Days Transcript Wednesday 3/12/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday  3/12/03--Canada; 3/13/03--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Jen

Tony: What are you doing?

Bart: Shutting down the room formerly known as secret, like you told me to.

Tony: But what's to sort through? Your instruction s were to dispose of everything.

Bart: You don't want to save any of this?

Tony: Human cloning and mind control is not part of my ambitions in life. Everything that belonged to my father is to be shredded. Is that understood?

Bart: Oh, understood, count D. I-I just hope that I'm not included in that inventory, u know. You're not sealing off this secret room because, uh, well, what I'm saying is, is that I-I hope I'm not going to be one of those dead bodies like in that creepy book John Black gave you -- you know, tiling up myself into my own tomb. 3E6F91FA.JPG

Tony: "The cask of amontillado" -- yes. Hmm., Bart, that's not my plan.

Bart: Oh, good.

Tony: Ha ha ha ha.

Bart: So it's going to be John Black's tomb then.

Tony: All you need to know is this -- foiling John Black imate aim. Whatever's required to achieve that aim, we will.


Ops: Hey, you need a hand with that?

John: Well, assuming your receiver is as efficient as your state-of-the-art listening device, no.

Ops: Cool. So we're about to find out whether Dimera has a clue his state-of-the-art security system is breached. 3E6F9227.JPG

John: I left no clues. Your disarming device worked its magic.

Ops: So within 800 meters of that little bugger we'll be able to hear every breath Tony Dimera makes. If he as much thinks too loud, we'll know about it.

[ Static ]


Sami: Bye.

Brandon: There you go. Since you gave all yours to Will.

Sami: Aw, thank you, sweetie.

Brandon: So, will is not bouncing off your grandmother's walls, is he?

Sami: Actually, he and Zack are asleep, believe it or not. I guess the sugar counteracted with the running around. Dad! Hi.

Roman: Hi.

Brandon: Captain Brady. 3E6F9259.JPG

Roman: Brandon.

Sami: Hi, um, I didn't expect to see you here.

Roman: Why not?

Sami: Keeping the peace, huh?

Roman: Something like that.

Sami: Actually, I have great news for you.

Roman: Let me guess. Brandon moved in. Detective. The news travels fast.

Sami: Well, I'm sorry that I'm not the one to tell you, but isn't it wonderful? Daddy, I have waited a long time for this. And if I'm happy, you're happy, right?

Roman: You asking me? I got to be honest. I think you're making a big, big mistake.


Kate: Oh, tell me you're not that desperate. 3E6F9290.JPG

Lucas: What about you? Nice date.

Kate: That's not very funny.

Lucas: I think it's pretty funny. In fact, I think it's the perfect souvenir from your new boyfriend.

[ High voice ] It was very thoughtful of him. Really.

Kate: Oh.


Hope: Oh! Hey!

Bo: Hey!

Hope: Where have you been? Did you have your fortune told?

Bo: Nope, nope.

Hope: Hmm... didn't trust that my eternal peace of mind and happiness would rub off on you, too, huh?

Bo: Eternal peace of mind and happiness is what the fortuneteller promised you.

Hope: I'm so glad we're here tonight. 3E6F92C0.JPG

Bo: Yeah, me too.

Hope: Do you know how long it's been since we've done something just carefree like this?

Bo: What about earlier this afternoon after we dropped Zack off at your folks?

Hope: Okay, so you have a point.

Bo: Uh-huh.

Hope: I love you, Brady.

Bo: Good.

Hope: I love being here with you, and laughing and looking ahead. Colin Murphy isn't going to haunt us or Shawn anymore, and neither is Larry Welch.

Bo: Larry who?

Hope: I feel carefree.

Bo: You don't have to prove anything to me.

Hope: I know that. I know I'm not completely cured of, you know, my problems just because Larry Welch is behind bars, but you got to admit, my stress level is way down and my happiness level is way up. I'm a strong person. 3E6F92EE.JPG

Bo: Yeah. I know that.

Hope: I'm going to beat this.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: You know I am. And if I'm feeling this good now... it can only get better.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Come here.


Abe: Hey, hey. Hey, forget the goldfish, look at the stuffed animal over there. They're as big as a baby.

