Days Transcript Wednesday 4/2/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday  4/2/03--Canada; 4/3/03--USA

By Eric

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that she's called. How can she not know that her husband is having an affair? 3E8B415C.JPG

Woman: Yeah. Some people can't see what's right in front of them. Oh, look, there's bran and that pregnant friend of his.

Brandon: Yeah, it's no problem, gwen. I can make the lamaze class. I've already put it in my schedule.

Gwen: You're th brandon. I don't know how to thank you.

Brandon: No, I'm happy to do it.

Woman: If brandon were my boyfriend, there's no way I'd let him help some other woman with her breathing.

Sami: I'm not an idiot, denise. Trust me. He won't be helping her for long. 3E8B418C.JPG

Lisa: Hey, shawn. What can I get you?

Shawn-d: Oh. Um...

Lisa: Maybe a couple hours more sleep?

Shawn-d: Yeah. I was up all night. Can you tell?

Lisa: You college kids -- too much studying.

Shawn-d: Actually, it was, um...

Lisa: Oh, you know what? Spare me the details. You want your usual?

Shawn-d: Yeah. Yeah, thanks, lisa.

John: Hey, kid.

Shawn-d: John, I, um, I didn't see you when I came in.

John: Yeah, I know. You seemed a little preoccupied. So, how is everything?

Shawn-d: Everything sucks. 3E8B41C1.JPG

Mimi: I'm here for all the juicy details. As your best friend, I'm entitled to know everything. Was it as incredible as you thought it was going to be? Did you do it on the bed, or did you get kinky? What did you wear? Okay, belle, I'm sorry. You don't really have to tell me everything. I just thought -- you've just been waiting for this moment for, like, our whole lives. Oh, my god, was it really that bad?

Belle: It was the worst night of my entire life.

Marlena: Would you like some tea?

Cassie: No thanks.

Marlena: How about some fruit? Maybe some muffins? 3E8B41F3.JPG

Cassie: I'm not really a breakfast person.

Marlena: You can't skip breakfast trying to stay thin.

Cassie: That's not what I'm doing. Is this what having a mother is like -- every move I make is under a microscope?

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Marlena: Excuse me.

Tony: Ah, is she here?

Marlena: Yes, she's here.

Tony: Well, that's it. No more games -- no pleading, no begging. Get your things. You're coming home with me now. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. X

Sha-d: I shouldn't have said that. 3E8B42DF.JPG

John: If that's the way you feel...

Shawn-d: No. It's nothing you need to hear about. I'm just mad at myself, that's all.

John: Yeah? Why?

Shawn-d: It's nothing you need to hear about.

John: Maybe I already know.

Shawn-d: Know what?

John: Belle and I talked last night.

Shawn-d: You -- what, about us?

John: Mm-hmm. About you and her and... wanting to be alone.

Shawn-d: Oh, I don't believe it.

John: What, that she would be up-front with me?

Shawn-d: No, just -- it's not the sort of thing you go to your parents about. 3E8B4302.JPG

John: Well, she did. So now I know.

Shawn-d: No, you don't know. Neither do I, 'cause nothing happened. Belle and I -- nothing happened, john, okay? Are you happy now? I'm just going to go eat my breakfast at the bar.

John: Whoa, hey, hold on. What are you angry at me for?

Shawn-d: I'm not. I'm angry with myself. I told you that already. You're belle's father, and I don't think it's cool to go to you with our problems. It's kind of weird. Just so you don't go cross-examining belle, we had a fight. It's over something really stupid. I can't even believe it, and boom -- that's it, all right? She threw me out, I haven't seenerer since. 3E8B432E.JPG

Mimi: Come here and tell aunt mimi what happened.

Belle: Oh, meems.

Mimi: Was it bad, really? Are you sure? I mean, I know you were there, but I'm finding this so hard to believe. 'Cause, you know, I eded to have a killer crush on shawn once upon a time, and it never occurred to me in any of my vivid daydreams that doing the deed with him could be anything but... oh, wait, you don't need to hear that. So what was it, no preliminaries? He just went for it like that?

Belle: No, no, shawn was very romantic in the beginning.

Mimi: Well, he gets points for that, right? So what went wrong? 3E8B434E.JPG

Belle: We had a fight.

Mimi: Uh-huh.

Belle: And I kicked him out.

Mimi: Oh, my god, what did he say? What did he -- how could shawn treat you like that? Wait, what exactly did he do?

