Days Transcript Friday 4/18/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 4/18/03--Canada; 4/21/03--USA

By Eric




Don't go away mad. Come here. 3EA04B50.JPG

 Sami: Aww.

 Sami: [ Sighs ] I have to get will ready for school. Will, hon! Are you ready to leave?

 Will: I can't my baseball mitt!

 Sami: Um, well, can you hurry up, hon? 'Cause we gotta get goin' soon.

 Brandon: Uh, there's something you have to do first.

 Sami: What's that?

 Brandon: A question I need you to answer... a very important question.

 Rex: Everything's set. If all goes as planned, my experiment will finally be ready to execute today.

 Jack: I don't know where the producer is, and I don't care. The point is, I'm taking over. It's gonna be fine. Look, okay, we'll have our opening shot right here, bringing it right down here, then we're gonna bring up that theme music -- 3EA04B93.JPG

 Man: Is that a master or a two-shot?

 Jack: That's a master, and --

 Man #2: The first guest of the "love is blind" team. Jennifer gets up, greets them --

 Jack: Hello?

 Man #2: Oh, hey, jack. How's it goin' there, big fella?

 Jack: Sorry, do I know you?

 Man #2: I'm sorry. I'm shmenkmen.

 Jack: No, no. You're not shmenkmen. You're not ralph.

 Man #2: Definitely not ralph. No. I'm smarter, funnier, and a hell of a lot more charming.

 Jack: What are you saying?

 Man #2: I'm barry, his brother.

 Jack: I see.

 Barry: Ralph got a better gig, so he asked me to come over and take over "in the house." 3EA04BAE.JPG

 Jack: Better gig, huh?

 Barry: Did sasay better? I meant...different. So I was free as a bird, and here I am now -- your new producer.

 Jack: Great.

 Jennifer: Jack, I need you!

 Jack: Uh, likewise. Likewise, I'm sure. Uh, look -- barry, is it? Okay, e-excuse me. I'll be right back. Coming through! Excuse me, stuart. Excuse me. Coming through. All right. Problem?

 Jennifer: No. No, no problem. Could you excuse us for one minute? Okay, so, what do you think of our new producer?

 Jack: Barry?

 Jennifer: Yeah.

 Jack: Oh, well, talk about the shifting sands of live television -- I mean, he seems like a nice guy, but -- 3EA04BCB.JPG

 Jennifer: No, I know. It's going to be just fine. Look, I read your outline for the show today, and it's funny, jack.

 Jack: I'm laughin'. Look, we're just gonna kick it off with a couple of jokes, keep it light -- sometimes serious but, you know, always keeping it light.

 Jennifer: Yeah, I know, but all the jokes are at your expense.

 Jack: Look, they can laugh all they want. They don't really know me or you. Besides, a wise man can laugh at himself.

 Jennifer: You're sure you want to do this?

 Jack: Sure. Why not? It's great, it's perfect, it's beautiful, and so are you. All right, mr. Shmenkmen -- mr. Barry -- let's talk lighting. I want to make sure my bride-to-be looks her beautiful best today. 3EA04BEC.JPG

 Mimi: I have never been so nervous before.

 Cassie: Why? The mystery hunk's chosen his date, and we all know who the winner is.

 Gabriella: Cassie's right. Time to relax and enjoy.

 Mimi: On tv, with the whole world watching?

 Gabriella: You all know jennifer and jack. They'll put you at ease. Now, one last thing -- what are we all going to remember?

 All: Plug the "love is blind" reality dating show.

 Gabriella: Perfect. I love you. And I desperately need another latte before we move out. Anyone else?

 Mimi: The last thing I need is more caffeine. I am totally wired as it is.

 Belle: You know what? It's almost showtime, and I don't have a mirror. 3EA04C0C.JPG

 Mimi: Oh, be my guest. What if we say the wrong thing? You know, I am not good at keeping secrets. I could totally blurt out who the winner is without thinking.

 Belle: You won't!

 Cassie: Or we'll kill you.

 Shawn-d: Hi.

 Belle: Shawn.

 Shawn-d: I know you have to run off and do your show, but can I ask you something real quick?

 Hope: Hey, guess who we're going to see on tv this morning, sweetie? Abby's mommy jennifer!

 Bo: How do you get this thing on?

 Hope: As soon as daddy can figure it out.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Bo: Hey, it's abe. What's up?

 Abe: I need to see you in my office. 3EA04C2D.JPG

 Bo: It's my day off.

