Days Transcript Wednesday 5/21/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday  5/21/03--Canada; 5/22/03--USA

By Eric

 Nicole: [ Sighs ]

 Victor: Care to finish that thought?

 Nicole: Ahem. Care to knock?

 Victor: Why aren't you ready?

 Nicole: I told you I'm not going.

 Victor: And I told you you had no choice.

 Nicole: You don't even like chloe, so why trek all the way down to the blue note and make a show of supporting her?

 Victor: It's for brady. He's in veve with the girl. Besides, it's his first night running the club under titan management.

 Nicole: Yeah. Well, whoop-de-do.

 Victor: I want you downstairs and ready to go in five minutes.

 Nicole: Or what?

 Victor: Or you'll never be allowed to leave this room again.

 Mimi: What's wrong?

 Rex: [ Groans ]

 Mimi: Oh, no, not the moo shu! The lid's still on. Thank goodness. Rex, what is in the fax?

 Rex: Huh?

 Mimi: A minute ago, you said there's something wrong with you. Did you find out you're sick or something?

 Rex: No.

 Mimi: Then what? Please don't shut down on me now. I helped you t those dna samples from belle and her mom and sami. Did I do something wrong?

 Rex: No, no. But if this lab analysis of belle's is correct, then she's not even my sister after all.

[ Playing song introduction ]

 Nancy: [ Whispering ] She's just a little nervous. I'm sure you understand.

 Cecilia: A perforr encounters all kinds of obstacles -- nerves included. But the bottom line is the show must go on.

 Chloe: I'd -- ahem -- like to start again, if that's okay. Just give me a second.

 Brady: [ Whispers ] It's okay, chloe.

 Belle: Mrs. Wesley, sorry we're late.

 Nancy: Oh, don't worry about it. Chloe's just about to begin. You haven't missed anything.

 Shawn-d: She looks beautiful.

 Nancy: She sure does.

 Belle: Excuse us. Hey, phil, mind if we join you?

 Philip: I was hoping you'cocome. Shawn, how you doing?

 Shawn-d: Hey.

 Philip: Sit down, you guys. Thanks.

[ Playing song introduction ]

[ Playing song introduction ]

 Chloe: Uh... ahem. I'm sorry. I can'T. I can'T.

 Hope: Oh, brady, I miss you. Bo?

 Bo: Come on, come on.

 Bo: Hey, uh, I'm going to need another shot after I finish dancing with these boys. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Ve to cool down

 Hope: Something is wrong.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Bo: Time out.

 Man: What do you mean, time out?

[ Ring ]

 Bo: I got to answer my phone.

 Man #2: Are you loco?

 Man: Ain't noimime out in a fight, man.

[ Ring ]

 Bo: Okay.

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

 Man: All right, don't kill me.

 Bo: Then take your friend and get the hell out of here.

[ Ring ]

 Bo: Go on!

 Bo: Hello? Damn. Missed my phone call.

 Jasper: Shot's on me.

 Belle: Shawn, maybe she shouldn't have done this. It might be too soon.

 Philip: Was it her idea, or did brady push her into it?

 Brady: Hey, relax.

 Chloe: My voice is gone.

 Brady: Your voice is not gone. You sounded beautiful in rehearsal.

 Chloe: That's when we were alone. There's all these people here now.

 Brady: Yes, but all these people are rooting for you.

 Chloe: Cecilia marin probably wishes she'd stay I in new york.

 Brady: But she didn'T. She came here, and she's here for you. And so am I. Go for it.

 Philip: Hey, dad, nicole. Didn't know you were planning on coming.

 Victor: Oh,e wouldn't have missed it for the world. Why don't we sit over here?

 Brady: What is it?

 Chloe: I'm sorry. I can't go on as scheduled.

 Brady: There is no way you're quitting. I won't let you.

 Mimi: We know belle's not your full sister. She's your half sister.

 Rex: Yeah, well, according to this, we're not related at all.

 Mimi: What?

 Rex: I have to assume the results are accurate.

 Mimi: Well, they can't be.

 Rex: It's a professional lab with an excellent reputation.

 Mimi: But -- but -- belle's mom has recovered her memory of giving birth and everything.

 Rex: Yeah, I mean, she said I was firs a and then cassie.

 Mimi: So what gives?

 Rex: I must have screwed up. Yeah, when I unlocked my dna, I somehow got it wrong. Damn it, now I got to run the data all over again.

 Mimi: Huh. And here I was, beginning to think you were this brainiac who never makes mistakes.

 Rex: Yeah, so was I.

 Victor: What's wrong with her?

