Days Transcript Tuesday 4/29/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/29/03--Canada; 4/30/03--USA

By Eric

Sami: Brandon, there you are.

Brandon: Hey.

Sami: Oh, I didn't mean to startle you.

Brandon: No, it's okay. I was just...

Sami: Worrying about lexie.

Brandon: Look, samantha, it's her first baby. I mean, if she delivers early, there could be complications.

Sami: I know, I know. You've explained.Or lexie. I-I get it.

Brandon: Do you need me for something?

Sami: I always need you for everything. Actually, I was just wondering if maybe we could blow this joint.

Brandon: Not yet. I mean, they still need my help here.

Sami: Oh. Um, okay, well, we can hang around.M just anxious to be alone with you.

Brandon: Well, then we'll have to wait a while.

Sami: Okay. Just let me know when you're ready to go.

Brandon: I'll find you.

Sami: Not if I find you first. See you.

Brandon: All right.

Lexie: [ Moans ]

[ Grunting ] I can'T... oh, god. [ Gasping ]

Abe: Sweetheart.

Lexie: Oh, god, you warned me about those tremors, abe. You told me not to gfofor a walk.

Abe: Sweetheart, it's not your fault. It's not your fault.

Lexie: If only I'd listened to you.

Abe: Please, don't do this to yourself. Please don't do this to yourself.

Karen: The medication should slow the contractions, lexie, but I need you to stay calm. I need you to stay calm.

Lexie: Oh.

[ Gasping ]

Sami: Eugenia.

Eugenia: I'm busy.

Sami: Wait, just stop. Don't avoid me. Stop it.

Eugenia: This is hassment, sami, and I am not going to put up with it.

Sami: Like hell you won'T. You know atat I could do to you.

Eugenia: I have to go and help people.

Sami: Look, you cannot tell brandon the truth.

Eugenia: He saved my life. He deserves to know.

Sami: It will make him miserable. Don't you get it? It will ruin everything.

Eugenia: Well, maybe he won't do anything about it. Maybe he'll just let lexie and abe raise the baby.

Sami: Like hell he will. If he finds out he's that baby's father, he will claim him as his own. It wilend everything. It'll be all over for us.

Man: The mayor has declared a state of emergency and is requesting help from the state and federal governments. Local hospitals report over 300 earthquake-related injuries...

Cassie: Yeah, you made all that happen.

Man: Preliminary estimates of the cost of damage are upwards of $10 million...

Cassie: You're just proud as hell, aren't you?

Man: Others have reported extensive structural damage.

Tony: Thank you. I'm sorry I'm late.

Man: No problem. I heard about the earthquake on my way into town.

Tony: Yes. I experienced it firsthand -- stuck in an elevator.

Man: Whoa. Last place you want to be in a quake, right?

Tony: Yes, you'd think so but actually, some good things happened -- some very good things.

Marlena: And in the case of mrs. Arlen, the earthquake seemed to... validate her fears, so that she'll never feel safe again. Her anxiety was exacerbated by a sleep deprivation, which she's been experiencing since 9/11. I prescribed a mild sedative and some short-term therapy. There's one more person I want to talk about -- a woman who's had a very unsettling experience in the aftermath of the earthquake, displayed an uncharacteristic lapse in judgment, although there have been other lapses in the past. She feels that she's losing control of her life.

John: [ Sighs ] What are you doing, man?

Ops: Tracking the count's car. Wait, hold on a minute. Hold on. Bingo. He's near the riverfront district, about half a mile south of the train tracks.

John: That's echelon. I'm on my way. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Ops: Hey, easy, john boy. Take it easy.

John: You know, doc convinced me to let things slide with tony, but no more. It's payback time. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Man: Seismologists have pinpointed the epicenter near downtown salem. In other news, the mayor of sa--

Rex: Look, I'm not proud of this, cassie.

Cassie: Well, that's not what you sounded like back at the hospital. You were bragging because you went from being a kid to a man. You were on a huge power trip. And now you're obsessed with the news. I mean, all of these people are freaked out and injured, buildings are damaged, but "I am just so cool," right?

