Days Transcript Tuesday 5/6/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/6/03--Canada; 5/7/03--USA

By Eric

Stuart: Okay, here we go.In 5, 4, 3, 2...

who's in the house now?

Jennifer: All right, good morning, everyone, and welcome.

Jack: Yeah, welcome to wedding central -- that is, uh, our house --

Jennifer: "In the house," actually. Welcome back, and we all know that planning a wedding can -- can practically be a full-time job, so jack and I are just thankful that this can be part of our job.

Jack: Two birds, one stone.

Jennifer: He is so romantic. Don't get him wrong.

Jack: Uh, one hand, one heart. How about that?Is that better?

Jennifer: Yes.

Jack: What? Oh -- oh, yes, right. The cake. Move. Move the cake. Sorry. Moving righ

Jennifer: So if any of you are planning a wedding at home, or if you're just curious about the latest trends, the latest fashions, dresses, desserts, flowers --

Jack: Yes, or, uh, fancy and expensive, uh...

Jennifer: Honeymoon destinatio

Jack: Yes, those, too. Destinations, yes.

Jennifer: Then you should stay tuned, because we have a wonderful show planned. But first, we lk about this gorgeous cake...

Jack: Right.

Jennifer: From fisher's bakery.

Jack: Cut it?

Jennifer: Iible. You know what? I don't think -- oh, very good, jack. I don't think this is going to make it...

Jack: It's all in the wrist action.

Jennifer: Past the commercial break. We all want you to see this. Look at that.

Jack: Lovely.

Jennifer: Wow. Ooh, that looks good. Now there's, you know, the age-old question -- to smash or not to smash?

Jack: I say, uh, to smash.

Jennifer: No!

Jack: Not.

Jennifer: Not.

Jack: Not.

Jennifer: Not.

Jack: Okay. Well, why waste good cake, huh?

Jennifer: Mm, thank you. That is so good.

Jack: It is good.

Jennifer: Now, we need to show you, next... beautifully decorated glasses.

Jack: Yes.

Jennifer: Here we go.

Jack: Okay.

Jennifer: Let's show them how it's done, jack.

Jack: All right.

Jennifer: To love and to happiness.

Jack: No. To us.

Shawn-d: So you tell my grandparents that you're going to be a cub, and they will give you free burgers for life.

Man: My girl -- I mean fiancée -- will love that. I can't get used to calling her that. Oh, well, I guess in a couple of weeks, it'll be "wife," right?

Shawn-d: Couple of weeks. Wow.

Man: Yeah. Can't happen soon enough for me.

Shawn-d: Yeah, I bet.

Man: What's that supposed to mean?

Shawn-d: Well, it's, you know, my girlfriend belle --

Man: Yeah, belle black.

Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah well, she, um... she mentioned something that shannon told her... that you two are waiting till you're married to have sex.

>>Isisa: More coffee?

Sami: Um, yeah, thanks.

Lisa: And for our favorite local celebrity -- you really are my favorite. Tonight's the big night, huh?

Belle: Actually, it's already been taped.

Lisa: So did the dream date pick you for the final date? What does he look like?

Belle: Actually, I don't know, and trust me, he's not my dream date. I'm not allowed to say how it turned out.

Lisa: Oh, okay. That's okay. I'll be watching. Good luck.

Belle: Thank you.

Sami: So he did pick you, didn't he?

Belle: Sami, if I wanted to break my contract, I would have dropped out of the show already.

Sami: Well, I bet shawn will be glad when it's all over.

Belle: Yeah. I was crazy to do this.

Sami: No, you weren'T. Shawn appreciates what he has now, doesn't he?

Belle: Yeah, so do I.

Sami: So, you two are finally sleeping together?

Man: Anything else I can get you ladies?

Kate: Short of a shower and a warp-speed trip to rome, I don't think so. So what does the forecast say?

Woman: Still sunny and bright. You know, I'm going to go talk to the guy at the counter, and if they tell me again our flight is delayed due to weather...

Kate: Ha ha. Go get 'em.

