Days Transcript Thursday 3/27/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/27/03--Canada; 3/28/03--USA

By Eric

Doing onsite inspections, and you've got a big problem. The whole floor is overrun with mice. 3E835860.JPG

Woman: What? I haven't ice.

Jack: You have now.

Woman: Aah! Oh, my god! Get it away from me!

Jack: Oh, come on, thisg. You should see his big brother. Really, he's just a --

Jennifer: Oh, that was good. Good work, mickey.Jack: Shh. Now, you want to make sure that we get carson palmer by surprise. Okay, walk this way.

Carson: No. No, no, now, damn it! It is important. Bo brady and jack deveraux are getting much too close.

Mimi: It's the whole math thing, you know? I see a bunch of numbers, and I'm like... even if I had a great night's sleep, my eyelids just start to droop, droop, droop. I guess I'm more of a right brain student. 3E83589B.JPG

Rex: If you don't finish calc, you'll never get to t like real number theory, fractal geometry, stochastic processes...

Mimi: That would be such a shame.

Rex: Don't worry. I'll give you all the help you need.

Mimi: Thanks. Except when you help me, I just wind up even more lost in those eyes. They're chch a perfect color. What are they -- brownish, greenish, grayish, bluish?

Rex: I was told they were blue.

Mimi: Must be this light, because I can see so many different colors. In fact, I think I can see your soul, too. 3E8358BB.JPG

Rex: What?

Mimi: The eyes are the mirror into the person's soul. Haven't you heard?

Rex: I don't know if I believe in things I can't see, like souls.

Mimi: Oh, that is just wrong. You have to believe in souls. How else could two people be soul mates?

Chaz: Not going to learn anything that way, boys and girls.

Mimi: What -- you --

Chaz: You know, all this goo-goo eye stuff while you should be studying... tsk, tsk.

Mimi: What are you doing here?

Chaz: Came by to help out a pal.

Mimi: Cassie? She's not a pal. You got her really sick, you jerk. 3E8358DB.JPG

Chaz: Yeah? Well, she's feeling much better now. See? I guess I gave her exactly what she needed.

Belle: Cassie, I thought you'd still be in bed. What happened to your hangover?

Cassie: Oh, it's pretty much gone. Isn't that great? Chaz had this amazing remedy. It was called a prairie oyster. It was disgusting. It had a raw egg in it, but it was worth it.

Belle: A raw egg cured your hangover?

Cassie: Yeah, mixed with worcester sauce. Or it could've been the two shots of whiskey.

Belle: Whiskey? You were drinking again after you got so sick? Are you crazy? Cassie, this has to stop. Look, if you're not going to do it for yourself, then I know just the person who will make you pull yourself together. 3E83590F.JPG

Cassie: Oh,y god, I'm so scared. Are you going to tattle on me? Are you going to call mommy?

John: You didn't come to bed last night. You didn't say a word at breakfast. Been kind of cold and distant.

Marlena: Are you surprised?

John: I didn't think you believed in the silent treatment.

Marlena: I do, when I've got nothing to say.

John: Nothing to say? Obviously, you're angry as hell, so why not vent? Come on, let me have it, so I can at least defend myself.

Marlena: What if you choose to do more than defend yourself? What if you choose to put another tracking device on me?

John: Just trying to protect you, damn it. 3E835951.JPG

Marlena: You're treating me like a criminal, and I won't have it. I flat out won't have it. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Too much stress can cause many physical ailments st in the kind of, saddam hussein control view, the U.N. Does only the bidding of theere.

Belle: You're right. I am going to tell mom, but it's only because you need help.

Cassie: Would you stop being such a drama queen? My god, I got drunk and had a hangover. Big deal.

Belle: Your attitude is what makes this a big deal, cassie. You think this is cool or something. You actually seem pleased with yourself. 3E835A47.JPG

Cassie: No, actually, I'm pleased that I don't feel like throwing up anymore. Chaz took care of me, and now I'm fine.

Belle: Chaz was the one that got you drunk in the first place, and he took care of you by feeding you more alcohol.

Cassie: Yeah, well, it worked, didn't it? And I'm going to a party with him.

Belle: What?

Cassie: This older guy vin is throwing it, and chaz invited me to go.

Belle: And you said yes.

Cassie: Obviously.

