Days Transcript Friday 3/14/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/14/03--Canada; 3/17/03--USA

By Eric



Woman: Message from chloe.

Brady: Yes.

Woman: She said since her chemo treatment is going to take a while, she wanted you to go home and get some rest.

Brady: Okay, fine. Well, you tell her that I'm not going anywhere.

Woman: Look, why don't you get some coffee and make her happy? She'll be upset with me otherwise.

Brady: Okay. Fine, I guess I can do t thank you.

Nicole: You know how people joke they'd rather have a ro well, I really mean .

Victor: Shut up.

Nicole: But do I drag you to crap that you don't want to go to? R: Look -- 3E723505.JPG

Woman: Hello, mr. Kiriakis, mrs. Kiriakis.

Victor: Hello. I am making a sizable donation to the hospital's fundraising drive, and it is appropriate that my wife be by my side.

Nicole: In all my stepford finery.

Victor: Go sit down.

Nicole: I don't want to do this, victor.

Victor: I don't care. We are salem's happy newlywed couple, and if you look anything less than orgasmically happy to be by my side, you'll never leave the house again. Now do what you always do. Put that soupy smile on your face and fake it.

Jack: Breakfast...

Jack and abby: The most important meal of the day. 3E723532.JPG

Jack: Exactly.

Jennifer: Scrambled eggs, coming up. Yummy.

Jack: I'll get the toast.

Jennifer: Okay, here, sweetie, drink your juice. Put your napkin in your lap, too, baby.

Abby: Okay.

Jennifer: Whoa. How's that? That's good.

[ Banging ]

Jack: This persnickety toaster isn't working again!

Abby: Don't worry, daddy. You'll probably get a new one for a wedding present.

Jack: We'll probably get half a dozen. We'll spend the entire honeymoon returning them.

Abby: No, you'll have better things to do.

Jennifer: Uh, like what, sweetie? 3E723552.JPG

Abby: Like going away somewhere special together.

Jack: Right. Right.

Abby: I don't mean to put any pressure on you guys, but can you get married pretty soon? Because I'm not feeling very patient about it.

Jennifer: You know what, sweetie? I-I am not feeling very patient, either. Are you feeling very patient?

Jack: No. No.

Roman: So, I'm glad you and hope had a good time, too, so I say let's do it again -- the old double date.

Bo: Okay. I didn't think kate was all that comfortable

Roman: Well, no. That's why I'd like to plan another dinner because I think the more that she's around you guys, the more she'll feel like she fits in. 3E72357E.JPG

Bo: Sounds to me like the two of you are getting pretty serious.

Abe: Let's go, let's go.

Bo: Eddie monell. I arrested you a couple of weeks ago. What are you doing back on the street?

Eddie: Minding my own business till this pig hassled me.

Abe: His case was thrown out, lack of evidence.

Bo: What?

Eddie: Yeah, 'cause I was innocent, detective, just like this time.

Bo: Innocent, my ass. You'reararbage. You should be put away.

Eddie: Dude, that ain't gonna happen. I'm walking from this one like I walked from all the others.

Bo: I'll tell you where you're walking, little ma-- 3E72359C.JPG

Roman: Take it easy.

Abe: Take him down to booking and holding.

Man: With pleasure. Let's go, pretty boy. Move it.

Eddie: I'll see you around, detective.

Abe: What the hell is wrong with you?

Bo: With me? I arrest garbage like that, and the next thing I know, he's on the street. If that's what's going to happen, all I'm doing here is busywork! Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. *

Jennifer: Abby just told me she wanted to be a flower girl at our wedding. Jack, what e e you doing?

Jack: I'm fixing the toaster. 3E72367C.JPG

Jennifer: Jack, you know -- you know that I love you... so much, and there are things that -- that you do very well, but we both know that you are mechanically challenged, right?

Jack: It's a toaster, jennifer. You push the little thing down, the little wires heat up, the toast toasts, and up it pops. How hard can it be?

Jennifer: I just don't think you should really do this to yourself. Bring it to a repair shop, jack, or better yet, just buy a new one. I mean, these aren't -- they're not that expensive. Why don't you just give up toast until we get a new toaster as one of our wedding presents?

