Days Transcript Wednesday 6/4/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday  6/04/03--Canada; 6/05/03--USA

By Eric

 Chloe: I am not going to give up brady. Why would I want a great career if I don't have someone to love to celebrate with? It doesn't mean anything unless I have brady by my side. Don't you get that?

 Philip: Yeah, I'm beginning to.

 Chloe: Wipe that smug look off your face.

 Philip: Hey. You came to me, remember? You asked me advice, and I gave it to you.

 Chloe: Well, it was the wrong advice, philip.

 Philip: Fine. Don't give up brady. Give up your career instead.

 Chloe: Well, you know what? I will do that. That's exactly what I'll do.

 Belle: You know, the guard said that you had a visitor, but...

 Philip: Hey, belle, what's up?

 Chloe: Hey, what are you doing here?

 Belle: Visiting philip. What are you doing here?

 Chloe: Philip and I were just catching up.

 Belle: Right. Does brady know you're here?

 Chloe: No. And I don't want you to tell him.

 Brady: Marlena. Marlena, wait a second.

 Marlena: Oh, brady, honey, I'd love to talk to you longer about this, but I've -- I've got to be somewhere.

 Brady: I-I know. Just two minutes, okay? Please.

 Marlena: Yes.

 Brady: I'm having doubts about my idea -- my plan for proving to chloe that she can sing without me.

 Marlena: You mean trying to get her angry.

 Brady: Yeah, it's just that it's taken so much time to build up her trust, and... marlena, where do you draw the line between "tough love" and "tough luck, baby"?

 Marlena: Honey, you're not doing this for selfish reasons.

 Brady: Th's's just it. Maybe I am.

[ Key turning ]

 Victor: I'm here to escort you to the dining room. You may have lunch with me today.

 Nicole: Oh, boy, oh, boy. And after the feed, do I get walked around the corral, brushed and groomed, or maybe photographed for the press? "Prize mare eats sugar lumps from her master's hand."

 Victor: You're such an ingrate.

 Nicole: So, what do I have to be grateful for, huh?

 Victor: I let you out yesterday. Yogogot to go to the hospital, watch sami brady's downfall. What's the matter? Forget to say thank you?

 Vin: Hey, I could use a little help over here, all right?

 Bo: Where are your drug-running flunkies when you need 'em?

 Hope: What will your boys do without you, huh, vin?

 Bo: Probably go back to, um, well, picking on children?

 Vin: Ha ha ha ha. Yeah, I'm dying of dehydration over here, and you two are doing stand-up.

 Bo: We treat our perps as humanely as possible. There you go.

 Vin: Thank you, mr. Brady.

 Hope: Oh, you know what? I may nevegigive this back to you.

 Bo: It looks good on you. Any more churros?

 Hope: Are you kidding? We polished off all the churros carmen gave us.

 Bo: Next up, fast food.

 Hope: Good thing I'm riding that bike over there.

 Bo: Don't get used to it.

 Hope: No, no, no, no. Don't misunderstand. All I'm saying is, that way, I can run in and get burgers, more churros, and I don't have to worry about anyone seeing ramsell.

 Vin: Oh, now, see, that's just a matter of time.

 Bo: You wish.

 Vin: Oh, no, see, now, somebody's bound to see me, and then you two are going to be busted for kidnapping.

 Roman: You know... I realize that w wasn't there for sami when she was growing up, but, my god, I have done my damnedest to make up for lost time. I have tried over and over to talk some sense into that girl.

 Kate: Roman, you can't blame yourself.

 Roman: But this latest escapade -- I mean, it opened my eyes in a way my eyes have never been opened

 Kate: Look, what do you say that I get you something to eat?

 Roman: No, we know -- you know, everybody knew how much that baby meant to abe and lexie, and for her to alter the test -- the paternity test -- that's amazing to me.

 Kate: Roman, it is abe's baby, and that's the good thing.

 Roman: I mean, I'm embarrassed to look abe in the eye.

 Kate: He's one of your best friends. He always will be.

 Roman: Thank you.

 Kate: Come on. He wouldn't hold it aiainst you, never in a million years.

 Roman: No. I mean, thank you for not taking cheap shots at sami. I know you could, but you're being very decent and very restrained, and I appreciate that.

