Days Transcript Thursday 5/29/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/29/03--Canada; 5/30/03--USA

By Eric


 Woman on tv: Coming up next -- she married a man who made her life unlivable. What's a woman to do? She murdered her husband. From the bestseller by jennifer bell and brought to the screen by roger stewart -- richly atmospheric and suspenseful. A fun, furious con artist thriller --

 Nicole: I was watching that.

 Victor: Not anymore. Have you forgotten? You have chores to do tonight.

[ Knock on door ]

 Rex: Go away.

 Mimi: Rex, you okay?

 Rex: I'm sorry.

 Mimi: Do you want me toto go away?

 Rex: No, not you.

 Mimi: What did you find out?

 Rex: Well, I sent tony's blood to the lab, and I'm having them rerun the dna samples I sent the other day.

 Mimi: So you're just waiting to hear?

 Rex: I'm looking for a reason the last test could've been wrong. How could tony and marlena not be my parents? Look, I need this to make sense, mimi. I need to make sense of my life.

 Bo: Comfortable?

 Hope: Mm, never been better.

 Bo: Mm-hmm. Wish we could stay like this all night.

 Hope: Well, get used to the idea.

 Bo: Oh, no. Unh-unh.

 Hope: Where do you think I'm going? Not back into town with vin ramsell still on the loose.

 Bo: No, you're going to get back in your car, drive down the road a couple hours till you find a nice safe motel, and in the morning, you're going home.

 Hope: Wait a minute. Brady, you're not going back to salem without ramsell. You're going to watch him from here, and you're going to nail him. If I'm not safe here, you're not safe here. Please do not ask me to leave you.

 Bo: Can youo o this one thing for me?

 Hope: No, I can'T. And I'll tell you why. I'm here for the same exact reason you are, and I'm just as stubborn as you are -- you know that. So don't even think about talking me out of it. It's brady and brady, remember? Now it's two against one.

 Bo: No. It's two against, like, a couple of dozen crazed maniacs, armed.

>>Ope: Okay, so we'll do something about that.

 Bo: Yeah. We gotta get vin alone so that his buddies can't help him out.

 Hope: Oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

 Bo: "Oh," what?

 Hope: I know how to do that.

 Abe: There he is.

 Lexie: Hey, sweetheart.

 Abe: Thank you so much.

 Brenda: So, does he have a name yet?

 Lexie: Oh, we're working on it. Are you hungry? Hmm?

 Brenda: Oh, okay, the lactation nurse will be in shortly.

 Lexie: Okay, thank you. Oh, sweetheart... hi, little guy...

 Abe: Lactation nurse?

 Lexie: I know, I know, I'm a doctor. You would think I would know how to do these things. It should come naturally, but, you know, honey, sometimes, nursing takes a lot more work and a lomomore patience than you think. Oh, yes, sweetheart... everything's just perfect.

 Sami: Let's talk about it.

 Lucas: It's true, isn't it? Lexie's baby isn't abe'S. Brandon's the father, isn't he? Eugenia, how long have you known this? And, my god, what the hell does sami have on you?

 Eugenia: Lucas, she said she'd get me fired.

 Lucas: She said she'd get you fired? Do you have any idea how many paternity tests she has switched?

 Eugenia: More than one?

 Lucas: This makes three.

 Eugenia: And she works in this hospital?

 Lucas: Yeah, go figure. You'd think she would've learned her lesson by now, but I'm going to make damn sure she learns it this time.

 Brandon: Why would you want to elope?

 Sami: Well, why do I need a fancy wedding?

 Brandon: Well, that's what you said you wanted. And we've made all the arrangements. We've mailed out the invitations. It's your special day.

 Sami: It's special because it's with you, and we don't have all the arrangements organized. I mean, there's a ton of last-minute stuff to do, a new hassle every day, and I don't want to do it anymore. It's not important. What's important is us being together.

 Brandon: Why all of a sudden, samantha? Why tonight?

 Sami: Because...

 Brandon: It's okay. I can tell you why. Keke sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Hope: You're not going to lure ramsell anywhere. You need bait. Hey, it worked once before.

 Bo: Way too damn well.

 Hope: And I'm fine. Am I fine? I am fine, aren't I? Okay, it's because of you. Thanks to you. Listen, brady, we are working together now, and ramsell has absolutely no idea that we're connected, okay? It is the perfect setup. You'll take care of me. I don't doubt that, not for a second, and don't you doubt it, either. Now, come on, let me do the same for you.

