Days Transcript Friday 3/28/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/28/03--Canada; 3/31/03--USA

By Eric



 Belle: Oh, hey, no. That's mine. It stays.

 Cassie: Whatever.

 Belle: Hey.

 Shawn-d: Hey.

 Belle: Thank you.

 Shawn-d: You can go to my room. Belle: No, it's all right. She won't be here very much longer.

 Cassie: Who does professor bahlah think he is, kicking me out of hartley house? Is ridiculous. I was holding one beer, and the can was still full.

 Shawn-d: There's no alcohol in the dorms. You know the rules.Assie: Whatever. When tony hears about this, that idiot will be so fired, he can kiss salem U. Goodbye.Elle: Why can't you just admit that what you did was wrong and stop making everyone else out to be the bad guy?

 Cassie: Why don't you t up and leave me alone? 3E84AA2B.JPG

 Chloe: Joy?

 Joy: [ Crying ]

 Chloe: Joy, where are you?! Joy?! Joy?! Joy, where are you?! Joy?! Joy! Joy.

 Brady: Chloe. Chloe, what's wrong?

 Chloe: Something's happened to my sister.

 Brady: No, no. It was just a nightmare. It's okay.

 Chloe: No, it was real. She's missing. I know it. I have to ndnd her.

 Woman: Hello. Welcome to echelon.

 Tony: Why, thank you. This is my first time here. Actually, I like what I see so far.

 Woman: What can I get you? 3E84AA83.JPG

 Tony: Uh... your finest single malt, neat.

 Woman: Top of the line. I like that.

 Tony: Well, why settle for less?

 Lucas: Count dimera. Knocking back a scotch, I see.

 Tony: Hmm. Lucas roberts. So where have you been? What are you doing here?

 Lucas: Well, this is my favorite place. Are you kidding me? This is the best bar in salem. Wow. Hey. Wow. The drinks -- they're not half bad, either. Got to be honest -- I've never seen you here at echelon.

 Ty:Y: I'm just here on business. 3E84AAA9.JPG

 Lucas: I wish I could do that -- mix business and pleasure that way. That'd be nice. Mm. Wow. Oh, man. Boy, you could write off all kinds of expenses that way.

[ Cellular phone beeps ]

 Jack: Ha ha ha. No. No, no, no. No sign of maria. Well, we know that carson palmer called her here, so she -- yes. Well, the customers are men, ergo, she must work here. Ha ha ha. I don't know. Maybe it's her night off.

 Jack: Then again, maybe not.

 John: Mmm.

[ Doorbell rings ] 3E84AAEE.JPG

 John: [ Sighs ]

 Bo: Hey.

 John: Hey, bo.

 Bo: Is this a bad time? 'Cause I need to talk to you.

 John: Not at all. Come in.

 Bo: Thanks.

 John: Everything okay with hope and the kids?

 Bo: Yeah, everything is fine at home. I've got a situation at work, and I could use your help.

 John: Yeah? What's going on?

 Bo: Well, there's been a breakdown in the justice system here in sale---- explosion in gang violence over the last couple of months. Now, the thing is, is we've had dozens of arrests -- by the book, lots of evidence -- but most of these cases have been either dismissed or plea bargained down to misdemeanors. 3E84AB13.JPG

 John: Misdemeanors -- so I assume you're talking about felonies here.

 Bo: Yeah -- drug deals, assaults, robbery.

 John: Mm-hmm.

 Bo: Even murder.

 John: What do you think? You got a judge on the take?

 Bo: No. Judges are clean. It's the district attorney who's corrupt as hell.

 John: Palmer?

 Bo: Mm-hmm.

 John: Ooh. You got proof?

 Bo: Not enough. And the problem I'm having is he's been after me for the last couple of months.

 John: That's not a good thing.

 Bo: Mnh-mnh.

 John: Well, have you considered maybe backing off and let someone else take him on? 3E84AB31.JPG

 Bo: No. This is too important. To put palmer behind bars, I need to have proof of his connectnn to organized crime. Now, that's an investigation the commissioner will never approve of, so I need outside help. I need your help.

 John: I see. Well, I don't really know what I can do. I could refer you to a couple people --

 Bo: John, stop, please. I know you're I.S.A. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 Brady: Chloe, joy is fine. She's at home with craig and nancy. You had a nightmare. That's all.