Lexie: Honey, let's take a look.

Brandon: Samantha, why don't you, uh, talk to your dad there?

Sami: Oh, okay, well, thanks. I'll come find you. 3E6F93A7.JPG

Brandon: All right.

Sami: Dad, how could you say in front of Brandon that you think it's a mistake for us to move in together

Roman: Sami, you put me on the spot. I wasn't going to lie to you.

Sami: But, dad, I love Brandon, and you know that, all right? It's the 21st century. What is the problem?

Roman: The problem is not with you, all right? The problem is will. For all practical purposes, you and Austin lived together. And now Austin is gone out of Will's life, and I'll tell you what -- that little boy is still hurting.

Sami: You have kids, and you got divorced. I don't see you putting your kids first when it comes to making decisions about having affairs with, oh, say, the woman who tried to ruin your daughter's life. Your priority's right. Dad, I know you love me, and you know that I love Will. So go. Be with Kate. I'm going to go find Brandon and have some fun. 3E6F93E3.JPG

Kate: You know, perhaps we should just refrain from commenting on each other's... Roman.

Roman: Lucas. You're not alone, are you?

Lucas: Well, compared to many of the other options, alone has a whole lot more appeal. Lovebirds.

Roman: I just thought that maybe he brought Will along.

Kate: You know, don't take Lucas personally.

Roman: I don't, but I guarantee I'm taking Sami personally.

Kate: Ooh... the joys of parenting... even when they're all grown up. Ha ha.


Sami: Hey there, sexy.

Brandon: Well, hey.

Sami: So, um, after all those rides on the zipper with Will, I'm sure you're not interested in the midway. What would you like to do? 3E6F9415.JPG

Brandon: Hmm. What do you say that I show you the strength of my love for you? Hmm?

Sami: Sounds good.

Abe: Ha ha ha ha. You know, is it okay if it doesn't quite fit in the crib?

Lexie: Honey, as long as you don't get that big tiger. I don't know about the baby, but it would definitely give me nightmares. But, of course, he'd bunk with the police commander, and daddy would never let anything happen to us.

Abe: No, no, no. Ha ha ha ha.

Brandon: Oh, great, another player. So let's make this a real competition.


Hope: Hey.

Kate: Hi. 3E6F944D.JPG

Hope: Hi. Uh, having fun?

Kate: Oh, yeah, what about you?

Hope: Uh, well, I, um, just had my fortune told, and, well, I try not to be superstitious, but I will say it was very nice to hear someone say out loud what I've been feeling inside for a while, and, you know, smooth sailing -- all good things ahead. So we can try to put some of that bad stuff behind us. Oh, uh, cannolis. I want to grab some for Zack. I'll be right --

Bo: For Zack -- right.

Hope: Okay, maybe a couple for me, too.

Kate: You know... something? I think I'm going to go visit that fortuneteller because it's always nice to hear something positive, you know, every once in a while. 3E6F9474.JPG

Bo: I wouldn't count on anything positive. This is not a good fortuneteller kind of fortuneteller. I had to bribe her into coming up with a good fortune for Hope. I didn't like having to do that, but she's kind of fragile right now, and the last thing I needed was that fortuneteller coming up with some prediction of gloom and doom because that's not the way it's going to be.

Roman: I hope you're right.

Bo: Well, thanks, bro, for your continued optimism and support.

Kate: Excuse me.

Bo: Do not start in on me about lying to my wife. My marriage is not your marriage. 3E6F94A1.JPG

Roman: Bo, you did the right thing.

Bo: For once? You know, I've been thinking, you should've been a judge instead of a cop. That way you could've decided my son's entire future. The only thing he was guilty of was trying to protect me.

Roman: You want to know something? If anything had happened to you that night, if Colin had done what he was supposed to do... Bo, I hate this.

Bo: So do I. So let's just drop it.

Roman: How are we going to do that, huh? You tell me. Aside from the fact that you are my only brother, we work together every single day. Now, Hope said that she wants to put this stuff behind us. Wouldn't you want to do the same thing? 3E6F94D8.JPG

Hope: Thank you. I snagged the last ones. I'm sorry.

