Days Transcript Monday 3/10/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/10/03--Canada; 3/11/03--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Jen

Jennifer: Ooh. Sorry. Are you okay?

Jack: Will be happier at the zoo, right, mommy?

Jennifer: Yes. Horace will be very happy. I bet Horace will meet another binturong and they'll become great pals. I'm sorry you're disappointed, baby.

Jack: But not for long because, lady Abigail of Deveraux, I have a surprise for you. A surprise to end all surprises, although I must admit, a binturong must be a pretty tough act to follow.

Abby: What is it, daddy?

Jack: Well, to find out, gonna have to close your eyes, both of you, and I'll lead you to the couch.

Ops: Hello. To tell you, my friend, but the "mission: Impossible" look went the way of Cruise and Kidman. 3E6CEF01.JPG

John: Let me tell you something, Ops. don't you worry about your gizmo gadgets, and I'll worry about my wardrobe, all right?

Ops: All I'm saying is if you want to break into fortress Dimera and pull one on count Anthony D., You'll need a lot more than a Basic Black look and a power belt.

John: Fine. Listen, if you've got g new for me, why don't you bring it on? Otherwise, you're just wasting my time.


Cassie: No, Rex has no taste.

Marlena: I've got better stuff. Mine's better.

Cassie: Tony? I guess I should get used to calling him dad, huh? It's just a little weird. 3E6CEF23.JPG

Marlena: Mm.

Rex: Huh.

Cassie: Dad I guess he's not back yet.

Marlena: Uh-huh.

Rex: You're glad about that, aren't you? That Tony's not here?

Marlena: Why? Why would you say that?

Cassie: Because you hate him. Don't even try to deny it.


[ Crowd murmuring ]

Judge Fitzpatrick: Order!

[ Gavel bangs ]

Judge fit prick: Order!

Shawn-d: What is going on?

Bo: Welch is up to something.

Judge Fitzpatrick: There will be order in this court, or I will have it cleared.

Carson: This is an outrage, your honor! The defendant freely admitted his guilt. He accepted the plea bargain. 3E6CEF4B.JPG

Judge Fitzpatrick: I'm aware of that, Mr. Palmer. Mr. Welch?

Larry: Hmm?

Judge Fitzpatrick: Would you please repeat what you said?

Larry: That's very simple, your honor. I change my mind. The deal is off.

[ Crowd murmuring ]

Judge Fitzpatrick: Are you saying you want to recant your guilty plea?


Ops: Well, buddy, no more gizmos. But this baby here passed state of the art three generations ago. This will be Wally Wabbit's first ISA mission.

John: And you are positive that this bug has no bugs? 3E6CF035.JPG

Ops: Would I give it to you if it hadn't already been checked out? Nothing it can't handle.

John: All right. Then all I've got to do is plant this in a place where it will do the most good.

Ops: Do your thing. Hit the count where it hurts.


[ Crowd murmuring ]

Judge Fitzpatrick: I'm waiting for an answer, Mr. Welch.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Mr. Welch?

Larry: Oh, I'm sorry. Um... your honor, I'd like to ask the court for a brief recess.

Bo: This is another one of his tricks.

[ Gavel pounds ]

Judge Fitzpatrick: Sit down and be quiet, detective Brady, or I will have you removed.

Carson: Your honor, if the defendant thinks he can somehow finagle a sweeter deal for himself through some 11th hour hijinks, the plea bargain is set. It is not negotiable. 3E6CF071.JPG

Larry: Your honor, I just need a little time to gather my thoughts.

Judge Fitzpatrick: 15 minutes, Mr. Welch. Not a second more.

Larry: Thank you, your honor.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Take him to his cell.

[ Gavel pounds ]

Bailiff: All rise!


Nicole: Now what the hell are we gonna do?

Victor: Sit down and shut up.

Kate: What's going on?

Roman: I don't know, but it looks like Victor might have some idea.

Kate: He's not the only one.

Victor: Can you get me in to see Larry?

Bo: What for?

Victor: I might be able to help this situation.

Bo: How?

Victor: Just trust me, Bo. Bo, we've only got 15 minutes. 3E6CF0B5.JPG

Bo: I'll see what I can do. Be right back.

Hope: Okay, this is just a delay. Court's gonna resume, Larry will be sentenced, and this nightmare will finally be behind us.

Abe: I'll be back.

Lexie: Okay.

Lexie: You know what this is all about, don't you?