 Chloe: No, it was real -- a warning. I know something's happened to her. 3E84AC17.JPG

 Brady: Okay.

 Chloe: Who are you calling?

 Brady: Nancy. You'll feel a lot better once you've talked to her.

 Chloe: No, she won't tell me. She'll act like everything's fine the way that you are. I know that joy is missing. She's alone, and she's crying, and I have to get to her. Please help me.

 Brady: Okay, all right. Try to stay calm until I get back.

 Chloe: Okay, brady, but hurry. I have to know what's happened to her.

 Brady: I won't be long. Sit tight.

 Belle: You know what? If you're so sure tony's going to race to your rescue, why don't you give him a call?

 Csisie: I will when I'm good and ready. 3E84AC38.JPG

 Belle: Fine. Hey, you know what? While you're at it, why don't you call mom, too?

 Cassie: You know, I don't need to listen to you. I follow the rules. I'm an a-plus student, and I've never been in trouble, so throwing me out for one little mistake is totally unfair.

 Shawn-d: So do you know where you're going to stay?

 Cassie: Home, I guess. Dimera mansion.

 Shawn-d: Well, then you ought to give tony a call and give him a heads-up, and your mom, too, right?

 Cassie: When I figure out what I'm going to say. I need to find a way to make them understand.

 Shawn-d: Sooner rather than later would be better. 3E84AC66.JPG

 Cassie: I'lhahandle it.

 Shawn-d: Okay.

 Belle: Thank you for trying.

 Shawn-d: I'm beginning to think we're never going to be alone.

 Belle: Well, there's always t salem inn.

 Shawn-d: Oh, yeah, since that worked out so well last time.

 Belle: Heh heh heh.

 Cassie: Shawn? Do you think that maybe you could help me bring up my suitcases from the storage room?

 Shawn-d: Yep, let's do it.

 Cassie:Ouou don't mind if I borrow him for a little bit, do you?

 Belle: No, not at all.

 Cassie: Okay.

 John: Bo, what makes y think that I would get involved with -- 3E84AC99.JPG

 Bo: Because you believe in justice and truth, just like I do. Don't worry, john. Roman and I -- we're the only ones who know you're I.S.A.

 John: It's not like roman to breach security.

 Bo: He di't'T.

 John: So how'd you find out?

 Bo: Never underestimate a stubborn cop. I'd like you to use your I.S.A. Contacts to run a check on palmer -- you know, wire transfers, offshore accounts -- anything to link him to the mob.

 John: I'll see what I can do.

 Bo: Great, thanks.

[ Telephone rings ]

 John: Hang on. John black.

 Belle: Hey, dad.

 John: Hey, sweetie. Hold on a second. It's -- it's belle. This will only take a second. Listen, if you've got time, why don't you grab a beer? Blackhawk game's getting ready to start. 3E84ACC7.JPG

 Bo: Sounds good.

 John: I'm all yours, baby.

 Belle: Who's there with you?

 John: Bo. You sound a little down. You okay?

 Belle: There's a situation with cassie.

 John: What's she done?

 Belle: I'm worried about her. She's changed.

 Tony: Well, now that I know how you spend your nights, how about your days?

 Lucas: Oh. Um, just in between gigs right now, you know. Ah, club soda's terrible. Flat. Excuse me, bliss. Hey. Uh, could I get a double vodka on the rocks? That'd be great.

 Tony: I read in the "spectator" that you'd been appointed head of the horton foundation at university hospital. 3E84ACF4.JPG

 Lucas: Mm-hmm. It's true. Yes, sir. Very big responsibility, too. Today I returned a couple calls and signed check. Totally wore me out. Thank you, bliss. Good thing I got a hobby.

 Tony: I thought you were recovered.

 Lucas: I amecovered and ready to party. Well, look, look. Look what we have over here -- natasha. Poor thing is all by her lonesome, and her cups runneth over.

 Tony: This is a gentlemen's club, not a frat house.

 Lucas: Oh, come on. Cut me some slack, tony. I've been in a coma for a long time. I got a lot of time to make up for, you know? If you'll excuse me, I think I hear natasha calling my name. "Lucas, you stud, come hither." 3E84AD30.JPG

 Jack: Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes. It's definitely maria. I'd never forget a -- uh, well, actually, this place has more than its share of familiar faces. There's, uh... tony dimera at the bar, and your brother lucas cruising all the tables. What do you mean, what's he doing here? What would any brother be doing in a place like this? Look, I better make my move on maria while she's still available. To get her connection to carson palmer. And then I'll be home, yes. Wish me luck. All right. Love you. Bye.

