Days Transcript Tuesday 3/18/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 3/18/03--Canada; 3/19/03--USA

By Eric


Belle: Shawn Brady. Is he still in there?

Man: I'm not sure. You ought to check it out.

Belle: Okay, thanks. Hello, is anyone in here?

Man #2: Who wants to know?

Belle: Oh, uh, I-I'm just looking for Shawn Brady.

Man #2: Probably still in the shower.

Belle: All right, um, then I'll just wait here.

Man #2: Might have fallen asleep. They partied pretty hard last night celebrating.

Belle: Congratulations on the win.

Man #2: Your boyfriend played a good game. Shawn, get your butt out here!

Belle: Wow, your firm. That's kind of exciting.

Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah. I just hate to be away from you.

Belle: What about your cold? Are you sure you're well enough? 3E777B01.JPG

Shawn-d: Ah, I'm fine. But I guess it is a good time for us to be apart, since I -- since I can't kiss you. But I'm still going to miss you.

Belle: It's only one night, and you're going t so fired up, I'm sure you won't even be thinking about me.

Shawn-d: I could never stop thinking about you. Listen to me. I promise you, when I get back, that we're going to concentrate on each other and spend time together without any -- any interruptions, okay?

Belle: Yeah, right.

Shawn-d: Belle?

Lexie: Ha ha. Still feeling weak in the knees, honey?

Abe: Oh, no, I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine. That was, uh... oh, boy, that was interesting. 3E777B3E.JPG

Lexie: I'm sorry. I should have prepared you

Abe: Ha ha ha ha.

Deb: Hi.

Lexie: Hi.

Deb: I heard you were just seeing that Lamaze childbirth video.

Lexie: Yeah, we just came from watching it.

Woman: Well, you two will be doing the same thing very soon.

Abe: Lexie's going to be doing it. I'll be holding her hand. Ha ha ha ha.

Woman: When's your baby due?

Lexie: In a couple of months. I can't believe how fast the time's going by.

Woman: Well, good luck.

Lexie: Thank you.

Abe: Ha ha ha ha. Well, I tell you, sweetheart, it can't go fast enough for me. I can't wait to meet our son. Ha ha ha ha. 3E777B6C.JPG

Brandon: Perfect. You know, this is just the way that I imagined it -- Samantha and me cooking a romantic dinner for two, you playing the numbers game there, cursing under your breath. Feels like we're a real family already.

Sami: [ Groans ]

Brandon: How's penne sound?

Sami: No!

Brandon: Linguini?

Sami: What?

Brandon: Pasta. The meatballs and the sauce are ready.

Sami: Oh, um, either one.

Brandon: All right, well, how about setting the table, huh?

Sami: Yeah, when I get a second. I am not going to let this beat me. 3E777B92.JPG

Brandon: All right. What's the problem?

Sami: I can't balance my stupid checkbook. I have lost $200.86. This can't be happening.

Brandon: Tell you what -- why don't you give it a break? You have to taste chef walker's special spaghetti sauce.

Sami: Well, I will say it smells absolutely heavenly. Mmm, is that garlic? Ha ha. Wow, look at all this. Wow.

Brandon: Now, be critical. I can take it.

Sami: Ha ha. Oh, my goodness, that's amazing.

Brandon: Yeah? Thank you.

Sami: Brandon, you are a man of many talents.

Brandon: Well, just wait till you see what I do with your checkbook. I am a master at balancing mine. I will find that $200 for you. 3E777BC5.JPG

Sami: And the 86 cents? You'll really do that for me?

Brandon: Sure, I'll keep your checkbook on track.

Sami: Well, in that case, we should just get a joint checking account.

Brandon: Are you kidding? Like I'd really like to get your hands on my paycheck every week.

Marlena: All right, all right, all right, all right.

Tony: Oh, can I help you with that? Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Sami: I have lost my appetite.

Brandon: Samantha, I was kidding.

Sami: No, you weren't.

Brandon: Why are you so upset?

