Days Transcript Thursday 5/1/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/01/03--Canada; 5/02/03--USA

By Eric

: Delivery for roman brady. 3EB16ED0.JPG

 Roman: Yeah. That's, uh, that's me.

 Ops: Not so fast. Code word? Roman: Indigo.

 Ops: Thank you.

 Roman: Thank you.

 Roman's voice: Call me. Please.

 Kate: There's nothing left to talk about, captain brady, so stop harassing me. 3EB16EF2.JPG

 Woman: Are you all right, kate?

 Kate: Oh, yeah. I'm fine. At I can't handle. As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to put a stop to this once and for all.

 Man: Officer brady.

 Bo: Yeah?

 Man: Pat blank, "salem chronicle." Would you care to make a comment on the recent drug busts here in salem? 3EB16F06.JPG

 Hope: Isn't this something abe should deal with?

 Pat: Look, I'm on a deadline.alL I need is a quote.

 Bo: One question.

 Hope: Bo --

 Pat: How do you feel about the arrest of vin ramsell?

 Bo: He's back on the street selling drugs. How the hell do you think I feel?

M man: Which one of these midwestern babes will our blindfolded hunk choose? Will it be slinky, sultry cassie? Adorable, vivacious belle? Or fun, flirty mimi? Tune in to "love is blind," and see which one raises his temperature. 3EB16F29.JPG

 Mimi: Oh! I still get goose bumps. So, shawn, how does it feel to be hanging with a big-time tv star?

 Shawn-d: I'm getting goose bumps.

 Mimi: You know, I got stopped four times on campus today. And then there was that girl from the hospital last night. Oh, and the guy from the school newspaper. I swear, this must be how J. Lo feels. 3EB16F3D.JPG

 Shawn-d: Yeah, mimi. It's getting out of control. I was leaving for class this morning, and I saw a couple of the guys playing six degrees of mimi lockhart.

 Mimi: Shut up!

 Shawn-d: And look at this. You know, I'm gonna save this 'cause I know I can sell this on ebay for 100 bucks at least. Mimi lockhart lipstick smudge. 3EB16F4E.JPG

 Mimi: Joke all you want, shawn, but this is going to change my life forever.

 Shawn-d: So, you don't think another mocha latte would loosen those lips, do you?

 Mimi: Huh?

 Shawn-d: Come on, mimi, you got to give me a hint.

 Mimi: Oh, I don't know, shawn. 3EB16F5C.JPG

 Shawn-d: I know you want to tell me, so why don't you just spare yourself the agony and tell me o'o's in and who's out?

 Tony: So, where do you get off bringing my children here?

 John: Why don't we take this outside?

 Cassie: Please don't be mad at john. Rex and I wanted to do this. 3EB16F6F.JPG

 Tony: Yes, I'm sure with some subtle persuasion.

 Cassie: No. I hate that tattoo. I'm so glad it's gone.

 Rex: Yeah, it's actually kind of liberating.

 Craig: Excuse me, but if everyone wouldn't mind, I'd like to finish up here. Sit down. Okay, here we go. 3EB16F85.JPG

 John: I'm not gonna apologize for what I did.

 Marlena: It was not your place.

 John: They wanted those tattoos removed. Who can blame them? Branded with a constant reminder that somebody else owned them? Hell, I should have had mine tan n off years ago. 3EB16F93.JPG

 Tony: I wish I had the dimera marking, and got rid of it the way you did. I'd scratch it off with my bare hands if I could. Unfortunately, my father left me with deeper scars.

 John: I'm not gonna listen to this crap anymore. Let's go. 3EB16F9E.JPG

 Tony: Well, whether you believe it or not, john, I am not my father's son. I do not belong to stefano, and I am nothing like him.

 John: No, you're a hell of a lot worse. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Cassie: I play to win, and I always get what I want. 3EB17073.JPG

 Belle: Well, not this time, sister.

 Mimi: Let the games begin.

 Man: Stay tuned for "love is blind," here on wdil.

 Ops: My money's on the blonde.

 Roman: That's what I'm hoping.

 Ops: Hey, go on. Make yourself comfortable. 3EB17081.JPG

 Roman: All right.

 Ops: All ghght, let me get that on there. You know, it takes a big man to do this kind of thing.

 Roman: Yeah, well, I got to be honest with you. I ain't exactly thrilled about being an I.S.A. Guinea pig, but if shane thinks this is important, then -- 3EB17090.JPG

 Ops: Oh, it is. You're not afraid of a little needle, are you?

