Days Transcript Friday 4/25/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 4/25/03--Canada; 4/28/03--USA

By Eric



&gtOma loof phonees e do. Uld ca me en he got the. A huge peup?

 Woman: I'm sure you'll hear frim as soon as he can get roh.

Chl: No, I know setng's wrong, and I have to goind him.

 Woman: No! You're not going anywhere.

 Chloe: I have to go find brady.

[ Telephone rings]

 Craig: Okay, get her into room stat. Eugenia, check on is chart.

[ Ring ]

 Belle: Oh, my god. I'm really glad we came. It looks lethey could use our help.

 Shawn-d: Well, we should check in, right?

 Mimi: They must have someone at the nurses' station to help coordinate volunteers. 3EA9861E.JPG

 Shawn-dwell, you and belle are e experts. Lead t

 Cassie: Wt would make them the experts?

 Mimi: Wusedo be candy stripers.

 Cassie: How cute.

That makes you, like, one step below surgeon, right?

 Shawn-d: You okay?

 Belle: Yeah, I'm fine. Are you okay?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, I'm fine.

 Cassie: Yeah, I'm great, too. Thanks for asking. I'm out of here. Goodbye.

 Rex: Whoa, whoa, where do you thi you'ring?

 Cassie: To go find mom. Where do you think she went to, anyway?

 Belle: Cassie, e's probablyh patits, and the last thing s needs is to deal with you while she's helping other people. 3EA98640.JPG

 Shawn-d: Why don't we all get checked in, huh?

 Mimi: I'll be right back.

 Swn-d: Okay. Oh. Ms. Andrews, are you okay?

 Ms. Andrews: Shawn-douglas. How's your great-grandma?

 Shawn-d: She's fine. What happened?

 Ms. Andrews: Oh, I fell and hurt my ankle.

 Shawn-d: All right, take a chair.

 Cassie: I can't believe you caused all of this.

 Rex: Yeah, neither can I.

 Nicole: [ Groans victor. Victor. Don, come on, help me. Great. Come on, victor. Wake up. Oh, my god.

 Kate: Come on. Oh, no, this can't be happening. 3EA98687.JPG

 Abe: That one was the strongest yet.

 R let's hope that's the last one.

 Man: A call before that one hit -- jor pileup on I-90.

 Roman: Send two units out there.

 Abe: You know, my wife -- I've got to find my wife.

 Man # the library basement's on fire, commander.

 Abe: All right, make sure that's covered, too.

 Roman: Call every off-duty cop we've got. We need everybody. Why don't we put word out to the P.D.S in the neighboring cities?

 Abe: Ye, that's a good idea, but you know, untii find lexie, I... damn it! Where he couhe be? 3EA986C9.JPG

 Lexie: Where am I? I've got to get out of here.

 John: Tony! Tony! Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Woman: I know you're worried, chloe, but you can't go out there.

 Chloe: What if he's been in an accident and he's hurt? At least if I could go to the E.R. And check if he's been admitted.

 Woman: Chloe, no. You know you can't be exposed to infection.

 Coe: Fine, you're right it would be crazy to take chances with my health.

 Woman: Yes, it would. Now, I have to get down to the trauma center to help if I see your boyfriend, I'll send him straight here, okay? 3EA987C3.JPG

 Chloethanks I appreciate it.

 Chloe: [ Sighs ] I have to find him. I have to.

 Lexie: Help! Somebody help! Is anybody there?! Okay, sweetheart. Don't worry, sweetheart, mommy's here. Mommy's here. We're both going to be just fine. Yes. Of course. My cell phone. Okay, I'm just -- I'm just going to call daddy, okay? Aah! Damn it! Aah! Huh.

[ Gasps ]

 Man: I just talked to mendez.

 Abe: Yeah? Did he find my wife? Tell him to keep looking. 3EA98832.JPG

 Man: We'll find her, sir.

 Abe: You're damn right we will.

[ Telephone rings ]

 Roman: Oh, wait a minute. Are you saying she never came back? No, no, di't hear from her. All right, all right, thanks a lot.

 Abe: Any word on kate?

 Roman: Yeah, well, her secretary said she never came back to the office. Last time they spoke, kate was still in tt building on balboa.

 Abe: Chief gibson. Got my message.

