Days Transcript Wednesday 3/26/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday  3/26/03--Canada; 3/27/03--USA

By Eric

In a minute. 3E8206D9.JPG

Eugenia: Well, gee, you're not your charming self today, sami.

Matter, problems with the boyfriend?

Sami: No, and my personal life is none of your business.

Eugenia: Oops, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry. It's just the hospital staff -- we've got a pool going. See,oney is on you and brandon breaking up.

Sami: Well, I wouldn't bet the farm yet, genie. Brandon and i just moved in together, so we couldn't be happier.

Eugenia: Oh, that's wonderful, sami, but I wonder how happy he'd be if he knew how far you've gone to keep your claws in him. I bet that would bring the odds of you two staying together all the way down to... not a chance in hell. 3E820706.JPG

Brandon: Hey.

Lexie: Hello, brandon.

Brandon: Everything all right?

Lexie: Yep. Fine. Just here for my checkup.

Brandon: Oh. Well, let me know how it goes, all right?

Lexie: No, not all right.

Brandon: What's wrong with you?

Lexie you are the one with the problem.

Bart: Your guests are here, boss.

Tony: Guests?

Bart: Well, one guest and one entourage, if one person can be called an entourage.

Tony: Just show them in, bart.

Bart: Yes, I'll just show them in. Okay. 3E820737.JPG

Tony: Victor! So nice of you to come... and so promptly.

Victor: One can never be too punctual.

Tony: Nor too careful, apparently.

Victor: Just exercising caution.

Tony: Caution, yes -- the single most essential form of exercise. You may leave, bart.

Bart: Are you sure, boss? 'Cause I could --

Tony: Just wait outside.

Victor: Nico. So, what's this all about?

Tony: Oh, so much for pleasantries.

Victor: The message we got from your man was you had something of the utmost urgency to discuss.

Tony: Oh, bart has a penchant for melodrama. He tends to exaggerate. 3E82075B.JPG

Victor: Get to the point, dimera. I don't like games.

Tony: Oh, that's a shame. I was hoping I could entice you in a game of billiards -- bit of friendly competition before we get down to more serious matters.

Victor: All right but I should warn you -- I take competition very seriously.

Jennifer: Oh, this looks good. Okay, three and four are good.

Harold: Okay.

Jennifer: What -- what is this ad? I can't even read it.

Harold: Ooh... wow, that's tiny.

Jennifer: Yes. You know, that's too tiny. Tell ed that I understand he wants to squeeze copy, but if our readers go blind, we're going to be out of a job. 3E820780.JPG

Harold: All right, I'll tell him to reprint it. Anything else?

Jennifer: Uh, yes -- a one-way ticket to hawaii booked for me, please.

Harold: Oh, okay. I-I'll call transportation. We'll get right on --

Jennifer: Harold, I'm kidding. I'm kidding! It was a joke. It just sounds good.

Harold: It does. I'll get to work on these changes.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Harold: No problem.

Hope: Hey, harold! How are you?

Harold: Good. How are you?

Hope: I'm great, thanks.

Jennifer: Hey, cuz. What a nice surprise.

Hope: I brought lunch. I hope you haven't eaten. 3E82079C.JPG

Jennifer: No time to eat. I'm glad you came by. Otherwise, I would never stop.

Hope: Feeling a little overwhelmed, huh? But isn't it worth it? You're doing such a great job.

Jennifer: Thank you. But this is my life -- proofreading copy and fixing grammatically incorrect headlines.

Hope: Oh, come on! You do a lot -- so much more than that. You and jack, you're out there in the trenches.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, we are. We like to consider ourselves crusaders.

Hope: Well, you know what? You are -- crusaders for the truth. You know, everyone in my family is doing such great work. I mean, you and jack, bo -- you're really making a difference in the world. 3E8207BC.JPG

Jennifer: And you're not. Is that where this is going?

Hope: I feel like I'm watching from the sidelines.

