Days Transcript Wednesday 3/19/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday  3/19/03--Canada; 3/20/03--USA

By Eric

 Roman and Kate: Thank you.

 Kate: You know, it's not like I ordered caviar. I don't think corn chips and beer nuts are going to clean out my wallet.

 Roman: Caviar does not turn me on like beer nuts do, lady.

 Kate: Ooh, boy, you love playing the blue-collar cop, don't you?

 Roman: That's who I am, and you love it.

 Kate: Ha.

 Roman: You know what? I'm going to have to come up with something real big to top this. Let's see... I got it. I am going to rent the elevator at the penthouse grill. I'm going to pay some guy to stop it between floors for a couple of hours, and we are going to have a real special rendezvous. You do remember spending some time in that stuck elevator last year, don't you? 3E78CDC2.JPG

 Kate: How could I possibly forget that? Because you treated me so horribly.

 Roman: You bit me. I had to defend myself. Oh, you were a -- a big pain, believe me, but I couldn't stop thinking about you. And I have not stopped yet.

 Jennifer: Now this is my idea for a wedding theme. You look at it. Is it too girly?

 Jack: The only part of the wedding that I'm in the mood to talk about tonight is the honeymoon. Now, I have some very definite ideas about that.

 Jennifer: Oh, really, Jack?

 Jack: So all the rest of the wedding - the whole kit and caboodle -- that's your department. 3E78CDEC.JPG

 Jennifer: Yeah, right. You say that. You say, you know, "you can have whatever you want" until you actually see what it is that I want, and then you hate it, and then it's too late to change it. Now, come on. I want us to both really like this wedding, Jack.

 Jack: I am marrying the girl of my dreams. Nothing's going to wreck it for me. However, I promise you I'm going to read this magazine later... along with all the other magazines that you've got stashed under the bed.

 Jennifer: [ Gasps ] How did you know about my magazines? 3E78CE07.JPG

 Jack: I was looking for a cufflink. So we'll table this magazine -- or under-table it, to be exact. Right now, I just want to get lost in the eyes of my bride-to-be.

 Jennifer: Oh, you are -- you're very mushy tonight.

 Jack: Am I?

 Jennifer: Yeah.

 Jack: Like it?

 Jennifer: Yeah, I love it.

 Jack: Mm.

 Jennifer: But there is one more thing that I -- that I need to, uh, bring up with you.

 Jack: You name it.

 Jennifer: My dad. He -- he called earlier, and I told him that we were getting remarried.

 Jack: There's a splash of cold water on the face, maybe a whole shower. So, I'm sure that good ol' bill was tickled purple at the idea of you hooking up with me again. 3E78CE32.JPG

 Jennifer: Well, I mean, he -- he didn't say not to do it.

 Jack: Not in so many words.

 Jennifer: Well, Jack, he's just concerned. He's my dad. He's just nervous. He really wants me to be happy this time, and he's not 100% sure about us. But I think given time, and if I just talk to him a little bit --

 Jack: Well, look who's slumming at the blue note. I guess they'll let in anybody.

 Jennifer: Carson palmer, our illustrious district attorney.

 Jack: He's going to lose that title when I get through with him.

 John: No, no, no. I'm sure she's fine. Probably some emergency at the hospital. She'll call me when she gets a chance. Yeah, of course. I'll call you when I hear from her. Thanks, Caroline. 3E78CE79.JPG

 Marlena: This doesn't feel right to me.

 Tony: It's just my strong suggestion that John not join us at the mansion.

 Marlena: He's my husband. Everything that involves me concerns him.

 Tony: But this is a personal matter between us as Cassie and rex's parents.

 Marlena: I'm still so curious how we became rex and Cassie's parents.

 Tony: Well, are you so anxious to get this information that you're willing to jeopardize that man you care so much about?

 Marlena: What do you mean?

 Tony: I just think it's best that we spare John's feelings, that's all.

 Victor: And just what is it you think you're onto, Nicole?