 Roman: Wait now. Easy there, all right? That is a serious ticker.

 Ops: Trust me, my man. You won't feel a thing.

 Shawn-d: Come -- come on. You were saying.

 Mimi: Oh, I guess I can give you one little tiny clue. 3EB170AB.JPG

 Belle: Miriam lockhart.

 Mimi: About my secret to good hair -- eggs. I use eggs. Oh, look, there's penny. I promised I'd give her directions to cassie's place. See you later. Bye.

 Shawn-d: Bye, mimi. So I'm gonna start using egg in my hair. 3EB170B7.JPG

 Belle: Right.

 Shawn-d: Right.

 Belle: So, do you still want to go to cassie's tonight?

 Shawn-d: It's not that I want to. She's your sister. I think we should.

 Belle: You're right. And it's probably important that she's surrounded by semi-normal people. 3EB170C4.JPG

 Shawn-d: Oh, is that how you classify us?

 Belle: Well, if you think about the creeps she nearly fell in with, you and I look like saints.

 Shawn-d: Speak for yourself.

 Belle: Come on, let's go.

 Shawn-d: Okay, after you, saint belle.

 Cassie: It's really easy to find. It's just two blocks south of riverside. Look, if you have any problems, just call me. I'll direct you. 3EB170DC.JPG

 Chaz: Cool. All right, see you later.

 Cassie: Okay. Bye.

 Craig: All done.

 Rex: Thank you. Did you even bother to run this by tony?

 Cassie: No. Look, this party's a go, whether you approve or not. So you're just gonna have to deal with it. Come on, let's go. 3EB170F2.JPG

 John: Let's go.

 Tony: Well, obviously you're not going to give me the benefit of the doubt.

 John: You lost the benefit of the doubt when you tried to kill me.

 Marlena: John, please.

 Rex: We're done. Dr. Wesley said we can leave.

 Cassie: Before we go, um, could I talk to you for a second? 3EB17102.JPG

 Tony: Oh, absolutely. Would you excuse us?

 Marlena: Mm-hmm.

 Cassie: Will you be home tonight?

 Tony: As a matter of fact, no. Why?

 Cassie: I was just wondering if I could have a few friends over to watch "love is blind." 3EB17111.JPG

 Tony: Oh, it y your tv debut. Well, of course.

 Cassie: It's okay?

 Tony: Yes. Well, it's your home as well.

 Cassie: Thank you so much.

 Tony: Ahh, yes.

 Cassie: Thank you.

 Tony: Cassie.

 Cassie: I'll see you later. 3EB17120.JPG

 Tony: Yes.

 Rex: See you.

 Case:E: Bye.

 Marlena: Tony insists you were fine when he left the gym.

 John: He left me in that sauna to die. Now, if anything happens to me --

 Marlena: Don't say that, please. Don't say -- 3EB17132.JPG

 John: If anything happens to me, he's coming after you.

 Tony: You're absolutely right, john.

 Cassie: All right, everybody, it's almost showtime.

[ Laughing and chattering ]

 Woman: Oh, my god, I'm excited.

 Cassie: You are in charge of the remote. 3EB171F2.JPG

 Shawn-d: Thk k you.

 Mimi: So, uh, where's rex?

 Cassie: Upstairs. This really isn't his kind of thing.

 Mimi: Jeez, cassie, will you be serving anything that isn't high-octane?

 Cassie: This is a college party. What did you expect, fruit punch? Yeah, actually, you probably did, huh? You know what? Why don't you and belle make yourselves useful? Cook made some hors d'oeuvres. Will you bring them out? Theye in the butler's pantry. 3EB17222.JPG

 Mimi: Belle, we come here for a party, and she puts us to work.

 Belle: Come on.

 Mimi: That girl needs a serious diva detox.

 Belle: Don't let her get to you.

 Mimi: [ Sighs ] Hey, do you mind if I go up and say hello to rex? 3EB17235.JPG

 Belle: Go for it.

[ Doorbell rings ]

 Cassie: Hey.

 Chaz: Cassalicious.

 Cassie: Oh...

 Chaz: Looking good.

 Cassie: I'm glad you could come.

 Chaz: Not half as glad as I am.

 Rex: While my sister is wasting her time with a childish party, I've got more important things to accomplish -- I.E., Unlocking my dna. But in order to do that, I -- 3EB17261.JPG

[ Knock on door ]

 Mimi: Come on, the show's about to start. We have to get good seats.