Jennifer: That is not true. Don't minimize who you are and what you do. You make a big difference to zack and your family and your friends, and just because you're not working right now doesn't mean --

Hope: It's not just that, though. It's just --

[ Sighs ] Don't get me wrong, okay? I love being a mom. It is the most important thing in the entire world to me, and you know that. But let's face it, I mean, zack is -- he's getting older. Yeah. He's less dependent, he's almost ready for preschool, and I just feel like there's something else I can contribute. 3E8207E1.JPG

Jennifer: There is, and I have an amazing idea. Are you interested in any freelance work?

Hope: What? You mean here? Oh, forget it. I can't write.

Jennifer: No, but you're a detective! And we have an amazing mystery that needs to be solved.

Jack: Bo.

Bo: Hey. What do you got for me, jack? It sounded important.

Jack: It is, but, uh, I think we should talk in private.

Bo: Yeah. Let's go in abe's office.

Jack: All right, what we're about to discuss is completely off the record. Now, I know that you're putting your badge on the line by working with me -- 3E820812.JPG

Bo: Innocent people are dying, jack -- kids shawn's age and younger. It's got to stop.

Jack: Damn right. And I believe that if we work together, if we pool our talents and resources, we could break this wide open.

Bo: Let's do it. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

And coreageous, and we e honoured to have them by our side.

[ Applause ]:7 /e| ?Wo?Oz eceived an average refund of $1,120.

Tony: Three rails, kissed both balls with position. That was an elegant stroke.

Victor: That shot was a lot easier than it looked. 3E820909.JPG

Tony: No, it wasn'T. But tell me, victor, in the words of one of our great cinematic characters -- am I being set up?

Victor: Well, let me put it this way -- you're a nice boy who's gotten in with some bad company.

Tony: Too bad. So, you're a fan of "the hustler."

Victor: One of my favorite films.

Tony: We have something in common.

Victor: Now who's doing the hustling?

Tony: Ha ha. Just keeping up with the competiti. Obviously, you've had more than a passing acquaintance with this game.

Victor: Some of my fondest memories are of lazy afternoons spent in the seediest of pool halls. 3E82093B.JPG

Tony: In greece?

Victor: No, I was referring to my earlier years in salem, before my family moved back to its humble beginnings.

Tony: Ah. And you made your fortune.

Victor: I was determined to make something of myself, even if m meant sacrifices.

Tony: You know, it may seem strange, but sometimes I envy those sacrifices.

Victor: Don't let the poets fool you. There is nothing romantic about poverty.

Tony: Maybe not, but it's also quite difficult to develop your own mettle when everything's been served to you with a silver spoon.

Victor: Ah, finally -- my chance at match point. Don't sell yourself short, tony. You may have inherited the dimera organization, but you've taken it in new directions, to heights that stefano never dreamed of. 3E820973.JPG

Tony: So you've heard of the diversifications of my family's business.

Victor: Far more impressive than your skills at billiards.

Tony: Well... you are the victor. Well played.

Victor: Same to you.

Tony: Cognac?

Victor: Please.

Tony: Well, you'll enjoy this one -- from my private reserve.

Victor: Nothing better than a fine cognac.

Tony: Except when it's accompanied by an equally fine cigar.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Tony: There. Please...

Tony: So, would you care for one?

Victor: Thank you. I must say I'm surprised. 3E8209AB.JPG

Tony: About what?

Victor: Well, that our little visit has turned into such a welcome respite from a trying week.

Tony: Hmm. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of problems have you been having?

Victor: Familial, mostly. Bo's been particularly troubled lately.

Tony: Yes, it must be very painful for him, having his son arrested.

Victor: Well, it was very trying for all of us. Thank god that's all over now. Shawn's back in school, getting on with his life, putting it all behind him. Bo shifted his focus to a recent spate of gang violence here in salem.

Tony: Rampant problem, I understand. Almost impossible to control. 3E8209D8.JPG

Victor: Yes, well, according to bo, the local gangs are now being controlled by some underworld kingpin.

