Days Transcript Tuesday 4/1/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/01/03--Canada; 4/02/03--USA

By Eric


Our D.A.'S in bed -- literally -- with a woman who has unspecified ties to a major drug dealer. Brady, how close is this guy's house to campus? 3E89EFE7.JPG

 Bo: Walking distance.

 Hope: Oh, my god. You know, I'd really like to believe that what goes on there stays far removed from Shawn's life. Because where there are gangs, there are drugs, and where drugs, there are drive-bys.

 Bo: Hey, look who's here.

 Hope: Hey.

 Jennifer: There they are. Hey.

 Hope: Come and sit with us. Bo was trying to fill me in about last night.

 Jennifer: All right.

 Jack: So, did anything develop after?

 Hope: Let's put it this way. Bo tried his luck with another hostess.

 Bo: I'm losing my touch. She wasn't interested in me. I asked too many questions. 3E89F008.JPG

 Jennifer: I'm sorry.

 Jack: So, it isn't just Maria who's got something to hide. Bo: No. This thing could be bigger than I thought.

 Jennifer: All right, well, let's look on the bright side. More people that are in on it, the more avenues we have to pursue, right?

 Hope: Mm-hmm. Keep the pressure on, some will break.

Yep. We'll nail those bastards.

 Kate: Ha ha. But you have to be smarter than the cops.

 Roman: Ha ha. Oh, my.

 Nicole: Speak of the devil. How's it feel to be out to pasture, Kate?

 Kate: Speak of the devil. But I don't want to speak to her. And I wonder where her husband is. I guess the honeymoon must be over. 3E89F040.JPG

 Nicole: Bingo. Just the man I needed to see.

 Chloe: Brady.

 Brady: Good morning.

 Chloe: It's morning?

[ Sighs ] Day zero.

 Brady: Tomorrow's the first day of the rest of your life.

 Chloe: Ha. You make it sound like I'm getting married or something. I mean, instead of having a bone marrow transplant.

 Brady: The only difference being the hard part is over. All you have to do now is sit back and rest. Unh, da-da-da-da-da.

[ Knocking continues ]

 Brady: [ Whispering ] I want to talk to you. Sit tight. I won't be long.

 Craig: How's it going?

 Brady: Dr. Wesley, I'm worried. I mean, I've seen Chloe sick and tired before -- we all have -- but she's always had that fight in her, you know? And these past couple of days, it's like it's gone -- the fight -- just when she needs it the most. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. 3E89F17D.JPG

 Jennifer: I'm just saying, if you can get me the public records on the drug dealer's house, that I --

 Bo: H, , you shouldn't have a problem switching that deed into both your names once you --

 Kate: Hi.

 Bo: Oh, hey.

 Roman: Hi.

 Hope: Hey. Hi.

 Jennifer: Hey.

 Roman: Um, hope we didn't interrupt.

 Bo: Oh, no. Jack and Jennifer, they were just wondering if there were any new developments on that Ben wells case. Can't wait till we put a period on that story.

 Roman: Well... enjoy your breakfast.

 Jennifer: Thank you.

 Jack: Certainly.

 Jennifer: You know, I am so tired that I am desperate enough to scrounge up my own coffee. Would anyone else like some? 3E89F1A9.JPG

 Hope: I'll get you a cup. Come on, I know where they are.

 Jennifer: Excuse me, Jack.

 Jack: Yes, certainly.

 Jennifer: Thank you.

 Jack: So, roman doesn't know I'm on this case, does he?

 Bo: Roman doesn't know I'm on this case. And if he found out that I was leaking information to a member of the press...

 Jack: Vultures -- all of us. I know.

 Bo: He'd have my badge.

 Jack: Oh, come on. Roman wouldn't really do that to you, would he?

 Bo: Yeah.

 Jack: Well, contrary to what they say about reporters, we don't all spill our secrets. I promise you, Jennifer and I won't breathe a word.

 Hope: And I can't blame Bo for not completely trusting roman to be on his side right now. 3E89F1CD.JPG

 Jennifer: And, hope, believe me, Jack and I don't want to do anything to make the situation more tense. At least you got them talking again.

 Hope: I didn't do much of anything. They're brothers, you know. Nothing will ever change that. You know, when you love someone enough, it's not so hard to forgive, is it?

 Jennifer: Do you know I could have saved myself a lot of heartache if I had realized that months ago? No, years ago, that is.