 Nicole: I just froze my butt off walking back from the garage.

 Victor: Really?

 Nicole: Yeah, really. I would have been in the car instead of on my feet, but, hmm, my key didn't work.

 Victor: How fascinating. Is that it?

 Nicole: You changed the ignition lock, didn't you?

 Victor: I took the necessary steps to see to it that you didn't go carousing at all hours. It is far too late for Mrs. Victor Kiriakis to go out gallivanting.

 Nicole: Damn you, Victor. You can't do this to me. You can't keep me prisoner. It's un-American.

 Victor: The legal system of prosecution is very American, Nicole. Would you like to put it to a test? Surely you would fry for the murder of Colin Murphy. I mean, just because a man treats you shabbily and blackmails you out of every cent you have in the world is not sufficient reason to murder him in cold blood. Now get out of here and go to your room. I don't feel like looking at your face tonight. 3E78CF55.JPG

 Nicole: I will not let you keep torturing me, Victor -- aah!

 Jack: Look at him. Look at the smile on his face. Never trust a man that smiles that big who's that clean-cut. He's got to have something dirty and illegal going on. In fact, I'm going to talk to him about it.

 Jennifer: No, no, wait, Jack, don't, don't. Look, Kate Roberts and roman are coming over. Just relax.

 Roman: Hey.

 Jack: Hello. Roman, Kate, hello. You look lovely tonight, Kate, and you too.

 Roman: Ha ha. We just wanted to come over and congratulate you. We hear you're getting married. 3E78CF73.JPG

 Jennifer: Yes, yes, we are.

 Jack: As a matter of fact, yes, we are.

 Kate: Yes, well, congratulations. I have to say, it's really, really good news, especially when two people are so right for each other.

 Jennifer: Well, Kate, thank you. That's a very sweet thing to say.

 Roman: Well, Kate is very sweet.

 Jack: Well, how about the two of you? We see a lot of you together. Any wedding bells in your future? Ow! Ha ha ha.

 Jennifer: Jack.

 Kate: Well, let me just say that roman is the typical divorced male. He can't hear wedding bells. They're not in his frequency. 3E78CF90.JPG

 Jennifer: That's funny, Kate.

 Roman: I don't believe this. We pick one night to come out instead of staying in, and he has to be here -- one of the Brady family's top two enemies.

 Kate: Well, you know something? I say we just ignore them. Pretend they're not here. It was nice seeing you. Have a good evening.

 Jennifer: You too.

 Jack: You too.

 Kate: Why don't we attend to that beer before it goes flat or whatever it is that beer does?

 Kate: Come on now. We're not going to let Carson ruin our evening, are we? Look, all this food's going to waste. Come on. Hey, that's not half bad. 3E78CFCD.JPG

 Jennifer: Jack, you can't say that.

 Jack: Say what? Huh? What? Sorry, what?

 Jennifer: You can't ask two people if they're planning on getting married.

 Jack: Uh... uh, yeah.

 Jennifer: Well, you know, grandmothers -- grandmothers can ask those questions, but, you know, you really shouldn't.

 Jack: Oh, my gosh. Get a load of this. Look who's spending a whole month's salary on champagne and caviar. I'm telling you, Jennifer... you cannot live that high on the hog on a D.A.'S salary. You can't do it.

 Jennifer: No, Jack, no.

 Jack: Ahem. Howdy. 3E78CFED.JPG

 Carson: Beat it, Deveraux. I'm on a date.

 Jack: Well, and a lovely date she is. What's your name, gorgeous?

 Carson: I'm on my own time tonight, Deveraux, not the city's, so stop being such a reporter.

 Jack: When you stop being such a D.A.

 Tony: You know, I have no doubt that Rolf will prove to be the man that you remember. But he may reveal information that could be very upsetting to John. After all, he's highly invested in being the one and only man in your life.

 Marlena: John's concern is for me. It's not really for himself.

