Days Transcript Friday 3/7/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/7/03--Canada; 3/10/03--USA

By Eric

Brandon: You know, we should do this more often, huh, and meet for lunch.

Fay: I'm always available.Get an hour break every day.

Brandon: No, thank you for coming all the way out here to meet me. Next time I will meet you at the d

Fay: No, honey, it's no problem for me to come to you. I am hpypy that you asked, but, um, I know it wasn't because you wanted me to make you a sandwich.

Brandon: No. Actually, I call because I wanted to tell you something important. I didn't want you to hear it from someone else.

Belle: Finally.

Shawn-d: Whoa. Hey. What are you doing here?

Belle: Waiting for you.

Victor: Where do you think you're going? 3E68FA9B.JPG

Nicole: The grocery store. What the hell does it look like?

Victor: You have such a hard life, princess.

Nicole: Well, what do you expect me to do, hang out in this depressing house all day? You stole my job out from under me.

Victor: I merely freed you up so you could better attend to your matrimonial duties.

Nicole: Goodbye.

Victor: So you can take out your aggressions on some poor defenseless horse?

Nicole: I suppose I could take them out on you.

Victor: Mind your words, mrs. Kiriakis. I am not one given to idle threats.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Victor: Answer that.

Nicole: We have servants.

>>Ictor: I have servants. Go get it. A little humility is good for the soul. 3E68FAD5.JPG

Nicole: [ Groans ] This is turning out to be a glorious morning.

Kate: Oh, and lovely to see you, too.

Victor: What do you want, kate?

Kate: Oh, I'm glad I caught you. I thought you'd already be out.

Victor: Why?

Kate: Haven't you heard? Larry welch is going to be sentenced this afternoon. I'm sure you'll want to be there in person to see justice done, don't you, nicole?

Jack: Ah. Just the man I was looking for. I left a couple of messages for you at your office, mr. District attorney.

Carson: I've had my hands full this morning, deveraux.

Jack: Really. I'm sure you've been very busy cutting a deal to spare larry welch's life. 3E68FB03.JPG

Jennifer: Um, we'll -- we'll meet you inside. Listen, hope, you do not have to put yourself through this right now.

Hope: No, I need to be here.

Jennifer: What, closure?

Hope: Peace of mind. I want to be sure that larry gets exactly what's coming to him.

Larry: Hello out there! Anybody home? You got a hungry con in here! How about a little breakfast, a little, uh... a little eggs benedict with a side of hash brow?? A little... oh, no.

>>O: Got great news for you, welchie.

Larry: I bet you do.

B yep. Today the judge is going to throw the book at your sorry butt. You know, I may have not finished her off, but I did a whole lot of damage to your, uh, wife's psyche, you know? She turned out to be a real whack job. Aah! 3E68FB44.JPG

Bo: Hey. Now you know what it's like to have your life in someone else's hands.

Tony: Oh.

Lexie: Oh.

Tony: Alexandra.

Lexie: Hi. Bad time?

Tony: Unfortunately, yes. I'm on my way out.

Lexie: Larry welch's sentencing?

Tony: Yes, and I'm running late. Please don't stop me.

Lexie: Tony, please, what is the point?

Tony: The point is, I'm not going to wait for a justice system to punish the man for what he did to you.

Lexie: To me? Tony, framing me for kidnapping iacac is the least of his crimes.

Tony: Not in my book. You don't screw with a dimera and get away with it and not pay the ultimate price. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. 3E68FC30.JPG

Bo: You even think about anyone in my family, and I swear to god, I'll kill you myself.

Roman: Bo! Stop! We're going to get justice!

Abe: Bo, hope is going to be fine. You're going to be fine.

Larry: [ Coughing ] Yeah. Maybe. Or maybe not. You know, your pretty little fancy face just may be a basket case for life! "Oh, bo, help me, please. I see larry everywhere. He's going to get me, bo. Please help me."

Bo: You are one crazy son of a bitch.

Carson: Do you have a problem with the prosecution of this case?

Jack: Well, it's been more of a persecution than a prosecution. 3E68FC5A.JPG

Carson: My, you have such a way with words. Have you ever thought about becoming a journalist?

Jack: I just have a few more questions.

Carson: No, you don'T.

Jack: If you prefer, I'll go off the record.