 Rex: Thanks, but I have more important things on my mind, so...

 Mimi: Wait.

 John: Stay away from my wife.

 Marlena: John, let it go.

 Tony: Oh, john, I think you misunderstood me. 3EB17278.JPG

 Marlena: No, please --

 Tony: No, god forbid something should happen to you, of course I would look after marlena.

 Marlena: Look after me?

 John: Why don't you get your own life?

 Marlena: Stop it, both of you, right now! Stop this. Stop this insulting, immature game you play -- this competition. 3EB17286.JPG

 Tony: You know, marlena, you're absolutely right. I'm embarrassed, too. And if I hurt your feelings or insulted you in any way, I apologize. Excuse me.

 John: I'm sorry.

 Marlena: Thanks. I need a drink. Let's get out of here. 3EB1729F.JPG

 John: Yeah, I need a drink, too. Brady pub?

 Marlena: Echelon.

 John: Yeah.

 Hope: Come on. Let's go inside.

 Bo: The only thing that I regret is that ramsell's still alive.

 Hope: That's it. Interview's over. Let's go. 3EB172B0.JPG

 Kate: Yes, I know. I understand. This is last minute, but there's something I need you to take care of.

 Hope: Brady, oh, my god. If you keep saying things like that, you're not going to have a job. You're on thin ice as it is. Bo, you did your part. You arrested ramsell, but now it is time to back off. Let the system take care of him. 3EB172C7.JPG

 Bo: I am not backing off, not till these drug-pushing punks are off the street.

 Mimi: Can't you take a break from whatever it is you're doing?

 Rex: I'm sorry, mimi. I can't, okay?

 Chaz: Check it out. This joint is sweet. But not as sweet as you. 3EB17399.JPG

 Cassie: Aw, you're cute.

 Shawn-d: Hey.

 Belle: There you go.

 Shawn-d: Oh, thank you very much.

 Belle: Mm-hmm.

 Shawn-d: What -- what is this?

 Belle: Oh, uh, pté, and you just ate a stuffed fig.

 Shawn-d: Oh. No wonder cassie's so skinny. This is the most -- 3EB173B2.JPG

 Belle: That looks interesting.

 Shawn-d: Did they make this in the dimera kitchen or something?

 Belle: Oh, shawn, don't complain. Hey, where's rex?

 Mimi: You mean the hermit crab? He'd rather play with his toys than hang out with me. 3EB173BE.JPG

 Belle: Hey, it's okay. We're here for you, okay?

 Penny: Hey, everybody, show's starting!

 Man: Oh, dude, finally!

 Man #2: Whoo! Whoo!

 Man #3: All right.

 Shawn-d: They cannot wait.

 Gabriella: Hi there, everyone. I'm gabi ortiz, and this is "love is blind." We have a great show in store for you, so let's get this party started! 3EB173D3.JPG

[ [ Cheering ]

 Gabriella: Today's contestants are three of salem university's most eligible coeds. She's a girl searching for a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously.

 Shawn-d: All right, mimi.

 Gabriella: Meet mimi lockhart! 3EB173DE.JPG

[ Audience cheering ]

 Gabriella: Next up, a girl who wants a guy who isn't afraid to get down and dirty. Meet cassie dimera!

[ Audience cheering ]

 Gabriella: And finally, a girl who wants a guy who can be her best friend.

 All: Aw! 3EB173F0.JPG

 Gabriella: Aw, isn't that sweet? Meet bellelalack.

 Mimi: Whoo!

 Gabriella: If you think it's hot in here now with these three ladies, it's about to get even hotter. Let's meet our mystery man.

[ Murmuring ]

 Shawn-d: Yeah. 3EB17401.JPG

 Gabriella: Well, hello.

 Mimi: Oh, my god.

 Shawn-d: Who's this?

 Man: What is he wearing?

 Belle: Oh, get over it.

 Gabriella: Whoo! Someone call the fire department, 'cause this boy is sizzling.

[ Whistling ]

 Cassie: Come on. We're missing the show. 3EB17415.JPG

 Chaz: Why don't we start our own show up in your bedroom?

 Cassie: No, no, no, no. I want to see myself on tv. Please.

 Gabriella: Back off, ladies. Plenty of time for that later -- if you're the winner. Ready, romeo?

