Days Transcript Thursday 4/24/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/24/03--Canada; 4/25/03--USA

By Eric


 Brandon: Samantha, I don't want to drink this champagne alone.

 Sami: Be right out.

 Brandon: Mm. You 15 minutes ago.

 Sami: I'm worth waiting for.

 Brandon: Yeah you know, the sooner you get out here, the sooner I can, uh...

 Sami: Like it?

 Brandon: We I like what's in it.

 Sami: So... what do you want to do tonight?

 Marlena: Hi.

 Belle: Hey, mom. Are you okay?

 Marlena: I'm -- I'm okay, just a little rattled.

 Mimi: "Rattled." Ha ha.

 Marlena: Why?

 Shawn-d: Earthquake, rattled.

 Mimi: I'm a bit shaken up myself. 3EA834A3.JPG

 Shawn-d: We're all rocked.

 Belle: Okay, that's enough. We're all just a little nervous.

 Shawn-d: People are freaking out all over town.

 Mimi: I remember my dad wanted to move to san francisco years ago, but my mom wouldn't let him because of all the earthquakes, so we stayed in salem, and look what happens.

 Belle: Where can we go, mom? Is anyplace safe?

 Mimi: Not a penthouse, that's for sure. Get your purse, dr. Evans. We're taking you out of here.

 Marlena: No, you're overreacting. This building has an earthquake-proof structure. It's fine.

 Belle: Are you sure it's safe?

 Marlena: I wouldn't be here otherwise. Besides, the radio says that, uh, these tremors are -- are very minor. 3EA834C6.JPG

 Mimi: I heard somewhere that salem was on a fault line.

 Marlena: No, we're -- we're not going to have a big one. The chances of that happening are infinitesimal.

 Mimi: Oh, I should have paid more attention in geology class. It is geology, right?

 Shawn-d: Seismology, to be exact.

 Mimi: Okay, now you sound like rex, spouting the technical terms for everything.

 Shawn-d: I'm not even in his league.

 Mimi: No, who is?

 Belle: Mom, I know you said everything was okay, bubut you look upset.

 Marlena: I am upset. Maybe I shouldn't say anything, but I think you have a right to know. It's your brother. 3EA834ED.JPG

 Belle: What's wrong with brady?

 Marlena: It's not brady. It's rex. He's been kidnapped.

 Man: You okay?

 John: Ops, this is black. I'm at titan gym. Call me back asap. We are on a mission.

 Man: Oh, my gosh.

 Tony: Now, the kidnapper's here, I'm sure, hiding in plain sight. It's a classic move.

 Man: Well, uh, where's the money?

 Tony: It's in the trash can, as directed. Listen, I don't want the bastard running off with the cash. Your first priority is to make sure that my son's kidnapper is caught.

 Man #2: How are we going to catch him? 3EA8353B.JPG

 Tony: You'll just go back into the work room, have a workout, always keeping one eye on me, okay? Soon as I identify him, I'll signal you.

 Man: Can we break his neck?

 Tony: No, no, no. No, you subdue him. I want to find out what he's done with my son. Then you have my permission to take care of him.

 Cassie: Will you stop moving? You're making this harder.

 Rex: Look, I've got to get there, okay? I've got to stop it.

 Cassie: Get where? What do you have to stop?

 Rex: The tremors.

 Cassie: You mean the earthquake? What are you talking about?

 Rex: I don't have time to explain it right now. 3EA83559.JPG

 Cassie: Rex, earthquakes are an act of god. How could you stop them?

 Rex: Not this time. I did this, cassie --

l least, I'm pretty sure I did. Thank you for finding me. You're amazing.

 Cassie: Wait a send. Rex --

 Rex: Leave me alone, damn it. I've got to get down to the tunnel.

 Cassie: What tunnel?

 Rex: Just come with me, all right? I'll show you.

 Cassie: Not until you tell me where we're going.

 Rex: To the epicenter. I'll show you where this so-called earthquake staeded.

 Abe: I don't, either. Here, let's go over here. Let's see if we can find a doctor. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You stay with me. 3EA8357D.JPG

 Eugenia: Can I help you, commander carver?

 Abe: Yeah, yeah. Eugenia, isn't it?

 Eugenia: Yes, sir.

 Abe: Well, this is my mother-in-law celeste perrault. She fell during the first tremor. I think she may have broken her ankle.