Carson: I prefer never

s see you again, deveraux, and I will be informing the publisher of that rag you write for that I will be canceling my subscription.

Jack: Is that a threat or a promise? No, really, I'm just wondering, the reason you've decided to go with life in prison -- is it because you couldn't live with the possibility of sending an innocent man to his death?

Carson: Are you telling me you think larry welch is innocent? 3E68FC76.JPG

Jack: I'm just saying that your track record with this case so far has been less than stellar.

Carson: Why don't you get off my back and let me do my job?

Jack: If someone wasn't looking over your shoulder, I'd be the one going up the river right now.

Carson: You confessed.

Jack: To protect jennifer horton, the mother of my child who also, as it turns out, was proven innocent. Then you go after shawn brady.

Carson: I go where the facts of the case lead me.

Jack: Are you saying you think you've finally got the real killer this time? Can I quote you on that?

Nicole: Why on earth would I care what happens to larry welch? 3E68FC9D.JPG

Kate: Well, I mean, considering the fact that the man gunned down colin murphy in cold blood in the middle of your wedding... I mean, I don't know. Call me crazy, but I just thought, well, maybe you would be a little interested in the punishment he was getting.

Victor: Tell us what you want, kate, then leave.

Kate: Oh, no, has nicole been after you with that riding crop again? Is that why you're in such a foul mood?

Victor: Get out.

Kate: Okay. If you don't want to hear about what philip had to say...

Victor: You heard from philip?

Kate: Yes. He e-mailed me. He has a leave coming up. 3E68FCC1.JPG

Victor: I see. Well, he probably e-mailed me, as well. I haven't checked yet today. Is he coming home?

Kate: No, actually, he's going to go on a golf weekend with a marine buddy of his.

Victor: Golf, huh?

Kate: Yeah. You know, he's almost finished with his training, and then he's going to be off somewhere god-knows-where in the desert. I think he deserves this little break, don't you?

Victor: Semper fi. I suppose he wants me to send him his clubs.

Kate: Well, I could send them to him or you could.

Victor: No, I'll take care of it. In the future, kate, if you have any concerns about philip or anything else, use the phon 3E68FCE4.JPG

Kate: Oh... it is always so amusing to actually see you two, to feel the toasty warmth of this happy home.

Victor: Out.

Kate: Okay. See you in court. I'm sure you won't want to miss the fun.

Nicole: She's suspicious. Why, victor? What could she know?

Victor: What's wrong, my dear, worried you won't get away with murder? Ooh.

Shawn-d: Why are you waiting for me here?

Belle: I didn't want to be alone.

Shawn-d: This is very frustrating.

Belle: What is?

Shawn-d: You lying here in my bed, and I can't do anything about it because I think I'm coming down with a cold or something, and I don't want to get you sick. 3E68FD17.JPG

Belle: Ooh, I don't mind getting your cold.

Shawn-d: No. No way. I'm not getting you sick.

Belle: Okay, well, you can at least sit down next to me. Come on, shawn.

Shawn-d: Okay.

Belle: Sit down.

Shawn-d: Hey, honey, why are you shivering? What's wrong?

Belle: I don't know. I guess it's just learning that cassie and rex are my mom's kids. I'm not adjusting to that very well. And then larry welch's sentencing... I just can't stop thinking about that night at your parents' house. Mostly, I remember you saving my life -- mine and your mom'S. But just before I passed out, I was thinking about our future, and I saw all of the things I thought we would never have -- a wedding, children, grandchildren... shawn, what would've happened if you hadn't shown up that night? 3E68FD4D.JPG

Shawn-d: Hey, hey, you don't have to think about that ever again, all right?

Belle: I know, I know, you're right, but I decided I... I want to go to larry's sentencing for closure and to show support for your mom and your whole family. Is that okay?

Shawn-d: Of course. Why would you think it wasn't? Listen to me, hey, I want to spend as much time as I possibly can with you today, all right?

Belle: Just today?

Shawn-d: All right. Always.

Rhonda: Next time on "100 huntley street", march breakaway. We will have a unique emphasis on youth, what they think, where they're heading, what the future holds. No matter what age you are, you won't want to miss the next edition of "100 huntley street". 3E68FDF5.JPG

Fay: Now you've got me worried.

