Days Transcript Thursday 6/5/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/05/03--Canada; 6/06/03--USA

By Eric



 Hope: Very special delivery for commander carver.

[ Distant thud ]

 Philip: Tek! Why the hell would you sneak up on me like tha

 Tek: Well, I can't sneak up on you, right, super spy? You weren't going to start the mission without me, were you?

 Rex: I wish I'd never touched those dna samples.

 Mimi: So, now you have two dads. I think that's pretty cool. When I was a kid, there was this show called "my two dads," and I used to wish that -- never mind. Look, rex, tony is not going to stop caring about you just because you're not related by blood.

 Rex: Yeah, well, I'm not sure he really does care about me. I mean, he's known me, what, like, six months? I think he's just so excited to have a son that -- well, d d then there's roman. You know, his two sane children have apparently fled the state. Only the nightmare samantha stayed behind. And he protects her while he harasses cassie for protecting shawn. I mean, what if he's cassie's father, too? Would he even accept her as his own? I don't want her to have to go through this, too, but at the same time, I don't want to lose my sister.

 Mimi: Rex, you won'T. Wait, where are you going?

 Rex: Stay here.

 Man: Samantha is in recovery.

 Marlena: Oh!

 Roman: Doc, she made it. She made it.

 Marlena: Is she stable?

 Man: She's resting comfortably. She's doing as well as we thought she could, considering the extent of t t trauma -- especially to the aorta. We had to transfuse eight units.

 Marlena: Eight? That's her entire volume of blood.

 Man: Well, I gather samantha is quite the determined young lady.

 Marlena: Well, she had her heart broken recently. I'm afraid she may not have the will to fight.

 Man: It may take some time for her to regain consciousness.

 Marlena: Have you done an E.E.G.?

 Roman: Why does he have to do that?

 Marlena: Well, with severe blood loss, there is a chance the brain may have been deprived of oxygen, causing...

 Man: Neurological deficit we're monitoring samantha closely. She's still recovering from the anesthesia right now. If she doesn't regain consciousness, then we'll do more intensive diagnostic testing.

 Marlena: Roman...

 Marlena: Can we see her -- her father and I?

 Man: Only the two of you. Briefly. What she needs more than anything right now is rest.

 Tony: We should go.

 Marlena: Of course. Thank you. Thank you so much.

 Roman: All right, listen, everybody, samantha's got a lot going for her here. She's healthy, she's young, she's strong.

 Belle: I know she is, but... mom...

 Marlena: Okay. Okay. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. "2 fast 2 furious" is cruising into theatres this weekend...

todd james will hop into the

 Tek: All right, not only will matilda here compute course and direction, but she'll use hull depth to detect when cargo is being loaded or unloaded.

 Philip: Cool.

 Tek: Now, what you got to do is you got to make sure you --

 Philip: I got it.

 Tek: It's a simple design, thank you very much, but let's just make sure --

 Philip: I don't have time for this, okay?

 Tek: Don't be in such a hurry you don't get this right. You don't have a safety net, kiriakis. You let your guard dow it's not just the mission that could be history. You could be, too.

 Abe: Vin ramsell. Well, how do you do?

 Vin: Well, not too good, abe. You're not going to be doing too good, either, after I sue your ass for false arrest.

 Bo: I made a citizen's arrest, and you're the one who's going to be coughing up the money -- to your bail bondsman. Too bad how you squandered away the last days of your freedom. You're never going to see the light of day again. You lose.

 Abe: Simmons. Take our old friend here down to lockup, and notify the D.A. That he's been captured.

 Vin: Kidnapped. You mean, uh, kidnapped, don't you?

 Simmons: Shut the hell up.

 Abe: Who the hell are you two smiling at? You think I'm going to congratulate you for putting yourselves and god knows who else in danger just so you could take the law into your own hands?

 Abe: At least I'm not going to congratulate you publicly. Wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong idea, now, would we? You done good, brady... and brady. You have no idea how relieved I am that you're home. So where'd you find him?