 Celeste: Abraham, I'm fine, really.

 Abe: You can't even put weight on that leg.

 Celeste: There are so many people who need help momore than I do. Darling, why don't you just help the others? I can wait.

 Abe: Don't listen to her.

 Eugenia: Okay, I'll get a wheelchair. I'll be right back. 3EA83597.JPG

 Abe: All right, all right, come on, let's go over here, and we'll get you seated. Right over here. Come on.

 Celeste: You know, it's very nice of you to bring me here, but I would have been fine on my own.

 Abe: Yeah, fine. You know, I found you laying on the floor. If I didn't come by to look for lexie, who knows how long you might have stayed there? Just have a seat.

 Celeste: And where is alexandra?

 Abe: Well, you know how much she loves her power walking. Any chance she gets.

 Celeste: Yes, but she wouldn't still be out walking with the ground shifting beneath her feet like that. She is carrying your baby. 3EA835B2.JPG

 Abe: Yeah, nothing's more important to lexie than watching out for that child. She's not going to take any unnecessary risks.

 Celeste: Well, then why hasn't she answered her cell phone?

 Abe: Well...

 Eugenia: Here we go.

 Abe: Here we are. Here we are. Now, be careful.

 Celeste: You're just making such aigig deal.

 Abe: You know, eugenia, would you do me a favor? Would you make sure she's seen by a doctor as soon as possible, huh?

 Eugenia: I will.

 Celeste: Now, abraham --

 Abe: No, no, no. I'm going to find lexie, I promise you.

 Celeste: All right.

 Abe: I'm going to phone her again, okay? 3EA835CC.JPG

 Celeste: All right.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ] Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Mimi: When did this happen? How -- how? Oh, my god.

 Belle: Mom, tell us what happened.

 Marlena: I don't have any details. Your father got the phone call.

 Shawn-d: Did john call the police department?

 Marlena: No, and don't call your father. The kidnapper said that if we involved the police, then --

 Belle: Mom, don't worry, okay? It's going to be okay. Dad's on the case, and I'm sure that he is going to bring rex home. 3EA836CB.JPG

 Mimi: What about rex's father? Did you call mr. Dimera?

 Marlena: The kidnapper said not to call anybody, and we haven't done that.

 Shawn-d: I'm not so sure that's a good idea. The police are used to dealing with these types of situations. They have a special department that deals with high-profile missing person cases. Maybe if we --

 Marlena: No. No, we can't do that. We can'T. John thinks he can handle this best on his own.

 Mimi: I hopso.

 Belle: Hey, my dad has a really good track record.

 Shawn-d: I guess, yeah.

 Marlena: I trust him. I'm sure that he'll know what to do to get rex back safe and sound. 3EA836FC.JPG

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 John: That was fast. Where are you?

 Ops: Outside the gym, near the elevator. No, I was already looking for you. Marlena called me over and asked me to help you out.

 John: Oh, that's great. So she trusts me, then she calls in the cavalry.

 Ops: Hey, give theadady a break. Her son just got kidnapped. Look, I busted my butt to get down here. Now put me to work. So where's the lowlife?

 John: He's in the gym working out.

 Ops: Yeah, you got to be buff in that line of work. Wait, wait, wait, wait. If you already know where he is, why are you talking to me on the phone and not taking him down? 3EA8371F.JPG

 John: I'm sure he's in there. I just don't know which one he is. A lot of people on the machines.

 Ops: Well, let's do a roundup -- you know, flash a little cold steel, get him all scared, and then we'll just take it from there.

 John: Yeah, and get 20 lawsuits for pain and suffering from all the innocents we round up? I don't think so.

 Ops: What are you talking about, lawsuit?

 John: I got deep pockets, pal. I'm an easy mark.

 Ops: Okay, then what? We just sit here and wait?

 John: Right alongside tony dimera.

 Ops: Tony D.? Oh, he's the daddy. Oh, my gosh, this kidnapper is sharp. He holds the dad and the stepdad both up for ransom. Not such a bad gig. 3EA83746.JPG

 John: If this I.S.A. Job doesn't work out for you...

 Ops: Yeah, yeah, yeah, in my next life. So, what, are you and tony working together?

 John: No. He's got a couple goons with him, though. Hope they don't screw this thing up.