 Philip: I don't know. Stage fright?

 Nicole: Oh, hey, hi. Yeah. Bring me a martini, and, uh, don't be stingy.

 Man: Of course.

 Nicole: Okay.

 Belle: Poor chloe. Maybe I need to go say something to her.

 Shawn-d: No, no. Let -- let brady handle it.

 Cecilia: I'm sorry, but chloe is simply not ready for this.

 Nancy: No, no, you can't walk out -- not on a talent as -- as great as hers.

 Cecilia: It takes more than talent, unfortunately.

 Brady: Sorry for the delay, folks.

 Philip: It's all right, brady. We're not going anywhere.

 Brady: Turns out the performance can't go on as scheduled. There has been a change in the repertoire.

 Nancy: Please. Please don't go.

 Man: Here you go.

 Nicole: Ooh, thank you.

 Victor: I don't want you drinking.

 Nicole: A toast to chloe's public humiliation. That's what we came for, isn't it?

 Brady: Don't worry about anybody else. From here on out, it's just you and me.

[ Playing song introduction ]

 Brady: [ Singing in italian ]

 Chloe: [ Singing in italian ]

 Both: [ Singing in italian ]

 Nancy: Bravo! Bravo!

 All: [ Cheering ]

 Shawn-d: Hey! Hey! Whoo-hoo!

 Samantha: When we think of the food in a hospital cafeteria, we think of bland soups, premade sandwiches ñ

 Mimi: Great, no pictures, no fashion ads. Just a bunch of itty-bitty print about subatomic particles and quantum thingamabobs.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Mimi: Hello? Hi, mark.

 Rex: Who's mark?

 Mimi: Oh, really? Just a sec, okay? Um, one of those guys who saw me on the dating show.

 Rex: How'd he get your number?

 Mimi: I gave it to him.

 Rex: Why?

 Mimi: He was just so darn cute.

 Rex: Well, what does he want?

 Mimi: To buy me a latte -- right now, aa a matter of fact. Should I go?

 Bo: Who were those clowns?

 Jasper: I don't ask names.

 Bo: What were they beating on me for?

 Jasper: Well, probably 'cause you're dumb enough to flash a roll of bills. Anything else?

 Bo: Yeah, couple ice cubes and a rag would be nice.

 Jasper: What'd you say you did time for?

 Bo: I didn'T.

 Jasper: I thought you said you were in the pen with vin.

 Bo: Well, I didn't meet him personally. A couple buddies of mine told me to look him up once I got out.

 Jasper: And you are?

 Bo: Thought you never asked names.

 Jasper: Only in special cases.

 Bo: Well, it's none of your business, so leave me the hell alone.

[ Telephone rings ]

 Hope: Hello? Bo?

 Bo: Hey, fancy face.

 Hope: I just tried calling you.

 Bo: Yeah, I figured.

 Hope: Why didn't you answer the phone?

 Bo: I was indisposed.

 Hope: How are you?

 Bo: I'm fine, fine.

 Hope: Don't even try it. I can hear it in your voice. Something's wrong. I want to know what it is.

 Nancy: You were magnificent.

Only your father could have seen you tonight.

 Chloe: Next time.

 Nancy: Thank you, brady, so much for making this all possible.

 Brady: All I did was supply the space.

 Nancy: Mm, no, no. You did much more than that.

 Victor: Congratulations, my dear.

 Chloe: Thank you.

 Nicole: Yeah, it's not my kind of music, but you sang real good.

 Chloe: I can't believe it. Why are you guys here?

 Belle: We wanted to come and watch you sing.

 Shawn-d: You may not have invited us, but we decided to come anyway.

 Chloe: How'd you know I was singing?

 Shawn-d: Oh, we have our sources.

 Belle: Why didn't you tell us?

 Chloe: Too much pressure.

 Belle: We are not pressure. We are unconditional love and support.

 Shawn-d: Ha ha ha.

 Victor: Slow down.

 Nicole: If I have to be here, I'm damn well going to drink, and since you always show your dr. Jekyll face when you're out socially and save mr. Hyde for me alone, somehow, I don't think you're going to make a scene.

 Belle: Hey, uh, brady, thanks for leaving that message on my voice mail. We wouldn't have missed it for anything.

 Chloe: Ah, so you're the one who let the cat out of the bag.

 Brady: Yeah, I confess.

 Chloe: You know what? You are so amazing. First you invite philip, and then belle and shawn. Hey, where is philip, anyway? E town!

 Mimi: Quick, what should I tell him?

 Rex: Look, if you want to go out with the guy, then just go.

