Days Transcript Monday 3/3/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/3/03--Canada; 3/4/03--USA

By Eric
proofread by Jen




 Jennifer: Oh, w-wait. You sure you want to start with the "why"? That's usually at the end -- who, what, when, where, why.

 Jack: Not when it's obvious that Carson palmer's making this

 Jennifer: It's obvious to us, but it's still speculation. You need to delete that, and you need to stick to the facts.

 Jack: The facts? Shawn Brady was arraigned for first-degree murder. He's been confined to a jail cell, denied and it's obvious that the D.A. Is intent on putting him away for good.

 Jennifer: All right, well, we need to think of something -- something to say. Let's start with who -- Shawn Brady. Jack: Son of police detective Bo Brady.

 Jennifer: No, no. Hero.

 Jack: Hero. 3E63B47F.JPG

 Jennifer: His heroic actions saved the lives of his mother...

 Jack: And girlfriend. ...Was arraigned yesterday. Right. I know. I know. This stuff is tearing you up. Look, there are some times when I hate this job, too.

 Jennifer: Yeah, but I promised Hope that I would do everything that I could to help.

 Jack: All right, so we'll just -- we'll just massage it a little.

 Jennifer: Yeah, and pray for a miracle.


 Hope: Oh, honey. Oh, thank god this nightmare -- it's finally ending.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. Think I'll get out today?

 Bo: Yeah, Welch is where he belongs. The evidence supports his confession. I don't see why not. 3E63B4A7.JPG

 Carson: My orders have been defied for the last time! I will have badges for this! What the hell is going on? I warned you. I said no visitors, and that means especially you.


 Rex: You remember giving birth to us?

 Marlena: Yes. I'm your mother.

 Tony: And I'm your father, children. We are a family.

 Belle: No.

 Marlena: Oh, Belle, I had no idea you were there.

 Belle: No, this -- this -- this can't be true.

 Marlena: This wasn't how I wanted you to find out, hone

 Belle: How could this have happened? No, no, 'cause if you and Tony have children, that means --

 Marlena: No, no, it's not what you're thinking. It is not what you're thinking. 3E63B4E2.JPG

 Belle: How did -- what --

 John: Apparently, Stefano... had the twins conceived in a lab.

 Belle: How do we know this for sure?

 John: Tony and Cassie share the same rare blood markers.

 Belle: So? What -- what does that prove? I mean, what does that have to do with mom?

 Marlena: Belle, I know how hard this is for you. Honey, I remember giving birth to the twins, to Rex and Cassie, on Dimera island. You know yourself that from the first time I saw them in the Bradys' garage, I felt a bond with them. Somehow, instinctively, I felt close to them. Belle, in my heart, I know they're my children.

 Tony: Our children. And there's no use in dwelling on the past. We can't debate the morals and ethics of what my father did because that's not going to change a thing. The fact is, Cassie and Rex -- my beautiful son and daughter -- are here with us. Their presence affects us all. I have children -- something I always longed for. Marlena has two new children. But, most importantly, Cassie and Rex have something they've always wanted -- parents. We are family. 3E63B543.JPG

 Cassie: No, we're not. That's not true. We can't be a family... because my mother and father aren't married. 

 Marlena: Cassie, marriage does not define a family. You must know that there are children that have parents who are divorced or have a single parent.

 Rex: But not parents who were never together, who never loved each other - who don't even like each other.

 Tony: Well, that's not exactly right. I like your mother very much.

 Marlena: Uh, there are many definitions for a family. I hope you both know that I consider you both a part of my family. 3E63B631.JPG

 John: Our -- a part of our family. Look, I know that you realize I had some serious concern when you and your brother first arrived here in Salem, and under the circumstances of your arrival -- I mean, which were rather strange at best -- um, I admit I had my suspicions.

[ Sighs ] But, um, you got to understand where I come from here. You know, I always err on the side of caution when it comes to protecting my family, and I always will. But that doesn't mean that I am not willing... to open up my heart to you, and I think in light of all this new information here, it would benefit all of us if we could reevaluate our relationships. 3E63B665.JPG

 Cassie: Reevaluate? I think -- I think that's a fantastic idea. Why don't we start with Marlena, shall we? She can barely tolerate the sight of my father. And judging by the way that she's been looking at him today, that hasn't changed one bit.

 John: Cassie, I don't think it's fair to judge Marlena under these circumstances.

