Days Transcript Thursday 4/3/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/3/03--Canada; 4/4/03--USA

By Eric

I've going to give you three seconds, then I'm coming in. 1... 2... 3! All right, stand back. I'm coming in. 3E8C92EA.JPG

[ Banging sound ]

 Brandon: Oh, god! God!

 Brady: Heon. I believe my grandfather's expecting me.

 Henderson: Indeed he is.

 Nicole: Ooh! My, brady black. Have you been summoned by the king? : Don't you need a towel?

 Nicole: I prefer to drip-dry. Ooh!

 Brady: You okay?

 Nicole: Ha ha. Of course. I'm fabulous. I live in a fabulous house, swim in a fabulous swimming pool. I'm a queen. Aren't I, henderson?

 Victor: Ah, brady, thank you for coming. I know that chloe's going through her procedure right now. 3E8C9328.JPG

 Bradyyes. I actually don't have a lot of meme. I need to get back to the hospital.

 Victor: Well, then I'll get right to the point. I understand that you're bored at basic black. How would you like to come to work for me at titan?

 Roman: All right, got the binoculars?

 Bo: Yeah, they're right here.

 Hope: From this address, I'd say the house you're staking out is near the campus.

 Bo: Yeah. That scuzz bucket vin ramsell could be dealing drugs right on the campus.

 Roman: Remember, we go by the book.

 Bo: Roman, come on --

 Roman: Hey, we assured abe we'd do this right. Otherwise, he'd have you cooling your heels, pushing paperwork here at the station. 3E8C9349.JPG

 Bo: I'm going to captur ramsell on film... doing what he does best.

 Roman: One good photo might get us a search warrant.

 Bo: Yeah -- bring down two birds with one sweet shot.

 Roman: All right. How do you figure that, though?

 Bo: Well, carson palmer's little girl maria -- she's the one who took me to the house.

 Roman: Oh, that's right. I remember now.

 Bo: So if I bust ramsell, eventually he could lead us to palmer.

 Kate: Oh, great.

 Roman: Standard operating procedure. The only thing we're not sure about is where we' g going to stop for coffee and doughnuts.

 Hope: Ha ha ha ha. If I remember correctly, you'll be stopping by the daily dozen for a mixed box. 3E8C9372.JPG

 Bo: Best in town, but not as delicious as you.

 Kate: This procedure may be standard, but it doesn't make me feel any better.

 Roman: I will be back before you know it. Honest.

 Kate: Oh, my god! Do you really need that thing? Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Ou're a baby, things can feel different to your sensitive skin. Winnersen and start on an good note. I hope

 Brandon: Oh, god, my shoulder.

 Sami: You -- you were faking?!

 Brandon: Hey, hey, hey, hey, come on.

 Sami: Get out of my apartment! 3E8C9450.JPG

 Brandon: Hey, I live here now, remember? Now let's sit down and talk about this like two reasonable adults.

 Sami: No!

 Brandon: Or not.

 Sami: Aah!

 Brandon: Okay, enough. Stop.

 Sami: No, you stop it. You're the one causing all the problems, chasing after pregnant women.

 Brandon: You're absolutely right. I've been sending you a lot of mixed messages lately and I'm sorry.

 Sami: Why won't you just admit it, that you -- you can't let lexie go?

 Brandon: It's not what you think.

 Sami: Yes, it is. I know that she is beautiful and sexy and -- and smart and -- and because she's married, she's forbidden fruit, and that makes her so much more interesting to you. And then -- and then on top of that, she's a doctor, and she's got this fancy degree, and I'm just a lousy receptionist with barely a high school diploma. 3E8C9488.JPG

 Brandon: What, you think I care about that? I don't care about some fancy degree. Samantha, you are smart and funny and beautiful and -- I am committed to you. I've told you that over and over again. I-I gave up my apartment. I moved in here.

 Sami: [ Sobs ]

 Brandon: Come here. Hey. I love you. Truly, madly, deeply.

 Sami: No, you don'T.

 Brandon: Let me prove it to you.

 Roman: I cannot remember the last time I fired one of these.

 Kate: Now, is that really true, or are you just saying that for my benefit? 3E8C94C8.JPG

 Bo: Let's give these two a little space.

 Hope: Good idea.