 Tony: Yeah. Okay. Undoubtedly. But he may get really upset when he finds out the details of the twins' conception and subsequent birth. He may go after the messenger -- Rolf -- who I'll be trying to get as much information from as possible. We can't afford for John to jeopardize the interrogation. This is our chance to finally get to know the truth. I'm right, Marlena. I am right. 3E78D0D6.JPG

 Carson: In your dreams, Deveraux. Even the "spectator" says that I am a star prosecutor. But I will stop being the D.A. -- Just as soon as I go into politics.

 Jack: Oh, really? You might want to reconsider, because even if you get a nice severance package, you might not be able to afford this nice champagne and caviar. It's really --

 Jennifer: Oh, I am getting so, so lonely over there. Excuse us, will you?

 Jack: Excuse us.

 Carson: Of course.

 Jack: Nice meeting you. Good evening. He's going into politics.

 Jennifer: What?

 Jack: Politics. Mayor, senator... governor palmer. Over my dead body. 3E78D0F6.JPG

 Jennifer: Listen, Jack, you played it really cool, but you cannot keep antagonizing him. He is a powerful man.

 Jack: Mm-hmm. Well, that may be a problem. But he also thinks he's invulnerable. I'm telling you, Jennifer, someone is going to expose him. Someone is going to clean house of the D.A. And get rid of all the corruption.

 Jennifer: All right, let me tell you what I noticed. His date is doing all the talking. He's just sitting there nodding and smiling. Don't you think that is really odd for a man with a huge ego?

 Jack: Good work, Sherlock. Wait a minute. I-I do recognize her from somewhere. That face is familiar to me. That girl is familiar. Sh-she's getting up. She's coming over here. I'm gonna follow her. I'm gonna try to get her to slip up and tell me something. 3E78D128.JPG

 Jennifer: Just wait. That's gonna be really difficult unless you plan on getting a sex change, 'cause she's going into the ladies' room. I'll go.

 Jack: Right. That's my girl.

 Kate: [ Sighs ] Well, I'm really enjoying myself tonight. What about you? Roman.

 Roman: Kate, I'm sorry I'm being a lousy date, but there's something I need to do. I'll be back in just a minute.

 Carson: I should have checked with the management before making my reservation tonight. Had I known you were going to be here, roman, I would have h t them put you in the back room.

 Roman: Really? You like throwing your weight around like that all the time? 3E78D15E.JPG

 Carson: I like some privacy on my off hours.

 Roman: Well, then you made a big mistake coming to someplace so public, you know? But then, Carson palmer doesn't make mistakes, so you know what? I got to wonder what you're really doing here tonight.

 Carson: Public or private, I have the same rights as any man to have a drink with a friend without being harassed.

 Roman: Oh, so you want me to stop harassing you?

 Carson: That's right.

 Roman: Well, I would be real happy to oblige, Carson, when you stop harassing my brother, threatening to take away his badge.

 Carson: Hmm. Well, your brother is not the only Brady whose badge is on the line. As a matter of fact, I've been watching you -- very carefully. And what I see, I don't like much. 3E78D18C.JPG

 Victor: I want you to get me some information on the local gang scene, NICO.

 Nico: What kind of info do you want?

 Victor: Well, who's running things, who's in charge. Bo came to me. Apparently the violence is being ratcheted up lately. People are getting frightened. Bo came to me wanting to know if I knew anything about a Mr. Big here in town. See what you can find out.

 Nico: Sure thing.

 Victor: Apparently somebody's supplying the gangs with money to buy drugs and guns.

 Nico: Who would do that?

 Victor: Well, I can think of a few people with a few different motives. Whatever it is, I'd like to turn them over to Bo. Be good for our relationship. If, however, this Mr. Big could lead back to me and my business affairs in any way, I don't want to have anything to do with it. 3E78D1B7.JPG

 Nico: Your business is international, boss.

 Victor: Yeah, it's just probably some local punk, no threat to me.

 Tony: Ahh. Are you nervous?