Belle: Oh, thisusust gets better and better.

Cassie: What, am I not allowed to enjoy my life?

Belle: Cassie, of course you're allowed, but you just need to be careful who you enjoy it with. This guy chaz is a jerk. He's conceited and mean. 3E835A69.JPG

Cassie: Well, maybe I like my men conceited and mean. To each his own, right?

Belle: I can't even have a conversation with you.

Cassie: You could if you would stop insulting my boyfriend.

Belle: Your boyfriend? I thought you just met this guy.

Cassie: We had an instant connection.

Belle: An instant connection. Right. He goofoff on getting you disgustingly drunk, and you're happy someone's paying attention to you. That's a beautiful start to a relationship.

Cassie: Oh, you calling mommy?

Belle: Yes, I am calling mom, and we'll see what she has to say about your partying.

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Ring ] 3E835A96.JPG

John: You gonna get that?

Marlena: Hello.

Belle: Mom, mom, it's me. Um, I really need to talk to you.

Marlena: Belle, honey, it's not a good time right now.

Belle: Mom, it's about cassie. She's not listening to me, but, I swear, I think if you talked to her that --

Marlena: Honey, what I want you to do is to handle this on your own. I'll call you later.

Belle: But, mom --

[ Dial tone ]

Cassie: Oh, how frustrating for you. Mom didn't have time to listen to you bad-mouth me.

Belle: I wasn't going to do that.

Cassie: Oh, of course not. You were going to try and help me by telling her what a bitch I am. 3E835AB8.JPG

Belle: You know what? Let's be paranoid. That'll help matters.

Cassie: I'm not paranoid. I can see right through you. You're trying to turn my mother against me because you hate me and you want her to hate me. You're just like your father. Neither one of you can stand it that rex and I are her kids, and you'll do whatever you can to come between us.

John: The reason I put a tracking device on you --

Marlena: Without my knowledge. That's illegal.

John: Fine. The reason I put a tracking device on you without your knowledge was because I was deeply concerned...

Marlena: That I might commit a crime, do something illegal?

John: No, of course not. 3E835ADB.JPG

Marlena: Well, then what?

John: B cause now that you know that you are the twins' mother, you're spending more and more time with tony dimera, and I will never trust that man.

Marlena: You've made that abundantly clear, john, to the point where it's past tiresome. It's insulting now. The thought that tony dimera could sweep me off my feet against my will... that he has some sort of power over me. Have you so little respect for me, for my intelligence? Would I not see that tony were trying to manipulate me?

John: I won't lose you. I will do whatever it takes to protect you and my family.

Marlena: You know, I used to be touched when you said that. Now it's like fingernails on a blackboard. As often as I tell you, I try to reassure you, you insist upon thinking the most dire thoughts about my relationship with tony and the twins. That's why you're becoming irrational, john. 3E835B16.JPG

John: I see. Well, if that's the way you feel, then I have nothing more to say.

Marlena: Where did you get the tracking device? What other secrets do you have you're keeping? You're not going to answer me, are you? What else are you doing in the name of family security, hmm? John, this marriage was always based on trust... on truth. If we don't have that, what do we have? What is happening to us?

Carson: Just what the hell do you think you're doing, barging into my office? Carol! Carol!

Jack: Your secretary carol seems to be indisposed. 3E835B5F.JPG

Jennifer: We didn't realize we were interrupting anything.

Carson: Why don't you just state your business and then get out?

Jack: Shall we make ourselves comfortable?

Jennifer: Why not? Maybe you should sit down, mr. Palmer. This could be a while.

Carson: Just what the hell is this all about?

Jennifer: We've been doing our homework.

Jack: Like good journalists.

Jennifer: And we have come up with some very interesting information, mr. Palmer.

Carson: Just what sort of information?

Jack: Ah, no, no, no. We're the ones asking the questions now, mr. Palmer, like good journalists. So we'll start with a simple one. Who was the woman we saw you with at the blue note and what exactly was the nature of your relationship? No evasions this time. 3E835B8D.JPG

Jennifer: That's right. Because we want the truth.

Jack: The whole truth.

Jennifer: And we are not going to leave until we get it. show. Anyway out on the west coast ther the weather. A mad scram tbl to get over here.

Claire: I just cut my finger.