 Jack: Hello there. I saw you across the crowded room. I'm even more taken with you up close and personal. How about I buy you a drink, we get to know each other better? show.

 Lucas: What do you know about the guy at the bar in the black suit?

 Natasha: Never saw him before, but I heard the new owner would be in tonight, so that could be him.

 Lucas: Really? New owner, huh? Well, who knows? Maybe I'll ask him for a job parking cars or something.

 Natasha: Yeah, whatever. You got what you wanted. A lady likes a little thanks.

 Lucas: Okay. How many do we have? Two...

 Jack: All right. What can I get you to drink?

 Maria: Champagne.

 Jack: Oh. 3E84AE0C.JPG

 Maria: But it goes for $200 a bottle.

 Both: [ Laugh ]

 Maria: But you get my company in one of the private rooms as long as the bubblies last.

 Both: [ Laugh ]

 Jack: You're good. You're good. I'm in. Count me in.

 Maria: You just don't quit, do you?

 Jack: Come again?

 Maria: Drop the act. I remember you from the other night at the blue note.

 Jack: That's it -- the blue note. That's why you looked so familiar. This is marvelous -- that fate should have brought us together like this.

 Maria: Bull. You're a reporter. I've seen you hanging around at the courthouse. 3E84AE30.JPG

 Jack: Hey, it's my job. Why do you hang around the courthouse?

 Maria: You know, I like the atmosphere, and I have some friends in high places.

 Jack: Carson palmer. Yes, you know, he and I go way back.

 Maria: Cut the crap. I know damn well you're no friend of carson'S.

 Chloe: [ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]

 Chloe: Brady. You were ge e for so long. What happened to joy? Did you find her?

 Brady: As a matter of fact, I did. Come on in.

 Chloe: [ Gasps ] Joy.

 Nancy: There's your big sister, little girl. 3E84AE56.JPG

 Chloe: She's okay.

 Nancy: Mm, I just fed her, and I think she's going to drop off to sleep any second now.

 Chloe: I was so worried something happened to her.

 Nancy: I know, honey. Brady told me.

 Chloe: You went to get them?

 Brady: How else could I prove that she was okay?

 Chloe: Thank you, brady. I am so --

 Brady: Chloe, don't say you're sorry. It's okay.

 Chloe: I can't wait to hold her again.

 Nancy: Soon.

 Brady: I'm going to give you two a little time alone.

 Nancy: Okay.

 Woman: And why don't I take joy down to the nursery with me for a while? Then you can both relax. 3E84AE7A.JPG

 Nancy: Okay. Here, you sleep tight, little darling, okay?

 Woman: Hmm.

 Nancy: Be a good girl.

 Woman: I'll take good care of her.

 Brady: I won't be long.

 Nancy: Brady? Thank you.

 John: What do you mean cassie's changed?

 Belle: She's just acting out, and I'm letting it get to me.

 John: So what can I do to help?

 Belle: You can'T. It's between me and her. I just -- I just wanted to hear your voice, that's all.

 John: I'm always here for you, baby.

 Belle: Cassie will be out of here soon, and shawn and i can finally be alone. 3E84AEAB.JPG

 John: You and shawn are planning a night alone? Where?

 Belle: Oh. You know, here, at the dorm, since we both live here.

 John: Hartley house? I hardly consider that being alone.

 Belle: I just meant that when cassie's finally gone, shawn and I can have some privacy.

 John: Hey, you want some privacy? Come on over here. It's just me and bo, and we're going to watch a hockey game.

 Belle: That's great, dad. Have a good time.

 John: Belle.

 Belle: You know what? I should really get going.

 John: This isn't just about privacy, is it? 3E84AECC.JPG

 Belle: What?

 John: You want to be alone. Just the two of you?

 Belle: Yeah. So?

 John: Any particular reason?

 Belle: You did not just ask me that. Tell me I heard you wrong.

 John: Stop being so outraged and just answer the question.

 Belle: You want me to answer the lamest question I've ever heard in my entire life? I have an idea. Why don't you tell me why you think two people would want to be alone.