Victor: You wouldn't know anything about that, would you, tony?

Bo: This can't go on, jack. I mean, we make an arrest. Next thing you know, they're on the street. It's like we got a revolving door in our booking room.

Jack: That's what I've been hearing from my contacts.

Bo: There's got to be someone insidehehe department who's helping these punks beat their raps, or having their cases thrown out altogether. I'll bet you anything it's an inside job.

Jack: This is a theory, mind you. I don't have any proof yet, but what if it's not somody inside the police department? 3E820A05.JPG

Bo: What are you thinking?

Jack: What if it's somebody inside the D.A.'S office?

Bo: Carson palmer. Of course.

Hope: Carson palmer? Why would you want to investiga him?

Jennifer: Listen, jack and i have reason to believe that carson palmer is now on the payroll for some new big crime boss that has set up shop in town.

Hope: Really? Do you have evidence to support that?

Jennifer: Yeah. You should see the life he's been living -- blue note for dinner, champagne, caviar.

Hope: You're kidding.

Jennifer: Mnh-mnh.

Hope: Actually, that might tie into something bo found out from his informant. You know what? Tell me more. 3E820A2F.JPG

Jennifer: Well, anyway, he was with this woman -- his date -- and jack kept looking at her, and he thought she looked so familiar.

Hope: He couldn't place her?

Jennifer: Not for the life of him, and when he asked palmer who she was, he wouldn't talk.

Hope: Meaning he doesn't want people to know about her.

Jennifer: Right, so i followed her to the bathroom and I tried to steal her wallet --

Hope: You got to be kidding.

Jennifer: No, but I wasn't fast enough, unfortunately.

Hope: So you didn't get it?

Jennifer: No, but I was thinking maybe...

Hope: Maybe if we pull all the photos of palmer from the "spectator" archives, we might just find out if he's been with her before.

Jennifer: Are we in sync, or what? I was just about to open that database. 3E820A4E.JPG

Hope: Let's take a peek.

Jennifer: Follow me, cousin. Come on over.

Hope: Okay, mr. District attorney, what are you hiding?

Eugenia: Better put a leash on your man, sami. Looks like no matter what you do, brandon can't help but sniff around lexie carver. Maybe it's his paternal instinct kicking in.

Sami: Shut up.

Eugenia: Well, he obviously senses something even if he doesn't know, and sooner or later, he is going to find out the truth -- that he is the day of that baby.

Sami: Would you just keep your damn voice down?

Eugenia: And what do you think the odds are that he'll ever forgive y f for switching the paternity test, for screwing around with his life? You know, my money is on you two breaking up today... maybe even before the sun goes down. See ya, sami. 3E820A86.JPG

Lexie: Brandon, you're obsessed with my baby and I want to know why.

Brandon: I'm not obsessed.

Lexie: Oh, no? Then how about you explain your behavior to me? First you showed up at my lamaze class, then at the blue note and chastised me for staying out too late, like some crazed mother hen. Then you practically yelled at me when you thought I was drinking, which was offensive and embarrassing. In fact, at first, I thought you were the one who was drinking.

Brandon: I overreacted. I apologized for that.

Lexie: You're going to be a fixture in my lamaze class. Now don't give me some crap about how that poor, innocent woman needs a companion, okay? You're doing it so you can be around me and my baby. 3E820AAE.JPG

Brandon: Because I care.

Lexie: Well, then you care too much. I did a paternity test, remember? Abe is the father... and he's my husband. This isn't your child, so if you really do care about me, I am asking you, brandon -- I am begging you -- to please just stop, okay? For me, for the family I'm going to have, please, just give this up, oy?Y?

Sami: Well, what do you know? Wherever brandon is, you manage to find him. I think they call that stalking.

It's your one source. The war desk of cns. For newspaper, television, on-line information. It means you understand it when you look to "global national" with kevin newman. 3E820B5B.JPG

Brandon: Samantha, look, we're having a private discussion here.

Sami: Exactly my point. You two shouldn't have anything private to discuss.

