Days Transcript Friday 5/23/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/23/03--Canada; 5/26/03--USA

By Eric

Philip: Nicole, what's going on?

Nicole: I told you, I'm locked in here.

Philip: Well, what happened? What the hell was that crash?

Nicole: Damn it, philip! Are you going to stand outside and ask questions, or are you going to get me out of here?

John: [ Whistles ]

Marlena: [ Tries to whistle ]

John: What are you doing?

Marlena: Well, if I could whistle, I'd whistle right back at you. Want some help?

John: Super spy can't even do his own tie. It's pretty sad, isn't it?

Marlena: No, not at all. Let me help. Oh. You had it. You're good. Okay, wait a minute, wait a minute. There, ah, thanks. I like being useful.

John: You're always useful. Useful is an understatement. Thank you.

Marlena: Anytime.

John: You seemed pretty serious when I came downstairs.

Marlena: Did I?

John: You rdydy to talk about it? What did tony do to you?

>>Marlena: John, I just want tony out of our lives.

Hope: Don? Hi. Uh, jennifer asked me if you could get some pictures of abby out on the terrace.

Don: Of course.

Hope: That would be great. Okay, they're right out there now. Thanks. Pastor nup. Hi, let me introduce myself. I'm hope brady.

Pastor: The matron of honor. I have heard so many wonderful things about you.

Woman: No bride in sight.

Jack: You sure? She may not be wearing her gown.

Woman: You said a stunning blonde.

Jack: I believe I said stunning, radiant, beautiful...

Woman: Not here.

Jack: Okay, good, good. Well, thank yof for coming up the extra floors just to be my lookout, even if you don't watch the show.

Woman: Well, maybe I'll have to start. Happy wedding.

Jack: Thank you.

Woman: Good luck.

Jack: I'll need it. Right this way. The coast is clear.

Don: All right, say cheese!

Abby: Cheese. My mommy and daddy are getting married today. So, how different is this wedding from your last one?

Jennifer: You're here. And that is the most important difference.

Abby: I'm going to remember this day forever and ever.

Jennifer: You know what, baby? So am I.

Abby: You get in the picture, mom.

Jennifer: Oh, sweetie, I don't think so. My robe.

Abby: You look beautiful. Wait till dad sees you.

Jennifer: Oh, boy, I had a feeling you were going to pull me into this. All right, sweetie, oh, this is such a great day. I am so excited to see your dad.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait right here. Schmenkmen! Schmenkmen, schmenkmen.

Barry: Jack.

Jack: Over here.

Barry: You're not supposed to be here.

Jack: Where's jennifer?

Barry: She's out on the terrace with abby and your photographer, but you don't want to see her before the wedding.

Jack: Great. Don't let me interrupt whatever it is you're supposed to be doing. Right this way.

Hope: That sounds perfect. Thank you so much.

Roman: Hope.

Hope: Oh, roman, hey, you're here early. You clean up well.

Roman: Thank you. Uh, I came to see you. Is there someplace we can talk?

Hope: Yeah, sure. Out on the terrace. Come on.

Roman: Okay.

Abby: When's daddy coming?

Jennifer: Well, daddy was going to get dressed at grandma jo and vern's, because we don't want to cross each other on the way to the altar. That wouldn't be good, would it? Oh, roman, hi.

Roman: Hey, jennifer, congratulations.

Jennifer: Thank you. Is everything okay?

Hope: Perfect. Perfect. Don't you worry about a thing. Do you need me?

Jennifer: Uh, no, no, I'm fine.

Hope: Okay. I'll be in in a minute to help you get dressed, okay?

Jennifer: Okay.

Hope: Okay. Excuse me.

Hope: You're scaring me. What's wrong?

Roman: I need to talk to you about bo.

Abby: And when you and daddy kiss, if your lipstick gets smudged, I'll give you a signal.

Jennifer: Oh, great, give me a signal. That would be great.

[ Gasps ]

Abby: Mom, what's wrong?

Jennifer: Oh, nothing. Nothing's wrong, baby. Mom! Oh, my gosh!