 Bo: What are you doing?

 Hope: Headache?

 Bo: No.

 Hope: Brady, come on, you know you can't lie to me. How long were you unconscious for?

 Bo: I don't have a concussion. I'm fine.

 Hope: Come here. Come here. Does that feel better?

 Bo: I'm glad you're here.

 Hope: I know.

 Lucas: I love you, I love you, I love you! I love you!

 Eugenia: I didn't do anything. And if you say a word --

 Lucas: Don't worry about it, all right? The only person who's going to pay for this is sami. All right.

 Tony: Oh, lucas, could you point me to maternity?

 Lucas: Yeah, uh, through those doors, seventh floor.

 Tony: Thanks.

 Lucas: Um, congratulations on your sister having baby.

 Tony: Uh, thank you.

 Lucas: Yeah. Oh, uh...

 Tony: What?

 Lucas: Your sister...

 Tony: What, something wrong?

 Lucas: No, no, lexie's fine, and the baby's fine.

 Tony: Oh, well, good. I'm anxious to see them, so if you'll excuse me...

 Lucas: Wait, um, there's something I want to tell you first. I finally got something on sami, something really big.

 Tony: Oh... well, good for you.

 Lucas: Yeah, thanks, but, uh, before I proceed, I need you to know that some of the fallout may affect some members of your family.

 Tony: Oh, I see. Um, well, lucas, whatever you do, whatever the situation is, I'm sure you'll handle it with discretion, okay?

 Lucas: Well, you don't need to know details?

 Tony: No, I don't need them. You just handle it as you see fit.

 Lucas: Well, thank you.

 Tony: Yes.

 Lucas: Um, give my regards to lexie.

 Tony: Yes, I will. Thanks.

 Lucas: Congratulations.

 Brandon: This is because of what happened tonight, isn't it?

 Sami: Tonight?

 Brandon: I kept something from you I shouldn't have, and I'm sorry.

 Sami: About abe being your father.

 Brandon: And that's the only thing, samantha. I promise you. And it's not because there's some fundamental problem in our relationship -- that I don't trust you or I didn't want to tell you. I almost did tell you a hundred times. Just... I've kept this secret for so long. I couldn't quite bring myself to say it out loud, and I justified it by figuring it -- it didn't really affect you. It didn't have anything to do with you. Now I see I was wrong. Please know nothing like this will ever happen again. I want us to share everything.

 Sami: So do I.

 Brandon: Trust my word, I am not going to leave you. And in a few weeks, I am going to be your husband forever.

 Sami: Um, brandon, you are right that tonight affected me, but -- but not in the way that you're saying. Didn't you learn from tonight not to hold onto things when you don't have to, you know -- not to waste time? Don't you wish you had said those words to abe years ago?

 Brandon: Yeah.

 Sami: Working here -- we see people who come in from car accidents and gunshot wounds and... and people who realize that there are no guarantees in life -- that -- that the only thing that's guaranteed is now. And -- and I want us to be together now. Please, brandon.

 Brandon: Samantha, what are you so afraid of?

 Sami: Do you know how many times I thought I knew what my future would be, that I thought I could settle down and -- and find some stability? I know who I am, and you know who I am... I guess.

 Brandon: Of course I do.

 Sami: I don't know why you want to marry me.

 Brandon: Samantha...

 Sami: And I'm afraid one day you're going to wake up and -- and you're not going to know, either. And then what everyone keeps telling me is going to happen will come true and... it'll happen like it always does. And I just don't think I could stand it if you didn't love me anymore. If you started to hate me...

 Brandon: Samantha, I could never hate you. And I do know who you are, and I love you -- exactly you and only you.

 Sami: I don't believe you

 Mimi: What can I do?

 Rex: Unfortunately, nothing.

 Mimi: How about this?

[ Fax machine whirring ]

 Rex: Sorry. Better not be a junk fax.

 Mimi: That's it -- the test results? What does it say, rex? Are you okay?

 Rex: How can this be?

 Abe: Oh, I tell you, I could just stand here and look at him forever. Ha ha ha ha.

[ Knock on door ]

 Abe: Yeah.

 Lexie: Hi.

 Tony: Alexandra.

 Lexie: Congratulations, uncle tony.

 Tony: Ha ha ha ha. And to you. To both of you.

 Abe: Thank you.

 Tony: Oh...what a handsome nephew I have.