Lexie: Oh, I am so sick of being dragged into the middle of sami brady's paranoid little universe. We'll talk about this some other time, okay?

Brandon: Fine.

Lexie: You know, sami, you really should invest more energy into keeping your man satisfd.D.

Sami: What?!

Lexie: Maybe then he'd keep a little more distance from me and my baby, instead of popping up in the most inappropriate places.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Lexie: Oh... brandon hasn't told you. Well, he's now attending my lamaze classes. 3E820B8A.JPG

Sami: What?

Lexie: Mm-hmm. Standing in as another woman's partner. You know, holding her hand while she practices her breathing, helping her through her oh-so-painful fake contractions. Heartwarming, isn't it?

Sami: Why, brandon?

Lexie: Well, I don't know what the two of you are doing when you're "playing house," but it's obviously not enough for brandon.

Bo: Oh, man, if palmer is behind the surge in street crime, it goes along with what my informant said.

Jack: Which was?

Bo: There's a new power player here in salem. He's bringing together the gangs. Man, I've been trying to I.D. The guy, but I did not figure on palmer. 3E820BBB.JPG

Jack: Well, maybe carson palmer's on this new crime boss's payroll.

Bo: Can you back up your accusation? I mean, why do you suspect the D.A.?

Jack: Well, look at the way he's been acting lately. It was like 3-card monte -- the way he went after me, the way he handled shawn's case, then larry welch's case, and then this press conference.

Bo: What press conference?

Jack: Just the other day. I mean, it was totally self-serving. He's going on and on about how cre e rates are dropping. Blah, blah, blah. It just didn't add up. So I go back to my office and I give a good hard look at all of his numbers. They were totally distorted. 3E820BDE.JPG

Bo: Sounds like every politician I know -- fuzzy math in their favor.

Jack: No, no, no, bo. Not fuzzy, completely distorted. Out of focus. He's gone to great lengths to hide the fact that street crime is up and his prosecution of it is down.

Bo: So you think someone in the D.A.'S office -- more than likely, our buddy palmer -- is helping these criminals skate through the system without a scratch.

Jac e exactly.

Bo: How are you going to prove this?

Jack: That's where you come in.

Tony: Hmm... new crime boss in salem? Beneath my radar, I'm afraid. It's the first I've heard of it. 3E820C06.JPG

Victor: I see.

Tony: But if I come across any intelligence, I certainly will share it with you. Would you like another cognac?

Victor: How about you get to the point?

Tony: I beg your pardon?

Victor: You didn't invite me here to play billiards or to sip cognac or to discuss our fortunes, inherited or otherwise. You backed off your vendetta against larry welch, and I owe you. So call in your favor. I'm ready.

Tony: Good. Then here it is.

Tony: And this is what I want.

Victor: There's no way in hell. o9?Oky/wyux; w ww?On. c?Y

Lexie: So, sami, I'm advising you to keep brandon real busy at home -- you know, rent some interesting movies, drag out the board games, take plenty of aspirin for those headaches, if you get my drift. You just do whatever it takes to keep him occupied. Otherwise, you are going to lose him for good. 3E820CF5.JPG

Sami: All this time, I thought she was chasing you, but she's telling you to stay away, and you won'T... or can'T. Brandon, talk to me. I think I deserve to know what is going on. What is lexie to you? What is her baby to you?

Brandon: Samantha, you are blowing this way out of proportion.

Sami: I don't think so. You're in her lamaze class. It's not like you're running into her at the mall.

Brandon: I'm helping someone out.

Sami: Oh, right -- a pregnant mother who has no husband. Like that's some big cause for you now -- single moms-to-be.

Brandon: It's not a big deal. 3E820D1B.JPG

Sami: Yes, it is. I feel like you're slipping away from me. What if lexie's right? What if I lose you because of that baby?

Brandon: Why would you think that?

Sami: Because you can't stay away from her and her baby now. Who's to say you ever will?