 Kate: Well... that's because I know what you're going through. I mean, look at lucas. He had this excellent job at the hospital, administrating the horton foundation, and what does he do? He goes to work for tony, even though he knows I'm horrified. Big surprise -- he doesn't care.

 Roman: What are we going to do, huh? What can we do?

 Kate: We can pray. We can pray that sami and lucas stop their self-destructive behavior before one of them gets hurt seriously.

 Lucas: Oh, my god.

 Tony: Got to stop the bleeding. Call 911 quickly!

 Lucas: Sami! Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Bo: Nice. You not only jumped bail, there's a warrant out for your arrest for attempted murder.

 Vin: I know my rights, bo. You're not exactly playing this one by the book.

 Bo: What book is that?

 Vin: Chill. Dude, it's not as though junior suffered any ill effects.

 Bo: Ben wells is in his grave. He was 17 years old. He's not the only one who died young because of drug-running scum like you.

 Vin: You can't pin the wells thing on me. It was a drive-by.

 Bo: Yeah, right. You're the spider who spun the web. You're lucky y'r're alive.

 Hope: Okay, okay, guys. Uh, I'm packing up now. Anyone else want anything else to eat?

 Vin: No, hope. I lost my appetite.

 Hope: Brady, could you help me out here? Don't forget -- there's an agricultural checkpoint at the state border, okay?

 Vin: [ Chuckles ]

 Bo: Don't even think about it.

 Vin: There's no way you're going to get across that checkpoint with me in these cuffs. You got no jurisdiction here, brady.

 Bo: Where there's a will, there's a way, dirtbag

 Hope: Besides, they won't be looking for criminals, will they? They'll be looking for fruit and vegetables.

 Bo: Yeah. Funny thing... how things self-combust in the heat.

 Vin: That's very scary.

 Bo: Mm-hmm. Just give me a reason.

 Vin: You're a cop. You're not going to shoot me in cold blood, especially not with wifey looking on.

 Hope: I wouldn't bet on that. You tried to kill our son. If it were up to me, you'd be dead already.

 Marlena: So, you've done some generous things for chloe. Why would you begin to doubt yourself now?

 Brady: Because I don't want to hurt her in any way. But if I can get her ticked off enough, my guess is, she'll use that rage and that energy to sing like she's never sung before.

 Marlena: Anger's a very powerful thing, especially when channeled correctly.

 Brady: And if she can blast past her stage fright, there's no telling how far she can go.

 Marlena: I agree.

 Brady: It's just that I don't want to have to stare into those huge wounded eyes.

 Marlena: You really love her, don't you? Honey, it's going to be difficult, but your motiv a are good here. Chloe is facing an obstacle, and you're trying to help her get around it. There's nothing selfish about that. Now, do you have any idea what your pl is going to be?

 Brady: Yeah, I do.

 Belle: Why are you trying to get me to keep secrets from my brother?

 Chloe: Can't you figure it out? I just needed to talk to philip, and I don't want brady to think that something's going on, because it isn'T.

 Belle: Okay, fine, relax.

 Philip: Belle, what's in the bag?

 Belle: Cookies.

 Philip: Ah, did you come to feed the troops?

 Belle: No, actually, do you remember that supermarket we opened for "love is blind"?

 Philip: Yeah.

 Belle: Okay, they sent me over a dozen boxes, so I thought --

 Philip: You thought you'd give me a reason to do some extra pushups.

 Belle: To be honest, I was a little curious about what you do here on base.

 Philip: What do you mea

 Belle: I don't know, really. I just get the feeling you're not an ordinary marine.

 Lucas: The ambulance is on its way! Hang in there! Tony, she's getting clammy. I think she's going into shock.

 Tony: Prop her feet up, will you?

 Eliana: Aah!

 Lucas: Shut up!

 Eliana: What happened?

 Tony: It was an accident. She went through the french doors. Get a blanket, will you? Can you hear me, samantha? Listen to me. You're going to be all right.

 Lucas: Fight, sami, fight. You're a fighter. Do it for our son.

 Nicole: Where are my manners? Gee, vic, thank you so much for letting me out of my prison for a couple of hours. You're all heart.