J jennifer: Full and complete disclosure, mr. Palmer. You're on the record.

Carson: As I told you the night we ran into each other, my personal life is not a matter of public record. However, if that's the only way I can get rid of the two of you, the woman you saw me with at the blue note was almost a complete stranger. I arrived alone, I saw a very attractive lady sitting at the bar, and I offered to buy her dinner. End of story. 3E835C1D.JPG

Jack: [ Makes buzzer sound ] Wrong answer. Jennifer, perhaps you can jog the D.A.'S memory?

Jennifer: Oh, yes, yes, I would love to. The woman in question's name is maria annendell. She has a criminal record, a very long one. In fact, you prosecuted her yourself. Now, is that a coincidence or what? Mr. Palmer, how do you think the public is going to respond when they find out that the D.A.'S girlfriend is a convicted felon? That's not going to help your re-election campaign, is it?

Jack: It's not like you, palmer, to let us do all the talking.

Carson: As I said, I saw a very attractive woman at the bar. I didn't recognize her. Not at first. Then, of course, I-I remembered that, uh, she was someone that I had once prosecuted -- wrongly. So I offered to buy her a drink. I may be a prosecuting attorney, but I do have a heart. 3E835C54.JPG

Jack: And a lousy memory, apparently.

Carson: Well, you feel free to check out the facts. I guarantee you, they'll support my story.

Jennifer: You know, I think it might be easier if we just interviewed ms. Annendell.

Carson: Absolutely not. You stay away from her.

Jack: Well, even if we do, we'll run into your girlfriend eventually.

Jennifer: That's right. And sooner or later, one way or another, we are going to get our questions answered. Let's go, jack.

Jack: Let's go, jennifer. Good evening.

Rex: Look, what did you do to my sister?

Mimi: Rex, don'T.

Rex: What did you do to her? 3E835C7B.JPG

Chaz: Hey, relax, buddy. I just gave her something for her hangover, that's all. She's fine now.

Rex: Yeah, well, she better be.

Chaz: You know, you guys really ought to change your mind about vin's house party. It's going to be the blowout of the year.

Mimi: I'm sure it will be... if you want to get drunk or worse. Cacause all that's going to be going on there is a whole bunch of people getting totally wasted and winding up with hangovers, even worse than cassie'S.

Man: I hope that drinking will not be going on here at hartley house.

Rex: Professor bahlah.

Professor bahlah: You are aware this dorm has a zero tolerance policy? You drink, you're out. We almost lost a freshman to alcohol poisoning last fall. 3E835C9C.JPG

Rex: Uh, no one here has been drinking.

Mimi: We were just talking about an off-campus party that we heard about -- one we will definitely not be attending.

Professor bahlah: Well, I'm relieved to hear it. Rex, I was looking for you. I have a question.

Mimi: Um, I'm going to go see if belle's upstairs.

Rex: What can I do for yo professor?

Professor bahlah: It's a math problem that my department and all of our ph.D. Candidates have been unable to solve. A tremendous amount of research grant money is riding on this.

Rex: Here's the deal, professor. No more freebies. If I do this, you give me all the tests I need to graduate early, and you talk to all the other teachers about doing the same. 3E835CBF.JPG

Professor bahlah: Think of the prestige this grant brings to the university.

Rex: Take it or leave it.

Professor bahlah: You solve this problem, I'll do whatever I can to help you.

Belle: You can say whatever you want about me, but don't insult my father, do you understand?

Cassie: I'm not insulting anyone. I'm just stating the facts. John black has hated me and my brother since the ment he met us, and he may be pretending to accept us for marlena... he doesn't mean it for a second, and he never will.

Belle: I'm leaving.

Cassie: Oh, what about you, belle? You used to be our best friend. You saved our lives, you hid us from the authorities, and you even convinced marlena to trust us. But ever since we found out that she was our mother, everything's changed. Now you're jealous and mean and nasty, and I can't even stand being around you. I'm taking a shower. Get out of my way. 3E835CFA.JPG

Marlena: Oh, belle, I had no idea u u were there.

Belle: No, this -- this -- this can't be true.

Marlena: This wasn't how I wanted you to find out, honey.

Belle: How could this have happened? No, no, 'cause if you and tony have children, that means --

Marlena: No, no, it's not what you're thinking. It is not what you're thinking.