Belle: See, that part I can't tell you because it's really stupid.

Mimi: You had a fight about something stupid. Okay. You were nervous. It's natural. He was probably nervous, too.

Belle: No, shawn was not nervous. He was laughing.

Mimi: Laughing? About sex? That is not funny.

Belle: No, mimi, not about sex -- about... my days of the week, you know...

Mimi: Days of the week? What are you talk-- oh, my god. Please tell me you were not wearing those underwear. Belle, we have talked about this. Those are for every day, not for special occasions, like having sex for the very first time with the boy you've been in love with since you were 5 years old. I can't believe you, belle. 3E8B4387.JPG

Belle: Okay, mimi, but he should not have laughed.

Mimi: Okay. Okay. Your feelings were hurt. But couldn't that have been resolved by, you know, taking them off? I feel quite sure shawn would've stopped laughing at some point.

Belle: The fight didn't end there. I found out shawn did some heavy partying while he was out of town with his team.

Mimi: You mean he had sex with some local bimbo? Oh, honey...

Belle: No, no, at least I don't think so. But finding out what shawn did made me realize how different we are.

Mimi: Well, you're a girl, and he's a boy, and that's supposed to be a good thing. 3E8B43AD.JPG

Belle: You don't understand.

Mimi: Well, I'm sorry, but I don't exactly have a wealth of experience to draw on here. I was kind of hoping to learn from you.

Belle: You're right. I'm talking to the wrong person.

Mimi: Wait, where are you going?

Belle: I'm going home.

Marlena: Tony and I would like to speak privately. Will you excuse us, please?

Cassie: Whatever.

Tony: My god, I refuse to coddle her, marlena.

Marlena: Oh, tony --

Tony: God, how could she be so irresponsible?

Marlena: She's of the age. I'm not saying that we -- we give her a pass on this. We've got to make it very clear we will not tolerate binge drinking. 3E8B43DF.JPG

Tony: Oh, my god. It sounds even worse when you say it like that.

Marlena: It could've been worse. She's all right, thank god. We need an approach that will make her choose a differt t way next time.

Tony: What way is that?

Marlena: Well, we need to be calm, friendly, firm yet rational.

Tony: Hmm. You're absolutely right. I'm just not very good at this parenting thing. Hmm. Calm... shall we?

Tony: Well, good mornin cassie. You're having breakfast, are you? That's a good job.

Marlena: Tony, would you like some tea? 3E8B4413.JPG

Tony: Yes, that would be so nice. So, cassie, are you feeling better this morning? Oh, don't you dare give me the silent treatment, young lady, after your behavior last night. Stop acting like a child, and you come home with me.

Cassie: I'm not a child.

Tony: I didn't say you were a child. I said you were acting like one.

Cassie: You see, I can't even speak to him. I'm going back up to my room.

Tony: No, no, no. No, you're not. Now, come here!

Marlena: Let it go, let it go.

Tony: That we well.

Marlena: Leave it to a teenager to know just how to push your buttons. 3E8B443F.JPG

Tony: I tried. I did. I was a veritable island of calm... well, for two seconds. And then all hell broke loose.

Marlena: Congratulations. Now you've become a parent.

Tony: Hmm. Yes.

Sami: Oh. There they are. Okay, don't be shy, and I'll handle everything. Brandon, you know george, don't ya?

Brandon: Yeah. Sure. You work in the pharmacy, right?

George: Yes, I do.

Sami: Um, yeah, uh, I've forgotten your friend's name.

Brandon: Her name is gwen.

Sami: Gwen. That is a beautiful name. Well, I don't want to be rude. Gwen, this is george thompson.

Gwen: Nice to meet you, george. 3E8B446E.JPG

George: I see you when you come in the pharmacy for your neonatal vitamins. I-I guess you won't be needing them much longer.

Gwen: Yeah, I'm getting near the finish line.

Sami: Well, we should let these two get better acquainted. Come on, brandon.

Sami: I think george has a crush on your friend.

Brandon: It is not going to work, samantha.

Sami: What's not going to work?

Brandon: I'm going to be gwen's lamaze partner whether you like it or not. x

Sami: Okay, well, I don't love the fact that my boyfriend is some other woman's lamaze partner, but I'm not going to try to stop you from --

Brandon: Samantha, I know how you operate. You dragged that poor guy over to meet gwen so you could set them up. 3E8B4536.JPG

Sami: No, I didn't have to drag him. George has a major crush on her ever since he started filling her prescription. Look at them. They are so sweet together. Look, they're perfect for each other, and I love setting two lonely people up together.