Jack: No. This toaster has miles of toast left in it. We're going to trade in the new ones for one of those low-fat he-man grills. Now, give me space, and give me quiet. 3E7236B0.JPG

Jennifer: You have no idea what you're doing, do you?

Jack: Nary a one.

Brady: Hey, granddad. Nicole.

Victor: Brady. This is a surprise.

Brady: Yeah, it is. Is everything okay?

Nicole: Better than okay. I can't speak for victor, but I happen to be deliriously, orgasmically happy. Can't you tell?

Brady: No, not really.

Victor: Of course not. Nicole's being sarcastic. She's not happy at all. She's peeved with me. You see, usually, she goes riding every day after breakfast, and today I insisted she come to a stuffy old board meeting with me instead.

Nicole: Oh, I am not all that peeved, vic. Actually, it's such a wohyhy cause -- the annual fund drive. I'm just happy to be here by my husband's side. 3E7236EA.JPG

Victor: Actually, I've been meaning to call you, brady. I understand that chloe's being prepared for her transplant.

Brady: Yes, um, she went through radiation. Now she's getting chemo.

Victor: How's she doing?

Brady: Fine. A little weak, a little tired, but that's to be expected. She's going to be cured, and, uh, her life is going to be normal again, so it's all going to be worth it.

Victor: Yes, of course.

Brady: You don't sound convinced.

Victor: Well, we're all praying for chloe. It's just -- it's youinvolvement with her that I'm not too thrilled with.

Brady: I'm sorry. I don't remember asking for your approval. 3E72370E.JPG

Victor: Well, would you deny me my opinion?

Brady: Your right to give it to me -- yes, I definitely deny that.

Victor: I just don't want to see you hurt, brady. That's my only concern.

Brady: Hurt? I love her. My life means nothing without her.

Victor: Yes, I heard the same thing from philip, then she broke his heart.

Brady: This is not about philip, damn it. That was totally different.

Victor: Why is that, because you're right for her and he wasn't? Or couldt t be that there is no difference at all, that she just hurts everyone she gets her hooks into?

Abe: Lighten up, bo. You know, we all get frustrated when these creeps walk, but that's not our business. 3E723730.JPG

Bo: Well, we should make it our business. That was a clean arrest. I had that punk dead to rights. He didn't even go to trial. You know what the hell happened?

Abe: Anything can go wrong, bo. You know that. It could be a stupid technicality, a lost or contaminated piece of evidence... it could be a hundred reasons, but a slick lawyer only needs one.

Bo: Yeah, because the system says it's better that a hundred guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted. I don't buy that. Neither should you.

Roman: You know, what if shawn were one of those innocents that went down for something he didn't do? 3E723756.JPG

Bo: Roman... it's tragic if anyone is wrongly convicted. That goes without saying. But neither one of you can deny that lately there has been an increase of the number of cases that have been thrown out or dismissed.

Abe: But it's not the big guys. It's usually the nickel-and-dimers.

Bo: So what, abe? Murder, theft -- it shouldn't make any difference. You do the crime, you do the time. Anything less is unacceptable.

Where we belong!

Jack: Don't you have something better to do?

Jennifer: No. Don't you?

[ Cellular phone rings ] 3E72380A.JPG

[ Ring ]

Jack: Hello, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes... no. Harold, I'm going to cover it. Carson palmer's holding a press conference, and I'm going to cover it.

Jennifer: What? Oh, I wish I could go with you, jack.

Jack: You know, I've had a very funny feeling about carson palmer.

Jennifer: Yes, I know. After he tried to squelch that interview with you at larry welch's sentencing.

Jack: I don't like him. Ergo, I don't trust him. Firstly, I don't trust him, so I don't like him. Either way, a press conference with a lot of people around is a perfect opportunity to do some digging, see what I can find out. 3E72382C.JPG

Jennifer: Here. Good luck, jack.

Jack: Wish me -- uh, right -- luck.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha. Oh, you poor soul.