Laura: Oh, baby. Oh, honey! Oh, sweetie, I've missed you. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Wake up. Wake up to a wholenew dimension in comfort.

Jennifer: I thought you said you couldn't come.

Laura: Well, I regret so much not being here for your first one. I mean, did you really think that wild elephants could keep me away?

Jennifer: Look at you. I just -- I can't believe that you're here. You look incredible.

Laura: You're beautiful. And you -- you are almost completely grown up! Oh, my gosh!

Abby: Not quite.

Jennifer: Oh, yes, thank goodness.

Laura: Your father wanted to be here so badly.

Jennifer: Well, he has to be at the clinic, mom. I know that.

Laura: He sent a message. He said I was to tell you that I'm number three.

Jennifer: Of course you are.

Laura: Oh, you know what that means?

Jennifer: Yes. You're number three. Dad was sending presents to our whole family -- three gifts -- and the third gift was for me. And it's you. What more could I want on my wedding day?

Abby: I hope it doesn't hurt old horace's feelings when I say gram's the best surprise ever.

L laura: Who on earth is horace?

Abby: Oh, you never met him?

Laura: I don't know. Did I?

Jennifer: Abby, why don't you explain to grandma who horace is? I need to make a phone call and thank someone.

Abby: Okay.

Laura: Okay, so tell me about horace.

Abby: Do you know what a binturong is?

Laura: Your grandpa sent you a binturong?

Abby: He's the cutest thing ever, grandma. He looks like a little bear, and he loves eating popcorn and chips.

Laura: Popcorn?

Jennifer: Daddy! Daddy, yes! Yes, she's here, and she is fine.

Laura: Oh, my gosh...

Jennifer: Yeah, daddy, I have -- I have never been so happy.

Mickey: And here we are. Hey, look, hey, there's the groom over there!

Maggie: Oh! Happy wedding day!

Jack: Thank you. Maggie. Mickey.

Mickey: Hey, hey, hey.

Jack: Alice.

Alice: Congratulations.

Jack: I just want to let you know how thrilled I am to be a part of your family again.

Alice: You never left it.

Jack: Thanks. Thank you.

Barry: Excuse me.

Maggie: Oh! Let's get out of your way.

Jack: Excuse you.

Barry: Thank you. Uh, no, no, just the people I want to talk to. Lovely dress, mrs horton.

Alice: Thank you.

Barry: So tell us, you always knew this day would come, didn't you?

Alice: Absolutely.

Barry: Excellent.

Mickey: What else could she say, right?

Jack: Uh, excuse me. Lucas, my best man.

Lucas: Hey.

Jack: Where you been?

Lucas: I'm early, aren't I?

Jack: Where's the ring?

Lucas: It's the only thing I have to keep track of. I got it.

Jack: Show me the ring.

Lucas: All right. I can do that. Ta-da. Huh? Now, I know you don't know me that well, jack, but you can depend on me, okay? Just take a couple deep breaths. You don't want to faint in front of the whole crowd.

Jack: Thanks. I'll remember that.

Lucas: Yeah. Well, I'm helpful. That's my middle name -- mr. Helpful. And you know what? I'm going to be the best best man you could ask for. By the way, thanks for asking me. I appreciate it. I'm honored.

Jack: You know I lost my first best man. It was my brother steve. Jennifer almost lost you. So we thought you'd be a good fit.

Lucas: Well, thank you. I appreciate that. Oh, uh, excuse me a sec, okay?

Jack: Don't go anywhere.

Lucas: No, I won'T. Victor, it's good to see you again. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Victor: As my former stepson or as tony dimera's mouthpiece?

Philip: I'm going to get you out of there, all right?

Nicole: Hurry, philip, please.

Philip: Henderson! Henderson!

Nicole: No, philip, don't! Don't bother him, philip. I'm sure you can --

Henderson: Yes, sir. What is it?

Philip: Nicole seems to be locked in her room. Can you get me the key? Is there a problem?

Henderson: I'm sorry, sir, but I can'T.

Philip: Come on, you got to have the keys somewhere, right?

Henderson: But it was mr. Kiriakis' decision to lock the door.