 Cassie: And you, John -- you say that you're willing to open up your heart to us. Well, I say too little, too late.

 Marlena: Cassie.

 Cassie: You couldn't stand us from the moment you met us, and now that you know that your wife is our mother, you're going to resent us even more. And then there's Belle. She already thinks that I'm ruining her life, and now that I'm her ugly stepsister, that's just going to make our relationship so much better! While we're reevaluating, let me just tell you how I see it. You and Marlena both worship and adore your precious Belle and Brady so much that you can open up your hearts until the cows come home, but there will never be enough room for me and my brother. Never. All you will ever feel for us is contempt. 3E63B6AE.JPG


 Bo: I don't know what your problem is, Palmer, but it's long past time for you to leave my family alone.

 Carson: My problem?

 Bo: Mm-hmm.

 Carson: My problem is that this town has seen in the hands of the Bradys' for way too long. Now, this kid is going to pay for what he did, and neither you nor your big brother are going to pull any of your usual vigilante justice to get him out of it.

 Bo: Vigilante? What are y--

 Carson: The two of you run that department like you own it! And I'm putting a stop to it.

 Bo: What are you accusing me of, little man?

 Carson: This! Just this! Violence, cowboy rampages. You have no regard for the law. 3E63B6CE.JPG

 Bo: And you do, trying to railroad my son the way you did?

 Shawn-d: Dad, just let it go.

 Carson: Go on. Go on! Hit me. That's really the only thing you know.

 Bo: I should knock your arrogant butt into next week.

 Roman: Bo, what the hell's going on in here?

 Carson: Just exactly what it looks like -- officer Brady is trying to subvert the legal process because he doesn't agree with it.

 Bo: Oh, come on. Give it a rest.

 Abe: Shut up, both of you. Now, we have important news you all need to hear.


 Jennifer: Oh, this is driving me crazy.

 Jack: Maybe -- maybe we should focus more on Colin Murphy. 3E63B77E.JPG

 Jennifer: As in?

 Jack: As in... what was the mysterious dr. Murphy, cloaked in a shroud of suspicion, doing outside the mansion window that night -- peeping, stalking prey? Right, right. Ahem. Any way we cut it, it's still not mustard.

[ Knock on door ]

 Jennifer: Come in. Thank you, Harold.

 Harold: Is there anything else I can do?

 Jennifer: I'll let you know. Thanks.

 Jack: See ya.

 Jennifer: All right... oh, look at this -- African postmark, huh? A letter from my dad.

 Jack: You haven't heard from him in a while, have you?

 Jennifer: No. It's been a few weeks. 3E63B7AE.JPG

 Jack: How's he doing?

 Jennifer: Let's see. Sounds like he's fine. It says that he is sending me something -- a surprise. "Jennifer, I hope you're not going out of town, since I am hoping you'll be there when it arrives. It should be any day now."

 Jack: That's all he says?

 Jennifer: Yeah, that's it. That's strange. That's not like my dad to be so cryptic.

 Jack: Right, right. Well, maybe it's, uh, maybe it's good news of some kind.

 Jennifer: Well, god knows we can use some.


 Carson: All right, what's so important?

 Abe: We just got word from the lab. Ballistics confirms we have the murder weapon. 3E63B7DA.JPG

 Carson: Excellent, commander. The weight of this evidence will be overwhelming. Even you won't be able to deny it. Now, this murder weapon -- where did you find it?

 Roman: Where Larry Welch said it would be.

 Carson: Larry Welch?

 Roman: He confessed to the killing of Colin Murphy.

 Carson: What?

 Abe: He confessed to murder and told us where to find the murder weapon.

 Carson: He confessed... after Brady did. Well, well, well. How convenient. I smell the usual rat -- or two or three.

 Roman: What do you mean by that, Palmer? You want to tell me that again?

 Abe: Hey, hey, let's cool out and talk about this in the hallway. Come on. Let's go. 3E63B80E.JPG

 Abe: All right, now, before we all say something we're going to regret, let me fill you in because there's a lot going on here.

 Hope: Ha ha! Oh, Brady, we are almost home.

 Bo: Yeah.

 Hope: What is it?

 Bo: I don't know. Why is Palmer being such a pain?

 Hope: What's it matter? Who cares? Bo, they've got physical evidence now proving Larry's confession. Even Palmer can't dispute that.