Rex: That's not why I was listening to the radio.

Cassie: Okay, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, mr. Almighty powerful, but you didn't cause this. It was an accident. Someone knocked over your super-laser in that tunnel.

Rex: I know that.

Cassie: Okay, well, then stop obsessing about it, because all this talk about destruction is just creeping me out.

Rex: Look, it'sot the destruction. It's --

Cassie: I'm waiting.

Rex: Look, a good scientist is supposed to keep his eyes open for new avenues, you know, possible unexpected dividends or dangers to his research, but I didn't give any real thought to what tangents this experiment might take me on.

Cassie: Why did you do this, anyway? Were you just trying to show off your superintelligence?

Rex: No. I mean, it was as if I was driven by some incredibly powerful inner force that I have no control over. I mean, it pushes me, keeps me reaching, keeps me stretching my capabilities, whether I want to or not. To be honest, it kind of creeps me out, too, but in a good way.

Marlena: All good therapists have a therapist of their own. I could... talk to one my old mentors in colorado. But do I have the courage to do the same thing that I ask my patients to do every single day? I love my husband. I have no doubt about that. So why do I keep thinking about tony? He's using me, he's playing me. I know that. And yet emotionally, I -- I feel compelled to spend time with him. Do I think tt t I can help him, transform him? Is that why I feel this... compulsion? Is it to make him a better person? Why has he become so important to me?

Tony: So there I was, trapped in this elevator with this extraordinarily beautiful woman. For the first time, I found her drawn to me. I was certainly drawn to her. There was a tense attraction. And then the elevator started, and... she had to leave. Perhaps I shall become a novelist, a romantic novelist.

Man: Yeah, maybe you should give it a shot.

Tony: Yes. So why don't we get down to business?

Man: This covers all the details of our business arrangement.

Tony: There are no copies, I assume.

Man: Our deal is, and will remain, strictly confidential.

Tony: Good. So let's see what we have.

John: Hey, how you doing?

Man: Club's closed.

John: Yeah, I know that. I left my wallet here, and I called, and they said, "come on down and pick it up before you grab your flight."

Man: I have strict orders no one enters.

John: It's only going to take a second.

Man: No one.

John: Well, guess I'll just have to have them send my wallet to me, huh?

Man: I guess so.

John: Yeah. You have a good night. on the next "100 huntley street" rhonda is going to talk to her mom vivian london. And also also we're going to find out about our individual assignment.

Well many bestselling books offer great advice on how to get the most out of life, that's not the reason god made you. Were writed to add to life on earth not just take from it. God wants to you take something back not jus

Lexie: Aah!

[ Gasping ] Aah!

[ Sobs ] Okay, okay, sweetheart. Everything's going to be okay. Whew. Mommy and daddy are right here. Whew.

Sami: Brandon would never turn his back on his own child, not after the messed-up childhood he had.

Eugenia: What if he thinks that lexie and commander carver can give his kid a better childhood than he had?

Sami: He won't think that. Brandon hates abe. Look, abe had an affair with brandon's mom when he was a little boy. Brandon owows about it, and he thinks that abe's a lowlife dirt bag.

Eugenia: Whoa. That's way too much information. I have to work with the man.

Sami: The only reason I am telling you is so you'll understand why you have to keep your mouth shut. If brandon finds out that that baby is his, he will become even more obsessed with lexie than he already is, and then all hell will break osose.

Eugenia: Meaning you'll have to look for a new boyfriend.

Sami: This is not just about me, damn it. Abe and lexie's marriage is at stake here, and the person who's going to get hurt the most is that innocent little baby.

Abe: It's all right, it's all right. Just take a deep breath. Just take a breath. That's it.

Paul: Fay was carrying brandon upstairs. She was almost at the top when she tripped. They both fell down the whole flight. Got pretty banged up.

Man: I want to arrange for some x-rays. I'll be right ba..

Paul: You don't say a word to contradict me on this. Understand? Understand?

Fay: Yes.

Paul: You got exactly what you deserved, you slut. Sleeping with abe carver. And you're going to keep on paying for this -- you and brandon.

Abe: Just right over here.

