Days Transcript Friday 4/4/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/4/03--Canada; 4/7/03--USA

By Eric

I've going to give you three seconds, then I'm coming in. 1... 2... 3! All right, stand back. I'm coming in. 3E8C92EA.JPG

[ Banging sound ]

Rex: You stuck?

Shawn-d: No, I'm -- I'm exhausted. I can't think right -- the whole thing going on with belle.

Rex: Well, it's good to work, right? Take your mind off things.

Shawn-d: Yeah, I wish I could, except I think concenttion's of the question.

[ Knock on door ]

Shawn-d: Great. Another distraction. Just what I need. Enter. 3E91D8E3.JPG

Mimi: Life's too short to study, boys. You're wasting precious time. Look at this place. Looks like a library with A... subtle locker room-like aroma.

Shawn-d: All right, mimi, you know, maybe now isn't the --

Mimi: Um, shawn...

Shawn-d: You know what? I think I'm going to, uh, take my studying

t the common room. Maybe a change of scenery will help me concentrate. Hey, rex.

Mimi: [ Whispers ] Thank you.

Mimi: Anyone home?

Rex: Sorry?

Mimi: What are you up to? What's all this?

Rex: Oh, this is, uh... nothing. Nothing at all.

Mimi: Nothing? Looks like A... equation to a time machine or something. 3E91D927.JPG

Rex: No, actually, it's just a few basic proofs, that's all.

Mimi: Why can't I see?

Rex: I'd just really prefer you didn'T.

Mimi: Oh, okay. Easy there. I wasn't -- I was just curious.

Rex: I just told you it was nothing.

Mimi: And I believe you. Let's move on. So where's your twin sis?

Rex: Couldn't tell you.

Mimi: Is everything squared away?

Rex: Squared away with what?

Mimi: You know, the incident.

Rex: What incident?

Mimi: Oh, it's just, well, I thought you had heard.

Rex: I've been in the lab the past two nights. Heard what, mimi?

Mimi: About cassie's little brush with the law. 3E91D971.JPG

Belle: I guess knocking is a bit of a foreign concept to you, just like every other standard social grace.

Cassie: Oh, you're a little bit of a neat freak, aren't you? Always cleaning out your drawers and tidying up.

Belle: Or maybe it's that you forgot we were no longer roommates.

Cassie: Are you saying that I can't come over and visit you anymore? Oh, but, belle, we're a family.

Belle: Cassie, you have no idea what that word means. Family means you respect one another.

Cassie: Right. Like you did before when you tried to kick my ass?

Woman: Romeo, come in if you read us. Over.

Man: Ha ha. Sir, we feel the same way down at the station as your lady friend does. 3E91D999.JPG

Woman: Love doesn't even begin to cover it, 32.

Man #2: This is dispatch to position. You still with us, captain romeo, sir? Affirm if you read. Dispatch to position. We need a stakeout update, fellas. Confirm your status. Over.

Man #2: Headquarters to position. Do you read?

Woman: Where'd they go?

Man #2: I don't know. This is taking too long. This is taking far too long.

Abe: All right. Whwhat's the progress?

Man #2: Dead air, commander.

Abe: You've been trying to make contact?

Man #2: Nothing doing.

Man: Maybe they made their move on the suspect, sir. 3E91D9C2.JPG

Abe: No, they would have radioed that in. I don't trust it. Keep trying.

Man #2: You got it, commander. Headquarters to 32. Do you read? 32, do you copy?

Jennifer: No. Well, I was thinking we could call it "good morning salem," or -- oh, I know. What about "straight talk with jack and jen"?

Jack: We don't even know that we're going to do this show.

Jennifer: No, I know, but it's fun. It's fun to think up different names for it, and, I mean, it's an incredible opportunity. You can't argue with that.

Jack: Right, right. Whoa. 3E91D9E1.JPG

Jennifer: What are you doing?

Jack: Shh.