Brandon: Oh, no, no, no, no. It's something good, positive. It's about me and samantha.

Fay: Oh, you broke up?

Brandon: Broke up? Why would that be good and positive?

Fay: I'm sorry, I just thought that that's what you --

Brandon: Yeah, you just thought that we broke up, and that made you really happy. Why don't you just admit it, mom? Tell me the truth.

Fay: I'll tell you what. Why don't you give me your good and positive news first? How about that?

Brandon: We've moved in together.

Fay: Moved in together.

Brandon: Yes.

Fay: Okay, what about the loft? 3E68FE17.JPG

Brandon: Well, it's still there.

Fay: And you're not living in it?

Brandon: You catch on quick.

Fay: But you're still paying rent.

Brandon: Mom, who cares?

Fay: I'm sorry. I thought that you would. I mean, it is your money.

Brandon: Great. I tell you something important, something that I happen to be very excited about, and you start in about money.

Fay: All right, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were so rich that you didn't need to worry about it, brandon.

Brandon: This is great, mom. Thank you for the support, all right? It's really heartwarming.

Fay: Okay. Yoyou want me to be honest, right? You want me to tell the truth? Well, here it is. Samantha brady is all wrong for you, brandon. I don't trust that girl. And if you were thinking with your head instead of some other part of your anatomy, you wouldn't trust her, either. 3E68FE45.JPG

Lexie: Tony, you sound just like father when you talk like that. It makes me nervous.

Tony: And you make me very cross when you compare me with him. It's getting old, lexie.

Lexie: Okay, fine, you are nothing like him at all. I wouldn't even know you were related. Better?

Tony: Well, I wouldn't spend an entire lifetime lying to the people I love.

Lexie: What are you talking about?

Tony: Well, you're blessed. You're expecting a child, and I'm blessed, too.

Lexie: Is this about the twins?

Tony: Well, I was going to wait to tell you. Well, I might as well say it. Yeah, I think it's quite definite that cassie and rex are my children. I'm quite sure of that now. 3E68FE6F.JPG

Lexie: Tony! Oh, that's great.

Tony: Mine and marlena'S.

Lexie: Yours and marlena's?

Tony: Oh, don't look shocked, please. We were never intimate. This is father's setup. A cunning experiment to create a new generation of genetically engineered dimeras.

Lexie: Oh, god.

Tony: God -- right. It was so cruel that he kept those children away from me and marlena. And they grew up in this world without the love of their family. It just boggles the mind that somebody could be that callous, but I suppose I should look on the bright side, as they say. You know, we move on. Here I am, with two beautiful children who are willing to embrace me as their father... I just want to make up for all those lost years. 3E68FEA1.JPG

Lexie: And I'm sure you will. They're very lucky to have you.

Tony: Ha ha ha. I don't know what kind of father I'm going to be. Oh... I do know one thing -- I will protect my family, and that includes you. Oh. Oh, my god.

Lexie: What?

Tony: I can't afford to be late. I've got to take care of welch.

Lexie: Tony, okay, I'm going with you. Wait!

Larry: You better hold your tongue, bo. You wouldn't want to say anything that would make me change my mind about my plea, would you? I mean, after all, without my confession, your, uh, precious son loses his "get out of jail free" card. 3E68FEC8.JPG

Bo: Give it a rest. You cut a deal with the D.A. To avoid going to death row, where you belong.

Abe: Let's get down to the courtroom.

Roman: Yeah, let's get this over with. Let's get this clown out of our lives for good.

Larry: Don't bet on it.

Victor: Relax, nicole. No one but you and i will ever know that you're a murderess. Though I doubt that anybody is going to be terribly surprised.

Nicole: What happens if your plan doesn't work?

Victor: If larry doesn't plead guilty, he'll be killed in prison while he's doing time for kidnapping hope. But just to be sure, you and I are going to go to the hearing. 3E68FEF5.JPG

Nicole: I don't want to go.

Victor: Oh, that's right. I forgot. You were going to go riding. You see, it's not a very good idea for you to make plans without consulting me first. But you forgot, so I'll remind you. You will do as I say today and for the rest of our lives together.

Jennifer: I'm going to stay. The babysitter can stay with abby a few more hours.

Hope: No, no, no, n n no. You said she has to study, so you go ahead and relieve her. I'll be fine.