 John: Got an I.D. Caucasian male, about 35, 6'2", 190. Gray cutoff t-shirt, black pants.

 John: Tony, bro. Where's your robe?

 Tony: What the hell are you doing in here? Gfgg#cccop would bring such a suspenseful the green jacket is going north of the border.

 The perfect size.

 Sami: [ Sighs ] You are so good at that. 3EA83826.JPG

 Brandon: Well, I had inspiration. I mean, you look so good in this, uh... what do you call this?

 Sami: A negligee.

 Brandon: Ah, right. Well, the french are good at some things.

 Sami: Like champagne.

 Brandon: Mm. To the best vacation of our lives.

 Sami: It already is, brandon. I love you so much for doing this for me -- this resort and -- and this suite. It's so luxurious.

 Brandon: I love seeing you so happy.

 Sami: But that's enough. I think we should keep our heads clear so that we can enjoy everything about this moment, especilyly... this big bed. 3EA83863.JPG

 Brandon: [ Chuckles ]

 Sami: Am I giving you any ideas?

 Brandon: You always do.

 Sami: Yeah. So you said that you had something special in mind. Am I going to love it?

 Brandon: Yes, I think that -- ahem -- it will make you happier than you've ever been in your life.

 Sami: Wow. Did you learn some new love technique?

 Brandon: No, it's -- it's not new. No, it's been around for a long time.

 Sami: Well, whatever it is, let's just do it.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Sami: Let the voice mail get it. I need you.

 Brandon: It could be an emergency -- a patient. 3EA8389C.JPG

 Sami: Well, hurry, because I can't wait to find out what my surprise is.

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

 Brandon: Brandon walker.

 Abe: Oh, brandon. Look, it's abe carver.

 Brandon: Abe. What do you want?

 Abe: Have you heard from my wife?

 Brandon: Now, why would I hear from lexie? Look, abe, I'm -- I'm out of town. Why are you calling me?

 Abe: Look, I'm not trying to bust you. I can't find lexie. She went for a walk, and she hasn't come back.

 Brandon: And what's so strgege about that? Lexie's hobby is walking. She's out all the time, even when it snows. 3EA838C5.JPG

 Abe: Well, this is different. Look, brandon, we've -- we've had an earthquake -- at least, that's what we think it is.

 Brandon: Oh, my god.

 Abe: And I'm at the hospital, and lexie hasn't been brought in.

 Brandon: Look, I, uh... I don't know where lexie is, and I'm not sure why she would call me. We don't even talk much anymore.

 Abe: I know, I know, but... I don't know who else to call.

 Brandon: Yeah, well, what about her mom?

 Abe: Well, celeste is here, and she hasn't hea from her, either.

 Brandon: Look, I don't think that lexie will call me, but if she does, I will tell her to get in touch with you.

 Abe: All right. Thank you. 3EA838EF.JPG

 Sami: I suppose you want to leave now and go look for lexie.

 John: I'm here for the same reason you are -- rex.

 Tony: Rex.

 John: He's been kidnapped. I assume you got the call, too.

 Tony: For ransom, yes.

 John: For ransom, yeah.

 Tony: Well, why would he call you? You -- you're not rex's father.

 John: I'm married to his mother, and I'm rich. Pretty simple, really.

 Tony: They asked me for a million dollars.

 John: Yeah, a million dollars.

 Tony: Did you bring it?

 John: Threw it in the trash just like you did.

 Tony: This is amazing. John black brings a million dollars in cash to save a dimera? 3EA83920.JPG

 John: Not for you. My wife's upset.

 Tony: Of course. Well, you can assure her that I will bring her son home safely.

 John: And you're off to a great start. I do believe the kidnappers instructed you to come alone. Of course, you had to bring along abbott and costello. I hope they don't screw things up.

 Tony: They won'T.

 John: They're not the most subtle.

 Tony: This is not a subtle situation. Besides, I have the requisite tools to take care of these people.

 John: Well, I hope they don't jump the gun before we find rex. So our boy will grab the money, and we will followimim to wherever it is he's holding your son. I mean, that is what this is all about, right? Finding rex? 3EA83949.JPG

 Tony: I don't need you to tell me that. He is my son, and I will handle this my way.

 Cassie: Did I mention recently that I have a fear of small spaces?

 Rex: You never have before.