 Abe: This can't wait. Now get over here now. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Winnersen and start on an good note. I hope

 Belle: All right, so... what's your question?

 Shawn-d: You said you were gonna try and throw the date with the mystery guy so you wouldn't win.

 Belle: Shawn --

 Shawn-d: So, did you succeed?

 Belle: You know I can't talk about this.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah, I know, 'cause your contract -- you signed papers -- whatever. Come on, you gotta tell me.

 Belle: Okay, I will tell you one thing -- you are so cute when you're jealous! 3EA04D0A.JPG

 Gabriella: Showtime, kids. Let's do it. The boyfriend, right?

 Shawn-d: You don't mind if I tag along?

 Gabriella: Sure. Why not?

 Shawn-d: So, someone's gotta carry the winner's bag. Fetch and carry all you want, but I am not telling you anything.

 Shawn-d: You want to bet?

 Hope: Abe wouldn't say what he wanted?

 Bo: Probably just some paperwork that needs to be signed before they arraign palmer. Shouldn't be long.

 Hope: Okay. See you later.

 Bo: See you soon. Bye.

 Hope: Be careful driving.

 Bo: Uh-huh.

 Hope: Bye, daddy.

 Lexie: When carson and i were in high school together, he was the last person on earth I would have imagined turning criminal. He had so much potential. 3EA04D38.JPG

 Hope: Mm-hmm. Power and ambition, corrupting the best and the brightest.

 Lexie: Oh, don't I know it. My father was driven by his desire to control, to rule. He caused so much pain for all of us.

 Hope: It's all behind us.

 Lexie: Sometimes I wonder if those wounds can ever be completely healed.

 Sami: "My darling samantha... will you do me the honor of... accompanying me this weekend to our special place?"

 Brandon: I made a reservation at the same resort where we made love for the first time. I even arranged for the same suite.

 Sami: Brandon, this is the sweetest, most romantic invitation.

 Brandon: You don't know what it took to get brenda to give you two whole days off. 3EA04D7D.JPG

 Sami: You did that for me?

 Brandon: Now all we have to do is throw a few things into suitcases.

 Sami: Mmm! Like, um, chocolate body paint and champagne for the hot tub?

 Brandon: Is that a yes?

 Sami: How soon can we leave?

 Brandon: Tonight, right after our shifts.

 Sami: I'm going to have to check with lucas and make sure that he can keep will.

 Brandon: All right. While you take care of things on the home front, I have a few things I have to pick up from salem place. Meet you back here?

 Sami: Brandon, thank you for doing this for me. It means so much.

 Brandon: I'll see you later.

 Sami: Okay.

 Brandon: Hey, so long, will. I will see you later... alligator. 3EA04DB8.JPG

 Will: This was supposed to be our weekend together. No way are you leaving me. x

majestic tree would bring such a suspenseful the green jacket is going north of the border.

 The perfect size.

 Sami: Will, sweetie, I know you're disappointed, but --

 Will: What I want never matters!

 Sami: Will! That's not tr-- will, come here! Will, listen to me. Please, just listen to me for a second, okay? 'Cause I want to --

 Lucas: Hey, big guy. How you doin'?

 Will: Mom's taking off for the weekend. She wants me to stay with you.

 Lucas: Terrific! Cool. We'll have fun! Oh, um, will, sami, this is denise latham. 3EA04E7A.JPG

 Will: Hi.

 Denise: Your dad's told me a lot about you.

 Will: Yeah?

 Denise: I understand you're a cubs fan.

 Will: Yeah!

 Denise: Me too!

 Will: Who's your favorite player?

 Denise: Sammy sosa. What a hitter! Can I see your mitt?

 Will: My dad helped me break it in.

 Sami: What, you couldn't get rid of your bimbo before your son showed up?

 Barry: Now, remember, have fun. That's what it's all about. You can wait over by the monitor till it's your turn to come out.

 Jack: You're going to talk first, and then --

 Jennifer: No, you're going to talk first! You start, and then yada, yada, yada, I jump in. 3EA04E9D.JPG

 Stuart: 15 seconds. Places, please. Quiet, everybody! In 5...4...3...2...

 Barry: Live, from their house to yours, it's jack and jennifer "in the house."

Who's in the house now?

Who, who, who?

 Jennifer: Hello, everyone. Uh, good morning, jack.

 Jack: Good morning, jennifer. It's a beautiful day here in salem -- 62 degrees, sunny.

 Jennifer: It is a lovely day.

 Jack: Yes, it is.

 Jennifer: It's wonderful, and we want to welcome everyone back and thank you for tuning in to our show again.