Belle: How did -- what --

John: Apparently, stefano... had the twins conceived in a lab.

Belle: How do we know this for sure?

John: Tony and cassie share the same rare blood markers.

Belle: So? What -- what does that prove? I mean, what does that have to do with mom?

Marlena: Belle, I know how hard this is for you. Honey, I remember giving birth to the twins, to rex and cassie, on dimera island. You know yourself that from the first time I saw them in the bradys' garage, I felt a bond with them. Somehow, instinctively, I felt close to them. Belle, in my heart, I know they're my children. 3E835D41.JPG

Tony: Our children. And there's no use in dwelling on the past. We can't debate the morals and ethics of what my father did because that's not going to change a thing. The fact is, cassie and rex -- my beautiful son and daughter -- are here with us. Their presence affects us all.

Belle: [ Groans ]

Mimi: I just saw cassie storm out. What happened? What's wrong?

Belle: Cassie dimera is what's wrong, but I'm not going to let her get to me. She is not going to ruin my night.

Mimi: This night -- you mean tonight. What's so important about -- oh, way. Are you and shawn finally going -- 3E835D75.JPG

Belle: Shh!

Mimi: Am I right? Are you two going to have sex tonight? The world

Now breakin news from the global national news centre. Looks very much like what we

Kevin: Well, as promised, we have promised that we will interrupt when the situation warrants and there is a situation developing right now in baghdad. For the past five minutes there has been the most severe bombardment of that city that we have seen in about a week since that, the attacks toward the end of last week. We've seen several explosions in the last five nunutes, right in the heart of the city. This is abu dhabi television that you are looking at here and you can see the halo of the smoke from some of those explosions that have been occurring. I counted about five in the last couple of minutes, and these are, as i said, the single most activity in the downtown core of baghdad as the camera sweeps over the city we've been able to see some indication of aircraft in the area as well. This is not to say that this is the only military activity that has been going on in baghd.D. There has been in the outskirts of that city for some time now, severe bombardment that our correspondent patrick graham has been hearing, but these are most definitely the largest within the city and 3E835DF7.JPGthe place where admittedly television has cameras located. I'm not sure at this point whether or not we can hear what is going on in the city, but I'll continue to monitor this situation. Now what we have heard in the last couple of minutes is that the iraqi officials have been saying that about 4,000 civilians have been killed in and around baghdad that is obviously quite a large number. And one that obviously will be challengeed by the american officials and the american officials I think have been saying about 93 people at this point. But let's listen in on cnn to see if they have any information at this point.

The al salaam presidential palace and the communications facility in the heart of the city, unclear which one. But the al salaam presidential palace was apparently hit last week as well. What do you know about this palace. 3E835E33.JPG


Well it's a palace that spreads over a large area. There are many many buildings in it. When we were watching it, i think it was in the early hours of saturday morning, there were a number of explosions then. And even at that stage from the vantage point I had, it didn't appear, even though there were perhaps as many as 30 or 40 different explosions in the compound it didn't appear that all the different buildings had been hit. And some of the buildings are very, very large structures, and it's very clear that the scale of the munitions being used on those structures were not sufficient to collapse them, sufficient to set them on fire, sufficient to put large holes in them, but not to demolish them. Peapaps one of the reason are, wolf, why these buildings have not been demolished is because there are residential areas quite close by and when we drove by the buildings on the next day, we could see that the windows were blown out of some of those residential areas in the houses, perhaps a quarter of a mile away from this presidential complex, but if perhaps a larger explosive device had been used, then there would, may have been a potential there for doing much greater structural damage to some of these nearby residential property, and clearly that is not the aim of coalition forces. Ththat's what they're telling us, that's exactly what they want 3E835E7C.JPGto avoid, wolf.

And this presidential palace, nic, is right in the middle of baghdad, in the centre of the town? Which presumably is a very heavily populated area.

