Days Transcript Friday 5/16/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/16/03--Canada; 5/19/03--USA

By Eric

 Belle: Sorry, philip... you just got voted off the island.

[ Knock on door ]

 Belle: It's open!

 Rex: Hi. You okay?

 Belle: Oh, you know, mymy head aches, my feet hurt, and I have a smile permanently attached to my face! Hello! Hey... what are you looking for?

 Rex: Oh, nothing. Just -- boy, I hope you're not too beat to come to the luncheon I arranged today.

 Belle: Are you kidding? I would never miss the opportunity to celebrate your success. I still can't believe you completed four years of college in one.

 Rex: Yeah, well, I'm just glad for a reason for the whole family to get together for the first time.

 Mimi: Thanks for the lift, gary.

 Gary: Come on, you can do better than that.

 Rex: Mimi. Where have you been?

 Mimi: What do you know -- an audience!

 Gary: Whoa, you live with belle black? Maybe we can hang out sometime.

 Mimi: Oh, okay. Yeah. Get lost.

 Rex: So, how was the harley ride?

 Mimi: I think basically it was just a waste of a good hairdo.

[ Knock on door ]

 Mi:I: There he is again! What the hell do you -- ha ha. Dr. Evans, do come in!

 Marlena: Thank you. Thank you.

 Belle: Mom, what are you doing here?

 Marlena: I thought it was time we had a meeting of the minds -- you and me and sami. Oh, sorry -- girl talk.

 Cassie: Face it, dad, bad luck follows me wherever I go.

 Tony: No such thing as luck.

 Cassie: No? Belle wiped me out on that stupid television show. And even an innocent party that I tried to throw turned into a police raid. It's like I'm cursed.

 Tony: Oh, honey, whatever happened at the party wasn't your fault. Besides, you got excellent grades at the university.

 Cassie: I haven't completed four years in one like rex, have I?

[ Knock on door ]

 Lucas: Seems like I'm always interrupting.

 Tony: No, you're right on time.

 Cassie: Lucas. What can I get you to drink?

 Lucas: Uh, mineral water would be great, thanks.

 Cassie: Daddy?

 Tony: I'll have the same.

 Cassie: Coming right up.

 Lucas: Thanks.

 John: I need all the information you can get me, ops. Mm-hmm. As soon as possible. Yeah. Today's the day I'm meeting tony for lunch. Any face-to-face meeting with my would-be murderer is always interesting. That's putting it mildly.

 Jack: No, no, I don't care if it's the new in thing for men. I will not be waxing my back on live television! A swimsuit calendar. No! No, this is a talk show. This is not "baywatch." I'll tell you what. I will be calling you back with new and alternative marketing ideas. Goodbye!

 Jennifer: Our producer wants us to do a swimsuit calendar?

 Jack: If he had his way, there'd be jack and jennifer dolls and restaurants and music videos --

 Hope: Okay, okay, okay. Would you just stop? Forget about the television show for a little while and focus on the wedding.

 Jennifer: Yes, the wedding! The guest list is finished. Everyone that we invited has agreed to come.

 Jack: Really? Bo will be back time?

 Hope: I-I hope so, but he's not coming back until he finds what he's looking for.

 Jennifer: Vin ramsell.

 Hope: Yeah, that's part of it. He's struggling with a lot of questions right now. His whole life is in transition.

 Jack: Leaving the force -- that's huge.

 Hope: Yeah, that is huge. He closed that door, and the next door hasn't opened for him yet. I'd do anything to help him, you know that, but this search is his, and he needs to do it alone.

 Man: What can I get you?

 Bo: Breakfast.

 Man: The kitchen's closed till noon.

 Bo: Two raw eggs, a shot of vodka, and a splash of tabasco.

 Man: That's a hell of a drink.

 Bo: Yeah, well, I've had a hell of a night.

 Man: I'll get the eggs.

 Bo: Listen up. I'm lookin' for someone. You guys are gonna help me find him. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Samantha: When we think of the food in a hospil cafeteria, we think of bland soups, premade sandwiches

 Belle: So, mom, uh, what is it? What's the problem?

 Marlena: There's no problem. I'm just trying to head one off.

 Rex: So, we'll see you all at lunch?

 Marlena: Mm-hmm. We wouldn't miss it.

 Sami: Definitely.

 Rex: See you later.

 Mimi: So, rexum... about that would-be hunk --

 Rex: Hey, no problem. You're free to play the dating game.

 Mimi: I am?

 Rex: Yeah. That's what you want, isn't it?

 Mimi: Yeah, that's true. It is.

 Rex: Besides, my whole future is at stake today. I'm starting the research on my dna, so I need to keep my mind on that, and only that.

 Mimi: Sure, of course. And I definitely want to help you with that -- I mean, if you still want me to.

 Rex: Of course I do. Look, I'll explain the experiment to you as we go.

 Mimi: Go? Go where?

 Rex: You'll see.

 Sami: Oh, so no new roommate since the redhead got kicked out?

 Marlena: Sami!

 Belle: Ha ha ha ha ha!

 Sami: Well, it's true.

 Marlena: Come on, she needs our understanding and support now more than ever.

 Belle: Look, mom, I tried. Cassie doesn't listen to me. She won't even listen to rex anymore.

 Marlena: She's frightened. She's defensive.

 Sami: Well, she's a pain.

 Marlena: She's your sister! You haven't spent much time with her, or with rex.

 Sami: Well, I did say I would go to the lunch, right?

 Belle: Hey, sami, it'll be fun

 Sami: Yeah, right!

 Belle: No.

 Marlena: Stop, stop, stop. Look, rex is trying to bring us closer as a family.

 Sami: Okay, well, whatever.

 Marlena: It would mean a lot to me if you would try to meet him halfway. Cassie, too.

 Belle: Mom, rex is easy. He's a good guy.

 Sami: Yeah, and he's not a screw-up like his sister -- well, at least, as far as we know.

 Marlena: I'm glad you get along so well with rex, but cassie needs you, too. She needs both her sisters now, especially now since she's sort of on her own, making new friends, not always making the best choices.

 Sami: What do you want us to do?

 Marlena: Reach out to her. Let her know you're there, no matter what. Remember, she hasn a always had the most positive influences in her life.

 Belle: I know. Okay, I'll try -- just for you.

 Sami: And I will, too, for all the good I'll do.

 Marlena: Thank you. I knew you would. You too.

 Cassie: Daddy.

 Tony: Thank you.

 Cassie: Would you like anything else?

 Lucas: Uh, no, not at the moment. Thanks.

 Tony: Weren't you supposed to change for your brother's luncheon?

 Cassie: Yes. I'm going to show off the new dress you bought me.

 Tony: Good. Better hurry up 'cause we're going to be leaving soon.

 Cassie: Oh, lucas, it was nice seeing you again.

 Lucas: Yeah, you, too. Charming girl, your daughter. Ahem.

 Tony: Cassie's off-limits to you. Is that clear?

 Lucas: Come on, she could do much worse.

 Tony: For a guy who visits high-priced hookers, you're lucky I allow you in the same room.

 Lucas: Well, you know what they say about people who live in glass houses. You frequent the same high-priced hooker joints I do, and I don't come close to being the home wrecker you are.

 Tony: Have you forgotten to whom you're speaking?

 Lucas: It's just that you wear your heart on your sleeve. It's no secret, you know. Everybody knows you have a thing for marlena. And, uh, you've tried to break up her marriage to john ever since you got back into town.