Tony: How can I possibly know what's going on in Larry Welch's poor warped mind?

Lexie: You whispered something to him after Hope made her statement. I saw you, Tony. Look, I know that you are determined to see Larry pay the ultimate price for framing me. Say something.

Tony: I want to protect my family and those that I love. You couldn't possibly object to that, could you, dear? 3E6CF0FC.JPG


Marlena: All right, I will admit that I don't have tender feelings for Tony. And I don't feel completely comfortable in his presence. But that's understandable. We've got a very complicated history. Does that mean that I hate him? No.

Rex: Well, do you think it could happen someday? That you might have -- how would you put it? -- Tender feelings for him?

Marlena: Look, it's normal for children -- even for adult children -- to want their parents to be together. I know that's why you keep on pursuing this. That's why you're curious about my relationship with Tony. But I'm afraid you're setting yourself up for disappointment if you think that I'm ever going to be closer to Tony, have more of a relationship with him than just that of cordial friends. In the first place, I'm very happily married to somebody else. 3E6CF138.JPG

Cassie: That's fine. That's fine. We get it. You just feel sorry for us because we're so needy.

Marlena: No.

Cassie: Sure, you do. "Poor Rex and Cassie. All they want is for their mommy and daddy to be a couple so they can all live happily ever after as one family." Well, that's not what this is about. We're not the selfish kids that you think that we are.

Marlena: I don't think you're selfish, Cassie.

Cassie: We care about Tony. Okay? Tony. He's the most important person in our lives, which is why we want to see him happy and see him get what he wants out of life. And I'm sorry, but that just happens to be you.


Jack: All right, careful, careful. Find the couch. Sit down, keep your eyes closed, and on the count of 3... ready?

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: 1... 2...

All: 3!

Jennifer: Uh...Jack!

Abby: A puppet show!

Jack: Bum-bum bum-bum bum-bum-bum! Bum-de-de-bum-bum bum bum! Deveraux productions, with the assistance of Abigail's dollhouse presents... "help, there's a Horace in the house -- or, binturong, since you've been gone." 3E6CF225.JPG

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness.

Jack: Bum-bum bum-bum bum-bum-bum! "Horace, I'm telling you, you've got to clean up this mess."

[ Panting ] "Horaces don't clean up messes. No, Horace's make messes, and then we run away." "Oh, yeah? I'll get you, you little binturong!"

[ Shrieking ] "Help me! Help me!"

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, and there's our house right there.

Jack: And here comes Abigail. Duh-dum! "Mommy..."

Abby: [ Laughing ]

Jack: "Mommy, I'll help. I'll help little Horace. Yeah. Horace, come here." 3E6CF242.JPG

[ Panting ] "Horace, you don't belong in a house, do you? You belong in a zoo, because that's where you can make lots of messes -- all the messes you want. And then kids will come visit you there and watch you make messes." "Will you come visit me? Hmm?" "Okay, I think so." "Then I'll go. Goodbye, everybody."

[ Shrieking ] "Goodbye, Horace, goodbye. Goodbye. Jack, where are you?" Here I am.

Jennifer: Oh! It's you.

Jack: Oh, yes. You like the hat?

Jennifer: Yes.

Jack: I cut off the top of my head, hence the hat. Let me tell you, Abigail -- you saved the house, and you saved the binturong. And for that you deserve a special reward. In fact, it's better than a pet binturong, if possible. So what do you think? Should we tell her now? 3E6CF277.JPG

Jennifer: Yes. I think now is the perfect time to tell her.

Jack: All right.

Abby: What is it?

Jack: Well, the fact of the matter is, uh... your mother and I are going to get remarried.

Abby: You are?

Jack: Yes, yes, we are.

Abby: Hooray!

Jack: Hooray, and we're going to live happily ever after, 'cause, frankly, it's bin tu rong.

Abby: Aha!

Jennifer: Okay. Okay.

Jack: Here, for you.

Jennifer: No more, no more.

Jack: No more. No mas. Okay. Okay. The end.

Jennifer: Please, spare us another moment of that.


Hope: Where'd you go? 3E6CF29D.JPG

Bo: Victor needed a favor. You okay?

Hope: Just trying to stay positive.

Kate: Hmm. Well, interesting turn of events, huh?

Nicole: I'm not in the mood, Kate. I'm just trying to make conversation.

Nicole: Some other time.

Kate: You know, you have changed a lot since you married Victor. Is it possible that he's tamed the once wild Nicole?