 John: Well, um, I don't know. The only reason I can come up with is that you want to...

 Belle: Don't say it. Don't say it, dad, please. You are my dad, and I-I just can't talk to you about this. I cannot talk to you about my sex life. Not like I have one, because I don't, and even if I did, you would definitely not know about it. Why can't I just shut up? Dad -- dad, are you still there? Dad? Dad? 3E84AFB1.JPG

 John: I'm still here.

 Belle: Good. But I'm going to hang up now.

 John: Oh, no, no, no, no, you're not.

 Belle: Dad, you and I are not going to have this conversation.

 John: All right, I'll tell you what. Why don't you listen, and I'll do the talking?

 Belle: Look, dad, I'm over 18. And I love shawn. I know what I'm doing, so please stop acting like something terrible is about to happen. Shawn and I have been in a relationship a really long time, and he loves and respects me. I also know that sex is a huge commitment, and it changes everything. And I know about safe sex. Oh, my god, I've said atat word, like, 90 millions times in one minute, and I'm on the phone with my dad. That's so gross. 3E84AFDA.JPG

 John: Well, first, you only said it twice. And, second, I'm glad you're having this conversation with me, sweetheart. I know it's awkward for you because it sure as hell is awkward for me, but I love you too much not to discuss something so important. Besides, you've done most of the talking, anyway, and that's good, because you have reassured me. So all I'm going to say is I want you and shawn to be safe and to be sure, because this is a big step, and like you said, it's a major commitment. Just don't rush anything, honey.

 Belle: I understand, and I won'T. I'm not going to take this lightly, dad. I've given it a lot of thought. In fact, I'm still thinking about it. I don't want to look back and have any regrets, you know? Can we stop talking about this now? 3E84B013.JPG

 John: Yeah. I'll just say one more thing. I love you, isabella, and I am so proud of you.

 Belle: I love you, too, dad. You're the best, and you're always there for me when I need you. Look, I gotta go. Okay, bye.

 Cassie: So, I guess you ratted on me. Not like I care, though, because your dad hates me, anyway.

 Belle: As a matter of fact, I didn'T. Hey, great. Suitcases. Let's get you packed and out of here.

 Cassie: Aw, you know you're going to miss me.

 John: Bo, I just want you to know that boy of yours -- I think he's great. 3E84B043.JPG

 Bo: Yeah, he is.

 John: But if he hurts my little girl, I'm gonna kill him.

 Bo: Joking aside --

 John: No joke.

 Bo: It's time we back off. Yeah, I know it's supposed to be easier when you have a son. You're not as protective, blah, blah, blah. Bottom line -- shawn and belle, they're good kids. They're responsible. And they love each other. And even if we didn't approve of their...relationship, interfering would only push them togetherasaster.

[ Doorbell rings ]

 John: Saved by the bell.

 Bo: Ha ha.

 John: [ Sighs ] Hey, kid. What's going on, man? 3E84B073.JPG

 Brady: Pop, what's going on?

 John: How's chloe?

 Brady: Oh, she's fine. She just wants some time alone with her mom. So I figured I would stop by and see what you were doing.

 John: Good timing. I'm glad you did. Listen, bo and I are going to watch a hockey game -- blackhawks-detroit. Should start in a few minutes. Why don't I grab a beer for you and order some chinese like old times, huh?

 Brady: That sounds good. Hey, bo.

 Bo: Hey, brady.

 Tony: So, where's natasha? I figured from the tip you left her earlier, she'd stick around.

 Lucas: Oh. Keeping tabs on your ladies already? 3E84B095.JPG

 Tony: My ladies?

 Lucas: Oh, yes, yes, your ladies. See, rumor has it that you're the new owner of echelon. That true?

 Jack: Just because carson palmer doesn't like reporters doesn't mean he --

 Maria: Stay away from me!

 Jack: I just thought we could have a little adventure between kindred spirits.

 Maria: Look for someone else, all right? My shift's over. Arnie!

 Jack: Listen, maria --

 Arnie: Excuse me. Whoa, whoa. Is this guy bothering you?

 Maria: Yeah. Get rid of him, will you?

 Arnie: My pleasure. Let's go, buddy. I put you in the hospital, or you go.