 Lexie: Mm-hmm. Do you want to hold him?

 Tony: Ah...

 Lexie: Just be careful of his head.

 Tony: Yes. Oh, good.

 Lexie: He likes you.

 Tony: He likes me already. Look at him.

 Lexie: Yes, he's smiling.

 Tony: Look at you.

 Lexie:'re a natural. Yes...

 Tony: After all of this, you've got your son.

 Lexie: And you have yours, tony. You finally have your children.

 Abe: You know, um, lexie's a little bit tired right now.

 Lexie: Honey, actually, I am so hungry. You know what I'm dying for? A chocolate milkshake.

 Abe: Well, you've earned it. Anything else?

 Lexie: No. No thanks.

 Abe: All right. I'll be rit t back.

 Lexie: Okay. Aw, sweetheart. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. Ha ha. Yes, yes, yes, it's okay. Aw... tony, are you all right?

 Tony: Oh, uh, yeah. Um, by the way, I saw lucas in the hallway downstairs. He told me that sami's about to experience her comeuppance. Hopefully, uh, the last in a long series.

 Lexie: Really? Oh. So sorry. Hormones.

 Tony: Ha ha ha ha. Oh, my.

 Kate: Hello?

 Lucas: Mom. I've got a couple front row tickets for the best show in town. You interested?

 Kate: Cirque du soleil?

 Lucas: Well, yeah, someone will be contorting themselves into a pretzel. It's going to be real painful for 'em, too -- that somebody's sami brady. And, uh, taking her apart can be a participatory event.

 Kate: When and where?

 Lucas: The trauma center right now.

 Kate: I'll be there.

 Nicole: Victor, I, um...

 Victor: What is wrong with you?

 Nicole: Afraid I won't be able to do my chores? Don't worry. I'm okay. Just a little chill up my spine -- you have that effect on a girl, victor. Like someone walking over my grave.

 Victor: Get dressed, nicole. It's not bedtime.

 Nicole: Thank god. You know what? I'll just throw something expensive on, and cinderella will be right down to do her dirty work.

 Victor: Good.

[ Cell phone buzzes ]

 Nicole: Don't hang up. Don't hang up, don't hang up, don't hang up. Hello? How the hell did you get my number?

 Lucas: It wasn't easy. I thought you could use a little entertainment, but, hey, if you're just too busy, forget it.

 Nicole: No, no, no, no. Wait, wait.

 Lucas: Oh, what, you haven't even heard what I have yet. Are you really that desperate, nicole?

 Nicole: Lucas, don't waste my time.

 Lucas: Oh, I get it. You think it's a waste of time to watch your otother brandon just break sami's cold heart. That is, if she has a heart. Oh, well, then don't come. Forget it.

 Nicole: Wait, what?

 Lucas: I am at the trauma center right now. If you're interested, you'll get here.

 Nicole: Okay, okay. I'll be there, all right? Lucas. Just -- just wait, okay?

 Lucas: I don't know. Vengeance kind of operates on its own time.

 Nicole: Yeah, yeah, I get it. Damn it. How the hell am I going to get out of here?

 Brandon: Samantha, if you don't believe that I love you...

 Sami: I do, I do. It's just my self-esteem issues, and you know all about it. I've bored you with it before, but if you tell me that I have to deal with all my issues before we can be together, it'll kill me.

 Brandon: If you don't believe in us enough to think that we can wait a couple of weeks... I am sorry, but we shoul't be getting married today. We shouldn't be getting married at all, samantha.

 Sami: No, I do believe in us. It's fate that I don't trust. Brandon, who cares about a ceremony? It's just a day. Marriage is forever. I mean, it's supposed to be. I want it to be.

 Brandon: Well, so do I.

 Sami: Well, don't worry about the wedding guests, either. I mean, my family doesn't even deserve to go. They already think that I'm going to fail. And your family -- they would only go to stop the ceremony. Look, shouldn't we surround ourselves with people who love us and want us to be happy? That's us -- you and me and will. But he's a 9-year-old boy. He doesn't care about a stupid ceremony, either.

 Brandon: Then why did you order 150 invitations?

 Sami: I don't know, okay? I just -- I just want it to be about you and me, brandon. Come on, we shouldn't worry about wedding guests or -- or anyone else. We shouldn't let them intrude on our most intimate moment. We have the marriage license. We have the blood tests. So we could do it, unless there's another reason that you don't --

 Brandon: Don't even go there, samantha. You know how much I want to be with you. I just -- I don't want you to have any regrets later, you know, that your big day wasn't exactly like you always dreamed.