 Man: Oh, yeah. 3EB17425.JPG

 Gabriella: Well, what are you waiting for? Let's find out if love really is blind.

 Man: All righty, well, the first question is for mimi. Mimi, I would like for you to describe cassie.

 Belle: Ooh.

 Mimi: Okay, well, she's got good hair, I guess. And like no hips whatsoever. 3EB17439.JPG

 Man #2: Ooh, burn!

 Mimi: And I guess you could say her eyes are unique.

 Man: No, no, no, no. That's not what I meant. I meant describe cassie as a person. You know, something besides her physical appearance.

 Mimi: Oh, right, I knew that. Okay, she's energetic and outgoing. 3EB17448.JPG

 Belle: And outspoken.

 Mimi: Oh, and way smart. Like she aces all her tests without ever going to class. Wish I could do that.

 Man: All righty, well, thank you very much. Uh, the next question is for belle. Describe mimi.

 Belle: Oh. Mimi -- that's definitely easy. She's fun and loyal and caring. What's not to love? She's the best friend I could ever ask for. 3EB1745E.JPG

 Mimi: Oh, you make me sound like a cocker spaniel.

[ Laughter ]

 Mimi: You make me sound like a cocker spaniel.

[ Laughter ]

 Mimi: Oh, my gosh, I forgot I said that!

 Shawn-d: Is this weird to see this?

 Rex: Hey. 3EB1746D.JPG

 Mimi: Hey.

 Rex: Belle's right. You are amazing.

 Gabriella: Okay, we have one more.

 Man: Well, last but certainly not least, cassie. Tell me a little bit about belle.

 Cassie: Well, for starters, she's a total priss who has had everything handed to her on a silver platter. And not to mention that whole "I'm better than you" attitude. 3EB17484.JPG

 Mimi: That is so not true.

 Cassie: And talk about boring. This girl does not have one adventurous bone in her entire body. Her idea of living on the edge is going to bed without flossing.

 Gabriella: That's it, cassie girl. Tell us how you really feel. 3EB17491.JPG

 Cassie: But if you're looking for predictability and a girl who's afraid to take risks, then you should choose belle. But why settle for a girl when you could have a woman?

 Gabriella: Ow! We better cut to commercial before the censors pull the plug. Don't go away. 3EB174A4.JPG

 Ops: Oh, I tell you, I'm such a sucker for these shows. Hey, so how are you feeling?

 Roman: Well, uh, a little woozy, actually.

 Ops: Well, it shouldn't be long until the drug kicks in.

 Roman: And when that happens?

&gtPs: If this works, the I.S.A. Will be able to keep tabs on our suspects without them ever knowing we're onto them. 3EB174B9.JPG

 Roman: All right.

 Ops: All right. I'm going to ask you a few questions. Answer them to the best of your knowledge. What is your name?

 Roman: Roman brady.

 Ops: What are your children's names?

 Roman: Samantha, eric, and carrie. 3EB174D3.JPG

 Ops: What is your ex-wife's name?

 Roman: Marlena...

 Ops: It all comes down to this moment. Captain brady, time to choose your one true love. So, who is it going to be -- marlena... or kate?

 John: Are you sure this is where you want to go? 3EB174EE.JPG

 Marlena: This is what I have to do.

 Marlena: When I was here earlier, the place wasn't open yet, so I never got a chance to see what goes on. If I've got a prayer of understanding tony, I've got to know what he's involved in. 3EB1750D.JPG

 John: Well, I'll get us some drinks, and you do what you have to do.

 Marlena: All righty.

 Tony: Marlena. Twice in one day. What a pleasant surprise.

 Marlena: You lied to me.

 Hope: You're angry. I understand that. But that doesn't mean that you have to take matters into your own hands like a vigilante, brady. That's exactly what palmer accused you of. 3EB175E3.JPG

 Bo: Well, I b beginning to think that's the only way to get justice around here.

 Kate: Hi.

 Hope: Kate.

 Bo: Hey.

 Kate: Well, I'm surprised you're not at home watching shawn's girlfriend on television.

 Hope: Oh, shoot. 3EB175F0.JPG

 Bo: Belle's on tv?

 Kate: Yeah, you know, that television show "love is blind."

 Hope: It completely slipped my mind. I meant to set the vcr.

 Bo: Well, we've already missed the beginning. You know what? I'll call jen, see if she can get us a copy from the station. 3EB175FC.JPG

 Hope: That's a great idea. Thanks. Sit down. Come on.