 Bo: Just followed the lead you gave me. Tracked him to texas.

 Abe: Visions of the lone ranger, hmm?

 Bo: Not alone.

 Abe: There's a bounty hunter after him, too, following his trail -- apparently, the wrong trail. I know you did this for different reasons, but you're going to be pleasantly surprised by the fee on this guy's head.

 Hope: Abe, look, I know we need to debrief, but we are dying to see zack, so would you mind if --

 Abe: Well, you know, before you go, I have some news.

 Marlena: And because of all that, brandon has walked out.

 Chloe: Brady, do yoreally think that I should sing today?

 Brady: I think that it would be good for all of us.

 Chloe: Okay.

 Belle: I want to stay here, at least until roman gets back.

 Shawn-d: Sure. Do you want me to go find him?

 Marlena: Thank you, shawn. I-I'm sure he's probably on his way back now.

 Roman: Tony. What the hell are you doing here?

 Tony: Well, we're concerned about sami. Spirited young lady. We'll pray that she continues to improve.

 Roman: You'll pray?

 Tony: Oh, yes, I do that. Is there anything else we can do?

 Roman: No, no. You've done enough. I will ask you to do one more thing, though. No, as a matter of fact, I won't ask, I'll tell. Get the hell out of here. I don't care if you are on the hospital board, and I don't care if you are the father of sami's child. You stay away from her. Do you understand that, lucas? Sami was right about you all along. You're poison. Now, both of you, do me a big favor. Go to hell and stay there.

 Hope: Big news? Abe.

 Bo: What?

 Abe: I'm a dad.

 Hope: No --

 Abe: Ha ha ha ha ha.

 Hope: Lexie had the baby?

 Bo: Congratulations.

 Hope: She wasn't due yet, was she? Is she all right? Are you both all right?

 Abe: They're fine, wonderful, 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

 Hope: Oh, my gosh! Pictures. Do you have any pictures?

 Abe: Oh, of course I do. Absolutely.

 Hope: I can't believe it.

 Abe: Here you are. Ha ha ha ha.

 Hope: Oh, abe, he's so beautiful. He -- he's perfect. He's perfect. What's his name?

 Abe: Theo.

 Bo: Theo.

 Hope: It's so good to have a theo in the world again. Are they home from the hospital?

 Abe: Probably tomorrow.

 Hope: Oh, abe. So theo here is a gemini, huh? Even-tempered.

 Abe: Really?

 Hope: Yeah, absolutely. Zack and J.T. Are geminis, too. You know what this means?

 Abe: No.

 Hope: We can have three birthdays together now. Abe, this is the best news. This is the best news. This is so great.

 Abe: It really is a great week, isn't it? You know, for so long, I thought I couldn't father a child, and would you believe it? In one week, I have two.

 Mimi: Hey, what are you doing? Is that cassie's? Ew, that's gross.

 Rex: Yeah.

 Mimi: Is she losing hair or something?

 Rex: It's time to find out once and for all.

 Roman: Right now, this family needs to put every ounce of energy into making sure sami gets well, but I guarantee you this -- when sami does recover, I will put that same kind of energy into making sure you are held accountable. You will not do this to anybody else, and you sure as hell will not do it to her again.

 Lucas: Captain brady, what happened to sami was a terrible accident.

 Tony: Listen, we don't want to take up any more of your time. You should go and see your daughter. Good day.

 Lucas: [ Sighs ]

 Tony: Well, um... we should go freshen up.

 Belle: Hey, I thought your finals were over.

 Shawn-d: They are.

 Belle: Well, then what -- oh, my god, shawn, your baseball tournament.

 Shawn-d: No, I'm not going to go.

 Belle: You're not going to go? Shawn, these are the playoffs, and you have a scholarship. You have to go.

 Shawn-d: No, I-I don't want to leave you. Even before this happened to sami, I didn't want to leave you. And I know you can't now, but I-I was going to ask you to go with me.

 Hope: Brandon's your son?

 Bo: That's wild.

 Abe: Named the baby theo brandon.