 Roman: You know what? I am very flattered that you are so worried about me. Makes me feel kind of... warm and fuzzy inside.

 Kate: Oh. See, you're making fun of me now.

 Roman: No, I'm not. I mean it.

 Kate: Oh, god, if anyone had ever told me a year ago that I would be seeing someone who puts their life on the line on such a regular basis, I --

 Roman: Oh, come on. You enjoy the adrenaline rush.

 Kate: I do not.

 Roman: Not even a little bit?

 Kate: All right. You need to tell me, on a scale of 1 to 10 -- just how dangerous, really, is this mission? 3E8C94F6.JPG

 Roman: A walk in the park would probably be more exciting.

 Kate: No. No way.

 Roman: Bo and i are going to sit in the car. We're going to eat a bunch of doughnuts. In fact, we're going to eat so many doughnuts, afterward, I'm going to have to go to the gym, work it off.

 Kate: I don't believe you.

 Roman: It's true. Bo and I are going to sit in the car. Wee e going to watch a lot of people come and go. We're going to take some pictures. If we luck out, we just might get a search warrant. That's about it.

 Kate: You promise?

 Roman: Well, nothing's guaranteed.

 Kate: Oh, god, roman. Why can't you just go back to school d become a cpa or something? 3E8C9522.JPG

 Hope: Bo, bo --

 Bo: Hmm? What? Huh?

 Hope: What? Kate is so worried about roman. It's so obvious that she's in love with him.

 Bo: Hmm, strange bedfellows, huh?

 Hope: I think it's really sweet. I wonder if they'll ever admit how much they care about each other.

 Bo: Uh-oh. I recognize that look in your eye.

 Hope: What look?

 Bo: Just don't go playing cupid.

 Hope: I wouldn't dream of it.

 Bo: Uh-huh. Roman. We got to get going.

 Roman: Sure thing.

 Kate: Um... before you go, there's something that I need to tell you. 3E8C9549.JPG

 Roman: Talk to me.

 Kate: It's something that I've wanted to say for a while.

 Brandon: I love you. You -- every inch of you.

 Brady: Ha ha ha ha ha.

 Victor: What? What's so funny?

 Brady: I'm sorry. I haven't gotten much sleep. Or I might be a little punchy. Or maybe I didn't hear you right.

 Victor: I asked you to join titan.

 Brady: I did hear you right.

 Victor: I've been keeping an eye on you, brady, and I must say, I'm very impressed with the work you've been doing for your father. You've picked up the business so quickly. You've got what it takes, brady. You could develop into a major corporate executive. I'd like that to happen at my company. 3E8C9622.JPG

 Brady: I don't get it. Are you ticked off at philip, trying to raid kate's staff?

 Victor: I'm trying to give you a compliment. Why can't you accept that in positive light?

 Brady: Well, I really don't know what to say, or what my father would say, for that matter.

 Victor: Well, I would hope your father would see it as a tremendous opportunity for you. Let me assure you, this has nothing to do with kate or with philip. Philip has decided to go into the marine corps. I mean, may god keep him safe. But even before that, I mean, he showed very little interest, if any, in my business. I need you, brady. I have no one left to groom. I'm hoping you'll take over for me one day. 3E8C964B.JPG

 Brady: This business that you want me to take over, um... it's legit, right?

 Victor: 100%.

 Brady: Because you know if it wasn't, then I --

 Victor: I know you're an honorable man. I respect that. Listen, you come to work for me, you can write your own ticket. Start wherever you like, wherever you feel comfortable. I'll pay you an excellent salary. Are you interested?

 Roman: I'm listening.

 Bo: Roman, let's get moving.

 Kate: Come here for a second.

 Bo: Where are they going?

 Hope: They're going in to have a little private talk. I would say something's up, and it's good.

 Roman: All right. What'd you want to tell me, kate? 3E8C968C.JPG

 Kate: Ha ha ha. Do you remember when we first started seeing each other?

 Roman: Yeah.

 Kate: Ha ha. It was pretty crazy, wasn't it? I mean, it was absolutely insane to think that you and me and us getting together, but... we did come together, didn't we? And we found...

 Roman: Companionship? Grt t sex? Interesting debates?

 Kate: Ha ha ha. Yes, all of that. And I'm really liking it, and I think you are, too.

 Roman: You got that right.