Rex: Look, we're not like normal people. We're smarter. Perfect, actually -- almost too perfect. I mean, even people who say they like us are wary, including mimi, because we're different.

Cassie: Then how do we change?

Rex: We don'T. We cultivate those differences. Look, they're what make us who we are, who we're destined to become, only I can't take full advantage of those gifts until I fully understand them. I've got to figure out how our brains are wired and how we were genetically engineered.

Cassie: And then will you feel more at home here on earth?

Rex: Ha ha ha. Not funny. Look, we're human, just like everyone else.

Cassie: Except not.

Rex: I keep pushing mimi away, all right? You behave insanely around chaz. Why are we so insecure when we're the ones who should be running the whole damn show?

Cassie: I don't know.

Rex: Neither do I, but that's what I'm going to figure out. Okay, I want to have control of my destiny and so much more, and the key to that power and success is full and complete self-realization.

Cassie: You are tripping me out.

Tony: Well, everything's in perfect order.

Man: Then it's a go, right?

Tony: Oh, absolutely. This arrangement's going to produce enormous profits for both of us.

Man: I certainly hope so.

Tony: So, shall we have a celebratory drink to seal the deal?

Man: Sounds good to me.

Tony: Come with me. I'm going to introduce you to some of my special desserts. ovg

Eugenia: How do you figure the baby will be hurt? I mean, what the hell does a baby care who its father is?

Sami: Don't you get it? Abe is going to freak out if he finds out that lexie and brandon slept together. Look, he has forgiven her for a lot of things, but he would not be able to forgive her for that. Abe and lexie's marriage would go down the tubes.

Eugenia: So you're worried that brandon's going to dump you and get together with lexie?

Sami: Brandon doesn't love lexie, and lexie doesn't love brandon, so it's not like they're all going to live happily ever after if he drops me. All that's going to happen is that kid is going to wind up in a really messed-up family like I was, and look how I turned out. Is that really the kind of future you want for this baby?

Eugenia: Hey, you lost me, sami.

Sami: Don't you remember how lexie went all froot loops when she had to give up her adopted son to hope and bo brady?

Eugenia: Mm. Isaac.

Sami: And he wasn't even her biological child. If brandon finds out that he's the father of that baby, he could move for custody, and lexie -- it'll put her in a straitjacket, okay? So now the kid's going to wind up being raised in a broken home with parents who hate each other and his mom in a nut house. Look, you have to think like the family court judge. What is best for this child? This baby's future is in your hands -- both our hands. We're in this together, remember? You're the one who gave me lexie's paternity tests, so if I changed the results, it was on your watch. You're responsible, just like you'd be responsible for destroying this baby's chance at a happy and normal life. Think it over.

Sami: Well, where did brandon go?

Brandon: I know I'm not the father of lexie's baby. Well, you know what we srere, what bonds me to him... and that's why I want him to have all the things that I never got. Everyone in salem thinks abe carver is some kind of superhero... but I know what he really is.

Lexie: Whew.

Abe: It's okay. You know, if our son is determined to be born tonight, he's strong enough to survive, just like our love has survived.

Lexie: I've put you through so much.

Abe: Well, that's all in the past. Right now, I am focused on the present and the future.

Lexie: Well, right now, that future seems a whole lot better than the present for me. I'm so scared.

Abe: Aw, you know what? You know what? Think of how lucky you are. You're in a nice, clean hospital instead of stuck in the bottom of some hole, huh? Ha ha.

Lexie: No, abe, it wasn't luck when I was rescued. It was a miracle. That guy -- he came out of nowhere. He saved my life, and then he just disappeared before I could even thank him or find out his name.

Abe: Yeah. Well, when you're up to it, I'll have the police sketch artist meet with you, and once the two of you can work up a likeness, we'll have the newspaper print it, and, you know, maybe somebody will recognize our good samaritan, or maybe he'll come forward himself, and we can both thank him, huh?

Lexie: I don't know. I was so distracted, and I -- I don't even think that I could -- I could describe him, abe.

Abe: Well, then, you know what? We'll run an ad thanking him -- the unknown hero.

