Days Transcript Friday 5/9/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/9/03--Canada; 5/12/03--USA

By Eric

 Hope: Oh, Brady. What have you done?

 Bo: You want to pour this over my head? 

 Bo: I'm a man with a family to support. I didn't consult you before I quit my job.

 Hope: Do you want to call abe, say, need some time to think it through?

 Bo: No, I don'T. I cannot continue to pour my heart and soul into a system that lets murderers and drug dealers free.

 Hope: Brady, I understand that. I just -- I just want you to be sure. With carson palmer gone, you know, things may begin to get better, you know? The system does work most of the time.

 Bo: Does it?

 Hope: I believe so, yeah.

 Bo: No. I hung in there as long as I could, probably longer than I should have. Fancy face, something inside me snapd d today. I can't go back. I'm no longer on the force.

 Tony: Well, straight to the blue note, leonardo.

 Leonardo: You got it, sir.

 Bart: The blue note? Swingin'. Who's playing there tonight, count D.? You know, I love your name count, count. It's -- it's -- it's musical, you know, like count basie, counting crows.

 Tony: It's enough already. We're not going there for jazz music. This is strictly business.

 Bart: Right. I hear titan's bought the place. You meeting with mr. K.?

 Tony: No, meeting with carl.

 Bart: Carl? Carl, from echelon carl, the one you gave the old heave-ho?

 Tony: Yeah. Victor has made him the new manager for blue note. Carl once gave me the lowdown on the business that victor had conducted out of echelon.

 Bart: Ain't that a kick in the head. Wait a minute. You think he's angling to be your mole in the kiriakis organization? Wow. Wow. After all that noise he made about being loyal to mr. K. What gives?

 Tony: Maybe he just wants to thank me for not killing him when I found out he was hiding that drug dealer at our club.

 Bart: Mm. Maybe the carlster isn't as dumb as he looks.

 Man: Thank you.

 Carl: If we're lucky, he'll show up alone. If not, we go to plan "B."

 Lucas: Hey.

 Woman: You look like a scotch on the rocks man to me.

 Lucas: Ha ha. That's a good one. Uh, just a club soda.

 Woman: You sure?

 Lucas: Yeah.

 Lucas: Listen, that guy over there in the red shirt kind of looks familiar. Who is he?

 Woman: New manager. Used to be at echelon.

 Lucas: Oh.

 Gabriella: I know my heart is pounding. So who's it going to be? Mimi or belle?

 Man: I got to tell you, gabi, a guy would be lucky to be with either one of these girls. These ladies are awesome.

 Gabriella: They sure are.

 Shawn-d: Just tell us who it is.

 Gabriella: It's going to be a tough choice for you, and it's hard for us, too, because they are very special ladies.

 Man: I've lost a lot of sleep over this, but I made my decision.

 Gabriella: Before you say another word...

 All: Aw.

 Gabriella: Let me just remind our viewers what's next for our lovely winner. She'll be wined and dined by our mystery man at salem's premier restaurant tuscany. No more breakfast for four, no more lunches for three. Now it's just the two of them.

 Lisa: Oh, stop stalling already.

 Shawn-d: I know. Really.

 Gabriella: So... who did you eliminate?

 Man: She's a great girl, but I have to say goodbye to mimi.

 Gabriella: Congratulations, belle black. So what do you think, audience? Did he choose well? Will sparks fly over a romantic dinner? Tune in next time to see belle and our hunk take the chemistry test. Until then, I'm gabi ortiz, your spy in the house of love. Good night.

 Woman: That was awesome.

 Man #2: Belle -- ha ha. Where have you been all my life?

 Sami: Oh, come on, boys, boys, give her a break. Let me congratulate my sister.

 Belle: Hey.

 Sami: Congratulations, cutie.

 Belle: Thanks. This is -- this is not what I intended.

 Sami: Come on. Just relax and enjoy it. Take my advice -- leave yourself open to whatever happens with this guy.