Philip: Are you telling me you're under orders to leave her in there, that my father locked up his wife? That is insane. Now open the door right now.

Henderson: I'm sorry, but mr. Kiriakis is my employer. And until he gives his permission, there is nothing that I can do.

John: So, what did dimera do to you? Why did you so radically change your mind about him?

Marlena: Well, what hasn't he done? He's lied. I mean, he sets a terrible example...he tried to ki y you, for heaven's sake.

John: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: Look, in a perfect world, we could get along for the sake of the children, but it's one thing after the next, and I just can't keep on doing this. Look, I've come to realize that rex and cassia would be better off without their father. My goodness, it's getting late. I need to finish getting ready.

John: You couldn't look any more beautiful.

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[ Cellular phone rings ]

John: John black. Hey, shane, what do you got for me? Why not? No one's ever objected to that kind of surveillance on dimera before. Look, shane, lucas is working for tony. That is probable cause for a wiretap. I -- no. No, of course not. I want to stay on the case. All right, damn it, well, just come up with another way then.

Brady: Chloe, are you okay? What's wrong?

Chloe: Nothing. I'm just absorbing.

Brady: Well, you're going to have plenty of time to do that after you've called cecilia mari and accepted her offer. She wanted to hear right away, remember? Salem. The salem inn.

Jennifer: Oh, uh, thank you for saying that, daddy. I love you, too. All right, I'll see you soon.

Laura: I wish I could take you with me.

Jennifer: He gave us his blessing.

Laura: Well, of course he did.

Jennifer: Well, I was afraid the reason he didn't make it here to give me away was because he didn't --

Laura: What, he didn't approve? Honey, he just wants the best for his two rlrls. I mean, you're radiantly happy. Anyone can see it, and they can hear it in your voice. Come on.

Jennifer: I am -- I am so happy, mom.

Laura: Oh, baby.

Jennifer: I love you so much. And -- and I am in love with the most wonderful man in the world.

Laura: Your daddy. Ha ha ha ha.

Hope: You've heard from bo? Roman, what's wrong? What happened?

Roman: Hope, no, I haven't heard from bo. I didn't even know he left town till abe told me. I just want to know what's going on. He went after ramsell, didn't he?

Hope: It's not my place to say.

Roman: Look, I am not asking as a cop. I'm asking as a brother. I just want to know if he's okay.

Hope: I wish I knew.

>>Omoman: But when he left town, he was in a pretty bad place.

Hope: I know he's doing this for us, and I know that he needs this time to sort things through. I support his decision, you know, about leaving the force. God, I support everything he does, but if he gets hurt...

Roman: Has he found ramsell?

Hope: No. But he said he was in a fight. I want to help him. There's nothing I can do. I can't do anything from here.

Roman: Hope, you are helping him more than you know. You are doing exactly what he needs right now.

Hope: Yeah, I am. Support prayers, keeping the home fires burning. I don't want him to know how worried I am about him. And I don't want him to worry, about me, but, damn it, roman, he needs me.

Roman: I know.

Nicole: Philip, did you leave me?

Philip: I'm still here. What the hell did you do to my father?

Nicole: Nothing.

Philip: All right. Stand back.

Nicole: What?

Philip: I said stand back from the door.

Philip: Did you do it?

Nicole: Yeah, but --

Brady: Yes. Cecilia's marin's room, please. Wh-- chloe, what are you doing?

Chloe: Brady, I need to think about this.

Brady: Why?

Chloe: Why?

Brady: You've been working for this your entire life.

Chloe: Yeah, my whole life before you were in it... or nancy and craig and joy. Before I got sick and I had to think really hard about what's important in my life and why. Brady, I just got out of the hospital. I want my family. I want you.

Brady: You were ready to go to juilliard, weren't you?

Chloe: Not now. And logistics-wi,, it would've been a lot simpler. Look, I'm assuming that I have a long future ahead of me, and there will be other opportunities, and if I don't --

Brady: Chloe, that's --

Chloe: Then I don't want to spend it away from you. I don't want to think about this anymore, brady. I can't leave salem. I can't leave you.