It's an old government area in the centre of baghdad. It's about half al mile from the nearest residential buildings, quarter of a mile from the gates of the nearest residential gount nearest residential area however it used to be, beforprpresident saddam hussein came to power it used to be an area that the city's buses used to run through, it was an area of government buildings but it became a presidential complex if you like, without of perimeter. The people weren't allowed to go inside. One end of that perimeter, and just the one end, therearare residential areas, but perhaps around the periphery in other areas it's not heavily built up. There's a major highway that runs along one side of it. That would give a boundary of again perhaps a quarter of a mile, maybe a half a mile before you would get from the presidential palace wall to the residential area, and then at the other end of it would be very ajays sent to a key bridge that goes across the tigress river that would take traffic out towards the out of the city, wolf. 3E835ECE.JPG

The communications centre, apparently, at least one communications centre was hit as well, according to this reuters dispatched from baghdad and their correspondent on the scene, unclear which communications centre. I assume there are a lot of potential communications, targets. We did hear earlier today, nic, from the spokesman over at the central command in qatar. General vincent brook, who said that the U.S. Military does regard iraqi communications centres as legitimate military targets. Some of them have what he called dual use capabilities. They can be used both for civilian purposes, to have iraqi television, for example, but also for communications with the military. So I think all of us could assume they're going to be going after more and more of the iraqi communications capabilities in the hours and days to come. 3E835F01.JPG

Certainly in the gulf war in 1991, about four days into the war, a major communications facility was struck at that time. Now that has been reconstructed and is now where that facility used to be, there's now a huge telecommunications tower in baghdad. It's not clear from the images I'm able to see here whether or not that particular communications tower has been struck. But i do know from sources in baghdad that at the back of iraq's information ministry, where we knew there was a satellite transmitter that was associated with iraq's satellite television channel, we do know that a smaller munition was used to take out that particular -- was to take out that particular facility now it's not clear again, as i say, it's not clear from these picture, exactly what has been targeted today but what we do know and what I've heard confirmed from sources in baghdad is there were smaller communications facilities have been targeted. It appears coalition forces have used smaller munitions to target these, perhaps again trying to reduce collateral damage, wolf. 3E835F42.JPG

You know, A.P., "The associated press" is now reporting from baghdad, nick that buildings close to the information ministry appear to have been hit, sending a huge plume of smoke skyward. This is the information ministry where you spent hours and hours, days and days doing your reports from. This is an area you're quite familiar with. It doesn't say the information ministry itself was hit but it says buildings close to the information ministry. What kind of buildings surround the information ministry.

At least at the back of the information ministry, an area that's at least perhaps a quarter of a mile long, that's the beginning of a huge complex of houses, compartment houses -- 3E835F71.JPG

Kevin: All right, we are continuing to monitor these pictures. You hear nic robertson who's actually in jordan, having been expelled by the iraqi officials but you can see the large plumes of smoke that continue to drift over baghdad at this hour. Several explosions in the last couple minutes. We have tape of the one that triggered us going on air. It was a substantial one and if cnn is correct, it was aimed at the information ministry, that is not very far from the, from where this camera location is located. I too have been at that building. It is a large building. It's approximately eight to ten storeys high and it is where all of the central information is collected in baghdad. It's where western reporters have to file their stories from, it's where international media is monitored. It is also the central place where briefings are held. So it's a fairly significant building in iraq's ability to be able to explain its side of the story to the world. And it would seem that if cnn's early reporting is correct, that it was the target of one -- at least one of the strikes. It was on the strike zone and it was one of the places that was considered to be a likely point of target. It has not been hit directly, although the americans have hit iraqi television towers and the sort, but this, if it 3E835FBB.JPGis that building, this would be an attempt to try to control and perhaps shut down the ability of iraqi television to provide some the images that we have seen in the past couple of days of the injuredded in and around baghdad. I mentioned the iraqis consider that to be about 4,000 people but so far the only confirmation of deaths that we have had from eyewitnesses is at least 15 people in a market in southern baghdad yesterday. So we'll continue to keep an eye on this situation, return you to regular programming and interrupt it again if it becomes necessary. This is kevin newman from obobal's national news centre.

This has been breaking news from the "global national" news room. 3E835FEC.JPG

Rex: Listen, I am human just like you, all right? There's nothing alien about me or my brain.

Professor bahlah: Calm down, rex. It was a joke. See what I mean? Your humor definitely needs work. But academically, the sky's the limit. Together with your early graduation, I could get you enrolled in the doctoral program.

Rex: Eh, I'm bored with college and book learning. I have bigger and better plans.

Professor bahlah: May I ask what?

Rex: Experimental research.

Professor bahlah: In what area?