Jennifer: I know that you'll be fine. That's not what I'm worried about. Just call me as soon as it's over, okay? Promise.

Hope: Promise. 3E68FF23.JPG

Jennifer: Okay.

[ Cellular phone rings ]

Jennifer: Oh, that's me. Excuse me.

[ Ring ]

Jennifer: Hello? Abby, hi, sweetie. Oh. It did already? My dad's gift. It got there.

Jack: That's quick.

Jennifer: Uh-huh. Yes, that is -- that is very weird, sweetie. Listen, um, I know you're anxious to open it, but don't until I get home, and we'll open it together. Okay. Yeah, I love you, too. Don't open it. Okay. It's so strange, you know? My dad sent abby this gift from africa, and it arrived, apparently.

Jack: Any idea what it is? I mean, the size of the box -- did igail say? 3E68FF4B.JPG

Jennifer: No, she didn't say. But she said there's a big sticker on it that says "alive."

Jack: Alive? Radiance ina bottle

Belle: Wow, your first away game. That's kind of exciting.

Shawn-d: Yeah, well, I just hate being away from ya.

Belle: What about your cold? Are you sure you're well enough?

Shawn-d: I'm fine. But I guess it is a good time for us to be apart since, uh, since I can't kiss you. But I'm still going to miss you.

Belle: It's only one night, and you're going to be so fired up, I'm sure you won't even be thinking about me.

Shawn-d: I could never stop thinking about you. Ststen to me, I promise you, when I get back, that we're going to concentrate on each other and spend time together without any -- any interruptions, okay? 3E69001F.JPG

Belle: Sounds kind of impossible, doesn't it?

Shawn-d: Yeah. All right, I think we should get to the hearing.

Belle: Yeah, we better.

Shawn-d: I'm going to go grab a shower.

Belle: Okay.

Jack: Uh, yeah, bo's here right now. Why?

Jennifer: Jack, I need you to come home right now.

Jack: Now -- this is a big story, jennifer.

Jennifer: I-I know it's a big story. Get someone to cover for you, or come home and then go back to the story, okay?

Jack: Why? Jennifer, what's going on?

Jennifer: Jack, the surprise. The surprise that my dad sent -- it's a -- aah! Abby! Put that down! Abby, get away from there! 3E69004D.JPG

Jack: Jennifer? J-jennifer!

Kate: Well, you decided to come.

Nicole: Let's go sit down, victor.

Kate: Oh, yes, you must be very anxious to put an end to this chapter of your lives.

Victor: Just what are you insinuating, kate?

Kate: Insinuating? Not a thing. Excuse me.

Lexie: Tony, this is a bad idea.

Tony: If I don't stand up for this family, who will?

Lexie: You don't have to stand up for us.

Tony: I'm not going to let larry welch get away with what he did with you.

Bo: You okay?

Hope: Yeah. I just need to see this thing -- 3E690086.JPG

Bo: What?

Larry: Hello, hope. Always a pleasure.

Brandon: Unbelievable.

Fay: Brandon, sami brady is bad news. All of salem knows that.

Brandon: I don't give a damn what other people think or say, and why do you? My god, you know nothing about her.

Fay: I know enough.

Brandon: And how much time have you spent with her, mom? An hr? Not even.

Fay: Brandon. Sami brady led you on.

Brandon: Mm.

Fay: Well, she did. You fell madly in love with her, and what did she do? She ran off and married another man. Okay, so she didn't marry him, because, obviously, he had the good sense not to go through with it. 3E690165.JPG

Brandon: Where is this coming from?

Fay: I don't want you to get hurt.

Brandon: Well, you're hurting me now -- talking like this about the woman I love.

Fay: Honey -- honey, what do you love about sami? Is it her wonderful personality? I don't really think so, honey.

Brandon: Everything about her, especially that she's nothing like you.

Jennifer: Aah! Get over here! Get away from him right now. Do you understand me?

Abby: Mommy, it's okay. He won't hurt you.

Jennifer: It is not okay. He is going to hurt you. No! Oh, abby! Come over here right now. Abby, listen to me! Abigail! I-I mean it. Now come over here right this minute. 3E69018B.JPG

Jack: Jennifer. Jennifer, would you -- quick.

Jennifer: Jack! Thank god you're here.