 Cassie: Yeah, well, I do now, and it doesn't help at all that we're underground when the earth decides to have the shakes.

 Rex: Look, the tremors are over -- at least, I hope so.

 Rex: Oh, my god, the laser.

 Cassie: Oh, god, what is that?

 Woman: What's happening?

 Man: This is so weird.

 Woman #2: Are you okay?

[ All talking ]

 Man #2: Damn it. Al peel,

 Brandon: [ Sighs ] 3EA83A34.JPG

 Sami: You are, aren't you? You're going to go running back to salem, even though we are miles away, all for lexie. Why do I always lose out to that woman?

 Brandon: You don't always lose out to her.

 Sami: I just -- I -- I was just really looking forward to our time together here.

 Brandon: Well, do you see me going anywhere?

 Sami: You mean you're -- you mean you're not?

 Brandon: No, I'm sure abe is overreacting. Maybe lexie went to the movie and turned her phone off or whatever. I'm sure she's fine. Besides... I couldn't leave you now.

 Sami: You couldn't? Why not? 3EA83A61.JPG

 Brandon: Oh, about 100 reasons. Your hair -- ha ha. Your body. Your mouth.

 Brandon: Now, I want you to keep that gorgeous mouth of yours shut for a minute. I have something to say, and it might take me a while. Sit down.

 Brandon: I love you, samantha, and I didn't just start today or when I moved into your apartment with you or even when we made love for the first time. My feelings for you got serious way before tha and they've been growing stronger ever since. Now, I'm not saying that we haven't had our problems. But even when I'm mad as hell about something that you've done, I still think that you're the most exciting woman in the world... the kind of woman that I want to have in my life for the rest of my life. 3EA83AC4.JPG

 Cassie: I don't want to die in this tunnel.

 Rex: You won'T. Just calm down.

 Cassie: What happened? What did you do? What is this thing? Is it yours? Did it cause this big hole?

 Rex: Yes. Look, it's a laser. It's part of the project I've been working on.

 Cassie: What, does it blow up the whole damn town?

 Rex: No, the laser is supposed to intensify the natural pressures on the coal deposits underground.

 Cassie: What? Coal?

 Rex: Yes, coal. Pressure turns coal into diamonds. Look, I had some really big plans I was wor--

 Cassie: Well, they really didn't work. 3EA83ADF.JPG

 Rex: Yeah, I know that.

 Cassie: Do you understand how much trouble you would be in if people found out that you had caused all these tremors? How did a laser beam even do this? I didn't even know they were that powerful.

 Rex: Well, I mean, there is a natural fault line that runs through here.

 Cassie: That's great.

 Rex: I don't know. The laser must've come into contact with the fault line somehow and it got knocked over. So much for my project. But at least I got it shut off fofore it caused a real catastrophe.

 Cassie: Like an earthquake?

 Rex: It didn't happen, cassie. It's over.

 Cassie: Just don't go and get yourself kidnapped again. I couldn't take it. 3EA83AFB.JPG

 Rex: I almost forgot -- dad and john are paying ransom money for me. Look, I've got to get in touch with them right now.

 Man: You all right? What is happening, man? That was the second one.

 John: That's right, you bastard. Grab the cash and lead us right to rex.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 John: Turn that damn thing off.

 Tony: Oh, shut your mouth. It's rex. Hello, rex.

 Rex: Yes, dad, I'm okay. I'm safe.

 Tony: But where are you? How did you get away?

 Rex: Cassie found me.

 Tony: Cassie? How on earth did she do that?

 Rex: I've got a very resourceful sister. Listen, I'll explain everything to you later, dad. I just wanted to stop you before you gave the kidnapper any money. 3EA83B20.JPG

 Tony: No, no, never mind ouout the money.

 John: Let me see that. Rex, john black. I'm glad you're all right, kid. Listen, was the kidnapper working alone, or did he have an accomplice?

 Rex: Uh, as far as I know, he was working alone.

 John: Give me a description.

 Rex: He was tall, medium-build... early 30s... black hair, brown eyes...

 John: That's him. I'm looking right at him.

 Rex: Hey, hey, about the money, I just wanted --

 John: Forget about it, kid. Call your mother. She's worried sick.

 Tony: You grab -- you grab my phone, you turn it off, it's my son.

 John: Would you quit the sniveling? He's going for the money. 3EA83B44.JPG

 Tony: Grab him!