 Belle: But I'm in love with shawn.

 Sami: Well, I know that. All I'm saying is that mystery man is a total hottie, so, you know, when the blindfold comes off, just take a good long look.

 Belle: Sami.

 Sami: Oh, come on. I'm just saying to keep your options open. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Sami: Ha ha ha.

 Rex: Hey, congratulations.

 Mimi: On what, being a loser?

 Rex: Come on. You're way too hot to be a loser. But, you know, I can't deny I'm glad you lost. That way, you can spend more time with me.

 Mimi: You know just the right thing to say, don't you?

 Rex: Come on. Let's get out of here. We can find some place we'll --

 Man: Viva la me!

 Man #2: Oh, not only does she have a great sense of humor, but she's getting more gorgeous by the minute.

 Man: Mm-hmm.

 Mimi: Oh, we'll talk later? God.

 Man #3: Pretty -- pretty childish, don't you think?

 Csisie: Asinine. Puerile. Did I mention cretinous?

 Man #3: Well, you certainly have a way with words.

 Cassie: You think?

 Man #3: Well, you tell it like it is, and you do so with style. I like that in a woman. You should have won hands down. They're all fools, if you ask me.

 Belle: You know, sami, I didn't get to look at it this closely when we were at the restaurant, but it's beautiful.

 Sami: Well, I am never taking it off. Brandon and I are walking into the sunset together, so no more dating for me. I'm officially off the market. But the dating game is still on for you, so don't pass up this opportunity.

 Shawn-d: Okay, thanks, sami. Thank you.

 Sami: Ahem.

 Man #4: Hey, belle, can I get a picture for the publicity department?

 Sami: Hey, oh, I wodd love it if we got a picture of the sisters together. Can you see the resemblance? Ha ha ha. Look, I have to meet my fiancÚ at the blue note. I'll see you later.

 Belle: Okay, bye.

 Sami: Bye.

 Shawn-d: So... what happened to throwing the game so mimi would win?

 Hope: Okay. If that's how you feel, then I am glad you quit the force.

 Bo: Yeah, right.

 Hope: No, I mean it. Brady, you have always put this family's needs ahead of your own. You deserve to take this time off for yourlflf.

 Bo: I have not forgotten that I have a financial responsibility to you and the boys.

 Hope: I know. Shawn's an adult... as much as I hate to admit that.

 Bo: He's got three years of college left.

 Hope: Did you know he's working for uncle mickey part-time now? Yeah. So I don't think we need to worry about him.

 Bo: Zack hasn't even started school yet.

 Hope: Brady, it's okay. Hey, it's okay. We have my trust fund. We're very lucky that way.

 Bo: I want to support the family.

 Hope: And you do, but you need to take some time off.

 Bo: Thank you. What would I do without you and the boys?

 Bo: Problem is, when I think about shawn, I think about ben wells. He should be alive. He should be going off to college.

 Hope: You did everything you could. You did. You busted ramsell, you put him behind bars.

 Bo: And the next thing we knew, he was back out on the streets trying to kill our son. So what good was I? What good was the salem P.D.?

 Hope: Don't do that. Don't question all your good work.

 Bo: You know, it's like you're banging your head up against the wall. All these years, fighting this war on drugs, and the dealers -- they just keep multiplying. You take one down, 10 more are there to replace him.

 Hope: Tell me what I can do to help you. What can I do to help you through this?

 Bo: I just need some time alone.

 Bart: So the carlster's turned snitch. Figures. You know, I never liked that guy's vibe, but I guess when it comes to snitches, you can't be too picky. You really think he has the dirt on mr. K.?

 Tony: Well, let's put it this way -- we can't afford to ignore any new information on victor's network. Wouldn't be prudent.

 Bart: Prudent? Right. Good word.

 Leonardo: Here we are, sir.

 Tony: Well... shall we check this out?

