Days Transcript Monday 3/24/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/24/03--Canada; 3/25/03--USA

By Eric

No, I was thinking that the best part of tonight is that it's our first date where we get to come together -- to our home.

 Brandon: I don't believe it. 3E7F63E2.JPG

 Sami: Oh, talk about a mood-breaker.

 Brandon: I'll be right back.

 Sami: Brandon!

 Lexie: It would be enough for me!

 Brandon: What the hell are you doing here?

[ Irish music playing ]

 Cassie: Come on, Chas, let's dance.

 Chas: After I finish my beer.

 Cassie: Well, the music's going to end.

 Chas: Help me out if you're in such a rush.

 Cassie: You think I won't?

 Chas: Prove me wrong.

[ Cassie and Chas laugh ]

 Rex: I don't like her hanging out with that creep. She just met him tonight, and he's been all over her.

 Mimi: Some girls have all the luck.

 Rex: What did you say? 3E7F641D.JPG

 Mimi: Nothing. Hey, look who's back.

 Shawn-d: Well, the party's still going on.

 Belle: Yep. Looks like we get to celebrate St. Patrick's day together, after all.

 Mimi: Okay, you two, break it up.

 Shawn-d: Ha ha.

 Belle: Hey.

 Rex: How was the ball game?

 Shawn-d: We won.

 Rex: Way to go, man.

[ Cassie and Chas laugh ]

 Belle: Hey, who's the guy Cassie's with?

 Rex: That's Chas. I think he's a senior.

 Mimi: They've been together all night.

 Belle: Looks like she's finally getting over you. You're okay with that, aren't you?

 John: I'm warning you, doctor -- you explain what you did to my wife and her children, or you'll leave me no choice. I'll be forced to use the brilliant training I received as a killing machine to extract the information. 3E7F6454.JPG

 Rolf: All right! All right, I'll tell you! I'll tell you everything you want to know. I explained how the twins were conceived, and you remember giving birth to them.

 Marlena: Yes, but I thought they were taken from me right after birth, but you -- you say otherwise -- that I had tm m until they were weaned.

 Rolf: You were together for a matter of months.

 Marlena: Well, then, I bonded with them. I held them. How could I not remember that?

 Tony: Because my father and Rolf did something to your mind to make you forget.

 Marlena: My children must have felt how much I loved them.

 Rolf: Mm. They were rather attached to you. 3E7F6481.JPG

 Marlena: Then how could you do it? How could you separate us? How could you? Why?

 Rolf: I had to follow orders!

[ Sighs ] They were never intended to be yours.

 Tony: This is pathetic.

 Marlena: Were you there at the compound the whole time?

 Rolf: I was in residence to ensure that you and the twins received the best of medical care.

 Marlena: Then you saw everything. You know the nursery. You know the songs I would have sung to them, don't you?

 Rolf: I observed you with them quite often.

 Marlena: Well, tell me!

 Rolf: Well... for one thing, you used to sit in a rocking chair, holding the twins in your arms, rocking them if they were fretful...sometimes for hours. Cassie was often irritable. The sound of your voice was the only thing that seemed to calm her. 3E7F64B5.JPG

 Marlena: Yes, I remember. I remember it! Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

 John: All right, what did you remember?

 Marlena: I was with the twins. Something happened.

[ Marlena soothes babies ]

[ Baby cries ]

 Marlena: Stop crying.

[ Baby crying ]

 Marlena: Yes...

 Man: We'll take them now.

 Marlena: Oh, no, let me just calm her down for a moment, all right?

 Man: Give them to us.

 Marlena: I don't want you to scare them, all right?

 Man: They'll be fine.

 Marlena: Easy, easy, easy. Be very gentle with them. Come on, sweetie girl. Come on, honey. 3E7F65A8.JPG

[ Baby cries

 Marlena: I know, I know. Oh, there! There. Okay, she's better now. Be very gentle with them. Okay. Mama's right here. I love you.

[ Whirring sound ]

 Marlena: What is that noise?

[ Babies crying ]

 Marlena: What are you doing to them?

[ Baby wails ]

 Marlena: What are you doing? Stop it! What are you doing?! No! Stop!