 Marlena: A bit.

 Tony: Me too. And I usually don't get nervous. Let me get my keys.

 John: Mind if I join you?

 Marlena: John. What are you doing here?

 John: I was going to ask you the same thing. He's not speaking for you now, is he?

 Marlena: No, of course not. It's complicated. Um... Tony and I were going to talk to the man who delivered the twins. He's inside, and he -- Tony made it possible for us to question him. 3E78D1EA.JPG

 John: And you thought it wasn't important for me to be included in this interrogation?

 Marlena: No --

 John: I'm only saying this because I wasn't invited, obviously. Why not?

 Marlena: I was going to call you --

 Tony: Well, listen, it was my doing. I just thought the experience might be upsetting to you.

 John: You don't care if I get upset. I just heard you bonding with my wife. "I'm nervous, too, Marlena." No, you wanted her to yourself. That's why you talked her out of calling me.

 Marlena: John, um... Tony, would you excuse us for a moment before we go inside? 3E78D20B.JPG

 Tony: Sure. I'll wait inside.

 Marlena: So...

 John: Well... at least I'm glad that you thought about calling me.

 Marlena: You know what interests me? In spite of the fact that I didn't call you, you knew exactly where I was and how to find me. How does that happen? Hmm, John?

 John: Let me see your purse.

 Marlena: Why?

 John: May I please see your purse?

 Marlena: What is that?

 John: A tracking device.

 Roman: Ha. All right, palmer, let me get this straight. Are you threatening to take my badge now?

 Carson: I'm saying watch your step, roman. You break one more rule, you cross one more line, you will suffer the consequences. 3E78D314.JPG

 Kate: Good evening. Or at least it was.

 Carson: Good evening. Lovely as always, Ms. Roberts. Now, roman, this is new territory for you, isn't it? Dating the ex-mistress of Victor Kiriakis?

 Kate: Take me to our table, will you, roman?

 Carson: Roman, your brother Bo is Kiriakis's son, right? Uh, now that -- that is an angle that should be explored. Is the Salem P.D. In bed with the world-famous Greek tycoon? Or maybe the Brady brothers are on victor's payroll. And that -- that would be a story for Jack Deveraux -- if he's listening.

 Jack: I'm right here.

 Carson: I'm sure he is.

 Kate: [ Chuckles ] You know what they say about men who talk big? They're compensating for their deficiencies. 3E78D34B.JPG

 Roman: All right, let's go. Let's go.

 Kate: How dare he? And why did you pull me away? I was just starting with my insults.

 Roman: I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to shut you up. Well, actually, I was, because I don't want palmer targeting you. It's bad enough he's trying to bring down my family.

 Kate: Well, if you keep on seeing me, I'm only going toe bringing you more trouble.

 Roman: I can handle it.

 Kate: Really? Even if it costs you your career?

 Jennifer: Oh!

 Woman: What the --

 Jennifer: Oh, uh, I'm sorry. That was really dumb, huh?

 Woman: Yeah.

 Jennifer: You know, I have that disease where you -- you know, you drop things all the time. I do that all the time. Sorry. Okay, well, you, uh... you have a good night. Bye. 3E78D38F.JPG

 Woman: Hey, blondie, not so fast over there.

 Marlena: Tracking device! You put a bug in your own wife's purse?

 John: Doc --

 Marlena: So you'd never have to rely on me telling you where I was going or what I was doing. So you could just track me like a criminal?

 John: I did it to protect you.

 Marlena: I don't want that kind of protection. I don't need that kind of protection. I don't believe this. All the years of -- of giving and getting trust -- it's gone in a second.

 John: I trust you. I just don't trust Tony.

 Tony: Excuse me.

 John: What do you want? 3E78D3B6.JPG

 Tony: What do I want? Oh, to put it bluntly, I'd like to get started with the interrogation, if it's all right with you. Marlena, it is the reason we came here, isn't it?

 Marlena: Yes, it is. Nothing is more important than that right now.