 Tony: My, don't you have a he o of a nerve? Ha ha ha ha ha. But I like that. You're certainly going to need it in this job.

 Lucas: Well, shall we get down to business?

 Tony: Yes. I want you to look over these. Study them carefully.

 Lucas: Okay, will do. I'll take care of it.

 Tony: Oh.

 Lucas: Yeah?

 Tony: I meant what I said about my daughter. Is that perfectly clear?

 Lucas: Crystal.

 Bo: This ought to jump-start my day. Here's mud in your eye.

 Bo: Sit back down.

 Man #2: Look, we're not looking for any trouble.

 Bo: You -- on the other side of that door, that's trouble. Now sit down.

 Man #3: Who do you think you are, mouthing off like that?

 Bo: Are you talkin' to me?

 Man #3: I'm gettin' outta here.

 Bo: The hell you are. There's this guy I'm lookin' for. Have you seen him?

 Hope: Okay, bride's bouquet is set.

 Jennifer: Yes -- set. All right, bridesmaids -- let's go. Uh... jack, you know what? Would you just hold this like this, and just stand in the doorway over there?

 Jack: Wh-what for?

 Jennifer: Because we want to see how the bridesmaids look as they're walking down the aisle. We want to get the whole picture.

 Hope: Think dress rehearsal. Be a bridesmaid.

 Jack: You're not going to tell anyone, are you?

 Jennifer: No, we won'T. We promise.

 Jack: Great.

 Jennifer: Thank you, jack.

 Hope: Are you going to hire a wedding planner?

 Jennifer: I don't think so 'cause we didn't invite that many people. I just want it to be low-key, very private. And besides, I like doing this with you and jack. It's more fun.

 Hope: Yeah, me, too. Okay, chorus girl, show us your stuff.

 Jennifer: Show us what you got, jack. Come on.

 Jack: All right. Ahem.

 Jennifer: Let's see ya.

 Jack: Here goes.

[ Doorbell rings ]

 Jack: Oh, saved by the bell.

 Jennifer: You got so lucky, jack. Ha ha!

 Jack: Okay. I--

 Barry: Thanks, jack, but really, you shouldn't have.

 Jack: Shmenkmen, I said I was going to call you. What are you doing here?

 Barry: I've got news -- big news.

 Jennifer: Oh, wait a minute. I'm sorry. Hope, this is barry shmenkmen our producer. Barry, this is my cousin hope.

 Hope: Hi. Nice to meet you.

 Barry: Okay, bring it in!

 Jack: Wait a minute. Bring what in? What's in the bag?

 Barry: Letters from your adoring fans.

 Jack: What?

 Barry: Show them.

 Jennifer: What? That whole bag?

[ Gasps ]

 Hope: Oh, my gosh!

 Jennifer: All these letters are for us?

 Barry: Since you announced your wedding on "in the house," the audience response has been overwhelming. Everyone in salem wants to attend your wedding.

 Tony: Now that we understand each other, you may leave.

 Lucas: Whatever you say, tony.

 Tony: Oh, by the way, there's one more file on echelon I'd like you to look at. Why don't you go to my desk drawer, take it out, and we'll talk about it later?

 Lucas: Will do.

 Cassie: Ahem.

 Tony: Oh, don't you look lovely? Do you know what pleasure it gives to me to make you and your brother happy? And you know I only want what's best for you.

 Cassie: Yeah.

 Tony: You understand that i don't want you to have anything to do with lucas roberts.

 Cassie: But he works here.

 Tony: He's not a man I want you to associate with. Understood?

 Cassie: Lucas is the third guy you've forbidden me to see. First there was chaz.

 Tony: Yes, well, he was a criminal out on bail.

 Cassie: And then philip kiriakis -- a marine serving his country -- and now lucas. Why don't I just call it quits and join a convent?

 Tony: That's fine with me.

 Cassie: Dad!

 Tony: Ha ha. Sweetheart. Oh, sweetheart, this is a wonderful time in your life. I want to make sure that -- that you enjoy it. I mean, can you live with a father that... loves you very much and would do anything to protect you?

 Cassie: I love yo for wanting to protect me.

 Tony: Oh, good.

 Cassie: [ Giggles ]

 Tony: Well, then... you understand my judgments.

 Cassie: I'll try. I will.

 Tony: Well, that's all asask. Okay, anyway, we better be going because the car is waiting for us outside.

 Cassie: Oh, actually, um, I want to take my own car 'cause I need to go to the university afterwards.

 Tony: Oh. Okay. So I'll meet you at tuscany.

 Cassie: Okay. Bye.

 Tony: Bye.

C cassie: Lucas. I need your help.

 Lucas: I, uh, thought you left with tony.

 Cassie: Well, I was going to, but I wanted to take my own car, and it's not starting. I can't be late for my brother's own party. Could you possibly drive me?

 Lucas: Always glad to help a damsel in distress. Sure. Where are we going?

 Cassie: Tuscany. I hate taking you away from your work.

 Lucas: Yeah... I'll just bet you do.

 Mimi: Rex, isn't everyone going to wonder what I'm doing at a family gathering?

 Rex: It's my party. I can invite whoever I want. Here. Everything you need is here.

 Mimi: Oh, we'll never get away with it.

 Belle: Get away with what?

 Rex: This.

 Sami: Wow, you two, get a room. Ha ha ha!

 Belle: I'll see you lovebirds inside.

 Belle: Sami, wait. Let me see your purse.

 Sami: What?

 Maggie: Hi!

 Marlena: Maggie, hello.

 Maggie: How are you?

 Marlena: I'm wonderful. I've missed you. We'll have lunch next week?

 Maggie: Definitely. Your table is all ready and waiting. Hi, girls.

 Belle: Oh, hey, dad's here! Hi, dad!

 Marlena: Oh, maggie, it's lovely.

 Maggie: I knew this was a special occasion. You must be very proud.

 Marlena: I am.

 Rex: Okay, so, you in or out?

 Mimi: Ooh, here's hoping I don't blow it.

 Sami: Mom, I'm starved! When do we eat?

 Marlena: Not everybody's here yet, sami.

 Sami: Ohh!

 Maggie: I -- hint, hint -- will send the waitress over to take your drink orders.

 Marlena: Okay. We'll sit down then.

 Belle: I'll sit across from you.

 Marlena: Okay.

 Sami: Oh, so, rex, you got to tell us -- what's the reason for this shindig?

 Rex: Well, it's just a family get-together.

 Marlena: No, he's being modest. We're here to celebrate the fact atat rex has completed four years of college in one year.

 Sami: Wow, let's hear it for the genetically-engineered brain!

 Sami: What did I say?

 Jack: All these folks want to attend our wedding?

 Jennifer: We just wanted to have a small private ceremony, just our family and friends.

 Barry: You can't let your fans down. You're their inspiration. That's why I came up with this great concept.

 Jack: Concept? What concept?

[ Pager beeps ]

 Barry: That's the studio. I got to run. Trust me, kids, it'll be a ratings bonanza.

 Jennifer: Wait, barry! No, no, you are not going anywhere until you tell us what is going on in that devious mind of yours.

 Barry: Isn't it obvious? We televise the wedding live for all the world to see. Ciao.

 Jennifer: Wait, bar-- wait!

 Jack: Ciao?

 Bo: He look familiar?

 Man: Well, um...

 Man #2: Shut up!

 Bo: If you've seen him before, you got to tell me.

 Man: You a cop?

 Bo: Just a guy looking for answers.