Sami: I am not a bimbo, Brandon. 3E777CBC.JPG

Brandon: I never said you were.

Sami: You were thinking it.

Brandon: No, I wasn't.

Sami: No, I am very good at managing my money, okay? I watch those financial shows on TV all the time.

Brandon: Great. I'm impressed.

Sami: I bought treasury bills and cds, and I have an I.R.A. And even a very small stock portfolio, which I am doing very well with even in the down market.

Brandon: That's more than I can say.

Sami: So who's the bimbo now?

Brandon: Samantha, hey, you are one of the smartest people that I know. I have nothing but respect for you. 3E777CDE.JPG

Sami: But you don't trust me with your money.

Brandon: It's too soon, that's all.

Sami: What is that supposed to mean?

Brandon: Well, putting our money together is like -- well, it's more of a commitment than I can make right now. Sharing a checkbook is like taking one step closer to the altar, saying "I dos," and I already told you, I'm just -- I'm not there yet.

Sami: So what are we doing sharing dresser drawers and a medicine cabinet if not moving towards marriage?

Brandon: Samantha, it's, uh, it's a process, a time of discovery.

[ Knock on door ]

Sami: Oh, will probably forgot something. 3E777D03.JPG

Brandon: This is to be continued.

Brandon: Mom, hey.

Fay: Hey, honey. Just wanted c congratulate you two. Brandon told me he moved in with you, Sami, and I just thought why wait for an invitation? So here I am.

Marlena: Thank you. Your, um, your timing is perfect. I'm -- I'm not sure why you're here.

Tony: Oh, uh, shall I take your bag?

Marlena: Oh, uh, sure, thank you. Um... I don't know what I've done. I always put my keys right in my little zippered pocket, and can't seem to... 3E777D31.JPG

Tony: Try your coat pocket.

Marlena: No, I don't ever put them there. I wouldn't do that. Hmm.

Marlena: Oh. How did you know that?

Tony: Oh, I am an old key in the pocket man myself.

Marlena: Huh. Yeah, um, if you're looking for the twins, they're not here.

Tony: Oh, I know that. I spoke to rex. They're celebrating their first St. Patrick's day at the Brady pub. I understand you were there, too.

Marlena: Yes, I was for a while.

Tony: Ah, I wish I was there to celebrate with all of you.

Marlena: If you knew the twins were at the pub, why did you come here? 3E777D59.JPG

Tony: Well, to spend some time with you.

Marlena: Why?

Tony: Because of the children. Shall we go inside?

Marlena: Oh, all right. Sure. Um... sure. Come on in.

Tony: So, uh, where would you like this?

Marlena: Oh, right there is, uh, just fine.

Tony: Take your coat?

Marlena: Oh. Thank you. Um... uh, what seems to be the problem with the twins?

Tony: Oh, rex, for one thing. He keeps asking me questions -- fatherly advice, and... so many matters of the heart, uh, life's philosophy. I haven't got a clue. 3E777D91.JPG

Marlena: Most parents don't.

Tony: Oh, that's nice. I'm not alone.

Marlena: No, no, not by a long shot. Will you sit down?

Tony: Ah. Thank you. Oh, you know, it must be interesting raising children from the time they were born, so you all grow together.

Marlena: Well, it's a challenge. Always -- especially with rex and Cassie because they were so... secluded during their childhood.

Tony: Yes. No children deserve to be raised like that.

Marlena: No, they don't, but we can make up for it now. Now, they're adults, but they're still emotionally dependent. I hope they don't get expose to anything that's, I don't know, a bad influence for them. 3E777DC5.JPG

Tony: But they're doing amazingly well.

Marlena: Yes, they are. They are, but, you know, they -- they've been on this high-speed learning curve ever since they arrived in Salem. I just -- I hope they're not learning too much too fast.

Tony: Is there something I should know?

Marlena: Well, Cassie was dancing with a fellow at the, uh, at the pub, and there was sort of a wild look in her eyes.

Tony: Well, I hope you got her away from him.