 Mimi: You won't mind?

 Rex: No. I have a lot of work to do.

 Mimi: Sorry about that. I thought someone wanted something, but they don't, so where should I meet you?

 Rex: 9668-02 -- well, that's correct.

 Mimi: The coffee shop down by the river? It's getting pretty late. You think it's still open? Okay, cool. I'll see you soon. Okay, bye. Well, I'm off, then. Will I see you tomorrow?

 Rex: Yeah, fine, whatever. Just call first, okay?

 Bo: Nothing's wrong. Just kicking back, having a beer before I turn in.

 Hope: I miss you so much, brady.

 Bo: I miss you, too. How are shawn and zack?

 Hope: Fine. Everybody's fine. Shawn's real busy, of course, and zack -- well, he's always asking about you. He wants to know when you're coming home.

&gtO:O: What are you up to?

 Hope: Let's see. What am I up to? I'm helping jennifer get ready for the wedding. You know, we're hoping you can make it back for the ceremony in time.

 Bo: Yeah. Well, I would if I could.

 Hope: If you had seen the bachelorette party that we had thrown for jennifer tonight -- all those handsome men waiting on us hand and foot -- I think you'd be back on your motorcycle in a flash and back here.

 Bo: Why, did they strip?

 Hope: Ha ha ha ha. You know what? That is exactly what cassie was asking. I think she was pretty disappointed when they kept their clothes on. You know, sometimes it is really hard to believe that that girl and belle are actual sisters.

 Bo: Mm. I know what you mean.

 Hope: You're talking kind of funny. Why is that? Have you been in a fight?

 Bo: Aah, just a little one.

 Hope: Bo.

 Bo: I'm okay. You should see the other guys.

 Hope: Guys? Plural? That's it. That is it. I have had it. I'm coming down there.

 Bo: Like hell you are.

 Nancy: Oh, doesn't she have the voice of an angel, ms. Marin?

 Cecilia: Your instrument is richer, deepe I sensed you were singing from your soul. It was the voice of a woman who had lived and suffered, and as a result, you've blossomed into a true artist.

 Chloe: Well, I couldn't have done it without my family and my friends, and especially my boyfriend brady.

 Brady: Hey, listen, I really appreciate you coming here ninight. I know how busy you are.

 Victor: Well, never too busy for you, my boy.

 Brady: I want you to know I have a lot of plans for this place.

 Victor: Well, let's sit down soon and discuss them.

 Brady: Will do.

 Nicole: Yeah, if you want to close this joint by the end of the week, all you have to do is have your sweetie sing here every night. /

 Brady: Man, I can't believe that, even coming from you, nicole. That was a cheap shot.

 Nicole: Hey, nothing against chloe. She belongs in some artsy-fartsy place like carnegie hall.

 Victor: We really should be getting home.

 Nicole: No, no. This is a nightclub, baby. People come here to dance, schmooze, make out. Let's face it -- you're going to make most of your money from the food service and the bar. You don't want it all screeching to a halt when the music start

 Brady: She really likes being the boss, doesn' she?

 Nicole: No. Any entertainment should be low-key -- not opera, not vegas, not "hey, everybody, stop what you're doing, look at me." The blue note, brady, should be about service and mood. Speaking of which, I seem to have lost my drink. Where's that waiter?

 Victor: Sorry.

 Brady: , No, it's fine. I try to turn a deaf ear every time nicole goes on one of her tears. That's why I don't understand when you --

 Victor: Excuse me. I want to compliment chloe. Chloe, you sang beautifully, my dear.

 Chloe: Thank you.

 Nancy: Uh, ms. Marin, I would like you to meet victor kiriakis, the ceo of titan enterprises.

 Victor: I'm a huge fa london, new york, paris.

 Cecilia: I'm always glad to meet a patron of the arts.

 Victor: And I'm always glad to support them, especially in these trying times when grants are drying up overnight for you talented people.

[ Slow jazz music playing ]

 Brady: May I?

 Chloe: I would love to, but all of a sudden, I'm feeling really wiped out.

 Brady: You know what? You're right. It's been a long day, so why don't I take you home?

 Chloe: Okay. Ms. Marin, thank you so much for flying out.

 Cecilia: My pleasure. I'll be in touch.

 Nancy: Are you two leaving?

 Chloe: Yeah, I'm really tired.

 Cecilia: Oh, my, it is quite late, isn't it? I should head back to the hotel myself.

 Nancy: Oh, well, I would be happy to drop you off.

 Cecilia: Uh, thanyoyou, but I have to visit the powder room. I'll just call a cab.