Man #2: Headquarters to location. We need location confirmation. Do you read? Over.

Carson: Wel t the silence is certainly reassuring.

Abe: Keep trying till you reach them.

Carson: The famous brady brothers -- up to no good, as usual. Just where are they, carver?

Abe: You know, if I knew that, I might even tell you, carson.

Carson: Don't you condescend to me, carver. If you prefer, I could call the commissioner and catch him up to date on your, uh, smooth operation.

Abe: You know, last time I checked, this wasn't your jurisdiction. 3E91DA02.JPG

Carson: With the brady brothers on another wild goose chase, tell me, just how do you plan to waste the taxpayers' money this time around?

Roman: What the hell are you doing? Are you nuts?

Bo: Just give me a second.

Roman: Bo, this is illegal entry. You want to throw thishohole op down the toilet?

Bo: Exactly the opposite.

Roman: You go in there without a search warrant, anything we find in there is not admissible in court.

Bo: With all the traffic we've seen here today, if this isn't a drug house, I'll turn in my badge.

Roman: Damn it, if you want to be a cowboy instead of a cop, you do that in your own time. 3E91DA37.JPG

Bo: I'll bet you anything there's enough evidence in here to put those drug dealing bastards away for six lifetimes. We just got to get in and find it. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Man: 32. Over. Confirm location. Over. Boys, we got the D.A. Sitting tight over here, wants a fresh report. You guys copy?

Hope: Oh, god, brady, what's going on over there?

Man: We need answers, fellas. Signal if you can read. Over.

Hope: Damn.

Hope: Julie, uh, thank god you're home. Um, I need you to come over and watch zack for a little while. 3E91DB10.JPG

Abe: I run this department, carson. My people and i don't answer to you. So you can leave now, or I'll have you arrested for obstructing officers in the line of duty. The choice is yours.

Jennifer: Is this great news or what?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Carson: I apologize. This is a very stressful time for everybody. I'll be on my way.

Abe: Excuse me.

Jack: Let's go.

Carson: Officer. Officer hill.

Hill: Yes, sir.

Carson: I want to know the bradys' next move before they make it. Find out. Call me. 3E91DB49.JPG

Jennifer: Okay, let's go.

Roman: Damn it, bo, you can't do that.

Bo: You're absolutely right. Never was very good at picking locks. I'm more a kick-the-door-in kind of guy.

Roman: No, wait a minute. You kick that door in, it's irrefutable evidence that you entered those premises illegally. You won't have to worry about handing in your badge. It'll be taken away.

Bo: Well, we got to get in there and find out what's going on.

Roman: All right, all right. I know a way.

Bo: Whoa. Jackpot. /Aa |

Belle: When I came in and saw you making yourself at home in my room at my parents' house, I don't know. I lost it. 3E91DC2E.JPG

Cassie: You attacked me.

Belle: Cassie, we fought. I am sorry.

Cassie: Well, I forgive you.

Belle: Good. Is there something you needed?

Cassie: Actually, I was looking for chaz, and I was thinking he'd be in the hartley house.

Chaz: Did somebody say my name?

Cassie: There you are.

Chaz: Here he is. Hey, belle.

Belle: Chaz.

Chaz: How am I doing? Not too bad, not too shabby. Thanks for asking. How about yourself?

Belle: Peachy.

Chaz: Keep it up.

Belle: Oh, I'll give it my all.

Cassie: Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you. 3E91DC5B.JPG

Chaz: Oh, I've been running around like a madman.

Cassie: Well, I called your cell, like, a million times and there was no answer.

Chaz: You know cell phone reception. It's a crapshoot. Did you leave a message?

Cassie: Two... or maybe three. What's going on?

Chaz: Oh, I'm headed over to the party house. Going to get something going.

Cassie: Sounds like fun.

Chaz: Yeah, well, it will be if I'm there.

Cassie: Call me?

Chaz: You got it, babe. Hey, belle. Take care of yourself.