Marlena: No, I didn't.

Tony: Well, come on, you didn't try to stop her?

Abe: Hey, you know, sweetheart, I think we have time before the class starts. 3E777E94.JPG

Lexie: Oh! Then maybe we should go back to the Brady's St. Patrick's day celebration. You look like you could use a good stiff drink.

Abe: Ha ha. Yeah. You just enjoy yourself at my expense. Yeah, go right ahead.

Lexie: Honey, I'm teasing. You are the best coach any mother-to-be could ever, ever have.

Abe: Mmm! You know, this little boy...

Lexie: Mm-hmm.

Abe: He is our second chance.

Lexie: Yes, he is, and I want everything to be perfect for him -- especially the nursery. We have to redesign it.

Abe: Well, I guess my weekends are gonna be busy.

Lexie: We also have to choose a name. 3E777EB7.JPG

Abe: Oh, well, first things first. First we paint.

Lexie: Honey, he has to have a name, okay? He can't just be baby carver.

Abe: It'll happen. You know, we have to make sure that the name is right for him, and maybe that won't happen until after we hold him in our arms for the first time.

Lexie: You mean after he's born? No, no, no. I can't wait that long. It would drive me crazy!

Abe: Okay, okay, okay, okay. Let's start making a list tonight, huh? I want everything to be perfect for you, too.

Lexie: Mm. It already is.

Abe: That won't change. I promise you.

Lexie: Mm.

Sami: Brandon, ask your mother in. 3E777EDC.JPG

Brandon: Yeah. Come on in, mother.

Fay: All right. Well, I just brought you a little something. A housewarming gift.

Sami: Oh, why, thank you. That is so sweet.

Brandon: We were just about to have dinner. Why don't you join us?

Fay:, thanks. I really can't stay, thank you.

Sami: Oh, you should definitely stay. I mean, you're family, after all -- well, practically family.

Fay: Well, that's really kind of you, but --

Sami: No, no! How can you turn down Brandon's special spaghetti sauce?

Fay: Oh! My recipe, honey?

Brandon: You know it.

Sami: Let me take your coat.

Fay: All right, all right, but just as long as I can help, okay? 3E777F00.JPG

Brandon: You know what? Actually, it's already done.

Fay: Oh.

Sami: Wow, I-I can't wait to see what's in here. I can sure smell that it's homemade.

Fay: Yes, it is. It's applesauce walnut cake.

Brandon: You are gonna love it.

Sami: I bet. Thank you so much. I can't believe you went to all this trouble.

[ Pager beeps ]

Brandon: Uh, excuse me.

Fay: Ahem. It's a lovely little apartment.

Sami: Well, we manage.

Brandon: It's the hospital. I have to check in on a patient.

Sami: Right now?

Brandon: It shouldn't take long.

Sami: O-okay. We'll hold dinner. 3E777F24.JPG

Fay: No, that's all right. We can do it another time.

Sami: No, no. Fay, please stay.

Fay: Oh, Sami, look, I don't want to impose. I'm sure you've got a thousand things to do.

Sami: Actually, I don't, and I would really like to spend some time with you.

Brandon: You know, she wouldn't say it if she didn't mean it, mom.

Fay: All right...sure. I-I'll stay.

Brandon: I'll be back as soon as I can. Have fun.

Sami: Yeah. Um, we will.

Brandon: Bye, mom.

Fay: Bye, honey.

Sami: Um, why don't you, uh, have a seat -- um, make yourself comfortable?

Fay: Okay. Thanks. 3E777F55.JPG

Shawn-d: So what are you doing here?

Belle: As if you don't know.

Shawn-d: I don't. I mean, I'm always happy to see you --

Belle: Save it, Shawn. I know. You don't know I know, but I know.

Shawn-d: You know?

Belle: You didn't just score on the baseball diamond last night, did you?

Shawn-d: Score?

Belle: Don't waste your breath trying to protect me! I know all about your little one-night stand.

Shawn-d: You do?