 Victor: You would do well to remember that.

 Nicole: I guess you want me to kiss your shoes for keeping me in here, huh? That is what you want, isn't it? You want to see me at your feet begging for a scrap of humanity.

 Victor: Don't tempt me.

 Nicole: [ Gasps ] And then you can parade me around on a leash in front of all your pals. Oh, wait, I forgot -- I'm locked in here all day.

 Victor: And what do you expect? When the only thing I can count on you to do is to spew bile at every opportunity.

 Nicole: Yeah. What do you expect? For me to be the retiring bride, seen and not heard? You knew what you were getting into when you married me.

 Victor: Despite your best efforts.

 Nicole: You haven't seen my best -- not yet.

 Victor: Watch yourself, nicole.

 Nicole: Or what? You'll keep me in here indefinitely? You know, I'm a little tired of that refrain.

 Victor: Then you're definitely not going to like the next verse.

 Nicole: This is who I am. You always knew that. What, do you expect me to just roll over and die?

 Victor: If that's what it takes.

 Nicole: Right. And for you, it's all about control. Never mind if reality gets in the way. Well, you know... sorry to disappoint you, lover, but you will never have me.

 Victor: I already do. Have you forgotten, nicole? You owe me a great deal.

 Nicole: Yeah. Pain, anger, misery. I can't wait to pay you back.

 Victor: I provided you with everything -- money, power, a beautiful home to live in, and how do you repay me? On our wedding night, a videapape of you with another man. Oh, I've been paid in full.

 Nicole: Why, victor, I didn't know you cared.

 Victor: I don'T.

 Nicole: Okay. Then why are you still here?

 Victor: I have work to do.

 Nicole: You know what? You think you're going to get away with this, but you're not. Philip already knows. And who knows who else he'll tell? And by the way, how the hell did you tell your son that you're keeping your wife locked up like an animal?

 Victor: Don't push me, nicole.

 Nicole: You pushed me out that window, you bastard.

 Victor: Nico was there to catch you, wasn't he? No harm done.

 Nicole: Suppose I tell your son what's going on, huh?

 Victor: You leave philip to me. If you challenge my authority, it's going to make your situation a lot worse.

 Victor: But you won't do that, mrs. Kiriakis. You're mine.

[ Lock clicks ]

 Philip: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, belle, but I'm just a private. They got me doing grunt work just like all the other enlisted men.

 Belle: Then how come you get so much leave time? Answer me that.

 Philip: I don't get any more than any of the other guys.

 Belle: Philip, you're in salem almost as much as you're on this base.

 Philip: You see right through me, don't you? I should have known.

 Belle: What

 Philip: I can't lie to you -- either of you. You promise you won't breathe a word?

 Chloe: No. What is it?

 Philip: I'm a spy. I'm working undercover, and we're about to break open a conspiracy that threatens the entire free world. And if I tell you any more, I'm going to have to kill you.

 Chloe: Ha ha. You are so mean.

 Philip: I know, and you're watching way too many movies, belle, okay?

 Man: Ooh-wee. Have I died and gone to heaven.

 Philip: Hey, listen, we're having a private conversation here, okay?

 Man: Okay, you were here first, so you get fir p pick. Which one do you want -- the blond or the brunette?

 Roman: I don't know, kate. Who in the hell would have thought that we would be sitting here commiserating about our two kids screwing up their lives?

 Kate: Oh, I know, I know, I know. But I have to tell you, I am very worried about will.

 Roman: Yeah, this seems to be the beginning of a revolving-door policy when it comes to potential stepdads. I mean, first we had austin, then we got brandon. How's it going to affect that kid?

 Kate: Well, I have to say, in sami's defense, I mean, usually she's acting emotionally and impulsively, you know, not thinking about the consequences, but this time, I really think she was just trying to save her relationship with brandon.

 Roman: So?

 Kate: So? What I'm saying is sami is like a blind person dancing on the edge of a cliff. Eventually, she's going to fall off. But lucas...[ Groans ] Lucas had his eyes wide open when he went to work for the dimera organization.

 Roman: Fools -- both of them.

 Kate: Oh, gosh. Well, I'm afraid it's going to be his own fault. It's going to be his own fault when it all blows up in his face.