 Roman: Palmer, you've been doing a lot of talking, you've been doing a lot of threatening. Now it's my turn. I'm going to tell you what will happen if you don't back off and lift all the charges against my nephew.

 Hope: That's more like it. Good old Roman's going to get you out of here, honey. 3E63B832.JPG

[ Roman and Carson yelling ]


 John: You know, Cassie... you and I, we're a lot alike.

 Cassie: Yeah, right.

 John: Yeah, right. Because when I first arrived here in Salem, I didn't have an identity or a sense of belonging. And you know how I dealt with that? Lashed out. Anger. Hostility. I thought I'd show the world that, hell, I didn't need to belong. I was fine the way I was, and the hell with everybody else. Even when people offered me their friendship and... eventually their love, I-I resisted. I, um, I don't know. I guess I didn't feel I was worthy of it, so I turned away. Cassie, don't make the same mistake I did -- turning down love. 'Cause without it, well, a wise man once said... the rest is silence. Now, standing right here in front of you is the most wonderful mother in the entire world, and she wants to love you. Please...just let her do that. 3E63B939.JPG

 Brady: Rex, welcome. Welcome to the family.

 Brady: Cassie, welcome.

 Marlena: Oh, honey.

 Rex: Are you sure about this?

 Tony: Yes, very sure. We had some clues before. It wasn't until we went to the island compound, where you and Cassie were born, where we put it all together.

 Marlena: When we were there, it all came back to me -- memories that I had suppressed for years. I remember your birth so clearly. The room... the light... you were born first, and then you. Oh, my, you both had such lungs -- you cried so loud.

 Rex: You saw us? 3E63B986.JPG

 Marlena: Saw you... I saw you. I counted your little fingers and your little toes. Then when they finally put you in my arms... Rex on my right, you on my left. Oh, you were so beautiful. Well, you were just perfect. That may have been the last time I ever... held you.

 Rex: Why? Wh-what happened?

 Marlena: I don't know. I... I heard you crying, and then I thought I was dreaming, and -- and then I realized the sound was coming from outside, and I made my way to the window, and...

[ Gasps ] Oh.

 John: What is it, doc?

 Marlena: Somebody in a cloak... putting the babies in A... in a boat. They're taking my babies. 3E63B9DD.JPG


 Carson: All right, in the interest of fairness, I want all of you to know that there have been significant new developments in the Murphy murder case. And while I'm not free to reveal all the facts just yet, their seriousness suggests that the city reconsider its position. You're free to go. Commander, we need to get our ducks lined up before I call a press conference. Follow me.

 Abe: Way to hang in there, buddy.

 Shawn-d: Thanks, Abe.

 Roman: Well, I'll leave you guys alone.

 Bo: Roman. We heard your persuasive logic that you used out there in the hall.

 Roman: Yeah? 3E63BA15.JPG

 Bo: I still have a problem with the way you handled Shawn, but...thanks for that.

 Roman: Well, I'm, uh, I'm just glad it's over, glad Shawn's free.

 Hope: Let's go home.

 Bo: Yeah.

 Shawn-d: Why don't you and dad go ahead? I think there's someone I have to go see.

 Hope: Okay, sure.

 Shawn-d: Yeah.

 Bo: Hey. I hope you know we're proud of you.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. And I'm proud of you, dad.

 Bo: And we want you to be happy. You think you can do that?

 Shawn-d: Yes, I think I can.

 Bo: Okay, good. Go on. Get outta here. 3E63BA43.JPG

 Shawn-d: All right, listen, I'll be home tonight.

 Bo: Mm-hmm.

 Shawn-d: 'Cause I can't wait to see Zack.

 Hope: He's going to go crazy when you walk through that door.

 Shawn-d: I love you guys.

 Hope: We love you, too, honey.

 Shawn-d: All right. I'll see you later. Outta here.

 Shawn-d: Ha ha ha ha.


 Harold: Boss! Oh!

 Jennifer: What?

 Harold: Boss, there's something really big going down at the police station. Our source is on line 3.

 Jack: What big -- what's big?

 Harold: I don't know.

 Jennifer: Hello?

[ Gasps ] When? What? I can't believe it. They do? Okay, okay, that's incredible. Thank you. Great work. Excellent work. Goodbye 3E63BB26.JPG

 Jack: Wh-what?

 Jennifer: Shawn Brady has been released.

 Harold: Ha ha ha ha!

