Days Transcript Wednesday 5/7/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday  5/07/03--Canada; 5/08/03--USA

By Eric

 Roman: Every single word I said at jack and jennifer's was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but.

 Kate: And what was it that you said?

 Roman: Ha ha ha ha. You know exactly what I said.

 Kate: Now refresh my memory.

 Roman: I... love you, kate roberts. I love you very much. I love you.

 Kate: Oh.

 Both: [ Laugh ]

 All: Aww.

 Roman: Uh-oh.

 Lisyou on tv. It was so romantic.

 Roman: Ha ha.

 Belle: I have never felt closer to you than inow.

 Shawn-d: I love you. And I promise I'm going to honor everything that these rings represent.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Shawn-d: Cell phones suck.

 Belle: Especially when they ring.

 Shawn-d: Hello? Hi. Yeah, it's all set? Yeah, I understand. Uncle mickey I'll get right on it. Yeah, I hope it goes well, too. All right, I'll talk to you soon. Bye.

 Belle: So what's up?

 Shawn-d: Uncle mickey has another job for me.

 Maggie: Oh, lexie. Oh, look at you. You're beautiful.

 Lexie: Thank you.

 Maggie: Are you here for lunch?

 Lexie: Yes, and I'm running late, as usual.

 Maggie: Well, do you want me to show you to a table?

 Lexie: I'm meeting with hope and marlena.

 Maggie: Oh, you are?

 Lexie: Uh-huh.

 Maggie: Oh, well, come on. They're here.

 Lexie: Well, it figures. I'm always so late.

 All: Surprise!

 Lexie: Aah! Oh, I don't believe this!

 Hope: Oh, my gosh. We never thought we could keep the secret.

 Lexie: Well, I-I didn't suspect a thing.

 Jennifer: Ha ha ha ha.

 Marlena: Maggie, it looks wonderful.

 Maggie: Thank you.

 Lexie: Everything is so beautiful.

 Jennifer: Well, you have hope and marlena to thank for that -- and aunt maggie, of course. It's wonderful.

 Lexie: I am totally blown away.

 Marlena: Now, the flowers are from celeste. She couldn't get away and catch a flight, but she wants you to know that she's here in spirit.

 Hope: Absolutely. Oh, and the only other person who couldn't make it is gram, because, of course, she's babysitting my precious zack.

 Jennifer: That's right, but she sent a gift along, and this basket of homemade doughnuts, but they are for the father-to-be.

 Lexie: Well, you better keep those doughnuts from me or that basket will be empty before abe gets his hands on it.

 Maggie: And eugenia called. She's running late, but she's on her way.

 Lexie: Oh.

 Eugenia: She's here.

 Lexie: Oh, so glad you could make it.

 Maggie: Hope, this is so beautiful.

 Hope: Isn't it?

 Sami: Ha ha ha. Ah.

 Brandon: I love you, samantha brady.

 Sami: Soon to be mrs. Brandon walker. Brandon, you have made me the happiest woman in the whole world. I am going to be the perfect wife to you, I promise.

 Brandon: Just be who you are. That's all I've ever wanted.

 Sami: I love you so much.

 Brandon: This ring... is my promise to you to be the best husband and the best stepfather to will.

 Lucas: Stepfather? What the hell are you trying to pull now, sami?

 Brandon: Come on, samantha. Like sands through the hourglass, so ar the days of our lives.

 Belle: So, this hostess at echelon -- she has information on the mayor?

 Shawn-d: Right. Since uncle mickey's representing ben wells' family in the whole wrongful death suit, he needs a deposition from her.

 Belle: She keeps ducking it.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. So he wants me to go talk to her d d see if maybe I can get her to come forward.

 Belle: Whoa, whoa, wait a second. You're telling me you have to go cozy up to an echelon hostess?

 Shawn-d: No, no. She has a day job over at tuscany, so I'm gonna go over there and see what's going on. Where can I catch up with you later?

 Belle: Are you kidding? You are not going on this adventure by yourself. I'm gonna be right there with you.

 Shawn-d: Okay.

 Caroline: So happy.

 Shawn: Listen, it ain't every day that a celebrity love couple walks through that door.

 Roman: Ah, comen.N. Easy, pop, easy.

 Shawn: Come here.

 Roman: Come over here!

 Shawn: Aah! Ha ha ha ha!

 Roman: Easy now!