 Carl: If he doesn't arrive solo, we'll find a way toto take him back to the office and make an excuse, leave him there for a second, and pop him. We'll make it look like kiriakis ordered the hit.

 Man: Payback.

 Carl: Ha ha ha. Hey. Hey, what the hell are you doing?

 Lucas: Take it easy, man.

 Carl: So, what did you hear?

 Lucas: Nothing. I don't give a rat's ass what you guys were talking about. I just wanted some peanuts.

 Carl: W a are you, anyway? Hey, tony! Thanks for coming.

 Tony: Frisk him.

 Bart: Turn around.

 Lucas: We, uh, keep meeting in the oddest places. Must be fate.

 Tony: Yeah, must be.

 Bart: He's clean.

 Carl: Let's, uh, let's step over here, huh? So... you, uh, interested in my proposition?

 Tony: I think we need some specifics.

 Carl: Well, I have this, uh, ledger I think you, uh, you might want to see. It's, uh, in my office. Come on. Let's go back there.

 Hope: Hey, cuz.

 Jennifer: Hi. I wanted you to be the first.

 Hope: What's this?

 Jennifer: Wedding invitation.

 Hope: I can't wait to open it. Come on in.

 Jennifer: Okay. I dropped the rest of them off at the post office, but this one I had to hand-deliver.

 Hope: Oh, my goodness.

 Jennifer: What do you think?

 Hope: This is the best news I've had all day.

 Jennifer: What's wrong?

 Hope: Tell me everything. Have you found a dress yet? Tell me.

 Jennifer: Ha ha ha ha. It's -- it's amazing. It's -- it's beautiful, but I can't describe it. I just have to show it to you.

 Hope: Oh, listen, before I forget, I was, uh, I was wheeling zack around in his stroller the other day when we passed the most amazing florist. You really need to take a look at their arrangements.

 Jennifer: Oh, that's a great idea, 'cause I haven't even thought about flowers. I-I need to order them.

 Hope: You know what? I'd love to take you there.

 Jennifer: All right, well, in the meantime, I need for you to say yes to an even bigger favor.

 Hope: Oh, if I can. What's that?

 Jennifer: Will you be my matron of honor?

 Lisa: Okay, excuse me.

 Cassie: What do you look like without those glasses?

 Man: Nearsighted.

 Cassie: Well, I guess you're just going to have to stand closer.

 Man: So... you have a boyfriend?

 Cassie: He's out on bail, but it looks like he's going back to jail soon.

 Man: You like bad boys.

 Cassie: I like all boys.

 Mimi: Please give me my shoe back. Those are my favorite clogs.

 Man #2: Do you have time to give us a quote for the college paper?

 Mimi: You want a quote from me?

 Man #2: So are you, uh, playing the field these days, or are you dating somebody exclusively?

 Mimi: Exclusively... you mean like going steady? Well, uh, I guess I'd have to say no.

 Belle: Honestly, shawn, I don't know what happened. I did everything I could to throw that date.

 Shawn-d: Well, I guess the liver and onions thing wasn't enough.

 Belle: You should have seen some of the stuff that they edited out. I mean, he asked us what we'd wear on a date to the beach, and, um, cassie said she'd wear a thong bikini, mimi said she'd wear water wings, and I said that I always cover up with a big muumuu and a hat because, um, I hate the sun.

 Man #2: You ready for that interview?

 Belle: I -- yeah, I guess. Uh...

 Rex: Hey, dude, this celebrity thing -- it sucks.

 Shawn-d: You sa I it.

 Rex: You think the girls are going to be too famous for us now?

 Man #3: Smile.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

 Man: Belle, can I get your cell phone number?

 Shawn-d: She doesn't give that out.

 Belle: You can read my bio. What is it?

 Shawn-d: You look like you could use a break. I mean, all those flashes going off in your face, these people are prying into your personal life.