 Kate: Thanks.

 Hope: You okay? You don't seem okay. This doesn't by chance have anything to do with roman, does it?

 Kate: Roman and i are through. 3EB17615.JPG

 Mimi: Oh, it's back on, everyone.

 Woman: Oh, sweet.

 Man: Oh, my god, look.

 Gabriella: Welcome back to "love is blind." Before the break, our resident hottie asked the three coeds to describe one another, and while belle and mimi kept it calm, cassie ripped through like an f5 tornado. Our hunk is ready for our one-on-one interviews, so let's see what he has to say about our girls now. 3EB1762F.JPG

 Gabriella: Well?

 Man: Well, you know, I think that mimi really could be a lot of fun -- that is, if she ever lets anyone else get a word in.

 Mimi: [ Gasps ]

 Man: Now, cassie sounds like a hellcat, but -- ha ha -- that's not necessarily a bad thing. And belle -- well, she's friendly, all right. In fact, I feel like I already know her -- really well. 3EB1764C.JPG

 Shawn-d: Hmm?

 Gabriella: Interesting. Okay. In our next round, each lady will be asked a one-on-one question. Mimi, you're up.

 Shawn-d: All right, go, mimi.

 Belle: Work it, girl. Ha ha ha ha.

 Mimi: Hi there.

 Man: Hey, mimi, how you doing? 3EB1765D.JPG

 Mimi: Good.

 Man: So, describe for me your dream guy.

 Mimi: My dream guy? Wow. Well, he's smart, maybe a little mysterious, and as far as looks go, tall with sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and pecs to die for.

 Man: All right. You've already got somebody in mind. 3EB17670.JPG

 Rex: I got to go.

 Gabriella: Okay, mimi.

 Mimi: What'd I say?

 Gabriella: Now let's hear from belle.

[ Audience cheering ]

 Shawn-d: Were you nervous? Were you nervous? Sweetheart.

 Man: So, uh, describe for me your dream guy. 3EB17684.JPG

 Belle: My dream guy? Um, okay. He has to be thoughtful and trustworthy -- someone I feel really comfortable around who can make me laugh. I don't know, I guess I'm saying it matters what he's like on the inside.

 Shawn-d: Aw, what matters on the inside. Isn't that sweet? 3EB17697.JPG

 Belle: Yeah, isn't it? And maybe someday, I'll actually find my dream guy.

 Gabriella: That's our belle. And last but not least, cassie.

 Mimi: Well, here goes cassie.

[ Auenence whistling ]

 Shawn-d: What -- what exactly is that -- that thing?

 Man: Hey, cassie, what's up? 3EB176A9.JPG

 Cassie: Hey.

 Man: So describe for me your dream guy.

 Cassie: Well, my dream guy would have to be easy on the eyes with a warm, ready smile...

 Shawn-d: What?

 Cassie: Big, broad shoulders...

 Belle: Ha ha ha ha. 3EB176BA.JPG

 Shawn-d: Ho ho ho.

 Cassie: And strong yet sensitive hands. And that's just above the equator.

 Belle: Oh!

 Mimi: Did she say that?

 Shawn-d: Are you kidding me?

 Mimi: I can't believe she just said that.

 Cassie: I want a guy who will put me on a pedestal and treat me like a queen, a man who would never think of looking at another woman. Do you think you can give me what I want? 3EB176CD.JPG

 Chaz: You bet I can.

 Gabriella: All right, sassy cassie. Coming up next, when love is blind, do the other senses shine? After the break, we'll find out if our hunk can smell true love.

Love is blind

 Shawn-d: All right, I've had enough. 3EB176E0.JPG

 Belle: Shawn!

 Tony: This is a business, a profitable investment.

 Marlena: Yes. Profits that are made by the exploitation of women.

 Tony: I beg your pardon?

 Marlenaneneed I say more?

 Tony: Yvette happens to be studying and working her way through college. That book in her hand is a textbook. She's preparing for the bar exam. 3EB176FB.JPG

 Marlena: [ Laughing ] Okay.

 Tony: I'm sorry, but the standards of this establishment are much higher than your average gentlemen's club.

 Marlena: Oh, save it. Who are you trying to convince?

 Tony: Quite honestly -- you.

 Rex: The distraction's too much. I need to focus on my research in order -- 3EB177E3.JPG

 Mimi: Instead of me?

 Rex: Mimi.

 Mimi: What just happened down there? Why did you bolt like that? Fine, don't answer me. I can take a hint.