Kate: Oh, no, no, I didn't want to get any of that. You know, I really just wanted to give Roman and Bo some time to try to clear the air. They're so close.

Hope: I know.

Kate: All you Brady's are famously close.

Hope: And famously stubborn, as well. Fighting and making up -- it's the family way. And us Brady women tend to give fate a little bit of a push every now and then.

Kate: Do you have an idea?

Hope: Right on the money. Come here, I might need your help.

Kate: Okay.

Bo: Yeah, Roman, I would love to put all this nastiness behind us, but I don't see how we can do that. 3E6F9509.JPG

Roman: Bo, hindsight is 20/20, and if I had to do it all over again --

Bo: You'd do the same damn thing. We both know it.

Hope: Hey, hey, uh, Kate and I were wondering if anyone was hungry.

Bo: No.

Hope: Well, you know what? I'm really starving, and I was hoping I wouldn't have to eat any more corn dogs or cotton candy. What do you say?

Kate: Yeah. We'd really like to take out our men for a nice dinner.

Hope: Yeah. What do you say? Huh, guys? With all this pent-up energy?


[ Static ]

Tony's voice: Dear brother John, are you enjoying your little spy game? Clever man. Though I feel a candid conversation would've sufficed. 3E6F95E2.JPG

[ Feedback ]

John: Damn it. Lousy piece of --

Ops: Anger management issues run in the family? I'll take that, thank you. Look, I can try and do a computer analysis of the first 30 seconds of the tape and see if I can pull something out of the static.

John: No, forget about it. It's not going to work. Tony found the damn thing. It's like he's omniscient.

Ops: Dude, the bugging technology should've never detected it. The only thing I can surmise... did you by chance plant the transmitter near a heat-radiating source?

John: You mean like in a room full of computers?

Ops: That's likely the problem. 3E6F9611.JPG

John: Aw, damn it, Ops. Come on, man! Why didn't you advise me on that? Now Tony knows exactly what I'm doing, and that just made our job one small step from impossible. Damn it!


Bart: Oops! Ha ha. Oopsy-daisy. So, uh, boss, I guess you're not going to be hosting any more family parties at the mansion anymore -- or, uh, will readings. Hopefully there won't be any more deceased for you to need those. I guess what I'm trying to say, sir, is that there won't be any more affairs -- wrong word -- functions that might give john black entree into the house.

Tony: Ha ha ha ha. That's an excellent guess. 3E6F963D.JPG

Bart: You know, the two of you -- you're like that song "night and day." Night and day! But, sir, you are the one. Ha ha! Speaking of songs, does not this secret room look like a great recording studio?

Tony: You know, I'd advise you to work diligently on your other assignment. Dr. Rolf -- found, questioned, tortured if necessary, until he reveals everything he knows -- especially the circumstances under which my father so cruelly and secretly brought my children into this life.

Bart: Um, countie, I, uh... I'm sorry. I got some bad news on that front. 3E6F9671.JPG


Maggie: I'm glad to see the two of you back here.

Bo: Thanks, Maggie.

Hope: Thank you for finding us a table on such short notice.

Maggie: Oh, it was no problem at all. How was the carnival?

Hope: Oh, it was great. You and uncle Mickey should go.

Maggie: Actually, we are. Mickey's going to come by and pick me up after he finishes work.

Hope: You have got to try the cannolis. They are absolutely amazing.

Maggie: Okay, I'll remember that. I'll send over your waiter, and I hope you saved room for dinner!

Kate: Thank you.

Bo: Thanks, Maggie.

Kate: You know something? That carnival was a lot more fun than I expected. 3E6F968D.JPG

Roman: Next year we'll get her on the zipper.

Kate: Oh, no, I don't think so. You should know by now I am not the thrill-seeking type.

Hope: Sure you are. You're dating Roman.

Roman: Thank you...I think.

Hope: What I meant is you're a cop. You're, you know, not the boring type. Well, neither one of you are.

Roman: Sure I am. Predictable, regimented...

Hope: Reliable.

Kate: Stubborn.

Roman: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hope: Hey, now, there's a word -- stubborn. That's a word you and your brother both have in common.