Nicole: I'm not tamed, Kate. I'm in love.

Kate: Oh. How sweet. I mean, look at you, he's only been gon two minutes and already you're missing him.

Nicole: What?

Kate: Your adorable husband. Where did he rush off to in such a hurry? Do you have any idea? 3E6CF2D1.JPG


Victor: This won't take long.

Man: Just holler when you're through.

Victor: What the hell kind of a game are you playing, Welch?

Larry: There's no game. The deal's off.

Victor: Then you're a dead man.

Larry: I'm dead either way.

Victor: It was Dimera, wasn't it? The bastard threatened you.

Larry: Let's just say that, uh, I want to see justice served and see your precious grandson pay for his own crime.

Victor: You will do exactly as we agreed.

Larry: You want my confession, Victor? Then you guarantee my safety.

Victor: Don't worry. I'll take care of it. 3E6CF303.JPG


Lexie: You threatened him, didn't you?

Tony: Shh.

Lexie: Tony. I'm the one Larry framed. If I'm willing to leave his punishment to the court, why can't you?

Tony: You're turning me into a broken record, Lexie, but here we go -- my only duty is...

Lexie: Is to protect your family -- right, I get it. Then think about your whole family, Tony, not just me. And you -- Cassie and Rex are your children, right? Your own flesh and blood? Is this the kind of role model you're going to be for them? Ruthless, vengeful?

Tony: Absolutely.


Marlena: Rex. Have you discussed this with your father -- his feelings for me? 3E6CF332.JPG

Rex: While you and Cassie were out, I did ask him if he loved you.

Marlena: Mm. What did he say?

Rex: He avoided a direct answer. You do love Marlena, don't you?

Tony: Now, what makes you think so?

Rex: Well, it's just I've watched you when you're with her, the way you look at her. I mean, you're happier when she's around. You laugh more, you --

Tony: Yeah, well, I understand you would want your mother and father to be in love, to be together --

Rex: Well, are you in love with her or not?

Tony: Marlena is married to John Black. She mistrusts me, and she always will because of what my father did. Now, there's no point in my loving a woman who's not going to return my affection, and there is no point in me answering that question, is there? 3E6CF365.JPG

Rex: But the look on his face when you two walked in said it all. You saw it.

Marlena: I saw a man who was happy to see his daughter.

Rex: It wasn't much more than that.

Marlena: Maybe he was happy to see Cassie and me bonding. He wants you to be happy, and he knows how much you and especially you, Cassie have always wanted a mother. I will be your mother in all ways, and Tony will always be a loving father, but we will not be together.

Cassie: Because you can't stand him?

Marlena: Now, stop saying that. You're trying to make me feel guilty, and that won't work. You're trying to manipulate me, and I don't like it. The reason that Tony and I cannot be together -- and I have explained this, and I'm sure you understand -- is because I love John. And that love will be forever. 3E6CF39B.JPG

Cassie: Well, that's just big thrill for us, let me tell ya, since the man wished that we didn't even exist.

Marlena: This is very difficult for John, but he is trying.

Marlena: For your sake, not ours.

Rex: My sister and I can die tomorrow, and all John would feel is relief.

Marlena: That's not fair.

Rex: The same way you'd feel if Tony dropped dead.

Marlena: No.

Cassie: Except in Tony's case, John would like to be the one that destroyed him. That would give him incredible satisfaction.

Marlena: Now stop this, both of you! John would not feel relief if the two of you were -- I'm not even going to go there. John is not trying to destroy Tony. All John wants is to have his family safe and happy. That's all he has ever wanted, and Tony was a threat to his family. So, of course, he was -- he was protective. But he feels differently now that he knows Tony is his half-brother. 3E6CF3D2.JPG

Cassie: Like that matters to him.

Marlena: That does matter to him.

Rex: Really. Like it mattered to Cain and Abel? I mean, we all know how well they got along.

[ Telephone rings ]

Cassie: Hello.

Tony: Oh, Cassie, oh, you're home. Is Rex with you?

Cassie: Yes, he and Marlena. Is the hearing over yet?

Tony: Uh, no, I'm afraid not. There's been a delay.

Cassie: Are Shawn and Belle still there?

Tony: Yes. Of course. But, uh, they're sitting with Bo and Hope and not very pleasant, I'm afraid.

Cassie: Tony, Rex and I are going to come down there. Is that okay? 3E6CF3F3.JPG

Tony: No, no, no, it's not necessary, dear.