Cassie: That wasn't rude or anything.

Belle: Well, cassie, what do you expect? The guy is an idiot. 3E91DC82.JPG

Cassie: He's a friend of mine.

Belle: A friend who got you totally trashed and practically got you arrested.

Cassie: You know, I like him. He's fun.

Belle: He is a creep.

Cassie: Made your point?

Belle: Not yet. Do you mind leaving?

Cassie: You didn't mean anything you said. You're not sorry.

Belle: Cassie, just go.

Shawn-d: Bad time?

Cassie: Shawn.

Shawn-d: Am I interrupting?

Belle: No. Cassie was just leaving.

Cassie: Maybe you'll have better luck with her. I'm sick of it.

Shawn-d: We need to settle this. 3E91DCB2.JPG

Rex: Wait. So she was arrested?

Mimi: From what I heard, she and this new friend of hers got trashed, got rowdy, broke, like, a soda machine or something, and cassie got apprehended, she was taken down to the station, the whole 9 --

Cassie: Story time?

Rex: Cassie, how could this have happened? Why didn't you tell me?

Cassie: Because it's not that big of a deal. I'm sure mimi here blew it way out of proportion.

Mimi: I was just reporting what I heard.

Cassie: What are you doing here, anyway?

Mimi: I was just chatting with your brother.

Cassie: Oh, we're really good at chatting. 3E91DCD0.JPG

Rex: Cassie, why don't you just tell me what happened?

Cassie: Look, I'm in the clear. I called john black. He came down to the station, and he got theopops to drop the charges. He got me out of there, took me back to marlena's, and I stayed the night. The end.

Rex: Wait a minute, wait a minute. John black bailed you out? He came down and did that for you?

Cassie: What'd you think, I was going to call tony? I knew how furious he'd be, and I was right. But it's all good now.

Rex: So what happened with tony?

Cassie: We worked it out. I was going to tell you everything, but your little buddy here beat me to it. 3E91DCF4.JPG

Mimi: News travels fast at salem U.

Cassie: Apparently, which is exactly why we're getting out of here. Rex, I want you to move back to the mansion with me. You can't stay in the dorm that kicked your sister out. Come on. I say you boycott this place, move out in protest.

Rex: I don't know. I-I'd have to think about it.

Cassie: What is there to think about? The mansion's your home.

Rex: Well, might be nice. Move somewhere a little more... quiet, private.

Cassie: It's got all the space you need.

Rex: Might be a good idea -- moving bac

Mimi: No, you can't go.

Carson: Well, what do you have for me? 3E91DD32.JPG

Jack: Who was in there with him? Did you see?

Jennifer: No, nothing.

Jack: Well, you know what they say about guerilla journalism -- it's not for those with a weak imagination.

Jennifer: You've got a plan?

Jack: Stick with me.

Jennifer: Oh. Jack, I fail to see how this improves our situation.

Jack: Oh, ye of little faith.

Jennifer: [ Gasps ]

Jack: Recall, if you will, the microphone pin that I gave you to wear.

Jennifer: Yes, in the lifeguard shack with colin.

Jack: I took that same pin, and I attached it to the front of carson palmer's desk the last time we were in there. 3E91DD54.JPG

Jennifer: Oh, jack, that is so james bond.

Jack: Well, shall we?

Jninifer: Yes. Go.

[ Static ]

Maria: Carson, trust me.

Carson: You make it very hard, maria.

Maria: Well, you do your job, and I'll do mine.

Carson: It's that idiot newspaperman -- what's his name? Deveraux. You know, he's already I.D.'D you.

Maria: Carson, relax, please. You worry too much.

Carson: Worry? If anybody -- if deveraux or his bimbo girlfriend are onto us, it's over.

Jennifer: "Bimbo"?

Maria: All right, I'll handle it. 3E91DD75.JPG

Carson: Just a minute. When will I hear from you?