 Gibson: And I agr. We definitely need to consolidate our resources.

 Abe: You know, I've got everything covered at the moment, but if we have one more tremor... 3EA98857.JPG

 Gibson: We already had one building collapse.

 Wait a minute -- a building.

 Gibson: Yeah.

 Roman: What building? Where?

 Gibson: South edge of riverside indusial pa

 Roman: Riverside? I got a friend looking at a building over there. 2001 balboa.

 Gibson: The collapse was a couple of blocks away.

 Roman: All right, thank god.

 Gibson: Yeah, but those buildings over there -- they're real old, not up to code.

 Roman: So what you're telling me is we got a -- we got a potential death trap.

 Abe: Hey, roman. Hey, roman, you don't know that kate's still there. 3EA98871.JPG

 Roman: Well, I'm sure as hell going to find out. Ca?

&gtBe: You do what you got to do.

 Roman: Anks.

 Kate: [ Sighs ] Oh, come on. Come on. There's no signal. That's just great.

[ Rattling doorknob ]

 Kate: Come on.

[ Creaking ]

 John: Tony! Tony! Aah! No signal. Damn it.

 Tony: What in the hell?

 John: Dimera! Hey, give me a hand, will you? I'm trapped in here. It's the weight rack. Can you move it? Can you move it? Are you hurt? Listen, if you're hurt, get someone who can help. I think the weight rack hit the thermostat. It's hot in here. I can hardly breathe. Come on, man! Don't just sit there! Get me out of here! 3EA988F2.JPG

 Tony: Give me one good reason why I should. , Iknow this place

 Rex: Look, why don't you go see if anyone needs any help, all right? There's something I need to take care of.

 Cassie: Don't go blowing up any more plane. Some people just can't take a joke. Well, it looks like the pros have everything under control. I need some more coffee.

 Girl: Sobbing ]

 Cassie: Hey, kid. You okay? Hey, if you keep crying like that, your eyes are going to get all red and puffy, and the boys aren't going to see how pretty you are. That's better. Are you hurt?

 Girl: No, but y mommy and daddy are. The doctors took them away. 3EA989B8.JPG

 Cassie: I'm sorry.Cad. I don't like being alone.

 Cassie: Of course you don'T. I'll stay here with you until they get back, okay?

 Girl: Promise?

 Cassie:Eah, I promise. Comeere.

 Nicole: Of course you're alive. You're indestructible.

[ Door latch rattles ]

[ Window switch clicks ]

 Nicole: Come on. Move! Boy, you pay $75,000 for a town car, you'd think something woulrk. All right. I'll just call emergency roadside. Great -- no service. Don. Don, come on, wake up. Damn it.

 Victor: [ Groans faintly ] 3EA98A16.JPG

 Lexie: Ay... all right. Okay. All right. Okay. Oh. Okay.Okay. You haven't even been born y t,and we already get to have dventure togethe huh? Ah. Lucky for you, your mama's got a creative streak. That's all right, I'm just going to use this scarf... okay. Ah. Bingo.

 Kate: Come on.

[ Creaking ]

 Roman: Kate! Kate! Kate, can you hear me?

 Kate: Roman?

 Roman: Kate, if you can hear me, answer! 3EA98B03.JPG

 Kate: Thank god. Wh

 Roman: Over here!

 Kate: You're going to have to be a little more specific than that.

 Roman: The window -- look out the east window.

 Kate: The east window? What do you think, I carry a compass?

 Roman: Follow my voice! List to the voice.

 Roman: All right, kate, katethat's it. That's the window.

 Kate: [ Gasps ] You got to be kidding. You -- you're a million miles away.

 Roman: This is as close as I can get, but I'm going to help you get out of there.

 Kate: Roman, how are you going to do that? The elevator is broke, and this building -- it sounds like it's going to fall down any minE. 3EA98B32.JPG

 Roman: It is.

 Kate: Oh, god, theay comforting.

 Roman: Kate, just shut up and listen to me. I'm going to get you out of there.

 Kate: Well, how are you going to do it? You're over there, I'm over here, and we're real-- oh, we're really, really, really high up. Oh, god. There's no way out of here, roman.

 Romanyes, there is! Now trust me. I got a plan.

 Nicole: Perfect.