Brady: Okay, first of all, chloe doesn't get her hooks into men. That's demeaning and downright unfair. And the only "men" you could possibly be speaking of are your son philip and me, since we are the only two people that chloe has ever been involved with. Now, the failure of their relationship -- philip and chloe's -- had nothing whatsoever to do with chloe. It had everything to do with philip -- his jealousy, his possessiveness. He drove her away, and he knew it. Before he left for the marines, he took full responsibility for all of his mistakes, and accepted chloe and me as a couple. Now, I wish that you could do the same. I'm not asking you to like chloe. I'm asking you to stop tearing her down. You understand? 3E72386C.JPG

Victor: I do, and I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... tear chloe down. As I said, my sole concern is for you --

Brady: Stop worrying about me, okay? I'm fine. I'm lucky as hell to have chloe in my life, to have my health. You want to be concerned about someone, be concerned about her. Pray for her.

Victor: I will.

Brady: You see, chloe is going to get through this, and I'm going to be waiting for her, waiting to celebrate her as a cancer survivor, that she doesn't have to be sick anymore or tired or worried. She's going to be carefree again -- both of us will be. And we're not going to take a day of that for granted. My god, it's going to be such a relief, such a relief. 3E72389E.JPG

Bo: What's the latest addition to monell's rap sheet?

Abe: He shot an innocent kid in a botched drive-by.

Bo: Oh, great.

Abe: Apparently, he was aiming at a rival gang member.

Bo: Do we have him this time?

Abe: Witness I.D.'D his car, but by the time the officers stopped him, he'd ditched the weapon.

Bo: So what you're telling me is he could walk again.

Abe: Hopefully the victim will recover and be able to identify monell as the shooter.

Bo: And if not? I'm going to go down to the hospital, see if I can get a statement.

Roman: You know, there's been a major increase in gang activity since the weather broke. 3E7238C3.JPG

Abe: Nothing unusual in that.

Roman: Yeah, but it's not your usual turf wars. In fact, shootings like that are almost becoming an aberration. Instead of going after each other, they're going after the small-time dealers and bookies -- just shutting 'em down and taking over their businesses.

Abe: So, what do you think that means?

Roman: I don't know, I don't know, but my gut says these gangs are being manipulated. Somebody is controlling them, and they are supplying them with enough guns and money and dope to wipe out the independents.

Bo: You know what? If there is a mr. Big, I'm going to nail the stard. And that is an arrest that's going to stick. Maab to ts mi. Nen l ftu eibatanan 3E72395B.JPG


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where have you been? Let's check out the mute grab up top, though. Look at the style on off the box.

It's no secret this is our big impressed the crowd. The last, 900 -- gets all the way around. Kind of checks it a bit there,

Jack: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Ho ho ho!

Jack: Are you all right? What's taking --

Jennifer: Ho ho ho! I hope you have been a really good boy this year, jack.

Jack: Jennifer?

Jennifer: No, I'm santa. And if you don't believe in me, you are not going to be getting what you want. 3E7239B1.JPG

>>Acack: Oh, I believe, I believe.

Jennifer: Well, that's a good thing then, little man, because then -- let me sit on your lap here for a minute -- you're going to get exactly what you want since you do believe.

Jack: Oh, do you mean like a motorcycle or a sports car orn n infomercial pec blaster --

Jennifer: No, no, no. No toys. Nope.

Jack: No toys, then wh-what else is there? What?

Jennifer: My whole life, I have only loved one man, and that love has been tested over and over and over. But I think it's the tests that have made us stronger. And you're the man that I love, and I want to be your wife again. So... there we go. If you could just help me down. Okay. Jack deveraux, will you marry me? 3E7239FD.JPG

Jack: Jennifer -- oh.

Jennifer: Oh! Ha ha ha ha! It's the pillow.

Jack: Miss horton... yes. Yes, I will marry you.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha ha.

[ Man groaning ]

Jennifer: Who is it? Who's there?

[ Man groaning ]

Jennifer: Aah! Aah!

Jack: Don shoot!

Jennifer: Aah!

Jack: Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! It's only me -- santa!

Jennifer: Jack?

Jack: Jack! Right.

Jennifer: What do you think you're doing, jack? That is unbelievable. You came down the chim--

Jack: I'm santa.

Jennifer: What are you doing, jack? 3E723A31.JPG

Jack: Not ja-- deveraux -- mr. Deveraux is the one who sent me here to give you a christmas greeting and even more, a special gift.