 Jack: Thank you.

 Jennifer: Why don't we go in the living room?

 Jack: Let's! Right this way. Sure! Oh, this is a much more relaxing day after ouririrst exciting day, where we had the on-air arrest. In fact, I thought we'd lighten things up a bit with a little story. There was this priest, this -- 3EA04EC6.JPG

 Jennifer: Wait a minute. Before you tell the story, can I just talk to you really quick about what you're wearing?

 Jack: What I'm -- oh, that-- that's right. No subject is off-limits. Kind of like breakfast, or whatever it w y you assembled this morning.

 Jennifer: I mean, retro should be chic, and your retro is a little old hat, jack.

 Jack: Well, eggs deveraux should be lightly whisked, not beaten to a glutinous mass.

 Jennifer: This is like a throwback to your college days, really.

 Jack: And english muffins should never be confused with french hockey pucks.

 Jennifer: And this tie has seen better days

 Jack: And better coffee spilled on it. 3EA04EE2.JPG

 Jennifer: You moved your cup when I was pouring.

 Jack: I was in a daze from the smell of charred bacon.

 Jennifer: Jack, seriously!

 Jack: I couldn't be more serious.

 Jennifer: We need to lose the frat-boy look. We do! The whole outfit has to go.

 Jack: Wait a minute. What are you talking about? This is my lucky pants. I believe I proposed to you in these pants.

 Jennifer: Each time?

 Jack: Well, the right knee is certainly worn through.

 Jennifer: That's very sweet.

 Jack: Thank you.

 Jennifer: And I have a very warm spot in my heart...

 Jack: In the fireplace.

 Jennifer: For your trousers, but that's it -- they're going! The whole outfit is history. 3EA04EFC.JPG

 Jack: All right, I protest. In fact, I'm going to take this to the viewing audience.

 Jennifer: You know what? I think that's a great idea.

 Jack: You weigh in.

 Jennifer: Yes, I want everyone to call in or e-mail, and the subject is going to be "a new look for jack."

 Jack: Or "a cookbook for jennifer."

 Abe: Yeah, come in. Well, yeah, that is the best news I've heard all day. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Bye.

 Bo: Was that about palmer's arraignment?

 Abe: The judge refused bail. Salem's D.A. Stays locked up.

 Bo: Yeah!

 Abe: We're not home-free yet. We have to make sure the charges stick against palmer and vin ramsell.

 Bo: What are you talking about? I got you all the evidence you need. 3EA04F2A.JPG

 Abe: Check this out and tell me we don't have a problem.

 Bo: This is roman's report on the drug bust. So what?

 Abe: What the hell's wrong with you, bo? You damn near blew this case sky high. What in the world is wrong?

>>Enenise: Sure, I'd love to see your baseball cards.

 Sami: Damn it, lucas, I am not going to have my son exposed to your parade of one-night stands!

 Lucas: You know what, sami? She didn't spend the night here, okay? She just came over for breakfast.

 Sami: You expect me to buy that?

 Lucas: You know what? She happens to be a teacher at collegiate school. 3EA04FF6.JPG

 Sami: Oh, and you're the teacher's pet.

 Lucas: No. I met her a week ago, when the horton foundation donated funds to her school for language programs. And, yeah, yeah, we've been on a couple dates. Sosome nice dinners, too. It's none of your damn business!

 Denise: Excuse me, lucas -- sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

 Lucas: No, no, no, denise. You weren'T. It's no problem at all, really.

 Will: I want to show denise something.

 Sami: Oh. Okay.

 Denise: What a great kid. Does he know baseball!

 Lucas: Yeah, he does.

 Denise: I'm so glad we had a chance to meet.

 Will: Denise said she'll take me to a game. You can come, too, dad. 3EA05017.JPG

 Lucas: Any time?

 Jennifer: With us here today we have three lovely young ladies who are here to pve that "love is blind."

 Jack: And hopefully we'll find out which lucky lady the mystery man has chosen, and who he'll spend his glamorous, romantic evening with.

 Jennifer: That's right. Will it be belle black, cassie dimera, or mimi lockhart?

 Jack: Tell me, is the mystery hunk going to be making an appearance, too?

 Jennifer: No! I wish! We're going to have to tune in to "love is blind." We're going to have to check it out. But what I understand, ladies, is we don't see his face. He's blindfolded the entire time, right? 3EA0503B.JPG

 Girls: Yes.

 Jack: Tell me something. Why would a guy put on a mask or blindfold himself when he could see these beautiful, lovely ladies?