John: You do that, wouldn't you? You'd leave me to die in here, wouldn't you?

 Tony: My... you're so perceptive. I'm going to miss that about you. 3EA98B72.JPG

 John: Go for it. You're only going to prove to m she was wrong about you changing. You're still the sorry scum yove always en.

 Tony: I'm sm --e? Coming from man who was willing to let me die, if you recall, john, hanging from my fingertips

an abyss -- ring a bell?

 John: I didn't let you die, th, did I? No, I saved your sorry ass.

 Tony: Only because marlena walk in. If she hadn't, you would've gladly watched me fallo my death.

 Jn: You'll never pull this off.

 Tony: What are you going to do about it? You gonna stop me? What, are you gonna move the rack aside, and we're gonna have another go? 3EA98B94.JPG

 John: You can laugh all you want. Rex he'll figure it out you left me in here. Then wt will your ecious son think about you then?

 Tony: Well, I could've left before the earthquake. As far as any injuries are concerned, thould've happened anywhere.

 John: You leave me in here like this, it's murder.

 Tony: I'm sorry, john. T I got ples to go, alibis to set . This is goodbye... forever. hwsc

[ Knock on door ]

 Nicole: Oh.

 Roman: All right, kate, just take it easy, all right? It should be just any minute now. 3EA98C82.JPG

 Kate: What's taking so long?

 Roman: A half dozen oftair in the lobby -- they're woing on your elator.

&gtAte: Just tell them to work fast, okay?

 Roman: Bob, what do you got? Ate:An, what's going on? Who are you talkg to?

 Roman: Kate, hang in there now. I got some bad news.

 Kate: Don't say that.

 Roman: The elevator shaft caved in completely. It's beyond repair.

 Kate: Okay. I'm going to brave the stairs.

 Roman: No! No!

 Kate: Why not?

 Roman: The stairs are useless, structurally unsound. Like I said, this building is nowhere near up to code. 3EA98CAA.JPG

 Kate: Fine. I'm open to any and all ideas. One staircase to the roof?

 Kate: No. No, I-I tried that. E door to the stairwell is jammed.

 Roman: Did you push really hard?

 Kate: Why don't you just come over here and try to push it open with your big strong arms?

 Roman: L right, all right, just calm down, calm down.

 Kate: Oh, calm down? That's really easy for you to say because you're not trapped here, are you? Thers no way o, is the?

 Abe: Damnt.

 Abe: Burkett. Hold down the fort. I'll be back soon.

 Man: The mayor just called, commander. He wants you at his press conference. 3EA98CDE.JPG

 Abe: Oh, man... I can'T.Too my wife.

 Lexie: Aah!

 Woman: Do I know you?

 Mimi: Do you go to salem U.? That's where I go. It's the best, except for dr. Timor's class. Boring.

 Woman: Wait, that's it. Yo 're flirty mimi.

 Mimi: How do you know that? Why did you call me that?

 Woman: It's what they call you on tv, on the commercials for that dating show

 Woman: Are you here to see a doctor?

 Rex: No. I, um, I came to volunteer.

 Woman: Great. We have a ton of glass for you to clean up. Come on.

 Cassie: I just talked to the nurse, and she said that your mom is getting stitches and your dad is getting his sprained arm fixed. They're going to be fine, and they'll be out in a fewinutes. 3EA98D2D.JPG

 Girl: And tn they can take me ho.

 Cassie: Dinitely. You know en I was your age, I lost my parents, too, for a very long time.

 Girl: What happened?

 Cassie: Mbrother rex and i got separated from them, and we had to live on our own in a place kind of like this.

 Girl: Like me.

 Cassie: Yeah. But you know yparents are coming back, which is why you should neve forg how lucky you are to bpart oa happy family and feel safe and ved.

 Girl: Mommy! This is my friend cassie.

 Man: Hi, caie. Nice to meet you.

 Cassie: It's good to meet you. I noticed that she was sitting all alone, so I wanted to keep her company. You guys have a t kid. 3EA98D5E.JPG

 Woman: We think so, too. Thank you so much for loing after her.

 Cassie: Oh. Of course we had a good talk, didn't we?

 Girl: Yeah.

 Woman: Well, we'd better go. What do you say, lori?

 Lori: Thank you!