Jennifer: Jack, I already gave you a gift. I don't have anything else --

Jack: A gift? Wait -- my -- my horny reindeer -- hey, what are you talking about? No, no, no! I'm checking my list and checking it twice to see if you've been naughty or... well, uh, speaking of checking -- oh, mr. Deveraux wanted me to check to see if you -- if you had an answer to his, uh, his little question. Uh, yes, yes, so, uh, I'm asking for him, uh, oh, um... w-w-w-w-w-would you marry him? 3E723A63.JPG

[ Telephone rings ]

Jennifer: Hello?

Bill: Hello.

Jennifer: Daddy, hi. Hi, I'm so glad you called. I've been trying to get a hold of you. Uh, look, um, I just -- I'm not trying to be an ingrate. I-I just wanted to talk to you about, uh, the binturong that you sent. Yeah, I-I know that you meant well, but it wasn't really a good idea. Well, yes, uh, abby loved the binturong. I mean, what little girl wouldn't love it?

Bill: She always wanted a pet.

Jennifer: Yes, I-I know that abby has always wanted a pet, but, daddy, you forget, we live in salem. It is not the veldt. Horace is in the zoo. He's in the zoo where he belongs, and if you want to send something to me and jack, can you just promise me that it won't be alive? 3E723A90.JPG

Bill: Oh, but, honey, I want to surprise you.

Jennifer: No, I-I don't want to be surprised. Really, I don'T.

Bill: Honey, have a sense of humor.

Jennifer: Okay, fine. Fine, okay. Actually, there's another reason that I was trying to get a hold of you. Um, I-I just have a little good news. Actually, it's very happy, happy news. Are you sitting down?

Bill: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Okay, here it goes. Drum roll, please... jack and I -- we're getting remarried.

Bill: What?! You mean jack deveraux -- no. You don't mean jack deveraux. Of all people -- sweetheart... 3E723AB2.JPG

Carson: And the year-to-date ratio of convictions to arrests for cases brought to trial is not only up from the last year, but it's been a continuing trend since I became salem's district attorney. And not only do we know it, the criminals know it as well. Word is out, so the bad guys are going elsewhere. And salem is reaping the benefit of a crime rate that has declined every year since my election.

Jack: Excuse me. Um, that's a whole lot of words, but not a lot of numbers. Would you care to be a little more specific, please?

Carson: I'd be happy to, mr. Deveraux.

Victor: Your main concern now is chloe's health. I mean, that's all that really matters, and all that should. I was insensitive. I apologize. 3E723ADF.JPG

Bo: Hey. Am I interrupting?

Brady: Uh, no, we were just finished.

Bo: Shawn told us about chloe. She's in our prayers. If there's anything hope or i can do for either one of you...

Brady: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Victor: How is hope?

Bo: A lot better, now that welch is behind bars. I think very soon she'll be able to put this whole thing behind her.

Victor: Well, I'm sure she will. She's a strong woman.

Bo: Yes, she is. Can I talk to you a second?

Victor: Yes, of course. Brady.

Brady: Take care, granddad. Bo. 3E723AFD.JPG

Bo: Excuse us.

Bo: The day larry was sentenced, he changed his plea. Then I arranged for you to speak with him in private, and he changed it back. I need to know what you said to him.

Victor: Isn't it obvious? I threatened him.

Nicole: Mm. Damn it.

Brady: You okay? Did you get burned?

Nicole: Uh... no, I'm fine, thank you.

Brady: Uh, ha ha ha. You better -- you better do that yourself.

Nicole: Relax. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

Brady: Yeah, except that you're my -- um... what the hell are you, exactly, to me? 3E723C0D.JPG

Nicole: Let's see. Your...stepgrandma.

Brady: Ha ha ha ha. Yeah, that sounds about right, doesn't it?

Nicole: You think you're really hot, don't you? Charming, witty... but all I see is arrogance and pretension. Even when you smile, it's not real.

Brady: Thank you. I think the world of you, too.