 Chloe: Take care, ms. Marin.

 Cecilia: You too, dear.

 Nancy: Uh, brady, would you mind if I had a couple minutes alone with chloe?

 Brady: Oh, by all means, yeah. I'll go get the car.

 Nancy: How do you feel?

 Chloe: I don't know. Kind of numb, but at the same time, tingly.

 Nancy: That is exactly how I felt when I heard you sing tonight -- tingly, yes.

 Chloe: And my mind is racing at a million miles an hour. I wish it would slow down just for a second so I could take it all in.

 Nancy: Erere is a lot to think about, isn't it?

 Chloe: Yeah, just everything. My whole life, everything I've dreamed of.

 Nancy: What a night.

 Chloe: Ché bella notte. I have to work on my italian.

 Nancy: No, you don't have to work on a thing. You're absolutely perfect. Don't change a hair for me, not if you care for me.

 Chloe: I do, so much.

 Nancy: Oh. Mm. What a night. Oh, gosh, I said that already, didn't I?

 Chloe: Hey, it bears repeating.

 Nancy: We've had a lot of big nights, haven't we?

 Chloe: Oh, yeah -- good and bad.

 Nancy: And the really bad ones -- the ones that I am going to regret for the rest of my life -- are the ones that I missed with you.

 Chloe: You know what? No regrets. We have each other now, always, mother and daughter.

 Nancy: Ha ha. I cannot believe that I gave birth to such an incredible creature. Oh, I love you.

 Chloe: I love you.

 Nancy: Godspeed, my darling. Afp< rkm@ap wake up. Wake up to a whole new dimension in comfort.

 First ottawa admitted to a case of mad cow disease. Now the U.S. Has banned canadian beef. Are you convinced it's safe to eat? Is this an indusy on the brink of disaster? On tonight's global national. W?

 Bo: Listen to me. You stay right where you are. This is too dangerous.

 Hope: Really? I thought you said it was just a little fight, brady. What have you gotten yourself into?

 Bo: I here, you're there, that's the way it's going to stay. I got to go. I love you. Bye.

 Bo: Hey, you got anything to eat around here?

 Jasper: There's a bodega down the street. You can get some food there.

 Bo: Be right back. If ramsell shows up, tell him I'm looking for him.

 Brady and chloe: [ Laughing ]

 Chloe: Ooh. Thank you.

 Brady: You did yourself proud tonight, chloe.

 Chloe: Thanks. But I'm not counting on anything. I mean, if I do get into that master class at juilliard, great, and if not... you know, I'm not even going to think about it untiit happens.

 Brady: No, that's bull. All you're going to do is think about it. It's your dream.

 Chloe: Yeah, but when I used to fantasize about becoming an opera singer, my life was like a black hole. I used to think that I was less than nothing. So my dreams had to be really big.

 Brady: And now you've grown to match them.

 Chloe: But there is a downside to going to juilliardyoyou know.

 Brady: Separation.

 Chloe: Yeah, my -- my life isn't empty anymore. It's so full I can hardly believe it. I mean, even in this last year, I found out that craig is my father, my baby sister was born, I beat leukemia, and last but not least, there's you. How could I possibly leave salem?

 Brady: Well, I think the best is yet to come.

 Chloe: I'm not so sure.

 Brady: Chloe, you veve a huge gift, and with a gift comes responsibility.

 Chloe: Yeah, but --

 Brady: No buts.

 Chloe: Okay, but what is a gift, anyway? Is having ambition a gift?

 Brady: You got a standing ovation tonight. Why don't you stop a menent and take that in?

 Chloe: Maybe a real gift is having family and friends and you to support me when I was up there on stage tonight. I felt so much love when I was up there, and afterwards, I felt even more. I would miss you way too much. Maybe it'd be better if I'm not accepted at juilliard.

 Victor: Ms. Marin.

 Cecilia: Oh, please, call me cecilia.

 Victor: Could I speak with you for a moment?

 Cecilia: Oh, but of course.

 Shawn-d: I can't believe belle black is in my arms and not at some supermarket opening with philip.

 Belle: Speaking of philip, isn't it kind of weird how he just disappeared?

 Shawn-d: All right, who cares? I'm sorry I brought him up.

 Belle: I'm just saying, what could be so important that he left without saying goodbye?

 Mimi: Philip? What the heck are you doing?

 Victor: So do we have an agreement?

 Nicole: Don't ask you what you're plotting with ms. Marin, don't tell brady that you talked to her at all. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, what do I get in return?

 Victor: The freedom

come and go from this room.