 Belle: You know, it's amazing how, wh something like this haens, it gives everye instant perspective, right?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, you realize what's important in life who the heroes are.

 Belle: Yeah, like your dad. People who really make a difference.

 Shawn-d: I'sorry, belle.

 Belle: Sorry for what?

 Shawn-d: Everything. For...lying to you, for taking us for granted. What you just said about perspective -- this whole experience probably has given me a new perspective on our relationship and what you mean to me. And a while ago, I probably would've hated myself for talking so seriously, but it's, like, now I want to be serious. It's almost asf I need to be. 3EA98D9C.JPG

 Belle: Do you mean serious about us?

 Eugenia: Trau center. Dr. Sley, it'sor you.

 Craig: Take a message.

 Eugenia: They insist on talking to you.

 Craig: Wesley. At? What do you mean chloe's not in her roo ?

 Chl: Where am I? I have to find brady.

 Craig: There is no excuse why chloe got out of the oncology ward. She is still too weak to be exposed to a public area, espeally this mob! Now, we've got to find her!

 Eugenia: Where do you think she could've gone?

 Craig: I don't know, but she couldn't have gotten far. 3EA98EA3.JPG

 Eugenia: I'll check the lobby.

&gtRaig: And I'llheck around her room.

 Craig: Chloe! Oh, my god! Are you okay, sweetie? Can you get up? Comen, honey. Come on. There you go. Sit down. Sweetie, I've been looking all over for you.

 Craig: Get her an I.V.

 Chloe: Who needs an I.V.? Is it brady? Is he hurt?

 Craig: Honey, it's not brady. It's you.

 Chloe: No, I'm fine.

 Craig: No, you're not fine. We neeto get you over to your bed, okay?

 Chloe: No, I ha to find him. He's missing. He didn't call, and there was an earthquake.

 Craig: Chloe, let me get yo into youbed, we can check you out, and then we'll look for brady, okay? 3EA98ED2.JPG

 Mimi: They're already running commercials for it? I mean, guess I knew it wouldon tv sooner or later, but, wow, this is like my first official time to be recognized.

 Cassie: What are you going on and on about?

 Mimi: She recognizes me from tv.

 Cassie: Oh, wow.

 Woman: You're cassi you're on the show, too.

 Cassie: Yes.As a matter of fact, I am.

 Mimi: See're celebritie

 Bellewhat's going on?

 Woman: Oh, wait, that -- that's it. That's your commercial.

 Man on tv: They're coeds, classmates, and they're hot, hot, hot. Ich one of the midwestern babes will our blindfolded hunk choose? Willt be slinky, sultry cassie... adorable, vivacious belle... or fun, flirty mimi? Tune in to "love is blind" and see which one raises his temrature. 3EA98F08.JPG

 Mimi: Oh, my gosh. Looked like such a dork,didn't I?

 Belle: No. No, no. No, you looked cute.

 Cassie: Yeah, thmagic of tv.

 Shawn-d: I knew this would happen.

 Mimi: What, that we'd be on tv, because I kind of figured that would happen, too. What clued me in was the whole it being for a tv show...thing.

 Csi they called me "sultry." Like that.

 Shawn-d: What I meant was, I knew that this was going to turn into a circus.

 Belle: This isn't a circus... exactly.

 Shawn-d: T it will . Don't you see that? They're trying to pit you against each other so you start treating each other badly... 3EA98F27.JPG

 Cassie: So what, if that's what people want to see.

 Pretty sad if that'shat people want to see, donou think?

 Cassie: Well, I think you're taking this a little too seriously.

 Woman: So, who was it? Who won?

 Shawn-d: It's a stupid game show! We're in the middle of a crisis here, and all you care about is who got voted off the island.

 Tony: And one last thing, I don't want you to worry about marlena. I promise, will comfort her in her time of grief.

 John: Hold -- hold on a minute. Wait a minute.

 Tony: What, a last request? Sorr don't have a cigarette.

 John: Will you ju listen? Maybe -- maybe you were right. 3EA98F51.JPG

 Ty: Me -- rht? What, are you losing oxygen

 Jn: I not apologizing.

 Tony: Well,f cose you wouldn'T. You'd rather die.

 John: Just let me finish.

 Tony: Whatever u want.