Roman: You got that right. But look at you, little brother. You have been married to the same beautiful, classy woman all these years. Wonderful family. Still close after all this time. 3E6F96B9.JPG

Bo: Yeah. Almost lost all of that because of you... because you've decided to make your work your life.

Kate: Bo --

Roman: Damn it, Bo, listen to me. I thought Shawn was going to hurt himself if he kept that secret any longer. So believe it or not, I thought I was really helping.

Bo: You didn't think I was capable of handling the situation.

Roman: No parent ought to have to make that kind of decision so, yeah, I guess I was still being the big brother. I trusted the legal system to take care of it. Fortunately, they did. You know, I guess we ought to be used to this by now, shouldn't we? We're both cops, both the same family, both believe in the same things. But there are two ways to go about something -- two different sides to take. Why is it you're always one side and I'm on the other? It's always been that way. And, unfortunately, I guess it always will be. 3E6F96F9.JPG


Abe: Come on, man, one more time.

Man: It's officially a draw. Let's give somebody else a chance, all right?

Abe: We're just going to go one more time, all right?

Lexie: No, no, he's right. Give someone else a chance. Come on. Enough. Enough. Here, do you want some water?

Abe: Yeah, thank you.

Sami: Hey, um, sweetie, I have to go talk to Lucas about Will. Um, why don't you pick out your prize, and I'll come right back, okay?

Brandon: All right.

Abe: Why don't you go off with Sami? Or are you thinking you want a rematch?


Lucas: There's a lot. There's teddy bears, too. I could win those. 3E6F971C.JPG

Eugenia: Um, teddy bear.

Lucas: Sure! I can win anything. There's a monkey with a hat.

Eugenia: Where? Ha ha ha!

Sami: Lucas.

Lucas: Hi, Sami. What, did you ditch old studly just to come say hi to me? I am honored. What, do you want to take a ride through the tunnel of love, just for old time's sake?

Sami: Why don't you go do that with the person you love the most -- you, yourself and you?

Eugenia: Hi, Sami.

Sami: Hi. Hi, Genie. Look, I am not here to talk to you, Lucas. Why don't you go kiss someone over at the kissing booth? Opportunities like that only come once a year.

Lucas: Ha ha! Once a year! That's good one! I don't know why I'm wasting my time standing here, anyway. Now, you I'll see later, right? 3E6F9747.JPG

Eugenia: Yeah.

Lucas: Yeah?

Eugenia: Ahah.

Sami: Good riddance! Why are you with him?

Eugenia: I work with him, and he's nice.

Sami: Lucas Roberts? Stay the hell away from him!

Eugenia: I'm sensing a deeper problem here. What exactly are you afraid of, Sami?

[ People chattering ]

Eugenia: Unless I misread your signals of hatred, obviously you're not staking your claim on the guy. So, your problem with me dating Lucas is what?

Sami: Dating?!

Eugenia: [ Chuckles ] Maybe. Say it, Sami. Your problem with me is that...

Sami: Oh, my god, it's not with you. My problem is not with you, it's with Lucas. He is a jerk, okay? The longer you work with him, you'll see it. And the thing about him is, he's like a parasite. Once he worms his way into your life, there's no getting rid of him. Trust me. I was with him one night, and do you know how many years I have been paying for it? 3E6F9820.JPG

Eugenia: By being a mother?

Sami: No. No, I love my son more than anything in the world, but nothing would make Lucas happier than to prove that I am an unfit mother so that he can take my son away from me.

Eugenia: So maybe that's what you're afraid of. Because, after all, I'm the one that knows the terrible thing you did -- or, at least, the latest terrible thing. I mean, that could destroy your life if word got out. Now I understand. You're afraid that I'm going to tell Lucas... and he'll tell the whole world.


Brandon: Hey.

Lexie: Brandon, why is everything a competition with you?

Brandon: Why do you see it as a competition? I mean, you're living with Abe, starting a new family. That's exactly what I'm doing with Samantha and Will. 3E6F9850.JPG

Lexie: What?!


Roman: So...

Hope: So! So...

Roman: You want to dance?

Kate: Oh! Yeah, sure.

Roman: Okay. All right.

Kate: Excuse us.