Jennifer: That's that part we didn't --

Barry: Are you decent?

Laura: Who is that?

Jennifer: That is, uh, my producer.

Laura: Ah.

Jennifer: Hello.

Barry: Hi. How's it comin' in here?

Jennifer: Oh, it's great. Barry, this is my mother laura. Laura, this is barry.

Laura: It's a pleasure to meet you.

Barry: Likewise.

Laura: Her father and i wanted to surprise her.

Jennifer: And they did! Ha ha! Hugely!

Barry: But how did you ever get past us?

Laura: Jack.

Abby: Daddy can be sneaky.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha!

Laura: Oops.

Barry: Yes, he can. He knew about this and didn't tell me, when we could have captured this touching reunion on tape. For posterity.

Jennifer: I think that I need to get dressed. Excuse me.

Laura: Oh, do you need some help?

Jennifer: You know what, mom? I would love for you to stay, but hope is going to be here any minute, and there are people out there who would kill me if I didn't let them in on our little secret.

Abby: Come on, grandma. Wait till great-gran sees you.

Laura: Okay!

Jennifer: Okay.

Laura: See ya soon.

Jennifer: All right, mom.

Laura: Jennifer rose.

Jennifer: All right, mom.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Barry: Let's go, guys.

Jennifer: Oh, my phone! Excuse me. Excuse me. Hello?

[ Gasps ] Mike, hi! Well, let me tell you something, you may not get a chance to miss another one because this is it. This is forever. Yes, that's right. Well, I don't know. I mean, I guess I can send you a tape.

Abby: You're going to be so surprised. Are you ready?

Maggie: I think so!

Abby: Okay. Stay here.

Maggie: Okay.

Mickey: Okay.

Maggie: Okay. Well, what do you think this is all about?

Mickey: I have no idea.

Maggie: But we promised her we'd stay here.

Mickey: Well, of course --

Abby: Ta-da!

Mickey: Oh, my gosh!

Maggie: Laura! Oh, honey!

Laura: Oh, you look so gorgeous.

Maggie: So do you!

Mickey: No time for a kiss, right?

Laura: No! Get in trouble!

Mickey: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Alice: Laura...

Laura: Alice, I missed you.

Alice: Oh.

Lucas: Victor, uh, how did you find out I was working for tony dimera?

Victor: I hear everything. You should know that by now, lucas. Let's get down to business, shall we?

Lucas: Fine. I'm supposed to ensure there are no loose ends in the carl matter.

Victor: It's all taken care of.

Lucas: Good. Tony will be pleased to hear that.

Victor: Well, if that's all.

Lucas: Oh, actually, victor, uh, there is something else I want to talk to you about.

Roman: Listen to me. You and those two boys are his incentive to get this damn thing done and get home. You waiting here for him -- that means everything in the world.

Hope: Thank you. It's always so good to talk to you. Thank you, roman.

Roman: Any time, any time. I am always here for you. You know that.

Hope: I know. What, you don't have a date tonight?

Roman: Yeah, I got a date tonight. Kate should be on her way here any minute. Tell me the truth -- are you okay?

Hope: Yeah, I'm fine.

Roman: All right.

Hope: Jack, you said that bo and roman saw maria drive up to the drug house. She waited for a few minutes, and then she left, but no one was with her -- at least, not as far as they could tell.

Jack: Where's maria now?

Hope: They don't know.

Jack: They don't know? Why the hell not? And where's jennifer?

Hope: Aah! Aah!

Maria: Oh, you bitch!

Man: Don't move.

Hope: Aah!

Jack: No!

[ Guhohots ]

Jack: Gaah! Get it, get it!

Hope: Got it! Get away from him, jack!

Jack: Jennifer!

Jennifer: Aah!

Jennifer: Jack!

Jack: Get her in!

Jennifer: The seat, the seat!

Jack: The seat!

Jennifer: Flip it up!


Jennifer: It's not too comfortable in there, is it?

Roman: Is everybody all right? You all right?

Jennifer: Thank god you're here. Hope and jack got the big idiot and maria's in the trunk. What do you think? Maybe you can make us deputies, huh?