 John: All right, maybe... maybe I was a little hotheaded when you were hanging over that hole, all right?

 Tony: What, an admission?

 John: But I am a good judge of a man's strength. I never would've let you fall. You gotta know that.

 Tony: You know, I know you would do anything to save your skin right now, because you're making this pathetic attempt to apologize for your bad behavior. But it's not having the desired effect, I'm afraid. As a matter of fact, I've become quite resolute in my decision 3EA98F7B.JPG

not to help you! The ocis ticking, john.

 Kate: What's taking so long?

 Roman: Lax, kate, we're working on a way to get you out of there.

 Kate: Relax? Why didn't I think of that?

 Roman: All right! All right, we're ready to go. Now, just do as I say -- no questions

 Kat okay. Got it. No questions.

 Roman: All right, I need you to get as far away from tt window as you can.

 Kate: Why?

 Roman: Just do it!

 Roman: All right, I need you to tie that around the most secure fixture in the room!

 Kate: Okay, I'll do my best!

 Kate: I fnd somethi! 3EA98FD3.JPG

 Roman: All right, good! Good, go ahead and tie it up!

 Kate: Oka I'm done! Now what?

 Roman: All right, I'm going to help you climb across.

 Kate: Are you insane? You know I'm afraid of heights!

 Roman: Well, yore just gonna have to suck it up!

 Kate: [ Groans ] You are enjoying every second of this, aren't you? St torture kate -- that's always good for laughs.

 Roman: Damn it, kate! Somebo's got save you! It looks like you're stuck with me!

 Kate: Okay, prince charming, if tis your idea escue, there will not beany happily ever after, believe me!

 Craig: So far, everything looks good, sweetheart, but we still have to run some more tests. 3EA990AC.JPG

 Belle: Oh, my god, chloe, are you okay? Dr

 Craig: She got out of her bed, and she went looking for brady. She almost passed out.

 Chloe: Have you heard from him, belle?

 Belle: No, I haven't, but I'm sure he's fine.

 Shawn-d: You know brady. He's probably out there helping peop out, been too busy to call.

 Belle: Yeah, I promise, the second he calls me, I'll let you know. Craig: Thanks. Let me g you back up to your bed, okay.

 Belle: No more drama, chloe. We're going to get you healthy and out of here, and until that happens, that's all you need to focus on.

 Chloe: I know. See you later, guys. 3EA990C8.JPG

 Craig: Let's go this way. Mimi: I hope she's going to be okay.

 Shawn-d: You ow chloe. She's a fighter.

 Mimi: She sure is.

 Cassie: Rex, hey. U wi never bieve what just happened. I was tv, and they called me sultry.

 R: Ratutions. I'm sure that will make the headline in tomorrow's spectator.

 Cassie: No, actually, I think they'll be cover something else, thanks to you.

 Rex: Obviously, I didn't mean for all this to happen -- chaos and injuries. But I'll tell you what -- it is kind o having all this power, just like tony.

 Cassie: He is incredible. You should've seen him when he found out you were kidnapped. He knew exactly what to do. 3EA990F4.JPG

 Rex: See, that whai'm talking about. In one d helpless, kidnped, to csing all this. I like being the one in control. I don't want to be the victim again.

 Cassie: So, is that what you want now -- power?

 Rex: Why not? Lo, everne keeps telling us we're dimeras. Today, I finally learned what that means.

 Lexie: Something's not right. Oh, god. Please don't tell me I hurt my ba.

 Abe: Oh, damn it. You'd think with that huge staff dimera has, he'd have somebody to pick up the phone.

 Abe: Come on, lexie, lexie, lexie, lexie. She's still not answering her cell phone. Damn. 3EA99143.JPG

 Abe: I'll be back later, I hope.

, Mcmahon just callein. It seems the water main break on the nor side -- it's out of control. It's about tood the cooper senior cent.

 Abe: We just rned that into a shelter. Yeah, I guess I'm not going anywhere, huh?

 Nicole: Brady, thank god you're here.

 Brady: Yeah, yeah, I was driving by, and I saw the car. Is everything okay? You hurt?

 Nicole: Well, victor's in bad shape. I was about to break the window with a corkscrew.

 Brady: Nicole, you know all of victor's car windows are bulletproof. 3EA9916A.JPG

 Nicole: So?