Rex: For now, that's top secret, professor. But if everything wos s out like I think it will, people are going to be blown away. 3E836011.JPG

Mimi: There's no big secret.

Cassie: Could have fooled me.

Mimi: Shawn and belle are boyfriend and girlfriend. Plus they're putting a lot of bad stuff behind them. That's why she wants to make him happy, and they don't need any more interference from you. Get it?

Cassie: Well, I wasn't asking you, anyway. I was asking belle.

Belle: Right. Like I'm gonna talk to you about my relationship with shawn.

Cassie: But I'm your sister. You're supposed to tell me everything.

Belle: Shawn's my boyfriend, and I don't want you to have anything to do with him. Do you understand?

Cassie: No, I don't understand. Why are you being so cold to me? All I do is try and have a relationship with you, and I get nothing from you but dirty looks. 3E83603D.JPG

Belle: What? Maybe because you're always crossing the line. You always put what you want in front of other people's feelings, and I just can't stand it anymore. Look, we may be sisters, but that doesn't mean we have to like each other. Or, for that matter, even talk to each other, so why don't you stay out of my life, and I'll stay out of yours? Does that work for you?

Cassie: [ Chuckles ]

Marlena: Do you have so little faith in me?

John: As long as tony dimera is involved in our lives and has access to my wife --

Marlena: Tony is not going to hurt the mother of his children.

John: You don't honestly believe that fatherhood has reformed tony. Come on, you're not that naive. 3E836063.JPG

Marlena: It isn't about what I believe. This one's about you. You're convinced that tony is going to take me away from you, that tony is going to steal away the woman you love the same way you stole kristen away from him. That's what this is all about.

Jack: This is big, jennifer. This is really big. I am telling you --

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: Carson palmer is only the tip of the iceberg. If we establish that there's corruption much, much higher in the criminal justice system --

Jennifer: Then we are not only looking at a pulitzer, we are looking at helping make salem a safer place to raise our family. 3E836096.JPG

Jack: Right.

Jennifer: But let me tell you something. It's not gonna be easy. Palmer isoso slick, jack.

Jack: Don't worry about him. We can get him. We can crack this story, because there's no better team in journalism -- or anywhere else.

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Harold: Even more research on our illustrious district attorney. I think you'll find it very interesting.

Jennifer: Harold, you are the best.

Jack: Yes, harold. Thank you.

Harold: Who am I to disagree?

Jack: I knew that palmer was a hell of a fund raiser, but look at these -- these numbers. 3E83618E.JPG

Jennifer: And he hasn't accounted for all the money he's raised, jack. So where'd the rest go, huh? Kickbacks, bribes?

Jack: There's only one way to find out what our crooked D.A.'S up to. Just a minute.

Jennifer: Oh.

Jack: We're gonna shine a little light on him.

Jennifer: Let's go. Lights...

Jack: Out.

Cassie: Great. It's great. You want me to never speak to you again? It'll be my pleasure.

Belle: No, no, no. The pleasure is almimine, I assure you. You have no idea how much I'm gonna love not having to listen to you go on and on about how even though you have zero experience in life, you just happen to know better than anyone else about everything. 3E8361B3.JPG

Rex: What's going on here?

Cassie: Oh, nothing. Nothing. You see, belle's just yelling at me again. It's her favorite pastime. Haven't you heard?

Belle: My favorite pastime? Cassie, it gives me a headache. You give me a headache.

Cassie: Poor isabella. You see, she just can't stand the sibling rivalry. She's just acting like a child.

Belle: No, cassie, the only child here is you -- a child that never seems to learn her lesson. And if you don't start trying to talk some sense into her, she's going to be making those mistakes we're all going to regret.

Csisie: The only mistake I've ever made was thinking you were my friend.

Belle: Cassie, who could be your friend? The only person you think about is yourself. 3E8361D0.JPG

Cassie: Who could stand being your friend when all you do is bore everybody to death with your stupidectures?

Belle: You think you're so great, don't you, just because tony dimera gave you an unlimited bank account. Wow, all that mone and no boundaries. Too bad that's a lethal combination. Too bad you are so clueless, you can't see you're headed for a total disaster.

John:His situation -- it's got absolutely nothing to do with me and tony and kristen.

Marlena: Oh, really?