 Hope: Yeah, but you weren't ready. But now you're with Jack all day at work, all night at home.

 Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

 Hope: And any couple who could survive that can survive anything. God, I really miss working with Bo. 3E89F1F4.JPG

 Jennifer: That's what you're doing right now.

 Hope: Mm, kind of. I miss being in the trenches, you know?

 Jennifer: Oh, yeah? You didn't miss much last night, believe me.

 Hope: You were there?

 Jennifer: Well, I wasn't invited. Three's a crowd, I guess. But when I showed up, I was quite welcome, because Jack was being mauled by a working girl.

 Brady: Dr. Wesley, with all due respect, I understand these treatments are supposed to make her tired, but Chloe can't lift her own head. She can't keep her eyes open.

 Craig: Brady, we have been monitoring her vitals every two hours. She's okay. 3E89F21C.JPG

 Brady: No, no, she's not okay. She has a fever.

 Craig: It was 98.7 10 minutes ago. There is no sign of infection. Now, Brady, I want you to listen to me. I understand it's hard for you to see her like that, but this was our intent. We wanted to destroy her immune system and get rid of any other disease cells that might be there. The leukemia's gone. We got it before she relapsed, and now her body is ready to receive the transplant and build new bone marrow. I understand that this is grueling and it's brutal, but this is Chloe's best chance for a cure. Everything is going exactly as we planned. 3E89F248.JPG

 Bo: Excuse me a second.

 Jack: Sure.

 Nicole: About time. Bo, hi, hi.

 Bo: Nicole. What are you doing here?

 Nicole: What do you mean? Didn't you expect to see me alone?

 Bo: Alone, yeah, but not many millionaires hang out at my parents' pub.

 Nicole: Actually, I'm glad I ran into you. If you have a minute, I need to talk to you.

 Bo: Sounds serious.

 Nicole: It is.

 Nicole: I need you to know what your father's been up to.

 Man: Everything looks good.

 Craig: [ Sighs ] Oh...

 Nancy: Is she awake?

 Man: Uh, go on in. She's waiting for you.

 Craig: Oh, thanks. Thanks. Come on, honey. 3E89F318.JPG

 Nancy: Thank you.

 Man: Mm-hmm.

 Craig: Come on.

 Nancy: Good morning, sweetheart.

 Chloe: Hey.

 Craig: Sweetie. Hey there. How you doing?

 Chloe: All this counting down to day zero seems kind of anticlimactic, doesn't it?

 Craig: Yeah.

 Chloe: I mean, they come in here, hang one more I.V., And then after an hour it's over. Dr. Herman says I' probably sleep through the whole thing. How's joy?

 Craig: She's great. She's just great, sweetie.

 Chloe: I'm so glad that she wasn't poked with a single needle to do this for me. 3E89F347.JPG

 Craig: Core blood was harvested the moment she was born. She didn't feel a thing. And I'm sure it's gonna mean an awful lot to her knowing that she got to help her big sister out this way.

 Chloe: I can't wait to see her again. All of you.

 Craig: Mm.

 Chloe: Craig, dr. Herman wouldn't tell me how long it will be before we find out if the bone marrow is working. I hate it when doctors are so vague.

 Craig: Well, he wasn't being vague, sweetheart. He was just telling you what he knows. We're not sure. I mean, engraftment can take anywhere from a week to a month. The very fact that you and your sister were perfect matches on all six markers -- it's a good sign it could be sooner, though. 3E89F37A.JPG

 Chloe: But you will tell me everything, right?

 Craig: This is your recovery, sweetheart. You are in charge.

 Brady: Like anyone could hide anything from you.

 Nancy: Ha ha.

 Craig: Now, d Herman did tell you that there may be a few transfusions along the way while we're waiting for your bone marrow to produce some new cells. It's perfectly normal, okay?

 Chloe: Okay.

 Nancy: Well, look, you must be tired. We should go.

 Craig: Yeah.

 Chloe: No, I don't want you to go. Can I have some time alone with my mother? I want to talk to her.

 Craig: Sure, sweetie. See you in a little while, okay? Come on, Brady. 3E89F3B2.JPG

 Jennifer: So then Jack says to me, "have I died and gone to heaven?" Can you imagine, with this woman --

 Jack: And, of course, I had. Oh. Ahh. Ow.

 Jennifer: Poor Jack. Are you okay? Do you still have a headache?

 Jack: I'll have you know, I was assaulted.