 Jennifer: Exactly! To keep him from judging them on their looks alone, jack.

 Jack: Oh, so you're saying that we guys are all shallow?

 Jennifer: Oh, yeah! Yeah.

 Cassie: Pretty much.

 Jack: Oh. And you ladies aren't?

 Jennifer: Well, jack, women respond to who a man is as a person -- his intellect, his wit. It's not always about how he looks.

 Jack: So your put-down on my attire is an attack on my person, not my wardrobe?

 Jennifer: No! No, no. See, that was just professional observation. That's all that was. 3EA0505B.JPG

 Jack: I see. Gentlemen, do you buy that?

 Guys: No.

 Jack: No! Okay, the facts are the mystery hunk is so ugly he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, but it doesn't matter because these lovely young ladies are going to admire and respect him for his inner beauty.

 Jennifer: You know what? That is absolutely right, and we will be back with this battle of e e sexes after a word from our sponsor.

 Jack: Right. Right.

 Stuart: And...we are out. Air in 30 seconds, people.

 Cassie: Wait, that's not the gimmick, right? I mean, the hunk's not really ugly like that millionaire guy was really poor?

 Gabriella: I promise you, the hunk is gorgeous-- to die for! 3EA05083.JPG

 Mimi: I... I think I'm breaking out in a rash.

 Belle: Okay, well, just take deep breaths.

 Stuart: Quiet, please. Here we go!

 Jack: We're on?! Okay, wait a minute! Ha, ha, ha!

 Jennifer: Stop! You're fine.

 Stuart: In 5...4...

 Jack: Ready. Okay!

 Stuart: 3...2...

 Jennifer: All right, and welcome back. Jack, I have to tell you, the phones calls, the e-mails -- they are pouring in, voting for your choice of wardrobe.

 Jack: Really? How am I doing?

 Jennifer: You're amazing! You rate so high in intelligence -- of course -- wit, humor...

 Jack: Looks! How about looks?

 Jennifer: [ Gasps ] Looks are off the charts. 3EA050A1.JPG

 Jack: Ha ha. Of course! I guess you were wrong about my wardrobe.

 Jennifer: Oh... no, I was right. It's exactly as I predicted. It says here, "boring with a capital 'b'."

 Jack: You're making it up.

 Jennifer: No! Read that.

 Jack: There's a mistake.

 Jennifer: Read it and weep. It's right there on the paper. But it's okay! It's all okay because we have a solution, jack.

 Jack: I see. I see. This is all some cheap show biz setup.

 Jennifer: Yes! Yes. We are gonna give the audience exactly what they want, so we're gonna strip ya down --

 Jack: What!?

 Jennifer: Yeah, to the basics, and we're gonna start all over with you, jack deveraux. 3EA050C0.JPG

Who's in the house now?

Who, who, who, who?

 Abe: If this report is accurate, you tried to break in to what was then an alleged drug house, without a warrant and without probable cause.

 B if we hadn't have made a move, abe, we wouldn't have known the drugs were in the house. Come on, we did our job. We brought him in.

 Abe: You just got lucky this time. You damn near blew the whole case, bo -- ignoring procedure and breaking the rules!

 Bo: What is more imrtrtant to you -- these rules, or seeing justice done?

 Denise: Lucas has told me so much about you. 3EA051A0.JPG

 Sami: Yeah, I'll bet.

 Denise: You work at the hospital.

 Sami: For the moment.

 Will: Denise, I found the report.

 Denise: He wants to show me his essay on space flight.

 Lucas: She's a natural with kids.

 Sami: Well, at least she's not running around in her underwear like your other one-nighters.

 Lucas: Oh, come on now. She's in a class by herself, and you know it, sami.

 Sami: God only knows what she sees in you.

 Lucas: Well, whatever it is, a few years ago, you saw it, too.

 Sami: In your dreams, lucas. You were nothing but a roadblock on my path to romance.

 Lucas: Oh, really? And, what, brandon's king of the road? Is that it? 3EA051C6.JPG

 Sami: Well, he knows how to treat a woman.

 Lucas: Hope he's got a big bankroll. That's all it takes to keep you happy.

 Sami: Actually, he is taking me away to an exclusive resort for the weekend. We leave tonight.

 Lucas: Tonight? Wait a minute. I didn't know about that.

 Sami: You just said that you would take will.

 Lucas: No, no, no. Denise and i have a date tonight.

 Sami: Well, break it.

 Lucas: I'm not breaking anything.