 Man: Well, you won't get 'em here. I thought for a second I saw this guy on tv, but if I did, I sure can't place him.

 Bo: Then I guess I'm wasting my time, huh?

 Bo: Thanks for breakfast.

 Man #3: You come back soon, hear?

[ Motorcycle engine starts ]

 Man #2: Vinny, it's jake. We got trouble.

 Rex: Oh, dad's here. Excuse me.

 Tony: Well, congratulations, son.

 Rex: Thank you.

 Tony: You set your ghghts high, and you achieved your goals.

 Rex: Just following in your footsteps, dad.

 Tony: Hey...

 Sami: Well, big daddy's here. So can we start eating already?

 Mimi: Start? You're half finished.

 Sami: Okay. Skinny, pass me the bread, please. Whoa!

 Mimi: Oh, whoops, I'm sorry.

 Sami: Oh, that's okay. Don't worry about it.

 Mimi: Here. Here, take mine.

 Sami: Oh, thanks.

 Tony: Well, I'm surprised to see you here, joh

 John: It's family.

 Belle: Is cassie coming?

 Tony: Oh, here she is now.

 Rex: Well, better late than never.

 Cassie: Congratulations, brother.

 Rex: I'm glad you're here. You too, lucas.

 Lucas: Oh, thank you. Here you go.

 Sami: Um, disappear, party crasher.

 Lucas: Um, I was invited.

 Cassie: You and sami know each other?

 Lucas: Yeah, actually we do -- intimately.

 Sami: Shut up.

 Mimi: Excuse me, I'll be right back.

 Cassie: So let me try and get this straight. You have five kids.

 Marlena: Yes, I do.

 Cassie: By three different fathers. You really get around, don't you? X

 Jennifer: What are you doing?

 Jack: I'm getting rid of any and all letters kiking us to turn our private ceremony into a public spectacle. I'm gonna take this back to the studio and let the interns answer this mountain of mail.

 Jennifer: Jack, wait.

 Cassie: Suddenly everybody's so quiet. Was that a rude thing to say? All I meant was you've been involved with a lot of men. Actually, three isn't all that many, and I think it's cool.

 Marlena: We don't want to hear what you think, cassie. My marriages, the way that I've lived my life, does not warrant criticism, commentary, or critiquing by you or anybody else. I'm going to try to excuse what you've done because you didn't have the information, and you're clearly thrown by it. I take responsibility for not having told you sooner and in private.

 Cassie: No more commentary. I just have a question.

 Marlena: No, not now.

 Cassie: Just one, I promise. Um... what's it like still having all those men involved in your life? I mean, your ex-husbands.

 Belle: Cassie!

 Cassie: I was just wondering if it's weird.

 Marlena: It's not weird at all. I feel very blessed that we all get along so well. We do because we've worked very hard at that, because t think it's important -- really important, especially for our children.

 Rex: Okay, well, before we go on, there are a few things I'd like to say...

 Tony: Mimi. Aren't you going to join us? You're missed.

 Mimi: Yes. I was just checking my cl phone. I have so many messages.

[ Clears throat ]

 Rex: Good. Evyoyone's here. Okay, well, the real reason for this get-together isn't to celebrate my college achievement. Cassie and I want to spend time getting to know our family, which turns out to be a lot larger than we realized. And as mother said many times, it's important that we all get along, especially for me and cassie, because we grew up without family. And I do realize there's always been bad blood amongst the dimeras and the blacks. But I hope somehow we can get past that now and really work at being clo..

 Maggie: Excuse me, um, I have a special request from your host.

 Rex: Do you mind if maggie takes a family photo?

 Marlena: Oh. That's a great iA.

 Belle: Where would you like us?

 Maggie: Oh, I think in front of the painting of tuscany.

 Belle: Come on, mim

 Mimi: No, I'm not part of the family.

 Maggie: Come on!

 Rex: Come on.

 Cassie: Just leave her there.

 Maggie: Oh... oh, that's gonna be good. Okay, yeah...

 Sami: Tony, we need to talk about what happened at the blue note.

 Tony: I don't think this is the right time.

 Sami: Well, I --

 Jake: That's what I'm trying to tell you. He didn't give his name, but I'm real sure --

 Bo: That was vin ramsell, wasn't it?

 Jake: Don't know what you're talking about.

 Bo: Like hell you don'T. Sit down.

 Bo: What's your name?

 Jake: Jake. What's it to you?

 Bo: Give me your phone.

 Jake: No.

 Bo: I'm not asking you, jake. I'm telling ya.

 Jake: I can'T.

 Bo: Cut the crap. I know that was ramsell you were talking to. I saw how you reacted when I showed you his picture.

 Jake: What do you want with this guy ramsell for, anyway?

 Bo: You either give me your phone, or I take it from you. Your choice. Look at me. Do I look like I'm playing a game here?

 Maggie: Great. Well, I think we got it.

 Cassie: Just me, rex, mom, and dad.

 Tony: Well, I think it's a wonderful idea.

 Rex: Is this good?

 Tony: Yeah, works for me.

 Marlena: Uh, sure.

 Maggie: Sure. Okay. Here you go. Okay. Smiles. Smile, smile.

 Marlena: Oh.

 Maggie: Okay, that's it. We got it. Okay.

 Rex: So, how many samples have you gotten?

 Mimi: Sami's and tony'S. I grabbed belle's water glass, but the waitress spotted me before I could stash it.

 Rex: I've got to have belle's dna.

 Mimi: I'll get you something, if I don't have a heart attack first.

 Rex: Relax, okay? We're almost done.

 Mimi: We are?

 Rex: Marlena's hair. I got it off her shoulder during the photo.

 Mimi: What now?

 Rex: Well, once the party breaks up, my research begins, and I'll have all the answers I need.

 Tony: Trust me. What happened the other night at blue note was an isolated incident. You're not in any danger.

 Sami: No danger? That thug tried to kill you, and he took me hostage. He could've killed me, too. No thanks to lucas who was just egging him on. Tony, I still have the bruises.

 Tony: Can we talk about this later? You're fine at present. Let's not spoil my son's party. Yes?

 Marlena: What's going on between you and tony?

 Sami: You two were eavesdropping?

 John: You said someone tried to kill you?

 Sami: It was a stupid thing. I mean, this employee at the blue note -- he got freaked out because tony fired him, and I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

 John: I'm going to go talk to dimera.

 Marlena: Did tony call the police?

 Sami: Well --

 Marlena: No, of course he didn'T. Dimeras never call the police. They think they are the law unto themselves.

 Sami: Mom, it's over, okay? I'm fine.

 Marlena: You re lucky. Promise me you will stay clear of tony dimera, please?

 Sami: If you're not afraid of him, mom, why should I be?

 Marlena: Honey, I've taken on dimeras before. You haven'T.

 Sami: All right. All right, I promise I will avoid tony like the plague.

 Marlena: Thank you. Oh, honey, I love you.

 Sami: I love you, too, mom.

 Bo: No need for that.

 Bo: Do you really want to get busted up over a phone? Give me the phone. Now.

 Jake: That's it? All you wanted was the number?

 Bo: That's all I wanted. I'm sure you told ramsell that someone was looking for him. That's fine with me. But if you have any ideas of calling him back and telling him that I have his phone number, do yourself a favor -- don'T.

 Jake: I won'T. I swear.

 Bo: Good boy, jake. Now get the hell out of here.