 Belle: Shawn, I don't mind. I mean, publicizing the show is part of my contract, so if I have to do it, I might as well have fun with it, right?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, well, it's a good thing that your job's done. I'm really happy that that's all over.

 Man #2: Over? It's far from over. Our beautiful belle here still has to go to a romantic dinner in tuscany, where her hunk du jour will be unmasked on national television.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, bud, gotcha.

 Mimi: Where were all these guys on valentine's day? That's what I'd like to know. A couple months ago, I couldn't even get a date to the burger barn.

 Belle: Bizarre, isn't it?

 Mimi: And now they're asking me out to places I can't even pronounce.

 Belle: You know what? I never dreamed we would get this much attention.

 Mimi: Belle, hey, I want you to know that even though I'm supposed to make rude remarks all through the final show like cassie did, I'm not going to do it. No way would I dis my best friend.

 Belle: Aw, thanks, meems.

 Mimi: Besides, can't have my new fans thinking I'm a total bitch like miss dimera. Ugh, I feel totally nauseous.

 Shawn-d: Um, mimi, what happened to your other shoe?

 Mimi: This guy stole it, and he won't give it back. I think he has a whatchamacallit.

 Belle: A crush.

 Mimi: A fetish -- it's, like, totally creeping me out. I'd like to go home, but I'm afraid he might follow me.

 Man #3: Hey, meems, I love you.

 Mimi: Okay, yeah.

 Belle: You know what? Why don't you stay at my dorm? I mean, it's a lot closer, and on college students can get in.

 Mimi: You're a pal. Thanks. Give me it. Give me --

 Shawn-d: Why don't you give that to her, all right?

 Mimi: Oh, I got it!

 Belle: Oh!

 Man #2: Whoa!

 Man #5: Yes. That'll be perfect for the cover.

 Belle: Ha ha.

 Hope: I... never thought you'd ask.

 Jennifer: Oh, you scared me for a minute.

 Hope: Oh, sweetie, thank you so much. I couldn't be there for your first wedding to jack, but this -- this makes it right. Thank you. Yes. Ha ha ha ha. Hey, did you rent a roller coaster for your reception?

 Jennifer: We are going to have a very peaceful, tasteful ceremony at the penthouse grill. I'll have you know our roller coaster days are over.

 Hope: Oh, god, I hope not.

 Jennifer: Well, don't get me wrong. I'm sure there'll be some sort of thrills and spills, especially if it's our wedding, but you know what it is? Jack and I are more solid now, and he has changed as a man. You should see the way he takes charge behind the scenes of the tv show. You wouldn't believe it.

 Hope: I've heard.

 Jennifer: I feel like I can -- I can count on him. I know that he's going to be there for me and abby.

 Hope: I am so happy for you two.

 Jennifer: All right, enough about me. What is going on in the brady household? How is bo doing?

 Bo: Bravery in the line of duty. Yeah, right. Aw, hell.

 Roman: Careful. If I remember correctly, some of those boxes hold hope's great-granny's china teacups.

 Bo: You're too late.

 Roman: I'm too late for what?

 Bo: The window on unsolicited advice just closed. You'll have to come back another time.

 Roman: Obviously, you did not get that memo. Older brothers rate an additional hour.

 Bo: Cut to the chase.

 Roman: Okay. I heard about you quitting the force. I'm here to talk you out of it.

 Tony: I'm fine, thank you. So how do I know this ledger's the real thing?

 Carl: Check it out.

 Tony: Why don't you go ahead and fetch it, for god's sake?

 Carl: Are you kidding? This is one very hot item. I got it locked up in the safe in my office. Besides, the light's a whole lot better in the office.

 Sami: Well, well, if it isn't my favorite drunk. Didn't take you long to fall off the wagon.

 Lucas: Isis is club soda. Would you like some?

 Sami: No. On second thought, give it to me. I have to look out for the welfare of my son.

 Lucas: Go right ahead. Oh -- what -- disappointed?