 Sami: Listen to me.

 Denise: I couldn't help overhearing. I'd love to spend the evening with you and will if that works for you. 3EA051E4.JPG

 Will: Say yes, dad.

 Lucas: Are you sure?

 Denise: We can order pizza, rent a video, or see that new movie.

 Will: Yes.

 Lucas: Oh, good. Sounds like a plan, then.

 Will: We can see the videos tonight and see the movie tomorrow night.

 Sami: Um, will, just make sure that the movie is P.G., Okay?

 Will: Don't sweat it, mom. Denise is a teacher.

 Denise: Enjoy your weekend.

 Sami: Thanks.

 Lucas: Oh, go ahead. Indulge your libido. He's not even going to notice you're gone.

 Sami: I'll bring his clothes over later.

 Lucas: Great. Anytime. 3EA05207.JPG

 Sami: Will, I'm going to go.

 Will: Bye, mom.

 Sami: Um, how about a hug goodbye, okay?

 Will: Sure.

 Lucas: Oh, uh, get used to seeing denise. She's going to be around a long time.

 Jennifer: Okay, everyone, jack is upstairs at this very moment getting his first long-overdue wardrobe makeover. Now, what you are going to see is three completely different jack deverauxs, and you're going to be able to vote. You can phone in or e-mail, and we're going to count the votes tonight after the broadcast, and then on our next show, you will help me unveil my new updated cohost. All right, and we are ready to go. Can I have a drum roll, please? 3EA05245.JPG

[ Drum roll ]

 Jennifer: For look number one -- jack deveraux.

 Woman: Ow! Whoo.

 Jennifer: Whoo! Sexy in leather.

 Jack: Leather, yeah.

 Jennifer: I think we need to start this vote right away, so why don't we, uh... why don't we start with the young ladies? Mimi, you first.

 Jack: Good choice.

 Mimi: Okay. Well... I think jack looks handsome no matter what, in my opinion, but I think the whole biker look usually works more for someone a little less mature, maybe.

 Jack: Hey now. Watch it.

 Jennifer: Oh, oh. Belle, what do you think? 3EA05272.JPG

 Jack: Hey.

 Belle: Oh, I-I love the leather look. I think it's really, um, '50s.

 Jack: '50s.

 Jennifer: Ha ha. Cassie, what do you think?

 Cassie: You look like an idiot.

 Jennifer: Ha ha.

 Belle: Cassie, that was mean.

 Cassie: What, the crack that mimi made wasn't?

 Jennifer: Okay, well, girls, girls, don't fight. It's -- it's okay.

 Jack: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Go ahead, fight over me. I love it when women fight over me.

 Jennifer: No, no, no, he is taken, young ladies. He's taken by me. Come on, we'll give one more turn...

 Jack: One more turn. 3EA0528E.JPG

 Jennifer: For our viewing audience right here.

 Jack: Ready? Here we go. 1, 2, 3.

 Jennifer: Beautiful. But come back here for a moment. No, come here. We're not ready for look -- well, we are ready for look number two, but we're going to keep working down here. You're going to go upstairs and shed your skin.

 Jack: Like a snake.

 Jennifer: Yes, and come out with -- I I don't even know what next. So why don't you give us one more twirl?

 Jack: All right.

 Jennifer: Stage left, and we'll see you in a bit.

 Jack: Here you go. Ooh. Before I'm through, I'm going to make that hunk you're dating look like... quasimodo. 3EA052B0.JPG

 Jennifer: Ha ha ha.

 Abe: Damn it, bo. You know, you -- you act like you're a law unto yourself.

 Bo: Abe, I don't have patience for a system that is so bogged down with technicalities and regulation it can barely function.

 Abe: We... are accountable for our actions to a commissioner, a mayor, and the people of this city.

 Bo: And god help us if we let the people down. If we don't act in a crisis to protect them because we're worried about who the hell's looking over our damn shoulder. Abe! I love what I do. I'm a good cop. I make change happen for the better. That's good enough for me. I wish to hell I could say the same thing for this department. 3EA053D8.JPG

 Rex: My calculations are right on target. By this time tomorrow, the device will be fully functional.

 Sami: [ Sighs ]

 Brandon: Hey. Wait till you see what I got for our trip.

 Sami: And wait till you hear what lucas pulled.

 Brandon: He's not taking will for the weekend?

 Sami: No, he's taking him, along with his newest bimbo. She's a schoolteacher, and she's this huge cubs fan or something, and she was so warm and perky, I wanted to puke.

 Brandon: What's her name?