Jack: What's going on? What the hell is going on here?

Abby: Look what grandpa bill sent me all the way from africa.

Jack: What? What?

Jennifer: Oh, come on.

Jack: Wait a minute.

Jennifer: Oh!

Abby: [ Giggles ]

Jack: What the hell is that?

Larry: You're sure looking good these days, hope. A little pale and wan, though. Something -- something wrong?

[ Chuckling ]

Lexie: Thank you.

Abe: Lex? Lexie. I didn't -- I didn't know you were going to be here.

Lexie: Hi, sweetie. Yeah, I came with my brother.

Tony: Abe, it's so nice to see you. 3E6901C2.JPG

Abe: Yeah, great.

Lexie: Uh, let's go find our seats, huh?

Abe: Mm-hmm.

Larry: You know, victor... I feel a case of déj vu coming on. Years ago, you had me take the fall for a crime I didn't commit. Is that why you're here?

Victor: You're smarter than you look.

Larry: Mm-hmm. Well, I'll bite. What do you want me to take the fall for this time? I'm not saying I'm gointoto do it. I'm just curious.

Victor: I'll give you three guesses, but I'll bet you can do it in just one.

Larry: Colin murphy's murder. No damned way. I am not going to put my ass on death row so your grandson shawn-d can skate. 3E690217.JPG

Victor: Keep your damn voice down.

Larry: I'm not doing it. No way.

Victor: You'll do exactly what I tell you to do. Otherwise, you're de,, and you know I can arrange that even in prison.

Man: All rise. The honorable judge karen fitzpatrick presiding.

Judge fitzpatrick: Please be seated.

Judge fitzpatrick: All right. The matter before us, the state vs. Lawrence welch, will come to order.

Carson: District attoeyey carson palmer for the people, your honor.

Judge fitzpatrick: The defendant has waived his right to counsel?

Larry: I'll be representing myself, your honor. 3E69024B.JPG

Judge fitzpatrick: I see. Well, since the defendant has reached a plea bargain with the district attorney, this hearing is solely for the purpose of passing sentence. I'll allow all interested parties an opportunity to speak, beginning with the victim's family. Would someone like to make a statement at this time?

Hope: Officer. Oh, I'm sorry, I -- all of a sudden, I -- I don't -- oh, I started feeling so...

Larry: Sick?

Hope: Larry?

Hope: No. No. There are guards all around the house. You couldn't get in here. Damn you. You're not real. Go away. Get the hell out of my life! Oh. 3E690292.JPG

Larry: Hope... you're as white as a ghost. Oh, good news -- you're not entirely crazy after all. It's me.

Hope: [ Gasps ] No.

Larry: It's me.

Hope: No.

Larry: In the flesh.

[ Laughing ]

Bo: Hope? You want to say something?

Alice: Your honor... I would like to speak, if you don't mind. I'm C.C. Clymont community hall dinner theatre presents 100 lunches, a gourmet comedy. This is three act play starring local talent . Evening performances are this evening friday, saturday and march 14 and 15. For tkekets and more info call 419-29-19. ****Wilderness celebration spring 2003 is tomorrow at the royal glenora club. You are invited to a luminous celebration of wild alberta. Join them for an evening of good food, fine drink and exciting entertainment. For tickets and more info call area code 403, 283-20-25.***** Registration for english and french immersion E.C.S. To grade 6 for the 2003-2004 school year at ecole st. Angela is now being accepted. E.C.S. Students must be 5 years old prior to march 1, 2004. For more info on the school call 455--97-43.**** Volunteer with ymca kids club. You can spend one or two filled afternoons a week tutoring children in literacy activities. As a ymca kids club volunteer, you will 3E690312.JPGreceive training, valuable work experience and you will bringsome joy into the life of a child. For more details call 429-57-35.*****Edmonton's annual seedy saturday come to kings university college tomorrow. The college is located at 91 ave. And 50 st., Buy, sell or swap vegetable, herb and flower seed. Plus presentations, a conference, authors, prizes and more. For more info call 468-27-96. *******That's all for now. Have a terrific weekend.

Jack: What is that thing?

Abby: It's not a thing, daddy. His name's horace.

Jack: Horace.

Jennifer: It's a binturong.

Jack: I don't care what it's been.