 Sami: With you, it's only a matter of time.

 Lucas: Yeah, you wish.

 Sami: So how much sobriety do you have now, anyway -- are you collecting the little doodads that they pass out at A.A., The tokens? You are such a joke. You are going to hit the bottle again, and then I am going to get full custody of our son.

 Lucas: Yeah, right -- when hell freezes over.

 Sami: Don't be too sure of yourself. There's another ice age on its way.

 Lucas: Oh, ha ha ha. That's funny, sami, real funny.

 Sami: Actually, it's true. I saw it on the discove channel.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Lucas: Oh, whoa, then.

[ Ring ]

 Sami: Ha ha. Hi, brandon. Where are you? No, I just got here. I'm standing next to a lowlife at the bar waiting for you. Damn. No, no, of course I understand. Later.

 Lucas: What's the matter, huh? Raging bull finally wise up?

 Sami: No, he had an emergency at the hospital.

 Lucas: Aw.

 Sami: You know what? I'm outta here.

 Lucas: Sami!

 Sami: Aah!

 Carl: Don't make a move or she's dead.

 Rex: Ahem. Cassie, come up for air, will you? You seen mimi?

 Cassie: No.

 Rex: Do you know where she went?

 Cassie: You seem to have mistaken me for someone who cares.

 Man: Was that the guy who's out on bail?

 Cassie: No. He's my brother.

 Man: Wow. If looks could kill.

 Cassie: Don't pay any attention to him. You just need to look at these lips.

 Man #2: So write, "to mark antony, yours in a former life, cleo."

 Rex: Hey, shawn, you know where mimi disappeared to?

 Shawn-d: Uh, she was kind of spooked, so belle said she could sleep in her dorm room.

 Rex: Spooked?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, well, some guy was trying to make out with her shoe. I hope she made it back all right.

 Rex: Thanks. I'll see you later.

 Shawn-d: No problem.

 Belle: Ha ha. Yeah, that's so funny.

 Shawn-d: All right, you know what? That's enough. Thanks l lot, guys. Where do you want to go?

 Belle: Anywhere where there's no men, except you.

 Man #3: Belle, belle, don't leave us.

 Man #2: No, no, belle, belle!

 Shawn-d: She's done. Tip your waitress.

 Bo: My mind's made up. Save your breath.

 Roman: I got breath to spare.

 Bo: Suit yourself.

 Roman: Look... I know you've been frustrated. Hell, we all have been frustrated. But why throw away a great career over a temporary setback?

 Bo: Can't do it anymore.

 Roman: Bo, you got to see the bigger picture here.

 Bo: I do see the bigger picture. What good is a system that protects the criminals more than the victims?

 Roman: Bo, you're being impulsive.

 Bo: Maybe you're right, when I first told abe I quit, but as soon as I heard those words come out of my mouth, I knew they'd been inside me for a very long time. I'm not a cop anymore. Accept it.

 Tony: Let's all keep a cool head, shall we? I'm sure we can work something out. You don't want to make a mess here. So what is it you want exactly?

 Carl: Me and my associate, we walk out nice and easy.

 Bart: Oh, yeah?

 Tony: Bart.

 Carl: You don't call the police, you don't come after us.

 Tony: That's very reasonable.

 Sami: Get that gun out of my ribs. Damn it, lucas, what have you gotten me into now, you sneaky son of a bitch?

 Lucas: Sami, I had nothing to do with this.

 Sami: You pushed me.

 Lucas: I was trying to get you out of the way! Man, why do I even bother with you?! Go ahead, pal, do us both a favor. Shoot her. I don't care.

 Sami: Lucas, I am the mother of your only child.

 Lucas: Hey, if you don't want to use that gun, you can use the knife she put in my back about three years ago.

 Sami: What about all the rotten things that you have done to me?

 Carl: Shut your trap, lady.

 Lucas: Amen to that!