Cassie: No, no, no, no. We want to. We'll see you soon. Okay, bye. Tony said it was fine if we came down there.

Marlena: We'll all go. I'll get our coats.

Marlena: All righty. Here you go.

Cassie: Thank you.

Rex: Thank you.

Marlena: It's so cold out there, is like Washington, D.C. All over again. You got it?

Cassie: My purse. Yeah. Thank you.

Marlena: Ooh, bundle up. Come on. Oh! Whoo-hoo-hoo.


Bart: What's with you, Rolfsky? Would you stop making out like the fat lady? 3E6CF4B0.JPG

Rolf: Hand me that disk, Bart.

Bart: What I am illusioning to is that it ain't over till the fat lady sings.

Rolf: Well, if that is the case, then tell the orchestra to warm up. I'm about to perform "Brunehilda."

Bart: You're kidding. Wow. What orchestra?

Rolf: I am not actually going to warble, Bartholomew. But it is over. I'm packing up my most precious experiments and discoveries and leaving the Dimera organization for good.

Bart: The boss ain't gonna like that.

Rolf: It's the boss who helped expose me to Marlena Evans and John Black. 3E6CF4D0.JPG

Bart: Oh, come on, Tony probably forgot the video-enhanced palm pilot was even on!

Rolf: After all my years of loyal service -- and above all, discretion -- no, no, I will not be treated this way. I know things, Bart -- things I could never reveal to count Dimera. And now I never want to see him again. Open that door for me.

Bart: All right. All right, Rolfsky. Uh-oh. We got a serious problem here.


Tony: Yes, it's Statesville. Eliminate it immediately. That's right. Mm-hmm. Upon arrival. No mistakes, no excuses. Is that understood? Good. Thank you. 3E6CF504.JPG

Victor: We need to talk.

Tony: About what?

Victor: I need you to call off the hit on Larry Welch.

Tony: Oh, Victor, what is it you're accusing me of?

Victor: I need him to live.

Tony: You're in the distinct minority.

Victor: I would consider it a very great personal favor, Tony -- one for which I would be indebted to the Dimera family.

Tony: What you're asking me is impossible. Oh, excuse me. You're here already. That was pretty fast. What, no traffic?


Cassie: No. Hey, are Belle and Shawn still here?

Tony: Yes, they're inside.

Marlena: I should go, too. 3E6CF52C.JPG

Tony: No, wait wait a moment, please. I understand.

Marlena: I want to see belle.

Tony: Yes, but we never get a chance to be alone. So, how's it going with the children?

Marlena: Well, I think it'll be a long, complicated adjustment, but we have made a start.

Tony: Ah, a start. That's great. I can't tell you what it means to me that you've embraced our children this way.

Marlena: I need to go.

Tony: Ha ha ha ha.

Lexie: Marlena. I am so glad you're here.

Marlena: Lexie, you okay?

Lexie: I am so worried about Tony. He's on this tear. He is determined to see Larry punished -- 3E6CF558.JPG

Marlena: What do you mean?

Lexie: Uh... maybe I shouldn't have said anything. Me and my big mouth.

Marlena: Do you mean he may take this into his own hands? Is that what's scaring you?

Lexie: Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Marlena: Maybe you're not. Maybe that --


Nicole: Get lost, Kate. Just leave me alone, will you?

Roman: What's the problem?

Kate: Well, Nicole has lost track of her husband, and she's rude enough to take it out on me.

Victor: Leave my wife alone.

Kate: Where did you rush off to in such a hurry?

Victor: Sit down, shall we, Nicole?

Kate: You certainly look like a man with a mission. 3E6CF585.JPG

Roman: I think we all need to take our seats. What were you doing?

Kate: Nicole and Victor are up to something. I know it.

Bo: Something's going on here.

Hope: What do you think it is?

Bo: I don't know, but I'm going to find out.


Abby: Really? You're not just saying it? You're really getting married again?

Jack: Well...yeah.

Jennifer: Well, yes, sweetie, we would not kid you about something like that.

Jack: No, no, no.

Abby: Yay!

Jack: Yay! Yay, yay, yay! Good times. Where are you going? 3E6CF667.JPG

Abby: Upstairs, to make you a congratulations card.

Jack: Well --

Jennifer: Well, there you go.

Jack: Arts and craftsy...

Jennifer: Yeah, she is not pining away over old Horace, isn't she?

Jack: No, I'm sure it would hurt little Horace's feelings to find out how easy it is to get by without him.