 Jack: Wait a minute. Maria, maria, let me -- maria. 3E84B0B8.JPG

 Arnie: Come on, party's over, pal. Let's go. Come on, romeo. Party's over.

 Jack: Maria -- of


 Claire: Oh, yes,

 Lucas: Come on. Come on, you can tell me.

 Tony: Yes. Echelon is now mine.

 Lucas: Well, I'll be damned. Congratulations. Wow. Hey, I don't suppose I could, uh, get a line of credit, could I?

 Tony: I don't think so. But I'd like this to be kept quiet -- the fact that I've taken over this club.

 Lucas: Sure. Sure. No one's gonna hear it from me.

 Tony: Good. You enjoy your evening. 3E84B19A.JPG

 Lucas: Thank you.

 Jack: All right, all right, all right! All right, I'm out. I'm out. You want me out, I'm out. You touch me again, I'll have you arrested.

 Arnie: You enter this club again, and I'm gonna break your jaw.

 John: Come on, come on, come on, offsides! He crossed the blue line! Call that, man!

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 John: Good save! Ha ha!

 Brady: Oh.

 Bo: Uh-oh.

[ Ring ]

 Bo: It's mine.

[ Ring ]

 John: Come on, come on.

 Bo: Brady.

 Jack: Bo, it's jack.

 Bo: Where are you?

 Jack: Echelon. The woman I saw with palmer -- maria annendel -- she works here. 3E84B1C3.JPG

 Bo: Did you speak with her?

 Jack: Uh, no, no, not for long. Look, she knows I'm a reporter. She had the bouncer show me the door. Maybe you'll have better luck. Could you get over here?

 Bo: Yeah, I'll be there.

 Chloe: I can't wait to go home. Joy's growing up so fast, and I'm missing all of it.

 Nancy: Oh, no, sweetheart. Your father -- he's capturing every moment of her life on film. She's going to be the most photographed, videotaped baby in salem.

 Chloe: I bet he loves taking care of her.

 Nancy: Well, he's not too much on those midnight feedings, but other than that, he's great and so organized. I'm telling you, when it's time to change her diapers -- 3E84B1E6.JPG

 Chloe: Wait, wait, wait. You mean, he actually changes her?

 Nancy: Oh, yes, and he has the nursery set up like an O.R. I'm telling you right now, it's baby diapers, baby ointment, baby wipes, powder... it's like we're in the E.R., And I'm the scrub nurse assisting. He even wears a mask.

 Chloe: No.

 Nancy: It's true. I swear.

 Cassie: Aw, thanks, sis.

 Belle: Guess you're all set.

 Shawn-d: Okay, well, let's get this down to the car, huh?

 Cassie: Are you kidding me? I'm not taking all this stuff to the mansion by myself. I'm going to have the servants come over and pick it up tomorrow. 3E84B210.JPG

 Belle: You're not planning on staying the night here, are you?

 Cassie: Hell, no, I'm not. I've got better things to do.

[ Knock on door ]

 Cassie: Perfect timing. Hi.

 Chaz: Looking good. So, ready to roll?

 Shawn-d: All right, hold it. How's it going, chaz?

 Chaz: Can't complain.

 Cassie: You guys know each other?

 Shawn-d: Ahah.

 Belle: Yeah, we all know chaz.

 Chaz: Yeah, st. Patty's day. At the, uh, the pub, right?

 Belle: Yeah, yeah, you were the guy that got cassie drunk, and she passed out -- twice.

 Cassie: Butt out.

 Chaz: Look, I don't know what your problem is. 3E84B233.JPG

 Cassie: Just forget about her. Let's go, okay?

 Chaz: Okay by me. We are going to have an even better time tonight.

 Cassie: Starting now.  3E84B319.JPG

 Lucas: So, you know, I think that we should definitely go to, uh, a private room --

 Man: Hey, natasha, I've been looking all over for you.

 Lucas: Excuse me. She's busy.

 Man: Oh? With you? Pip-squeak.

 Natasha: We'll talk later.

 Man: No, no, I want you now. Come on. I'll take you with me to a private room.

 Natasha: I said later.

 Lucas: Hey, let go of her. All right, I'm going to ask you once.

 Arnie: You want me to take care of this guy, boss?

 Tony: Let's wait and see what happens.

 Jack: Psst! Psst! Bo! Shh! 3E84B33C.JPG

 Bo: What are you doing in the bushes?