Brandon: Maybe you're the one who can't let it go, samantha.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Brandon: You know lexie and I slept together.

Sami: Right, and I'm dealing with it.

Brandon: Yeah, but can you deal with the situation now?

Sami: What situation?

Brandon: Abe and lexie had fertility problems. No one ever thought they would be able to conceive. 3E820D3C.JPG

Sami: Why are you bringing this up now?

Brandon: 'Cause I'm wondering if you're having suspicions all over again about my being the father of lexie's baby.

Victor: You disappoint me.

Tony: And why ithat?

Victor: I always admired your intelligence, but you can't be very bright if you thought I'd ever agree to such a thing.

Tony: But you have already agreed, victor.

Victor: Not to this, I haven'T.

Tony: To whatever the hell I say. There is no negotiation. A debt is owed, and it must be paid. Your honor's at stake.

Hope: Okay, first, this article I was looking at before -- let's take a look at that first. 3E820D68.JPG

Jennifer: Okay.

Hope: Here, check this out. Look at that. Our D.A. Was a boy wonder.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, when he ran for office, he was, sure.

Hope: Yeah, talk about good press, huh?

Jennifer: Oh, believe me, he can make political connections better than anyone. But where is the woman that was at the blue note?

Hope: I don't know. You know what? Let's narrow the search. Let's just pull up all the photos of palmer's press conferences. Maybe that's where jack saw her before.

Jennifer: All right. It's worth a try. Oh, look, there's that -- that, uh, defense attorney. 3E820D82.JPG

Hope: Yeah, what's her name?

Jennifer: You know, I can't think of it. Uhh h -- that's her. Can you make that larger?

Hope: Are you sure?

Jennifer: Yeah, enlarge that for me, please. That -- that is her. Yes. It's -- different hair, but that is her face. I'm sure of it, hope.

Hope: All right, I tell you what -- let's put this on a disk, bring it to the police station, okay? Maybe bo has it in one of the police files.

Jennifer: Yeah. Perfect. We are going to find out exactly who this woman is.

Bo: I -- palmer's been breathing down my neck for months, and now he's after roman, too. Just a matter of time before he tries to bury us. 3E820DA3.JPG

Jack: Not if we get him first.

Carson: Something you'd like to say to me, gentlemen?

[ Qcx a

Bo: Hey, jack, looky there. It's our buddy carson palmer. If you came barging in here looking for abe --

Carson: No, actually. You'll do, and I am so happy to see that a member of the press iserere as well, because this is on the record.

Jack: Oh, my pen is poised.

Carson: The gang member that killed that innocent young wells boy in the drive-by -- I intend to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.

Bo: No. You're actually going after a criminal? Jack, stop the presses. 3E820E88.JPG

Carson: Just what the hell are you getting at, brady?

Bo: If you had been doing your job, this particular criminal would have stayed behind bars and never had the chance to kill an innocent kid.

Jack: No, no, look, as long as we're on the record here, carson, how would you comment on the faulty figures you used to spin your conviction record in criminal cases? I mean, drive-by shootings aside. You don't seem all that tough on gang-related violence.

Carson: You print that trash, and I will sue you and the "spectator" for libel.

Jack: I think you're forgetting freedom of the press and a little thing called the constitution. 3E820EA6.JPG

Carson: Well, the first amendment won't protect you -- not if you try to run that ridiculous theory.

Jack: Ridiculous? I'll tell you what's ridiculous -- your numbers from your press conference. Here's a headline for you -- "D.A. Fails math 101. The numbers don't add up." We're going to have a little sidebar, maybe show people that you really are soft on crime. A little clip art -- could be real spiffy.

Carson: You want charts? You want statistics? Why don't you take a good look at your pals right here at the salem P.D.?

Bo: Now, hold on. There's no way you're pinning this on the salem P.D. 3E820EC6.JPG

Carson: If the brady brothers spent a little less time protecting their own asses and more time out on the streets, perhaps ben wells wouldn't be dead right now.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no, no.