 Kate: So what I wanted to say is, um... ha ha. You know, you have this fuzz right here on your collar. Ha ha. 3E8C96C3.JPG

 Roman: That's it? You brought me in here to clean me up?

 Kate: No, no. Not exactly.

 Roman: Kate. Come on. I, uh... I really don't want to be rude, but, I mean, if you could just give me the gist of it, bo and I have got to get the hell out of here.

 Kate: Sure, yes. Be careful.

 Roman: You reready told me that.

 Kate: Yeah, I did. Well, I wanted to, uh... I wanted to give you this.

 Kate: Okay. Goodbye.

 Roman: Bye.

[ Door closes ]

 Kate: [ Sighs ] See you around.

 Hope: Everything okay with kate? 3E8C9712.JPG

 Roman: Ha ha. Yeah, uh... she just told me to be careful... again.

 Hope: Hmm.

 Roman: You ready?

 Bo: Yeah.

 Hope: Hmm. I love you, brady. Come here. Give me a kiss. Easy on the doughnuts.

 Bo: Yeah, right. See ya.

 Hope: See you later. Good luck. Bye.

 Hope: Kate? What's wrong?

 Kate: Oh, nothing. I'm just, uh... I'm just tired. I didn't sleep much last night. I think I'm going to go home, take a nap.

 Hope: Uh, kate... I know what you're going through. I do. Why don't you come with me? 3E8C9745.JPG

 Kate: Thanks.

 Brady: You know what? I'm going to need some time to think about this.

 Victor: I have never seen anyone so reluctant to accept a crown, especially when it was offered to him on a velvet pillow. But that's good. Makes me feel I've chosen well.

 Brady: I want you to know that I am flattered, and I'm interested. It's just right now, it's -- it's kind of a sticky situation with my dad, and --

 Victor: I can't believe that john would stand in your way. After all, bas b black is just one company.

 Brady: I've put in a lot of time there.

 Victor: Titan is an empire.

 Brady: You don't have to tell me that. 3E8C980D.JPG

 Victor: Well, you take your time. I want you to be sure of your answer.

 Brady: I'll get back to you soon, I promise.

 Victor: I know you will. I'm sure you want to get back to the hospital, so go. Thanks for making time for me.

 Brady: No, thank you, really.

 Nicole: Victor had no right to do that.

 Brady: Excuse me?

 Nicole: He offered you titan, so don't play dumb.

 Brady: Why are you so angry?

 Nicole: Why are you such a boot-licking apple polisher?

 Brady: Well, I don't know. What the hell is a boot-licking -- what?

 Nicole: Oh, how about kiss-ass? Is that plain enough for you? 3E8C9830.JPG

 Brady: I don't need you to make things plainer for me. I know how you feel about me and where you stand.

 Nicole: I don't have feelings for you, brady -- none.

 Brady: Then I'll repeat myself. Why are you so angry?

 Nicole: Because you're the type of person who screws things up for everyone.

 Brady: That's your considered opinion, is it?

 Nicole:O, it's a fact, and don't talk down to me.

 Brady: I don't want to talk to you at all.

 Nicole: Oh, sure you do. You love to rub it in.

>>2brady: All right, I don't mind you yelling at me, but if you're going to do that, make sense.

 Nicole: I'm not yelling. 3E8C984A.JPG

 Brady: Then what are you doing? What is this about?

 Nicole: It's about you taking advantage.

 Brady: Of what?

 Nicole: An old man.

 Brady: Oh, I did not just hear you call your husband, my grafafather, an old man.

 Nicole: Well, he ain't getting any younger, baby.

 Brady: He's in the prime of his life, nicole.

 Nicole: Ha ha. I'm the one who shares his bed.

 Brady: Unfortunately.

 Nicole: Oh. Do you disapprove of your granddad's taste in women?

 Brady: What is it the french say? Chacun --

 Nicole: Oh, all right, don't pull any "I'm so educated" crap on me. 3E8C9869.JPG

 Brady: I don't have time for this.

 Nicole: Oh, no. Of course you don't, no. The only thing that you have time for is worming your way into victor's good graces so you can slice yourself a piece of the kiriakis pie -- a major piec

 Brady: You know damn well that victor called me over here himself. I had nothing to do with that.

 Nicole: Oh, no. You played it perfectly.