 Samantha: When we think of the food in a hospital cafeteria, we think of bland soups, premade sandwiches

 Jennifer: "When I'm feeling blue, you give me hope. I know I'm asking a lot, but attending your wedding would mean so much to me. Awaiting your reply."

 Jack: I think they're all like this.

 Jennifer: Jack, these fans have so much invested in us.

 Jack: What? What are you thinking?

 Jennifer: Well, I'm just thinking... I mean, if we were to televise the wedding, we could invite everyone to join us and still keep it sort of private.

 Jack: You really want the whole world to be a part of our special day?

 Jennifer: It wouldn't be the whole world, jack, but these fans -- these letters -- they just really get to me, that's all.

 Jack: Your family's going to think we're crazy.

 Jennifer: They already think we're crazy.

 Jack: Your grandmother alice. What is she going to think?

 Jennifer: She thinks we're crazy. I don't know. Hope, we need you! Quick!

 Jack: Help.

 Hope: I'm coming, I'm coming.

 Jennifer: Listen, what do you think gram would think if we were to televise our wedding?

 Hope: You've been reading those letters, haven't you?

 Jennifer: Yes, and I-I feel responsible.

 Hope: You know what I think? I think that if you want to televise the wedding, then that's what you should do.

 Jennifer: Well, what about the rest of the family?

 Hope: The rest of the family, they love you, and they want to see you happy. This is your wedding. Trust your intuition.

 Jack: Will you, jennifer rose horton, take me on live television as your lawfully wedded husband for all the world to see?

 Jennifer: You know, it really could be a wonderful experience, sharing our love like that to show everyone that you really are my soul mate.

 Jack: Is that a yes?

 Jennifer: Yes, that's a yes. Till death do us part.

 Belle: So, uh, mimi, what's up with that bag? Because you've been carrying it around all afternoon.

 Mimi: It's new. It's a gift from rex. It has sentimental value.

 Belle: Oh.

 Mimi: So, what's up with you and older men, cassie?

 Cassie: You mean lucas?

 Belle: You guys aren't, like, dating or anything, are you?

 Cassie: I hardly even know him. He is really hot, though.

 Sami: Wait, you didn't just say that. Look, cassie, do yourself a favor and stay away from lucas. He is a loser with a capital "L."

 Cassie: Oh, that's funny. That's what everybody says about you.

 Mimi: Ha ha ha.

 Tony: Lucas. You don't follow orders very well, do you?

 Lucas: Cassie told you.

 Tony: The next time may daughter has car trouble, you call her a cab.

 Mimi: Won't you be missed? It's your party. The host always stays llll the end.

 Rex: Yeah, well, I'm starting a new tradition.

 John: Tony. I think we need to get a few things straight.

 Tony: Oh, john, this is supposed to be a happy occasion.

 John: It's bad enough you tried to kill me, but now you put sami's life in danger?

 Tony: Oh, don't be so dramatic.

 John: I'll say it one more time -- stay away from my family. Now we're down to one minute left in regulation time of this the 7th game. ...It's just like over-time now and what a series this has been's a loose-puck at centre ice here they come, a three man break down that left side.

There comes a time

every year when women

say to themselves...

season's over he shoots! He scores!

The ford escape.

It's genuine.

It's powerful.

It's an suv

built for life in canada.

 Mimi: Ever consider being a nascar driver? You broke every speed limit in the book.

 Rex: Yeah, well, I have to get started. Mimi, I have to work, okay?

 Mimi: Yeah, and speaking of your incredibly important work, I haven't heard a "thanks, meems, for yo your amazing underhanded help. I couldn't have done it without you."

 Rex: Sorry.

 Mimi: Well, that's a thank-you. Now I'll let you do what you have to do.

 Rex: Wait, not yet.

 Mimi: What about your project?

 Rex: Uh, it can wait. It'll have to.

 Cassie: I hope my dad didn't scare you away.

 Lucas: You don't think I'm the big, bad wolf, do you?

 Cassie: I do. That's what makes it more fun.

 Marlena: Mm.

 John: You okay?

 Marlena: I'm still worried about tony and sami.

 John: I warned tony to stay away from her and the rest of our family. There's only so much that we can do to protect cassie and rex, but I intend to make sure that tony has nothing to do with any of our other children.

 Sami: Well, everyone in our party seems to have gone, so I think we could finish that discussion now.

 Tony: Why, hasn't john and marlena turned you off me yet?

 Sami: I stared down the barrel of a gun because of you. I think that that's the worst it can get.

 Tony: Yeah. I admire your spirit. That's why I've been thinking. You might be interested in helping me out... with a project that's particularly suited to your talents.

 Sami: Well, you've definitely intrigued me. Tell me about it.

 Tony: It involves the termination of john and marlena's marriage.

 Hope: Sorry to break this up, but...ahem!

 Jack: Huh? Oh! Uh, right, well, I'd better get over to the tv station and give shmenkmen the good news.

 Jennifer: Oh, and, hope, we need to revamp all the wedding plans right away.

 Hope: That'll have to wait.

 Jennifer: Oh, it can't wait.

 Hope: Sorry. But you have to go upstairs and get ready.

 Jennifer: Ready for what?

 Hope: Your bachelorette party.

 Jennifer: What?

 Hope: It's today. I planned it, and you're going.

 Jennifer: I don't believe this! Wait, what about abby?

 Jack: Abigail -- I'll pick her up after school.

 Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. All right, well, then, uh, I'll see you tonight.

 Jack: Tonight. I'll see you. Bye.

 Jennifer: I can't believe this. I'm going to get ready for my party.

 Jack: Right, right. It has been so crazy. Thank you for planning this for jennifer.

 Hope: I would do anything for jennifer.

 Jack: I know that. Me too. Thanks.

 Hope: I really miss you, brady.

 Man: So, what will you veve for lunch?

 Bo: Chicken fried steak sounds good.

 Man: All right, I'll be in the kitchen.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Bo: Brady.

 Hope: Hey. Hey, I miss you.

 Bo: Hey, fancy face.

 Hop w where are you?

 Bo: I've tracked ramsell to a town here in oklahoma.

 Hope: You know where he's hiding?

 Bo: Not exactly, but I got a phone number from a buddy of his. I got to stop and have something to eat before I follow up on it. Been on the road all night.

 Hope: Call the local police or the fbi. Explain the situation and ask them to help.

 Bo: This is something I need to take care of myself, fancy fa-- you know that.

 Hope: Brady, I understand your frustration, but really --

 Bo: I'm going to find ramsell. I'm gonna drag him back to salem and make sure he gets a life sentence.

 Hope: And then what?

 Bo: I don't know. I really don't know.

 Nicole: That got your attention, didn't it?

 Lucas: Sami has made my life a living hell. And I have never been in a position to pay her back.

 Tony: Once I'm finished with her, she's all yours.

 Lucas: That's all I need to know.

 Philip: I'm proud of my mission.

 Belle: What is it?

 Philip: Sorry, that's classified.

Knock on door ]

>> Tony: Come in.

>> Lucas: Good morning.

>> Tony: Ah, lucas.

>> Lucas: Is it a bad time?

>> Tony: No, no, not at all. Would you like some coffee?

>> Lucas: Uh, no, thank you.

>> Tony: So, you're here to accept my job offer?

>> Lucas: Well, I'm here to talk about it, anyway. Now, managing echelon would be amazing, believe me. It has a lot of appeal, but you did mention other things.

>> Tony: Y I did. Please, sit.

>> Lucas: Thank you. Could you, uh, give me some details? I kind of need to know what I'm getting involved in.