Jennifer: Oh, come on. You miss him, I know you do. You miss him like crazy.

Jack: What do you mean?

Jennifer: You do.

Jack: He left us so much to, uh, to remember him by.

Jennifer: Look at this place. What the heck was my father thinking?

Jack: I don't know, but did he really say he was leaving some other surprises? 3E6CF686.JPG

Jennifer: Yes. And if he could send Abby some lunatic binturong, god only knows what he thinks we can handle.

Jack: [ Laughs nervously ] Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Jennifer: I'm afraid.

Jack: I can tell.


Marlena: Tony, don't do this don't follow through with this.

Tony: I don't know what you're talking about.

Marlena: Leave Larry Welch alone. Let the system punish him. You said you would do anything for Rex and Cassie? If you won't do this for them, then do it for me.

Tony: Very well.

Marlena: Thank you.

Tony: Abe, I need you to do something. 3E6CF6CB.JPG

Abe: What do you want, Tony?

Tony: I want you to get a message to Larry Welch before he returns to the court. I want you to tell him this is his lucky day.

Abe: And why? Why the hell would I do that?

Lexie: Abe, please. It's important. Tony's trying to do the right thing. Please?

Abe: All right, excuse me.

Lexie: Thank you.

Bo: Did you speak to Larry?

Victor: Yeah. I'm not sure it did any good.

Abe: Well, time's about up, Welch. Plea bargain on or off?

Larry: Well, that still depends.

Abe: You know, second degree and no death penalty is about as good as you're going to get. 3E6CF712.JPG

Larry: Yeah, I'm a real lucky man.

Abe: Funny, that's what Tony Dimera said.

Larry: What?

Abe: He asked me to tell you this is your lucky day, whatever that means.

************************************************************ 3E6CF800.JPG

Bart: Damn. A link in security's down again.

Rolf: The Dimera security is no longer my concern.

Bart: Maybe not, but I still work here. And you know the boss. Damn it. I'm going to have to deal with this before he comes home.

Rolf: Yes, well, first help me with this. It's too heavy for one person.

Bart: I can't believe you're actually leaving. You big lug.

Rolf: Oh, look, let go of me, you idiot.

Bart: That's how I want to remember you, Rolf. Tough as nails Rolfsky -- never let 'em see that big soft heart underneath.

Rolf: Just help me lift the box, won't you?

Bart: There you go again. See? 3E6CF82B.JPG

Rolf: [ Sighs ] Now, be careful.

Bart: All right.

Rolf: There, watch yourself. There you go.

Bart: Around the corner, around the corner.

Rolf: Yes, yes, they're valuables, so please be careful. All right, there's a corner here.

Bart: I got it.

Rolf: All right.


John: All right, time to do your stuff, Wally Wabbit.

Roman: Well, recess is about over. Let's sit down.

Kate: That marriage is a sham. There's some other reason they're together.

Nicole: I have a bad feeling about this, Victor. I mean, what if Larry doesn't change his mind? What if they keep investigating? What if they find out that -- 3E6CF886.JPG

Victor: Oh, shut up, Nicole. You're a Kiriakis. Now, show a little dignity.

Hope: Did you find anything out?

Bo: I arranged for Victor to speak to Larry, but I don't think it did any good. I'll tell you one thing, Tony is not here as a spectator.


Bailiff: All rise.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Please be seated.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Mr. Welch, may I remind you you're still under oath?

Larry: Yes, your honor.

Judge Fitzpatrick: I trust you've had time to gather your thoughts?

Larry: Yes, I have, your honor.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Would you care to share them with the court? 3E6CF8CA.JPG

Judge Fitzpatrick: We're waiting, Mr. Welch.

Larry: I accept the deal.

[ Gallery murmuring ]

Larry: I plead guilty to all charges, including the kidnapping of Hope Brady and her son, two counts of attempted murder against Hope Brady and Belle Black, and the second-degree murder of Colin Murphy.

Larry: Your honor, if I may continue? I am prepared to go to prison for my crimes, but I beg the court's mercy in determining my sentence. I came forward of my own volition to admit to killing dr. Murphy. I wasn't even a suspect. And in so doing, I exonerated Shawn-Douglas Brady who stood accused of the crime. So in light of all that, I ask the court to impose reasonable sentences to run concurrently with the eventual possibility of parole. 3E6CF91E.JPG

Hope: No! We'll get some great fit tips from the kinsmen


Jennifer: Jack, wait till you see the congratulations card that abby made us. It is so cute. Bless her heart, she --

Jennifer: Jack, you cleaned up? Jack?