[ Sighs ]

Roman's voice: Katie. Katie. Aren't you getting tired of deleting my messages? You know, I could eat up your whole mailbox. Believe me, you really do want to hear what I have to say.

Lexie: Eugenia? What are you doing here? Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Jennifer: So it's very important for your wedding announcement or your engagement announcement to be very clear and concise, 'cause someone could end up editing it for you, and you won't even like it, so it's very important to make it very clear.

Jack: The fig-newton wedding.

Jennifer: Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

[ Barks like a seal ]

Jack: Right.

Jennifer: That was funny.

Jack: Yes. Maybe she'll hyphenate. I know I'm hyphenating right now.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha. Go on, go on.

Jack: You know, it's interesting --

Jennifer: What?

Jack: Notice that the personal ads are always on the page preceding the wedding announcements, as if the e e would inevitably lead to the other.

Jennifer: Well, I don't think that's unheard of for -- for something to happen on this page, then go into marriage. I think that's okay, don't you?

Jack: Look at this.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: Sniff-sm seeking swim-mm -- swum-mm. Swum-mm. Smim-mm. Oh, s&M. They're seeking some s&M. They're into s-- well, maybe I shouldn't be saying that in this time slot.

Jennifer: No, you shouldn't, but that's not what it means. Jack, it means single nonsmoking female seeking single nonsmoking male.

Jack: How would you know it says that?

Jennifer: Because once upon a time, I worked for the "spectator" as an intern, and someone was my editor, so I got to proofread the personals. And there you go -- proof. I met the man of my dreams through the newspaper.

Jack: You make it sound as though you took out an ad.

Jennifer: Well, think about it. I almost had to.

Jack: And, uh, on that note, let's talk about the blurring of traditional roles of courting and -- and dating. Good, bad, confusing, enlightening?

Jennifer: Everything. All of the above. They are.

Jack: Well, uh, actually, jennifer and i tried a little, uh, exercise earlier -- exercise in dating. Let's see what you think. We'll, uh, roll the footage.

Jennifer: Roll it.

Kate: Success?

Woman: They were just about to make a boarding announcement. Yes.

Kate: Ah, great. I can't wait to get out of here.

Woman: I hope your trip's not going to be all business.

Kate: It is, and that's exactly the way I want it.

Woman: Ah, I see.

Kate: What?

Woman: Well, is that why you can't wait to get away, putting distance between you and a certain someone?

Kate: You can tell, huh? Actually, I was hoping that I had him out of my system, but a little time, a little space, he will be.

Eugenia: I, um... I came to see sami about work.

Lexie: You seem a little edgy. Arare you all right?

Eugenia: Well, I've decided something, and sami's not going to like it, but I don't care how mad she gets or what she has to say to me. Right is right.

Lexie: Well, you go, girl. Ha ha.

Eugenia: Hey, what are you doing here? You can't stand sami.

Lexie: Yeah, well, who can? But brandon lives here, too, so...

Eugenia: Right.

Lexie: He left a message he wanted to talk to me. Excuse me.

Eugenia: Lexie, um, I'm glad you're here. Actually, what I want to talk to sami about -- it involves you, too, in a major way. It's about the paternity test that you had the lab run on your baby.

Lexie: Eugenia, look, I am mortified that I had to have those tests run, and I don't ever want anyone to know about them. The fact that I, uh, had doubts about my bab-- just forget it ever happened.

Man: I'm in a hurry to get married 'cause I have to catch up with the cubs after graduation in four weeks.

Shawn-d: Yeah, I'm sorry I brought it up. I-it's just that belle and I, well... we've kind of decided that we're going to wait, too.

Man: Oh.

Shawn-d: Yeah, it's just so tough. I have no idea how anyone does it.

Man: Yeah, it is tough.

Shawn-d: I just -- I feel like a freak, waiting, you know, because I love her so much, and she loves me.

Man: You love her so much that you want her to be the only one. You don't have to feel like a freak about that. Look... it's not like I was a saint before, okay? But it was different when I met shannon. That's how I kww that she was the one, and we decided when we were ready to make that kind of commitment to each other that we were ready to make it for life. I don't want her to look back on her first time with regrets. Nobody can tell you what is right for you and belle. You have to decide that together.