[ Rings ]

 Marlena: Hello.

 Rex: It's rex. I'm ay.

 Marlena: It's rex. He's okay.

 Mimi: Rex, it's mimi!

 Marlena: Belle and shawn and mimi are all here. We've been so worried about you. Darling, where are you?

 Rex: I'm safe. How about all of you? Have the tremors been bad where you are?

 Marlena: Well, we had one a while ago, but we could barely feel it. I guess this building is pretty safe. Rex, can you come over? I really need to see you. And you can stay until john figures out, you know, what's happened with the kidnapper. 3EA83B6A.JPG

 Rex: All right. Cassie's with me, so we'll both be there as soon as we can.

 Marlena: That's fine. I'll see you soon.

 Belle: See, mom, I told you everything would be okay.

 Mimi: This has been the strangest day. First, rex gets kidnapped, and then the earth starts shaking.

 Marlena: Well, I'm sure it's all over now. Everything's all right, and the people we all love are safe.

 Brandon: I'm glad you like it here so much. I needed the perfect place to ask you something very important. Samantha brady...

 Sami: Yes, brandon.

 Brandon: Would you... 3EA83C60.JPG

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Brandon: I'm sorry. This...

[ Ring ]

 Brandon: This wont take long, I promise.

 Sami: Brandon walker's cell phone.

 Eugenia: Sami, it's eugenia willans at university hospital. I need to talk to brandon.

 Sami: What?

 Eugenia: Not about the paternity test. Just put him on.

 Sami: It's eugenia from the hospital.

 Brandon: Yeah, it's brandon.

 Eugenia: I'm guessing you don't know about the tremors.

 Brandon: Well, I'm out of town, but I did just get a call. Are they still happening?

 Eugenia: Another one just hit. I mean, they're not too bad so far, but we're worried they might get more intense. We've got a ton of injuries coming in. I mean, nothing major yet, but dr. Wesley's calling in all available staff. He specifically asked me to call you. We've got some frightened kids here. 3EA83C9A.JPG

 Marlena: How about if I make a late lunch? I've got that sparkling cider you like so much.

 Belle: Oh, yeah...

 Marlena: And we'll have a celebration when rex gets here.

 Mimi: I can make my special deviled eggs. Do you have any curry powder?

 Marlena: Uh...

 Mimi: Trust me, they're killer.

 Marlena: Ha ha ha. What does it look like? Come on, we'll find it.

 Belle: Mom, just yell if you need me, okay?

 Marlena: Oh, we'll be fine, we'll be fine.

 Belle: Hi.

 Shawn-d: Hi.

 Belle: You know, when my mom said "your brother," I didn't even think about rex. 3EA83CBA.JPG

 Shawn-d: It hasn't been that long that you've even known he's your brother.

 Belle: I know. I'm just really glad he's okay. He's such a good guy. Cassie, on the other hand...

 Shawn-d: Is unique.

 Belle: Uniquely irritating. That girl iso full of herself. She's definitely a diva-in-training.

 Shawn-d: All right, let's just forget about cassie and rex, and the tremors have stopped...

 Belle: We hope.

 Shawn-d: They have. And no one's around. So why don't we just sit down here and let's talk summer?

 Belle: I am working this summer.

 Shawn-d: Yes, I know. You have that cool internship with your dad's company. 3EA83CDC.JPG

 Belle: Okay, it might've been handed to me, but I can't help it if my dad owns a huge fashion company, and that just happens to be what I'm interested in. Besides, I am working under kate roberts, not under my dad.

 Shawn-d: Did I say anything?

 Belle: Okay, um, I might be slightly sensitive about getting special treatment.

 Shawn-d: It's okay.

[ Doorbell rings ]

 Belle: Rex!

 Marlena: Oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh! Oh!

 Joh let him go. I got it covered.

 Man: Whoa!

 John: What the hell is going on here? 

 Brandon: It sounds serious.

 Eugenia: There's anothe tremor going on right now. These kids are not the only ones scared. 3EA83DEF.JPG

 Brandon: I'll be there. I'm leaving now. Samantha, I'm sorry. I have to get back to salem. There's some kind of earth tremors going on.

 Sami: Wait, brandon --

 Brandon: I don't have a choice. Look, dr. Wesley called me in.

 Sami: Brandon, before you go, maybe you could finish asking me that question.