Brandon: You didn't do it for them, you did it for you -- to keep me away from that lamaze class.

Sami: I don't see the connection.

Lexie: Brann,n, this is the one time I have to agree with sami. Gwen's a single mom, and george is a sweetheart. It would be good if they got together, and not just for lamaze class. We could be witnessing the start of a beautiful new family. 3E8B4556.JPG

Brandon: You know what? Excuse us, lexie.

Sami: Exactly!

Brandon: We need to be alone.

Sami: Well, I wanted to be alone with you, too, sweetie.

Brandon: I didn't bring you out here for that. I love you, samantha, but there are times -- like right now -- when I'm not so sure I like you.

Sami: That's a terrible thing to say.

Brandon: You were working me. Don't try to deny it.

Sami: Brandon, I was just trying to help you. You've got a lot going on with your job and the gym and your mom's dinners and all your sister's problems. You're stretched to the max. I was just trying to make some time for us.

Brandon: Samantha, I was trying to do a favor for a single mother, and all you can do is think about yourself. 3E8B4585.JPG

Sami: That's not fair, brandon.

Brandon: I am going to be her birth coach. Get used to it.

Brandon: Lexie.

Lexie: Yeah?

Brandon: What are you still doing here?

Lexie: We were just chatting.

Brandon: Oh. Okay, gwen, when's the next class?

Gwen: Oh, uh, brandon... you were so nice to help me out, but I don't need you anymore. George just offered to be my partner.

George: It would be my privilege.

Lexie: Isn't that sweet?

Sami: Oh, good.

Brandon: Are you sure, gwen? I-I have plenty of time. I was happy to do it.

Gwen: I'm sure. Sami, you probably didt t mean for this to happen, but I've got to thank you for introducing me to george. We both collect stamps. Ha ha. Isn't that amazing? 3E8B45C2.JPG

Sami: Wow! Jeez!

George: Um, gwen, can I interest you in a cup of peppermint tea in the cafeteria -- my treat

Gwen: Peppermint's my favorite!

George: Mine too.

[ Laughter ]

Sami: Wow.

George: Excuse me.

Lexie: Oh, my goodness. Is it too soon to be hearing wedding bells?

Sami: Ha ha ha ha!

Lexie: Well, brandon, I guess e and I won't be seeing you in lamaze class anymore. Take care.

Sami: Wow, lexie was actually nice to me for a change. Hmm. Well, my shift is over, so where are we going to go for lunch?

Mimi: What if I don't have five pages worth of stuff to say about lowell, massachusetts in the 18th century? 3E8B45F5.JPG

[ Knock on door ]

Mimi: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. Whoever you are, come in! Rex!

Rex: Ha ha ha. Hi, mimi.

Mimi: Hi. Surprised to see me here, I bet. Belle and I are so close, I hang out here all the time -- use her laptop, wait for cute guys to knock on her door. It's my dating strategy.

Rex: I was hoping cassie would be here.

Mimi: She got kicked out. I think it's pretty permanent.

Rex: Yeah, I know. I just thought maybe she came by to get some of her things.

Mimi: No, sorry -- not sorry that you're here, though. I don't mean that. But I guess you're pretty worried about your sister, though, huh? 3E8B4617.JPG

Rex: Yeah. She always has been very emotional.

Mimi: She's a girl. It's genetic. But if you're worried about the people she's been hanging out with, you should be. Chaz is a total troll. I can't believe she'd go drinking with him, let alone let him -- yuck -- touch her.

Rex: You are so level-headed, mimi.

Mimi: Nobody's ever said anything remotely like that about me before.

Rex: I wonder, would you -- no, no. I shouldn't ask.

Mimi: No! Yes! You should ask! Whatever it is, the answer's yes.

Rex: Well, I was going to ask if you'd be cassie's friend. It's just she hasn't really bonded with anybody, and I think you'd be good for her. You're so sensible. 3E8B463F.JPG

Mimi: Oh, that's me -- sensible meems.

Rex: So you'll do it? You'll be my sister's friend?

Marlena: Did I bake the muffins? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! No. No. Baking is not my thing.

[ Both laugh ]

Tony: Well, your talents lie in other areas.

Marle: : Too kind. Too kind. Hi, honey!