>> Tony: Well, I know a little bit about you. Lilike the way you handle yourself. I'm looking for someone -- somebody -- that I can train personally.

>> Lucas: Well, uh, thanks, but... I'm not really interested in being a gofer, or somebody like that bart guy.

>> Tony: No, no, that's not what I'm talking about.F

>> Lucas: Well, what are you talking about? What's this?

>> The why, it's your first job assignment.

>> Kate: I hope you like your bacon crispy.

>> Roman: Yes, ma'am, I do. That looks great. So does the breakfast.

>> Kate: Ha ha. Oh, breakfast is my specialty, you know?

>> Roman: You've g a a lot of specialties, lady.

[ Doorbell rings ]

>> Kate: Uhh! That's probably for me. I'm having a messenger sent from basic black so I can work from he today.

>> Roman: Good idea. Let me get the door. Philip!

>> Philip: Hi, captain brady. I understand my mom --

>> Kate: Philip! Oh, my god! Oh, you're home! Re home. Ahh...

[ Knock on door ]

[ Knocking continues ]

>> Belle: Oh! This better be good.

[ Knocking continues ]

>> Belle: I'm coming! Nb

>> Gabriella: What are you doing?

>> Belle: Doing? What --

>> Gabriella: I can't believe you're not dressed! You have a very important P.R. Breakfast this morning at tuscany. I told you that.

>> Belle: Oh, my god. Oh, my god, you did tell me, and I forgot to set a alarm! I was so tired last night when I came home --

>> Gabriella: Shh! No excuses. No time that. We have to get you dressed, get your hair fixed, makeup. Come on, come on, wake up and focus. Get it together. You too, mimi lockhart. Up and at 'em, chiquita.

>> Mimi: No, I don't really think so.

>> Gabriella: Oh, yes. You have to t there, too. The viewers adore you. You're a mega-hit, meems. America wants to spend time with the two "love is blind" babes.

>> Rex: I appreciate you coming, shawn.

>> Shawn-d: Yeah, no problem.

>> Maggie: Thank you very much. Make sure there's a water pitcher and glasses next to the podium, okay?

>> Woman: Sure thing, maggie.

>> Maggie: Hello, shawn, rex.

>> Rex: Hey.

>> Maggie: Nice to see you both.

>> Shawn-d: Yeah, good to see you, maggie.

>> Maggie: Are you here for the P.R. Breakfast?

>> Shawn-d: Yeah, what is that?

>> Maggie: Well, "love is blind" is having a breakfast and press conference. It's going to be huge. It's great for the business here, and let me tell you, the show has been a bonanza for the restaurant.

>> Shawn-d: Yeah. That's great. I just -- I didn't know anything about it -- this press conference.

>> Mgigie: Oh. Well, belle is coming, of course. I thought that's why you came.

>> Rex: No, actually I'm the one that wanted to see you, miss horton. Yeah, I'd like t range a special family lunch

>> Maggie: Oh, how lovely. A celebration of some kind?

>> Rex: Well, technically, yes. 'S -- you know, I want to thank everybody who was there for me for my first year of college.

>> Shawn-d: Yeah, amazing year where he made us all look bad.

>> Rex: Come on, I think you did that all by yourselves.

>> Shawn-d: Oh, thanks.

>> Woman: Excuse me, maggie?

>> Maggie: Yes?

>> Woman: Let me know as soon as that "love is blind" couple arrives.

>> Maggie: Okay. Is someone looking for them?

>> Woman: Just me. I can hardly wait toeeee them together in person. They are such a cute couple, don't you think? Made for each other.

>> Maggie: Tina, really --

>> Tina: Let me know as soon as they get here, okay? I'm gonna take some pictures.

>> Maggie: Oh, good. Oh, oh, I'll take care of it.

>> Chloe: Whoa!

>> Brady: Whoa! Hi there.

>> Chloe: Hi. Brady, you start me.

>> Brady: I'm sorry. Your mom let me in. She was just on her way to the doctor with the baby. You look all dressed up.

>> Chloe: Not really.

>> Brady: You don't look happy to see me.

>> Chloe: Of course I am. I just...

>> Brady: All right, wh wrong?

>> Chloe: I had this dream last night -- actually, this morning right before I woke up.

>> Brady: Well, tell me about it.

>> Chloe: It's really not worth talking about.

>> Brady: Come on, chloe, you can tell me anything. I want to hear it.

>> Chloe: Hahad a dream that philip showed up in my room u ounced, an was really upset with me, and he was telling me all the ways that I had hurt him.

>> Brady: You sure it was a dream?

>> Chloe: Yes, it was a dream. He would never do anything like that. So, did you tell him that I want to see him?

>> Brady: Yeah, he'll be by...sometime.

>> Chloe: Oh, maybe he'll come by this morning. That's why you came here, isn't it? He's going to come here, and you want to be here when he is.

>> Brady: Yes, yes, actually it is. And before you ask, the answer is -- again -- yes. You're damn right I'm jealous. Sands through thhohourglas are the days of our lives. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

>> Lucas: My first assignment, huh? What is it?

>> Tony: You take that envelope to echelon. You'll meet a man there by the name ofimimon grisone. You give it to him. Just tell him it's from me.Ys

>> Tony: No, just wait aro watch him read it. See what the response is, and then you'll let me know what it is.

>> Lucas: And that's it?

>> Tony: That's it.

>> Lucas: Come on, you're pulling my leg, right?

>> Tony: I assure you I'm not. Look, if you're not interested, I understand. You could just leave it. No hard feelings. Bu you are considering it, then you've gototo follow through with this assignment. You'll get an idea of what it is exactly I'm proposing for you. Well? Listen, I'm a busy man. Make up your mind.

>> Lucas: No, no, I agree. I, um, I accept it.

>> Tony: Good.Ys I'll hear from you shortly.

>> Lucas: Okay. Uh, I'll be in touch. Have a great day.

>> Tony: Hmm...

>> Lucas: Oh, I'm sorry. Are you okay?

>> Cassie: I think so.

>> Lucas: I-I didn't see you. I was distracted.

>> Cassie: Hey, it's okay. There's no harm done.

>> Lucas: You're sure you're all right?

>> Cassie: Yeah, I'm fine.

>> Lucas: Okay. Uhwewell, take care.

>> Cassie: Yeah. I will.

>> Chloe: You have no reason to be jealous, brady

>> Brady: I know, I know. Jealousy is the wrong word. I'm -- it's anger. I'm angry that philip has come back now, just when things are starting to come together for us. I mean, even thinking about philip, chloe -- who needs that? @@

>> Chloe: What do you want me to do, ignore him? Not take his ls?

>> Brady: No, no, ourse not.

>> Chloe: Brady, you are related to him. And he was really special to me at one time. We have to at least give him a chance to prove that he's changed.

>> Brady: He hurt you really badly, chloe. You remember that? And he had my butt thrown in jail for something I didn't even do. Those are the facts. Ey c

>> Chloe: What's with you? I thought you were such a big believer in forgiveness.

>> Brady t when it means if g somethin if me I have fought really hard fo

>> Chloe: I don't get it. What would you bsacrificing by forgiving philip?

>> Brady: Chloe, if philip comes back into our lives, it's trouble. I'm not saying that he can break us up, ca an d hehean mak u fe look already has, chloe, in a dream. And he's gonna make me feel anger and resentment and jealousy and everything I don't want to feel!