 Shawn: I tell you something. The irish in you come out today. Oh, you were downright poetic on that tv show, huh?

 Caroline: You're embarrassing him.

 Shawn: What?

 Caroline: We are so very happy for you both.

 Kate: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much.

 Caroline: Now, where were you when you saw roman on the screen?

 Kate: I was at the airport waiting for a plane to rome.

 Caroline: And you canceled your trip, just like that?

 Kate: Oh, it was an easy choice.

 Caroline: What if kate hadn't seen that broadcast, roman?

 Roman: Well, I would have camped out on jack and jennifer's couch, given it another shot on the next show, that's how. I was not about to give up.

 Caroline: Okay.

 Roman: Now, do you want to get out of the limelight here?

 Kate: No, I think I'm getting used to it.

 Roman: Ha ha ha. There's a booth there. Let's grab it.

 Caroline: Let's hear it for love.

 Roman: Ha ha ha ha!

[ Cheering ]

 Sami: Brandon and i are getting married. He's going to be will's stepfather, and there's not a damn thing you can do to stop it.

 Lucas: I won't have to stop it. You'll find a way to screw it up yourself, sami.

 Brandon: What is your problem?

 Lucas: I'm not the one with the problem, pal.

 Sami: Hey, it doesn't matter what he says. He can't do anything to ruin our happiness or our wedding plans.

 Will: Wedding plans? What wedding plans?

 Sami: Mine, honey. Mine and brandon'S.

 Will: Whoa! Did this just happen?

 Sami: Yeah. Yeah, he caught mey y surprise. Brandon asked me to marry him, and -- ring and all.

 Brandon: We're hoping you'll be happy about it.

 Will: Are you sure? Are you getting married for real this time?

 Sami: Yes. For real and forever.

 Will: This is great.

 Brandon: We're glad you approve.

 Will: The truth is, I was kind of hoping you and mom would get married this summer.

 Sami: What?

 Lucas: Uh, will, we talked --

 Will: Not to each other. Duh! Mom and brandon, and you and that girl denise.

 Sami: Denise.

 Will: But he's not marrying her, so don't worry. They broke up.

 Sami: Shocking.

 Will: Can I go up to jorge's apartment now? Earth to mom. We're gonna hang, remember?

 Lucas: Will, I'll take you.

 Brandon: I'll take him.

 Lucas: No, you won'T.

 Brandon: Will and I have some wedding plans to discuss.

 Lucas: Fine. You go ahead. I'll pick you up about 5:00, okay?

 Will: Just don't ask me to be the ring holder. That's totally lame.

 Brandon: All right.

 Sami: So, struck out in the love department again, huh?

 Lucas: Shut up.

 Sami: Gee, I wonder why. Could it be that you're such a loser that no woman in her right mind would want to have anything to do with you?

 Lucas: You know, brandon's even more pathetic than I thought, wanting to marry a lying slut like you.

 Sami: Hey, watch it. You're talking about the mother of your child.

 Lucas: Well, luckily he takes after me then.

 Sami: Only in the fact that he is a boy. Other than that, he is exactly like me -- smart, charming, and sensitive.

 Lucas: I think I'm going to hurl.

 Sami: Face it. I am doing well in life, and you are a complete failure. That's why you can't stand the fact that I am getting married, and that is why you don't even have the decency to congratulate me.

 Lucas: Congratulate you on what? For talking some sad sack into thinking you care about him? Wow, you're amazing, sami! You pulled one over on another poor idiot! Boy, way to go!

 Lexie: Eugenia, hi.

 Marlena: Eugenia, we're glad you could make it.

 Eugenia: Well, thanks for inviting me. Where should I put the gift?

 Hope: Oh, I will take that. I'm in charge of the gifts.

 Lexie: Uh-oh.

 Jennifer: Uh-oh.

 Lexie: Do you know jennifer horton?

 Eugenia: No. I feel like I do.

 Jennifer: Oh, hi.

 Eugenia: I watch "in the house" all the time. You and jack -- you guys are the greatest.

 Jennifer: Oh, thank you.

 Eugenia: And his new look is totally hot. I mean, everybody on the staff thinks so. Now, is he that cute in person?

 Jennifer: Yes, he is that cute. I think so.

 Maggie: Eugenia, do you know lexie from when the two of you worked at the clinic?

 Eugenia: No.