 Marlena: How could they? They were just babies.

 John: What is it? What are you remembering?

 Tony: Was something done to the twins?

 Marlena: It was horrible. They were so small. They couldn't have been more than a couple months old. I was in the white room with them. I was rocking them, I was -- I was comforting them. Two men came in... and they took them. I should have stopped them. 3E7F65F1.JPG

 John: Stopped them from doing what?

 Marlena: They tattooed the phoenix on the babies' arms so the world would always know they were Stefano's. I could see it, but I couldn't stop it. I was locked out.

 Tony: You bloody -- how could you do that? How could you torture infants?

 Marlena: Oh, my god, it was you!

 Rolf: No.

 John: You ordered it.

 Rolf: You were never supposed to remember.

 Marlena: But I did! And I will remember everything because they're my children... and that bond is stronger than anything you can devise to take away my memory.

 Tony: What you remembered tonight, Marlena, proves that you gave birth -- not to just any twins, but to Cassie and Rex. They're our children. The phoenix tattoo proves it. 3E7F6639.JPG

[ Irish music playing ]

 Shawn-d: That guy Chas -- he's wrong for her.

 Belle: Yep, well, she's not your problem.

 Shawn-d: No, I know. You know what? You're right. Now I don't have to worry about her chasing after me anymore.

 Belle: Yeah -- me either.

 Shawn-d: Yeah.

 Rex: Hey, what do you know about that guy Cassie's with?

 Shawn-d: He's a jerk and he's a senior, and I know he only goes out with freshmen.

 Rex: We tried to get her away from him, but she wouldn't listen.

 Mimi: She's been glued to him all night, making a complete fool of herself.

 Shawn-d: All right, I'll go talk to her.

 Belle and Mimi: Oh, no, you won' 3E7F6668.JPG

 Rex: Well, somebody has to try.

 Mimi: It's up to you.

 Belle: Me?

 Mimi: You're her sister.

 Belle: No. No, I'm her half-sister.

 Rex: Please, Belle?

 Belle: I'll give it a shot.

 Rex: Thanks.

 Mimi: I need your help.

 Shawn-d: With what?

 Mimi: Rex. For a smart guy, he's totally clueless.

 Shawn-d: You guys are already having problems?

 Mimi: You have to have a relationship to have problems.

 Shawn-d: Okay, well, I know -- I know he likes you.

 Mimi: And I'm crazy about him, but he is so...out of it.

 Shawn-d: You have to give him a break 'cause he hasn't had any -- any -- experience.

 Mimi: He kissed me. 3E7F6692.JPG

 Shawn-d: Really?

 Mimi: At the carnival, but it hasn't happened again. We haven't even come close.

 Shawn-d: You do anything to help it along?

 Mimi: Short of tearing off my clothes and jumping his bones, I've done everything I can think of. He needs a guy talk... some pointers to help him make the next move.

 Shawn-d: And I'm elected.

 Mimi: Mm-hmm. He trusts you, Shawn. He'll listen.

 Shawn-d: Maybe.

 Belle: Hey.

 Cassie: Look who's back.

 Belle: Uh, yeah. I need to speak with Cassie.

 Chas: What's up?

 Cassie: It's not a good time.

 Belle: You know what? This is just going to take a second. 3E7F66BD.JPG

 Cassie: Who do you think you are?

 Chas: Hey, leave her alone.

 Cassie: Let go of me! Aah!

 Chas: Gotcha.

 Cassie: [ Giggles ] Yeah... I'll say.

 Abe: Where the hell do you get off telling us we shouldn't be here?

 Brandon: Someone has to watch out for Lexie.

Lexie: I'm fine.

 Sami: Brandon, let's get a table.

 Brandon: I'll be right there.

 Sami: This is supposed to be our --

 Brandon: I need a minute. That's all.

 Abe: Now, what the hell is wrong with you? You're ruining everyone's evening.

 Brandon: You just came from Lamaze class. I was there, remember? 3E7F676A.JPG

 Abe: How could I forget?

 Brandon: The instructor advised to go home and get some rest, so what are you doing dragging her out to a late-night club?

 Lexie: Look, I asked Abe to bring me here.