 Brady: What did I play?

 Nicole: Pushing yourself on victor, sliding yourself into titan.

 Brady: It's his company, nicole. He can offer it to whomever he pleases.

 Nicole: No, I built titan into what it itoday. God knows how many accounts I scored for that man. The big merger with atkins enterprises? That was all me. 3E8C9890.JPG

 Brady: I thought you wanted to be a lady of leisure.

 Nicole: Turn it down.

 Brady: Go practice your breaststroke.

 Nicole: You're not taking over my company.

 Brady: Why? Are you jealous?

 Kate: Oh, god.

 Kate: We have a good thingoing. Now take this damn handcuff off.

 Roman: We didn't say that second thing -- you know, the thing about, you know, it might just be time to get serious.

 Kate: What are you going to do when the handcuffs don't work, huh? You going to bring out the rubber hoses, the stun gun? You can't base a relationship on -- on brute for, , roman.

 Roman: I prefer to call it tough love. 3E8C98C8.JPG

 Kate: Love? Ha ha ha. That's not what this is all about, not as far as I'm concerned, believe me.

 Roman: Is that a fact?

 Kate: I do care about you, and we do have fun together.

 Roman: We have a whole lot more than fun.

 Kate: I don't want to go to the heart and flowers place, okay?

 Roman: Why not?

 Kate: Because you're -- you're not my type, okay? To be blunt, you're not my type.

 Roman: Could have fooled me.

 Kate: You're a cop. You make a cop's salary. I don't do blue-collar. I don't do crass. My ideal man is rich, and he's sophisticated, and he's cultured, and he's someone who's very ambitious, and he's just as -- as unpredictable and hungry and I am, and you -- well -- 3E8C98F3.JPG

 Roman: I'm just fun for a roll in the hay.

 Kate: You're settled, okay? You're just a few years away from being a nice, conventional, middle-class, middle-aged bore. Sorry, but you asked for that. Ha ha. So, did zack go down for his nap?

 Hope: Like a ton of bricks. He really wore himself out today at the zoo with his grandpa shawn.

 Kate: Kids are really something, aren't they? I mean, they can just fall asleep, just like that.

 Hope: Anywhere.

 Kate: Ha ha.

 Hope: Thank you.

 Kate: For what?

 Hope: Keeping me company.

 Kate: Oh. Oh-ho. 3E8C9920.JPG

 Hope: You have to learn to relax. Hey, would you like something to eat?

 Kate: You know, I-I think my throat is so dry that I wouldn't even be able to swallow.

 Hope: Be right back.

 Kate: Oh.

 Hope: Now, I was a cop once, you know? A lot of it really is routine stuff. You just have to have faith and relax.

 Kate: Relax.

 Hope: Mm-hmm.

 Kate: I-I don't -- I don't think I'm going to be able to do that until I hear from roman and I-I know he's okay.

 Hope: I have an idea.

 Ke:E: What?

 Hope: Why don't we go on the stakeout with the guys? I'll be right back. Stay right there. 3E8C9965.JPG

 Bo:Ouou remember that time sister mary margaret almost kicked me out of choir for setting off that firecracker?

 Roman: Yeah. That took some fast talking.

 Bo: Yeah. I never did thank you. You saved my neck. So thanks...times two.

 Roman: All right, once for the sister, and once for...

 Bo: Abe. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have the satisfaction of following through on this case.

 Roman: You know, not too long ago, you were complaining about not needing a babysitter.

 Bo: Well, I don't need a babysitter, but I'm glad you're here. No one else on the department I'd rather partner with. 3E8C9987.JPG

 Roman: Whoa. Watch out, watch out.

 Roman: Check it out, check it out. A car's pulling up outside the party house.

>>O:O: Mm-hmm.

 Roman: Driver's getting out.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

 Rom: Is that the same guy you saw here last night?

 Bo: No.

 Roman: Well, this guy looks like he's got some money burning a hole in his pocket.

 Bo: Got that right. This could be the break we're looking for.

[ Shutter clicks ]

 Brandon: You're awfully quiet.

 Sami: I don't know what to say.

 Brandon: Not feeling any happier?

 Sami: This is not going to make me stop worrying about you and lexie. I mean, we can make love until the cows come home. That only means that you like having sex with me, and that's not enough. 3E8C99CA.JPG

 Brandon: I understand.