 Sami: My dream is to marry you. I want to be mrs. Samantha walker today.

 Brandon: Okay then.

 Sami: Okay?

 Brandon: Yeah.

 Sami: Let's get married. Come on! "Also, I cloned

 Bo: Partner, you make a mean campfire stew.

 Hope: You must've been really hungry.

 Bo: Oh, yeah, I was. But it was that special ingredient that it made it so good.

 Hope: It was your recipe. I don't know what you're talking about, and I still even messed it up.

 Bo: You.

 Hope: I am so glad you're not out here alone anymore.

 Bo: Oh, yeah. So am I.

 Hope: I just wish I could do more, you know, to help you with the decisions you have to make.

 Bo: You are helping me by supporting me, not pushing me, or making me feel like I'm failing the family somehow.

 Hope: What are you talking about? You're doing exactly the opposite.

 Bo: Yeah. Sorry, I haven't had any great epiphanies about our future. I gotta concentrate on one thing. That's making sure ramsell's out of our lives for good. Maybe there's only one way to do that -- see that scum dead.

 Rex: You're sure it's negative?

 Mimi: It's negative -- tony's blood test?

 Rex: He's not my father. I'm not a dimera.

 Mimi: Rex, I'm so sorry.

 Nicole: Aah!

 Tony: I'm so glad we have a chance to speak privately. You know, it's a big day in more ways than one.

 Lexie: Because I have to tell abe.

 Abe: Tell me what?

 Sami: Hello? Hello? Hello?

 Brandon: Well, looks like the J.P.'S closed up shop for the night.

 Sami: But the door was unlocked.

 Man: Ah, can I help you?

 Brandon: Yes. Are you the justice of the peace?

 Man: Well, yes.

 Sami: We would like to get married right away. Can you do it?

 Man: Oh. Well, let me take a look. R children to behappy and healthy,

 Hope: You don't really want to see a man dead.

 Bo: He wanted our son dead. I suppose I should be a little more evolved than that scum.

 Hope: You are. You're a good man. Whatever you decide to do with your future, the world will be a better place. It is a better place because you're in it, brady.

 Nicole: Nico, he threw me out the window! I'm going to kill him! Put me down! Put me down!

 Nico: Okay! Okay!

 Nicole: Put me down!

 Nico: Mrs. Kiriakis, you are okay!

 Nicole: You tried to kill me!

 Victor: Unlike you, my dear, I wouldn't leave my fingerprints on something that could send me to jail. If I wanted you dead, I'd hire someone to do it. Where do you think you're going?

 Nicole: To the hospital.

 Victor: Are you ill?

 Nicole: Don't you wish? No, I'm not ill! But sami is going to be ill. Apparently, lucas is going to finish off what you couldn't do for me, and I'm going to watch.

 Victor: And I wasn't invited?

 Nicole: Torturing the female species -- that's your favorite kind of game, isn't it?

 Victor: As deserving as sami is of retribution, my priorities have shifted. I'm not interested, but you may go.

 Nicole: What? I may go?

 Victor: Quick, before I change my mind. Nico, give her a car for the evening.

 Man: Well, everything seems to be in order, so I suppose I cou m marry you.

 Sami: Tonight?

 Man: Yes. Tonight.

 Brandon: Your honor, can we have just a minute?

 Man: Yeah. A minute and counting.

 Sami: Brandon, what?

 Brandon: Are you sure you really want to do this?

 Tony: Well, I'll leave you two to speak privately.

 Lexie: Thanks, tony.

 Brenda: How's our little guy doing?

 Lexie: He's sound asleep.

 Brenda: Great. We'll take him to the nursery, we'll weigh him in, and we'll give him his bath.

 Lexie: Thanks.

 Brenda: Say, we'll see you later, mom and dad.

 Tony: Be strong, huh? You'll be fine. Abe.

 Abe: Mm. So you want to tell me what's going on?

 Lexie: Yeah. Um... I do. I do. But first, maybe you should sit down. 7=  Mimi: Are you going to tell cassie?

 Rex: That she might not be my sister?

 Mimi: Rex.

 Rex: I never tested her. I was foolish enough to believe the only truth I've known forever. God! All the lies! My whole life!