 Brandon: And what about the baby? You should be home, asleep.

 Abe: Hey, back off!

 Lexie: Abe! Brandon, I am rested, okay? I've had two naps today, and music is supposed to be good for the baby. Honey, uh, would -- would you mind finding a waiter? I could really use a drink.

 Brandon: You're drinking?

 Lucas: Why don't we get a drink, and then we'll see about our table?

 Woman: Sounds good.

 Lucas: Let me get this for you. Ahem. What'll you have? 3E7F6793.JPG

 Woman: A cosmo.

 Lucas: A cosmo?

 Sami: So this is why you dumped our son at sleepover tonight?

 Lucas: Uh, excuse me. What are you doing?

 Sami: You better watch out for this guy. The sheets have hardly had a chance to cool from his last bimbo encounter, and here he is, headed for another layover.

 Lucas: What is your problem, Sami -- you jealous?

 Shawn-d: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

 Mimi: Um, I'll be right back.

 Shawn-d: Okay.

 Shawn-d: So, how are things with you and Mimi?

 Rex: It's okay.

 Shawn-d: Yeah? You know, if you like her, you shouldn't waste any time before you let her know. 3E7F67C0.JPG

 Rex: Well, what should I do?

 Shawn-d: Show her how you feel. Um, tell her that she's pretty, 'cause she is. Or, uh, ask her out on a date. When you go out with her, you hold her hand, you kiss her.

 Rex: Kiss her -- I've done that.

 Shawn-d: Well, good, good. Keep doing it if you want her to, you know, be your girlfriend. Or if you don't, then you should tell her right away. That way, she doesn't get her hopes up.

 Rex: I see.

 Shawn-d: Okay, but if you're going to do this... try not to put her down or hurt her feelings, all right? Because Mimi is vulnerable, and I don't want to see her get hurt. 3E7F67E8.JPG

 Rex: I understand.

 Shawn-d: All right.

 Cassie: You taste nice.

 Chas: So do you.

 Belle: Oh, knock it off!

 Cassie: Hey!

 Belle: This guy only wants to take you back to the dorm so he can have sex with you, and you're making him think that he can!

 Cassie: Stop it. You're embarrassing me.

 Belle: Cassie, you mean nothing to him -- nothing. Go home with him tonight, and he won't remember your name in the morning.

 Tony: It's over, Rolf -- the days that you and my father thought you could play god, thinking that you can create life on your own terms -- it's done, and you're going to pay.

 Rolf: So this is how you thank me for my loyalty to your family -- by threatening me. 3E7F681A.JPG

 Marlena: You treated innocent babies like lab rats! Not to mention what you did to Tony and to me.

 Rolf: You have two beautiful, healthy children, don't you? Children you would have never had otherwise.

 Tony: What, you think what you did was right?

 Rolf: It was all for your father! He envisioned perfecting the Dimera genetic line. That was the purpose of the research.

[ Chuckles ] It was brilliant! Pioneering! Do any of you realize what it could have meant for mankind?

 Tony: Nothing short of disaster. My...was my father one sick son-of-a-bitch!

 Marlena: And you -- you're worse than he was. A scientist, abusing his knowledge and power. You bastard! 3E7F687C.JPG


 Sami: What kind of role model do you make for our son, dating airhead after airhead?

 Woman: Who are you calling an airhead?

 Sami: If you had half a brain, you wouldn't be caught dead with this loser.

 Lucas: Oh, that's a good one, coming from the strikeout queen of Salem.

 Woman: Okay, you two can fight this out alone. I'm outta here.

 Sami: That's the first smart move you've made tonight.

 Lucas: Wait, angel, please. Don't let her ruin our evening, okay? Why don't you, uh, why don't you go see the hostess about our table?

 Woman: Come alone, okay?

 Lucas: I will. Remember, I'm all yours for the rest of the night. 3E7F6924.JPG

 Sami: "Remember, I'm all yours for the rest of the night."

 Lucas: You wish some guy would say that to you.

 Sami: I happen to be in a committed relationship.

 Lucas: Oh, yeah -- committed. Brandon should be committed for having anything to do with you!