 Hope: Yeah, sensory overload, huh?

 Jack: Oh, please. Come on, don't laugh. I mean, come on, my jaw and my head are still hurting.

 Hope: I'm sorry. So let me guess. I assume that you can't go undercover there anymore, right?

 Jack: Well, I-I'm not --

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Jennifer: Oh.

 Jack: On that note... 3E89F3CC.JPG

 Hope: Saved by the bell.

 Jennifer: Saved by the bell.

 Jack: All right. Deveraux here. Yeah.

 Vern: Jack?

 Jack: Vern.

 Vern: Listen, I'm over at television hill -- WDIL.

 Jack: Yes?

 Vern: You and Jennifer need to get over here right away.

 Jack: What for?

 Vern: An emergency meeting.

 Jack: Of whom? What kind of an emergency meeting?

 Vern: Well, someone's come bearing gifts from Bill Horton to you.

 Jack: Oh, great. Should we bring along animal control?

 Vern: As long as you behave yourself, I don't think that will be necessary. Hurry up. 3E89F3E8.JPG

 Jack: Fine, fine, we're on our way. Good.

 Jennifer: All right, what's that? What's going on?

 Jack: Another thrilling surprise from your father.

 Jennifer: Oh, no! Tell Zack I'll have to see him next time. Give him a kiss for me.

 Hope: Sure thing. Hey, good luck.

 Jack: Thank you.

 Jennifer: Thank you.

 Hope: Give me a call, okay? See you later, Jack.

 Jennifer: What does Vern have to do with this?

 Jack: I don't know. I'm just the messenger.

 Jennifer: I'm so scared, Jack.

 Jack: Please. Me too.

 Roman: You ready?

 Kate: What? I thought we were going to eat in. This is about Bo, isn't it? 3E89F405.JPG

 Roman: Well, my little brother never thinks I listen, but it's pretty clear that he'd prefer I not be here right now.

 Kate: What would you prefer? Oh, roman, I thought things were better between you two.

 Roman: So did I.

 Bo: What about my father?

 Nicole: I overheard a conversation recently, and I am telling you, it wasn't titan business he was discussing. Now, obviously I was aware of victor's reputation when I married him -- you know, his former association with organized crime and everything, but what I didn't realize was that he --

 Victor: How sweet of my devoted wife to be so concerned about her husband's welfare. But she needn't be. 3E89F4E1.JPG

 Victor: So you came to Bo because you were concerned that I might be involved in something that could compromise my safety, huh?

 Nicole: I know what I heard, victor, and I think Bo should know, too.

 Victor: Bo does know. You see, w was in contact with my former associates at Bo's request regarding his investigation into some recent gang activity. Unfortunately, I didn't come up with anything of much use. I'm sorry, Bo. But I had no idea that Nicole had overheard my conversation. But you can see how she might have jumped to the erroneous conclusion that I was in danger. Isn't she something?

 Bo: Yeah. Thanks for trying to help.

 Victor: Oh, I haven't given up yet. 3E89F511.JPG

 Bo: Well, I appreciate that. Could I talk to you in private for a second?

 Victor: Of course.

 Bo: I need to ask you another favor.

 Victor: Anything.

 Bo: What can you get me on Carson palmer?

 Victor: The D.A.?

 Bo: Yeah.

 Victor: What are you looking for?

 Bo: Don't know exactly. But I got a feeling I will when I see it.

 Victor: Well, I'm sure you're right. Listen, I'm no fan of the man who made it his personal mission to put my grandson behind bars. I'll dig back to his days in diapers.

 Bo: Appreciate that.

 Victor: Well, the most satisfying breakfast in the world at the Brady's' pub. We'll leave you to yours in peace. Oh, and I can assure you that you won't be troubled 3E89F53F.JPG

m my wife again.

 Nancy: You'll let me know if you get too tired.

 Chloe: No, I want to hear about when you brought joy home from the hospital.

 Nancy: Ha ha. Well, honey and sugar have appointed themselves her chief protector and guardians. They sleep underneath her crib. I think they'd be in it if we weren't extremely vigilant. Oh, gosh. And when we go on our walks, we have two leashes, one stroller, the baby -- we just can't wait for big sister to join us. Oh, and your father has already got you signed up for diaper duty rotation. I think he's got --

 Chloe: Mom... I'm scared. 3E89F56C.JPG

 Nancy: Oh, sweetheart. We're here.