 John: Wait.

 Marlena: No, I will not discuss this with you now. We can talk about this later at home, if you'd like.

 John: [ Sighs ]

 Tony: So, where is he

 Bart: I got him stashed in the living room.

 Rolf: Now, push! Push!

 Marlena: Aah!

 Rolf: That's it. Here we are!

[ Baby crying ]

 Marlena: [ Panting ] 3E78D3F5.JPG

 Rolf: It's a beautiful baby boy.

Marlena: That's him. That's the man who delivered the babies.

 John: Son of a gun. I know you.

 Victor: So, if there is a Mr. Big, find him and report back to me.

 Nico: Yes, sir. I'll get to work on it tonight.

 Victor: All right. See yourself out. Oh, and hit that light switch.

 Victor: What the --

 Nicole: [ Giggling ]

 Victor: What -- get off of me. What do you think you're doing? 3E78D527.JPG

 Nicole: No way.

 Victor: Listen, if you think this is seductive in any way, you're wrong. And it's not going to get you your key back, or your freedom. Now get off of me! Come on!

 Nicole: Oh, Victor, you big hunk. I heard you talking to your boy NICO.

 Victor: You didn't hear anything.

 Nicole: I was listening through the door. I heard everything. All about how you're still working the angles with all those illegal activities, you bad, bad boy. Now, you've been holding Colin's murder over my head. Well, now I have something to hang over you, baby. And, man, do I love it -- having power over Victor Kiriakis. Now give me back my freedom, or I'm hauling your butt to the police station. Do you think Bo would be interested in hearing all about your business dealings? If he finds out you're still in organized crime -- if he gets that rubbed in his face, he won't be very happy. 3E78D55A.JPG

 Victor: You got your nerve, threatening me after what you've done.

 Nicole: Ha. One little ol' murder doesn't amount to much when you put it up against the mob. Well, I'm loving this. Is it good for you, too, baby?

 John: I remember you from years and years ago. Yeah. Hope and Kristen and I were on another one of Dimera's damn islands. We went there to find that orchid to save roman's life. And you were with Stefano in some kind of a laboratory.

 Rolf: It was my usual setting, yes.

 Tony: Bart, untie the man, will you?

 Bart: Right, sir. I'm so sorry, Rolfsky. 3E78D589.JPG

 Rolf: I understand.

 Tony: So, then you can leave us alone, Bart.

 Bart: Yes. Well, good night, everyone. Rolf.

 Rolf: Good night.

 Tony: Good night. So, do you need anything? A glass of water, perhaps?

 Rolf: No, no. I'm fine. Thank you.

 Tony: All right, then. Marlena and I are aware that we are the twins' parents. What we're not aware of are the circumstances of the twins' conception and the subsequent birth. So we want you to tell us everything. We want the truth.

 Rolf: You're right. I delivered your babies, Marlena.

 Tony: But what happened to the children after Marlena gave birth? Who to care of them then? Was it you? I'm asking you a question, damn it! It has been 18 years! We should have at least had some idea that those children existed. 3E78D5CF.JPG

 Rolf: All right. All right, yes, yes, I took care of the twins -- the boy and the girl. I oversaw their care and supervised their treatment.

 John: You know, I remember another -- a room on that island. It might have had something to do with the twins. It wasn't a room, really. It was a closet. Full of baby toys, clothes, cribs.

 Rolf: Hmm.

 John: They belonged to the twins, didn't they?

 Rolf: Amazing memory. Yes, yes, those things were left behind in a hurry to get the babies out.

 Marlena: Get them out why?

 Rolf: Word came that John and his search party were headed our way, so the twins had to be airlifted off the island. 3E78D5FD.JPG

 John: Damn Stefano. He controlled those kids, didn't he? They never had a life of their own. That lousy bastard possessed them just like he possessed me. Damn him. And damn you, doctor, for everything you've done to us.

 Jennifer: Oh, uh, excuse me?