 Lexie: Eugenia works at university hospital. She's the primary lab technician.

 Eugenia: Only because I've been there the longest.

 Lexie: She's being modest. Other than abe, she's the only person who knows everything about me and my baby. Eugenia ran all the tests I've had ever since I first learned I was pregnant.

 Woman: Excuse me. What can I bring you to drink?

 Lexie: What's everyone having to drink?

 Marlena: We've already ordered. Why don't you go ahead?

 Lexie: Oh, okay. I'll have some of your herb tea on ice.

 Eugenia: Oh, me too.

 Woman: Coming right up.

 Maggie: Thank you.

 Lexie: Don't you want a real drink?

 Eugenia: I can'T. I got to go back to work.

 Maggie: All right, ladies, why don't we all sit down?

 Jennifer: Oh, good.

 Hope: Yeah, perfect.

 Jennifer: Here we go.

 Hope: Let me do the honors. Here you go, lexie.

 Lexie: You're so wonderful. Thank you both.

 Hope: Here you go, mama!

[ Laughter ]

 Hope: Mama! Get used to it.

 Jennifer: I have a question, a question that'burning -- burning my mind -- on my mind. Okay, what did women do through labor and delivery before lamaze classes? That's all I want to know.

 Marlena: Well, there were no men allowed in the labor room, so they probably did pretty well. No, just kidding.

[ Laughter ]

 Jennifer: That sounds good.

 Hope: I think abe is going to be a great coach. You know what? I know it.

 Lexie: Well, he already is. I mean, he is so loving and calm and incredibly supportive. I -- I know dads aren't supposed to be at baby showers, but I wish he was here. I just want to share every moment with him.

 Hope: I can totally understand.

 Maggie: Well, let's make a toast.

 Hope: Yes, a toast.

 Jennifer: Okay.

 Marlena: Thank you.

 Hope: Blessings... to you and abe, and, of course, to the new life you're about toriring into this world.

 Lexie: Thank you.

 Hope: Cheers.

 Maggie: And happiness.

 Jennifer: Yes.

 Marlena: Much, much love.

 Hope: And maybe even a couple of hours sleep every now and again. Sleep now.

 Lexie: Oh, no.

[ Laughter ]

 Maggie: Here we go. Face it, lexie, once that son of yours comes into this world, everything will change. Your lives will never be the same.

 Kate: So, are you still uptight with all the attention that you're getting, romeo?

 Roman: Well, actually, I am. But damn it, it is well worth it.

 Kate: Oh. I think I've created a monster.

 Roman: Well, I thought you wanted a guy that was open, not repressed, withholding.

 Kate: Yeah, but, um...

 Roman: But what? I mean, what are you saying now, that declaring my love for you on tv was going too far?

 Kate: Actually, yes. I mean, not that I didn't love it, because I did, but I think, you know, maybe we could strike a happy medium between withholding and broadcasting -- literally broadcasting -- our feelings to the general public.

 Roman: All right, I will try to restrain myself. But I'm not making any promises, because I'll tell you what. That dam is broken, and there ain't no getting the water back in the reservoir.

 Kate: Ha ha ha ha. You know, you never even told me what caused this sudden change.

 Roman: Sure I did. I couldn't find you.

 Kate: Yeah, but, I mean, the old roman would have put out an apb.

 Roman: Well, I thought about it, but then, uh...

 Kate: But then what?

 Roman: I... took an experimental --

[ Chuckles ] Never mind.

 Kate: What? Never mind? No, no, no, no. No, no, no. You are going to tell me what you were going to say.

 Roman: Well, I actual didn't take it. It was given to me.

 Kate: What was?

 Roman: A truth serum. It was experimental. Like I tried to tell you... it was for work purposes.

 Kate: Rom,, what are you talking about?

 Roman: When I was under that drug, I realized what my true feelings for you were.

 Kate: Wh-- [ Chuckles ] You mean this wasn't your free choice? You had to be spaced out on a truth serum to tell me that you loved me?

 Sami: I should have known better than to expect congratulations from a neanderthal like you.

 Lucas: Well, how about I send brandon a condolence card, huh? Will that do it for you?

 Sami: You can't stand to see me happy. That's your problem.

 Lucas: Oh, hang onto it. Grab it while you can. It's never going to last.

 Sami: Oh, please. Nothing you can say or do is going to bring me down today. You said this could never happen, and it has. I have everything that I have ever wanted, so eat my dust.