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

 Tony: Get the door!

 Tony: Hurry up.

 Man: All right, you guys need to clear this area. Clear the area.

 Lucas: Help her, please. #3c0

 Philip: Look, these are friends of mine.

 Man: And I'm hoping they can be friends of mine, too.

 Philip: Drop it, okay?

 Man: What's the matter? You don't want to pick? Oh, I get it. You don't want either one of them mad at you.

 Chloe: You're really off track.

 Man: So we'll let them pick. So who's it going to be, ladies? Him or me?

 Philip: Hey, I said drop it.

 Belle: Phil, don't worry about it. It's okay.

 Chloe: Yeah, don't call for backup, kiriakis. The guy just thinks he's being funny, that's all.

 Man: I am funny. I actually won the funniest guy contest in high school. Now, aren't you impressed? Wait, did I hear right? Kiriakis -- that you?

 Philip: Yeah. So?

 Man: Sorry. Didn't mean to bother you. No offense, ladies. Have a nice day.

 Bo: Don't pull anything.

 Vin: Right. Yoyou're going to pop me and make a run for it.

 Bo: Try me. See how you like riding back to salem with a bullet in your leg.

 Man: Howdy.

 Bo: Howdy yourself.

 Man: Got any fresh fruits or vegetables in this vehicle?

 Bo: Ha ha. No, sir. So, can we take off?

 Man: Your friend seems kind of itchy.

 Bo: You know what? I've been saying the same thing to him. He doesn't believe me.

 Man: You fellas wouldn't be trying to transport anything illegal, now, would you?

 Bo: Il-- no sirree.

 Vin: Like hell he isn'T.

 Marlena: Do you want to share your plan with me?

 Brady: I was thinking about setting up a rehearsal for chloe at the blue note.

 Marlena: Just the two of you?

 Brady: No, I would arrange to have a few people there, kind of an impromptu audience.

 Marlena: And then what?

 Brady: And then I'll do whatever it takes. I'll pick a fight, challenge her, see if she rises to the occasion.

 Marlena: And what if she doesn't?

 Brady: Then she has greater fears than I thought.

 Marlena: And what if she comes through the way you're hoping she will?

 Brady: I guess we'll go from there.

 Marlena: I'm so proud of you.

 Brady: See, the hardest part is chloe's not going to know why I'm being such a hardass. She's going to think that I'm rejecting her.

 Woman: What have we got here?

 Man: Patient is unconscious.

 Man #2: Multiple vevere lacerations, hemorrhaging, and major blood loss.

 Woman #2: Cubicle one is free -- let's go.

 Man #2: Arrange for an O.R.

 Woman: My god. That's sami brady.

 Marlena: Sami? Sami?!

 Woman: Dr. Evans, please.

 Marlena: I have to see her. You know I have to see her.

 Woman: You know that's not a good idea.

 Marlena: It's my daughter. I must see her.

 Woman: We have to keep the area clear so the doctors can do their work.

 Marlena: What happened?

 Woman: I have no idea, but I promise to keep you posted.

 Brady: Marlena, marlena, I'm here for you, okay?

 Marlena: Oh, brady, I haven't been able to find her. She did a stupid thing, and brandon walked out and --

 Brady: All right.

 Marlena: I knew something bad was going to happen.

 Brady: Do you want me to call dad?

 Marlena: Yes, yes, he's -- he's out of town. Uh, just for the day, though.

 Brady: Do you know how to reach him?

 Marlena: Uh, the plane -- try the plane.

 Brady: All right, I will try to get through to him. You need to call roman, okay?

 Marlena: Yes, yes, okay.

 Belle: What was that all about?

 Philip: Uh, beats me.

 Belle: Come on, philip. The guy heard your last name, and all the blood drained from his face.

 Chloe: Yeah, he practically saluted you.

 Philip: I-I guess "kiriakis" still carries some weight in this town. Nobody messes with my father.

>>Elelle: Come on.

 Chloe: Yeah, it was a little weird.

 Philip: You know, I got to cut this short because I'm going to a meeting in town, okay?

 Belle: What kind of meeting?

 Philip: Oh, very hush-hush. We're actually installing some nuclear launchers into an empty storefront at salem place.