Hope: Sure. What do you say we show them how it's done?

Roman: Thanks. Thanks for trying to help.

Kate: Well, it wasn't exactly a hardship. It's really nice to be with a family that loves each other so much.

Roman: You have got to be kidding me.

Kate: No, I'm not. I'm not. Why else would you and Bo be fighting so much? You certainly wouldn't have agreed to come here tonight. 3E6F9888.JPG

Roman: For all the good it did.

Kate: You know, my boys -- they didn't know each other growing up, and they never really had a chance to be brothers. When Austin and Lucas used to fight, there was never any sense of underlying love. Do you have any idea how lucky you Brady's are?

Hope: You okay? I know how difficult it was for you to come here tonight.

Bo: You know, Roman thought he was doing the right thing -- I know that -- but I still don't understand it.

Hope: I think it was just important to listen.

Bo: Yeah, you're right. He's been there for me a lot in my life, and... I am so grateful for what we have and, like you, I want to put all the bad stuff behind us. I'll never forget what Roman did. 3E6F98C9.JPG

Hope: Nobody's asking you to. I don't think Roman will ever forget, either.

Bo: Yeah, I know. You know, the last, uh, couple of days I've been thinking about that time we thought Roman was dead -- all the regret about the things that I had said or not said -- and the thing is, is... I thought I'd learned something from that, but it seems as I get older, it's just more difficult to shrug things off. It's like there's this cumulative anger building up. And I know there's just going to be an explosion, and I'm just holding my breath, waiting for the next time that he says I'm a bad father or son or...

Hope: He is not going to say that. He is not thinking that. 3E6F9909.JPG

Bo: Most of the time, maybe. Hope, I got this feeling that something's going to happen... we're going to argue, and... we'll never be able to go back.

Hope: Come on, let's go.


Bart: I have been in contact with everybody -- the entire Dimera worldwide network. Short of calling psychic friends, the Rolfmeister is un-locatable. You know something? It's just exactly like when those aliens crash-landed their pod. I mean, when he pulls a Houdini, he's, like, gonesville.

Tony: Did you say aliens?

Bart: A technical term -- technical for, uh, non-U.S. born Dime's spawn. Ha ha. Uh, I didn't mean to insult your kids, honest.

Tony: Dr. Rolf perpetrated evil. He caused those children indescribable suffering... from which I will exact retribution. I know you'll find a way to bring him to me. I will not fail in the end. I hope you will not, either. 3E6F9A19.JPG

Bart: Me too.

Tony: Then don't dare.


Sami: Are you talking about the stupid paternity results of Lexie Carver's again? Because every screw-up in the hospital is not my fault, you know?

Eugenia: I've been inundated with work, Sami, which is why I haven't dealt with this before now. Plus the fact that I'm not especially thrilled about ruining dr. Carver's life by telling her that her husband is not the father of her baby. But she does need to know... eventually. So I guess I'll just go back to the lab work, see if dr. Bader can't figure it out.

Sami: Hey, don't you blame this mistake on me. 3E6F9A52.JPG

Eugenia: I entered the correct data in the computer, Sami. It wash hanged. I can prove that. And who was logged on to the database at that precise moment? The person who was so interested in dr. Carver's results all along. You.

Sami: You are not going to tell anyone. You don't want to ruin Lexie's life or your own. Look, I have something on you, you have something on me. We're even, right? Happy now?

Eugenia: Oh, yeah. Watching you squirm is incredibly enjoyable. Well, catch you later. I'm going to go have a little fun with your ex. 3E6F9A81.JPG

Eugenia: Bye.

Sami: Oh, god, please. Please don't tell Lucas.


Lexie: Are you saying that you and Sami are --

Brandon: Hey, don't hyperventilate. It's not like we're getting married or anything. But we are taking our relationship to the next level. We've moved in together.

Lexie: Oh, that.

Brandon: Yeah, and it's going great.

Lexie: [ Scoffs ] Yeah.

Brandon: Look, I know you're not happy about it, just like you know how I feel about Abe. No use getting each other upset about it. You need to stay focused on what's important -- taking care of that baby. 3E6F9AAF.JPG

Lexie: I know to take care of my baby, Brandon. I don't need you to remind me. And he is my baby, okay? He's not yours.