 Rex: Mimi, wait. I'm sorry, okay? I've just had a lot on my mind lately. I guess I've kind of been a jerk. 3EB177F7.JPG

 Mimi: Well, yeah.

 Rex: But you know what? This is your night, and my work will still be here tomorrow, so if you want to --

 Mimi: You'll come back downstairs?

 Rex: How could I say no?

 Belle: Those two should get a room.

 Shawn-d: You want me to go talk to her? 3EB17814.JPG

 Belle: No, no, no, no. No. We'll just keep our eye on her in case he tries to pull something.

 Woman: What?

 Man: What is that? Is that joe or what?

 Chaz: You know, that punk brady has a staring problem.

 Cassie: Ignore him.

 Man #2: Like, wow. 3EB17824.JPG

 Penny: Hey, guys, it's back on.

Love is blind

 Gabriella: Welcome back to "love is blind." I'm gabi ortiz, and we're going to find out, will the scent of a woman turn him off, or will it be an aphrodisiac? Let's hope these girls had their bubble baths this morning. Okay, mystery hunk, let's see what you smell. 3EB1783A.JPG

 Man: It's fresh, clean, kind of a soapy smell.

 Mimi: Soap?

 Gabriella: Hey, hon, there's worse things to smell like. Ayay, hunk, who's next?

 Man: Let's go over to belle. Hmm. I like this. She's got kind of a floral thing going on here. 3EB17850.JPG

 Gabriella: Gets 'em every time. Now cassie.

 Man: [ Coughs ] Well, I guess the perfume would -- would be okay if she wasn't wearing so much.

 Gabriella: P.U. Can anyone say blue-light special?

 All: Oh! 3EB17864.JPG

 Gabriella: This is it, ladies -- your last chance to put it out there. Give him your best pickup line. Mimi?

 Mimi: Hmm. Are you a parking ticket? 'Cause you've got "fine, fine, fine" written all over you.

 All: [ Laugh ] 3EB17878.JPG

 Cassie: You know, that's a great outfit. It would look so much better, though, crumpled up on my floor.

 All: Ooh.

 Belle: All right. Your name must be visa, because you are everywhere I want to be.

 All: [ Laugh ]

 Gabriella: Okay, time's up. Polls are closed. Up next, we'll find out which one of o c comely coeds lover boy decides to send back to campus. 3EB178A0.JPG

 Ops: True or false, roman -- the woman you are currently dating is kate roberts.

 Roman: Yes.

 Ops: Welcome back. Before the break, our intrepid captain was about to choose his lady love. So, mr. Brady, you're a man of the world. Which one of these beauties do you deem worthy of your, shall we say, roman hands and russian fingers? 3EB178B5.JPG

 Roman: Well, I don't need this thing on, that's for sure.

 Ops: Time is running out, my friend.

 Roman: Marlena... I will always love you as my friend and the mother of my children.

 Roman: But you... are the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you, kate. 3EB178E7.JPG

 Marlena: If you're trying to convince me that you've changed, you're not doing a very good job.

 Tony: Oh, I'm not trying to convince you of anything, marlena. Just letting things evolve.

 Marlena: Evolve? What does that mean? 3EB178F7.JPG

 Tony: Well, when we were trapped together in the elevator and we were together wondering if we'd be rescued, it was kind of a revelation for the way I perceived you.

 Marlena: I have to find john. Excuse me, please. Don't get up.

 Bart: So what's the score, boss? Who's winning? 3EB1790E.JPG

 Tony: I seem to be trailing a few points, but gaining in momentum. I can assure you, bart, when we reach the finish line, I will be victorious.

 Bart: Go get 'em, tiger.

 Tony: The night's still young.

 Bart: Want me to bring the car around front? 3EB17922.JPG

 Tony: It would be so nice to be in the company of someone who's not going to judge me.

blind, love is blind

love is blind

 Gabriella: We're back to find out if love is blind. This is it -- the moment of truth. You nervous, ladies? Well, you should be. One of you is about to flunk out. So what's the verdict? Whicofof our girls didn't make the grade? 3EB179E8.JPG

 Man: Well, it was a really, really tough decision, but... I think I'm going to have to dump... cassie.

 All: [ Gasp ]

 Man #2: No way.

 Man #3: Wow.