 Lucas: No, I didn't say you wouldn't get engaged. I said you wouldn't get married, and you won'T.

 Sami: Watch me.

 Lucas: Your bad luck wedding karma will do you in with brandon just like it did you in with austin. And there you'll be, all by your lonesome, just you and this flashy ring. What a piece of crap. That ain't real!

 Sami: Oh, yes, it is -- as real as brandon's love for me.

 Lucas: Oh, great. Why don't you throw another cliche at me, sami?

 Sami: I think I'm gonna give denise a call and congratulate her on wising up in time.

 Lucas: You know what? Couple more guys, couple more engagement rings, you'll have yourself enough diamonds to make a choker so you can strangle yourself with it!

 Roman: Kate, that serum didn't force me to do a damn thing. It just knocked some sense into my head, that's all.

 Kate: How?

 Roman: I saw what a jerk I was by not committing to you, to what I feel for you. By letting what happened with marlena in the past keep me from having a life with the woman I love now -- you, kate. Only you.

 Kate: I don't want to be some kind of replacement for a woman that you can't have.

 Roman: You know better than that. You're not. Yes, I will always love marlena -- as a friend, as the mother of my kids. But you're the woman I'm in love with. Do you have any idea how high on love I am?

 Kate: [ Laughing ] Oh...

 Roman: What's so damn funny?

 Kate: Oh... I would never in a million years have expected roman brady to say he was high on love.

 Roman: Well, like I keep telling you, I'm a changed man.

 Kate: Well, don't change too much from that strong, silent guy that I fell in love with.

 Roman: I will do my best to give you everything you want.

 Kate: No, don't do this to me in public.

 Roman: Any time, any place, anything you want.

 Shawn: Isn't there a law against a man and a woman making a public spectacle of themselves, huh?

 Roman: , , Man! Pop, it's spring. Love is in the air, man. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing.

 Caroline: There he goes, waxing poetic again.

 Shawn: Yeah, well, you know, your mother and I, we was beginning to think that you might be a loner for life.

 Kate: Ha ha ha.

 Shawn: I don't know how you got through to him.

 Roman: Pop!

 Shawn: Don't be a stranger, because we want to get to know the woman who finally won his heart.

 Roman: Yeah, well, you keep this up, you're gonna drive her away.

 Caroline: Shawn, weren't you going to take roman out and show him your new car?

 Roman: Well, that's very subtle, ma.

 Kate: It's okay. I'll be fine.

 Roman: Well, you heard her. You got the keys?

 Caroline: [ Laughs ]

 Shawn: Got them right here.

 Roman: Well, all right. Let's go. We're gone.

 Shawn: Come on.

 Roman: After you.

 Caroline: Roman was right. I wasn't too subtle.

 Kate: That's okay. I know what you're thinking.

 Caroline: You do?

 Kate: Yes. You don't approve. You're afraid that I'm all wrong for roman.

 Brandon: Jorge's mom invited will to stay for dinner. I said it was okay.

 Sami: Sure.

 Brandon: Hey, come on. Don't let lucas get to you.

 Sami: That guy's a creepy, slimy little jerk.

 Brandon: He's jealous. He sees we're together in love, and he's not. Hey, come on, look at me. Whenrere you going to stop being afraid to be happy?

 Sami: I guess it's just because we've been through so much that it's hard for me to believe that the bad times are behind us.

 Brandon: They're gone -- forever. I promise.

 Sami: Mistakes have a way of coming back to haunt you.

 Brandon: Mistakes?

 Sami: Well, like you and lexie sleeping together.

 Brandon: Samantha, you're the only one who won't let that go. My life is with you. Lexie's is with abe anand their baby. I've finally accepted that he is going to be there for her. She's safe and happy, and at tuscany having a baby shower even as we speak.

 Sami: How do you know about a baby shower?

 Brandon: Eugenia told me. She got an invitation.

[ Pager beeps ]

 Sami: Is that the hospital?

 Brandon: Yeah. I have to go. I'll be back as soon as I can. All right? I love you.

 Sami: I love you, too.

 SI: Oh, god, this can't be happining.

 Sami: Yeah, it's sami brady. Can I speak to eugenia in the lab, please? Well, do you know where she can be reached? No, no, no message. It's fine.

 All: Oh!