Nicole: Yeah, well, back to your awkwardness, there's no need to be. You tried to help, you copped a feel, I didn't mind. I don't think you did, either. But don't worry, I, uh, I won't tell chloe. Although from what I understand, it's gngng to be quite a while before you'll be getting any. 3E723C33.JPG

Brady: Mm. Okay, um, since we're being... direct here, uh, you called me arrogant and pretentious. Well, I would describe you as having no class whatsoever. See, you say rude things to provoke people. I guess you want attention, even if it is negative, because you're lonely and you're miserable. And I know why.

Bo: Exactly how did you threaten welch?

Victor: Well, I pointed out to him that if he was reneging on his deal with the D.A. To take his chance with a jury, that that was a big mistake. If he was doing it for the sadistic satisfaction of continuing to put hope and her family through hell, then that satisfaction would quickly pale when the judge handed down a death sentence, whicI had the ability to make happen. 3E723C65.JPG

Bo: That's what we call coercion.

Victor: Bottom line, bo -- larry welch spends the rest of his life in statesville. That's what really matters, isn't it?

Bo: Yeah. It is.

Victor: Good. Well, I got a board meeting in a few minutes. Have we finished?

Bo: Not quite. Um... there's someone in salem backing certain gangs, providing them with money, drugs, weapons, possibly to expand their territory and protect it. I was wondering...

Victor: What?

Bo: Is that you?

Bill: [ Yelling unintelligibly ] 3E723C8D.JPG

Jennifer: Yes. Yes, daddy, you heard me right. Jack and i are getting remarried.

Bill: You mean jack deveraux?

Jennifer: Jack deveraux, yes.

Bill: [ Laughing ]

Jennifer: You know, I am telling you something very important to me right now, and you will not laugh. Do you understand me? I mean -- no, have you ever thought about how important this could be for abby right now?

Bill: Abby would be better off with the binturong.

Jennifer: Oh, oh, that's very funny. Abby would be better off with me and the binturong. Ha ha ha. Maybe you should quit medicine and go on "saturday night live," daddy. 3E723CA8.JPG

Bill: Honey, how could you do this? This is silly.

Jennifer: You know why? Because I believe that jack has really changed.

Bill: He's changed? You need your head examined. You need to see a psychiatrist.

Jennifer: I do not need a psychiatrist, daddy. I know exactly what I am doing.

Bill: You have no idea what you're doing.

[ Yelling unintelligibly ]

Carson: Likewise, the number of successful embezzlement prosecutions is up 27% in the last year. The trifecta of mail, wire, and insurance fraud convictions is up a combined 36%. Now, when we turn to shoplifting --

Jack: Mr. Palmer, as impressive as these statistics are, they all have to do with nonviolent white-collar crime, which, agreed, is important, but what about what's happening on the street? I mean, the stuff that threatens on a day-to-day basis -- gang activity, theft, drugs, rape, robbery, murder. 3E723CDA.JPG

Carson: Those numbers are all included in the packet you received. Now, as I was saying --

Jack: E-excuse me, but the numbers in these packets -- these fact sheets are neither clear nor specific, so, uh... is the D.A.'S office trying to hide something or what?

Carson: Just what are you implying, mr. Deveraux?

Jack: I'm not implying anything. I'm just asking a question. Would you care to comment for the record, mr. D.A.? I'm C.C. The edmonton youth orchestra senior orchestra is performing this evening 8 pm at the west end christian reformed church on 100 ave. And 149 st. Tickets are $10 each and available thru tix on the square or at the door. Call 420-17-57.*****St. Basil's branch of the ukrainian catholic women's league of canada is holding a spring tea on sunday from 1 to 3:30 pm. The tea will be held at st. Basil's cuurural centre on 108 st. And 71 ave. The theme of the tea will honour the 100 years of service of the sisters servants of mary immaculate in canada. Again the address is 108-19-71 ave. ******You're invited to leduc parent's place semi-annual new and used baby and child item sale, maternity clothes and children's clothes infant to size 8, toys and accessories for all ages. The sale is march 22 10 am to 1 pm at leduc composite high school. Admission is one dollar. For 3E723D41.JPGtable rentals or general info call 980-83-14.*****The 30th annual simpson, rundle, wild rose school's book fair is saturday march 22 and sunday march 23. The fair will be held at sir george simpson school,. Check out 1000's od items including books, magazines, C.D.'S and more. Most items are under one dollar. All proceeds from the fair go to the school's libraries. Call 460-37-37.***** And providence renewal centre on 30 ave. And 119 st. Has several workshops, courses and seminar offered for the spring. To find our what's coming up and to get more details on the centre call 430-94-91.******That's all for now. Have a terrific weekend. Choosing a tampon isn't about the latest gimmicks.