Roman: You know, I just might do that. You three did a hell of a job. Nice work.

Jack: Ohh...

Hope: Sorry, roman, I'm not the stay-at-home-and-wait type.

Samantha: When we think of the food in a hospital cafeteria, we think of bland soups, premade sandwiches

Hope: Is s so good to see you.

Laura: You too!

Hope: Welcome back to salem.

Laura: Thank you.

Roman: Hey.

Kate: Oh.

Roman: You feeling better?

Kate: Oh, I am now.

Roman: I meant about lucas.

Kate: Well, he's going to be best man at the wedding, so I think what I'll do -- I'll take m aside and try to talk some sense into him. Tony's not invited, right?

Kate: Oh, my god! I thought laura wasn't coming.

Roman: Are you okay?

Kate: Oh, I think that i should leave.

Roman: No, you shouldn't leave. You're the mother of the best man, you've known jack for years, and you're my date, so... I'm here for you, kate -- whatever you need.

Kate: You don't know how stubborn lucas can be.

Roman: Well, I sure can guess.

Kate: Oh! You know, this job wasn't just handed to him. He went off after it, and now he feels like he's playing in the big leagues. He feels on top of the world, and he doesn't realize that, quickly, he could be on the bottom if he stays involved with the dimeras. You know, you can help. Do you have tony's rap sheet memorized?

Roman: The man keeps his hands clean. That's exactly what makes him dangerous.

Marlena: Well, here we are. Oh, honey, look.

[ Gasps ] Laura! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!

Laura: Hi!

Marlena: Oh-ho-ho!

Laura: I've missed you so much.

Marlena: Oh, my!

Will: I'm going to go see grandma and grandpa now.

Marlena: All righty. All right. Oh, look at you!

Lucas: Maybe we could find a quieter place to talk.

Victor: Whyon't we go out to the terrace?

Marlena: How long are you staying?

Laura: Only a night or two.

Marlena: That's it?

Laura: I've got to get back.

John: You're sure this is for real?

Ops: According to current I.S.A. Intelligence, lucas is bngng groomed as a potential first lieutenant for dime.

John: Lucas doesn't have a clue what he's gotten himself into either. All he sees are dollar signs.

Marlena: Quite simply, we need you here, okay?

Hope: The women in this town need you back.

Laura: Aww.

Victor: What is it, lucas?

Lucas: Uh, tony is interested in purchasing one of your real estate properties on the lakefront -- 10,000 lakeshore drive.

Victor: No.

Lucas: You haven't even heard the offer.

Victor: Don't have to. Not for sale at any price.

Lucas: Before you say that, you might want to hear me out 'cause I'm about to make you an offer you can't refuse.

Nicole: Wow. Did they teach you that in the marines?

Philip: No.

Nicole: But they sure made a man out of you in a lot of ways.

Philip: Nicole, stop. Why do you and my dad have separate bedrooms? Why is he treating you this way?

Nicole: Philip, you're going to have to ask your father that. Look, I gotta go.

Nico: Mrs. Kiriakis, it's time to leave for the wedding.

Nicole: I just need a few extra minutes to get ready.

Nico: I'll wait.

Philip: Nicole, you don't have to do any--

Nicole: Philip, of course I do. I can't go to the wedding looking like this. So, if you gentlemen will excuse me...

Philip: Yeah. ηΡ

Jennifer: Oh, sweetie, here.

Hope: Jen... there are lots of friends and family who would love to be here today on your big day, you know that. And, um, they just want to remind you that they are here in spirit, even though they may be many miles away.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Laura: This is a gift from your father.

Jennifer: How could that be? He's already given m the best gift I could ask for.

[ Gasps ]

Laura: It is, uh, a wedding tradition in ghana.

Laura: It's called an adinkra symbol. It means that --

Jennifer: I know what it means. It means love does not get lost on its way home.

Laura: That's right.

Jennifer: This is so perfect, mom. Can you help me put it on?

Laura: Sure, honey.

Jennifer: Look at this!

Laura: Let me see here.

Jennifer: Okay.

Hope: So you have your "something new." And for your "something blue"?