 Hope: Oh, that is so cute. If it was my size, I'd wear it.

 Jennifer: Ha ha ha.

 Marlena: It is your size.

 All: [ Laugh ]

 Lexie: Oh, abe is going to love this.

 Maggie: How cute.

 Eugenia: The baby's going to have to grow into it. I bought a 24-month size.

 Jennifer: That's all right. I don't think he'll be playing baseball anytime soon.

 Lexie: Thank you.

 Marlena: And this is from --

 Hope: Here, let me take that for you.

 Lexie: Okay. Thank you.

 Marlena: This is from alice.

 Jennifer: Oh, from gram.

 Hope: Okay, this is from gran, lexie.

 Lexie: Okay. This is so much fun. Oh, my goodness.

 Hope: That is adorable.

 Eugenia: Excuse me for a moment.

 Maggie: Sure.

 Lexie: Let's see what it plays.

[ Women cooing ]

 Shawn-d: What's going on?

 Belle: A baby shower. Feel like crashing?

 Shawn-d: Me and all those ladies? I don't think so. Let's try and find maggie before anyone sees us.

 Marlena: Belle, yoo-hoo. We're over here, honey.

 Belle: Looks like you're out of luck.

 Shawn-d: Yeah.

 Belle: Hey, mom.

 Lexie: I'm so glad you could make it.

 Belle: Congratulations.

 Lexie: Thank you. Oh, sorry. Come -- come join us.

 Shawn-d: Uh, no, that's okay.

 Belle: We can't really stay.

 Lexie: Belle, you have to come and see some of my gifts. They are so cute.

 Hope: Hi, honey.

 Shawn-d: Hi, mom, hi. Hi.

 Hope: Tuscany's a little pricey f a a lunch date, don't you think, honey?

 Shawn-d: It's not a social call.

 Hope: It's not? What's going on?

 Shawn-d: I'm here on a job.

 Hope: What? A job?

 Shawn-d: Yeah.

 Maggie: It's okay, it's okay. I know what it is. Mickey called me. The young lady that you want to speak to is over at the bar. Her name is annabeth.

 Shawn-d: Annabeth.

 Maggie: Annabeth.

 Shawn-d: Thanks. I'll see what I can do.

 Hope: Oh, uh, honey, uh... what's going on?

 Maggie: Sorry, I can't say.

 Hope: You can't say?

 Belle: Good luck. I'll be waiting for you.

 Shawn-d: Annabeth?

 Annabeth: Yeah.

 Shawn-d: You have a minute?

 Annabeth: Who wants to know? Who are you, and how do you know my name?

 Lexie: Hope?

 Hope: Uh-huh?

 Lexie: Um, you never said anything to bo about, you know, me and brandon.

 Hope: No, no, no, no. I gave you my word that I wouldn'T. I hate keeping secrets from bo, though.

 Lexie: Bo can't know, okay? He might tell abe. Brandon and i only slept together that one time, and it never would have happened if --

 Hope: I know, I know, and normally, I don't believe in keeping secrets, okay? But in this case, the truth would only hurt abe. I'm in complete agreement. There is no reason for him to know.

 Lexie: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. Oh.

 Eugenia: This has been wonderful, but I should be getting back to work.

 Lexie: No, no, no, no. You can't leave yet. Why don't you come sit with me, catch me up on all the hospital gossip?

 Shawn-d: Like I said, I don't know you, but I want to. I saw you from across the room, and, uh...

 Annabeth: Aren't you kind of young to be hitting on me?

 Shawn-d: Ha ha ha. R children to behappy and healthy,

 Caroline: Kate, you couldn't be more wrong. I'm delighted that you and roman found each other. I'm sorry if I made you think otherwise.

 Kate: Maybe I was just being paranoid.

 Caroline: It'S...

 Kate: What?

 Caroline: Roman was terribly hurt once, and afterwards, he -- he shut himself off from love for a very long time.

 Kate: Caroline, I would never, ever want to hurt your son. He's the best man I've ever known, and I'm going to do everything I can, everything in my power, to make him happy.

 Caroline: Well, that's all anyone can do, isn't it?

 Kate: Yes.

 Caroline: Yeah. Now, if I was out of line speaking like that, I hope you can forgive me.

 Kate: Oh, come on. Ha ha. I have sons, too, you know.