Belle: What's going on here?

Marlena: Well, tony was worrying about cassie, so I was telling him how to live with a teenager.

Tony: Yes. Your mother's done such a good job with you. I'm just taking careful notes. So, how are you, belle, now that you have your dorm room back to yourself again?

Belle: It's okay. I'm going up to my room! 3E8B4670.JPG

Marlena: Belle --

Belle: No, mom, we can talk later!

Marlena: Before you do tha--

Belle: Mom, seriously, we'll talk later!

Marlena: Listen, when you -- hmm. Something's wrong.

Tony: Well, belle is a model of politeness compared to cassie. I wonder if she's going to be a good influence on her sister. Kelly. Youwant that danish?

Lisa: Okay, here's your breakfast, shawn.

Shawn-d: Actually, can I get that to go, lisa?

Lisa: Oh, sure. No problem. I'm going to put some more coffee in there for you, too.

Shawn-d: All right. Thank you.

John: Look, shawn --

Shawn-d: Can you just wait until I leave before you do your little happy dance? 3E8B4748.JPG

John: I am happy. I'm happy that my daughter didn't go through with something she didn't feel right about.

Shawn-d: You weren't there. You don't know what happened.

John: I don't want to know what happened.

Shawn-d: Could've fooled me.

John: She called me because we're close -- at least, we used to be.

Shawn-d: Till she started dating me, is what you mean?

John: I mean that the last couple years have been rough on all my kids, and maybe that's why she's not emotionally ready for this next step.

Shawn-d: I am not some jerk who is trying to prey on your daughter. John, you know this. Belle and I love each other, and we have waited longer than anyone else I know. 3E8B4769.JPG

John: You know, waiting for marriage is still an option. Oh, I forgot -- it's 2003. You know, the more I talk here, I have a feeling belle might be the mature one in this relationship.

Shawn-d: Mature, huh?

John: You got it. She threw you out. So let me give you a clue -- men don't push. They will know when the time is right because the girl will let them know.

Sami: Oh, you mean like you waited for my mom?

Brandon: We're getting a table.

Sami: Brandon! What are you doing?

Brandon: What are you doing? Trying to pick a fight with john.

Sami: Look, I was just telling him the truth, and it's not my fault if he can't take it. 3E8B478C.JPG

Shawn-d: Well... I'm sure this will ruin your day, but I'm not giving up on belle. No way.

Ops: Hey. Got here as soon as I could. Delivery for john black.

John: The mobile messenger man. Good cover.

Ops: Cover? Ha! This is how I get around. No traffic jams for me, not to mention I get a mean workout.

John: All right. Tony dimera made his move.

Ops: Yeah, but he's staying a step ahead of the good guys. Gotta give it to him -- the dude is smooth.

John: Not as smooth as this du..... nor as smart.

[ Chuckles ] I'll get him. 3E8B47BE.JPG

Belle: What the hell are you doing?

Cassie: What does it look like I'm doing?

Belle: Why are you in my room, damn it?

Cassie: Oh-ho-ho! Does mom know you use language like that?

Belle: Cassie, shut up and get off my bed.

Cassie: John brought me home last night because I got into a little bit of trouble.

Belle: More trouble.

Cassie: I was drinking, and I got hauled into the police station. It wasn't that big of a deal.

Belle: So you called my father? Why?

Cassie: Because I thought he could help me. I was right.

Belle: Why didn't you call your own father? 3E8B47DC.JPG

Cassie: Because I'm not talking to him right now, and I wanted to be with my mother. John didn't have a problem with me coming home with him. He understood I wanted to be with my mom. I can see you're so thrilled about this. You know, actually, it was mom's idea that I stay in your old room. So, how are things with your dorm room? I bet you're so happy that now you and shawn can be alone whenever you want to do whatever you want.

Belle: Will you please stop talking?

Cassie: Just because you're in love with shawn doesn't mean I'm not allowed to talk about him. You don't own him. 3E8B4805.JPG

Belle: Look, shawn and I had a huge fight last night, okay? I come home to what I thought was my home, and who's downstairs having tea, acting all cozy with my mom? Tony dimera! I come upstairs, and you're here -- in my room, using my things! This is like a nightmare! You dimera people e e everywhere, and you won't go away.

Cassie: You know, if shawn was my boyfriend, I'd find much better things to do with him than fight. So... if you guys are over, does that mean he's back on the market?