 Jennifer: Why do you think I'm being summoned for your surprise?

 Jack: I don't know. How about so you can be around and witness my massive heart attack? I know. Your father's testing me. If the binturong didn't send me over the edge, he wants you to witness my complete and total emotional breakdown.

 Jennifer: No, you're not gonna have a nervous breakdown. You're gonna be just fine.

 Jack: No, of course I'm not. I'll be fine.

 Jennifer: You're fine. You're fine.

 Jack: Are you ready to see what's behind door number three?

 Jennifer: Yes? 3E89F597.JPG

 Jack: All right.

 Vern: Hey, there you are. It's about time.

 Jennifer: Vern.

 Vern: Come in, come in. Come in. Hi.

 Jack: Oliver.

 Jennifer: Harold!

 Oliver: Hi-de-ho, Deveraux.

 Jennifer: You're back.

 Oliver: Very astute.

 Jack: She is that, yes.

 Oliver: Isn't that what I just said? The best decision I ever made in my life was putting you in charge of my newspaper -- a sidelight being the most outstanding safari of my lifetime. And thank you for introducing me to your father -- a fascinating man.

 Jack: He is that.

 Oliver: Of course, bill Horton's never taken the time to go on a Kenyan safari. Many nights, he would sleep and eat in his clinic -- if he slept at all. 3E89F5C0.JPG

 Jennifer: Yeah, I am aware of that. I'm also aware of the generous contribution that you have made to his work with HIV and aids, and I thank you for that.

 Oliver: Well, someday I hope to do more. And someday I'm sure your father hopes he can be closer to you and your family. Family is what it's all about, isn't it? One of the many reasons I'm pleased as punch about bill's idea, and I'm thrilled I can help it come to fruition.

 Jennifer: This idea -- this is jack's gift from my father?

 Jack: Now, I know that I'm not your favorite person, Mr. Wentworth.

 Oliver: Oliver. 3E89F5DB.JPG

 Jack: And I know I'm not bill's favorite person, either.

 Oliver: Don't look your gift horse in the mouth, Jack.

 Jack: Horse, horse -- that's it. Horse byproducts. That's bill's dream idea of a gift for me. I know it.

 Oliver: Well, it better not be. He promised me it wouldn't be. I trust you to do for my TV station here what you did for my newspaper in a few short months.

 Jack: What?

 Jennifer: What?

 Oliver: Welcome to your show of shows -- "the Jack and Jennifer show" -- or "the Jennifer and Jack show." Whatever you want to call it, it's yours.


 Craig: Uh-oh. Hey, honey...

 Nancy: Oh, Craig.

 Craig: Come here. It's all right. It's all right.

 Nancy: Sweetheart, she is so upset. I think you need to go talk to her.

 Craig: Okay. I'll be back. I'll be back.

 Brady: Mrs. Wesley, we're all scared. But you know what? We're gonna be okay. We all are.

 Nancy: Thank you, Brady.

 Craig: Hey.

 Chloe: Hey.

 Craig: Would you like to go over those together?

 Chloe: The consent forms.

 Craig: Oh, honey.

 Chloe: I understand what I'm facing, Craig. I know my chances. I know my options. 3E89F706.JPG

 Craig: It's okay.

 Chloe: Hey, I want to thank you.

 Craig: For what?

 Chloe: Not just for everything you've done, but... for the way you've treated me. Just letting me know what's happening every step of the way. It's made me feel like I still have some control. And, hey, if anything does go wrong...

 Craig: Hey, shh.

 Chloe: Please just know that you were right. Don't ever, ever blame yourself for trying.

 Craig: Chloe, sweetheart, this is a risk that we have to take, and... we have to believe that this is going to work.

 Chloe: I do. I want to see my little sister grow up. 3E89F742.JPG

 Craig: You will. You will.

 Chloe: But if something does happen, you have to promise me something.

 Craig: What?

 Chloe: Please don't let joy ever find out. I don't want her to ever think that she did anything to fail me. Hey, she's my only chance. She's our miracle.

 Craig: So are you, Chloe. So are you.

 Hope: Hey, Nicole. Hey, victor.

 Victor: Well, hope.

 Hope: Hi.

 Victor: Listen, I have been here for five minutes, and Bo hasn't showed me one single picture of Zack.

 Hope: Well, you know what? We can do better than that, because Zack is upstairs playing candy cane lane with grandpa Shawn. 3E89F77D.JPG

 Victor: Ahh. Wait till grandpa victor teaches him poker.