 Belle: You're so not funny.

 Chloe: Hey, thanks for the advice.

 Philip: You're welcome. Come here, belle, you little cutie.

 Belle: No -- nice try, phil.

 Philip: See you guys.

 Chloe: Do you really think that philip is on some secret mission?

 Belle: Hello? He's such a daredevil. I'm really worried about him.

 Chloe: Yeah, well, I still can't get over that marine doing a total 180.

 Belle: And all that joking around? Philip's always done that when he's trying to cover up something.

 Chloe: What?

 Belle: I have no idea, but I'm going to find out.

 Bo: Don't mind vincent here. He's a joker.

 Man: Let me repeat my question.

 Bo: Okay.

 Man: Do you have any fruit or vegetables, sir?

 Bo: No, sir. We ate them all for breakfast, didn't we?

 Vin: He's lying.

[ Motorcycle approaches ]

 Hope: Whew. Hey there, officer. Want to check out my melons?

[ Lock clicks ]

 Nicole: Uh-oh. Feeling ornery? Are you going to saddle up for an afternoon ride?

 Victor: This isn't funny.

 Nicole: With a man your age, it is a little bit funny. You going to make it past the finish line, or is he going to drop dead first?

 Victor: Nico's waiting in the limo. He's going to drive you to the hospital.

 Nicole: Why?

 Victor: I just got a call. Something's happened -- something I'm sure you're going to be interested in seeing.

 Nicole: I don't get it.

 Victor: You will. Now get going before I change my mind.

 Marlena: [ Sobbing ] I don't know what happened. I don't know.

 Roman: What are her injuries?

 Marlena: I don't know that, either. They're still working on her.

 Roman: All right. I'll be there in five.

 Brady: Marlena, chloe and belle are on their way, okay?

 Marlena: Please, god, help my little girl.

 Brady: Listen, I had a meeting with victor. I called and canceled so I could be here for you.

 Marlena: What?

 Brady: Can i get you anything? Marlena, marlena, come with me, okay? Let's go, let's go. What the hell happened here?

 Marlena: Oh, my gosh, you need a doctor, too.

 Tony: No, no, no, it's okay. It's not our blood. It's sami'S. How's she doing?

 Brady: She's getting checked out in there.

 Marlena: You know what happened, don't you?

 Lucas: Yeah.

 Brady: What, was it a car accident?

 Lucas: No, sami got in a fight with tony. She fell through the glass doors in his living room.

 Brady: Marlena, it's okay.

 Rhonda: Next time on 100 hunt leu street, listen up with lorna dueck. In the wake of the latest census shows this country is losing its religion. Anthony and yovonne ledrew. God intervened. We'll hear her

 Man: Sorry, ma'am, I don't think I heard you right.

 Hope: I'm not allowed to take these pepino melons over the state border, right?

 Man: No. I mean yes. That's right. You can'T.

 Hope: Oh, damn. What about these? It'd be a shame to waste them. Don't you think? You mind if I eat them right here?

 Vin: Oh, come on!

 Bo: Can we go now?

 Man: Hold on a minute.

 Hope: Mmm. Want to see a trick?

 Man: Oh, yeah.

 Hope: Pretty cool, huh? Saw it on tv once, and I've been practicing it ever since.

 Man: Wow.

 Bo: Okay. We're outta here.

 Man: Go.

 Hope: Can I go now?

 Man: Sure.

 Hope: Enjoy the cherries, and, uh, here's a little something to remember me by.

 Man: Wish my wife could learn to do that.

 Marlena: You bastard.

 Brady: Marlena, this isn't necessary.

 Marlena: How dare you have anything to do with my daughter? And what was she doing at your house anyway, huh?

 Brady: Come on, marlena, come on.

 Marlena: Nobody should be anywhere near you.

 Brady: Marlena, please!

 Marlena: Do you hear me? If anything happens to my daughter, I promise you, I will have your head.

 Brady: Marlena, come on.

 Marlena: No! No! How dare you?!

 Roman: What's going on here? What going on?

 Kate: Lucas, are you all right?

 Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

 Kate: What happened?

 Lucas: Sami -- she fell through the glass doors at tony's house.

 Roman: What the hell did you do to her?