Brandon: I know what the test said, Lexie. But just because the baby isn't mine doesn't mean I can't still be concerned as a friend, does it?


Sami: Hi, you two. What are you talking about?

Hope: Can we allemande to the right for a moment?

Bo: Allemande? What --

Hope: Whoops, sorry, guys. Could I borrow your partner?

Kate: Well, sure.

Hope: Keep dancing. I'll be right back.

Bo: May I?

Kate: Well, certainly.

Roman: You know the last time I danced with you was on your wedding night?

Hope: Mm-hmm. 3E6F9BB8.JPG

Roman: My little brother done good.

Hope: I'm the lucky one.

Roman: I appreciate what you're trying to do tonight. You know, it seems like ever since you could talk, you've been trying to patch up things between me and Bo. You did it again tonight.

Hope: No, I didn't. You did that. Kate and I just helped things along a little.

Kate: [ Laughing ]

Hope: I think this is the most relaxed I've ever seen her. I think you're good for her.

Roman: Taking it a day at a time. So far, so good...

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Roman: For both of us.

Hope: Good, because you both deserve it. 3E6F9BE3.JPG

Bo: What do you hear from Philip? I mean, um, he must be pretty busy. I'm sure he's very busy. He hasn't returned my last couple e-mails.

Kate: Well, it's survival training. And, you know, the last of basic is much more grueling than I ever imagined. So now we're just waiting with bated breath to find out what his assignment is.

Bo: Mm-hmm. How you holding up?

Kate: I keep telling myself that he is being so brave, I have to be brave. But I miss him.

Bo: Mm-hmm. And Billie?

Kate: It's better that Billie isn't in Salem. I didn't do her any favors. I realize that now, Bo. 3E6F9C10.JPG

Bo: Well, it must be good hanging out with Roman. Keep your mind off things.

Kate: He's a good man.

Bo: I know he is.

Kate: Look, I know that you're concerned that I'm going to hurt him, and I think that's touching, but I want you to know that I feel the same way. I care about him, and I don't --

Bo: What? You care about him. Is that hard to say? Maybe if you're ashamed to say it, you don't care about him as much as you think.

Kate: No, I do, because I think that I'm falling in -- in love with him.

Bo: So, have you told him how you feel?

Kate: You know something, Bo? I'm sorry. I-I feel like I've had too much dancing and too much wine, and I'm actually feeling a little giddy. 3E6F9CE3.JPG

Bo: I think you should tell Roman.

Roman: Tell roman what? What's wrong?

Kate: Nothing. I-I just feel like I've had too much wine. I think it's probably time to go home.

Roman: I think that can be arranged.

Kate: Okay. Let's have a fortifying dessert first. What do you say, something really sinful? Will you share?

Roman: Sure, I will.

Hope: Seems like they're getting pretty close, doesn't it?

Bo: More than you know.


John: All right, now the first thing Dimera's probably going to do is revamp his entire security system. 3E6F9D0A.JPG

Ops: Yep.

John: What the hell are you writing?

Ops: A eulogy for Wally Wabbit. Transmission -- failure.

John: Well, you got that right. From you to me and from me to you.

Ops: That's okay. Dimera won the first round. It doesn't matter. You're not going down for the count. It's the count who's going down.


Tony: Well, state of the art had better not mean I.S.A. Technology. No, because my new security system will be instantly obsolete. Oh, yes, yes, yes. Oh, that's very good. Yes. Ah, good. Thank you. Thank you. 3E6F9D2D.JPG

Bart: Uh... knock knock?

Tony: Oh, Bart, I pray this is not a joke.

Bart: I wish. . No. This is serious news, boss. I'm sorry.


Lexie: Brandon was just telling me about the two of you moving in together. Let me guess whose idea that was.

Brandon: It was mine.

Lexie: Oh. Well, I can only pray that your future will be as blessed as mine and Abe's.

Abe: Hey, here you go.

Lexie: Oh, thanks, honey.

Abe: Here's the prize -- caramel corn.

Lexie: I probably shouldn't be eating all this sugar.