 Jack: I told you, I got thrown out. I didn't want maria to recognize me in case she tried to leave.

 Bo: So she's still here.

 Jack: I think so.

 Bo: Well, I'll go in and find out.

 Jack: No, no, no, don'T. You might get recognized.

 Bo: She doesn't know who I am.

 Jack: No, but tony dimera does. He's in there. I think he saw me get thrown out, and if you go in there, he's going to be suspicious.

 Bo: What is dimera doing in a place like this?

 Jac w well, maybe he's just enjoying the scenery like everybody else. I mean, maybe he's more human than we give him credit for. 3E84B35A.JPG

 John: Oh, these guys are never going to make the playoffs playing like this.

 Brady: This is ridiculous. Aw, come on!

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 John: It's me. John black.

 Bo: Hey, it's bo.

 John: Hey, bo. Where are you?

 Bo: Still waiting outside echelon. Um, thought you'd like to know -- count dimera's inside.

 John: What the hell is he doing there?

 Bo: Well, jack was in the club earlier, saw tony at the bar with some shady characters in expensive suits.

 John: All right, thanks for the tip. I'll see you soon. Hey, kid... 3E84B37B.JPG

 Brady: Mm-hmm?

 John: I gotta run.

 Brady: Is there a problem?

 John: Nothing to worry about.

 Brady: Well, you know what? I should probably get back to chloe, anyway.

 John: Hey. It's going to be all right.

 Brady: I know. I just want the whole thing to be over.

 John: I understand.

 Chaz: Hey, why don't we all call a truce -- you know, hiththe party together?

 Shawn-d: I don't think so.

 Chaz: Hey, don't knock it till you try it. I mean, vin's got this unbelievable crib. It's, like, party central all day, all night. How about it, belle?

 Cassie: No, I don't want her to go. She puts me in a bad mood, and you wouldn't want that. 3E84B3A2.JPG

 Belle: Cassie, you shouldn't go to this party, especially with him.

 Cassie: Let's just get out of here.

 Chaz: What's her problem?

 Cassie: Beats me. That girl has been on my case sincdaday one.

 Belle: Shawn, we should've stopped her.

 Shawn-d: How, by tying her to a chair? Look, look around. You notice anything different?

 Belle: What?

 Shawn-d: We're alone. Absolutely, totally alone.

 Chloe: I can't believe how cute she is.

 Nancy: Mm. You know, I think that she's going to have dark hair like yours. Look at that. Her eyes are already big like yours. Oh, and her lungs -- I mean, I'm telling you right this moment, she's going to give cecilia marin a run for her money. 3E84B47D.JPG

 Chloe: Oh, oh, my gosh.

[ Knock on door ]

 Chloe: Brady.

 Brady: I see the part is in full swing.

 Chloe: Yeah, you have to come and look at these. Look at this. Ha ha.

 Brady: It's great to hear you two laughing. Let me see. I told you everything was going to be okay, chloe.

 Chloe: Yeah, everything is perfect.

 Nancy: And that's the way it's going to stay.

 Shawn-d: What's wrong?

 Belle: I don't know. Bad cassie vibes or something.

 Shawn-d: Hey, she's gone. Forget her.

 Belle: I know, shawn, but if she messes up again and my mom finds out --

 Shawn-d: She's not your responsibility. 3E84B4B1.JPG

 Belle: You're right. She's t t my problem, and I'm really glad she's outta here.

 Shawn-d: Yeah, hey, with any luck, you'll have all this to yourself for the rest of the term, right?

 Belle: That would be awesome.

 Shawn-d: Yeah.

 Belle: Can you believe we're all alone in here?

 Shawn-d: Well, good things come to those who wait.

 Belle: And wait...

 Shawn-d: And wait.

 Belle: And now u have to go.

 Shawn-d: What?

 Belle: Shawn, I just -- just 10 minutes, okay? I just -- I want things to be perfect, and I have to do a few things.

 Shawn-d: No. 10 -- 10 minutes -- no longer. 3E84B4D7.JPG

 Belle: Okay, okay. You got it.

 Shawn-d: Yeah? Yeah?

 Belle: Yeah.

 Shawn-d: Are you sure you want me to go?

 Belle: Yes. Yes.

 Shawn-d: You sure?

 Belle: Yeah. Go. Go!

 Shawn-d: Okay.