Maria: Well, you'll hear from me when you hear from me, hmm?

Carson: Hmm.

Jennifer: Okay, listen, I'm going to follow her and see where she's headed.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no, no. I'll do it.

Jennifer: What, are you kidding me? After what happened at echelon?

Jack: All right, all right. You do it.

Jennifer: Okay. Wish me luck.

Jack: Be careful.

Jennifer: All right. You stay here. You -- you keep palmer under surveillance, all right? It could be we get all the answers we need tonight.

Jack: Right.

Jennifer: All right. 3E91DDA3.JPG

Jack: Okay.

Shawn-d: Our fight was stupid. It was meaningless.

Belle: How could you say our fight was stupid?

Sha-d-d: Because it wasn't about who we are or how we feel about each other.

Belle: Are you really saying this, shawn? It had everything to do with us and how different we are.

Shawn-d: Okay, so two people are different. It doesn't mean that they're not in love.

Belle: No, that is not my point.

Shawn-d: Yeah, your point is that you saw something in me that you didn't like. That's normal.

Belle: But, shawn, when you're not around me, you become this party animal. I mean, maybe that's who you really are -- the real you. 3E91DE7E.JPG

Shawn-d: You know me better than that.

Belle: No, what I think is when you're around me, you try and cover up things. You try and be what -- what you think I want you to be.

Shawn-d: I totally disagree with you, okay?

Belle: Maybe I'm too conventional for you, too strait-laced.

Shawn-d: Oh, yeah, this -- this is ridiculous.

Belle: Shawn, maybe -- maybe this is why we can'T...

Shawn-d: Can't what?

Belle: We have tried so many times to... make love, and -- it just never seems to happen. There has to be a reason.

Shawn-d: Yeah -- a lot of them. It's called circumstances.

Belle: No, shawn. I think it's because, deep down in my heart, I just don't want it to happen. 3E91DEB7.JPG

>>Bebe: All right. Is there any word?

Man: No word, commander.

Hope: Abe, uh, excuse me. Any word on the stakeout?

Abe: No, it's pretty quiet.

Hope: I don't like it.

Abe: You know, it's just a routine surveillance. Bo and roman are my two best police officers.

Hope: But you can't make contact.

Abe: The most likely scenario is they just got out of their car and they're checking the periphery.

Hope: No, no, no, no, they would have run it by headquarters first.

Abe: Hope, this isn't like you to worry. You know the job. I mean, bo's been on 100 stakeouts just like this one. 3E91DED1.JPG

Hope: I know. It must have been being around kate. I think I tapped into her anxiety.

Abe: Well, she did have quite an audience for that, didn't she?

Hope: Yeah, I was trying to calm her down.

Abe: Well, maybe it wasn't just her you were trying to calm down.

Hope: Waiting never has been my style.

Roman: That could get just about the entire eastern seaboard high.

Bo: Still doubt that this is a drug house? Need more evidence? Maybe a poppy field?

Roman: Our friend sure does believe in diversification.

Bo: Roman.

[ Engine approaching ] 3E91DF01.JPG

Carson: No. No info yet on the brady brothers. Well, when I get word, then you'll know. Just call it intuition. Bo and roman are experts at sniffing around where they don't belong. Not to worry. The brady brothers will be out of the picture very soon.

Jennifer: Where did you go? Where did you go? ( Cheering ) We will return for the second half of "days of our lives" in just a moment. ,c

Bo: It's the return of our friendly neighborhood drug dealer.

Roman: Yeah. That guy's got great timing. 3E91E027.JPG

Roman: All set?

Bo: Yeah.

Roman: Let's move.

[ Car approaches ]

Bo: Let's get out of here.

Roman: Yeah.

Bo: That was maria annendel, the woman that brought me here.

Roman: The D.A.'S girlfriend.

Bo: Yeah. Lowlifes come in all sexes, shapes and sizes.