Lexie: Or we could just thank god.

Abe: Well... I do that every day. I thank him for bringing us back together and for this baby. I thought, with all of our problems conceiving, this was truly a miracle.

Lexie: Yeah. More than you know.

Abe: More than I know? What do you mean?

Lexie: Abe.

Abe: Sweetheart, I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, I'm here.

Lexie: Oh, my god! Oh, my god, it's happeni! ! Aah!

Tony: Something wrong?

Man: Just making my rounds, mr. Dimera.

Tony: Ah, good. I won't be long. You know, earthquakes notwithstanding, this still has been a very good day. I sealed a deal with a new business associate, and I got rid of a competitor.

Man: Anyone I know?

Tony: No, I -- I don't think so. Come. Anyway, I'll give you a call.

Man: Aren't you coming?

Tony: No, no, no. I've got to close up. Thank you.

John: So, you disposed of your competitor, did you? Ha ha ha. I don't think so. Ww 6 gq ohr? 4xz!U

Lexie: [ Moans ]

Abe: Lexie. Lexie, is it the baby? Is it happening?

Lexie: Get dr. Bader!

Abe: Dr. Bader -- definitely. Definitely. Definitely. Dr. Bader.

Lexie: Go!

Abe: I'm going! I'm going! I'm going!

Sami: Um, abe, do you kw w --

Abe: No, no, no, no, no. Hey, dr. Bader, dr. Bader. It's time. It's the baby. Lexie needs you.

Karen: Okay. What is it, lexie?

Lexie: I'm sorry. I-I just -- I was having a contraction, and I thought it was going to get stronger, but... I don't know. I panicked. It just -- it never got stronger, so I --

Karen: Shh, shh.

Lexie: What, what, what -- what is it?

Karen: The medication is working. This last contraction was milder than the previous ones.

Lexie: Oh, that's great. That's great. So that means that -- that they could stop altogether, right? That I w't't be in labor anymore.

Karen: Ll, that's what I'm hoping for, but I'm going to have to examine you first.

Abe: All right. I'll -- I'll leave you alone.

Lexie: Okay.

Abe: I love you.

Lexie: I love you, sweetheart.

Sami: Um, abe, abe, how is lexie?

Abe: Her contractions have slowed down.

Sami: Really? Really? That means the baby's going to be okay, then.

Abe: Oh, yeah, thank god.

Sami: Oh, abe, I'm -- I'm really happy for you. I'm glad. Um, you know, I was wondering, do you know where brandon went?

Abe: No, no, I don't, but I-I know there's something I have to do.

Brandon: If I were the father of that baby, I would give him the kind of life he deserves, the kind of life I never got. Damn my father. This hatred inside me makes me feel like I'm failing you. I want to be able to forgive abe carver... but I don't think I can.

Abe: What are you doing here, brandon?

Brandon: What do you think?

Abe: Lexie's contractions have slowed down.

Brandon: That's great. That's a relief.

Abe: Why do you care so much, brandon? Why are you so interested in my unborn child? What's it to you?

Brandon: Is there something wrong with wanting to see a baby born safely?

Abe: No, no. Of course not. I just don't see you showing this kind of interest in all the other pregnant women in town. You resent me, don't you? You don't think I deserve it.

Brandon: No, I don'T. I don't think people who do bad things should come out on top. It offends me.

Abe: Well... you know, maybe instead of being offended, you should work on your own life. Try to find some happiness of your own instead of coveting what everybody else has.

Abe: Brandon.

Abe: I know... I know you were affected by my... past sins, and I'm sorry. I'm truly, truly sorry. But the only way you're going to grow up, become a man, is to let it go.

Brandon: I can't do that.

Marlena: Am I just restless? Is that it? Has there been so much pain in my life, so much change and turmoil that I'm addicted to it? When things are going well, when they're stable, am I bored? When the people around me are happy and settled, do I need to find somebody who isn't, somebody who needs help, somebody who needs to be rescued? I thrive on helping people. That's why psychiatry was so araractive to me. But this -- I've got a loving husband, a great career, good friends, my health -- oh, my gosh, when I think of all the people that have so little in their lives, and I'm so blessed. I'm so lucky. I should treasure every moment, every second, but instead... this addiction to danger. Tony represents danger. He unsettles me. He unnerves me. I've been perceived by so many people as -- as perfect. If they only know how I feel... they won'T. I'll cover that up.