Shawn-d: All right. Cool.

Man: See ya.

Belle: Sami, I'm not going to talk toouou about my sex life.

Sami: Oh, you mean lack thereof? Come on, belle, what are you waiting for? You know how to take care of yourself. It's notike you're going to get pregnant like I did.

Belle: There are other reasons to wait, you know.

Sami: Like what?

Belle: Didn't I just say that I don't want to talk about this?

Sami: I'm sorry. I just don't get why people are so embarrassed to talk about sex. I mean, it's natural, it's wonderful, especially when you're with the right guy. Like, with brandon, it's like a whole new level of --

Belle: No, T.M.I. -- T.M.I.

Sami: Okay, all right, I'll stop. Come on, I bet you can tell just by looking at me -- I mean, I'm glowing.

Belle: Sami... you're not...

Sami: No. No, I'm not pregnant.

Belle: But you and brandon -- you are happy.

Sami: Yeah. There's only one thing that can make me happier. I love him so much, belle. I mean, brandon is -- well, he's strong, and he's wonderful and sensitive. He's the complete opposite of lucas. I'm telling you, brandon is the one.

Belle: So you want to marry him.

Sami: I have to marry him. I will die if I don't marry him.

Belle: Sami --

Sami: No, don't tell me to be patient, belle. I have been. I'm totally serious here. How many times do I have to be alone on my wedding night? How many times do I have to walk down the aisle before I get to finally say "I do"? All I want is a family and some sort of promise that the happiness I have today won't be gone tomorrow.

Belle: You will have a family someday, sami.

Sami: Maybe even sooner than you think. Brandon is going to propose to me.

Belle: He is?

Sami: Well, he actually started to ask me the other night.

Belle: Whatapappened?

Sami: The earthquake. And then he had to work, and then it's just been one thing after another. But I am telling you, he is not changing his mind. He is ready, and if I don't have a ring on my finger, like, tonight, I will. And then it'll be your turn.

Belle: Oh, let's not rush things.

Sami: Who -- me? Oh, you know what? Belle, breakfast is on me. I'll take care of the bill.

Belle: Do you mind if I call shawn really quickly?

Sami: Of course not.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Shawn-d: Hello.

Belle: Hey.

Shawn-d: How's it going?

Belle: Good. Is practice over?

Shawn-d: Yep.

Belle: Want some company?

Shawn-d: Always.

Belle: Where are you?

Shawn-d: The pier. I was walking back to the dorm.

Belle: Oh, I'm at the pub. Do you want me to meet you there?

Shawn-d: What's going on?

Belle: Oh, I just have something I want to show you.

Shawn-d: I'll be waiting.

Belle: Okay, I'll see you soon.

Sami: Huh, I have a message.

Brandon's voice: Samantha, I hope you're free to meet me at tuscany, 10:00 -- that's A.M. -- Because I can't wait any longer. And that's all I can say. I definitely don't want to ruin the surprise.

Eugenia: But, lexie --

Lexie: Eugenia, I don't want to talk about this. It's very uncomfortable for me. So, please, just forget about it.

Brandon: Forget about what? Hey, eugenia.

Eugenia: Hi.

Brandon: What's going on?

Eugenia: I came to see sami, but... I'm glad I ran into both of you. I really don't think I can do this much longer.

Brandon: Do what?

Lexie: Eugenia has some issues with sami that she needs to discuss, which have nothing to do with either one of us. Why don't you take it up with sami at work?

Eugenia: Okay. See you later.

Brandon: Well, what was that about?

Lexie: I don't know. Can we go inside?

Brandon: Yeah. Of course.

Lexie: I think eugenia was looking for an excuse to run into you.

Brandon: Why is that?

Lexie: She probably wants to repay you for saving her life.

Brandon: Ah, yeah, I know, and I wish she would stop with it.

Lexie: Yeah, I'm sure. Anyhow, I don't have all day, and I'm sure you don't, either, so if you could just get to the point...

Brandon: How are you feeling? I didn't mean for you to come all the way down here...

Lexie: I'm fine. The baby's fine.