 Nicole: Thank you. You know, you're up to something. I can tell. Yeah. You were pulling strings tonight, huddling in the corner with that opera bitch.

 Victor: Do I have to wash your mouth out with soap or worse?

 Nicole: No. I got it, loud and clear. You can go now.

 Victor: I think I'll stay.

 Nicole: What do you want?

 Victor: Well, call me perverse, but I find this defiance of yours rather exciting. A little spice with the sugar.

 Nicole: You feeling lucky tonight, old man? You want to go for a major coronary?

 Victor: Try me.

 Shawn-d: You know, maybe philip didn't want to hog chloe's moment in the spotlight.

 Belle: Do you really think so?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah, and besides, I'm sure the whole situation with brady is a little awkward.

 Belle: Yeah, but I just can't help but wonder where he went in such a hurry.

 Mimi: What are you up to?

 Philip: Mimi, you startled me. I didn't even hear you come up.

 Mimi: Driving moccasins. I bought them to go with my new car.

 Philip: Running through your prize money, huh?

 Mimi: Yeah, it's a brand-new me. What do you think?

 Philip: Damn, meems. Well spent.

 Mimi: So, uh, what's with the flashlight?

 Philip: Oh, um, I thought I saw something out on the river, but, um, it turns out it was just an old beer can. No big deal. What are you doing out so late, meems?

 Mimi: A coffee date with one of my many fans.

 Philip: Rex?

 Mimi: Unfortunately, no. God, plip, why do I always pick these eggheads? First kevin, now rex. They'd rather bury their heads in a book than take a second glance at me.

 Philip: They must be out of their minds.

 Mimi: What am I going to do?

 Philip: Forget rex, okay? Just keep moving. I'll bet he follows.

 Mimi: Really?

 Philip: Yeah. So go on, get out of here. Have fun on this date, okay? And when you're free, I want a ride in that new car, all right?

 Mimi: Oh, you got it. Thanks, philip.

 Philip: Good night, meems.

 Mimi: Good night.

 Rex: Damn it! The proof is conclusive. Belle black is not my sister. What the hell does this mean?

 Brady: See, chloe, the whole point of inviting cecilia marin out here and setting up that little showcase at the blue note was to get you into juilliard.

 Chloe: I know, and I don't mean to sound ungrateful.

 Brady: And if you get into juilliard, which you will, you are going.

 Chloe: I would be horribly homesick and miserable without you.

 Brady: All right, now, listen to me. Part of my job at titan is to set up a music division, which is going to mean lots of business trips to new york.

 Chloe: Oh, my god.

 Brady: And the company could possibly rent me an apartment in manhattan.

 Chloe: One bedroom or two?

 Brady: I think all we need is one.

 Chloe: That's fantastic.

 Brady: You remember those opening night tickets to the metropolitan opera I gave to you for your birthday? Well, I intend to escort you to every single one of them.

 Chloe: Ha ha. Suddenly, I'm not so tired anymore.

 Brady: Oh, that's music to my ears.

 Hope: I have a favor I need to ask. Could you and grandpa shawn please watch zack after the wedding? I-I'm going to go down to texas, and I am going to meet bo. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, I think that's a great idea, too. Okay. Bye.

[ Sighs ]

 Vin: What's up?

 Jasper: So, uh, how was the fishing?

 Vin: Not so good.

 Jasper: Nothing biting?

 Vin: No, those fish didn't make it across the border as scheduled.

 Jasper: Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

 Vin: Yeah, I'm going to go up and crash. Why don't you give me the keys?

 Jasper: Uh, there was a guy in here earlier looking for you.

 Vin: Who?

 Jasper: He said he was a friend of a friend, someone you knew in the joint.

 Jasper: Yeah, well, I'm not really interested in hooking up with anybody from the joint, so why don't you blow him off?

 Jasper: No problem.

 Bo: Hey, I'll take that key now.

 Jasper: Ahem.

 Bo: Grazie, sir. Heard from ramsell?

 Jasper: Oh, there's no telling if he'll ever be back.

 Bo: Hmm. Then again, he might, huh?

 Jasper: Dude like that, you never know.

 Bo: What the hell? I can hang out for a few days.

 Bo: Oh, listen, those two nimrods show up during the night, tell them I'm a light sleeper.

 Nicole: You're using cecilia marin to break up brady and chloe, aren't you?

 Chloe: Madam marin.

 Cecilia: There's no way on earth I can let you atattend juilliard.

 Tony: We both want the same thing -- each other.

 Woman: Is everything okay?

 Jennifer: My father's third and final gift is supposed to arrive today.

 Jack: I don't believe it.


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