Abby: I painted mom's toenails blue.

Hope: No, you didn't!

Jennifer: Yes, she did -- my little fashionista.

Laura: Oh! Ha ha ha! Michael says to tell you that the "something blue" tradition originated in israel.

Jennifer: Oh, really? And how uld my brother michael know that?

Laura: I think carrie's been doing some research.

Jennifer: Yeah, I think so, too. Let me show everyone. Look at this. I'm going to wear it on my honeymoon. What do you think?

Hope: It's beautiful, jen.

Jennifer: It's great, isn't it? My dad did a good job.

Alice: Now, jennifer dear, I gave you this at your first wedding.

Hope: Wow, gran.

Jennifer: Oh, gram, I remember! I remember. You wore this at your wedding.

Alice: Yes -- my first wedding.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha ha!

Alice: Because it wasn't exactly official, either.

Jennifer: That's right.

Alice: As you recall.

Jennifer: Yeah. Ha ha ha!

Alice: But it brought me many blessings.

Jennifer: Thank you so much, gram. I love you. All right, so we've got "new," we've got "blue"...

Alice: "Old"...

Jennifer: "Old" -- no! I don't want this to be "old." I want this to be "borrowed."

Laura: Aww!

Jennifer: My groom is "old." No, no!

Alice: Ha ha! What are you talking about?

Jennifer: No, I don't mean that! I mean that jack has been my one-and-only for a very long time -- that kind of "old."

Abby: Mom, this is from aunt adrian.

Jennifer: Really? What is this?

Abby: A sugar cube.

Laura: Abby has exercised great willpower to keep from eating that.

Abby: It's so you'll have a sweet life. She said it's a greek custom.

Jennifer: Look at this. Oh, look at that! Thank you.

Hope: And finally... a sixpence for your shoe.

Abby: A sixpence?

Hope: It's a coin from england. I saved it from my wedding day for you, jen.

Jennifer: Ohh...

Hope: And since I wasn't here to give it to you the first time, I thought now would be appropriate.

Jennifer: Thank you. You -- you guys -- all of you, this is inedible.

Hope: Come here.

Barry: Very touching, very real, on this special edition of "in the house" -- the wedding of jennifer horton and jack deveraux.

Brady: All right, chloe, listen to me. I wouldn't be leaving you. We have airplanes, cell phones, e-mail. The point is, you can't put the rest of your life off forever.

Chloe: Brady, I don't know if I can travel yet. I'm not supposed to be around a lot of people. It's not worth risking my life just for a job.

Brady: No, of course it isn'T. So you talk to craig.

Chloe: Brady, do you want me to go?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Chloe: I'll get it.

Chloe: Philip! Come in.

Philip: Chloe, hi. I'm sorry to bother you again. I just had to come by and say congratulations.

Chloe: How did you know?

Philip: Well, when I was leaving before, cecilia marin was here, remember? So, when do you leave for juilliard?

Chloe: I don'T.

Philip: Oh. Chloe, I'm so -- I'm sorry --

Chloe: No, philip, stop. Stop, stop, stop. It's not what you think. It's not what you think. Ms. Marin actually offered me a job -- a spot in an opera company. They tour internationally.

Philip: Oh, chloe, that's awesome! So, you said yes, right?

Chloe: Uh, no, not yet. I don't know if I'm ready to leave salem.

[ Dogs whining ]

Chloe: You know, I have to go let the dogs out.

Philip: Brady, you cannot let her tu t this down.

Brady: It's not up to me.

Philip: I know she wouldn't have this chance if you hadn't arranged for cecilia marin to hear her sing. You want this for her, and you know she should do it. So help her. Go with her. O7#% for our children to be happy and healthy,

Philip: Chloe doesn't want to leave you. That is the only reason she wouldn't go on this tour.

Brady: Philip, she's got other reasons to stay in salem. She's got her friends and her family and joy.