 Bo: And you and brandon are...

 Abe: Yeah, we're okay. We're okay, you know, now that everything's out in the open. I just hate I lost all those years with my son. I hate even more what this secret has done to him and his family. We just have to move forward. I just wish he hadn't left town.

 Hope: Yeah.

 Bo: I'm sorry. Why would sami do something so stupid?

 Hope: That girl. Hasn't she learned by now that the truth always comes out and she's just hurting herself in the end? Not to mention a lot of other people.

 Abe: You know, I just feel so lucky. I just can't even think about all that stuff. Ha ha ha ha.

 Hope: Will you give lexie our love, please?

 Abe: Yeah, stop by, huh?

 Hope: Absolutely. That goes without saying.

 Abe: Ha ha ha ha.

 Hope: Now that all the excitement's over, well... we'll have plenty of time for that.

 Bo: See ya.

 Abe: Yeah.

 Chloe: David, I'm sorry we're late.

 David: I was starting to get worried I'd have to sing. By the way, brady, not a good business move.

 Brady: Yeah.

 David: Okay. Let's get you warmed up.

[ Playing scales ]

 Chloe: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah

[ Sighs ]

 David: All right. Let's chill out. Let's take a minute. Let's take some deep breaths, just, you know, get centered and...

 Chloe: I don't think we have time for this.

 David: Are you okay?

 Chloe: Yeah, let's just try it.

 David: Okay.

[ Playing songntntroduction ]

 Chloe: Hey, stop. Can we start with something easier? Brady, would you sing with me?

 Brady: Chloe, we just don't have the time. Focus on the music, please.

 Chloe: I don't need to focus on the music if you're here. If I just look at you, it happens naturally.

 Brady: All right, well, I'm not going to hold your hand, okay? And I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't ask me that again.

 Cassie: Aah!

 Rex: Cassie!

 Mimi: Oh, my god.

 Cassie: What is that?

 Mimi: Looks like blood.

 Rex: Yeah, it's blood, but whose?

 Mimi: It wasn't here when I came in.

 Rex: Where's tony?

 Erin: Count dimera is just fine. Sami brady had an accident, fell through the french doors. Your father went to the hospital with the ambulance.

 Mimi: Sami? Is she all right?

 Erin: I'm sorry, miss. I haven't heard.

 Mimi: We were just upstairs. How could we not hear?

 Erin: I'm sorry you had to see this. I've called a cleaning crew. I better see what's keeping them. Are you all right?

 Cassie: Yeah.

 Rex: Yeah.

 Mimi: What was sami doing here? I guess it really doesn't matter, but I wonder what happened. I hope she's okay. We should probably get down to the hospital.

 Rex: Why?

 Mimi: Why?

R rex: Yeah. I hardly know sami.

 Mimi: So? You just found out she's your sister -- jeez.

[ Monitor beeping ]

 Roman: She, uh, she can hear us if we talk to her?

 Marlena: Probably.

 Roman: Hey. Sami. Sweetheart... we're here. We're right here.

 Marlena: Sami... sami, we love you so much. Shawn and lllle are here, brady and chloe... so many people care abt you, sweetheart.

 Man: This procedure was done by dave lyon. He repaired the major vessel damage. However, there was fairly extensive trauma to the vocal cords.

 Roman: Wait a minute. Are you telling us she might not be able to talk?

 Nicole: Thank god.

Want to see

twice the lashes?

[ Monitor beeping ]

 Nicole: Roman, I am -- I'm so sorry.

 Roman: You know, you're the last person sami needs to hear from right now, so why don't you turn around and get the hell out of here? Her mom d d i are the only visitors allowed right now.

 Nicole: My apologies.

 Victor: No, my apologies for my wife's insensitivity. She won't bother you again.

 Man: Don't stay too long.

 Roman: Sami? Sami. We're here. We're right here, eetheart.

 Marlena: I wasn't here, not when she needed me the most.

 Roman: Doc, this is not your fault.

 Marlena: I let tony dimera get into her life. I was... preoccupied with all the wrong things. Well, she doesn't like to be ignored.