That -- that's libel, and if bo here wants to press charges, he's got a willing witness in me.

Carson: Just stating the facts, mr. Deveraux.

Bo: Fact. You're finished here? Get the hell out of my station.

Carson: Your station? Oh, right -- you're a big hotshot cop. I almost forgot. Your station.

Jack: I'm watching you, mr. Palmer... pen poised. Remember that. 3E820EEA.JPG

Carson: You want to see my prosecution record soar? Well, you and your friend the bradys so much as jaywalk, and you'll become one of my crime statistics so fast you won't be able to say "freedom of the press."

Bo: That arrogant son --

Jack: Bo, wait a minute. It's not worth it. We'll go after him, just not now.

Bo: Yeah.

Jennifer: Hey. What was palmer doing here?

Jack: Oh, he just came to brag 'cause he's finally going after ben wells' killer.

Hope: Are you okay?

Bo: I'll be much beerer when we nail that bastard.

Hope: Well, we may just have the evidence to do that, brady.

Sami: Brandon, why would you ask if I think that you're the father of lexie's baby? I mean, you don't think that. 3E820F16.JPG

Brandon: No. I mean, of course not. The paternity test proved otherwise.

Sami: Well, then, why did you ask me that?

Brandon: Because you're always so paranoid about my reactions to lexie, my concern about her and the baby, and I just -- I don't get it.

Sami:Llll right, stop. I don't want to talk about lexie, her pregnancy, or that baby anymore. I'm sick of it, and I'm sick of her, and I really wish you were, too. I really wish that you would just hang up the phone when she calls, and for god's sakes, you have to stop going to that lamaze class. I mean, you have to stay away from that woman. 3E820F34.JPG

Brandon: I'm sorry. I can't do that... and I won'T. I'm C.C. Ecole holy cross school is now accepting registrations for their late french immersion program entry in grade 7. The school is ideal for non-bilingual families. They are having an open house this evening 7:30 pm . Call 489-19-81.****** Edmonton christian school is now accepting registration for the 2003-2004 school year. They welcome children from all christian backgrounds and levels of ability. The school is located at 143 st. And 109 ave. Call 476-62-81.*****The alberta school for the deaf will be an open house this evening from 7 to 8 pm. Everyone is welcome to stop by and see what deaf education is all about., The school is located at 62-40-113 st. Call 439-33-23.*****The edmonton art gallery's popular series, after dark is making history. This years event avant-garde provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to tour the masters works. Join them on friday at 7 pm. Concert start starts at 9 pm. For ticket and more info call 422-62-23. ***And the st. Albert senior citizen's club is having their annual general meeting on friday 10 am in the auditorium. If you are interested in attending call 459-043.*****That's all for now. Enjoy the rest of you wed. E lots of simple waysto save energy. 3E821011.JPG

Sami: Okay, fine. Go to lexie's lamaze class. Whdodon't you be there in the delivery room when she actually goes into labor? You could -- you could wipe the sweat off her brow and -- and tell her to push just one more time.

Brandon: Stop, stop. Just stop.

Sami: No, I don't know what I'm suppos to do, brandon. I don't know how to handle you anymore.

Brandon: I don't need to be handled, damn it.

Sami: That is not what --

Brandon: I work in a hospital, and part of that is helping people. This woman in the lamaze class needs a partner, and I'm not going to turn my back on her.

Sami: Great, so you are so noble and wonderful and you deserve a freaking medal. But why do you have to be the hero of lexie's lamaze class? Why can't you find some other lonely woman inin some other lamaze class and hold her hand? 3E821035.JPG

Brandon: See, I don't understand why you're freaking out, samantha. Is there something you're not telling me?

Sami: No, what -- what is that supposed to mean? I am freaking out because that's what people do when they feel threatened, when they feel that the person they love is -- is acting like they don't care. It's torture. I just -- I love you so much, and... I don't know what I would do without you.

Brandon: Come here. Come here. I love you.

Sami: I just wish I knew that.