 Sami: Um, denise something-or-other. Why?

 Brandon: What does she look like? 3EA05405.JPG

 Sami: She's kind of blondish, with, well, maybe my height and really skinny and -- oh, I think she had kind of light eyes. Why?

 Brandon: I don't believe this.

 Sami: Brandon? Brandon, where are you going?

 Lucas: I'll put some glue on it later, okay? Hey, uh, don't let sami get to you, okay?

 Denise: I hope I didn't do anythintoto upset her.

 Lucas: No, no, she's just -- she's got problems.

[ Knock on door ]

 Lucas: You know, mental problems. Excuse me, I think she's back. I'll take care of this in one second, all right? Look, I don't want any trouble.

 Brandon: Hey, relax, lucas. I'm here to see, uh... denise? 3EA05434.JPG

 Denise: Brandon?

 Brandon: Ha ha ha! It really is you. Come here.

 Denise: Hello, stranger. Oh, my god.

 Brandon: Oh, man, it's good to see you.

 Denise: Oh, it's been so long.

 Brandon: Samantha was describing someone. It had to be you. I was so surprised.

 Jennifer: All right, so we all want to know, who is the winner?

 Mimi: I am.

 Belle: Get out of here. You know it's me.

 Cassie: I think that it's obvious to anyone who has eyes...

 Belle: Oh, yeah, right.

 Jennifer: Oh, you girls are good, let me tell you. But what I want to say is I think it's obvious that you all have wonderful qualities, and the mystery man will be very lucky to go out with any one of you. So I want everyone to watch "love is blind." Check your listing for date and time. I knew it. Okay, girls, your turn. You're going to help me out today. You're going to keep score. Thank you. 'Cause jack is ready with look number two, ladies, and here he is in all his glory. Jack dever--oh! Whoo! Ha ha ha. 3EA05471.JPG

 Mimi: That's sleek.

 Jennifer: Look at you.

 Jack: Well, what do you think, huh?

 Jennifer: Wow, I -- whoo!

 Jack: Mm.

 Jennifer: Wow!

 Jack: You like?

 Jennifer: I love it. I'll let you know later how much, when we're alone. Come on, ladies. What do you think? Pose for us, jack. Is he hot or what? Belle, you're first.

[ Gasps ] 9.9. You're hot. You're still hot, jack. You still have it. What about you, mimi? 7.5. That's good. That's still good. Cassie, atat do you say?

 Jack: Uh... must be that new math. 3EA05495.JPG

 Jennifer: Jack, it's okay. You know what -- you know what they say. You can't win 'em all.

 Jack: Hey, I won you, didn't I?

 Jennifer: Yeah, you did. All right, stay with us. We'lbebe right back.

Who's in the house now?

Who, who, who, who? Ical peel, Smooth backside rode us

you're down below

where have you been? Let's check out the mute grab up w?

 Lucas: How do you two know each other?

 Brandon: College. God, I can't believe I'm running into you after all this time.

 Denise: I know.

 Brandon: What are you doing now? 3EA0554D.JPG

 Denise: Teaching at collegiate. How about you?

 Brandon: I'm a pediatric counselor, university hospital.

 Denise: That was always your dream -- working with children.

 Brandon: Yours, too.

 Denise: And here we are.

 Sami: How long has it been since you've seen each other?

 Brandon: I don't know. We lost touch after denise got back from the peace corps. You're always out there fighting to change the world. Ha ha.

 Lucas: So you two were an item.

 Brandon: We were pret tight.

 Sami: Shouldn't you be getting will to school?

 Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, will, come on. Let's get your things, get you to school. I'll, uh, drop you off at collegiate, if you'd like. 3EA05573.JPG

 Denise: Thanks.

 Lucas: Okay.

 Sami: Will, I will call you later. I'll call you tomorrow, okay?

 Lucas: Oh, actually, we're not going to be around tomorrow. I'm taking him to the new exhibit at the science museum, right?

 Sami: Take your cell phone.

 Will: Can denise go with us?

 Lucas: Yeah, she can if she'd like to, sure.

 Denise: I'd love it.

 Sami: Will, um, don't forget that as soon as we get back, brandon and you and i have a date at the fun zone.

 Will: Yeah, sure. Okay.

 Sami: Uh, well, bye, sweetheart. Um... shall we?

 Brandon: I'll talk to you later, denise. 3EA0559D.JPG

 Brandon: God, I can't get over seeing denise here.

 Denise: Brandon, wait up.

 Sami: To hell with denise.