Carson: Violent crime statistics for salem are well within the parameters of the national average for cities of comparable population density and composition. In fact, in some cases, they are considerably better. 3E723DDA.JPG

Jack: One more question.

Carson: Yes, mr. Deveraux.

Jack: What the hell did that mean? I have heard spin before, but this is like a chorus of "the merry-go-round broke down."

[ Reporters laugh ]

Carson: Perhaps you should study the materials in your packet. Then you will see that the numbers all fully support my statement. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have another meeting to get to.

Jack: In other words, th-th-th-th-that's all, folks.

Bill: [ Yelling unintelligibly ]

Jennifer: Yeah -- do you really want me to answer this time?

Bl:L: Yes, I want you to answer this time. 3E723E00.JPG

Jennifer: Yes, of course I know what jack has done in the past. I was there.

Bill: Do you remember the time --

Jennifer: No, daddy, listen to me. Like I said, I really believe that he has changed.

Bill: Ha ha. Jen, do you know how many times you've said that over the years?

Jennifer: I-I have absolutely no idea how many times I have said that over the years.

Bill: Well, let me tell you, darling, I have kept a list.

Jennifer: Are you making that up? Have you really kept a record --

Bill: Of course I kept a record, honey --

Jennifer: Well, no, but --

Bill: Do you want to know -- 3E723E1A.JPG

Jennifer: Daddy, are you going to let me respond, please?

Bill: That's not the point.

Jennifer: Okay, I --

b bill: Do you know how many times you've done this?

Jennifer: No.

Bill: Honey, this is...

Jennifer: No, you go ahead. You -- you -- you just go ahead. I-I am listening.

Bill: All right, jen, let me ask you this.

[ Yelling unintelligibly ]

Victor: I'm out of that world, bo. I went straight years ago, and I intend to stay that way. Does that answer your question?

Bo: You're upset with me for asking, and I understand that. But you got to understand something else -- an innocent kid was shot on the streets today. That could have been my kid. 3E723E3C.JPG

Victor: I'd never turn over drugs and money and guns to a bunch of angry punks. That wasn't my style. And using gangs to carve out territory is really not the smart way to go, although it would certainly take the heat off of whoever was behind all this. You know, gangs are incredibly loyal. They'd take a bullet before they ratted out on anybody. And given the kind of person it would take to set something like this up, they'd have to know if they made any kind of deal to save themselves, they'd never live to tell about it.

Bo: Yeah. That's why I got to find out who's running this gang. I was hoping you could put out some feelers for me, you know, through some of your old associates. 3E723E6A.JPG

Victor: Certainly, bo. I'd be glad to help.

Bo: Thank you, for this... and for your help with larry.

Victor: Anytime, son.

Nicole: You don't know enough about me to know anything about how I feel or why, so stop with the psychobabbl would you?

Brady: Well, nicole, I know that you were just recently removed from titan. That's got to be pretty damn upsetting.

Nicole: Victor did not remove me. I asked to be replaced. I have nothing left to prove at titan, and now that I'm mrs. Victor kiriakis, I certainly don't need or want to work. But for the record, if you think this is a chance for basic black to steal any of titan's clients or get ahead in any way, think again, because victor and i will never let that happen. 3E723E9A.JPG

Brady: Okay, fine. So what's upsetting you isn't professional. It's personal.

Nicole: Look, I don't want to be here, okay? I can think of a million things I'd rather be doing than going to some stupid board meeting with a bunch of rich dirty old men looking down my blouse while victor gives away a bunch of money.

Brady: I don't believe you.

Nicole: Well, tough. You know, why the hell do you care, anyway? Or are you just pretending to because you think it'll help you cop another cheap thrill?