 Carl: Hey, you struggle, and you're going down.

 Lucas: You know what? She's a real hellcat. She's not above taking a chunk out of your arm with those sharp teeth of hers.

 Sami: When I tell will what you have done to me--

 Lucas: Oh, no, she bit me once. I put hydrogen peroxide all over it. The thing fizzed up for days. I thought she gave me one of those flesh-eating bacteria.

 Sami: Don't do that! He's got a gun in my rib!

 Carl: Back off, man.

 Lucas: You idiot, sami!

 Sami: You're both trying to have me killed.

 Tony: All right, just shut up, all of you. Let the girl go.

 Carl: She's coming with us.

 Tony: I'm sorry. I can't allow that. And you're not going to get out of here, either, carl -- not now.

 Carl: Take another step, and this lovely lady gets it.

 Hope: Bo is, uh... he's making A... transition.

 Jennifer: Well, that sounds kind of ominous. Hope, if you don't want to talk about it, I understand.

 Hope: No, no, no. You know what? I need to talk about it with someone besides bo.

 Jennifer: You know that I'll be discreet about it.

 Hope: Oh, don't worry about it. It's not a secret. Besides, I'm sure it'll be all over town by tonight. Gosh, it happened so fast, I haven't even had time to regroup.

 Jennifer: What is it?

 Hope: Bo quit the force effective immediately.

 Jennifer: What? What happened?

 Hope: What happened is vin ramsell. He tried to poison shawn at a party

the dimera mansion.

 Jennifer: I know that. I know that, and -- and shawn's okay, right?

 Hope: Yes, thank god. Thank god he is.

 Jennifer: Well, is everything else okay?

 Hope: No, everything is not okay. I --

[ Sighs ] You know bo arrested ramsell on drug charges a couple of weeks ago. Well, the guy hired himself a really slick attorney and beat the rap. What's the first thing he does? He goes after my son.

 Jennifer: Sbo is doubting himself.

 Hope: He's doubting the job, if he's really meant to be a cop or not. Oh, gosh, jen -- he's been struggling with this for a while. I mean, I think this is what tipped the scales.

 Jennifer: Oh, my gosh, hope. It -- it doesn't even make sense. I mean, all those guys at the station, they are so tight. Abe and roman and bo -- they are -- they are a team, and they are a family.

 Hope: They are a family. Bo gave abe his notice this afternoon.

 Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. Well, what's next?

 Hope: I have no clue... and neither does bo.

 Bo: You know what? Why don't you find kate, leave me the hell alone?

 Roman: Ha ha. You remember this?

 Bo: Yeah. It's that mirror off that '55 studebaker. Why? You want it?

 Roman: The neighbor was going to junk that old heap, but you needed wheels to impress a girl. The folks had taken our only car on a trip to visit the cousins, and the big dance was only two days away. Do you remember that?

 Bo: Uh-huh. You bet me 10 bucks that I couldn't rebuild that engine in time.

 Roman: And I lost that 10 bucks...

 Bo: Yes, you did.

 Roman: 'Cause you reinvented that engine. Every guy in the neighborhood came by to check it out.

 Bo: She was a beaut.

 Roman: You think outside the box, bo. I have to admire that.

 Bo: Looked up to you...

 Roman: Ha ha ha ha.

 Bo: The entire time we were growg g up.

 Roman: Sure you did.

 Bo: I did.

 Roman: You defied me at every single turn.

 Bo: Well, we -- you're a rock. I knew you could take it, especially after pop got sick. You're patient. That is something I am not.

 Roman: Bull.

 Bo: When I joined the force, I want t to be a supercop, swing into the crime scene, nail the bad guy like some kind of action hero. But you -- you're different. You -- justice, tradition -- they meant something to you.

 Roman: Well, I just guess we both wanted to make the streets safe. We just had different ways to go about it, that's all.

 Bo: Nah, all I ever wanted to do, all I asped to, was to be a great cop just like my older brother.