 Caroline: I'm really glad to know you better, and that is my last interference. You are both adults, and hopefully, you know what you're doing.

 Kate: Yes, hopefully.

 Caroline: God bless you.

 Kate: Thank you.

 Shawn-d: Ha ha. All right, you know, for the record, I wasn't hitting on you.

 Annabeth: Uh-huh.

 Shawn-d: You can never have too many friends. Come on, what do you have to lose?

 Annabeth: Why not? How old are you, anyway?

 Shawn-d: Old enough to be hooked on your beautiful red hair and your gorgeous blue eyes.

 Annabeth: Full of the blarney is what you are.

 Shawn-d: Shawn brady.

 Annabeth: Okay, irish. I'll play. What else do you like?

 Shawn-d: [ Sighs ] Double java mocha lattes...

 Annabeth: Mm-hmm.

 Shawn-d: Geometrically patterned t-shirts. Do you want me to keep going?

 Annabeth: I insist.

 Shawn-d: Yellow mustard on hot dogs, rainy days when the power goes off -- only if I'm not alone.

 Annabeth: Oh. You shouldn't be.

 Shawn-d: Building snowmen on top of mountaintops, counting all the stars in the sky at midnight, and most of all... pretending like I'm getting somewhere.

 Lexie: This is from marlena.

 Jennifer: Oh, from marlena.

 Hope: Marlena, marlena.

 Hope: Oh!

 Lexie: Oh, my goodness.

 Hope: It's beautiful.

 Lexie: Oh, marlena. Thank you so much.

 Jennir:R: You made that, didn't you? You did.

 Marlena: I did. Loving hands, loving hands.

 Hope: So beautiful. I remember the last time I knitted something --

 Jennifer: Not.

 Hope: Not. But I remember the last time

marlena knitted something -- when I was expecting shawn. It was beautiful.

 Sami: What do you mean that I'm notnvnvited, maggie?

 Maggie: Now wait a minute, sami. I'll get marlena.

 Sami: Wait, she's not the --

 Jennifer: That is so beautiful.

 Marlena: It's a straight cable until you hit the edge. Then it's a little seam stitch.

 Sami: Whoa. Aah!

 Marlena: Oh, my goodness.

 Hope: Is she okay?

 Lexie: Well, sami always did know how to crash a party.

 Marlena: Honey, were you hurt?

 Sami: Just my pride.

 Marlena: Well, why are you in such a rush?

 Sami: Mom, I'm here to see eugenia about hospital business.

 Eugenia: The hospital would have paged me if it were an emergency.

 Sami: Well, they sent me instead. Uh, mom, I have toalalk to eugenia in private, if you don't mind.

 Marlena: Sure. Go ahead.

 Sami: What are you doing at lexie's baby shower?

 Eugenia: I was invited. What do you think?

 Sami: Well, you should have said no.

 Eugenia: I happen to like lexie. It's wonderful seeing her so happy.

 Sami: Oh, good. Well, then don't do anything to mess it up.

 Marlena: Uh, eugenia, we're about to cut the cake.

 Eugenia: Thanks. Watch your step on the way out.

 Sami: Well, maybe I, um, should stay, since you're cutting the cake.

 Marlena: Oh, uh, sami, why don't I bring you a piece later?

 Sami: Mom --

 Marlena: You don't want to be in the same room with lexie, do you?

 Sami: Well, it's just --

 Marlena: Honey, you weren't invited. I want you to show some grace and some elegance and leave... please.

 Shawn-d: Well, I like short-haired dogs and long-haired cats.

 Annabeth: Bikinis, briefs, or boxers?

 Shawn-d: Briefs, with days of the week embroidered on them.

 Annabeth: Ha ha ha. And your favorite day of the week is...

 Shawn-d: Saturday. Saturday morning cartoons. They have reruns of old tv shows. Superman much more than batman.

 Annabeth: There's a difference? Other than the getups, I mean.

 Shawn-d: Oh, there's a big difference. You see, superman, alias clark kent, would fight for truth and justice in the air and in the press. You know, if people don't have their values and fight the good fight, where would we be? You need to have strong beliefs and the courage of our convictions -- agreed?

 Annabeth: In theory.

 Shawn-d: See, I knew there was a reason I liked you. I saw you from across the room, and I said, "there's a person who'd do the right thing, no matter what it took."

 Annabeth: The right thing?

 Shawn-d: In the ben wells case, for instance.