 Lucas: No, no, it was -- it was an accident.

 Roman: What was sami doing there in the first place?

 Lucas: The teternity test -- sami found out that tony gave lexie the idea to switch the paternity test, so that was it. She went off the deep end. She showed up at his house, and she attacked him.

 Roman: So you threw her through a damn door?

 Lucas: No, he was defending himself. Sami pulled away, and she went through the doors. I was there. I saw the whole thing, I swear. We did everything we could until the paramedics arrived, didn't we, tony?

 Tony: I never meant for somebody to get hurt.

 Marlena: But she was! She was, and it was your fault. And now because of you, she might die.

 Roman: Did the doctors give you an update on the extent of the injuries?

 Brady: No, no, nothing yet, roman, nothing yet.

 Roman: Lucas.

 Lucas: It's bad. Her roroat has a big gash in it.

 Kate: Oh, god, lucas, come here. What were you doing at tony's house?

 Lucas: Business, mom. It was just business.

 Kate: Oh, damn it. I told you that no good would come out of any of this.

 Roman: You better hope she makes it, 'cause if she doesn't, you will deal with me.

 Tony: I understand, and I don't blame you. I have children of my own now.

 Marlena: Oh.

 Lucas: Nicole, this is no time to gloat. You need to go home. You need to go home right now.

 Nicole: What are you talking about?

 Lucas: What are you even doing here?

 Nicole: I don't know. Victor sent me. He didn't say why.

 Marlena: [ Gasps ] Sami? Oh.

 Woman: We've cleared a room in the O.R.

 Marlena: How is she?

>>Omoman: What's the prognosis?

 Woman: She's lost a lot of blood. The damage is extensive to her throat, upper torso --

 Roman: Is she going to make it? Yes or no?

 Woman: I'm sorry, captain brady. There's nothing else I can tell you right now.

 Roman: Hey, marlena, marlena.

 Marlena: [ Sobbing ]

 Nicole: My wanting you has nothing to do with your money, because I have plenty of it.

 Victor: And is plenty ever enough?

 Nicole: Well, when it comes to cash, definitely. But I could use plenty more of something else.

 Nicole: Look, victor, I know we're from different generations, but I don't see that as a pblblem

 Victor: How do you see it?

 Nicole: I want you to consider me a -- a new frontier, ready to be explored, and I know things about this world that you don't, because I-I have a different, more youthful perspective on them.

 Victor: And just what do you get out of it?

 Nicole: Well, after being with you, I know I have a lot to learn.

 Philip: Sorry about the damage.

 Victor: Oh, good as new.

 Philip: Henderson told me you were up here. Is nicole in her room?

 Victor: No, as a matter of fact, she's out. Why don't we go downstairs and have a drink together, shall we?

 Philip: Dad, I know you've been locking her up.

 Victor: It's no big deal, really.

 Philip: Of course it's a big deal. Nicole was frantic by the time I broke down the door.

 Victor: Is that what they're teaching you in the marines these days -- to storm the fortress?

 Philip: I asked henderson for a key. He said he couldn't unlock the door without your permission. Dad, what the hell is going on?

 Belle: But sami's going to be okay, isn't she, mom?

 Marlena: Oh, honey, we just don't know.

 Belle: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Here I am going on when I know you must be worried about her.

 Marlena: Come on. We'll get each other through.

 Chloe: It is just so awful. Whenrere they going to find out something?

 Brady: Probably not for a while.

 Chloe: Well, maybe I should go to the cafeteria and bring back everyone some tea.

 Brady: You know what? That's great, chloe. Thank you.

 Kate: Are you sure what happened to sami was an accident?

 Lucas: How could you even ask me that? Of course I'm sure.

 Kate: Because it happened at the dimeras', that's why, and you already told me that -- that tony was part of setting sami up to lose her fiancÚ, so it stands to reason that --

 Lucas: Didn't you hear what I said? I was there. I was there when sami attacked tony. Mom, he never struck her. He never meant for this to happen -- I swear it.

 Kate: How are you feeling?

 Lucas: It's the mothe of my child. Mom, I don't want her to die.

 Lucas: Look, nicole, you might want to give brandon a call.

 Nicole: Why?