Belle: Come on, Shawn, I talked to her. Last night when I called your cell phone, a girl answered.

Shawn-d: Okay, let's just back up for one second here --

Belle: No! No, Shawn! There's no way I'm letting you fast-talk your way out of this. 3E778003.JPG

Shawn-d: Hold it! This is about the phone, right? It's not what you think.

Belle: I don't know why I thought you'd be straight with me.

Girl: Shawn, I'm glad I caught you. This is yours?

Shawn-d: Yeah, thanks.

Girl: Sorry. I forgot to give it back last night.

Shawn-d: No harm done.

Girl: He let me use it to check on my mom.

Shawn-d: Her mom's sick. Pneumonia, right?

Belle: Oh. Hope she's okay.

Girl: Me too. I'm Pam, the team equipment manager.

Belle: Belle black. Nice to meet you.

Pam: I'll remember my phone the next time we hit the road. 3E778027.JPG

Shawn-d: No, don't even worry about it.

Belle: I suppose that's the girl I talked to.

Shawn-d: Mm-hmm.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn-d: Yeah. She's not really my type. Even if she was, I'm not the kind of guy who'd just go on the road and hook up with a girl. Right?

[ Teakettle whistling ]

Sami: So, Fay, what kind of tea do you like -- herbal or regular?

Fay: Oh, whatever you're having is fine.

Sami: Um, earl grey?

Fay: Sure. Where are your cups?

Sami: Oh, I'll get them.

Fay: No, no. I'll get them. I like to help.

Sami: Uh, they're just on the counter there. 3E778055.JPG

Fay: Oh. Great.

Sami: Okay -- sorry.

Fay: Excuse me.

Sami: Ooh!

Fay: Aah!

Sami: Oh, my god!

Fay: Don't worry about it.

Sami: I'm so sorry!

Fay: No harm done.

Sami: Okay, here. Here.

Fay: Sami, Sami, it's fine. It's just a couple spots. Really, it's fine. It's fine.

Sami: Okay. Oh...

Fay: There you go. See?

Sami: Okay.'s work going for you?

Fay: Oh, well, you know, some days are better than others. How about you? How's work going at the hospital?

Sami: Oh, um, good.

Fay: So...

Sami: Here you go. 3E778088.JPG

Fay: Thanks so much.

Sami: Ahem.

Fay: So, um, are you and Brandon comfy here? I mean, uh, do you find it has enough room?

Sami: Yeah, yeah. Well, it's -- it's cozy. It's not as big as Nicole's new place. The Kiriakis mansion is pretty elegant.

Fay: Yeah, it is. I don't really spend very much time there, though. Nicky's been so busy these days.

Sami: Yeah, well, she has time to stop by here.

Fay: Well, why wouldn't she? She is Brandon's sister.

Sami: Yeah, I know. It's sometimes hard to believe Brandon has such a good heart.

Fay: Are you implying that Nicky doesn't?

Sami: Well... I've seen the way that she talks to you sometimes, Fay. I-I mean, she can be... pretty heartless, frankly. She treats everybody like that. I mean, I could tell you stories that would make your toes curl. 3E7780BD.JPG

Fay: Don't you dare.

Sami: I just meant that --

Fay: Nicky is my daughter, Sami, and I'm not going to sit here while you badmouth her. Do you understand?

Abe: Ha ha ha. Yeah. Oh, that was true?

Lexie: Mm-hmm.

Abe: Oh, that's amazing.

Brandon: You're here late. No problem, I hope?

Abe: No, not at all.

Lexie: If you must know, we're here for Lamaze class.

Brandon: Right. How's coaching going?

Abe: It's fine, it's fine. You know what? We should probably stake out a spot in the classroom.

Lexie: Okay. I need to go to the ladies' room first. I'll meet you back here, okay?

Abe: Okay.

Abe: You know, uh, don't let me keep you from your work. 3E7780F1.JPG

Brandon: Oh, you're not. So, how is Lexie doing really? You're not giving her a hard time, are you?