Victor: I'll be in touch if I come up with anything.

Bo: I appreciate that. I got to run. Hey, joan, um... a kid was shot today. Do you know what room he's in? 3E723F60.JPG

Joan: Um, 207. His name's ben wells.

Bo: Okay, thanks.

Victor: So, what have you two been chatting about?

Nicole: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness -- not necessarily in that order.

Brady: Actually, um, we were discussing nicole's recent release from titan. Everybody at basic black was quite surprised.

Victor: Well, nicole understands. I wanted my wife to myself. If she was with me at the office all day, it wouldn't be near as exciting when she came home in the evening, now, would it?

Nicole: You know what they say -- you can have too much of a good thing. 3E723F88.JPG

Victor: This way, the time we have together is that much more special. Isn't that right, my dear?

Nicole: Absolutely.

Jack: Ask me if I love this job.

Jennifer: Do you love --

Jack: Yes. Ask me why I love this job.

Jennifer: Why do you love this job?

Jack: Because if one does things right, one can make a difference. Ask me --

Jennifer: No, I'm not going to ask you anything. You're not letting me finish my questions.

Jack: God, you are beautiful when you're confused.

Jennifer: Well, thank you, but I'm not confeded.

Jack: Well, you should be confused. 3E723FB0.JPG

Jennifer: What? Are you going to tell me, or are you going to make me ask another question?

Jack: Because we have a story on our hands, jennifer -- a full-blown, screaming headlines story.

Jennifer: What? What is it? Tell me. Tell me. Jack.

Jack: A mystery wrapped inside an enigma. Of course, I'm quoting --

Jennifer: Winston churchill.

Jack: God, you're beautiful when you're brilliant. But when are you not brilliant or beautiful?

Jennifer: Mm, mm, jack, but wait, tell me -- wait, no, tell me. Tell me about our story.

Jack: I don't know what it is yet.

Jennifer: You don't know what the story is? 3E723FCA.JPG

Jack: But it's out there, and it's big.

Jennifer: Okay, well, how do wgeget it from out there to in here to the front page of our "spectator"?

Jack: I'm working on it.

Jennifer: You're working on it? Can you tell your editor what, exactly, you're working on?

Jack: Right, chief. What was my assignment today?

Jennifer: Oh, no. Not the questions again. Just tell me.

Jack: Press conference.

Jennifer: Yes. Carson palmer.

Jack: Bingo.

Jennifer: Bingo? Bingwhat?

Jack: Remember what I said to you earlier.

Jennifer: Yes, you had a very funny feeling about him.

Jack: It's not funny anymore. It's serious. It's very serious. 3E723FE5.JPG

Jennifer: What happened at the press conference?

Jack: Nothing really happened. It was just him -- himself, mr. District attorney, the way -- the way he carried himself.

Jninifer: What? Jack, we can't write a story on somebody's posture. What's that mean?

Jack: Okay, you want something concrete? His shifty eyes, the way he squirmed under pressure when I asked him questions.

Jennifer: Squirming doesn't cut it.

Jack: The man is a fraud, jennifer. He's a fraud. The people of salem are being played for fools. I know I'm onto something. I know it. 3E723FFF.JPG

Jennifer: All right, jack. This is so good, and you hold onto that, okay? Because I have a really, really big story of my own right now. Ta-da!

Jack: You fixed it.

Jennifer: F fixed it. I fixed the little dial from light to dark. I even fixed that. This is like a brand-new toaster. I did it. Oh, you -- you don't -- you don't seem very happy that -- that I fixed it.

Jack: Oh, but I am. I mean, you -- you persevered. You did it. You're the...

Jennifer: Genius? I mean, that could be a good word. 3E724027.JPG

Jack: Well, yes, I-I suppose it could, but, uh...

Jennifer: I-I think that you're feeling, maybe, a little threatened because because your woman is mechanically inclined.

Jack: No. No, no, no, no. If that bothered me, I wouldn't be getting married. It's just, uh... it's just my daughter. I-I'd like for her to -- to look up to me for just a little bit longer if she could, so... if you could...

Jennifer: Uh, yeah. I -- you know what? I am going to tell abby that you fixed the toaster, macho man. She's going to know you did it.