 Lucas: Why? Because he was in love with her, that's why. And technically, they're still married. He might want to know she's in there dying. I don't know, nicole. There's a lot of reasons. You pick.

 Nicole: I think I'll just wait and see if sami pulls through. With any luck at all, brandon won't have to bother getting an annulment.

 Brady: I heard that.

 Nicole: Well, bully for you.

 Brady: Are you really this heartless, or do you just want people to think you are?

 Nicole: Guess you'll never know.

 Brady: No, I guess not. And then again, I don't care.

 Brady: Oh, chloe, let me help you with that.

 Chloe: Thanks. Here.

 Kate: Thank you.

 Brady: Belle.

 Chloe: Marlena.

 Marlena: Thank you.

 Kate: Want some tea?

 Roman: Uh... no. No thanks.

 Kate: Roman, is there anything that I can do for you?

 Roman: All I want is for sami to get through this, and I know you can't promise me that.

 Marlena: Cheryl's here. Cheryl, is she out of surgery yet?

 Nicole: All right, nico, I've had enough. Let's go.

 Nico: Sorry, mr. Kiriakis insisted that you stay.

 Roman: Please tell us. Is my daughter going to make it or not?

 Mortgage rates at an all-time low. Houses in this province are selling in a matter of hours.

 In many cases they have to compete with each other.

 Yet real estate agents are resorting to cold calling. So, why isn't this the right time to buy? Tonight on global national.

 Bo: What, do you have a death wish? What are you trying to pull back there?

 Vin: You were bluffing, and you know it.

 Bo: You really want to test that theory?

 Vin: If you would have shot me, your ass would have been in as much trouble as mine.

 Hope: Hey.

 Bo: Hey. Nice work.

 Hope: I'm always glad to help out.

 Vin: Oh, yeah? Did you help that geezer out before you took off?

 Bo: When you provide a distraction, it is one hell of a distraction.

 Hope: Do you think I was too obvious?

 Bo: Uh, no.

 Philip: Why are you treating your wife like a prisoner?

 Victor: There's a simple explanation for all of this.

 Philip: I'm listening.

 Victor: It's kind of embarrassing, actually. Nicole and I -- we had a tiff.

 Philip: From the way she acted, dad, I'd say it was more than a tiff.

 Victor: Look, you know, to be honest, I don't even remember what it was about.

 Philip: So you felt the need to lock her in her room?

 Victor: We were arguing, and she just flounced off, and I -- it was very childish of me. I wanted her to finish the argument that she had started.

 Philip: And?

 Victor: And she refused, so I locked her in her room. Not my finest moment, but I'm just sorry you had to become a part of it.

 Philip: I don't buy it.

 Victor: I beg your pardon?

 Philip: You locked me in my room once, dad, for two days. I haven't forgotten it.

 Victor: You had taken the ferrari. You were a kid. You could have hurt yourself.

 Philip: Exactly. I know just how mad you'd have to be to do something like this.

 Victor: Philip, this is --

 Philip: This is none of my business, right? Maybe. But I just don't get why you'd want to be in a marriage with someone you can't stand.

 Victor: Nicole and i are in love.

 Philip: Don't -- don'T.

 Victor: I'm sorry, son, but you're mistaken.

 Philip: If I'm wrong, I apologize, but if I'm not, I have to ask, why are you so hell-bent on punishing your new wife?

 Victor: I'm not. End of story.

 Philip: Dad, I happen to care about you, and I want to see you happy. Do you really want to waste your life being vindictive?

 Cheryl: Sami's lost a lot of blood. The surgeons are continuing to transfuse. They've assessed damage, and now they're in the process of repairing it.

 Lucas: She's going to be okay, isn't she?

 Cheryl: That's a complicated question.

 Roman: What do you think?

 Cheryl: At this point, there is still the possibility that she could bleed to death. I'm sorry. I'll be back when I have more news.

 Roman: Doc, please, take it ea..

 Lucas: Where's tony?

 Mimi: Any clue who your mother might be?

 Chloe: I survived leukemia. I can certainly survive you.

 Roman: Go to hell and stay there.

 Belle: Mom?

 Marlena: Okay. Okay. For warmer weather.

 Claire: We've got teeratures today


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