 Hope: Oh, dear, let's have a talk. Thankfully he'll have to wait a few years for that.

 Nicole: Look, Bo, you don't understand.

 Bo: No, you don't understand. I don't know what the hell's going on between you and my father, and I really don't want to know. Victor and I don't share the same code of conduct, but we've reached an understanding. I don't intend to make his business mine, so don't try to play us against each other again, okay?

 Hope: And I told them, maybe they'll even see Abby's binturong.

 Bo: Abby's what? 3E89F7A5.JPG

 Hope: Binturong. I'm sorry. Your parents are taking Zack to the zoo.

 Bo: Okay. What's this about Abby and a bing-- you know what? Tell me later at home. I'm late for work.

 Hope: I'll tell you in the car. I'm coming with you. I'll see you later, victor. Bye.

 Bo: You're coming with me?

 Hope: I'm coming with you. I'll tell you in the car. See you later, Nicole.

 Bo: Oh, you just decided this all on your own, huh?

 Victor: Well, well. Alone at last.

 Oliver: What's the matter? Well, get it out of your system now. We can't have dead airtime on live TV when your job is to chat, chat, chat.

 Jennifer: We can't. I mean, we don't. We're not what you're looking for, Oliver. 3E89F8A1.JPG

 Oliver: Sure you are.

 Jack: We're, um... print journalists.

 Oliver: You've done TV before. Both of you have.

 Jennifer: Yes, we got paid to publicly disagree weekly on a wide variety of issues.

 Jack: The stuff from which great relationships are made.

 Oliver: Oh, you two are stronger than that, aren't you? Anyhow, you don't have to go back to that "crossfire" format. You can do it any way you want. I'll be producing at a long distance. My interference will be minimal. You guys work at the paper every day. What's the difference? You can't lose. You're quick on your feet, and Jennifer's America's sweetheart. 3E89F8C5.JPG

 Jennifer: Oliver, I am already away from Abby more than I'd like to be.

 Oliver: And obviously, I wouldn't expect you to helm the "spectator" in addition to your hosting duties.

 Jack: You -- you're not saying give up the "spectator." That's our baby.

 Oliver: Look, Jack, we can be flexible. All you got to do is make the commitment.

 Jennifer: Oliver, we already have a huge commitment. We're starting to plan a wedding.

 Jack: Yes.

 Oliver: All sorts of professional assistants at your disposal. There's a ratings grabber for sure.

 Harold: Yeah. 3E89F8E3.JPG

 Jack: Uh, look, our -- our last wedding was a real circus. This one -- what? What are you rolling your eyes at, Vern?

 Vern: Jack, have I ever steered you wrong where your career was concerned? I mean, if you'd only listen half the time, we -- look, anyway, you and Jennifer have important things to say. You need to avail yourself of every opportunity to make those voices heard.

 Jack: What about credibility, the stigma of television?

 Harold: I've got two words for you, Jack -- Tom Brokaw.

 Oliver: You're beautiful people. Make use of your assets. The public will eat you up.

 Jack: Or eat us alive. 3E89F90B.JPG

 Oliver: You could be Salem's answer to Regis and Kelly. Ha ha.

 Harold: Perfect.

 Hope: I'm not going to get in your way. I promise you, I'm not going to get in your way.

 Bo: I know you want to help. You already have, but what do you think Abe is going to say about a civilian getting involved? He's already got Carson palmer breathing down his neck.

 Hope: I'm not just a civilian. I was a cop.

 Abe: Detective Brady, in my office, now.

 Abe: You tampered with the lock on my file cabinet, didn't you? You pulled out every file related to the Ben wells shooting. You know, I pulled you off this case because you were too emotionally involved. I was afraid you'd go too far. Already, you proved my point. Now, aren't you in enough trouble? Do you want to get tossed off the force? Who the hell is that going to benefit? You know what's worse? You break the rules, people get hurt. Haven't you learned that? 3E89F957.JPG

 Roman: Hope, what are you doing here?

 Hope: Hey. Uh, I came with Bo.

 Roman: Is he in there with Abe?

 Hope: Yeah.

 Roman: What's going on in there?

 Hope: I have no idea.

 Abe: I have told you time and time again.

 Roman: Hey, I'll see what I can do.