Abe: You know what? I am not going to dignify that with a response. But I will say that Lexie and I are very happy, very confident in our marriage, in our relationship. And I hope, in time, that you'll come to respect that.

Brandon: That's a tough one, considering you've never been there for Lexie in the past. And she's kind of vulnerable right now.

Abe: This was never about Lexie, and we both know that.

Brandon: Come again?

Abe: You never wanted her for yourself because you cared about her. It was all about getting back at me. 3E77811E.JPG

Brandon: Do you really think that I would use Lexie that way?

Abe: You know, I believe that your resentment of me would make you do anything. Now, I'm sorry that my relationship with your mother traumatized you as a child, but that was years ago, and now surely you understand things now that you didn't then. So when are you going to stop living in the past?

Brandon: My concern for Lexie has nothing to do with the past. It's all about the present.

Brandon: And the future.

Marlena: Tony, what would you have me do -- drag her out of the pub and, what -- give her a time-out? She's an adult.

Tony: Well, physically, perhaps, but not emotionally.

Marlena: Look, we have to support her in a very delicate way here. I don't want to alienate her by coming on too strong. We already have a very precarious mother/daughter relationship. 3E77815D.JPG

Tony: At least you can draw on your professional experience. You've raised other children. I'm a complete novice.

Marlena: Well, we're both in uncharted territory here with the twins. They've got a very unique background and talents and life experience.

Tony: Yeah, well, that's why we need to work closely together -- for the children's sake. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have this kind of conversation with you. I don't want to take any more of your time. I know I've -- it could be difficult if your husband happened to walk in right now.

Marlena: Oh, well, he probably won't do that. He had to leave the party. He had a business appointment. 3E778182.JPG

Tony: Oh, I see. You don't know where he is?

Marlena: No, I don't.

Tony: Maybe I should just rush back to the house and change the locks on my windows.

Marlena: Am I supposed to find that funny?

Tony: Ha ha! Yes! It's -- oh, okay. It's my humor. I must apologize, but please don't hold it against me.

Marlena: Well, I'll try not to.

Tony: We should have more discussions like this.

Marlena: Anytime.

Ton o oh, you know, if -- if it weren't for you, I'd probably be racing over to the Brady pub right now, trying to rescue my fair daughter.

Marlena: Please resist the impulse. 3E7781A7.JPG

Tony: Yes. Okay.

Marlena: Ha ha.

Tony: Um, I was wondering. Uh...nah.

Marlena: What?

Tony: Well, I was just going to have dinner. I thought maybe you'd like to join me -- I mean, that's if you haven't eaten yet.

Marlena: No, I haven't eaten.

Tony: Oh. Well, it was just a thought.

Marlena: Oh. All righty, then. I'll -- I'll get my coat.

Tony: Oh, good. Please, allow me.

Marlena: Thank you.

Tony: And I know the perfect place, where we can talk. It's nice and quiet.

Marlena: Oh, good. I can only stay for a little while. 3E7781CD.JPG

Tony: Ah, good. And don't forget, your keys are in your pocket. Ah... 's vote says otherwise.

Reminder, don't get too

aysoouea the noise and you came to see?

Fay: What right do you have to judge my daughter?

Sami: No, please don't go.

Fay: Tell Brandon I'll call him later.

Sami: Wait, wait. Can't you just wait a second? Fay, look... you're right, okay? I'm sorry about what I said. I had no right to talk about Nicole that way. She's your daughter, for god's sakes. I, um, I really admire the way that you stand up for your family. You're just like Brandon. He has such a strong moral fiber. Obviously, he got it from you. Look, please don't feel like you have to edit the way that you talk around me. We can chat woman to woman, mother to mother. Obviously, you went to such an effort to make such a beautiful cake -- but I can see by the way you're looking at me that you don't approve of Brandon and I living together without a formal commitment. 3E7782BC.JPG

Fay: If you think I'd rather he'd marry you, Sami, you're wrong. I think that'd be even a worse mistake.