 Sami: Ohh.

 Lucas: Bartender.

 Bartender: Yes, sir?

 Lucas: Can I get a cosmo and a mineral water? We're going to take it back to our table.

 Sami: You better make that three cosmos. That's the only way you're going to get fly girl into the sack is if you get her trashed.

 Lucas: Really? Is that how you do it with Brandon -- when you can drag him away from Lexie, that is? 3E7F6942.JPG

 Sami: Shut the hell up!

 Lucas: Why don't you go track down your date or pick up on some other guy or, better yet, you go straight to hell for all I care! Just leave me alone.

 Lucas: Hey. The, uh, drinks are on their way.

 Woman: Before I make any big plans for the rest of the night, what did she mean by parade of bimbos in your life?

 Lucas: [ Sighs ] Sami's just a jealous loser. You know? She'll say anything to make my life hell.

 Lexie: What's wrong with you? Why are you attacking me?

 Abe: Ignore him, Lexie.

 Brandon: Answer the question, Lexie -- what are you drinking?

 Abe: Don't respond to him!

 Lexie: Club soda! That's all I was going to have, Brandon. That's all I ever have, now that I'm pregnant, aside from milk and juice. So why don't you go back to your date before you make an even bigger fool of yourself? 3E7F6981.JPG

 Abe: Now, either you leave us alone, or I'll have you removed.

 Brandon: Strong-arm tactics. That's all you know, isn't it, commander?

 Abe: Get the hell out of --

 Brandon: I'm not going anywhere. You know what? I care about this baby more than you know, and I'm going to make sure she and the child are protected.

 John: Let's go home.

 Marlena: No, no. I can't do that yet.

 John: Come on, doc. This place isn't doing you any good. Too many reminders of Stefano and all the harm he's caused. Let's go.

 Marlena: Let me tell Tony we're leaving.

 John: He'll figure it out. Let him spend some time with the good doctor. I'll get our coats. 3E7F69B3.JPG

 John: Whoa! Hey, hey...

 Marlena: Oh.

 John: You okay?

 Marlena: Lightheaded, that's all.

 John: Yeah. Here, sit down for a second. There you go. I'll get the car.

 Marlena: Yeah.

 John: Yeah. This is going to take a second. I parked up on the hill.

 Marlena: God help us.

 Marlena: What is it?

 Tony: I thought you'd gone.

 Marlena: John went to get the car. What happened?

 Tony: Oh, I just couldn't listen to any more of Rolf's justifications. I think I would have killed him.

 Marlena: How do we tell the twins about this? 3E7F69F0.JPG

 Tony: I don't think we should. We should wait. There's so much we don't know. But at least now we've got undeniable proof that Cassie and Rex are our children.

 Marlena: They have a right to a normal life after this -- a mother and a father who love them and care for them.

 Tony: Then we're... partners.

 Marlena: Partners

 Belle: Have you been drinking?

 Cassie: What I do is none of your business.

 Belle: Cassie --

 Cassie: You're just jealous because I have a guy who wants me, and you can't even get to first base with Shawn, no matter how hard you try.

 Belle: Fine. Do whatever you want. 3E7F6A2A.JPG

 Cassie: I will. You see the worst in me no matter what I do, so why don't you just mind your own business and leave me alone to have a good time?

 Belle: Okay.

 Cassie: Great.

 Shawn-d: Did she listen?

 Belle: Yeah -- to Chas, not to me.

 Rex: So what do we do now?

 Belle: We do nothing, unless you want to drag her out of here, kicking and screaming.

 Mimi: I'm going to get us some snacks.

 Belle: Thanks, Memes. I'm starving. What do you say we forget about Cassie and concentrate on us?

 Shawn-d: I could go for that. You know, when I was away, I kept looking at that picture I have of you and me in my wallet. It's from the last blast. It kept me from going completely crazy 'cause I could look at it and I could close my eyes, and I could imagine you there with me 'cause I could not wait to get back to you. 3E7F6A62.JPG

 Belle: You know what? Why don't we go back to the dorm, where we can be alone, and I can show you how much I missed you?

 Chas: Hey, don't let Belle wreck the night for us.