Brandon: Hey. It's you that I want to see every night before I go to bed, every morning when I wake up. Only you. 3E821075.JPG

Sami: Really? Lexie's wrong? I am enough for you?

Brandon: More than enough. More than I could have ever hoped for. 'R're okay.

Victor: I'll think about it.

Tony: I have a better idea. Why don't we settle this matter over billiards?

Victor: You've got yourself a game.

Tony: Good.

Victor: Tell me, tony, do you believe in theeaead speaking to the living?

Tony: I never really thought about it, to tell you the truth.

Victor: Hmm.

Tony: Must be a reason why you asked me that question.

Tony: That's a good shot.

Victor: Thank you. I had an odd experience earlier at the hospital. I was there visiting with my grandson. He was there to see his girlfriend chloe. For a moment, I felt that my late daughter was speaking to me. Maybe I was projecting my inner thoughts because I was at a crossroads in my life. Iz always thought that I was a much better man than I am. 3E8210DB.JPG

Tony: Well, I can relate to that. The mother of my children looks upon me now expecting the world now that I'm a father -- expects me to reform, I suppose. But I'm very happy with the way my life is. I know exactly what I want and how to get it. And yet...

Victor: And yet?

Tony: Hearing a woman's voice in one's head -- that can be quite a powerful inducement.

Jennifer: Bringing it up -- okay, here we go.

Bo: Here we are.

Jennifer: That's it. That's her. That is the woman that was with carson palmer at the blue note.

Bo: Perfect. Now all we have to do is crosscheck our files. 3E821118.JPG

Jennifer: Okay.

[ Gasps ] Oh...

Jack: Bingo. That's it.

Tony: Well, you seem to be having a run of luck.

Victor: Why do I get the feeling that luck has nothing to do with it?

[ Knock on door ]

Bart: Sorry to interrupt, boss. Just wanted to make sure our services weren't needed.

Tony: Oh, thank you for your concern, bart, but obviously, he and i have not beat each other senseless with our cue sticks.

Victor: Not yet, anyway. I'll let you know if I need yop, nico.

Bart: Boss, uh... this table has no pockets. But that's cool. I'm going to go. 3E8211E1.JPG

Tony: Mm. Well, bart may be lacking in some areas, but loyalty is not one of them.

Victor: An admirable trait.

Tony: One I hope I can pass on to my children.

Victor: What else do you plan on passing on to them?

Tony: I beg your pardon.

Victor: Do you plan on grooming the twins to take over the dimera organization?

Tony: Well, I haven't thought thatarar ahead for now. What I've been thinking about mostly is all those missed years and giving them the kind of lifestyle and security that's been denied to them.

Victor: Tell me, do you think it's possible for children to carve out a destiny of their own? Or do you think it's true what they say about the sins of the father being visited on generation after generation? 3E82121C.JPG

Tony: I certainly hope that's not true. No, I think a man can pass down material possessions to those who come after, bubut how he acquires those possessions -- they're his business. But it must be difficult for you. Having a son in law enforcement, victor, must complicate matters.

Tony: Oh, dear. And you were so close.

Tony: Well... that settles the game, esesn't it? And our wager.

Hope: Maria annendel. Okay, well, at least we have a name now. Do you know her?

Bo: Nope.

Jack: No.

Bo: I'm going to check this out. Look at that. She's got a rap sheet a mile long. 3E82125A.JPG

Jennifer: Well, no wonder carson palmer doesn't want anyone to know her identity.

Jack: Our illustrious D.A. Is sleeping with the enemy.

Brandon: Look, I'm sorry. It couldn't be helped.

Sami: No, I'm fine. I really enjoy sitting by myself drinking alone.

Brandon: Look, I can't help being concerned about lexie.

Sami: I noticed.

Brandon: Maybe it's because I had to -- had to protect her for so long in the past.

Sami: And maybe it's because you wish that baby she was carrying was yours.

Brandon: Hey, will you keep your voice down?

Sami: Let go of me.