Sami: Oh, so you don't think Brandon should be with me at all? You think he should dump me. Is that it?

Abe: You comfortable?

Lexie: Honey, any more comfortable, I'll fall asleep.

Abe: Ha ha ha ha ha.

Woman: Hi, Lexie.

Lexie: Hi, Gwen, how's it going?

Gwen: Okay. Can I put my stuff next to you?

Lexie: Yeah.

Abe: Yeah, let me give you a hand here, okay?

Gwen: Oh, thank you.

Woman: Good evening, everyone. Sorry I'm late. We had a birth. 3E7782DE.JPG

Lexie: Oh! Sidney and Leslie, right?

Woman: Yes, right.

[ All cheer ]

Woman: Uh, excuse me, excuse me.

Lexie: Sure.

Abe: All right down there? Okay.

Lexie: So have you been practicing your breathing?

Gwen: Yes, I have.

Abe: You know, the new question is have you seen that childbirth video yet? Oh, ugh.

Lexie: Don't worry. I'll watch it with you. It's okay, it's okay.

Woman: Commander, you have an urgent call at the nurses' station.

Abe: Oh, it's probably the station. I'll be right back, okay?

Lexie: Yeah, I'll be fine. 3E7782FA.JPG

Abe: Okay. Thank you.

Woman: Okay, class. Why don't we start with some relaxation exercises, ladies? Down on your pillows. Lie flat on the mat. Very good. That's right. And...

Lexie: [ Deep breathing ]

Brandon: There you are, Monica.

Monica: You sure look happy these days.

Brandon: Well, Samantha gets the credit for that.

Abe: Hey, uh, I understand I have a phone call. Thank you. Yeah -- commander carver. What's the problem? Well, can't roman handle that? All right, well, get him. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll hold.

Woman: Okay, lie back. In through your nose. In through your nose. Out through your mouth. In through your nose.

Belle: Shawn, when a girl answered your cell phone, I got a knot in my stomach. What was I supposed to think?

Shawn-d: That I love you. That I wouldn't do what you were thinking. By the way, uh... Pam likes girls, apparently. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Belle: Your favorite "Seinfeld" episode.

Shawn-d: I just -- I don't understand why you didn't say who you were and ask to speak with me.

Belle: I was upset. All I could do was hang up. And maybe if we had been communicating better, I wouldn't have jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Shawn-d: You're right. You're -- you're -- you're right. We haven't been connecting like we used to. 3E778439.JPG

Belle: Not my fault, by the way.

Tony: Oh, Gregory.

Gregory: Always a pleasure, count Dimera. May I take your coat?

Marlena: Oh, thank you.

Gregory: Your table is ready. Right this way.

Marlena: Thank you.

Gregory: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: Well, somebody comes here often.

Tony: Their fried oysters are superb.

Gregory: Will you have the usual, count?

Tony: Yes, thank you.

Marlena: Fried oysters?

Tony: Yes, they're my passion.

Marlena: Think I'll pass.

Gregory: The Sole Almondine is excellent tonight.

Marlena: That would be perfect -- thank you. 3E778464.JPG

Gregory: I'll see that your champagne is served immediately.

Marlena: Champagne?

Tony: Yes. Creature of habit.

Marlena: But not a man of simple tastes.

Tony: Maybe we should stick to mineral water. After all, we are here to discuss our children.

Marlena: That would be wise.

Man: Sorry to interrupt, count, but it's been a long time.

Tony: Ah, yes, yes. So it has.

Man: Buy you and the lady a drink?

Tony: Oh, no, no, thank you. Maybe some other time.

Man: Sure. I get the picture. Enjoy.

Marlena: Picture?

Tony: Hmm, I'm sorry about that. It's just an old business acquaintance. 3E77848A.JPG

Marlena: Really?

Man #2: Count Dimera.

Tony: Hi.

Man #2: Joseph from Chicago.

Tony: Oh. Oh, yes. It's been a --

Joseph: Yeah, I haven't seen you around much lately.