>> Chloe: Do you hear yourself right now? You're just assuming that we're all gonna fall back into an old pattern of behavior. My god, we have been through so much, and so has philip. He left his family. He left his home. He joined the marines. And we have grown up so much. I'm sure he has, too. I could see it in his eyes when I saw him on tv. And I want t optimistic and believe that we can all get along, that the dynamic between us has c c wawant us to see the good in each other and all be friends. >> Brady: [ Scoffs ]

>> Chloe: What?

>> Brady: Well, that's not gonna happen. No way in hell. Nb

>> Mimi: Why is it that when absolutely nothing is going oncin your life, a phone hasn't rung in days, you haven't got a blessed thing to do, you look in the mirror, and you totally fall in love with yourself, heartbroken that no one else is there to share in your extraordinary beauty? But -- but when it matters a lot, a lot, a lot, like today, like right now when the whole world is about to be staring at you on national television, your hair is flat, and your eye is noticeably larger than the other one, your nose is crooked, your mouth looks weird, and your ears are hanging too low.

>> Belle: [ Gasps ] That is not me. That is a very ugly girl with really bad hair. That is not me.

>> Gabriella: Don't worry about that now. Gail is at tuscany. She's the best hairdresser in the business, and she's waiting for us. I'll have her do your hair there. It'll look great.

>> Mimi: Can she do mine, too, please, plsese?

>> Gabriella: Of course she will. * And you know, dear hearts, this breakfast is just the beginning. We've got a whole day of personal appearances, interviews, tv guest spots.

>> Belle: Wait, I have classes. I have homework.

>> Gabriella: You're a bright girl. You'll make it up.

>> Mimi: This is gonna be so cool, belle. What if "access hollywood" is there? I would love to meet nancy o'dell. She is so adorable.

>> Gabriella: Yes, she is. And you know wha she is going to be kissing your behinds, girls,because you got big ratings. See, that's how this business works, and we are riding high! Aw, how cute. But it has to go.

>> Belle: Wait! Why did you just do that?

>> Gabriella: The photographers are coming by later to shoot candids of your place. Has to look like philip is your one and only. Don't want to upset our viewews, do we?

>> Belle: [ Groans ]

K kate: Oh, I am so glad you're here. We thought you shipped out. Oh, honey, come in.

>> Philip: Well, my outfit was shipped out, but I was transferred, and then I got reassigned.

>> Roman: Really? Why?

>> Philip: Well, who knows? It's the corps, you know. I just folloders.

>> Kate: Oh, why didn't you call? I was so worried about you.

>> Philip: Well, mom, I actually got a chance to be on this tv reality show called "love is blind." I don't know if you've heard of it.

>> Kate: Oh, yeah, I've heard of it. I haven't watched it.

>> Philip: Right. But I was chosen to be the ststery hunk, and so i couldn't let belle and mimi and the rest of the gang know that it was me.

>> Kate: Really?

>> Philip: Yeah.

>> Kate: Oh, we're gonna have to hear all about that. Ooh. I sh get dressed. I'll be right back, though.

>> Philip: So...

>> Roman: [ Chuckles ] So... why'd you come back to salem, philip? What's the real reason?

More fun...

>> Rex: So, did that remark bother you?

>> Shawn-d: Remark?

>> Rex: Yeah. What the waitress said abo hihi d belle. Shawn-d: No, no. He show, believes they're a couple... it's what the show's osed to do, right? How can I be upset? Maggie, what's with the early morning college crowd?

>> Maggie: Well, I think they're the guys the "love is blind" people invited. Now, they're supposed to be fans.

>> Shawn-d: Oh...right.

[ Reporters shouting ]

>> Woman: Meems, what did you mean? Are you going along on this date?

>> Gabriella: The girls already have fans.

>> Man: Can I get your autograph?

>> Belle: Yeah, sure.

>> Man: Thanks.

>> Man #2: Hey, mimi, we're having a little lawn party this afternoon. Ite great if you made it.

>> MI: Oh, that's really nice, but I-I...

>> Belle: I-I don't -- I'm sorry. I don't have any pictures.

>> Cassie: Good morning.

>> Tony: Oh, good morning. So, have you had any breakfast?

>> Cassie: I'm not hungry. I haven't really had much of an appetite lately.

>> Tony: Oh. And why is that?

>> Cassie: I don't know. I guess I've just been depressed. I'm mad at myself.

>> Tony: About what? Well, talk to me. Please sit down.

>> Cassie: I've just been in so much trouble. The party last week and chaz and the police... I've just been so dumb. I keep making these mistakes, and it's so manyisistakes. I just... I don't know at rong with me.

>> Tony: Cassie, stop it. You're not dumb. You're exceelily bright. You know, you're not... listen, you can't beat yourself like this. I mean, you're a little naive, and that's totally dederstandable. And you could be more discriminating with the people you socialize with. I mean, they're not in the same league. I mean, this chaz and, well, that vin character -- I mean, they're trouble. People who deal with drugs are tr E.

>> Cassie: I understand that now. Better late than er, right?

>> Ty:Y: Absolutel

>> Cassie: Now, there's another boy that's kind of come back into my life.

>> Tony: Really.

>> Cassie: Well, he won't cause any trouble, though. He's a real standup guy. He's a soldier, actually. I drove backo o his base after the show last night.

>> Tony: Who is this standup guy?

>> Cassie: Philip kiriakis. You know him, don't you?

>> Philip: Captain brady, it's like I said -- I was transferred and then reassigned to the base outside of town.

>> Roman: That make you happy?

>> Philip: Well, I like being close to my family, yeah. I mean, part of me still wants to be with my marine buddies doing my share overseas. So you my mom are getting pretty serious, huh?

>> Roman: Yeah, we are. Yeah, we've been spending a lot of time together.

>> Philip: Well, good. I hope it works out. She hasn't had much luck when it comes to men.

>> Roman: Yeah, well, I haven't had a whole lot of luck when it comes to women. Have you?

>> Philip: You really know how to sidestep an issue.

>> Roman: So do you.

>> Philip: Hoo-rah.

>> Roman: Hoo-rah -- marine.

>> Kate: Well, now, can I get you something to eat?

>> Philip: No, I'm not hungry, mom. It's okay.

>> Kate: I'm not hungry, either. I am just so excited. Oh, honey, just when I thought things couldn't get any better, you have come home.

>> Chloe: Brady, you're not even going to give him a chance?

>> Brady: I don't want philip hanging around you, chloe.

>> Chloe: He is not hanging around me. I haven't even seen him yet. All I plan to do is see h e's doing, wish him well. He's really a good guy ady. >> Brady: Yeah, a good guy that you used to be in love with.

>> Chloe: I never really loved him. I told you that. Not the way that I love you. But I'm not going to turn my back on philip, and why should you? He is part of your famil

>> Brady: Yeah, but you are my life.

>> Chloe: And you are mine, too. Don't you kn hat?

>> Brady: I guess I just worry sometimes, because philip ^ philip was your first riend and everything.

>> Chloe: And he's not my boyfriend anymore, nor do I want him to be. Nor do I want you to ever, ever feel threatened by him ornynyone else.

>> Brady: Chlo don't t this is a idea. No, this is -- I think it's too soon.

>> Chloe: We'll see about that.

>> Man: How's that chemistry, belle? Is it as good as it seems, huh?

>> Rhonda: Is it real?

>> Belle: Look, I think philip is great. We just haven't gotten a chance to talsisince he came back.

>> Woman: Well, what's your gut reaction? Are you excited?