 Carl: Jimmy, get up. Damn it, I said get up.

 Tony: Put the gun down, carl. It's over. Think it through. The moment you shoot her, my men will shoot you. Let her go.

 Carl: Then I'm dead for sure.

 Tony: No, no. You have my word. I won't kill you.

 Carl: You expect me to believe that?

 Tony: Well, then have it your own way. As much as I enjoy miss brady, she is expendable.

 Sami: What?

 Tony: o all I've got to do is nod to my men, they will shoot you. If your gun happens to go off and it hits her as well, well, I'm sorry. It's unfortunate, but it's an end nonetheless. Tough. The only way to survive here is to trust me. Quick, what is it going to be?  Jennifer: Hope, I'm so sorry. Will you forgive me?

 Hope: What? Forgive you? Forgive you for what?

 Jennifer: Because I'm going on and on -- you know, about jack settling down, and I don't mean to imply that bo -- I mean, I adore bo. I think he is such a good man. You know that.

 Hope: Hs s a maverick. And you know what? That's who I married. That's who I fell in love with.

 Jennifer: You know this is all going to work out fine.

 Hope: Absolutely. He's always been there for us, and now it's my turn to be there for him.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Jennifer: Oh. Phone.

 Hope: Oh. Ha ha.

 Jennifer: Come on here.

[ Ring ]

 Jennifer: Hello. Hi, baby. Yeah. Oh! Okay. Yeah, I'll come pick you up. Yeah, that's fine. All right, abby, I'll see you in about 15 minutes. All right. Bye, sweetie. She's bored.

 Hope: Bored? Sounds familiar.

 Jennifer: Yeah.

 Hope: Well, you better go. Can't have that.

 Jennifer: Yes, I do. I need to go. Listen, I want to talk tonight, all right? I'll call you.

 Hope: Great. Hey, and thank you for making me matr o of honor.

 Jennifer: You know I wouldn't have it any otheway. I love you. I love you so much.

 Hope: I love you, too, cuz.

 Jennifer: Goodbye.

 Hope: Bye. Drive safely.

 Jennifer: Okay.

 Roman: Damn, little brother. You know what? I had no idea you felt that way.

 Bo: When I first joined the force, I-I was just afraid that I couldn't veve up to the standard that you'd set.

 Roman: So what are you going to do?

 Bo: Go after ramsell, make sure he doesn't come after my family like larry welch did. After that, don't have a clue.

 Roman: If you need anything, anything at all --

 Bo: I know, I know.

 Roman: Promise me you won't do anything stupid.

 Bo: I love you, too.

 Roman: Please... please be careful.

 Bo: Yeah.Li

 Belle: Shawn, they followed us for two whole blocks. What is their problem?

 Shawn-d: Glad I knew a shortcut?

 Belle: You know, you've put up with so much lately, and I'm really sorry. I never thought people would be this fascinated with that dumb show -- or me, for that matter.

 Shawn-d: Well, you know, if I was some guy in a blindfold, I would have chosen you, too.

 Belle: Really? You mean you wouldn't have chosen sultry cassie?

 Shawn-d: Are you kidding me?

 Belle: Ha ha ha. Yeah.

 Shawn-d: Basically, what I'm trying to say with all this is I love you -- you, and no one else.

 Belle: Good, bebecause I love you, too. Even wild hunks couldn't tear me away.

 Shawn-d: You know what? I'm not even worried about you going on this date to tuscany.

 Belle: Good, because you are the only man that I want to be with.

 Shawn-d: Good.

 Mimi: Go away! I'm tired! Leave me alone!

 Boy: Can I see you tomorrow?

 Mimi: Whatever! Good night!

 Rex: Finally...

 Mimi: Wha--

 Rex: We're alone.

 Mimi: I guess it never hurts to see what's behind door number two!

 Tony: Well, make up your mind, carl, before I do it for y!!