Tony: Ah, well, you know how it is.

Joseph: Sure, sure. This is a great man. The greatest.

Fay: All I want for Brandon is for him to be happy.

Sami: And you don't think that I can make him happy.

Fay: Well, there's nothing I can do about it, is there, if he feels you're the right woman for him?

Sami: He does. We are very much in love. I care more about Brandon than you'll ever know, and I worry about him. I'm sure you do, too. 3E778553.JPG

Fay: Well, mothers worry about their children. There's nothing unusual about that.

Sami: Come on, you have to admit that Brandon has serious anger management issues.

Fay: Brandon didn't tell me that you have a degree in psychology, Sami.

Sami: All I meant was that he holds everything inside. He -- he doesn't open up to anyone.

Fay: He's a very private person.

Sami: And it's bad for him. He -- he doesn't let the rage out. He doesn't vent to someone that he loves and trusts. He lets it eat him up inside -- like the hatred that he has for Abe. Do you understand what that's about? I mean, he won't let it go. And it's not like Abe is a jerk to him. Abe is a wonderful man, in fact. 3E77857B.JPG

Fay: Let it go, Sami.

Sami: Why, so that it can just get worse no. Those two need to make peace, okay? Maybe you could help me understand better. I mean, I know that you and Abe had an affair ages ago, but why does that freak Brandon out now?

Fay: How dare you bring that up to me. Don't you have any tact at all?

Sami: Wait a second. Just calm down. I just meant that --

Fay: You know, I should have left the first time. This was a big mistake.

Woman: [ Exhales ] Okay, well done. Why don't we take a break?

Lexie: Ah.

Shawn-d: I know that I blew it in the past by keeping secrets from you, and I did that twice... and no matter what my motives were, I hurt you. 3E7785B0.JPG

Belle: You've been lying to me for months. "Jan and I are just friends." Right. I would walk around the corner, and you would be with her, holding her hand. You'd say to me, "I have to go take care of Jan," and then you would just walk away from me. You took care of her all right, didn't you, Shawn? How could I be so stupid?

Shawn-d: It is not like you think, I swear. It's not like any of this meant anything to me.

Belle: It didn't mean anything to you, Shawn? No. No, this is not you talking. The Shawn Brady that I know would never sleep with a girl for the sake of having sex and not use protection and create a baby, because that does not make any sense. 3E7785E7.JPG

Shawn-d: You really do know me --

Belle: No, no! You are wrong. I thought I knew you, but I don't, and I obviously never did.

Shawn-d: I am just in a really, really bad place right now, and I don't want to bring you down with me.

Belle: You won't.

Shawn-d: I don't want to hurt you.

Belle: You won't.

Shawn-d: I won't. I'm letting you go. I need to give you some space while I figure out what's going on.

Belle: You're giving me space.

Shawn-d: This -- this -- I'm sorry. I -- I'm doing this for you. 3E778613.JPG

Belle: You're breaking up with me.

Shawn-d: Yeah.

Shawn-d: But I've learned and somehow -- you don't fully trust me yet, and -- and that's fine, but we need to figure out a way to turn things around. We need to start trusting each other again or we're going to have to --

Belle: No, no, no, no. I want to -- really, I do. I just -- I don't know how.

Shawn-d: I, uh... I have an idea how we can start.

Tony: Gregory, would you make sure we're not interrupted again?

Gregory: I'll take care of it. And again, my apologies.

Tony: You know, perhaps we should have gone to another restaurant. 3E778658.JPG

Marlena: I'm seeing a whole new side of Tony Dimera.

Bart: Hi. Big news, count D. We, uh, found you-know-who. He's been hiding in plain sight in some fleabag hotel right here in Salem.

Tony: Good. Inform our people to bring him to the house immediately. I'll take care of it personally.

Bart: You got it. I'll be outside.

Tony: Hmm. Well, I'm sorry about that. I'll have to take a rain check.