Abe: Oh, come on, now you have every right to indulge. 3E6F9D58.JPG

Lexie: I want to go pick out a baby toy, huh?

Abe: Oh, good. Okay.

Lexie: Have fun.

Brandon: Bye.

Abe: So long.

Abe: Hey, you getting tired? We can go home now if you want.

Lexie: No, no. I'm fine, honey. I'm just sorry about what happened with Brandon.

Abe: Something happened with Brandon? You know what?

Lexie: What?

Abe: I have everything that I ever asked for. And Brandon, he lives in this town, and sometimes we're gonna run into him, so... I don't care what Brandon does. We're so happy. And I'm not gonna let anything spoil that. 3E6F9DFA.JPG


Sami: Oh, man!

[ Sighs ] Well, thank you so much for thinking about Will.

Brandon: Oh.

Sami: You always do. You are such a wonderful role model for him.

Brandon: Yeah, I got to look out for Will.

Sami: [ Chuckles ]

Brandon: Hey, you okay?

Sami: Yeah, I'm just a little chilly, that's all.

Brandon: You want to go home? I mean, it's not like we can drag this thing around the rest of the night anyhow.

Sami: I'm just glad that going home means together. Brandon, I'm sorry about what my dad said about us moving in together. It had nothing to do with you. He wants me to be a spinster for the rest of my life. Actually, he, um, he was just concerned about Will having stability, but I told him it's not a problem, because you're not going anywhere. 3E6F9E2E.JPG

Brandon: Not going anywhere.


Bart: I've checked under all of Rolf's fake aliases.

Tony: As opposed to his real ones?

Bart: Right. Those, too. And, uh, he didn't use any of them. So, either he's still in the country, he's dead, or he's an illegal alien -- he slipped overseas undetected.

Tony: Do you think perhaps he's using a new alias?

Bart: I thought of that, and I'm on it. And the secret room is packed, too.

Tony: Ah, good. That's excellent. Security specialists will be here tomorrow.

Bart: Yeah, well, better call pest control as well, because John Black's dying to get into that room, I bet. 3E6F9E5A.JPG

Tony: Oh, yeah. Oh, I'm counting on that.


John: Anything on the burner tonight?

Ops: No, but I have a feeling I do now.

John: That's a fact. We're not resting. And I mean that literally. Not until we come up with a workable plan. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just enough to get the job done. Because we are going to expose the Dimera secrets once and for all.


Bo: I would like to propose a toast.

Kate: Okay.

Bo: To new beginnings.

Roman: I'll drink to that.

Kate: Cheers.

Hope: Cheers.

[ Music playing ]

Bo: I think they're playing our song. 3E6F9E97.JPG

Hope: I think they are.

Bo: Um, you guys going home?

Roman: All right. I take it you want your wife all to yourself.

Bo: Yeah...

Roman: Uh-huh. Okay. Well, yeah, let me grab my coat here, and, uh, we'll be gone. Listen, uh... I had a great time tonight. Thank you. And I'm gonna take care of the check, all right? Tonight is on me. I'll see you out there.

Hope: Thanks, Roman. Good night.

Bo: Tonight would be a good time to tell him how you feel.

Kate: We'll see.

Bo: Okay.

Kate: Good night.

Bo: Have a good night. 3E6F9EBD.JPG

Bo: What?

Hope: What was that all about?

Bo: Th-- nothing

Hope: Nothing? What?

Bo: Roman has spent a lot of time trying to take care of me, and so... just returning the favor.

Hope: Mm-hmm. You see, you and your brother do have something in common.

Bo: I want him to be happy, and maybe Kate's the one.

Hope: Giving fate a little push, are you, Brady? Well, I say good for you. If it's meant to be, it'll be.

Bo: Just like you and me.

Hope: Just like you and me.

Bo: What are you, a poet? 3E6F9EE1.JPG

Hope: No, but you are.


Belle: You and Brady are close -- as in close, right?

Chloe: You mean... how's the sex?

Marlena: I'll handle John. I won't let him disrupt the children's lives.

Rex: You want to take John's wife away from him.

Tony: It would serve him right.

John: This is between Tony and me.

Marlena: Oh, the hell it is.

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