 Woman: My wallet -- give it back.

 Jennifer: Your wallet?

 Wan: I know you took it, so hand it over.

 Jennifer: I have no idea what you're talking about.

 Woman: Ha ha ha ha. When you knocked down my purse.

 Jennifer: You think I took your wallet?

 Woman: I don't have it. It wasn't with me when I went to pick up my stuff. So are you going to give it to me, or am I going to have to get it from you, lady? 3E78D6CB.JPG

 Jennifer: For heaven's sake, quit calling me a thief. You think I took your wallet?

 Woman: My wallet. Hand it over.

 Jennifer: [ Gasps ] Oh, my gosh, I don't believe it.

 Woman: You don't believe it.

 Jennifer: I am so sorry. I picked it up by mistake, and I put it in my purse, and I apologize.

 Woman: Yeah, sure, it happens all the time.

 Jennifer: Wait a minute. Are you calling me a thief? You think I'd take your wallet --

 Woman: Hey, save it! Nothing's missing. That's all I care about.

 Kate: I just don't want my mistakes to end up costing you the thing you care most about -- your job, and that badge you've sworn to uphold. I admire you too much to be part of your downfall. 3E78D701.JPG

 Roman: The only way palmer can win is if I fall asleep at the wheel, and I'm not gonna do that. I'm onto him. He can't get me.

 Kate: Yeah. But it would be easier without me and my baggage. "A woman with a past" -- I mean, god, I think that phrase was invented just for me.

 Roman: Will you listen to me? I want to be with you here and now -- and maybe in the future, if you really want to know. So palmer can take his threats and shove them.

 Jack: Ahem. All right, what did you get on our mystery girl?

 Jennifer: All right. I almost got her wallet. I mean, I did get her wallet, but she figured it out before I got out of the ladies' room, so I had to give it back. 3E78D74D.JPG

 Jack: Jennifer. Where'd you get the nerve to do that?

 Jennifer: I think you're rubbing off on me. It was definitely a Deveraux move.

 Jack: And a good one at that. Better luck next time.

 Jennifer: Yeah, well, listen, I didn't come back completely empty-handed. I got a little insight on what type of person Carson's date really is.

 Jack: And what type might that be?

 Jennifer: Let's just say she would never get into the Salem ladies' luncheon club.

 Jack: Coarse? A tad cheap?

J Jennifer: Oh, oh, more, more, more than a tad.

 Tony: Okay, then, let's get back to the beginning, shall we? I assume the twins were not conceived in the usual fashion. 3E78D784.JPG

 Rolf: You're right. Stefano had blood and other samples --

 Tony: Yeah, taken from me. I know all that.

 Marlena: I know I gave birth to them. I-I did relive those memories.

 Rolf: Well, if you both know everything and remember it all, then why was I dragged in here to be interrogated?

 Tony: Oh, shut up! We know the bare facts, man. It's the details we want -- the where, how.

 Tony: Excuse me. Are you stupid, or are you purposely being dense?

 Rolf: I'm hardly stupid. Stefano employed me for years because of my superior intelligence. He paid me for my brains and for my loyalty, which is why I cannot reveal the details you are seeking. 3E78D7B7.JPG

 Tony: Oh, I suggest you do reveal the details to us, Rolf. Otherwise... your breath will be your last, and Stefano is not around to protect you any longer.

 Marlena: Tony, Tony, let me -- let me try to reason with him.

 Tony: No, I don't think that's a good idea, Marlena.

 Marlena: Please, oh, please, oh, please. Let me try.

 Marlena: Rolf.. we don't know each other very well. Actually, at all. You seem to know an awful lot about me. So you must know how much I care about my children. I gave birth to them. I know that rex was first, then Cassie. I never gave them their names. I had no time with them. They were taken from me when they were born. All I have -- all I have of being their mother is the emptiness and the sadness and the weeping that I have done for them. 3E78D80B.JPG

 Rolf: Excuse me, but your memory deceives you, Marlena.