Jennifer: Something tells me we should have kept it in its cage, because I don't think it's housebroken. 3E6903AE.JPG

Jack: Well, we certainly are. It certainly seems to have anger management problems.

Abby: Daddy, he's just a baby. He doesn't know right from wrong.

Jack: Yes, he does seem to have a little trouble with the concept. Jennifer, jennifer, what would possess your father to send A...

Jennifer: Binturong.

Jack: Binturong to abigai

Jennifer: I don't know.

Abby: Can I take him to show and tell, mommy?

Jack: Huh?

Abby: Maybe I can teach him some tricks like roll over and play dead.

Jennifer: Baby, please.

Jack: The dead part has a certain appeal.

Jennifer: [ Gasps ] 3E6903CA.JPG

Abby: Look at him. He eats everything!

Jennifer: Yeah, well, let's keep him from eating the furniture, shall we? Jack, do something.

Abby: I'll get him some peanut butter. I bet he likes that.

Jack: Huh? Wait, wait, wait.

Jack: Jennifer, what are we going to do with that thing?

Jennifer: I don't know. But my dad in his letter said that there were more surprises to come -- one for each of us.

Alice: I do.

Judge fitzpatrick: Would you state your name for the record?

Alice: Alice horton, speaking on behalf of the brady family and the horton family. The bradys are the family of the deceased -- colin murphy. And the hortons, especially my granddaughter hope, has been harassed and tormented by mr. Welch. You are a very bad man. First you kidnapped hope and my great-grandson, causing all of us to believe they were dead. And if that wasn't enough, you terrorized hope and almost killed her, and belle black and me. If you ask me, prison is too good for this man. But at least he'd never be able to hurt the good people of salem again. I urge you, your honor, to lock up larry welch and throw away the key. 3E6904DF.JPG

Brandon: I'm sorry. I-I shouldn't have said that.

Fay: No, that's all right. I'm glad you did. I suspected it anyway. You're attracted to sami brady because she's got none of the qualities that you've always hated in me.

Brandon: There's nothing about you I hate, mom.

Fay: You think I'm weak.

Brandon: You've had a difficult life.

Fay: Because I'm weak, because I haven't had the guts to fight for what I wanted. I know that's how you see it.

Brandon: You fell in love with a bad man, all right? He conned you into thinking that he could make you happy. It -- it wasn't your fault.

Fay: I was naive... and I had very little life experience and not much self-esteem, obviously. So what's your excuse, brandon? 3E690508.JPG

Brandon: What are you talking about?

Fay: You're a counselor, sweetheart. You know all sorts of things about psychology and about neurotic behavior, so why can't you see what's going on between you and this girl?

Brandon: Her name is samantha. Damn it, mom.

Fay: Brandon, why can't you see past the big boobs and the great legs, and whatever it is that has you in some sort of lovesick daze, and realize that this girl is going to make you miserable?

Abby: Horace isn't tired. He wants to play.

Jack: Look, binturongs need naps, just like little girls do. Now, you go upstairs right now and wash your hands.

Abby: Fine, but can we take horace for a walk later? 3E69052A.JPG

Jack: W-- uh, we'll see.

Abby: Okay.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Uh, yes, I-I will let him know. Thank you. Goodbye.

Jack: You know, I don't know what the african sun did to your father, but what was he thinking to send our little girl a-A...

Jennifer: A binturong, jack.

Jack: A creature!

Jennifer: Creature, whatever. What did you say to carson palmer earlier?

Jack: I don't know. I just thought it would do the blowhard some good to knock him down a peg or two. Why?

Jennifer: Because a spokesperson from the district attorney's office called the spectator, warning us to not print any content of the interview that you did earlier today. 3E69054E.JPG

Jack: What?

Jennifer: Yeah. You struck a nerve, jack.

Jack: What, is he afraid that we're going to print the truth about him?

Judge fitzpatrick: If any other members of the victim's family would like to speak, now is your opportunity to take the stand.

Shawn-d: Hey, maggie just took gran home. She wants us to call her as soon as the judgment comes down.

Carson: In that case, your honor --

He: Wait. I've got something to say.

Bailiff: Y you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you god?

Hope: I do.

Judge fitzpatrick: State your name for the record. 3E690588.JPG

Hope: Hope brady. I'd like to start by saying that only with the strength and the support of my family am I able to appear before you today. Each of them, in their own way, has shown me how to survive life's most difficult challenges.