Roman: Car 32 to headquarters. Copy if you read.

Abe: 32, what happened to you?

Roman: We did a preliminary search of the premises. Got reason to believe we got a genuine drug den here. Probably up to 50 kilos of ready contraband.

Abealall right, what's the next move?

Roman: We're going to need backup before we go in. 3E91E09B.JPG

Bo: We're dead in the water if we don't do something now.

Roman: What, you're saying we go in on our own?

Bo: Yeah.

Abe: No. We don't have any available units -- not unless there's an emergency.

Roman: All right, copy that. We're good to sit still and wait for now. Subject is under surveillance. Clear.

Mimi: If you leave the dorm, how will I see you?

Rex: You can visit me at the mansion. It's not like you live on campus.

Cassie: Exactly. Life goes on.

Mimi: Stop pressuring him.

Cassie: I'm giving him advice -- good advice.

Mimi: Let him make up his own mind.

Cassie: Who do you think you are? 3E91E0C0.JPG

Rex: Mimi, mimi, mimi, uh, can I talk to you for a minute? We talked about this. You said you wanted to be cassie's friend.

Mimi: Oh, I do. It's just... you can't leave.

Cassie: Look, come on. I think you should probably start packing. You could be there tomorrow if you get started.

Rex: Well, I would get a lot more work done. But I don't know, cass. I don't know. It's a lot to --

Cassie: It'll be good for you. Look at this dumpy place.

Rex: Yeah, but -- I told you, hands off!

Belle: Do you know how many times -- all those moments -- that I thought iwawas right, that we were really ready?

Shawn-d: We were ready. 3E91E0E9.JPG

Belle: No.

Shawn-d: W-we --

Belle: No, shawn! And it's clear to me now.

Shawn-d: I-I just don't understand. You're acting like I was unfaithful.

Belle: You just can't be open with me. There has to be a reason you didn't tell me about your partying.

Shawn-d: All right, what do I have to do to prove myself --

Belle: You shouldn't have to! Don't you see? If -- if we were really right for each other, if we trusted each other, then the honesty would come naturally, and ihasn'T. But maybe this is a good thing.

Shawn-d: How can this be a good thing? 3E91E10A.JPG

Belle: I'm not sure we belong together at all.

Shawn-d: It's just, uh... I-I-I don't get it. It's crazy. I go on the road with my team, we party, I don't advertise it when we get back, and now --

Belle: Shawn, you haven't been completely honest with me before, about jan --

s shawn-d: Oh, you are not going to bring that up!

Belle: What am I supposed to do? If I don't trust you, then what have we got?

Shawn-d: If that's the way you feel...

Belle: It is.

Belle: And I think you should have these.

Shawn-d: You know what? Maybe this is a good thing. That way I can find somebody who will trust me.

[ Slams door ] O 3E91E217.JPG

Bo: Damn it. I'd give anything to know what was going on in that house.

Maria: Bad news -- we got company.

Vin: Who?

Maria: That guy who tried to crash the party before.

Vin: Just him?

Maria: Uh-uh. This time a friend came along. I think they're trying to case the place.

Vin: Not for much longer.

Maria: Oh, and something else.

Vin: I'm listening.

Maria: Uh, jennifer horton, the editor of the spectator...

Vin: What about her?

Maria: Well, um, she followed me, so, uh, I had to knock her out cold. She's in my car -- in the trunk.

Vin: Are you crazy?

Maria: What? I didn't know what else to do! 3E91E247.JPG

Vin: Well, I'll tell you what you do -- you take her, you find a nice quiet spot, and you dump her. I don't care what you do. Just get rid of her. And as for our friends outside, they want to rip me off, ththey got the wrong guy.

Hope: You need to send them some backup.

Abe: Look, hope, I will get them help as soon as I can, but my problem is that all my people are out. I've got a 3-story blaze in the warehouse district, I've got a multi-car wreck on the interstate.