Brandon: No more contractions?

Lexie: Nope. So... what do you want to talk to me about?

Brandon: I'm going to ask samantha to marry me.

Lexie: Oh. Well, I think you can do a hell of a lot better. But if that's what you want...

Brandon: It is.

Lexie: Well, then what does it have to do with me? Look, brandon, I'll be thrilled to have the two of you start a family together, if that means you'll stop hoveringver mine, okay? .. You and sami are both... so obsessive. Maybe you have found the woman you deserve. Good luck.

Brandon: Hey. Good luck to you, too.

Jennifer: Here it comes. I'm scared. Oh, wow.

Jack: You look very good.

Jennifer: Look at you.

Jack: Well, I was drinking my tea.

Jennifer: A bollini, please.

Jack: A what?

Jennifer: A bollini.

Jack: You've never had a bollini in your life. Well, maybe you have.

Jennifer: I don't think I have.

Jack: At least, none that you've admitted to.

Jennifer: I was being sophisticated, and I was trying to be sexy. See? That was my sexy move.

Jack: I see you'

Jennifer: See?

Jack: Yes.

Jennifer: Do you have any idea if the cubs are still winning? Sports. See, I went right for the sports.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we sure did win tonight.

Jennifer: Good. Excellent.

Jack: Well played. So, uh, so you're a sports fan? Well, I never --

Jennifer: Depends on the sport. That was a good line.

Jack: You winked at me. You've never winked at me. You've never winked at me like that before. So, now that we've enjoyed the fine pub fare... oh, so when you're pretending, it's easier. It's better when you're pretending. Well, that's a whole 'nother subject.

Jennifer: Oh, you've been to ireland? Have you kissed the blarney stone?

Jack: No, I-I don't approve of blarney.

Jennifer: I had some good lines.

Jack: You did. "I don't approve of blarney" -- who wrote thatnene?

Jennifer: You.

Jack: I didn't write that.

Jennifer: You're well-traveled?

Jack: Yes, in fact, I could show you my... collection of spoons... spoons -- things that start with a "k," like spoons.

Jennifer: Look. That's a line I've never been fed. But I'm going to be strong. I resist.

Jack: Turn and look to the camera and... what happened?

Jennifer: See? I resisted. I was strong.

Jack: You're still strong. Interesting, isn't it, miss horton? Whereas I tried to show the difficult role of the male. Showing clear intent, yet at the same time, leaving lilittle wiggle room for both parties. You, a very talented and subtle female, just went about dropping your subtle hints. You played it pretty hard right there to the end.

Jennifer: Well, I wasn't about to let my man get away.

Jack: All right.

Jennifer: There you go.

Jack: Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think? Is it all right if the woman initiates? Yes. "Yes" means you don't always have to pay, so that's a big yes. Right! Right! You know, I've always admired your initiative, and I love it when you pay.

Jennifer: Yes, thank you. Well, you know what? I'm going to initiate the next segment. How's that?

Jack: I'll let you do that.

Jennifer: Thank you. All right, jack and i would love to welcome -- and all of you -- help us welcome salem's favorite wedding planner audrey sims.

Jack: Audrey sims.

Jennifer: Come on out, audrey. Whoo, look at you! Wow!

Audrey: Ha ha!

Jennifer: You look great!

Shawn-d: Hey.

Belle: Hi.

Shawn-d: How you doing?

Belle: Better.

Shawn-d: Good.

Belle: God, shawn, last night was so scary.

Shawn-d: Listen, gone. If he comes back to salem, he's going to jail.

Belle: I know, I just -- I love you so much.

Shawn-d: I love you, too.

Belle: I don't think I could feel any closer to you than I do right now. You saved my life last night. Oh...we're 19. It's not supposed to be this hard.

Shawn-d: It's not. It is so easy to love you.

Belle: Yeah, but I know it's hard for you to wait for us to be together.

Shawn-d: Belle...

Belle: It's hard for me, too, shawn, but wait -- I got you something. And you don't have to wear it, but... just knowing that we made this promise together... it helps me stay strong.

Belle: I got one for both ousus. And every time I look at mine or remember my reason for wearing it... you're my reason, shawn.