 Abe: I specifically said don't touch the file cabinet. You know, you're too good a police officer to resort to playing dirty. Entrapment, illegal search. I know how you get when you're impatient. You get overeager. And it may gall you, but you have got to be patient. You screw this up, our case gets thrown out of court, and no matter what he's done, the perp walks. 3E89F981.JPG

 Bo: They all walk these days, Abe. What the hell difference does it make?

 Brady: Hi.

 Chloe: Hey.

 Brady: Can I get you anything?

 Chloe: You.

 Chloe: [ Sighs ] As long as this is taking... I hate waiting. But at least we have more time together.

 Brady: You know, um... this -- this might be the last time I -- I'll be able to touch you for a while... but I promise we're never going to be apart again, okay?

 Chloe: I love you, Brady.

 Brady: I love you, too.

 Oliver: The decision is yours. I'll leave you two to talk it through, but before I go, I want you to meet my station manager. Ricardo. 3E89FA7C.JPG

 Jennifer: I don't think that we need to meet him --

 Oliver: Ricardo Diaz.

 Ricardo: Hey, thank you, buddy. Ricardo, Ricky, whatever you want. Oh, and hello. How are you?

 Jennifer: Hi.

 Ricardo: I love your work in the "spectator."

 Jennifer: Oh, thank you. It's nice to meet you. Thank you very much.

 Ricardo: You know, wow, I marvel, too, at how you manage to look so stunning after seeing that grainy photo beside your byline, but now after seeing you in person -- wow.

 Jack: Ahem. Ahem.

 Ricardo: Oh, yeah, we want to do serious -- serious journalism, right?

 Jennifer: That's right. 3E89FA96.JPG

 Ricardo: Listen, they say the pen might be mightier than the sword, but the -- the camera -- that's -- that's much mightier than the pen. Talk about audience -- listen to this. You want to expose corruption, right wrongs, champion the little guy, get the people who --

 Jennifer: Okay, I-I hear what you're saying, but I'm not sure if you're aware that at one time, I had a semi-failed talk show with Austin reed.

 Ricardo: No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. Bad chemistry. Bad chemistry. I mean, look at you two. You're about to be ex-exes. Come on. You're going to be remarried. Reality TV packaged in a fantasy. Come on, this is it. 3E89FABA.JPG

 Jennifer: No.

 Jack: No. Well --

 Jennifer: Reality TV?

 Vern: Okay, you two, come right here and sit and work this through.

 Jennifer: What are those?

[ Gasps ]

 Jack: Oh, no.

 Jennifer: What in the world?

 Oliver: Take all the time you need.

 Jennifer: Oliver -- Harold, did you --

 Harold: Isn't he great? Yes!

 Oliver: Let's coffee up, guys.

 Jack: Vern --

 Jack: Well, they spelled the names right.

 Jennifer: Oh, gosh.

 Abe: I'm getting tired of having to intercede for you every time you get in trouble. I've got the commissioner calling me, I have the D.A. Calling me. Your fellow officers are calling me. 3E89FAE2.JPG

 Roman: Hey, Abe. Abe, I understand what you're saying about Bo getting too personally involved, about pushing too hard. But we both know that's what makes him a good cop, and that's exactly why he's got one of the best arrest and conviction rates on the force. Abe, I promise you, he's not going to get crazy. Now, he may bend rules, but he's not going to break them. We got a crisis situation here, pard... and I don't think you want one of your best cops sitting on the sidelines with his hands tied while innocent lives are being lost. Abe... I don't think you want Bo off this case any more than I do. We are all personally involved here. This is our town. This is our community. We grew up here. We raised our families here. Our commitment here is not just about our jobs. This is about our whole lives. 3E89FB24.JPG

 Abe: You know, under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn't hesitate. But one -- one misstep and the D.A. And city hall will lambaste us all. And personally and professionally, that would be a blow, but for this city to have its most veteran police officers hamstrung... we don't need a renegade cop out there.

 Roman: You won't, Abe. You won't. I'll partner with Bo, and I will be personally responsible for every move he makes on this investigation.

 Bo: I don't need a babysitter.

 Roman: Bo.

 Abe: You know, the only way you're going to be allowed to continue with this gang investigation is with a partner, so you have one choice. Take it or leave it. 3E89FB60.JPG

 Chloe: [ Sighs ]

 Dr. Herman: Sorry.

 Chloe: It's time?

 Dr. Herman: Zero hour. The sooner we get this show on the road, the sooner you'll be back in each other's arms.

 Brady: I won't be gone long, okay?