 Cassie: Not a chance.

 Tony: Well, in spite of everything, I'm grateful that Cassie and Rex were born, that they're in my life -- our lives.

 Marlena: I am, too. Knowing that I was with them for a few months after they were born... makes me feel closer to them.

 Tony: I feel that, too. And we know that they had your love. It connects us all in a new way.

 Shawn-d: Okay, you ready?

 Belle: I'll race you to the car.

 Mimi: I guess they weren't hungry, after all. 3E7F6B88.JPG

 Rex: I missed you.

 Mimi: While I was getting pretzels?

 Rex: I could close my eyes and imagine you were with me -- imagine your smile, how it kept me from going crazy.

 Mimi: For real?

 Rex: You don't believe me?

 Mimi: No, I do. Don't stop.

 Rex: Then what do you say we go back to the dorm so I can show you how much I missed you?

 Mimi: I must be dreaming.

 Rex: Is that a yes?

 Mimi: Does that answer your question?

 Rex: I'll race you to the car.

[ Glass shatters ]

 Cassie: [ Screams ]

 Rex: Cassie!

 Lucas: I swear, I swear. Sami is a lying, vindictive --

 Woman: Hey, stop stalling. How many women are you sleeping with? 3E7F6BBD.JPG

 Lucas: Honey, you -- you are it. You're the only woman I want to be with.

 Sami: For tonight, anyway.

 Brandon: What's the point in speculating how I'd feel if the baby were mine? He isn't mine, so --

 Sami: But he could have been. If he was, what would you have done?

 Brandon: I'm not sure. But I wouldn't turn my back on the kid.

 Sami: And what about Lexie? Would you still see her?

 Brandon: If the baby was mine and if Abe wasn't in the picture, I suppose that I --

 Abe: You know, our child is none of your concern, so why don't you leave us the hell alone?

 Brandon: Like it or not, you're going to be seeing a whole lot of me from now on -- in Lamaze class, now that I'm Gwen's coach. You know, since her baby and your baby are due about the same time, we could end up in adjoining labor rooms. 3E7F6C05.JPG

 Abe: Like hell. You know, of all the twisted --

 Brandon: See you in class. Take care of yourself.

 Lexie: Abe, honey, don't let him ruin our evening, okay?

 Abe: It's too late.

 Lexie: Come on.

 Abe: What is his problem? You know, he goes on and on about our baby, then he hooks up with some woman in the Lamaze class to do what? Why? Make us uncomfortable? What the hell's going on with him?

 Woman: Thank you.

 Lucas: Well, thank you very much.

 Woman: I don't know. You must have done something to make Sami so hostile.

 Lucas: Yeah. I-I dumped her, and, uh, she just never got over it. 3E7F6D0E.JPG

 Woman: I can understand you dumping her, but walking out on your son?

 Lucas: Whoa, wait. Angel, I didn't know I was Will's father at that time.

 Woman: She didn't tell you?

 Lucas: It's a long story. You know what? The bottom line is, she can't stand -- she can't stand it when I'm with a beautiful, attractive woman. It just makes her crazy.

 Woman: She came on strong, all right -- like a jealous ex.

 Lucas: You think?

 Woman: I thought that's what you just said.

 Lucas: Yeah, right. Yeah.

 Woman: I was just agreeing with you.

 Lucas: I know, I know. How do you expect me to think straight looking into your beautiful eyes? You know, I don't want to talk about Sami tonight any more. I would much rather talk about the present -- us. 3E7F6D4F.JPG

 Brandon: Look, I'm sorry. It couldn't be helped.

 Sami: No, I'm fine. I really enjoy sitting by myself, drinking alone.

 Brandon: Look, I can't help being concerned about Lexie.

 Sami: I noticed.

 Brandon: Maybe it's because I had to protect her for so long in the past.

 Sami: And maybe it's because you wish that baby she's carrying was yours!

 Brandon: Hey, keep your voice down.

 Sami: Let go of me!

 Brandon: Look, I don't want to hurt you.

 Shawn-d: Don't.

 Belle: I missed you so much.

 Shawn-d: Oh, I want you.

 Shawn-d: This is what I would imagine every time I closed my eyes.