Larry: You want some nachos with that cheese?

[ Gavel pounds ]

Hope: You can make fun of us all you want, larry... but I'm not going to let it make me angry anymore because it's just sad -- tragic -- that people like you are incapable of feeling love. The only emotion you feel is hate, and it's eating away at you, and it'll continue eating away at you until you are nothing but a hollow shell. Whatever sentence the judge decides to give you, it won't matter because the punishment is already inside of you -- all that hate and resentment and bitterness. You'll never have what I have -- love, security, family. God willing, the judge puts you away for life so you can never try to take that away from me again. 3E6905DD.JPG

Hope: Thank y, , your honor.

Bo: I'm proud of you.

Judge fitzpatrick: I'm going to take a short recess, and then allow the defendant to make his statement.

[ Pounds gavel ]

Bailiff: All rise.

Tony: Well, time is ticking, welch. The sooner the judge passes a life sentence, the sooner you'll be a dead man. another person. Pull through. The bar life.Here in hopes of finding a

welcome back to "married by amde possible by fox broadcasting co. And friends of nci]

Brandon: You've never done this before, mom. You've never interfered in my life, not like this.

Fay: Yeah, well, I'm doing a lot of things I've never done before, brandon. 3E690691.JPG

Brandon: Since when? I mean, what, are you seeing a shrink or something?

Fay: No, I can't afford that. I've just been doing a lot of thinking lately, that's all, about how passive I've been with myself and with my children. So I'm workin' on it, honey. I am -- I'm speaking my mind and I am being strong.

Brandon: I don't like it.

Fay: Well, tough!

Brandon: Tough?

Fay: Yeah -- tough. Honey...honey, listen. I love you. There is nothing at I am more proud of than having you as a son. You got to know that. I don't mean to hurt you. Hmm?

Brandon: Can you do me a favor? Can you just forget everything that you think you know about samantha and give her a chance to show you who she really is? 'Cause I swear to you, mom, she's a really good person. I mean, yes, she's made some mistakes, but I swear to you, she has learned from them, and she is still learning. She has such a big heart, and when she loves someone, it is...incredibly intense. I mean, that's what gets her into trouble -- it's the passion that she has for the people she cares about. I'm telling you, mom, s she's an amazing person. You've got to trust me on that. 3E6906E0.JPG

Fay: Fine. I will. I'll keep an open mind.

Brandon: You're going to be surprised, I know it. I mean, I have this feeling that you and samantha are going to get really close.

Jack: The nerve of that jerk, thinking he can dictate what I print! You know, this is america -- freedom of the press! If I can prove it, I can print it!

Jennifer: I know. Jack, nobody believes that more than I do, but you have to be careful. Carson palmer is not somebody you want as your enemy.

Jack: You think he scares me? I just wrangled a maniacal binturong into a cage! I can handle an arrogant, impudent district attorney --

[ Creaking noise ] 3E690707.JPG

Jack: What did I just hear? He is in his cage, isn't he?

[ Glass shatters ]

Hope: Hey, sweetie.

Belle: Hey, um, everything's going to be okay, right?

Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah. Definitely.

Lexie: I'm so proud of hope. Hope, I am so proud of you.

Hope: Thanks, lexie.

Nicole: What's going on? Why is tony talking to larry

Victor: Just keep your mouth shut. Everything is under control.

Nicole: Nothing's under control when tony dimera's involved!

Victor: Sit down.

Tony: If you get a life sentence, it's going to be the shortest one in history.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge fitzpatrick: Please be seated. 3E690747.JPG

[ Pounds gavel ] I will now allow the defennt his statement. Please take the stand.

Larry: Yes, your honor.

Judge fitzpatrick: What say you?

Larry: Your honor, I want to change my plea to not guilty. The deal is off.

[ Gavel pounds ]

Judge fitzpatrick: Order! Order in the court!

Cassie: We care about tony, which is why we want to see him get what he wants out of life, and that just happens to be you.

Lexie: Cassie and rex are your children, right? Is this the kind of role model you want to be for them?

Tony: Absolutely.

Larry: I ask the court to impose reasonable sentences with the eventual possibility of parole. 3E690793.JPG

Hope: No!

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