 Brady: Okay?

 Chloe: I love you, too.

 Jennifer: Do you believe this?

 Jack: Yes. No. Your father -- why is this a gift for me?

 Jennifer: I don't know, but I'm still expecting a gift. I don't even want to think about it. I mean, really, why would we want to be in a fishbowl every day just when our lives are finally settling down, Jack? 3E89FC06.JPG

 Jack: As if we'd ever settle down.

 Jennifer: It's very stressful for two spouses to work together.

 Jack: We work together every day.

 Jennifer: We don't fight on live TV.

 Jack: No, we don't fight. We -- we banter. That's what -- we banter.

 Ricardo: You banter. You banter. That's exactly it. Why don't we just tape this? This is what we're talking about.

 Jennifer: You got to be kidding.

 Ricardo: Well, would you at least sign my 8x10 glossy of you? Oliver took the liberty of having a few of these printed up. Come on. 3E89FC20.JPG

 Jennifer: Oliver -- he -- he really believes we're going to say yes.

 Ricardo: Why wouldn't you?

 Jennifer: Here's an idea -- the "spectator."

 Ricardo: What about your message? Come on.

 Jennifer: He's very persuasive, isn't he?

 Jack: What do you expect? He works in TV.

 Ricardo: Ooh. Go on.

 Jennifer: Do you really want to do this?

 Victor: Let's go home.

 Nicole: I don't want to go home.

 Victor: You don't have a choice.

 Victor: When are you going to realize that you he e no power? Nicole, you're feisty, you're clever, and you're beautiful. Now, those endowments make life interesting for me, but know this -- you're not clever enough. Age before beauty, as they say. You'll never get the upper hand with me -- never. 3E89FC5F.JPG

 Nicole: Nothing lasts forever, victor.

 Victor: No. There's a fresh hell somewhere for you.

 Abe: One-time offer, Bo. What's it going to be?

 Bo: I want on this case.

 Abe: So you'll partner with roman.

 Bo: Yeah.

 Abe: Good.

 Bo: Want to stake out the drug house? The alleged drug house?

 Roman: Sounds like a plan.

 Kate: Stake out a drug house? Roman's a police captain. I didn't think he still worked in the trenches.

 Hope: What's wrong?

 Kate: It sounds dangerous.

 Hope: Every day they come to work, it's dangerous.

 Kate: [ Sighs ] 3E89FC98.JPG

 Hope: Kate, this is a little awkward, and Bo only mentioned it because we tell each other everything, but... he told me what you said about your feelings for roman.

 Kate: Oh, god. Oh, th-- that was just a blurt. I don't --

 Hope: You don't what? Love him? Can't say it, can you? Why haven't you told him?

 Kate: Because... I was hoping that he would say it first, and he hasn't. And now...

 Hope: And now he's going out on that dangerous stakeout.

 Kate: You're probably used to this, huh?

 Hope: You never get used to it. 3E89FCCD.JPG

 Craig: Hey. Something told me somebody might be missing someone.

 Nancy: Oh, hi there, sweetheart.

 Craig: Hi, sweetie.

 Nancy: Come to your mama.

 Craig: You want to say hello? Look at the sweetie.

 Nancy: Did you give nurse Deb a hard time? No, you didn't. You're my little angel.

 Brady: She's so tiny.

 Craig: Isn't she?

 Nancy: Yes, you are. Brady, would you like to hold her?

 Brady: No, I-I don't think so.

 Craig: Come on.

 Nancy: Come on.

 Brady: Okay.

 Nancy: Watch her head.

 Brady: Come here, sweetie.

 Nancy: Hey, look who you're going to. 3E89FCEE.JPG

 Craig: Aw.

 Brady: Hi. Hi, joy. Your big sister's going to sing you lullabies one day really soon. Yeah. Sweet dreams, joy. Think good thoughts for your big sister, okay?

 Joy: [ Crying ]

 Nancy: Oh, no.

 Mimi: Oh, my god. Please tell me you were not wearing that underwear.

 Belle: It was the worst night of my entire life.

 Cassie: If Shawn was my boyfriend, I'd find much better things to do with him than fight.

 Belle: Cassie, give me that.

 Cassie: No, I'm taking the picture of him! Get away from me! You know, I am so sick of you! 3E89FD1F.JPG

 Marlena: Congratulations. Now you've become a parent.

 Tony: Hmm.

 Rose: Bye-bye, baby.


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