 Man: Get outta my way, wimp! Come on, private room, here we come! Come on. Hey, hey, hey!

 Lucas: Let go of her, or I'll break your arm, you got it?

 Man: Okay, okay!

 Lucas: You're drunk. You're out of line! Calm down!

 Man: All right, she's free to go! Turn me loose!

 Arnie: Hey, hey, hey, okay! I'll handle this. 3E84B4FE.JPG

 Man: Hey! Watch the material!

 Arnie: You're going to pay your tab, and then you're going to hit the road, all right? Let's go!

 Man: Hey, take --

 Natasha: You were wonderful.

 Lucas: No one deserves to be treated like that, especially someone as beautiful as you.

 Bo: Hey.

 John: Dimera stl l inside?

 Bo: Yeah, so is maria.

 Jack: So it was maria. There she is now.

 Jack: I think you better tail her without me. I don't want to blow your cover.

 Bo: I'm outta here. Good luck with dimera.

 John: Back at ya.

 Woman: Welcome to echelon.

 John: Sorry, honey, I'm here on business.

 Woman: Oh, now,omome on, let's order a bottle of champagne and find a private room. 3E84B536.JPG

 John: And I'm sure it's all good, but some other time, all right?

 Tony: Looking for someone? And what would your wife say if she saw you now?

 Nancy: Chloe, all your doctors have confidence that this bone marrow transplant is goi to be successful. Sweetheart, you have to believe them, not your fears.

 Chloe: I know, and I am hopeful... most of the time.

 Brady: Chloe, before you know it, you're going to be home, and craig will be snapping photos of you with joy in your arms.

 Chloe: When I think of what life will be like once I'm healed, I actually look forward to the transplant procedure. 3E84B5CA.JPG

 Brady: We're almost there. We're on the home stretch.

 Chloe: Everything's going to be okay. As long as I have you and my family, I know I can get through anything.

 Belle: Okay, shawn, you can come in.

 Belle: Is it okay?

 Shawn-d: It's perfect.

 Shawn-d: You're perfect.

 Shawn-d: Are you sure?

 Belle: Yes, I love you. Make love to me, shawn.

 Man: All right, already!

 Natasha: How can I ever thank you?

 Lucas: Well, um... why don't we go into one of those private rooms, and, uh, put our heads together?

 Natasha: Perfect. But I'll still have to charge you for the champagne. 3E84B657.JPG

 Lucas: Oh, that's all right. Order away. The night is young.

 Man: Aw, come on! What the hell?! Come on! I am going to have this place shut down by summer!

 Arnie: Get lost! You again.

 Jack: Hey, you must have me mistaken with my twin brother. He's a regular here.

 Arnie: Say good night, gracie!

 Jack: [ Groans ]

 Tony: Would you go mingle with the other guests?

 Woman: See you later.

 John: So what's with the commands?

 Tony: I was trying to save your marriage.

 John: Your hell-bent on destroying my marriage. So why was that floozy so obedient to your orders? 3E84B691.JPG

 Tony: What can I say? It just happens wherever I go.

 John: What are you doing here?

 Tony: Why are you so interested?

 John: Because I want to find out what makes my half-brother tick, so that I can expose him and all his dirty little secrets.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

[ Ring ]

 John: Excuse me. John black.

 Cassie: Mr. Black, it's cassie. Um, I need your help.

 John: What are you calling me for?

 Cassie: Because I can't tell my mom and dad.

 John: Can't tell them what?

 Cassie: I've been arrested. You have to help me. Please. 3E84B6BD.JPG

 Bo: Damn. So much for tailing the mystery woman.

 Bo: Can I help you?

 Maria: My car won't start. A guy was hassling me earlier, and the parking lot gives me the creeps at night. Mind if cocome in while I wait for the tow truck?

 Bo: No, come on in. Carson palmer, you're toast.

 Maria: Thanks. It's cold outside.

 Bo: You want me to turn on the heat?

 Maria: Works for me. Does this work for you?

 Jack: Have I died and gone to heaven?

 Belle: There were girls in your hotel room all night?

 Shawn-d: Yes, but --

 Belle: Get out.

 John: The girl had a couple of drinks. 3E84B705.JPG

 Tony: This is none of your damn business. Let's go.

 Cassie: No, I don't want to go. Makes us f present threat of that people aren't going



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