Sami: Maggie? Is anyone here?

Sami: Are we here alone?

Brandon: The place is ours until lunchtime.

Sami: I can't believe you did this for me.

Brandon: You know, I'm kind of glad things didn't work out at the resort. Now I have a chance to really do things right. Are you ready?

Sami: More than you'll ever know.

Man: Captain brady? Captain brady.

Roman: Oh. Simmons, yeah, what can I do for you?

Simmons: Are you okay?

Roman: Yeah, I'm okay. I'm just trying to find a way to, uh, get through to somebody who doesn't want to listen. You got any suggestions?

Simmons: If I'm not out of line here, have you tried saying those three little words that she wanted so badly to he??

Roman: No. No, I haven'T.

Simmons: Because you didn't want your personal business broadcast on police frequencies all over salem.

Roman: Yeah, that's pretty much it. Yeah. But, uh, I wouldn't care who heard it now, if only there was a way for her to -- wait a minute. There sure as hell is. The airwaves. All right. Wait -- all right, simmons, what do you need?

Simmons: Nothing that can't wait.

Roman: You sure?

Simmons: Yes, sir.

Roman: Okay, thanks.

Audrey: But, of course, you cannot plan a menu until you have a theme.

Jack: Theme. Right. Theme, theme, yes.

Audrey: You know, like, traditional or luau or wild, wild west --

Jack: Whoa, whoa, no, been there, done that. Thank you, no. No, no.

Audrey: Well, anyway, whatever you decide upon, remember, it is your celebration. You got to be able to enjoy yourself, to relax, to dance, to feast. So be sure to choose a tux or a dress to leave you breathing room and, uh, eating room.

Jack: Right. Eating room.

Audrey: Okay. All right, we have two more dresses to show you today. The first one is modeled by maggie horton -- the owner of one of salem's finest restaurants.

Jack: Right, right.

[ Crew applauds ]

Audrey: Isn't that lovely?

Stuart: Yes.

Audrey: Now, this look is perfect for an informal wedding, say, uh, at the courthouse, for example. Or vegas. And as a sidelight, well, then you can wear this again to a very nice dinner at tuscany, for example.

Maggie: Oh, my, thank you.

Jack: Of course.

Audrey: All right.

Jack: Thank you, maggie.

Audrey: Next up, we have our beautiful bride-to-be.

Jack: Really.

Jennifer: All right, audrey, you saved me a lot of time in the dressing room. That's all I want to say, because this is exactly what I want.

Audrey: Oh, my.

[ Crew applauds ]

Jack: Excuse me, it's time to kiss the bride-to-be.

Jennifer: Come here, handsome. Ahem -- thank you.

Jennifer: Thank you.

[ Crew applauds ]

Barry: Oh, that's the shot. so, it was called cattle point. Of the nation, and subsequentlyne of th here. Your cruise director, ron

Shawn-d: This is...

Belle: A putyty ring. Or a symbol of my love for you -- whatever you want to make it. One ring stands for love of god. One ring stands for love for myself. And the last one stands for love of my future husband. You make me want to be a better person, shawn. For bothf f us. Thank you for being so patient with me. Thank you for loving me when I'm cranky and annoying and for respecting me when I do really dumb things.

Shawn-d: I will always respect you... so much.

Belle: And thank you for understanding.

Shawn-d: Belle. Wait.

Sami: I can't stand it.

Brandon: What?

Sami: Brandon, I know you said you wanted this to be perfect, but my heart is pounding so fast that I'm afraid I'm going to pass out before we get to the big moment, and... I n'n't want this ruined again, so maybe we can just skip all the atmospheric stuff and just get right to the question.

Brandon: I love you, samantha.

Jennifer: Oh, aunt maggie, we want to thank you so much for being with us today.

Maggie: Oh, my pleasure. You know, I love my work. But if this is work...

Jennifer: I know. We are the luckiest people in the world, jack.

Jack: Well, right. Unfortunately, maggie's got to leave us for a day job at -- her day job at tuscany. That's tuscany, for all your wedding reception needs.