 Jennifer: All right, we're back. And while my cohost is being outfitted in look number three, we have a very special guest for you today, and he also happens to be a boyfriend of one of our "love is blind" contestants.

 Belle: No, no, uh, he's my ex-boyfriend.

 Jennifer: Your ex-- uh, well, his name is shawn brady, and speaking of hunks, shawn brady is definitely a hunk. How are you?

 Shawn: : Good, jennifer. How are you?

 Jennifer: Very well. Thank you for coming to speak with us. We've been, um, you know, we're trying to get a male point of view on the "love is blind" game, so we would love to know what you think of the whole concept. 3EA055CC.JPG

 Shawn-d: Actually, it's, uh, not my kind of thing.

 Jennifer: Really. Why not?

 Shawn-d: Well, I-I guess I don't like butting into people's lives the way they do, so...some things should be private so they keep their meaning, you know?

 Jennifer: Right, I can understand that, but what if people say, "oh, it's just fun, it's just entertaining to watch."

 Shawn-d: Actually, I think it's kind of entertaining for the wrong reasons.

 Jennifer: Do you think your reaction has anything to do with your feelings for belle?

 Shawn-d: Yeah. Yeah. I'll admit it, I think my reaction has everything to do with my feelings for belle. She says that I'm her ex-boyfriend, and that's fine. She has every right to say that, but bottom line, I still don't want her doing the show. 3EA05602.JPG

 Jennifer: Okay. Okay, that's understandable. I mean, I'm sure a large part of our audience would agree with you, but what about -- what about the other people who would say, "why not? I mean, it's a television show. And a date on tv is not going to go anywhere, anyways"? You know what I think? I think -- would it be all right? Why don't we have the audience call in and express how they feel, all right? That would be great. So not only are you going to vote for jack's new look, you're going to call in and tell us if you agree with shawn, or if you think it's perfectly fine for belle to be a part of the "love is blind" game with the chance of possibly being chosen to ride in the mystery man's limo. Let us hear from you. 3EA0562B.JPG

 Lexie: Did you know shawn is going to be on tv?

 Hope: I don't think even shawn knew that he was going to be on tv. He looked pretty handsome, though, didn't he?

 Lexie: Very.

 Hope: Yeah. I hope he and belle find their way back to each other.

 Lexie: Oh, no, they had another falling out?

 Hope: Young love, first love, there are always struggles.

 Lexie: Yeah, weren't you and bo around that age when you fell in love?

 Hope: Oh, yeah, and our relationship at their age was one big bumpy ride. I mean, all you have to do is make one wrong decision, and suddenly, your whole relationship is at risk. 3EA05649.JPG

 Lexie: Hmm, don't I know it. I almost lost abe that way.

 Hope: Because of what happened when you tried to hold on to zack?

 Lexie: No. Um, after that.

 Hope: You -- you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I understand.

 Lexie: Okay. Yohahave to swear you won't tell abe. It would destroy everything we have.

 Hope: Of course. Of course I won'T.

 Lexie: I... hit bottom when abe wanted to divorce me. He wanted nothing more to do with me. I fell apart, and I went to brandon for comfort. He'd always been there for me as a friend, but, um... there was this one night when, um, we both needed more. 3EA0568A.JPG

 Hope: Lex.

 Lexie: It only happened once, but it did happen. If abe ever finds out... it'll finish us.

 Abe: Bo, I'm on your side. You're the best detective I've got.

 Bo: Then how about trusting me?

 Abe: I do. But the rules are there for everyone. Citizens have rights. We can't violate them.

 Bo: Citizens lose their rights when they break the law. That's what ramsell and his buddies did. Now they're behind bars. That's all that matters.

 Abe: They're not.

 Bo: What?

 Abe: Vin ramsell's out on bail. 3EA05725.JPG

 They lie awake, fearing their 11 and 12 years old are experimenting with drugs. Some unwittingly found a solution. They buy them for them. Kids on prescription drugs, part of a special "global national" investigation. Beginning tonight.

 Hope: Lex, are you saying there's a chance that brandon's --

 Lexie: No, no, no. There was a chance, but I had dr. Bader do a paternity test right after I found out I was pregnant, and the testroved abe's the father.

 Hope: My god. What you must've gone through...

 Lexie: Well, I'm afraid there's still a problem.

 Hope: You don't think brandon would ever say anything to abe, do you? 3EA0574C.JPG

 Lexie: I don't know. He's been acting really strange, insisting that he feels a connection to the baby. And abe is beginning to wonder why. I-I just have to find a way to handle the situation, you know? I cannot let brandon threaten my marriage.