 Nicole: You're the one who sent me over here. You didn't want me to gloat?

 Victor: No. I wanted you to see what happens to little girls gone bad. Now, you don't want to wind up like sami, do you?

 Nicole: I've already been there. Comatose was a joy by comparison.

 Victor: Well, I'll remember you said that.

 Nicole: Go to hell. And I mean that with all my heart.

 Victor: We're going home.

 Nicole: No. First I'm going to stop in the ladies' room -- unless, of course, you plan to come with me.

 Victor: I'll wait downstairs. Don't make me send nico for you.

 Nicole: Okay, victor, you're the master of your own destiny. What an impressive collection of enemies you have made.

 Rex: We have to go.

 Cassie: I don't want to go to the hospital.

 Rex: You don't have to. We'll be bacsosoon, okay?

 Cassie: [ Sighs ]

 Rex: Hey. Thanks for coming with me.

 Mimi: Sure. So are we going to take cassie's hair sample to the dna lab?

 Rex: Yeah, which is at the hospital. Oh, I guess I must be meant to see sami after all.

 Mimi: I'm glad I'm with you.

 Rex: Yeah. Me too.

 Tony: Oh. What are you doing?

 Chloe: I should stop needing you, brady? Is that what you're trying to say?

 Brady: Yes.

 Chloe: So you don't need me.

 Brady: Chloe -- ha ha.

 David: Excuse me.

 Chloe: I'm always doing something wrong, aren't I? "You need to feel the music, chloe." "No, you're feeling it too deeply now." "Sing with me. Look in my eyes. Feel the love." "No, don't feel the love. Find it somewhere else."

 Brady: You've just always been such an independent person, chloe. That should not change when you're in love.

 Chloe: It changed with philip. That's how I knew that I wasn'T. Do you think that's what's happening with us?

 Brady: Do you?

 Chloe: I've never needed anyone, brady. I was so proud of myself fofinally growing into someone who did care about the people in my life and didn't want to run away and didn't only live for the future. But if you don't want me to need you, brady, then don't worry, I won'T. I'm used to people going in and out of my life. I surviv l leukemia. I can certainly survive you.

2001aters. Miss thi and miss thing.

Front trick goes almost a and musician. Burnquist

 Man: How you doing? What can I get you?

 Lucas: Uh, vodka, rocks.

 Lucas: Uh, make it a double, will you? Actually, you know what? Just, uh, leave me the bottle, okay? Thanks.

 Chloe: Brady, could you please just go tell david that I don't need time, I don't need space, I don't need to focus, I just need him back here to play for me, please.

[ Playing song introduction ]

 Chloe: I used to live

in a darkened room

had a face of stone

and a heart of gloom

lost h hope

I was so far gone

crying all my tears

with the curtains drawn

I didn't know

until my soul broke free

I had these angels

watching over me

and oh-oh-oh

watch me go

I'm a happy girl

and everybody knows

that the sweetest thing

that you'll ever see

in the whole wide world

is a happy girl

 Hope: Ooh, sweet --

 Bo: Home sweet home.

 Hope: We're home. Ooh, gosh, mommy missed you so much. Do you know that?

 Zack: Yeah.

 Hope: Yh,h, I know you do. Thank you for being such a good boy with grammy and grampy. Huh?

 Zack: Yeah.

 Hope: Yeah. Oh, sweetie. You know we only went away because we love you, right? 'Cause we want you to grow up in a world that is much safer. Huh?

 Zack: Yeah.

 Hope: Yeah. Ooh, I missed this boy.

 Bo: I've been thinking.

 Hope: Yeah, I could tell, brady.

 Bo: Mm-hmm. We are so lucky to have this little guy all these years after shawn has grown up. I want to spend more time with him. No more double shifts, no more all-night stakeouts. I want to spend time with my wife, too. There are jobs where you set your own hours. You're your own boss.

 Hope: So, are you thinking of starting your own business?