Belle: Cassie, give me that!

Cassie: No! I'm taking the picture! Get away from me! 3E8B482A.JPG

Belle: Hey, that's mine!

Cassie: I'm so sick of you!

Belle: Get out of my room!

Cassie: This is my room! My mother brought me here!

Mimi: Be cassie's friend, hmm?

Rex: Well, I was hoping that she and belle could be friends, but that'S...

Mimi: Yeah. In a way, it's a good thing cassie's not belle's roomie anymore. That was not working out. You know, I've known belle so long, and she always gets along with people, so that's why it was strange to see her and cassie with all that tension.

Rex: Yeah. I know cassie can be difficult.

Mimi: Yeah.

Rex: But she's my sister, and I love her.

Mimi: Yeah, gosh. 3E8B4906.JPG

Rex: You're so much fun, mimi. I thought maybe you could help cassie lighten up.

Mimi: Mm. Like teach her jokes and stuff. I can do that.

Rex: She needs another girl to confide in, you know? Talk about things she can't share with her brother.

Mimi: Gotcha.

Rex: It would mean everything to me.

Mimi: Well, now, if you put it that way, sure. Rent-a-buddy, that's me. You know, I could be your friend, too.

Rex: You are my friend.

Mimi: Yeah? Show me.

[ Knock on door ]

Marlena: Well, I want to do what's best for cassie, and that's hard to know what it is sometimes. 3E8B4944.JPG

Tony: Well, the last thing I want is for this incident to come between us as a family.

Marlena: As a famil--

[ Thudding noise ]

Tony: It's a bit delayed, but there are the fireworks.

Cassie: I am so --

Belle: Get off of me!

Cassie: No!

Belle: Get off of me!

Marlena: Oh! Belle!

Tony: Cassie! You get this one and I'll get the other one. Come on!

Cassie: Let me get her!

Belle: I want her out of here!

Cassie: You can't have everything and leave me with nothing!

Tony: Hush now, cassie. I'm going to take you downstairs, okay?

Belle: Get out of my room! I hate her! 3E8B4965.JPG

Marlena: What has happened to you? This is not like you. You don't go around fighting and slamming doors.

Belle: What's happened to me? My wonderful sister! If I want any attention from this family, I obviously have to act like an even bigger pain than she is! Uhh!

Tony: I don't care what belle did to you. There's no reason for you to behave like a hooligan.

Cassie: Belle started it!

Tony: You know, maybe coming here was a bit too soon. I know you need to be with your mother. That's totally understandable. But there's no reason for you to be ensconced in belle's childhood bedroom. You have an entire mansion at your disposal. You're a dimera. You should be proud of your heritage. Ohh... come home with me and I'll take care of you. I love you dearly. 3E8B499E.JPG

Cassie: I just want to be loved and know that I belong to somebody.

Tony: Hey, you belong to me... dear.

Marlena: Cassie. I know tony wants you to come home with him... but you are welcome here any time at all.

Cassie: Thank you.

Marlena: Let's talk to each other as often as we can, right?

Cassie: Every day.

Marlena: Every day is fine. I-I want to stay close to you.

Cassie: Me too.

Tony: So, is this all you had?

Cassie: Yeah.

Tony: Okay. Well, we're going to be on our way now. Well, thank you, marlena, for the tea -- and, uh, for the advice. 3E8B49DA.JPG

Marlena: Mm-hmm. Any time. Really, any time.

Tony: Uh, come.

Cassie: I'll call you later, mom.

Marlena: Yes.

Marlena: All righty, then. You wanted my attention. Now you have it. What do you want to talk to me about? Belle, honey, what is it?

Belle: If you can't figure it out --

Marlena: No, don't do that. Just tell me what's going on with you.

Belle: You know what, mom? Coming here was a mistake in the first place.

John: So tony dimera's got a new security system at the mansion.

Ops: Duh. His old system didn't keep you out, so he got wise. 3E8B4A0D.JPG

John: Uh-huh. So what do you got to bypass the system?

Ops: [ Drumming fingers on table ]

John: Gadget man's got nothing? Come on, don't give me that. You've got to have something to bypass that system.

Ops: Yeah, I just haven't hit on it yet. Count dimera's got his hands on some pretty awesome technology. So f, it's tamper-proof.

John: Uh-huh. So you're giving up.

Ops: Who said I'm giving up? Look, man,etetting you into the dimera mansion is my top priority, you understand? I just need some time to operate.