>> Man: You must know something already. You've spent some time with him, right?

>> Belle: Well...

>> Man: You've met him.

>> Man #2: So, mimi, come on you don't want to hang out with these phi sis. They're just geeks. Let me just take you out to lunch, and we can -- we can talk this over.

>> Man #3: Wait a minute. I thought you were all hot for belle.

>> Man #2: She's taken, dude. Mimi's available, and she's prime.

>> Man #3: Yeah, well, I was here first, so back off.

>> Man #4: Mimi, forget these guys. They're so immature.

>> Mimi: I think you're all really cool.

>> Rex: That's enough. I'm putting a stop to this. Mimi, can I talk to you for a second?

>> Man #3: Hey, bro, back off. We all want to talk to her.

>> Man #4: Mimi, we do have to go to the house. We can, uh, go to the grill. What do you think?

>> Mimi: Oh, okay. Well, you know what? I accept.

>> Man #3: All right. Cool.

>> Gabriella: What are you doing? You're not supposed to be here.

>> Shawn-d: I just stopped by. I had no idea any of this was going on. And last time I checked, tuscan open to the public, is it not?

>> Gabriella: Of course. I better see what the girls are doing.

>> Shawn-d: How long are you going to need belle today?

>> Gabriella: I've got her booked for the entire day.

>> Shawn-d: The entire day? Why?

>> Gabriella: Because re promoting this show, working to make it a success. Is that a foreign concept to you, shawn?

>> Shawn-d: No, listen, I am belle's boyfriend...

>> Woman: Are you claiming to be belle black's boyf d?

>> Phili n now, those first few weeks, I just got my legs beneath me, and after that, I mean, boot camp wasn't so bad.

>> Kate: Oh, honey, I am so glad to hear that. Now, did you shine?

>> Philip: Well, some, yeah. I mean, I won a few medals, and they picked me for S.E.A.L. Training.

>> Roman: Damn. Why'd they do atat, philip?

>> Philip: Um, I mean, I had aining that wa good as the S.E.A.L.S get.

[ Doorbell rings ]

>> Kate: Oh, that must be my mesnger. I'll get I

>> Philip: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

>> Roman: What do you think? I want to what you're really up to, philip.

>> Lasas: Anybody here?

>> Man: What do you want?

>> Man #2: Listen, I'll get back to you. Yeah. You too.

>> Lucas: Hey, I'm looking for simon grisone.

>> Man #2: Who the hell are you? Nb he^ we will return for the secondalf of "days of ou in just a moment. [

>> Chl see? I feel fine and healthy. In fact, I feel better than ever.

>> Brady: Yes, you do.

>> Chloe: I lo ou.

[ Doorbell rings ]

>> Brady: Chloe, there's somebody at the door.

[ Ring ] Hloe: Philip. Give me a couple of minutes. I'll be right there!

>> Cassie: I don't know if you saw him on the "love is blind" show. I mean, knowing you, you probably didn't watch it, but he's just go us. I thought he was cute and all before he left for the marines, but he's just -- he's ble, and he is so sm I don't understand how I didn't realize it --

>> Tony: That's enough.

>> Cassie: What?

>> Tony: I want you to understand this v clearly. This man is not an option for you. You will not date him, you will not go anywhere near him. Is that clear?

>> Cassie: Why?

>> Tony: Because he's a kis!

>> Lucas: I ca from tony dime I have a message for you from him. Are you grisone?

>> Lucas: There you go.

>> On ay u delivered. Now beat it. >> Lucas: I'm supposed to stay here until you've opened it.

>> Lucas: Well?

>> Simon: What do you want me to do?

>> Lucas: What are you talking about?

>> Simon: Mr. Dimera gave you complete authority over me. You can ask me to do anything, and I have to obey.

Teflon brought you

the non-stick frying pan.

>> Mimi: Can you believe all th?

>> Rex: No, I can't believe it. >> I: Excuse me, fellas. I'll be right back.

>> Rex: No, you won'T.

>> Mimi: It's a good thing I've got my feet screwed on straight. No, wait, that isn't right. It's head screwed on straight and feet on the ground. Anyway, you know what I mean.

>> Rex: Yeah, I know.

>> Mimi: Showbiz can be so intoxicating. I don't know how britney spears does it. Although, I guess she probably doesn't anymore. She's so o isn't she?

>>>> Rex: I dn't know. >> Mimi: But it's fantas for one's self-esteem, if hasn't got a whole lot of it. And this one doesn'T.

>> Rex: Seems to me you're doing just fine in the self-esteem department.

>> Mimi: Me?

>> Rex: With guys whistling at you and blowing kisses.

>> Mimi: Blowing kisses? I didn't see any of them blow --

>> Rex: Whatever they were doing, okay? You know what I mean. Mimi: No, I don'T.

>> Rex: You said it yourself. It's gone to your head.

>> Mimi: No, I didn't, and it hasn't, and it's just fun for me, rex, and so different t t o be. I mean, if there's somethi like less than zero self-esteem, that's what I had.

>> Rex: Not since I have known Y..

>> Mimi: No, before. But not all that long ago. I felt invisible. People couldn't see me. They just looked right through me, which wa st as well, because I thought if they did look at me, thth wou like *at n ve changed

>> Mimi: Except belle. She pretty much saved me.

>> Rex: From what?

>> Mimi: Thinking I was a total loser, which, for a while there, I was. Hole family was. We hit rock bottom a couple years ago. Pretty much lost everything. We had to live homeles wh kes sense, use idn've a hom just, like, this big cardbo type thi wi which it didn'T. We spent hole winter shivering. The only time s ever warm was when I went to school. And I hated to go to school because I was so shamed. I on h had one change of clothes. For days at me. On h hto , o mimipart two is just about toin.

>> Rex: I'd say it already has.

>> M a coupl ments in the spotlight, and your whole world starts to look diffentnt. You start to feel different -- at least I do. >> Rex: Yeah. So I've noticed.

>> Mimi: Is there something wrong, rex? Ex: No. >> I: Oka then you're mad about something.

>> Rex: I' t mad. >> Mimi: Then what? Rnothth

>>>> Mim ome on tell what it is. What's the matter?

>> Rex: What do you think is the matter?

>> Mimi: Okay, answering a question with a question is one of my pet peeves, so could you kindly answer the original question wi n actual a r? Ex: To those guys.

>> Mimi: I was not. S justeieing p E. R , y, l, wa n,n,n, at gives you t ht to bgry? Makes you think you can act all possessive or whatever, when you hardly even pay attention to me?

>> Rex: That is so not true.

>> Mimi: No? You're going to act like I'm not the one who does all the pursuing, all the work -- pushing you to take notice of me? It's been exhausting, rex, not to mention iliating. An tell you truth, I've had it up to here. And if you think I can't see through this usy, the only rean you want me so bad right now, dimera, or you nk you do, se all tnb other guys want me. You only want what you think you can't have

>> Woman: So, are you her boyfriend?

>> Shawn-d: You know what? I really don't nk any of that is your business.

>> Gabriella: Of course he's not her boyfriend. He said he would like to be her boyfriend, just like all thliother guys who watched the show. In fact, belle h o d before she m p philip on "love is blind." And now he's claimed her heart.

>> Belle: Shawn, look, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were here.

>> Shawn-d: Yeah, well --

>> Gabriella: Look, you two have to get this straight. You cannot have a public romantic interest. You can't be h this boy until your contr with us is over. Do yo de nd? The wholin the show is that we're making legit couples, right? Right?