>>Agaggie: Oh, thank you, jack.

Jack: Anytime, maggie, anytime.

Jennifer: Goodbye, aunt maggie. Thank you so much.

Jack: Goodbye, goodbye.

Jennifer: It is wonderful. It is wonderful to have such a great family that you can --

Jack: With a restaurant.

Jennifer: Wh a restaurant. And ask small favors. But now audrey is with us, and we're going to continue talking about wedding plans. And she is going to show us some very inexpensive mementos that we can make ourselves, so that our guests can take them home and remember our special day.

Jack: Wait a minute. Why do we have to burden our guests with a bunch of tacky tchotchkes that's going to clutter their homes or alternately inspire guilt when tsesed on the ash heap? Let me ask you something. Are you cursing your friend's nuptials when you find your "gary and mary forever" matchbooks under your days-old coffee grounds?

Jennifer: Stop.

Jack: I know I do.

Audrey: No, actually, that's an excellent question, jack, which is why we're going to be discussing modern-day party favors and gifts, such as charitable gifts.

[ Door slams ]

Jack: What?

Roman: Hi.

Jack: Hi. Uh, roman, we're on tv.

Roman: I know that, jack. That's why I'm here.

Brandon: Samantha, we have our whole lives for me to show you my love and commitment. I don't have to make a big declaration here. I can do that any day -- at home, at work, under the tuscan sun... on our wedding day. In front of our children and their children... if you want to have more children.

Sami: Yes.

Brandon: Okay. Here goes.

Man: So, do we want to watch depressing world news or jack and jennifer?

Woman: No question.

Kate: Ha ha ha.

Jennifer: Roman, I don't know if you realize we're actually on the air right now.

Roman: Jennifer, I do. I know this is a live show...

Kate: Oh, my god.

Woman: What?

Jack: Whoa, seems we have an airtight security system here.

Jennifer: Wait a minute, roman.

Jack: Just speak into the microphone.

Roman: All right. Jack, jennifer, first of all, I apologize for barging in here like this. I hope it doesn't mess your ratings u b but I needed to borrow the airwaves for a second, if I may.

Jennifer: This is, uh... with us now, we have captain roman brady of the salem P.D. Of course, you all know him. And, roman, we are here to serve the public.

Jack: Are you saying that there's a missing person or a criminal loose again?

Roman: Yeah, there's a missing person, jack. A missing person in my life. And I need to get a message to her, so sorry, folks, there will be no arrests on live tv tonight. This is a personal matter.

Jennifer: Well, you know, our show today is about love anand romance.

Roman: Well, good, good, jennifer. Then maybe my, uh, timing isn't as lousy as it usually is, so, uh...

Jennifer: Okay.

Roman: Here? Right here?

Stuart: Uh, yes, right there.

Jennifer: Look into that camera. There you go.

Roman: Kate, kate, I hope to hell you are someplace where you can hear this right now. This is my only chance to say this in front of the whole world, or at least our world. You know, when you said, uh, when you said "I love you" on t p police radio, those three little words, they just kind of stuck in my throat. I, uh, I blew it, all right? I admit that. And then you -- you accused me of being commitment-phobic, and, uh... okay, duly noted. But, damn it, kate, I know what I want and I know how I feel. And now that I'm ready to tell you that, you disappear on me. So here we go. Here we go. Right in front of god, all of salem... you do have a big audience, right?

Jack: Oh, uh, uh, huge, huge.

Jennifer: Well, it could be better.

Audrey: I don't think the ratings would beat, like, "access hollywood."

Jack: Well, but still huge.

Roman: But it's huge. It's huge?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Roman: Okay, good. Good, that's all I need.

Jennifer: Okay.

Roman: All right, kate, you wanted me to commit, you wanted me to say this like this, you wanted to hear this said this way... all right, lady, you wanted me to bhonest, truthful, lay it on the line... here goes. I love you. Kate roberts, did you hear that? That was not easy for me to say, believe me, but I'm going to say it again. I love you. I love you very much, and I'm not going to leave this spot until you come here to jack and jennifer's and you let me say that to your face.

Belle: Shawn, what's wrong?