 Lexie: I didn't want to tell you this today. I planned to for a long time, and I should've. Look, I don't want anything to cloud your memory of the day your son was born, especially after everything that happened earlier with brandon.

 Abe: You know, I got two sons today. And our baby, well, is just beautiful. He's healthy, he's perfect. He's ours. Nobody can take that away from us.

 Lexie: Oh, god. I promised I wouldn't keep any more secrets from you.

 Abe: You know, whatever it is, we're family. We'll deal with it together. So tell me. Tell me now.

 Lexie: Okay.

 Kate: We're waiting for sami?

 Lucas: Uh, no. We're waiting for nicole.

 Kate: Nicole? Why'd you call her?

 Lucas: You want sami to suffer as much as possible, or don't you?

 Kate: Well...

 Nicole: Lucas.

 Lucas: Well, finally. It took you long enough.

 Nicole: Yeah, you didn't tell me you were inviting her.

 Kate: Mm.

 Tony: Well, well, well. What a gruesome threesome. Fair is foul, foul is fair, eh?

 Lucas: Huh?

 Kate: He's quoting "macbeth," the three witches.

 Nicole: And a bitch still to come.

 Tony: Please. Enjoy yourselves.

 Kate: What was that all abou

 Lucas: Nothing, nothing. Uh, it's no secret that you two hate each other, right? But there is one thing you both have in common.

 Nicole: We both want to scratch sami's eyes out. Well, where the hell is she?

 Lucas: Follow me.

 Lucas: Ha! , , Wait a minute. They were here! They were here! But... they're gone now! I can't believe they're gone!

 Sami: How many times do i have to tell you that I am sure? Look, brandon, we can have a party later and invite whoever, but right now I just want to skip over any oorortunity for somebody to jump up and say, "don't let them get married!"

 Brandon: Well, you know, we can cut that part out of the ceremony.

 Sami: Oh, brandon, please, can we just get this over with?

 Brandon: Get this over with?

 Sami: Oh, no, I-I didn't mean it like that. I just -- brandon, I love you so much, and I'm just nervous. It's my wedding day, right?

 Brandon: Yes, samantha... it's your wedding day. So, it was called cattle point. Of the nation, and subsequentlyne of th here. Your cruise direor, ron

 Hope: Come on, brady. Come to bed with me.

 Hope: Oh, it feels so good to have you next to me again.

 Bo: Mm-hmm.

 Hope: It's going to be okay, you know.

 Bo: Yeah. I know.

 Bo: I love you, fancy face.

 Rex: I should be used to this by now, shouldn't I -- not knowing who I am, where I came from, what I'm doing here?

 Mimi: You're the same person you always were.

 Rex: Yeah? And who's that? I have no idea who I am, mimi... no idea where I belong.

 Rex: You don't have to do that.

 Mimi: I never thought I was related to you -- thank god. And I'm not going anywhere.

 Rex: Oh, my god.

 Lucas: I don't get it. I don't understand how she got past me.

 Nicole: Did you fall off the wagon again, einstein?

 Lucas: You shut up. I mean it.

 Kate: Oh, shut up, both of you!

 Nicole: Look, I don't have all night, okay? So don't waste my time, lucas!

 Lucas: She couldn't have gone far 'cause she's working!

 Kate: Oh! Like that ever stopped her before?

 Lucas: Brenda, have you seen the slacker?

 Brenda: Sami? Ha ha. No, it seems she left before the end of her shift without a word to anyone.

 Kate: Oh, imagine that.

 Nicole: What about my brother?

 Bnda: Ha! Gone too.

 Lucas: Damn it. Damn it!

 Woman: Hi! My husband tells me we're having a wedding!

 Sami: Yes, we are.

 Woman: While he puts on his suit, let me help you accessorize.

 Sami: Oh, uh, okay.

 Woman: Now, uh, doesn't look like you have flowers!

 Sami: You know what? I don't need flowers. I'm fi--

 Brandon: Oh, come on.

 Woman: Rings.

 Brandon: Oh, you can't do without those.

 Sami: You know what? I didn't even bring my purse.

 Brandon: You know what? We need to have "the wedding march."

 Woman: Oh! Uh, let's see. Uh, two, carry the one... now, were these 14 or 16?

 Sami: It doesn't matter. I-I don't need this.

 Woman: Oh, oh! 14 or 16, dear?

 Man: Uh, 20.

 Woman: 20!

 Sami: Look, are we ready?