Tony: John?

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Cassie: How do you plan on investigating your gifts, getting all this self-realization?

Rex: Well, I'm convinced that my superintliligence is connected to the fact that we're genetically engineered, so I'm going to study my dna until I find the key to unlock it. Once I've done that, I'll be able to understand everything -- not just my intelligence, but why I feel like my mind drives me in ways I can't control, what my purpose is, and who I am.

Cassie: Well, we asked professor putnam to unlock our genetic code, and he just disappeared.

Rex: I don't need putnam. I'm going to do this myself, starting immediately, and I'm not stopping till it's complete, not til I've uncovered all the secrets of my dna.

Cassie: No, rex, don't do it.

Lexie: Brandon.

Brandon: I heard the good news -- that your labor is slowing down.

Lexie: You shouldn't be here. I need my rest. I'm not supposed to have visitors.

Sami: Brandon, there you are. Lexie, I'm really glad to hear that you and the baby are going to be okay. Um, maybe we should go, you know? She said she's not supposed to be having visitors right now.

Brandon: Yeah. I'll check in with you later.

Sami: You know...

Brandon: The baby's going to be all right.

Sami: Isn't it wonderful? Maybe now that everything's under control, we could go to the cafeteria, have some coffee, and we could even call the resort. I bet our room is still available. We could go back there, pick up where we left off, you know, and -- and, uh, you know what? We could -- we could get all cozy in that bed and you could finish asking me that question that you started to ask me earlier. What do you say?

Woman's voice: Dr. Forrest, dial 118, please. Dr. Forrest, please dial 118.

John: You sick son of a bitch. Left me to die in that sauna.

Tony: Ah, but, john, you're my superhero. What possible reason would I have to leave you to die?

John: Only one reason -- marlena. You covet my wife, and you're fool enghgh to think that you can have her, like she would ever fall in love with a lousy bastard like you.

Tony: You're absolutely right. I do want marlena, but I don't want you dead. I want you alive, so you can see when I win her. It'll take the sport all out of it, you see. I want you to suffer like I did when you took my wife away from me. I want you to live a very, very long life so you can suffer that loss of marlena every second of your life. Death would be far too easy for you.

John: What a concept -- tony's being honest.

Tony: Ha ha ha ha. I'm always honest, john.

John: Well, come totally clean, then. This earthquake gave you the perfect opportunity to amend your plan -- an opportunity you couldn't pass up. You knew if you let me die in the sauna, not only would I suffer, but I would spend my last hours knowing that you were going to step in and comfort my wife. Too tasty to resist, huh? So I want to hear you say it. Admit it, dimera. You tried to kill me. So, it was called cattle point. Of the nation, and subsequentlyne of th here. Your cruise director, ron

Sami: So, what do you think of my idea?

Brandon: I'm sorry. What?

Sami: We could go to the cafeteria and maybe have some coffee.

Brandon: Oh, yeah, yeah, if you want.

Sami: And then we could talk. You could ask me that question you were about to pop earlier, and -- and maybe we could even go back to the resort.

Brandon: Samantha, I don't want to go back to the resort, and I don't want to talk... I mean, I do want to talk, just -- just not tonight, all right? I'm beat.

Sami: I know. It's been a long night.

Brandon: Can we just go home, just you and me together?

Sami: Of course. As long as you promise to get back to that question eventually.

Brandon: I promise.

Brandon: Do you want to get some coffee before we go? All right, come on. Let's go get it.

Abe: Well, so what's the good news, huh?

Karen: Well, the contractions have stopped. The baby's going to be fine.

Abe: Ah, thank you.

Karen: I had very little to do with it.

Abe: So how much longer will she have to stay here?

Karen: She can go home tonight. I'll go do the paperwork.

Lexie: See you later.

Karen: Okay.