Jack: God. You're beautiful wn n you're -- 3E724053.JPG

Abe: [ Sighs ] You know, I'm worried about bo's attitude.

Roman: You and me both, partner. He's very frustrated.

Abe: Yeah, and when that happens... well, let's just say he doesn't always make the best decisions.

Roman: You don't have to be tactful. When that happens, the rulebook goes out the window, and when that happens, we got ourselves a lot of trouble.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Bo: Poor kid.

Woman: I'm so sorry. Is he your son?

Bo: No, no. I'm a cop investigating the shooting, but in a way, they're all my sons. 3E724090.JPG

Bo: They're all my sons. E lots of simple waysto save energy.

It's here that war is expected to take place. It's here you can expect to know what takes place. The war desk, providing cns coverage in newspapers, on television, on-line. It means you understand it. Make your source "global national" with kevin newman.

Victor: We better get going. Wewe don't want to be late for the board meeting.

Nicole: Ready when you are.

Victor: What happened to your blouse?

Nicole: I spilled coffee.

Victor: Well, here, put your jacket on.

Victor: There we go. Beautiful as ever. You take care, brady, and hope everything with chloe works out. 3E724124.JPG

Nicole: So do I.

Brady: I'll tell her you said so.

Victor: Come on.

Joan: They look like such a happy couple.

Brady: Don't they, though?

Woman: Brady black, please report to the oncology ward.

Brady: Oh, my god! Chloe!

Woman: Please come to the oncology ward immediately.

Jack: That little button really works. I'm a medium dark man myself.

Jennifer: Jack, come on. Tell me -- what happened at the press conference?

Jack: It started out as the usual crime stat summary, but I started asking questions, checking numbers, and I believe that our illustrious D.A. Is trying to make things look better than they actually are. His conviction rate with gang violence and street crime really sucks. 3E724150.JPG

Jennifer: Jack, he wouldn't be the first politician to spin numbers to make himself look good. They all do that. We know it.

Jack: But there's more than spin going on here, and I'm going to find out what it is.

[ Crunch ]

Bo: You didn't see this kid. He's -- he's about shawn's age. Lying there in icu, barely holding on. How many more times are we going to let this happen? We got to do something.

Roman: Bo, we are. We're doing every damn thing we can.

Bo: That's bull, roman, and you know it. Every time we haul in one of those scumbags, he either skates on a technicality or some sleazy lawyer cuts him a deal. Either way, they are on the street before we finish the damn paperwork. 3E72417F.JPG

Bo: Not anymore. I don't care if I have to bend or break every rule in the book. Things are going to change around here.

Roman: I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

Bo: All right, then I'll say it again. That punk who shot ben wells -- he's not going to walk. We're going to write a new chapter, and it starts with this case. I will do anything and everything I have to to make sure eddie stays in jail, whether I have to break every rule in the book or not.

Abe: Easy, bo.

Carson: Listen to the commander, brady... because if you try taking the law into your hand one more time, you'll be the one in jail, and I guarantee there won't be any deals. 3E7241B0.JPG

Bo: Whose side are you on, palmer?

Carson: The side of justice.

Bo: Could have fooled me.

Carson: Unlike you, I believe in the system.

Bo: I'll be a cheerleader for your system justs s soon as you prove to me it works.

Carson: It seemed to have worked just fine for your son.

Abe: What brings you down here, carson?

Carson: Last month's arrest and conviction reports. This precinct's arrests were down nearly 15% from the previous month.

Abe: Hmm. Because crime reports are also down. And the arrests-to-crimes ratio is actually up.

Roman: And the D.A.'S office has 18% fewer convictions. 3E7241D7.JPG

Carson: Primarily because of inadequate or improperly gathered evidence and other procedural errors by your arresting officers.

Bo: You slimy little --

Roman: Bo, bo, bo, bo --

Carson: Just keep it up. Keep it up, detective, and I promise you, I will have your badge -- permanently.

Bo: Palmer.

Carson: What is it?

B bo: Go to hell.

Mimi: Is this your first st. Patrick's day?

Rex: [ Speaks gaelic ]

[ Irish music playing ]

Marlena: Dance with me?

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