ Lowers voice ] Bust you out of here...

Larry: Uh-huh.

Nicole: If I were to do that for you, larry...

Larry: [ Grunts ]

Nicol w would you be willing to do me a big favor in return?

Larry: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: So if I stay here with you, I'm going to ruin your life?

Brady: I'll always be wondering... that you'll think someday that you made the wrong decision, and you'll be unhappy.

Chloe: I could never be unhappy with you.

Brady: You are right now.

Chloe: You know what I mean.

Brady: I know why you're refusing this so much and why you're so scared. It's because you're not thinking clearly, chloe.

Chloe: No! You are the one who's not thinking clearly right now, brady. You're the one who's wrong and deluded and out of his mind, and not me! So don't you dare try to make yourself the sane one in this. Evytything you're saying is stupid and twisted and condescending, and you're going to realize that one day, but then it's going to be too damn late!

Brady: Don't you realize that this is the second time that I am trying to help you fight for your life?

Chloe: I have no life without you! Nothing means anything without you! Look, if you don't want to be with me or if you want to be so damn noble or whatever the hell it is you think you're being, then fine! Get the hell out of my life!

Chloe: Get out, brady!

Chloe: You hurt me, brady! Get out!

Larry: Sure. I'm interested.

Nicole: I thought you might be.

Larry: Um... so, tell me, oh, wife of mine, what would I need to do to get you to, um, bust me out of here?

Nicole: It's simple, really. Kill my husband.

Lucas: Boy, I got to admit, I feel a lot better.

Cassie: Sure you do. All you needed was those big tense muscles rubbed.

Lucas: You know, you have great technique.

Cassie: Sexy, I like you. It's easy. It's real easy.

Lucas: The hell with tony. You arso damn hot.

Man: The latest tests show that sami most likely will pull through.

Roman: Thank god.

Man: However, there could be long-term complications.

Roman: What complications?

Man: Brain damage, vocal cord damage, paralysis... I'm sorry, captain brady.

Mimi: Oh, my god, this weather is murder.

Bart: Well, you know what they say, if the humidity don't kill ya, something el will.

Mimi: Who says that?

Bart: Just somebody. I don't know. So, mimi, I guess this is our final farewell.

Mimi: Okay. So long. It was nice chatting with you.

Bart: Yeah, it was great chatting with you, too. It's too bad you found out about the family jewels, kid.

Mimi: Jewels? What jewels?

Bart: The jewels you were telling roman brady about.

Mimi: I wasn't talking to roman about jewels. I was talking to him about my boyfriend rex. Although, he is kind of a gem, I suppose. I'm off to go find him. What jewels are you talking about?

Bart: I don't know.

Mimi: Huh. Is this one of those conversations where we think we said something stupid, so we're trying to cover it up by saying something even stupider?

Bart: It could be. It could be. So that's all you were talking about?

Mimi: Yeah. But, actually, at the moment, I'm not sure what I'm talking about anymore.

Bart: That's perfectly understandable.

Mimi: No, it's not.

Bart: No, it's not.

Mimi: Okay. I'm going to go before any of this starts making sense.

Bart: That's a good idea.

Mimi: Okay.

Bart: Okay. Take care of yourself, two "mi"S.

Mimi: Bye, one "bart."

Bart: Okay. The hit's off. Um, it was all a big misunderstanding.

Marlena: But sami may be condemned to a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Tony: I'm so sorry.

Marlena: And I will never ever forgive you.

[ Gunshot ]

Belle: Aah!

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