Brandon: Thank god no one heard you.

Sami: I came here ready for love and romance. You're the one who couldn't stay away from your one-night stand. 3E82128E.JPG

Brandon: When are you going to let go of what happened between me and lexie?

Lexie: [ Sighs ] Let me save you the embarrassment of asking and tell you that my checkup went fine, brandon, okay? Everything's fine.

Brandon: I'm glad to hear it.

Lexie: And before you let me know for the thousandth time that you were there for me if I need you, I don'T. My husband is the only man I need.

Eugenia: You haven't gone to get that leash yet?

Sami: I don't have time for you.

Eugenia: Wait, I know. Maybe you can try one of those electric shock collars. That way, when brandon starts getting too close to his baby's mother -- 3E8212C1.JPG

Sami: Shh.

Eugenia: Oh, dear. Shut me up.

Sami: Listen, genie, dear, if you ran your lab properly, there's no way that I could have changed those paternity test results, so if brandon does find out that he is the father of lexie's baby, it is your ass on the line.

Lexie: Eugenia, I'd like to speak with you, please.

This is the last place on earth you'd want to t these days. Unless you're patrick graham. One of the few journalists within baghdad. Coalition troops are at the edge of the city. He's already inside.

Eugenia: How can I help you, dr. Carver?

Lexie: I just wanted to say thank you. I am always so impressed by your hard work and your dedication -- really. Really, it's people like you who hold this hospital together, even when there are others who sit around filing their nails and talking on the phone. 3E821361.JPG

Sami: Oh, I don't care what you inink.

Eugenia: That's so sweet, dr. Carver. Thanks for your support.

Lexie: You're welcome. I'll see you around.

Eugenia: Okay.

Sami: That is quite a reputation you have, genie -- I mean, imagine how it'd all disappear in a big fat puff of smoke if you told anyone about brandon and lexie's paternity test results.

Eugenia: You'll have a lot more to worry about if I ever do.

Sami: Oh, let's face it -- we're in this together, sweetie pie. Keeping quiet is the only way for you to keep your job and for me to keep brandon.

Tony: Well, then, as luck would have it, the paperwork is in order. The documents just need to be signed. 3E8213A0.JPG

Tony: Always a pleasure doing business with a man who keeps to his word, no matter the cost.

Bo: Okay, you guys, we're going to have to be very careful. We can't let palmer know we're onto him -- not until we have mo evidence.

Jack: Right. If he realizes we've got him in the cross hairs, he's bound to shoot back.

Bo: Yeah, anhe won't be firing blanks.

Hope: Well, you two have to be really careful.

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah, we know what we're doing, and I'll keep an eye on jack.

Jack: Like she always does.

Bo: Good luck.

Hope: See you later.

Jack: We'll see you.

Hope: Hey, cuz. 3E8213C3.JPG

Jennifer: Huh? Oh. Bye, mama.

Hope: Bye, mama.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha ha.

Hope: Oh, brady, that felt so great. Working on something really important, being involved again -- you know, for the first time in a long time, I feel like myself, like I could really make a difference. Kind of like old times, huh? It's great. No? What? Why aren't you saying anything?

Bo: I don't want you to get carried away.

Hope: Carried away? I'm not carried away. Brady, I am feeling strong, energetic. What? Is that not cool with you?

Bo: What's cool with me is that you're back. I'm happy that you're feeling strong and energetic. But I'm never going to take the chance of losing you again. Never. 3E8213FA.JPG

Woman: Aah! Oh, my god, get it away from me.

Jack: Oh, come on. This is nothing. You should see his big brother. Really, he's just --

Jennifer: Oh, that was good. Good work, mickey.

Jack: Shh.

Mimi: You'll be taking off at 6:00 tonight?

Belle: Shh.

Marlena: This marriage was always based on trust. What is happening to us? show. Anyway out on the west coast ther the weather. A mad scram tbl to get over here.

Claire: I just cut my finger. But in the meantime, I think it's best if you just keep

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