 Annabeth: Who the hell are you?

 Shawn-d: Somebody who's trying to do the right thing. Ben wells' parents need your testimony against mayor shepherd.

 Annabeth: You went through all of this to get me to testify?

 Shawn-d: Ben wells did not deserve to die, and I believe we should do anything we can to prevent other kids like him from dying. So what do you say?

 Annabeth: I don't know if my testimony will help.

 Shawn-d: It absolutely will.

 Annabeth: Sure. I'll do what I can.

 Shawn-d: Great.

 Marlena: Come on. I'll walk you out.

 Jennifer: Oh, my goodness.

 Lexie: Sami, aren't you going to stay for cake?

 Sami: Yeah, I would love --

 Marlena: No!

 Sami: Mom --

 Marlena: Honey --

 Sami: I would love to. It's very sweet of you to ask.

 Lexie: Oh, good. Come pull up a chair between us. I'll move down. There you go.

 Jennifer: There we go.

 Hope: Here we go. She's got to get in there.

 Lexie: Okay?

 Sami: Thank you.

 Lexie: Yes, come on in.

 Sami: It's certainly a great day for celebrations.

 Eugenia: Celebrations?

 Sami: Yes. The man I love asked me to marry him. As of this morning, brandon and I are officially engaged.

 Lexie: Yes.

 Jennifer: Oh, my goodness.

 Lexie: I heard.

 Sami: What?

 Lexie: Old news, sami.

 Kate: If you're going to love me, then you need to know all of who I really am.

 Kate: [ Sighs ] When I was, um... much younger and, um... very desperate to survive...

 Kate: I took... I took money in -- in exchange for sex. I sold my services to men.

 Kate: And that's what, um... worries me now, because when you were first in pursuit of me, I -- I was so afraid that you just wanted me -- wanted me to go to bed with you. I mean, not that I... don't mind jumping into bed with you. It's great, but... I wanted you to want me for me.

[ Sighs ] And now, who knows? After hearing all this, uh... you might not want me at all, right? Roman? Do you still... he still doesn't know.

 Roman: Doesn't know what?

 Annabeth: All right. I'll go down to the law office right after I get off work.

 Shawn-d: You know, I have a feeling maggie would let you off now if you want to.

 Annabeth: I hate to ask her for any favors.

 Shawn-d: I'll do it.

 Annabeth: Now's your chance.

 Shawn-d: Maggie, think you can spare annabeth for an hour or so?

 Maggie: Uh, is this about the deposition?

 Annabeth: Yes. I want to do whatever I can to help.

 Maggie: I'm very proud of you. Go ahead. Take the rest of the day off.

 Annabeth: Uh...

 Maggie: Don't worry. I won't dock you.

 Annabeth: Thanks. That's so great.

 Maggie: You let me know how it goes, okay?

 Annabeth: I will.

 Maggie: All right.

 Annabeth: It was fun.

 Belle: You were amazing.

 Maggie: I'll second that. Thank you so much for all your work.

 Shawn-d: Well, you're welcome. But, you know, I am leaving you shorthanded. You're down a waitress.

 Maggie: Oh, don't worry. I'll tell mickey about it when I get home tonight.

 Shawn-d: Okay. Ha ha.

 Maggie: Ha ha ha ha.

 Lexie: Brandon told me he was going to propose.

 Sami: He to y you first? No way.

 Lexie: Ask him.

 Sami: Damn right I will.

 Jennifer: Sami, we would -- we would love to see your ring down here.

 Hope: Yeah, at this end of the table. Yeah, I'd love to see it.

 Sami: Thank you.

 Jennifer: I couldn't get a close enough look.

 Sami: I couldn't believe it when brandon showed it to me.

 Hope: Wow, what an unusual cut that is.

 Jennifer: It's beautiful.

 Belle: Hi.

 Sami: Is someone going to congratulate me?

 Belle: So he really did pop the question.

 Sami: He has made me the happiest woman in the world.

 Belle: Congratulations, sami. I know you were so desperate for this to happen.

 Sami: I wasn't desperate.

 Marlena: You know, uh, I think what she meant is you're so pleased the man you love has finally committed to you.

 Sami: Well, I never doubted that he would.

 Marlena: Mm. Come by the light. Let me see that ring.

 Sami: Okay.