 Belle: I lay here in my bed at night and wished you were here. 3E7F6DA4.JPG

 Shawn-d: Yeah? And then what would you imagine?

 Belle: This.

 John: The car is out front.

 Marlena: Yeah. Tony, I'll call you.

 Tony: Yes. Take care of yourself.

 Tony: Rolf! I haven't finished with you... yet.

 John: Doc, you want to tell me what was going on with you and Tony in there?

 Marlena: Why don't we talk about that at home?

 John: Yeah. I guess you'll feel better once we leave this mausoleum and all its painful memories, huh?

 Marlena: You're wrong. It isn't like that now, not anymore.

 Tony: Bart! Get the hell in here. Where are you? 3E7F6E94.JPG

 Bart: Right here, sir. I'm right here.

 Tony: Weren't you supposed to keep your eye on Rolf?

 Bart: He's gone?

 Tony: Now you see him, now you don't.

 Bart: Why does Rolfie keep doing this? Now I got to track him down again, like he was the enemy or something!

 Tony: Oh, forget it!

 Bart: You don't want him back? After all the trouble I went to hunting him down?

 Tony: I got what I wanted from Rolf, at least for now. But I got more from Marlena -- more than I expected. Much more.

 Belle: Cassie!

 Cassie: Shawn! Hey, the hottie's back. How'd you -- how'd you do in your game? Did you win? 3E7F6ECE.JPG

 Shawn-d: I Hope you didn't drive yourself here.

 Cassie: You know, I don't remember. Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh...I don't feel very good.

 Belle: Cassie!

 Shawn-d: Cassie --

 Belle: No, I am giving her CPR this time.

 Mimi: We tried to stop her!

 Rex: What happened?

 Belle: She just passed out. Cassie, wake up! Come on, babe, wake up!

 Shawn-d: I thought you were watching her!

 Mimi: Well, we didn't realize she was drinking until after you guys left.

 Rex: Yeah, all of a sudden she screamed and keeled over at the pub. Come on, Cassie. Come on, snap out of it.

 Mimi: Oh, we had to carry her to the car. We were planning on bringing her up to your room, but -- 3E7F6EEE.JPG

 Rex: You know, the cold air must have made her come to. As soon as we got here, she just bolted out of the car.

 Belle: Chas must have been giving her beers all night. What a dirt-bag. Cassie, come on.

 Cassie: No, Chas rocks.

[ Groans ]

 Shawn-d: Oh, my gosh. I think she's really gone this time.

 Belle: Cassie, come on.

 Rex: Hey...Cassie.

 Mimi: Cassie.

 Brandon: What are you trying to do? Do you want everyone in Salem to know about me and Lexie? Is that what you want?

 Sami: After the way you just acted with her and Abe, any idiot could guess!

 Lucas: Ha ha! Getting a little tense over there, you guys. 3E7F6F13.JPG

 Brandon: Butt out, Lucas.

 Lucas: I feel for you, buddy. When you're caught up in Sami's web, she can be a killer.

 Sami: What happened -- your bimbo make a fast getaway?

 Lucas: Oh, no, actually, we're going back to my place. It was her idea. You know, I'm sorry you didn't succeed in ruining my evening, but I'm sure glad yours turned out to be a bust.

 Sami: Jerk!

 Brandon: Yeah, well, at least he's having a good time.

 Sami: Don't you dare blame this on me. I came here ready for love and romance. You're the one who couldn't stay away from your one-night-stand!

 Brandon: When are you going to let go of what happened between me and Lexie? 3E7F6F36.JPG

 Sami: When you let go of it! And her.

 Lexie: I have no idea why Brandon is acting like this. I'm going to go talk to him.

 Abe: No, no. I want you to stay away from him.

 Lexie: Abe, look, I don't blame you for being angry, but --

 Abe: But? But what? You're not? He comes or here, he insults us, he treats us like we're idiots. I want that man out of our lives, you understand? As of now.

 Lexie: Yeah, fine. Fine. I'll take care of it, okay? I promise. I love you so much. I don't ever want anything to ruin our happiness.