John: Oh, really. And don't kid yourself into thinking that tony's motives are beyond suspicion. For months, all he has done is use those twins as bait to get closer to you. And now that he's finally reeling you in, you refuse to see it. 3E8361FA.JPG

Marlena: What if he's trying to be a good parent, do what's right for his family?

John: Listen, if you want to give tony the benefit of the doubt because he is the twins' father, I understand that. But if you don't open your eyes and see what he is doing, if you just keep on trusting him while he uses you to get everything he wants... doc, you're being so damn foolish.

Cassie: I don't have to listen to this. I'm gonna go find chaz and have some fun.

Belle: That's another one of your great moves -- hanging out with a guy who only wants to sleep with you and then tell everyone about it. Go have some fun, cassie. And while you're at it, grab a few drinks. 3E8362BB.JPG

Cassie: I don't care what you think. Okay? I don't care what any of you think.

Rex: I'll talk to her.

Mimi: That was intense. You okay?

Belle: Yeah, I'm fine now that she's gone.

Mimi: Oh, boy, are you and cassie ever going to get along?

Cassie: Belle had no right to say those things about me. She is the one who's out of control, and she has been ever since she found out that marlena was our mother.

Rex: Okay, that may be true, but she still could have a point about this chaz guy.

Cassie: Rex, you don't even know him. He's cute and he's fun. He likes me. 3E8362E1.JPG

Rex: And he drinks too much. Cassie, you can do better. All right? There are other good-looking fun guys out there.

Cassie: You didn't want me dating shawn, and now you don't want me dating chaz. I just think you don't want me to have a boyfriend at all, do you?

Rex: I want you to have the right boyfriend.

Cassie: Well, your idea of right may not be mine. Does that ever occur to you? I mean, we may be twins, but we're two separate people. Rex, I need to find out who I am. Me -- cassie dimera.

Rex: By hanging out with jerks?

Cassie: By living and exploring and experiencing anything that I can. If I want to do that with chaz, it's my business. 3E836303.JPG

Rex: I'm worried about you.

Cassie: Rex, ever since we came here, we've been r a and cassie, like we're one person. But we're not. I need to find out who I am, separate from you.

Rex: careful.

Cassie: I know what I'm doing.

Belle: You know what, mimi? I don't think cassie and i will ever be close -- not in this lifetime, anyway. Cassie, are you telling me that your feelings for shawn have gone beyond the crush phase?

Cassie: We've grown so close now because we've shared so much with each other. The only other relationship I've ever had like that is with rex.

Belle: So you're saying you see shawn as more of a brother. 3E836348.JPG

Cassie: I'd call him more of a best friend, which is a relief.

Belle: Yeah. Um... has shawn confided in you on what he's going through right now?

Cassie: Mm-hmm.

Belle: Really.

Cassie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, but you did say we should be honest. Listenhoney, don't yell in my face.

Belle: Oh, you think this is yelling? 'Cause you haven't even begun to hear me yell.

Rex: Belle, stop.

Belle: No, no, she is a manipulative liar. You knew what shawn did, and you used it to get closer to him.

Cassie: I helped him. 3E836367.JPG

Belle: Cassie, everything you have done has made this worse. How can you not see that?

Cassie: Everything I've done is for his own good. I would never hurt shawn. He's all I care about.

Belle: I am onto you, cassie, and it's over. Do you understand me? I'm not going to let you get away with this. Cassie. You have been after shawn since the night you and rex crash-landed at that lookout point.

Cassie: Shawn gave me life that night, belle. Something magical happened when we kissed.

Belle: It wasn't a kiss. It was mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. And since that night, you've been embarrassing yourself with one desperate needy act after another. 3E83638C.JPG

Cassie: Really, this is hilarious. Who is acting desperate and needy now?

Belle: You managed to manipulate shawn into not telling his parents or me about the shooting just because you wanted to keep it some romantic little secret! Cassie, because of your selfishness and stupidity, shawn could end up in jail for the rest of his life. And if that does happen, this whole thing is your fault. Have you been drinking?

Cassie: What I do is none of your business.

Belle: Cassie --

Cassie: Look, you're just jealous because I have a guy who wants me, and you can't even get to first base with swnwn, no matter how hard you try. 3E8363AD.JPG

Belle: Fine. Do whatever you want.