John: Dependents. That might be the one area where tony is vulnerable. Could be the only area. 3E8B4A33.JPG

Ops: You care to elaborate?

John: I need to check something out first.

Ops: Oh, great -- just leave all the grunt work for me and save all the fun stuff for yourself.

John: Yeah, that's it. I'll talk to ya.

Ops: Oh, this guy...

Sami: John has got some strange friends. Do you know who that guy is?

Brandon: Samantha, can't you ever just mind your own business? I mean, john doesn't need the samantha brady seal of approval in order to talk to someone, and I don't need your permission to hang out with my friends, including lexie -- although I've hardly seen her lately.

Sami: You were desperate to get into that damn lamaze class, and it's not because you're attracted to stretch marks. 3E8B4A65.JPG

Brandon: She's not my girlfriend, samantha. I was just helping her out.

Sami: So that you could be close to lexie. Why do you keep denying it?

Brandon: Even if I was, what difference does it make?

Sami: What difference? Brandon, it makes me feel like I'm not important to you. You should be trying to be with me and taking care of me and spending time with me, not lexie. You say that I'm more than enough for you, but I don't believe it. What does lexie have that I don't? I'm C.C. More life is a new central alberta organization dedicated to empowering people of all ages to make a contribution to the community in their own way. Their first meeting is this evening at 7 pm in red deer. For more info call area code 403- 358-34-83. ******St. Andrew's ukrainian orthodox parish has a pyrohy supper the first friday of every month 5 to 8 pm. The parish complex is located at 98 ave. And 75 st. Bring your family, friends and neighbours. Dine in, take out or buy frozen cabbage rolls and pyrohy to take home. Next supper is this friday call 469-14-63.*****The ukrainian orthodox church of st. Anthony's on 61 ave. And 172 st. Is hosting their 53 annual easter bake sale. Buy home baking, frozen foods and much more. Free coffee. Lots of parking. For more info call 487-21-67.****The arthritis society, joints in motion silent auction is saturday at 3E8B4ACE.JPGoriginal joes restaurant and bar on 125 st. And 102 ave. Doors open at 7 pm. Tickets are just $10 per person, and includes a drink, live entertainment anddoor prizes. Call 886-96-86.*****And the alzheimer society's 3rd annual run to remember is sunday at hawrelak park. Register at the running room. You can register as an individual, a family or a corporate team. Call 488-22-66.*****That's all for now. Thanks for watching.

Brandon: Will you stop overreacting? I mean, first the hospital, now the pub? Can't we just have a rational conversation?

Sami: How am I supposed to be rational when my so-called boyfriend is obsessed with lexie carver and the baby that she is having with her husband? 3E8B4B69.JPG

Brandon: I'm not obsessed. You are.

Sami: I am sick of you picking a married woman over me, brandon. I'm not gonna put up with it anymore.

Brandon: Wait. Samantha --

Shawn-d: Ahem!

[ Clears throat ] Yeah. Is belle here?

Mimi: Uh, no. Just me and rex. Oh, you poor sweetie. Belle told me about what happened last night.

Shawn-d: Is there anybody she didn't tell?

Mimi: She's really upset, shawn.

Shawn-d: She is?

Mimi: Of course. What do you mean?

Shawn: : Well, I was talking to somebody, and I got the impression -- can I ask you a question? 3E8B4BA8.JPG

Mimi: Sure. What?

Rex: I'll leave.

Mimi: No, don't go.

Shawn-d: Ah, what the hell? Mimi will probably tell you anyway, since she can't keep her mouth st.T.

Mimi: Some things keep me quiet -- like what rex and I were doing when you walked in. What was your question, shawn?

Shawn-d: Well, it sounds crazy, but is there any possibility that belle picked a fight with me so she wouldn't have to have sex?

Tony: This feels right. Feels good -- taking my daughter back home. I like the sounds of those words -- "my daughter"... "my son." I'm very lucky to have you both. Just have patience with me while I'm learning the parenting rules. 3E8B4BEA.JPG

Cassie: You have marlena to help you.

Tony: Yes, yes. Yes, thank heaven.

Cassie: And john.

Tony: John?

Cassie: He and belle are so close. That's what I need from you -- to be more like the father that he is to belle. He rescues her and makes her feel safe. That's what I want.

Marlena: Honey, running out like this is a mistake.

Belle: The mistake was coming here in the first place.