Eugenia: I'm so glad everything's okay, lexie.

Lexie: Thanks, eugenia.

Eugenia: I just couldn't live with myself if anything happened to you or the baby, especially not with thin being the way that they are.

Lexie: What do you mean by that?

Marlena: The hazards of being a psychiatrist -- all that self-awareness, a tendency to analyze everything into the ground. Then there's tony. There is goodness in him -- kindness, strength. I've got to help him find it. I've got to help him become a better person. For cassie's sake, for rex... and if I don't, I will have to sit back and watch my children become dimeras, in the worst sense of the word. I can help him. I just have to keep my own issues from clouding my judgment. Tony can be changed, redeemed, and I have to try no matter what the risks. I have no choice.

Tony: You know, john, everything in life is a game. The trick is to be a winner at any cost.

John: And the cost of this little game was my life.

Tony: Well, if you happened to be snuffed out by an act of god, who am I to question the will of the almighty?

John: You blasphemous son of a --

Man: Let him go or I'll shoot. I mean it.

John: Scu

Man: You okay, mr. Dimera?

Tony: Oh, yes.

Man: I'll call the police.

Tony: Oh, no, no. No need. Contrary to appearances, my brother wasn't trying to kill me. Actually, he was ready to leave.

John: That's a fact. You screwed up. You overplayed your hand tonight, so brace yourself, 'cause you're going to regret it.

Tony: Hmm.

One decision here has hit this city's economy hard. The sars scare made it off-limits. Now the W.H.O. Has seen the appeal, but will they see the light? Find out. On tonight's global national with kevin newman.

Eugenia: I-I just meant, um... I-I didn't want anything to happen to the baby, that's all. I've got to go. I'm on duty.

Lexie: What was that all about?

Abe: I don't know. I mean... brandon's shown an unnatural interest in our baby, but... eugania's your friend. I mean eugenia.

Lexie: That's strange. I agree.

Brandon: I can't wait to get home.

Sami: Um, honey, I forgot to ask eugenia a question about -- about work. It'll just take a second.

Brandon: All right.

Sami: Eugenia thought about what I said?

Eugenia: Don't worry. I decided I don't want to screw up that baby's life, so... I don't know what to do, but... I won't say anything.

Sami: Good choice.

Eugenia: For now.

Sami: So, let's blow this popsicle stand.

Brandon: Let's do it.

Rex: Cassie, why shouldn't I unlock my dna?

Cassie: We're twins, rex. If you unlock yours, then you might wind up unlocking mine, too.

Rex: And what's wrong with that? Then we'd finally find out who we are.

Cassie: What if we're freaks? What then?

Rex: We're not --

Cassie: You can't promise that. What if you find out something horrible? You know, I just don't want to know it.

Rex: Knowing won't change who we are.

Cassie: Yes, it will. Look, I want a boyfriend. I want a life. I want to be normal.

Rex: But we aren'T.

Cassie: We can just pretend.

Rex: Not me, because if I do, I might miss my true calling. I might never achieve the higher purpose for which I was created, and that's unacceptable. I've got to find my destiny.

Man: Sure you're okay?

Tony: Oh, positive. Oh, my. But thank you for your concern.

Man: I didn't know he was your brother. He tried to get into the club before with some phony story about a lost wallet. I stopped him. I thought he left. Sorry.

Tony: Oh, no, it's not your fault. But as it turns out, I think my brother and i needed that moment. I think it has helped us come to some form of new understanding.

Marlena's voice: I can help him. I just have to keep my own issues from clouding my judgment. Tony can be changed, redeemed, and I have to try, no matter what the risks. I have no choice.

Marlena: John? What's wrong? What's happened?

John: Your friend tony dimera tried to kill me tonight.

Nancy: Welcome home, sweetheart.

Craig: Ah, look who's here! Ha ha ha ha ha.

Shawn: : My father's going to kill me if he finds out I brought you here.

Belle: You did not bring me here. I came on my own.

Tony: Marlena, what's wrong?

Marlena: You tried to kill my husband.

Jennifer: So, till next time...

Jack: When we're...

Both: In the house.

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