 John: It's all right, it's all right. Nothing to worry about. Just a couple guys who had a disagreement, that's all.

 Man: I'm calling the cops.

 John: You don't have to do that, man. The cops got all they can handle right now with these tremors, people getting hurt, probably looting going on downtown... the cops got all they can handle. 3EA83E14.JPG

 Man: Okay, all right.

 John: Thanks, man. It's cool. Everything's good.

 Tony: So, where's the kidnapper?

 Man: We lost him.

 Man #2: Yeah, we lost him.

 Tony: How could you have lost him?

 John: I told you, man, everything's under control. Relax.

 Tony: Oh, bully for you. Why don't you just go and get the money? You think you can manage that?

 Man: Okay, boss.

 John: Excuse me, I'll take the black one, please.

 Tony: Sully, take the money home. Please don't get lost on the way. So you're taking care of it, huh? Care to explain it? 3EA83E41.JPG

 John: No. Just trust me.

 Tony: Trust you? It was my son who was kidnapped. Have you forgotten that?

 John: He's safe. Be happy.

 Tony: Oh, really? You just care about your million. No skin off your nose if this guy gets away, hpens to steal somebody else's child.

 John: You know, you're the one that caused that guy to start running in the first place by screaming for your goons to grab him. You didn't give a damn about rex. All you cared about was the kidnapper getting away with your million. Don't go blaming me when all you care about is your money, not your son.

 Eugenia: You can take your mother-in-law home now, commander carver. 3EA83E6E.JPG

 Abe: Thank you.

 Eugenia: I wish all the injuries were this easy to take care of.

 Celeste: I can te by your face you did not find alexandra.

 Abe: Well, she wasn't home. And I couldn't get through. You know, the thing is, the phone is still on. I mean, that's what worries me most. Why isn't she picking up?

 Celeste: God, my baby.

 Abe: You know, I will find her, celeste. I promise you.

 Woman: Commander, the station called for you a few minutes ago.

 Abe: Oh, thank you, thank you. Look, I'll drop you off at home on my way to the station.

 Celeste: No, abraham, you can't go back to your job. You won't have time to look for alexandra. Abraham, listen to me, I'm having a very bad feeling. 3EA83E98.JPG

 Abe: It's all right. Calm down. Calm down. Okay? I will send a team of officers out to look for her. We'll find her.

 Celeste: Oh, god. Let's ju h hope you're right.

 Rex: Well, it was really cassie. She figured out I was in the warehouse.

 Cassie: Only because you sent me a message -- telepathically.

 Rex: It's because we're twins.

 Cassie: Rex and I were alone for so many years. We developed a very strong connection.

 Shawn-d: I guess so.

 Marlena: And you never had to use it before, not in this way?

 Rex: I hope we never need it again. 3EA83F6E.JPG

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Cassie: I wonder who that could be. Excuse me. Hello.

 Chaz: Cassie. It's chaz. Having fun with this earthquake?

 Cassie: It's not an earthquake, and it's over now.

 Chaz: Look, I don't know where you are, but it's been pretty rocky out here.

 Vin: Party.

 Chaz: Oh, so this, uh, this dating show you're doing -- it's going to be on tonight, right?

 Cassie: Yes. I'm very excited.

 Chaz: Oh, yeah, me too, babe. You know, in fact, I was thinking about throwing a "let's watch cassie on tv" party. 3EA83F8B.JPG

 Cassie: Really? How fun.

 Chaz: Yeah? You want to throw it with me? Yeah, I mean, we could just go ahead and have that thing at your dad's mansion. Think you could swing it?

 Cassie: Well, he's hardly ever home until after -- after dark. Um, yes, I can do it.

 Chaz: Excellent. Um, all right, well, uh, I'll take care of the guest list -- some kids from school, uh, and your friends, like shawn, belle... that whole crew.

 Cassie: Okay, no offense, but if they know that you're involved, they probably won't come.

 Chaz: So, don't tell 'em I'm in on it. Just say -- just say it'll be the party of the year. 3EA83FAE.JPG

 Cassie: Okay.

 Chaz: Okay. I'll shout at you later.

 Cassie: Okay, bye.

 Chaz: Bye.

 Vin: So shawn brady's going to be there?

 Chaz: Yeah. That guy wouldn't miss a party.