Hope: I know bo. If he gets restless, he will go in on his own.

Abe: Well, that's why I sent roman with him -- to keep him in line.

Hope: It might take more than roman. 3E91E27B.JPG

[ Telephone rings ]

Carson: Palmer.

Hill: Mr. Palmer, it's officer hill. We spoke earlier. U u said to call.

Carson: Yes, officer? What did you get?

Hill: The brady brothers. Word is, as soon as backup hits them, they move in on the house.

Carson: Thank you. Excellent work.

[ Telephone rings ]

Vin: Yeah?

Carso I it's palmer.

Vin: What's up?

Carson: Problem. Looks like we've got a code blue.

Bo: Waiting for backup... we might as well hope they turn themselves in.

Roman: Bo --

Bo: 'Cause if we don't collar them now, I guarantee you, they fly. 3E91E2BB.JPG

Roman: The situation is in control. We sit and we wait, and that's the end of it.

Bo: Oh, come on, roman! You want this as bad as me.

Roman: I do, little brother, and that's why we stay put!

Bo: The longer we sit on our asses, the more -

Roman: We wait for backup! You understand that? These people don't know where we're at. Our position is solid. We hold. Q

Rex: Don't snoop around things that are none of your business.

Mimi: I'm sorry. I didn't --

Cassie: She always does stuff like this. She's always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong.

Mimi: Cassie! 3E91E395.JPG

Rex: You see, this is why I need my privacy. This is why I'm moving back.

Mimi: Rex, please.

Rex: And if this is how you treat your friends, don't bother to visit.

Mimi: I won't then.

Cassie: She doesn't respect you, rex. She has absolutely no consideration.

Rex: Cassie, please, not now.

Cassie: Well, you made the right decisn.N. You'll have no distractions. We'll get so much more done, and we're practically going to have the whole place to ourselves -- no hassles. It's exactly what you need. Oh, great.

Rex: What?

Cassie: My cli. Belle's room. Um, I'll see you at home? 3E91E3C7.JPG

Rex: Soon.

Cassie: Shawn.

Shawn-d: Hey.

Cassie: Hey, why so sad?

Shawn-d: Long story.

Cassie: Will you tell me later?

Shawn-d: Yeah, sure.

Cassie: All right. Bye,oyoys.

Shawn-d: What's the story with you?

Rex: Moving out.

Shawn-d: Are you serious?

Rex: Afraid so.

Shawn-d: Wow. Okay.

Rex: Yep. You and belle will have this room completely to yourselves.

Mimi: I swear, belle, that girl has a mean streak that won't quit. She's trying to ruin my life, and you know what? She's doing it. She is. Rex and I are over before we even began, and it's her fault. And how stupid am I? I agreed to actually try to be friends with that monster, and I lose him anyway. I don't care about her. It's just rex. I was getting so close, and now it's over. I'm boyless in salem yet again. 3E91E406.JPG

Belle: Well, that makes two of us.

Mimi: Shut up.

Belle: Yeah, just now -- no more shawn and belle.

Mimi: Oh, my god, well, I don't, I... you're kidding.

Belle: It's okay. I'd rather be single anyway.

Mimi: Right. 'Cause there's no shortage of cute guys here at salem U.

Belle: Right. And that's what college is all about, right -- playing the field?

Mimi: Absolutely.

Belle: Yeah, so, then...

Mimi: Oh, belle, it's just...

Belle: What?

Mimi: You and shawn.

Belle: No, mimi, don'T.

Mimi: But you guys were so in love.

Belle: Mimi, can we -- can we please not talk about shawn, okay? Can we just -- 3E91E42E.JPG

Cassie: What about shawn?

Mimi: See, what we humans do is knock.

Belle: Cassie, what do you want?

Cassie: I forgot my cli.

Mimi: Well, get it, and get the hell out of here.

Cassie: You and shawn -- there isn't trouble in paradise?

Belle: Drop it.