 Tony: What does that mean?

 Rolf: The babies were not taken from her as newborns. It wasn't until they could be bottle-fed, you see. You had the babies with you for many months, Marlena.

 Roman: Feels good being here with you. Everything feels good with you, Kate.

 Kate: [ Sighs ]

 Roman: He's just jealous 'cause his date's a big old dog compared to the one that I'm sitting with. 3E78D8B7.JPG

 Kate: Ha ha. You're so bad. She's gorgeous.

 Roman: Not my type. You know why?

 Kate: Why?

 Roman: She's not you.

 Jack: Ahem. You're right, Jennifer. Who this woman is tells us something very significant about our district attorney. Carson palmer has a taste for the high life and the low life.

Jennifer: Do you think he could be involved in something illegal?

 Jack: I'd almost bet our honeymoon on it.

 Jennifer: Jack!

 Jack: I said "almost." Look, from my days in politics, I know this kind of guy. He's dirty and powerful, but he's not invincible. He can make mistakes. In fact, bringing his little spitfire here tonight was a huge mistake -- one he'll regret. 3E78D8EE.JPG

 Jennifer: Do you think he's dangerous?

 Jack: Let's freshen up our drinks. We came here to enjoy ourselves.

 Jennifer: Jack Deveraux, you answer me right this minute. Is he in a position to hurt you?

 Jack: Ha ha. Jennifer, he's the kind of guy who wants to take over this town. You could see him with a pinky ring, a line of thugs backing him up. And mistakes or no, he'll do whatever he can to get what he wants, so he -- that could make him deadly, yes.

 Jennifer: I just got the chills.

 Victor: So I can't count you out. Is that what you're saying, Nicole?

 Nicole: You bet your ass. Whoo! Ooh. 3E78D913.JPG

 Victor: Now you see how powerful you are? You're on the floor groveling. That's where I put you, and that's where you're going to stay. Perhaps if you hadn't been stupid enough to lose your $5 million to a blackmailer... you know, it really is funny, Nicole. You are such a loser. Ha ha ha ha.

 Nicole: I am not a loser. I'm a winner. You know, you started this war, but I'm going to finish it, and then we'll see who's on top and who's on the floor begging for mercy.

 Victor: Ha ha ha. Begging for mercy. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha.

 Nicole: Ooh! 3E78D93C.JPG

 Marlena: You are lying. I could not have been with those twins and nurtured them for months and have no memory of it. How could I have no memory of it?!

 John: Doctor, it seems as though my wife doesn't remember, so now you're going to help her out by telling her what you did to her and these twins, and what is the point of all these damn secrets?

 Rolf: I cannot tell you.

 John: Really? You can, and you will.

 Rolf: No, I have said too much already.

 John: No, see, you don't understand. Stefano's not around to eliminate you for revealing his dirty little secrets, so what are you being so loyal for? Let me spell it out. Stefano Dimera's dead, but I'm not, and somebody trained me to be a highly efficient assassin. Would you like a firsthand demonstration? 3E78D967.JPG

 Rolf: No.

 John: Then start talking or brace yourself for a most uncomfortable experience.

 Rolf: All right, all right. I will tell you. I will tell you everything you want to know.

 Lexie: You are the father of my child. Don't you ever question that.

 Sami: You wish that baby she was carrying was yours.

 Brandon: Hey, will you keep your voice down?

 Marlena: We are all bound together. Don't you see that? You, Tony, and me.

 Shawn-d: I want this moment to last forever. Make the decision. We must assume they have the best interests of society at heart. Then there is the case of the hockey coach with M.S., Who got a $150 parking ticket. That incident has been reviewed and the ticket cancelled. Neither of these decisions came easy. @ E lots of simple ways to save energy. 's vote says otherwise. Just another reminder get too 3E78DA35.JPG

okay, so you heard the noi

d u meo e?Hat?

 Lily: Oh, Rose. I was just thinking I could use ...


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