 Abe: You know, what is the matter with him? I mean, he acts like he -- oh, my god. He acts like he wants to be the father of the baby. 3E7F6F6E.JPG

 Abe: Is that it? Is that his sick fantasy?

 Lexie: No, Abe, you are the father of my child. Don't you ever question that.

 Brandon: Lexie is a friend. Anything else is strictly in your imagination. I mean, it's as ridiculous as me thinking there's something going on between you and Lucas.

 Sami: Gross. I would enter a convent first.

 Brandon: I don't know. I mean, there's a lot of heat between the two of you. 3E7F7004.JPG

 Sami: Yeah, it's called hate and loathing.

 Brandon: Maybe you should work on that.

 Sami: Lucas is a pig. The less time I spend with him, the better.

 Brandon: I'm serious. Maybe if the two of you went into counseling together --

 Sami: Counseling?

 Brandon: I can refer you to someone, or Marlena can. I'm thinking of will, Samantha. It's not good for him, always seeing his mother and father fighting. Especially now, since the two of you share custody and you're living right across the hall from one another.

 Sami: Well, we won't be sharing custody for long if Lucas keeps up this stud-muffin act.

 Brandon: You're not thinking of trying to take will away from him again? 3E7F7021.JPG

 Sami: As soon as I have enough evidence against Lucas, I am calling Mickey and having new custody papers drawn up.

 Brandon: Don't do it. It's not fair to will.

 Sami: I can't believe you want will anywhere near Lucas. I mean, especially after the way your father treated you.

 Brandon: You leave my father out of this. You don't know anything about him.

 Abe: Why did you say that?

 Lexie: What?

 Abe: About me and the baby? I mean, the fact that I'm the baby's father has never been a question.

 Lexie: No, honey, of course it hasn't.

 Abe: Then why did you react that way?

 Lexie: Honey, all I was saying was that I'm just so glad that no one will ever battle us for this child the way that they did for our adopted son. Honey, we are this baby's parents, and no matter how crazy anyone gets -- including Brandon -- no one can ever take our son away from us. 3E7F705E.JPG

 Abe: Of course they can't. Our son is safe with us... forever.

 Lexie: Forever.

 Mimi: Oh, man, how are we going to get her out of here?

 Belle: We're not.

 Shawn-d: Help me get her onto the bed.

 Rex: I'm really sorry, you guys.

 Belle: Don't worry about it.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. All right. 1, 2, 3...

[ Grunting ]

 Mimi: She's going to have a whopper of a headache in the morning.

 Belle: Good. I tried to warn her, but oh, no, Cassie knows so much better than I do. But I'm not going to forget this. She has ruined my life for the last time. 3E7F708F.JPG

 Bart: So you and the doc got sympatico with John Black around?

 Tony: Yes, but John's presence was inconsequential. But now that Rolf has confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt that Cassie and Rex are Marlena's and mine... the future has all kinds of possibilities.

 Bart: So Rolfsky came through for you, then.

 Tony: It isn't only the children that bind me to Marlena. We're kindred spirits.

 Bart: Soul mates, huh?

 Tony: Perhaps you could say that. But on the surface... we approach things differently. But on a deeper level, why, we're guided by the same impulses. It's interesting. I think tonight she started to see that, too. 3E7F70CB.JPG

 Marlena: I can't do what you want, john. I can't go home and forget what happened here tonight.

 John: That's not what I expect.

 Marlena: Something in me changed tonight when Rolf said what he did. To know that Tony and I share a past and children -- it just made it so much more real to me. We're all bound together, don't you see that? You, Tony and me. Our lives are forever entwined. We've got to work very hard to make sure the future is better than the past. We have to do that.

 Bo: We have a Mr. Big on the streets of Salem. He's bringing peace and harmony to all our gangs.

 Hope: And terror to all of us -- that's just great. 3E7F70FC.JPG

 Rex: The golden rule should be "do unto others before they do unto you."

 Shawn-d: Sounds like Tony Dimera talking.

 Belle: You were talking about sex, and you don't know anything about --

 Cassie: You know, I bet I know more than you do.

 Claire: I just cut my finger. I know you. It must've taken everything you had to get up there and make that statement in front of everyone.


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