Shawn-d: Give me your ring. Now, I'm going to ask you to take this one. We're making a solemn promise to each other, anin a way, it's an even bigger commitment than the one we were ready to make a few weeks ago. You are the only person that ianant to be with. And I hope someday... that I replace this ring with another ring -- a wedding ring.

Belle: And then we can be together in every way.

Jack: Well, lefty scissors would help.

Jennifer: Oh, you ripped it.

Audrey: You know what? That is okay. Actually, what you've done here is very useful for teaching purposes.

Jack: Right.

Audy:Y: Jack has made a very common mistake here.

Jack: I already told you how I feel about favors.

Jennifer: Well, let's hope that we were able to do one today for roman and kate.

Roman: Yeah, well, you know what they say -- no pain, no gain.

Audrey: That is why we go through the torturous process that is planning a wedding, because if you can get through this without killing each other, well, then you can get through anything.

Jennifer: Yes.

Roman: Yeah, well, here we are, stuck at "I love you."

Audrey: Hey, and don't just sit there. Time is a-wasting. We have got 200 of these things to be made, okay?

Jennifer: There we go. Okay.

Jack: Let me tell you something...

Kate: Oh, this is so embarrassing.

Man: Give the guy a break.

Woman: Are you coming? We're boarding.

Kate: Yes. Okay.

In yellowknife, they call it the village of the widows. This is why. The ship that hauled the urannium that wound up in nagasaki atomic bombs. They'll take it away, but who says the radioactive material goes with it? On tonight's global national with kevin newman.

Belle: We have been here a long time.

Shawn-d: Yeah. And you're taking home some of the baseball diamond, too.

Belle: I don't mind. I really wish that I didn't have to go to class. But I'm so far behind on studying for my finals... I can't complain. It was my own fault for deciding to do this stupid dating show.

Shawn-d: Well, if you do have to go out on a date with the guy, at least your status will be obvious.

Belle: If I do have to go out with him, it'll only be one date. And I hope he doesn't think I'm going to jump into bed with him, no matter what.

Shawn-d: No. I'm sorry. I know we haven't seen this guy's face, but there is something about him... and I am not being jealous, I am just being protective, especially after what happened last night, all right? I don't want anyone to hurt you. And this mystery date guy can't get out of your life soon enough for me.

Jennifer: Well, thank you so much for joining us today, audrey, and, uh, I'm so sorry for the last-minute programming change.

Audrey: Oh, are you kidding? I am a sucker for a happy ending.

Roman: Yeah, well, uh, it looks like I'm the sucker.

Audrey: Oh, captain brady, I just hope you and kate get your happy ending.

Jack: Uh, well, speaking of endings, it looks like our time together is just about over, so...

Jennifer: Roman, maybe kate didn't see the show.

Roman: Look, she wouldn't listen to anything else I said. I just thought maybe that, uh, this was fate, but, ..... you know, I guess I was --

Jennifer: I know, but it's --

Jack: Wait a minute.

Kate: Ha ha ha ha.

Sami: I thought you were going to make this quick.

Brandon: We have our whole lives.

Sami: Brandon...

Brandon: I love it when you get all hot and bothered.

Sami: It doesn't take much.

Brandon: The longer I drag this out, the more of this moment you'll have to savor.

Sami: You are driving me crazy.

Brandon: Samantha brady...

Sami: Yes.

Lexie: I just ran into the lab technician from university hospital who ran my paternity test. She was outside the apartment where brandon's living. Mm. Don't worry. I know. I'll handle it.

Brandon: Will...

Sami: Yes.

Brandon: You...

Sami: Yes.

Brandon: Marry...

Sami: Yes.

Brandon: Me?

Sami: Yes, yes, yes!

All: Surprise!

Lexie: I don't believe this!

Sami: Wa!A!

Lexie: Well, sami always did know how to crash a party.

Sami: Is someone going to congratulate me?

Belle: Congratulations, sami. I know you were so desperate for this to happen.

Hope: Next cake we'll be cutting will be yours at your wedding.

Jennifer: Unless sami beats me to the altar.

Lexie: Not in this lifetime.

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