 Gabriella: So, cassie, any words for our mystery man? 3EB179FD.JPG

 Cassie: You have no idea what you just passed up. Oh, you know, I hope you really like surprises because you are in for two very big ones when you take off that blindfold.

 Gabriella: Wow, bummer, but someone has to lose. Now, even though cassie's been eliminated, she will be back to comment on the next show, and you're not going to want to miss that. So from our mystery hunk and our two coeds still in the race, from all of us here at "love is blind," 3EB17A1B.JPGsee you then.

Love is blind

 Penny: Congratulations, belle. That guy is total drool material.

 Rex: You know, it's too bad cassie had been kicked out. I wish it had been you.

 Bliss: Oh, it's on the ususe. Count dimera insisted. 3EB17A36.JPG

 John: Oh. Well, you can tell the count that his generosity is... not accepted.

 Bliss: Whatever.

 Marlena: The women who work here are so... young and attractive. Tony tried to tell me that they're all working their way through college or raising young children. Still, I bet they had hopes, aspirations at one point. And now... I find this very depressing. 3EB17A5F.JPG

 John: So do I. You know, the worst thing is these ladies have no idea who they're dealing with.

 Marlena: You mean the man that tried to kill you?

 John: You believe me?

 Marlena: I believe you.

 Kate: Roman and I are just -- well, we're at different stages in our lives. I-I want a commitment, and he doesn'T. 3EB17A7D.JPG

 Hope: But it could change, couldn't it?

 Kate: No. No, you know something? I am not a patient woman. What I'm going to do is leave salem. I'm going to go to rome, and I'm going to work on basic black's new line.

 Hope: You're what? Kate -- 3EB17A8C.JPG

 Bo: Okay. Talked to jen. She's going to send us a tape.

 Hope: Great. I can't wait to watch it.

 Bo: We got to get going if you still want to go to the hospital and say hi to lexie.

 Hope: I do, I do, I do. I need to see her. 3EB17A97.JPG

 Bo: Catch you later, kate.

 Hope: Kate, before you leave town, talk to M. Come on. Give him another chance. Think about it.

 Man: Detective adady, detective brady.

 Woman: What's this about your frustrations with the salem P.D.? 3EB17AA9.JPG

 Hope: No comment. Let's go.

 Bo: Get the hell away from my wife.

 Man #2: Whoa, pal. This is an expensive camera.

 Ops: This drug is going to counter the truth serum. Now, you should come back to me in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1. 3EB17B23.JPG

 Roman: Oh. Ho ho ho-oh, man. Ho ho. That is some -- some very powerful stuff.

 Ops: How do you feel?

 Roman: Enlightened.

 Ops: Yes. Looks like we're good to go. The I.S.A.'S secret weapon is ready for action. 3EB17B3A.JPG

 Roman: Except for one minor problem.

 Ops: And what's that?

 Roman: I remember everything.

 Ops: That is a problem. That ia a very big problem. Okay, it's back to the old drawing board. Another failed experiment.

 Roman: Yeah, well, I wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say that at all. 3EB17B51.JPG

 Ops: Where are you going?

 Roman: I'm going to find kate. I'm going to tell that woman I love her. I just hope to hell it's not too late.

 Kate: Joelle? Yes, it's kate. Could you please book me a first-class ticket to rome? Departure date? As soon as possible. Okay. All right, get back to me. 3EB17B6F.JPG

[ Sighs ] Oh, dear.

 Marnana: Of course I believe you. As much as I didn't want to, as much as I... don't want to believe this.

 John: I think I've had enough of tony dimera for one night.

 Marlena: Yeah. Let's go home.

 Shawn-d: Is this how it's going to be from now on? 3EB17BC2.JPG

 Belle: Well, I can't disappoint my adoring fans.

 Shawn-d: Well, even if you did actually win this competition and you had to go out with that guy, I just want you to know that I'm still proud of you.

 Belle: Oh, that's sweet. Do you want my autograph?

 Shawn-d: Oh, no. See, I want a lot more than that. 3EB17BE8.JPG

 Hope: Get out of our way. He has nothing to say.

 Woman: What are you going to do if ramsell's acquitted of all the charges?

 Bo: I'm going to make sure justice is served with or without the salem P.D.

 Woman: Does that mean you're going to take the law into your own hands? 3EB17BF3.JPG

 Bo: If I have to, yeah. It's about time someone tookomome action in this town.

love is blind


 Vin: Here's a little surprise for shawn brady.

 Bo: It's shawn. Something bad went down at the dimera mansion.


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