Jack: Jacques and his famous fondue chocolat.

Jennifer: And you cooked.

Jack: Shh.

Jennifer: I would have helped you clean up. You didn't have to do this by yourself.

Jack: Oh, no, no. The chocolate covers the smell.

Jennifer: Oh, I see.

Jack: Yes. Yes. So...

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness, fondue.

Jack: Fondue for you. 3E6CF9E9.JPG

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. Yum. Mmm. Mmm.

Jack: Mmm, good?

Jennifer: It's so good.

Jack: Good.

Jennifer: You want some?

Jack: Yeah, I don't mind if I do.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: Mmm. Mmm.

Jennifer: That's good fondue.

Jack: Good for you.


Bart: [ Sighs ] Come on, phillips head, show your face. All kinds of crap in here I have no use for, but the phillips head takes a hike.

[ Beep ]

Bart: Whoa. It's back on again. "Twilight zone" time. I hope I don't start seeing dead people. Well... what the boss don't know can't hurt him. 3E6CFA52.JPG


Judge Fitzpatrick: Lawrence welch, this court hereby sentences you to two terms of life in prison to be served consecutively, thereby offering no chance of parole.

Bo: Yeah!

[ Crowd murmuring ]

Roman: Maybe my family can start to heal now.

Marlena: I have to go. Ooh, I love you. Yahoo.

Belle: [ Laughs ]

Abe: Why did Tony send that message to Welch?

Lexie: Oh, honey, it's okay. Forget it. It doesn't matter anymore.

Tony: By the way, Victor, you owe me, and I intend to collect.


Jack: Mmm.

Jennifer: Okay. Oh, boy. 3E6CFB0A.JPG

Jack: Mmm. Mmm.

Jennifer: It's good, huh?

Jack: Mmm. Really good.

Jennifer: We're gonna make it this time.

Jack: You bet.

Jennifer: And we are going to stay this happy.

Jack: Mm-hmm. Even if your father keeps sending us those pesky

Jennifer: No, don't say it. Don't say the "b" word. No matter what surprises my father has in store for us, we're gonna stay this happy.


[ Knock on door ]

Marlena: Hello. Am I interrupting?

John: You? Never. Hello.

Marlena: [ Laughing ] Mmm. Hmm. How else are you? 3E6CFB50.JPG

Jack: Everything's great. How was your day with the twins?

Marlena: Fine.

John: Good.

Marlena: Fine. I ended up going to Larry Welch's sentencing. I kind of wanted to be with belle.

John: And?

Marlena: Luckily for everybody involved, he got a long time in prison -- two consecutive life sentences, no chance of parole. Yes! Yes!

John: It's a beautiful system when it works.

Marlena: How are you?

John: Same old same old, you know, until you walked in.


Roman: Kate, you still with us?

Kate: Oh, yeah, sorry.

Roman: You want to get something to eat? 3E6CFB84.JPG

Kate: Sure.

Roman: Okay.

Lexie: Well, Larry Welch got exactly what he deserved.

Tony: Indeed he did. Oh, and thank you for delivering that message, Abe. It was very kind of you.

Abe: Well, from now on, you can deliver your own messages. Let's go.

Victor: Come on, we're going home.

Nicole: Relax, Victor. Your plan worked. Why don't you smile for a change?

Victor: Oh, yes, smile. Why not? My wonderful wife is in the clear, I owe Tony Dimera a big favor -- ah, yes, life is good. Come on.

Tony: Listen, I'm sorry your mother had to rush in such a big hurry, so why don't I take us all home? 3E6CFBB7.JPG

Cassie: Oh, well, we kind of want to hang out with Belle and Shawn. Right, Rex?

Rex: Yeah, sure. Look, we'll, uh, we'll see you later.

Cassie: Bye.

Tony: Take care.


Larry: What fools these mortals be.

Bo: It's over. We never have to see that monster again. Hey, what do you say we get out of here, we go celebrate?

Bo: Buh-bye.

Hope: Buh-bye.

Chloe: Brady, what are you doing?

Brady: Let her rip, champ. Ahh!

Bo: Wait a minute.

Hope: Oh, my g-- now, this is perfect.

Bo: Yeah.

Mimi: Maybe we can talk about this.

[ Crowd cheering ] yours to hold high.

Rose: What?

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