 Man: Where are your witnesses?

 Sami: Witnesses? I-I thought your wife would do that.

 Man: Well, for a fee of $15.

 Sami: Fine. That's great.

 Man: But in this state, you need two witnesses to sign the license in order for the marriage to be legal. I'm sorry. You didn't know that?

 Lexie: God, this has gotten so complicated after today.

 Lexie: Honey... you have forgiven me for so many things. I hope you can forgive me for this, and not just for our baby's sake, but because you love me. Abe, you're the only man I've ever loved. I want you to know that.

 Abe: Well, tell me, lexie. Just tell me. Control thatcan be drying?

 Tonight on global national canada's top warriors! Most canadians have never heard of them, and that's the way the military likes it. But canadian taxpayers are footing the bill. Shouldn't there be some accountability? On tonight's global national.

 Mimi: What's wrong?

 Rex: Nothing. I'm just feeling overwhelmed.

 Mimi: I know.

 Rex: Hey, thanks for being here with me. It really has helped, but, uh, right now I think I just need some time alone.

 Mimi: Sure, if that's what you want.

 Rex: Thanks.

 Mimi: I'll call later.

 Rex: Great. See ya.

 Rex: Tony -- no. Marlena -- no. Belle -- no. Of all the guests at the luncheon, this is who I'm related to?

 Lexie: So, um, then... we were finally back together that one night, and, uh... well, and then you found out about all the lies I'd told. And, uh... honey, when you threw me out, losing you -- losing isaac -- I was so lonely. I mean, the two people I loved more than anything, and I couldn't be with either one of you. So, um... I made a terrible mistake.

 Lexie: I... I thought that you would never take me back, so I...

 Lexie: Oh, god, this is so hard!

 Lexie: I slept with brandon.

 Nicole: My brother wouldn't cut out in the middle of his shift unless something serious was going down.

 Kate: Where's will?

 Lucas: He's staying at a friend'S.

 Nicole: I'm going to call brandon's cell phone.

 Kate: I think I'll check with roman.

 Lucas: All right. Oh, eugenia! Have you seen sami?

 Eugenia: She was with brandon a while ago.

 Lucas: Yeah. Looks like they took off together, too.

 Eugenia: Ha ha. She probably wanted to get him out of here before I could tell him the truth. Thank god I'm out of the middle of that.

 Lucas: Wait a minute. Did sami think you were going to spill to brandon?

 Eugenia: Yeah. I finally decided I couldn't live with her secret any longer, and I told her that I'm --

 Lucas: It's all right, I get the picture. Thank you. What's up?Nyny luck? Nothing?

 Nicole: No.

 Lucas: Well, that's it. Sami's in desperation mode.

 Nicole: Look, I don't have all night, lucas.

 Kate: Oh, anxious to get home to hubby's bed, are we? Don't worry, either of you, because I know exactly how to find sami and brandon.

 Sami: Well, what do you normally do for people in our situation? Isn't there anyone else?

 Man: Well, uh, there's rita. That's my wife's sister. She's visiting from omaha. I'm sure she'd be happy to help out for a -- for a small fee.

 Brandon: Right, of course.

 Sami: Great. Is she here?

 Man: She's just upstairs. I'll get her.

 Woman: You sure do seem in a hurry to get married.

 Sami: Well, wouldn't you be if your husband was as handsome and wonderful as this gu

 Woman: Which he is.

 Brandon: You know, I don't suppose we could use you as our photographer, too?

 Woman: Oh, that'll be cash up-front. I'll try not to cut your heads off. Ha ha.

 Sami: Okay! This is great. Are we, uh, ready now?

 Man: We're all set.

 Sami: Okay.

 Man: Hit it.

[ "The wedding march" playing ]

 Woman: Pretend there's an aisle. You're walking down it with your pretend train and your pretend maid of honor.

 Sami: And my very real groom.

 Rita: Toss me the bouquet when it's over, if you don't mind.

 Man: Ahem. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of god and in the presence of these witnesses to join this man and...

 Bo: If he makes a move, shoot him.

 Vin: Why would a fine lady like yourself be working for a cop, hmm?

 Hope: That cop -- he's my husband.

 Abe: Whatever we've done in the past, we can find forgiveness through our son.

 Lexie: There's one more thing I have to tell you.

 Sami: I just want to be married -- now!

 Brandon: But like this?

 Sami: Exactly like this -- sweet, short, simple.


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