 Sami: Do you? Do you see what this has done to us here -- your obsession with lexie? Brandon, I want you to -- you say that you love me and that you want to make things work with me, but then you join her stupid lamaze class. What is that about? You're holding something back from me, aren't you?

 Brandon: You're right. I haven't told you up to now because I wasn't ready to talk about it. I mean, it's difficult for me, to say the least.

 Sami: You're scaring me.

 Brandon: You deserve to know. I don't want you to think it's because I don't love you enough. 3E8C9A00.JPG

 Sami: Brandon, just tell me what it is.

 Brandon: It's the baby. I'm connected to that child, samantha, and I'm going to be connected to that child for the rest of my life.

 Sami: No.

 Sami: This isn't happening. This isn't happening.

 Brandon: Samantha, please, just...listen, okay? It's hard enough as it is for me to face up to this.

 Sami: How -- how did you find out that you're connected?

 Brandon: I've known all along, from the moment she told me she was pregnant.

 Sami: You didn't tell me?

 Brandon: It wasn't the right time. Like I said, I wasn't ready to share this with anybody. 3E8C9AE6.JPG

 Sami: Does lexie know?

 Brandon: No.

 Sami: Don't tell her. Promise me -- you have to listen, okay? You can't tell her. In fact, you have to forget about this, okay? No one can ever know, for everyone's sake.

 Brandon: Samantha, I haven't even told you how I'm connectetoto the baby.

 Sami: You don't have to.

 Brandon: Wait a minute. You still think I'm the baby's father?

 Sami: Well... how do you think you're connected?

 Kate: Are you sure this is a good idea, to show up at the stakeout? I mean, I think roman will throw a fit, and it could blow their cover. 3E8C9B0E.JPG

 Hope: Kate, kate, kate, kate, kate, relax, we aren't literally going to the stakeout, but we'll sort of be there.

 Kate: Oh, you -- you've completely lost me.

 Hope: I have a police band radio. We can monitor everything that goes down right from here.

 Kate: You are a genius. Thank you so much.

[ Static ]

 Man's voice: False alarm. Some kids playing a prank. Head over to jared road. Just got a call from a neighbor about a fight at 1211.

 Man #2's voice: I'm on it. 78 clear.

 Kate: That is better than reality tv.

 Hope: Okay, and hopefully, at some point, we'll hear our guys.

 Kate: Uh, how do you use it? 3E8C9B32.JPG

 Hope: Oh, it's easy. All you have to do is just push this button and talk into that. All the cops have handles.

 Kate: Handles? For what?

 Hope: Well, a name for themselves. You know, like when I was a cop, mine was fancy face.

 Kate: Well, if I had one, I wonder what it would be.

 Hope: Well, do you and roman have pet names for each other, I mean, somethg that's personal to the two of you?

 Kate: He handcuffed me once.

 Hope: Okay.

 Kate: No. No, no. Really. It was -- it was nothing. He put handcuffs on me, and he took me to tuscany.

 Hope: Okay. Uh, let's see. H a about -- well, how about handcuffs? Okay. Manacles? Bracelets? How about bracelets? 3E8C9B5D.JPG

 Kate: Bracelets. Bracelets -- I kind of like that.

 Hope: It really is nice to see roman enjoying himself again. He was becoming such a lone wolf.

 Kate: Well, we're good for each other, I guess, but, um, I don't know. It's hard for me to believe that there's going to be any long-term potential there.

 Hope: You never know.

 Kate: No. I do know. It'S... you know, I wouldn't call myself the silent type, but, um, I don't know. It's really hard for me to talk about all this. It really is.

 Hope: You know, I've always thought of you as... very capable of expressing yourself, kate. 3E8C9B89.JPG

 Kate: But not when it comes to saying something dangerous like "I love you." Then -- then I freeze up.

 Hope: You need to tell roman how you feel.

 Kate: I tried. I tried right before they were leaving for the stakeout, but those words just would not come out.

 Hope: It's okay. Maybe next time.

 Kate: What if something happens? I mean, what if he's wounded or, god forbid... I'm a grown woman. I should be able to just say it.