 Bo: No, our business, hope. What could be better than working with my wife on something that helps people, it touches our sons' lives, and it's something we're good at and we know we love doing?

 Hope: Sounds like you have a plan.

 Bo: You bet I do.

 Mimi: You okay?

 Rex: Yeah, I just -- I hate hospitals. You know, if sami's unconscious, she won't ev k know I was here.

 Mimi: Marlena will know, and roman.

 Rex: So? I just hope the lab expedites the results like they promised.

 Mimi: Well, they seemed pretty anxious to please.

 Rex: Yeah. It's amazing what the dimera name can do. Too bad it's not really mine.

 Marlena: I help other pelele's children -- strangers -- every single day. Why can't I help sami believe that she's loved?

 Roman: Doc, believe me, sami knows that she's loved.

 Roman: Hey. Hey, pumpkin. Hey, sami girl. This is your dad. You know, I was, uh, thinking about when I was standing here in this hospital on the day you were born. And I was thinking about -- "my god, I must be the luckiest man in the world." And despite all the pain and all the sorrow that we've all been through since that day, that hasn't changed. I have not stopped thinking that. And, my sami girl, I have not stopped loving you. And you have never given up on anything in your entire life. You were always my -- my little feisty girl. My little warrior. And I truly believe that you have been put on this earth for something very special. You have got a lot of happiness coming to you in this world, sami. Please don't -- please don't let it get away. You are way too tough. You are way too strong. Don't -- don't you dare leave us now, sami.

 Marlena: We love you, sami. We just love you.

 Roman: Sami, we love you so much. We love you so much.

 Rex: I got an e-mail. It's from the lab.

 Mimi: Already?

 Rex: The results are in. Oc

 Chloe: And, oh

watch me go

I'm a happy girl

and I've come to know

that the world won't change

just 'cause I complain

let the axis twirl

I'm a happy girl


oh, oh, oh, yeah

and, oh

oh, oh, oh, yeah

I'm a happy girl

 David: Man, chloe, that's awesome. That's the best you have ever sounded.

 Brady: [ Thinking ] And I know what I have to do.

 Hope: Look at him. He's flying. So, am I going to like this plan?

 Bo: I hope so.

 Hope: Yeah, I bet so.

 Shawn-d: Hey, it's us.

 Hope: Oh, look who's here. It's your big brother. Sweetie, hi.

 Shawn-d: Oh, my gosh. How are you?

 Hope: We just walked through the door. We thought you we on a bus, out of town. Hi, sweetie.

 Shawn-d: Not yet.

 Belle: How was your vacation?

 Hope: I wouldt't exactly call it a vacation, but it was pretty wonderful.

 Shawn-d: Not a vacation?

 Hope: No.

 Shawn-d: So what was it?

 Tek: Where is he?

[ Creaking ]

 Kate: [ Gasps ]

 Tony: What are you doing? We have servants to take care of that.

 Cassie: I know. I -- erin called. Are you cut?

 Tony: Oh. Um, no, it'S... sami's blood. That's all. I've got to go and wash it.

 Cassie: Dad, are you all righ

 Tony: Yeah. I'm okay.

 Rex: Yes!

 Mimi: Cassie's your sister?

 Rex: Yeah. My full sister.

 Mimi: So sami's only your half-sister, right? Any clue who your mother might be?

 Tek: Oh! Sorry, ma'am. I didn't mean to scare you.

 Kate: That's all right. Don't I know you?

 Tek: I don't think so.

[ Groans ]

 Kate: Well, have a nice evening.

 Tek: Yeah, you too.

 Tek: Mission accomplished?

 Philip: Yep. You saved my butt after all.

 Tek: Yeah, well, I'd hate for you to have to lie to your mother's face.

 Philip: It would be pretty difficult to explain this, wouldn't it? If anybody finds out what I'm really doing in this town, I n't even want to think about it.

 Belle: I can't believe you guys went after vin.

 Bo: The world's a lot safer place to be, believe me.

 Belle: You should probably go get your stuff.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

 Bo: Hey, is roman over at the hospital?

 Belle: Yeah.