 Sami: God, why can't i ever get arereak?

[ Knock on door ]

 Brandon: Samantha, let me in.

 Sami: Sorry, I thought it was unlocked.

 Brandon: Why'd you run out of there like that?

 Sami: I just wanted to get packing. Will you help me get the luggage down?

 Brandon: Yeah, yeah, I'll get it. You know, it never ceases to amaze me what a small world this is. I mean, can you imagine running into denise after -- 3EA0577A.JPG

 Sami: You know what? I would really rather not talk about lucas' newest playmate, okay?

 Brandon: Mantha...

 Sami: I want to focus on us and forget about everyone else.

[ Denise laughing ]

 Brandon: I'll, uh, I'll get the suitcases.

 Denise: Mushrooms and pepperoni and m&ms... and a strawberry malt and maybe some banana split to wash it down?

 Will: You got it. Hurry up, dad. The elevator's here.

 Lucas: I'm coming, I'm coming.

 Jennifer: Shawn, I want to thank you so much for being such s sport and coming to talk to us last-minute, but now I am going to impose on you for a few more minutes, because jack is about to make his way down the stairs in his third and final new look, and we want you to help us vote. Okay? 3EA057BC.JPG

 Shawn-d: All right.

 Jennifer: All right, get ready.

 Belle: Ha ha!

 Jack: Peace.

 Mimi: Oh, my...

 Jennifer: Oh... oh, oh, my. Jack. Ha ha ha! Well, there you have it, everyone. This is jack's third and final look, and I-I don't even know what to say, but we are going to show you all three looks at the same time.

 Lexie: Number two, definitely.

 Hope: I don't know. I kinda like this one.

 Lexie: And you have to remember to call the number on your screen or vote by e-mail, because your choice will be announced on our next show. Be sure to join us. All right, look what I was just handed -- the results... 3EA057E9.JPG

 Jack: Ahh.

 Jennifer: For belle and shawn. Are you guys ready?

 Jack: The envelope, please.

 Jennifer: All right, jack.

 Jack: All right. Okay, okay, all right.

 Jennifer: Let's see what it says.

 Jack: What's it going to say? The audience says... it's a tie.

 Belle: What? No way.

 Jack: Way.

 Jennifer: Shawn, I guess -- I guess this means you're just going to have to relax and let belle continue in "love is blind," right?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, well, I can still hope she doesn't win.

 Jack: Oh! And on that note...

 Jennifer: We're saying goodbye. 3EA05806.JPG

 Jack: Till next time...

 Jennifer: When we are in the house. Bye.

 Jack: Peace, love, peace.

 Stuart: And we are out.

 Barry: Great show, everyone.

 Jennifer: Thank you, everybody, so much for being rere. It was so wonderful.

 Jack: Sign your release forms, yo.

 Gabriella: The limousine's out front.

 Mimi: God, you almost blew the whole deal, cassie.

 Cassie: You are the one with the big over-glossed mouth.

 Shawn-d: Are we still okay?

 Belle: Better than ever.

 Gabriella: Time to say goodbye, lovebirds.

 Belle: Hey, do you mind if we stop by the hospital really quick? I need to visit a friend. 3EA05827.JPG

 Gabriella: Make it short. We've got a fitting to get to.

 Jennifer: Hey, belle, wait a minute. Listen, now that we're off the air, I have to know, who got picked to go on the date?

 Belle: Stay tuned.

 Rex: This is it. One more component, and the system will be fully functional.

 Bo: The judge let ramsell out on bail -- a murderer, and knowing that he threatened me and roman?

 Abe: We didn't prove it.

 Bo: [ Mutters ] And you want me to play by the rules.

 Abe: I'll see you get protection -- you and roman.

 Bo: I can take care of myself. 3EA05863.JPG

 Abe: Bo! Don't even think about going after ramsell while he's on bail.

 Bo: Are you thrtetening me?

 Abe: I'm giving you an order.

 Bo: If ramsell beats this rap, screw your rules and regulations. I'll take the bastard down myself.

 Are you right q t x q t x I q

 Belle: When you get out of here, we are going to throw you the biggest party you've ever seen.

 Chloe: I'm so far from being cured.

 Tony: Do you really think any of us would want to see you in pain?

 Marlena: I don't trust you.

 Bo: I hope he does come after me. Repeat offender, no bail, no way out. 3EA0592D.JPG

 Vin: Now I know how to get back at bo brady -- shawn boy.




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