Cassie: I will. You see the worst in me no matter what I do, so why don't you just mind your own business and leave me alone to have a good time?

Belle: I am not going to let cassie get in my way, and I am especially not going to let cassie ruin my night with shawn.

Cassie: Hey. Have you seen chaz?

Woman: No. Buyoyou got totally wasted last night. How's your head?

Cassie: Fine. Chaz gave me something that worked.

Woman: A little hair of the dog?

Cassie: Yeah.

Woman: If you need more, I got it covered. 3E8363DE.JPG

Jack: Okay. You stay right here. I'll make sure that the coast is clear.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: [ Gasps ] Ha ha.

Man: Atat are you doing here?

Jack: Whew! Me? I'm a process server. I was -- I couldn't deliver one of the summons that the D.A. Gave me today. You know, trying to get close to this guy, and he just pulls the disappearing act. You know how it is. Anyway, I was hoping to leave the district attorney a note, let him know I'll try again tomorrow.

Man: He's gone for the night.

Jack: Well, I was hoping you could be a pal and unlock his door, let me leave him a note. 3E8363FD.JPG

Man: The offices are closed.

Jack: I know. That's why I was hoping you could open it.

Man: No exceptions.

Jack: Palmer won't be happy.

Man: Call his voicemail -- from outside the building.

Jack: Right. Right. Excellent idea. Very good.

Jennifer: All right. Never send a man to do a woman's job.

Jack: Right. Wait -- ahh.

Jack: Very good.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Jack: Excellent work.

Jack: Okay. Look out.

Jack: Two for two. Very good.

Jennife all right, come on. I have an idea.

[Music throughout] 3E8364BE.JPG

After hitting two major canadian cities, sars has now spread. Shutting down a toronto school and an emergency ward, where do canadians turn? Where it began. When it'll stop. Tonight's global national.

Marlena: I can't argue any more tonight. I'm going out for a walk. I need to clear my head.

John: What are you doing?

Marlena: I'm looking for a tracking device. I'd like to think that I can actually go out for a walk without being monitored.

John: There is no tracking device on you now.

Marlena: Well, how could I believe you? How could I believe you ever again?

Mimi: Hey, there you are. Did you talk any sense into that girl? 3E8364FF.JPG

Rex: No. The more I try and help her, the more she resents me.

Belle: Tell me about it.

Rex: So what do we do?

Belle: You can do whatever you want. I'm going to stay away from her and hope that she learns from her mistakes.

Cassie: Nice and cold. Thank you.

Woman: Anytime. Enjoy.

Professor bahlah: Cassie, have you seen your brother?

Cassie: Yes, he's upstairs.

Professor bahlah: Are you hiding something?

Cassie: No.

Professor bahlah: What's behind your back? A beer. You know, this dorm has a no-tolerance policy regarding alcohol. 3E83652C.JPG

Cassie: I can explain.

Professor bahlah: There is no explanation. I'll have to report this. You will be kicked out of hartley house.

Cassie: No, that's not fair.

Jennifer: All right. We really rattled palmer's cage this time, didn't we?

Jack: My guess is he wasted

t time in calling ms. Annendell to warn her.

Jennifer: Yeah, let's make sure he didn't make any calls afterwards. 'Cause all I have to do is push "redial."

Jack: Very good.

[ Telephone dialing ]

[ Telephone rings ]

Woman: Good evening. Club echelon.

Jack: That's a gentlemen's club.

Jennifer: How do you know? 3E83654E.JPG

Jack: Uh...I-I -- I got this source. He used toang out there, but not anymore. Anyway, I'm gonna go check it out.

Jennifer: No, wait! I think that I should go with you on this one, jack.

Jack: You got to go get abigail. I'll meet you at home later. Wish me luck.

Jennifer: No! No luck with the ladies.

Jack: You are the only lady that I wish to get lucky with.

Jennifer: Good answer.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Jack: We got all the luck in the world.

Jennifer: Oh, please be careful, jack. Please be careful.

Belle: Make love to me, shawn. 3E836580.JPG

Brady: Chloe, what's wrong?

Chloe: Something's happened to my sister. Joy!

Woman: Welcome to echelon.

Tony: I like what I see so far.

Jack: [ Shouting ]

Maria: Does this work for you?

Claire: Oh, yes,

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