 Tony: Get him out of here!

 Carl: You promised you wouldn't kill me!

 Tony: No, I won't kill you. Kiriakis might. You see, I'm going to hand you over to him. When he finds out that you tried to create a feud between us, I just wouldn't like to be in your shoes. Get him.

 Bart: Go. Come on.

 Sami: Isn't someone going to call the police?

 Tony: I'd like to keep this quiet.

 Sami: Oh, I forgot -- you're a dimera.

 Tony: Why don't you give the lady a drink? Hmm? Listen to me I want to thank you for saving my life.

 Lucas: Oh, well, always happy to help.

 Tony: Very impressed the way you handled yourself today.

 Lucas: Well, thank you. Here you go.

 Tony: No, no, no, no. You keep that. I want you to come and see me tomorrow at echelon.

 Lucas: Okay.

 Sami: That bluff of yours saved my life.

 Lucas: What areouou talking about? I was bluffing, too! Huh? Where's my kiss?

 Sami: You meant it, lucas! I know you, you little weasel! You were rooting for that goon to shoot me!

 Sami: Tony, how did you know that carl would back down?

 Tony: Because I'm an excellent judge of character. I've certainly been right about you, haven't I? You poor thing. You're shivering. Come on. I'll take you home.

 Lucas: Excuse me. Uh, I think I'll have that, uh, scotch on the rocks now.

 Lucas: Thanks.

 Cassie: Where did everybody go?

 Man: Home.

 Cassie: Well, I'm not ready to go home yet.

 Man: Want to go back to my place, finish what we started?

 Cassie: I don't think so. Maybe I'll see you around some time... or maybe I won'T.

 Man: But you --

 Mimi: What are you doing here? Wait, let me guess -- you think we dated in another lifetime. You were paris and I was helen of troy. Or was it the other way around?

 Rex: What are you talking about?

 Mimi: Nothing. I've just heard a lot of nutty pick-up lines tonight.

 Rex: Yeah. The guys in the pub were really taken with you.

 Mimi: My 15 minutes of fame.

 Rex: Way more than 15 minutes.

 Mimi: I'm not used to it -- being popular. It's kind of fun! But unnerving. Exhilarating but exciting, flattering but fatiguing --

 Rex: Uh, mimi.

 Mimi: Huh?

 Rex: Come here. Take your mind off the show.

 Mimi: I can do that.

 Mimi: This is so much nicer than running from guys who want my shoes.

 Rex: Ha ha.

 Belle: One more date -- just one -- and I'll be done with this crazy show.

 Shawn-d: Are you sorry you signed on?

 Belle: No, I'll just be happy when things are finally back to normal.

 Shawn-d: Me too. Once they unmask that guy, everyone will realize that he's not all that special.

 Belle: I don't know about that.

 Shawn-d: What, you really think that this guy is going to turn out to be a movie star idol with the chiseled jaw line and the bedroom eyes?

 Belle: Women aren't as turned on by looks as men are. We tend to go for personality, sense of humor.

 Shawn-d: Oh. Mm, yeah. And what does this have to do with taking the mask off?

 Belle: Ha ha ha ha!

 Shawn-d: Just wondering.

 Belle: Look, all females are probably seriously in love with this guy by now. The way he said goodbye to mimi, he was a total gentleman.

 Shawn-d: To you, in particular.

 Belle: No, to everyone!

 Shawn-d: Oh, yeah?

 Belle: Yeah. I mean, he'd seriously have to be -- how do you say it? -- Uh, beaten with an ugly stick for women not to be taken by him. Me, I'm already taken.

 Bo: Ramsell targeted our family. He'll be sorry he ever came to salem.

 Brady: Are you trying to seduce me?

 Chloe: Yes.

 Rex: Why did it take me so long to see how amazing you are?

 Harold: Belle, how do you think tonight's date will change your life?

 Belle: I hope it doesn't change my life. I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world.


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