 Brady: So, I highly doubt a corkscrew would eak what a bullet wouldn'T.

 Nicole: Well, I had to do something, didn't I? Victor not movg.

 Brady: All right, all right, don't worry. Everything's going to be okay.

 Nicole: We have to get out of here, brady.

 Brady: All right, hang on. Oh!

 Brady: Jeez.

 Nicole: Oh, brady, thank god.

 Brady: Watch your head. Grandpa, grandpa, it's me -- brady. Can you hear me?

 Nicole: Okay, but maybe we shouldn't move him.

 Brady: I'm just checking his pulse. Oh, my god. It's very weak. 3EA991FB.JPG

 Nicole: Well, what do we do now? To the hospital righnow.

 Craig: You shouldn't have left your ro, che.

 Chloe: Craig, why do you look so worried? I feel fine. What's wrong? Do I have a fever?

 Craig: Yes, you do.

 Chloe: Well, is it ba you're scaring me.

 Craig: Shh...

 Chloe: No, I will not shush, not until you reassure me. Please. Tell me that I'm not going to die.

 Shawn-d: How can chloe take a chance like that? I mean, she must've been delirious.

 Mimi: Imagine telling your children about tonight. Oh, and then there was the night of the salem earthquake. And on a much lighter note, as those tv anchormen always say when they go from one sad news story to something totally frivolous and shallow, we girls are on television! Which shawn is so impressed with. Gee, shawn, want my autograph? 3EA99236.JPG

 Shawn-d: No. What I want to do is go down I heard a couple of the nurses talking, and they said a water main broke down there, and the whole place is a mess.

 Belle: Well, what are we waiting for? Duty calls. Let's get our stuff.

 Shawn: Yeah

 Cassie: You areike tony anstefano, which is kind coo kind of scary.

 Rex: Whoa, they wanted power to control people.

 Cassie: Why do you want it?

 Rex: Well, that's what I've got to figure out. We were created for some kind of purpose, cassie. Don't you feel it?

 Cassie: Um, no. I mean, we are better than most people, but I don't feel like it's some sort of mission. 3EA99258.JPG

 Belle: Hey, did you guys hear about the flooding at

 Cassie: No, should we care?

 Shawn-d: It's also being used as a shelter.

 Mimi: We're going over there to help out. Wt to ce?

 Cassie: No. We're busy.

 Mimi: Whatever.

 Rex: Why didn't you go with them?

 Cassie: Like you said, we are dimeras. We have better things to do.

 Roman: All right, kate, I'm coming over!

 Kate: Roman, I have a better idea! Why don't you stay there and send one of those hunky firemen instead?

Roman: 'Cause nonof these hus want to deal with you! Looks like I'm your man!

 Kate: Oh, god, this just gets better and better. 3EA99285.JPG

 Roman: Look on the bright side, kate!Itver, youe saved. If I don't, you don'have to put up withe anyme.

 Kate: You'll make it! You have to.

 Abe: Great. Bkup should be tn noime. Los like I'm done putting out fires, literally and otherwise.

 Abe: Contact me if anything else comes up. I'm off to find my wife.

 Lexie: Okay, think, lexie. Think. There's got to be a plan "B." Okay, just -- oh! No. No. Aah! Oh! Please, god, oh, please, I can't be in labor. Aah!

 John: Hey, tony, bro, come on! You can't just walk away, can ya... 3EA992D8.JPG

 Tony: No.

 John: Turn yo back onamil

own fle and blood? Come on!

 Tony: You're absolutely right. I just can't walk away. Gotta do something first.

 John: I knew yocouldn't do it. No, no, e wrong way, wrg way -- count-clockwise, left is off!

 Tony: That's why I've turned it all the way to the right. Good night, john. I want you to enjoy your final hours. I will.

 John: You son of a bitch. Damn you, dimera! Damn you, scum! Damn you!

 Kate: You don't actually think I'm going out that window? 3EA99316.JPG

 Rom: I know you are.

 Eenia: Brandon deserves to knothe tr

 Sami:Hh! If he finds ou that he'the father of lexie's child, it cld dtroy him.

 Marlena: You said you saw joarli today.

 Tony: Yes, I left him at the gym.

 John: Aah! Is anybody out there?


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