 Bo: I'll go over and see him later.

 Belle: Okay. Um, sami can't have any other visitors right now.

 Hope: Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry. If there's anything at all that you need, please, please don't hesitate to call me.

 Belle: Thank you, hope. I really appreciate that.

 Hope: Anything.

 Shawn-d: All right, I got it. Let's go.

 Bo: All right.

 Hope: Take care of yourself, okay?

 Belle: Thank you.

 Bo: All right.

 Shawn-d: You ready? All right, you guys stay out of trouble.

 Hope: You too.

 Bo: Good luck.

 Shawn-d: Thank you very much. Big tournament. Take care, you guys. I'll miss you.

 Hope: Be safe.

 Shawn-d: Always. You know, I really hate leaving you, especially no

 Belle: Shawn, you'll be back.

 Shawn-d: Well, I won't have any fun without you.

 Belle: Promise? No, no, I want you to have fun. Not a lot of fun though. Oh, I'm gonna be so happy to see you when you get back. I am so lucky, shawn, it almost doesn't seem fair, especially when you think about sami. I love you so much.

 Hope: Oh, I wish there was something I could do for roman and marlena.

 Bo: Yeah.

 Hope: Oh, so tell me -- what's your idea?

 Bo: This may not sound too interesting or glamorous at first, but hear me out, okay?

 Hope: Uh-oh.

 Bo: Abe said something that sparked an idea. There are a lot of criminals out there who just walked out. They skipped out on bail. And how many of them get hauled back in? Now, there aren't too many people with the energy, the dedication, or the right motivation to do the hard work it takes to bring these criminals back to justice.

 Hope: What are you saying, that we go out and become bounty hunters?

 Bo: Why the hell not?

 Brady: You did it.

 Chloe: I can sing without you, brady.

 Brady: I know you can. But today, it was -- it was different. You were so --

 Chloe: What, raw? Intense? I didn't ask for a performance review. You know, if you're gonna stand here and try to tell me that anger makes more beautiful music than love, I'm sorry, I can't stay.

 Brady: No. No, you can'T.

[ Rock music playing ]

 Kelly: Your eyes

slap the sky

I thought I could fly


oh, no, nervous feeling

try to make it right

no kiss goodnight

deep inside somehow

I knew not to push it


it just came out of nowhere


I was shaken by the feeling

of it


 Sami: Hi.

 Lucas: Hi.

 Kelly: It just came

out of nowhere

 Sami: That's a porsche.

 Lucas: Yeah, it is.

 Sami: I can't believe it.

 Lucas: Wait till you ride in it. It is fantastic.

 Sami: Come on in.

 Lucas: Oh, uh, this is for you.

 Sami: Oh. Thank you. You thought of everything, didn't you?

 Lucas: Yeah, that's me -- by-the-book roberts. You look very beautiful.

 Sami: Thank you.

 Sami: I trust you, lucas. And I'm not afraid. Not with you.

 Sami: Do you really wish that I was dead?

 Lucas: What about you? Do you wish I was dead?

 Sami: Well, will loves you.

 Lucas: Yeah. He loves you, too.

 Sami: Aah!

[ Song ends ]

[ Applause ]

 Nicole: I'll definitely be in touch. Carpe diem, victor. You don't have a whole lot of diems left.

 Cassie: I'm so glad you're okay. I saw all that blood, and I was afraid that --

 Tony: I'm fine, really.

 Cassie: No, you're not. I hope you're not blaming yourself for what happened. It was an accident.

 Tony: Sometimes I wonder why I came back to salem.

 Cassie: Well, then -- then what about me? You're my dad. I love you. I don't ever want to lose you again.

[ Monitor beeping ]

 Rex: Look at them -- my sister and my father.

 Lexie: They're zack's first booties.

 Abe: We changed the name on the plaque so now it reads "beauregard isaac theo brady."

 Mimi: Count dimera is not your biological father, and he deserves to know the truth.

 Jennifer: We have the reigning academy of country music top new male vocalist -- phil vassar.

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