 Roman's voice: All right. Car 32 here. We got the premises under surveillance. Three men have come and gone in the last 30 minutes. We think we got enough for a warrant, but we're going to stick around for a while just to make sure. I'll keep you posted. 32 clear. 3E8C9BBC.JPG

 Bo: You know what? This might not take as long as we thought. I can go home to hope, and you can go find kate, reassure her that all your parts are still in working order.

 Roman: She really was worried about me, wasn't she?

 Bo: Yeah.

 Hope's voice: Hey, 32, what's going on?

 Bo: Hey, give me that. You're not supposed to be on this radio.

 Hope: What's going on? What's happening?

 Bo: If my instincts are right, they're dealing drugs out of this house. Customers are coming and going. Roman and I have decided we're going to bust in and take 'em down.

 Kate: No, don't do that. 3E8C9BE5.JPG

 Roman: Kate, is that you?  3E8C9CBF.JPG

 Nicole: Oh, please. Why would I be jealous of you?

 Brady: Because you just referred to titan as being "your company."

 Nicole: I slipped. I've worked there for so long.

 Brady: My grandfather acquired that company long before you were born. Now, excuse me, I'm in a hurry.

 Nicole: This conversation isn't over, brady.

 Brady: Nicole, please. I am exhausted. I haven't had much sleep. I do not have the energy to argue with you right now.

 Nicole: Oh...poor baby. Him's tired, him's need a nap. You know, you don't have the cajones to run titan, much less the expertise.

 Brady: Nicole! Any other day, I would stick around here and trade insults with you. Really, I would, but today, there is someplace a lot more important that I need to be. 3E8C9CEC.JPG

 Nicole: Oh, you know, what would you have done if your daddy hadn't given you a job at his company, hmm? Yeah. You wouldn't know the difference between a comic book and a contract if it wasn't for kate roberts.

 Brady: What?

 Nicole: No. I despise the woman, but I have to admit, she does know how to run a business.

 Brady: I do my fair share.

 Nicole: Yeah. Yeah, you collect a paycheck and you take up space, but kate is the real engine behind basic black. You are just a hood ornament. Hey, don't fool yourself, brady. You know, if you come to titan to try and play with the big boys, you will be laughed right out of the corporate world. 3E8C9D15.JPG

 Roman: Kate, what are you doing there with hope?

 Hope: We wanted to listen in and make sure that everything was a-okay.

 Bo: Listening in is one thing, getting on the radio is another. We'll talk when I get home?

 Hope: Okay.

 Kate: 32, this is bracelets.

 Bo: Bracelets?

 Kate: Your partner will know what that means.

 Rom: : Hi, bracelets. All right, make this fast, will you? We got to keep this channel open. What is it? @

 Brandon: Why do you keep going there, samantha? There's already been a paternity test. 3E8C9DD9.JPG

 Sami: Well, right, but when you said you were connected to lexie's baby for life... well, it sounded so... what did you mean?

 Brandon: My connection to the baby is, uh, it's an emotional one. I've read all these books on child psychology. It's what I do, right?

 Sami: Right...

 Brandon: Rit.T. Now...sit down. Let me explain it to you. The first year of a child's life is so important, and abe is such a workaholic -- well, I'm just afraid that he's not going to able to give lexie and the baby the kind of support that they need.

 Sami: Abe will dote on this child. 3E8C9E05.JPG

 Brandon: Yeah, well, I hope you're right. Look, I am -- I'm sorry I upset you. It was stupid. I should've never gotten involved in all this.

 Sami: I'm sorry I freaked out.

 Brandon: Probably best we never talk about this again.

 Sami: Brandon, it's just I love you so much, and... I overreact at the thought of something keeping us apart.

 Brandon: That's not going to happen.

 Sami: Promise?

 Brandon: It's you and me... forever.

 Brady: Okay. Yes, my father opened the door for me at basic black. However, he made it very clear to me that if I could not cut it, if I slacked off or messed up in any way, I'd be out of there in a flash. 3E8C9E3F.JPG

 Nicole: It's a good thing you have kate covering your ass.

 Brady: Uh...wrong!

 Nicole: Get real, brady.

 Brady: Kate's every bit as tough as you say, and I respect her for it. She treats me no different from the rest of the staff.

 Nicole: Except for the private office and the expense account.

 Brady: If anything, she works me harder.

 Nicole: Oh. Like I said, she's the boss, and you're not. Big difference.