Philip: You may think that I don't care what happens to chloe, but I do, okay? Just because things didn't work out between the two of us, that doesn't mean I don't want her to be happy. You make her happy, brady. Look, I know you're about to start this new job for my father, and you've got your own plans and everything, but what chloe h is a calling. She's wanted to do this her entire life, and an opportunity like this is probably not going to come again for her. So if you can't put your life on hold for her to be able to do this -- well, then, you know what? You don't love her enough, after all.

Lucas: So... do we have a deal?

Victor: It's a deal.

Marlena: Hello, lucas.

Lucas: Marlena.

Marlena: John, victor was lucas's stepfather for a while --

John: But this isn't family business -- at least, not the kind you meant.

Victor: Ah, there you are.

Nicole: Here I am.

Victor: Thank you for escorting her, nico. You may stay, of course.

Lucas: So, nicole, is life treating you well?

Kate: Lucas.

Lucas: Mom --

Kate: We need to talk now.

Barry: I'm going to go interview mrs. Horton. Congratulations, jennifer. Break a leg.

Jennifer: Oh, no! We're not going to break any legs. But thank you.

Laura: Ha ha!

Jennifer: Okay, mom, this is it.

Laura: Ha ha. This is it.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha!

Laura: Oh... this is one of the happiest days of my life.

Jennifer: Oh, mom, don't make me cry. Don'T.

Laura: Ha ha ha! Next time I see you, you're going to be mrs. Deveraux again.

Jennifer: Again -- yes!

Laura: Yeah! Ha ha! Okay, baby, I love you. I'm going to be watching you.

Jennifer: Love you, mom.

Laura: Love you, too.

Jennifer: Get a good seat.

Laura: Okay!

Jennifer: Okay. Ooh! Okay... ooh.

Hope: Okay, are you ready?

Jennifer: Am I ready?!

Hope: Are you ready?

Jennifer: I'm ready! I am so ready! Let's go.

Hope: Okay, then let's get this show on the road!

Jennifer: Okay. You ready, sweetie? Help mommy here. Ooh, get in close. Isn't that pretty? Look at it. Oh, it's so pretty.

Tonight on global national. Not keen on eating beef? Well, there are alternatives, one a little less traditional than others. It's not new on the menu in this part of canada. On tonight's global national.

Philip: You think about that, okay?

Chloe: Hey. Sorry.

Philip: I better get going.

Philip: Good luck, chloe. I really hope you don't throw away this chance to show the whole world what you can do.

Chloe: Were you guys talking about me?

Brady: Chloe, I want you to know that whatever decision you do make, it'll be the right one. But if you do decide to go to europe, I'm going with ya.

Chloe: What?

Brady: If you'll have me, that is.

Chloe: Oh, my god. Of course I'll have you. But you just got your job with your grandfather's company. I couldn't possibly expect you to put your future on hold.

Brady: Chloe, you are my future. My job is flexible. Yours is not. I want to do this. Trust me.

Chloe: Are you sure?

Brady: I'm sure.

Chloe: Oh, my god, I love you, brady. Ha ha ha!

Brady: Is that a yes?

Chloe: Mmm, yeah! Thank you so much! You're the best! Mmm, I love you!

Barry: Jack, jack, remember, take your time, speak clearly, don't be ashamed to cry, and we'll cue the music --

Jack: Hold it.

Barry: What?

Jack: Where's the best man?

Kate: I leave you countless messages, and you don't have the courtesy to call me back!

Lucas: That's because I've heard what you have to say, and you won't listen to me, so to have this conversation again doesn't do either of us any good!

Kate: Well, you are going to listen to me now because I don't care what I have to do, you are not going to work for tony dimera!

Jack: There he is -- mr. Reliable. It's time!

Lucas: Be right there. Gotta go. Sorry.

Kate: Lucas! I mean it. This can't go on, do you hear me?

Jack: All right, we're here. It's all good, it's all good. All right, we're here.

Roman: Did he --

Maggie: Oh, look.

Marlena: Ohh...

>>Barry: Here it is, the moment we've all been waiting for -- jack and jennifer's wedding, coming to you live from salem's beautiful penthouse grill.

Mimi: Blood. What are you gonna do, go up to tony with a knife?

Rex: That's not a bad idea.

Bo: There's a man I'm looking for -- vin ramsell.

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