Marlena: Who have they found, and what do you plan to do to him?  3E7786F0.JPG

Man: Time to lock up.

Belle: Oh. Ha ha.

Shawn-d: Yeah.

Man: Sorry.

Shawn-d: No, no, right. I'm just going to -- I'll grab my stuff, coach. I'll be right out of here. Okay.

Belle: I can't believe this. We have the worst luck. First your parents walking in on us, then the sprinkler system going off at the dorm --

Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah. I-I -- yeah, but things could have been worse.

Belle: I don't want to let you go. I've been worried all day that we were over.

Shawn-d: Hey, you don't have to worry about that, all right? We're forever, remember? I lo y you. 3E77870E.JPG

Belle: I love you, too.

Man: Ahem.

Sami: Look, Fay, calm down, okay? I wouldn't have asked you about the past if I didn't love Brandon so much.

Fay: If you want Brandon to trust you, Sami, ask him what you want to know. Don't go behind his back.

Sami: I'm sorry that you see it that way.

Fay: Tell Brandon that I'll call him tomorrow.

Sami: She twisted everything I said.

[ Groans ] Aah! Damn her!

Brandon: Hi. I'm Brandon walker. I'm on staff here.

Gwen: Gwen McDonnell. How do you do?

Brandon: Good. Uh, I don't mean to intrude, but I notice you don't seem to have a partner here. 3E77874F.JPG

Gwen: Uh, well, I'm not married.

Brandon: And the father? I-I'm sorry. It's none of my business.

Gwen: No, that's okay. The father -- my -- my boyfriend, we -- we broke up. He doesn't want children right now.

Brandon: Well, I would like to offer you my services -- unless you have a friend or family member who's going to help coach you.

Gwen: There's no one, but it's such an imposition.

Brandon: It would be a privilege. I can't imagine leaving the mother of my child for any reason.

Abe: Hey. You okay?

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. 3E778776.JPG

Abe: What the hell is he doing here?

Lexie: I have no idea. Let's ignore him, huh?

Woman: All right. Let's work on back massage. Find c comfortable position.

Brandon: Ahem.

Brandon: Okay, I'm probably going to need a little help with this.

Gwen: Ha ha. You're a natural. You'll make a wonderful father someday.

Brandon: I'm looking forward to it.

Tony: Well, don't let Bart get to you. I mean, he makes drama out of everything.

Marlena: This whole evening has been dramatic, ever since we sat down.

Tony: Yes, what can I say to you? I mean, now that I'm a father, I realize everything about my life before was strictly business. 3E7787A8.JPG

Marlena: You're stalling.

Tony: Excuse me.

Both: [ Laugh ]

Tony: Yeah, you're right.

Marlena: All right. You tell me about the mystery man, I'll stop bugging you.

Tony: Rolf -- the doctor we spoke to from the Dimera compound.

Marlena: The man that was hired to create the twins?

Tony: Yes. He knew I wanted him for questioning. He went into hiding. I've been trying to find him ever since I got back here from the island. I think he's got all the answers about the twins.

Marlena: I know that he was the doctor who was there when the twins were born. I saw his face on your screen. 3E7787D0.JPG

Tony: I'm sorry, you know, really. I wish I had all the answers before we had this discussion. You've seen through enough anyway.

Marlena: I have questions myself -- especially if he were the doctor that was there when the children were growing up.

Tony: Yes, he was. Anyway, that's why I want to get back to the house and start questioning him.

Marlena: I'll go with you.

Tony: No, no, no, please don't. No, no, no, no, please. I'll have Bart drop you off.

Marlena: No, no, no. I won't hear of it. This involves my children. I'll be there. Let's go.

Nicole: You started this war, but I'm going to finish it, and then we'll see who's on top and who's on the floor begging for mercy. 3E778802.JPG

Jack: Carson palmer has a taste for the high life and the low life.

Jennifer: Do you think he could be involved in something illegal?

Rolf: The babies were not taken from her as newborns. You had the babies with you for many months, Marlena.

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