Marlena: Oh, please don't -- I feel awful.

Belle: That makes two of us.

John: Whoa! Hey, tink. What's up?

Belle: Don't ever call me that again. Winnersen and start on an good note. I hope 3E8B4CC0.JPG

Belle: Excuse me.

John: Whoa, hey, come on. What did I just walk in on? You have a fight?

Marlena: She was upset to find cassie here.

Belle: She was in my room -- on my bed, going through my cds. Who knows what else she was doing up there? But I forgot -- I don't live here anymore.

John: Oh, come on. Our house is your house. You know that. It's just that cassie has had kind of a rough time lately. She got herself arrested, almost thrown in jail. Thank god that's never happened to you. You've been the perfect daughter.

Belle: A lot of good that's done me. Goody! I get to be the perfect daughter -- and ignored. Cassie is looking for trouble, okay? I never would have gone out drinking with those kids. 3E8B4CE3.JPG

Marlena: You knew she was doing that? Why didn't you stop her, belle?

Belle: Why didn't I -- wait a second. All of a sudden, cassie's my half-sister, and now I'm supposed to keep her out of trouble?

John: No, it's just that you've always had a good head on your shoulders when it comes to stuff like this, and I think your mom was kind of counting on you to keep an eye on her.

Belle: It h her own damn fault she got thrown out of that dorm and got arrested, not mine. But by all means, please blame me.

Brandon: Thank you.

Lexie: Brandon.

Brandon: Hey.

Lexie: Hi. Um, I just saw sami leave, and she didn't look too happy. 3E8B4D19.JPG

Brandon: Yeah, we had a fight. We've been doing a lot of that lately.

Lexie: Well, sami is difficult.

Brandon: Yeah, well, it's not her. Really, it's me. There's something going on, something she doesn't know about.

Lexie: If you're keeping some deep, dark secret from her, it's a big mistake. Secrets kill relationships. If there's anyayay you can tell her the truth without hurting anyo, you really should, or you just might end up with a lot of regrets and not much more. My life is so good right now, brandon. I want you to be happy, too. See you later. 3E8B4D4A.JPG

Brandon: All right.

Mimi: Um, shawn... um, you know, that doesn't really sound like belle to me, but, you know, her life's been so upside down lately, you know, that maybe subconsciously. But you know what? Honestly, I'm not qualified to call this one. I'm not the most experienced girl at salem U. Rex?

Rex: What? Don't look at me. I go to shawn for advice on girls.

Mimi: Oh, you can come to me. We'll learn together. I can't believe I just said that.

Shawn-d: Okay, no answers here. So, I'm gonna go to class -- biology, ironically. You gonna come, mimi? 3E8B4D7A.JPG

Mimi: Um, you know what? I'll meet up with you. Yeah.

Shawn-d: Okay.

Mimi: Bye. Where were we?

Rex: We've got a problem, mimi.

Mimi: No, we don'T.

Brandon: What the -- hey, samantha?

Brandon: Samantha? Hey, come on, samantha, open up. I needo o talk to you.

Sami: [ Sobbing ]

Brandon: Come on, samantha, open the door. Samantha.

Tony: Ah, well, I won't promise to turn myself into john black. But I do promise you that you'll always be safe and secure, and you'll know that you'll always be loved. As you should be. I'm so glad you spent the evening with your mother. You know, you've been without her love for so long. And if belle black's nose gets out of whack, well, that's just too damn bad. 3E8B4E45.JPG

Cassie: [ Chucks ] Mm...

Mimi: I don't see a problem here. This all feels right -- just right.

Rex: Oh, mimi, kissing you feels amazing.

Mimi: Well, let's stop talking and get back to business.

Rex: But I'm confused. Shawn and belle -- they were the perfect couple, right?

Mimi: They love each other.

Rex: Right, but it's not working out for them. So what chance do we have? Look, I just don't want to do anything to hurt you.

Mimi: Trust me, what I have in mind won't hurt either one of us, I promise.

Rex: How do you know? I mean, shawn and belle -- 3E8B4E6F.JPG

Mimi: I'm not belle, and you're not shawn. That'sowow I know.

Shawn-d: We've got to talk.

Brandon: Open up, samantha. I'm giving you three seconds, then I'm coming in.

Victor: How would you like to come to work for me at titan?

Nicole: You are not taking over my company!

Brady: Why? Are you jealous?

Nicole: Oh --

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