>> Belle: Shawn.

>> Gabriella: What did I just tell you? We're trying to convince the public that you and the mystery man are falling in love. Do you not get that?

>> Belle: I get it.

>> Gabriella: Good. E the handholding for philip. Bye. Hi you look amazingng

>> Chloe: Mm. I'm feeling very well, too.

>> Philip: Yeah.

>> Chloe: Hey, and you look good, too.

>> Philip: How are you doing, brady?

>> Brady: Fine. How are you?

>> Philip: Great. Glad to be back. Loe, when I heard the s ououou was su w t incredible news. I am so happy for you.

>> C : Thank you. And you look really great.

>> Philip: You already said that.

>> Chloe: Oh, I did. Um, oh, well.

>> Philip: Well, look, we have a lot to talk about. It's really nice out. I thought mayb^ could go for a or even to the pie ..

>> Brady: That's not really a good idea. No rong ugh ye >> C coe: I fine. B: I ly t stay he brady's right. I probably shouldn't go anywhere. Um, we can talk in the living room. How is t?

>> Philip: Absolutely. *

>> Philip: So, are we all going to talk?

>> Brady: Why the hell are you saying that? Am I not part of hahay n? >> It' tally o E.

>> Chloe: Look, since there obviously still is some tension between you two, I think it would be better if philip and I talk alone -- just for a little while.

>> Brady: All right. I'll be e ck in 15 minutes. Philip: T s, brady. >> : : P.

>> Philip: You really do look great, though, chlo

>> Chloe: Thank you. I'm feeling stronger every day. Imon: Well, what do you want me to do? Da lucas: Give m e gun.

>> Lucas: I could kill you now, couldn't I? Or I can make you kill yourself. Right? Head. Take it. And put that gun to your head.

>> As: How do you know dndn for his letter?

S simon know his hahawriting. I know one o ders when I see it.

>> Lucas: All right, all right, put the gun down.

>> Simon: So? Uc ok imer just tested us both... and we passed.

>> Chloe: So, your mom's excited that you're back, h?H?

>> Philip: Real excited. I saw her before I came over here. She was at roman brady'S.

>> Chloe: Yeah, I heard they were dating now.

>> Philip: And I my dad. That was fun.

>> Chloe: Yeah, it must havebeen a@@l laugh riot.

>> Philip: [ Chuckles ] Thanks.

>> Chloe: The marines have really changed you, philip.He there's something different about you. You seem really confident.

>> Philip: I don't k about that, chloe. I mean, I think I'm still insecure about a lot of stuff, but being away -- you know, being away from home -- the discipline of it, having a chance to think about my life and what I need to do -- yeah, it's been really good for me. But nothing compared to what you've been through. Chloe, I've thought about you so much. When m m told me that your sister was born, it was just amazing -- that she saved you, right?

>> Chloe: Yeah, she did. I'm very lucky.

>> Philip: Oh! I have something for you.

>> Chloe: You do?

>> Philip: Yeah. I won that at boot camp, breaking the obstacle course record. As soon as the guy handed it to me, I knew I was going to give it to you.

>> Chloe: Why?

>> Philip: Chloe, the whole time I was away, I imagined you standing here looking at me just like this -- smiling, lo g as beautiful as ever li u've the fficul acle cou ll, and you've won. I'm so proud of you.

>> Tony: I'm sorry. I had to take that call. Now, uh, where were we? >> C csie: Philip isis d d u do to sa another word. Ve bee in a and you'reht.. philip is not an option, so I will not be pursuing him.

>> Tony: That was a quick conversion. You're not saying this to make me happy, are you, like when you told me you weren't going to do that reality tv dating show? Cassie: Mistakes be the peo I've been hanging out with. Yo nd c>> Tony: Oh. Excuse me.

>> Tony: Oh, lucas.

>> Lucas: Am I interrupting?

>> Tony: Uh, no, not at all. I i>> Lucas: Thank you. Ony: So, uh, you t et?

>> Cassie: No. I'm cassie dimera, tony's daughter.

>> Lucas: Oh, right. Uh, lucas roberts. How's it going?

>> Cassie: Great.

>> Tony: Cassie, do you mind giving us a few mo f >> Cas yeah.

>> Tony: Please. , Did you complele the assignment?

>> Lucas: Yes.

>> Tony: And? Lucas: And I'll take that j

>> Tony: You know, I think this is thart of a profitable relationsh lucas... for both of us.

>> Kate: Hey, you haven't said sin hilip left

>> Roman: Just thinkin'.

>> Kate: Wanna share what you're thinkin'?

>> Roman: Just seems odd. I mean, this transfer, the reassignment, him being stationed here.

>> Kate: I don't think that's odd. I mean, he's home. He's back where he belongs. M quest that. I'm just going to enjoy it. And I think you should enjoy it, too, hmm?

>> Roman: I thought you had work to do. Kate: Oh, I do.

>> Chloe: Hi.

>> Brady: Is he gone yet?

>> Chloe: Yeah, he just left.

>> Brady: What did you two talk about?

>> Chloe: He talked about his training. I talked about the transplant. Oh, and he gav this pin.

>> Dy: He hasseen you 10 minutes already giving you gifts?

>>^Oe: It wasn't a gift. Just at amp and he wanted to give it to me because he's happy about my recovery. Anyway, you know, now that he's been here and we've talked, I doubt I'll see much of him.

>> Brady: Well, if I had it my way, you wouldn't see him ever again.

>> Man: Give us a little shot over her if you had to guess at this point, what would you say? Can you see anything in the future, down the road? Do you think there a second date in the works?

>> Woman: Right this way, honey. She's over here.

>> Woman #2: Did he wear his uniform? Does he look good in his uniform?

>> Man: Do you like his colo , alal okayay that. It's --

>> Mimi: No?^ Then maybe you're afraid I might make too many new friends and not have enough time elp you with your lele st ex: Mimi, quiet!

>> Mimi: Okay, look, I'll admit, I loved falling asleep in your arms the other night. I mean, what's not to love? But look at what's happening to me with this tv show. I mean, of udden, I'm, like, popular. Can't real xpect me to giv up, y

>> Boy: Mimi, there you are. Mimi, I thought you might want to take a ride on my harley.

>> Mimi: You have a harley?

>> Boy: Yeah.

>> Mimi: Really? Well, okay.

>> Gabriella: Here they are, evod the "love is blind" perfect couple.

>> An: Philip, where ar u going to t this date? >> Man: She looks great, doesn't she?

>> Woman: Why'd you pick her?

>> Philip: Guys, I can give you a simple answer for all this. There's a little saying we have in the marines -- that when you touch down on the absolute truth of something, when you connect on a primal level with another marine, you say, -rah." An at's what I'm saying right now -- "hoo-rah, baby."

>>>>Ll A. Aww! All ri

>> Woman: Ha ha ha ha! Right!

>> Man: You look like a "hoo-rah" couple, that's for sure.

>> Woman: You guys really look good together. Ay, so you still haven't told me where you're rr onon

>> Man: There's going to be a second date. Captions by c --


>> Marlena: We're here to celebrate the fact that rex has completed four years of college in one year.

>> Sami: Oh, let's hear it for the genetically-engineered brain!

>> Lucas: Everybody knows you ha thing hell o oa nerve?

>> J I j want it to be low-key, very private.

>> Barry: That's why I came up with this grt t concept.

>> Jack: Concept? What concept?

>> Barry: We televise the wedding live ve


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