 Brady: I never claimed that I kept basic black afloat by myself.

 Nicole: As if.

 Brady: Kate has been very good for me, okay? She's been a great mentor, and I feel pretty damn good about my business skills right now. 3E8C9E5E.JPG

 Nicole: Well, I'm sure you'll make someone a very nice gofer.

 Brady: Nicole, I am sorry that you're climbing these walls as a hausfrau.

 Nicole: What?

 Brady: But that does not give you the right to badmouth me.

 Nicole: Well, I don't need to. If you take victor up on his offer, you'll embarrass yourself in a very public way.

 Brady: You wish.

 Nicole: I give you three months -- tops.

 Brady: You're really unhay,y, aren't you?

 Nicole: No, I'm fine. I just don't happen to like the old boys' club, huh, the little preppy with the silver spoon in his mouth.

 Brady: Well, at least I won't have to sleep my way to the top like you did. 3E8C9E87.JPG

 Hope: Are you going to tell him now?

 Roman: Bracelets, are you there? What is it?

 Kate: I just wanted to, um, tell you again to be careful.

 All: Aww...

 Roman: Okay. Time to sign off. Okay... I'll see you later.

 Kate: I love you.

 Woman: Aw, love you, too, bracelets.

  Brandon: I'm starved. 3E8C9F2B.JPG

 Sami: Me too.

 Brandon: You want to go out?

 Sami: I would love to.

 Brandon: Well, I'm going to take shshower first. Want to join me?

 Sami: You go on. I'll be there in a minute.

 Brandon: All right.

 Sami: Hi, eugenia, it's me -- sami. You didn't accidentally on purpose say anything to brandon about those paternity tests, did you? Because brandon is going on and on about how he feels so connected to lexie's baby, and you know that if he finds out the truth, then he is going to go charging over to the carvers' house and wreck their marriage, and we don't want that to happen, now, do we? Duh. Of course he would dump me if he found out that I'd switched the test results. So you have to keep your mouth shut, and you have to make sure that brandon never finds out that he's the father of that kid -- never. 3E8C9F6E.JPG

 Brady: My grandfather should consider having you declawed.

 Nicole: Someone should have you neutered!

 Brady: That's a bit hostile.

 Nicole: Don't ever treat me that way again.

 Brady: Why? What's the matter, can't handle the truth?

 Nicole: This is my house now! I demand you treat me with respect.

 Brady: Sure thing, grandma.

 Nicole: Get out!

 Brady: That is exactl what I have been trying to do. Yet you persist on keeping me here. You can't have it both ways.

 Nicole: Go to hell!

 Brady: Thank you, but actually, I'm on my way to the hospital. Got to see a real lady with real problems. 3E8C9F8C.JPG

 Nicole: Brady! Hey! Who are you talking about?

 Bdydy: I'm talking about chloe.

 Nicole: Oh. I forgot.

 Brady: That doesn't surprise me.

 Nicole: How is she?

 Brady: Nicole, what do you care? You're just a gold-digging shrew who, having gotten everything she has ever wanted, has nothing better to do thanakake herself miserable.

 Nicole: Good riddance!

 Roman: This is an open channel, right?

 Bo: Oh, yeah.

 Kate: Roman, are you there?

 Roman: Sign off, damn it! Aw, that wasn't right. I shouldn't have treated her that way. I'll call her back. 3E8C9FC6.JPG

 Bo: Oh, oh. It's ramsell -- the guy who owns the place. Looks like he's leaving.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

 Kate: Well, I blew that. He wasn't ready. I don't think he's ever going to be ready.

 Hope: Kate, honestly, I think you're jumping to conclusions.

 Kate: No, no, I think I really need to face this. It's over.

 Bo: He's gone. Place is empty. I'm going in.

 Roman: Wait a minute. We're not sure it's empty, and we don't have a search warrant.

 Bo: We got to take advantage of this opportunity.

 Roman: We gave abe our word we'd do this right. 3E8C9FF1.JPG

 Bo: I'm outta here!

 Roman: Bo, damn it! Damn it! You're going to need backup.

 Jack: I feel like something's happened to jennifer.

 Bo: Jackpot.

 Penny: Big-time tv producer is here on campus casting for a new reality dating show.

 Mimi: I'm in.

 Cassie: Me too.

 Belle: Let's do it.

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