Mimi: Cassie, so help me, I will dropkick you.

Belle: Mimi --

[ Knock on door ]

Penny: Hey, all.

Belle: Hey, penny.

Penny: Okay, so here's the score. Big-meme tv producer is here on campus casting for a new reality dating show, looking for attractive, competitive -- A.K.A. Volatile -- coeds from salem U. Interested? 3E91E459.JPG

Bo: Damn. What'd I tell ya?

Roman: All right, lower your voice, lower your voice.

Bo: We sit, we wait, and maria drives off -- a prime suspect.

Roman: We follow procedure.

Bo: To hell with procedure. I mean, we're following the book here, and the cas is falling apart.

Roman: What the hell are you doing?

Bo: I'm going to follow her.

Roman: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, what's this?

Bo: Did you get a look at him?

Roman: Not really. But whoever it is, he can't be up to any good.

[ Car door slams ]

Chaz: What's up, vin? 3E91E480.JPG

Vin: In, in.

Man: Nothing doing on backup, commander carver.

Abe: All right, keep working on it.

Man: Yes, sir.

Jack: Hope. Abe, there's something big going down. Can -- can we talk in private?

Abe: Jack --

Jack: Please, please. Not here.

Abe: All right, what do you have?

Jack: District attorney palmer is definitely dirty. Now, I-I don't know. M m not 100% sure, but 99.9%. How about that?

Abe: I don't understand how you could possibly --

Jack: I took a microphone, and I stuck it to the front of his desk, with a short-wave receiver. I was in a utility closet. I overheard something, something about code blue. 3E91E4B7.JPG

Abe: Code blue?

Jack: Yes. He was sending some sort of a message. I mean, it's some -- some kind of term to tip off the bad guys. He's -- the district attorney is playing both sides. I am positive of it.

Abe: All right, jack, say you're right. So where's the evidence? Well, I mean, do you really think it's feasible to bring down carson palmer because you overheard him say code blue?

Jack: Jennifer's on it. She'll get the information we need. Maria annendel -- we saw palmer meeting with her, and when maria left, jennifer followed her.

Hope: Have you heard from her? 3E91E4EC.JPG

[ Rings ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

Jack: Nothing.

Rex: I don't get it.

Shawn-d: Neither do I. But it's done. Belle and I are through.

Rex: But you two seemed -- I don't know -- like, I thought you'd last forever.

Shawn-d: She says she doesn't trust me, I told her I'd find somebody who does, but... I don't want anybody else. I love belle. And that's it.

Rex: So, what are you going to do then?

Shawn-d: That's a good question.

Mimi: "Looking for attractive, competitive -- A.K.A. Volatile -- coeds from salem university." I got that whole "volatile" thing down. 3E91E5D1.JPG

Belle: Let's do it. Let's try out. Why not, right?

Mimi: Seriously?

Cassie: Go on a couple dates...

Mimi: A couple dozen...

Belle: What's stopping us?

Mimi: Boyfriends?

Cassie: Half the time I don't even know where chaz is.

Mimi: I'm in.

Cassie: Me too.

Belle: Let's go be on tv.

Jack: It just keeps ringing. That's all it does -- it keeps ringing.

Hope: Maybe she turned the phone off.

Abe: It wouldn't ring if she turned it off.

Jack: I feel like something's happened to her.

Vin: I just got a code blue. You ready to go to war? 3E91E62D.JPG

Bo: The wait's over, big brother. Only two guys in there.

Roman: No way.

Bo: We can take them.

Roman: Listen, I let you try and break in. Now we do it right and follow orders.

Bo: I'm going in.

Chloe: How's life on the outside?

Brady: Lonely.

Mimi: Get a grip. This is an amazing opportunity.

Woman: And the uglier it gets, the better we like it.

Belle: Where do I sign?

Jack: I'm going to go to carson palmer's office, I'm going to force him to tell me where jennifer is.

[ Gunshots ]

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