 Vin: Good. So I'll get back at bo brady through his son.

 Belle: I just wish that we knew the tremors were finally over.

 Mimi: Yeah. Like, why are they happening in the first place? This hasn't been the most fun I've ever had. Seriously, does anyone know what's causing them?

 Cassie: Rex knows.

 Tony: I don't give a damn about the money. It's nothing compared to the love I have for my son. 3EA83FDC.JPG

 John: You sure were in a hurry to get your bucks back.

 Tony: You're the one whose motives are suspect. You couldn't wait to jump on the bandwagon, could you? Marlena's son is kidnapped, and you become automatically john black, superhero, justo impress your wife.

 John: Well, you'd know all about that, wouldn't you? You've been out to impress marlena ever since you got back to...salem. Oh, my god... the kidnapper was on your payroll. I knew there was something screwy about this. You hired that guy, didn't you, just so you could look good by returning marlena's son to her.

 Ops: Get up. Give me your hand. Get up. All right, go ahead. Hey, think about it. Think about it. Be still. Give me your other hand. Don't you move. 3EA8402A.JPG

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 John: What's up, ops?

 Ops: It's done. I got him handcuffed as we speak. Check it out. Are you still with tony D.?

 John: Yeah.

 Ops: Okay, well, check this out. While you hang with him, I'm going to check out the mansion, 'cause I think security may have been breached.

 John: Is that a fact?

 Ops: Yeah, baby. All right, I'll call you later. Yeah, go on and say something. Llll bust you upside the head.

 John: The kidnapper has been caught. So I guess we're going to find out if he's working for you or not.

 Tony: Why don't you go to hell?

 Sami: Ask me, brandon.

 Brandon: This just isn't how I want to do it. I'm too distracted now, worried about what's going on in salem. You can come with me if you like, if you hurry. Or you can catch up with me at home later. I'm sorry, baby.

 Tony: I'm so tired of your accusations.

 John: You never disappoint me, tony. I assume the worst about you... I'm always right. 3EA840E4.JPG

 Tony: Well, your wife might take issue with that.

 Marlena: All right, honey, I know that rex is a budding scientist, but I'm not sure that even he can explain why we're having these little tremors.

 Mimi: Is it true there's a fault line running through the city? Do you know?

 Rex: Yes, mimi, there is some truth to that. However, the tremors that occurred today are too weak to be the result of a true earthquake. You really don't have anything to worry about.

 Marlena: So there. Whwho's hungry?

 Rex: I'm not going to say no to food. I'm starving.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, I think we all are. 3EA84109.JPG

 Marlena: All righty, then. Pizza coming up.

 Mimi: We're having an indoor picnic.

 Belle: Yep, and, rex, mimi made her famous deviled eggs. I think you're going to love them.

 Rex: I'm warning you, I may eat them all.

 Cassie: Don't eat too much. I'm going to have food at my party later.

 Belle: What party?

 Cassie: The one I just decided to have to celebrate the first episode of "love is blind." It airs tonight.

 Belle: Oh, that's right.

 Cassie: It's going to be so much fun. I'm going to have a big group of people over at my house. You guys have to all come.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, I think after the wed d day that we've had, that'll be fun. Want to go? 3EA84126.JPG

 Belle: Yeah, I think I will. I think it'll be good therapy for all of us, and it'll definitely get our minds off the earthquake.

 Marlena: All righty, here are the famous deviled eggs. Somebody bring the drinks for me, please?

 Rex: I will. Oh, but first, I have to try one of these.

 Marlena: Oh, well, and now that the excitement is over, I'm worried about john. I should've heard from him by now.

 Rex: Oh, you know what? I almost forgot to tell you. When I called tony to tell him I was free, john was with him.

 Marlena: With tony?

 Rex: Yeah. The kidnapper asked my father for ransom, too. 3EA8414B.JPG

 Marlena: Oh, uh, why don't you all start eating? I'm going to just, uh, give him a call, hmm?

 Belle: Shawn!

 Kate: God, there's no way out of here, roman.

 Roman: Yes, there is! Now, trust me, I got a plan!

 Abe: I've got to find my wife.

 Lexie: Aah! Please, god! Oh, please, I can't be in labor.

 John: Come on, man, don't just sit there! Get me out of here!

 Tony: Give me one good reason why I should. Right of marty turco.


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