 Belle: What do you say we split before I totally alienate my sister?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, I --

 Maggie: Well, are you two hungry? Lunch is on me.

 Shawn-d: Thanks, but we really have to get going.

 Maggie: Okay, next time.

 Jennifer: Sami always manages to take center stage.

 Hope: Mm-hmm. Better make sure that sami doesn't schedule her wedding the same day as yours and jack'S.

 Jennifer: Oh. Ha ha.

 Sami: Oh, mom, please tell me that you are happy for me.

 Marlena: I couldn't be happier for you. I know how much you and brandon love each other, and I think that you could have a wonderful life.

 Sami: This is going to work. I know it with my whole heart.

 Marlena: Then it will. I'm so happy for you.

 Sami: Oh, mom, it means so much to me to hear you say that. I finally have everything that I have ever wanted, and I just want the whole world to celebrate with me.

 Marlena: Oh.

 Stolen from baghdad museums, they're headed for the U.S. Underground, by way of montreal.

 An easy back door to the states.

 Sooner or later, we'll get some.

 On tonight's global national with kevin newman.

 Roman: You seem upset.

 Kate: No, no. I'm not upset. I just realized that I have to get back to the office. I have to call italy, I have to tell them about my change of plans.

 Roman: So you're going to reschedule your business trip.

 Kate: No, I'm going to cancel it -- unless, of course, you want to go with me.

 Roman: Ho ho ho. Don't you tempt me. Are you absolutely sure you have to go back to the office right now?

 Kate: I do if I don't want to lose my job.

 Roman: I'll drive you.

 Kate: You know something? I think I'm going to walk.

 Roman: You sure about that?

 Kate: Yeah. And you can stay, and you can visit with your family, hmm? Will I see you later?

 Roman: Dinner.

 Kate: You got it.

 Kate: Bye.

 Roman: Bye.

 Lexie: Oh.

 Jennifer: [ Gasps ]

 Belle: So did you mean all those things you said to annabeth?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, though I don't remember everything I rattled off exactly.

 Lexie: Ooh.

 Belle: Sami looks so happy. I hope she actually makes it to the altar this time.

 Shawn-d: Why wouldn't she?

 Belle: Secrets, lies, manipulation -- that's sami's way of holding onto a guy, and it always seems to backfire.

 Shawn-d: You two are so different.

 Belle: I don't know. I seem to have a secret of my own these days.

 Shawn-d: All right, don't -- don't even remind me.

 Belle: Tonight is the big night.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. Don't you think we could just make it our big night, alone, the two of us?

 Belle: Not a chance. The second segment of "love is blind" is going to air, and we promised that we'd meet everyone at the brady pub to watch it.

 Shawn-d: Okay. But do you think maybe you could give me the smallest -- just a little --

 Belle: You know I can'T.

 Shawn-d: You are killing me.

 Belle: I know, and I love it.

 Shawn-d: Ha ha.

 Belle: Come on.

 Sami: No matter what anyone thinks, I am not going to make the same mistakes with brandon that I did with austin. I couldn't even if I wanted to. Brandon knows me better than I know myself.

 Marlena: As long as your relationship is built on that kind of honesty and acceptance, nothing can come between you, and nothing will.

 Jennifer: Oh, the cake, the cake.

 Maggie: Here it is, here it is.

 Hope: Ooh, this looks delicious.

 Jennifer: Let's see that icing.

 Hope: Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm.

 Jennifer: The icing's the best. Aunt maggie, this is incredible.

 Hope: Next cake we'll be cutting will be yours at your wedding.

 Jennifer: Mm, unless sami beats me to the altar.

 Lexie: Not a chance.

 Maggie: Well, I'm sure sami will take her time and make certain that she has the wedding to beat all weddgsgs.

 Hope: I really hope things work out for her and brandon.

 Jennifer: You know what? I do, too. Really, I do.

 Lexie: Okay, someone has to say it. We all know there is not a anance in hell that sami will ever get brandon to the altar... not in this lifetime.

 Rex: It'll be painless.

 Csie: Want a sample of what I have to give? Are you man enough to find out?

 Gabriella: Will it be mimi or belle?

 Man: Gabi, I've already made up my mind.

 Hope: I mean, I've never, ever seen him like this before.

 Bo: I've had it. I quit. Guys. That's great. Go wash up.

 Susan: Want some cafeteria coffee?

[ Susan laughs ] Okay.


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