 Jennifer: Larry Welch -- he confessed to the murder. The police have all the physical proof that they need. Shawn is free.

 Harold: Unbelievable!

 Jennifer: That's so great. Oh, Harold, listen to me. Get the whole staff together.

 Harold: Got you, boss.

 Jennifer: Jack....

 Jack: Yeah?

 Jennifer: Sorry. It has to be rewritten -- the whole thing.

 Jack: Oh, I can't wait. Good.

 Jennifer: Yeah, come on, let's go.

 Jack: Let's go. Right.

 Jennifer: Harold, stop the presses. Everybody, get ready for rewrites. 3E63BB40.JPG

 Harold: Stop the presses!

 Jennifer: Great. Come on!

 Jack: "Stop the presses"?

 Jennifer: Yes. Go, back at the computer, Jack.

 Jack: You always wanted to say that, didn't you?

 Jennifer: Jennifer Horton. Yes, get ready for rewrites.

 Jack: Stop the presses. Okay.

 Jennifer: Hi. Yes. Jennifer Horton. Can you get my cousin Hope on the phone right away? Thank you. All right, Jack, remember who, what...

 Jack: When, where, and why.

 Jennifer: Okay, go.


 Belle: I love you, and I know you still love me.

 Shawn-d: I'm no good for you. You deserve someone better.

 Belle: Now I know why you were pushing away from me... because you love me. I'm right. 3E63BB6F.JPG

 Shawn-d: Of course you're right. Okay? Your future, your life -- that is more important to me than my own, 'cause I love you so much.

 Mimi: Shawn!

 Shawn-d: Mimi?


 Bo: Hey, hey.

 Bo: Hey.

 Man: Mr. Brady, Mrs. Brady, hi, I'm Gus.

 Hope: Hi, Gus.

 Gus: You had a heck of a mess here.

 Bo: Yeah, yeah, how's it going?

 Gus: We're basically finished with the window. We should be outta here pretty soon.

 Bo: Okay, cool. You know what? We'll be outside, we'll let you finish up here, okay?

 Gus: Sure thing. 3E63BBB8.JPG

 Bo: All right.

 Bo: Hey. You know what? Why don't we take off, let them finish?

 Hope: No.

 Bo: There's no reason for us to hang out here.

 Hope: I have to face it sooner or later, Brady.

 Bo: Sometimes "later" is better than "sooner."

 Hope: No. No, this is my home. It's where I belong, and Larry Welch is not going to drive me from it.

 Bo: Okay. If that's the way you feel, I'm with you.

 Bo: Why don't you tell me what happened? We'll work through this together.


 John: Come here and sit with me for a second.

 John: So, how you doing? You okay?

 Marlena: Mm-hmm. 3E63BCD4.JPG

 Tony: Marlena, at the compound, when John and I found you standing on the cliff, you seemed to be caught up in the throes of a very sad memory. Was this the memory?

 Marlena: Yes, I think it was.

 Tony: And you saw them taking the twins away from you?

 Marlena: Well, it's like the beginning of a memory. It's -- it's not terribly clear. It's just -- it's a lot of feelings. It's emptiness. It's grief. I feel angry. I don't know why.

 John: Mm-hmm. And now?

 Marlena: And now I'm remembering everything. This person -- this person is... putting the babies on the boat. 3E63BD02.JPG

 Tony: And you called after them. Did they hear you?

 Marlena: I don't know. I was calling out and begging, "don't --" I don't know. Then there was silence. I never knew until now. All those... wonderful... terrible memories.

 Marlena: Oh...


 Mimi: This is so beyond weird. Not that I don't appreciate being kissed awake like that, but, uh...

 Shawn-d: No, I'm sorry, Mimi.

 Mimi: No, don't be. It was very delightful, actually. Oh, my god! You're here! No, you can't be. Are you? 3E63BD46.JPG

 Shawn-d: Yes. Yes, I am.

 Mimi: Oh, my god! Shawn, what happened to jail? The last I heard, you were charged with murder, denied bail, and it was so horrible. I told my parents that's why I got sick with this nasty cold, 'cause I was in such a state about you, my resistance was low, you know? And not to mention belle being thousands of miles away. Wait.

 Shawn-d: What?

 Mimi: I know people always say this when strange things happen, so it's become like this dumb cliché, but I'm not just saying it. I swear, this has got to be a dream.

 Shawn-d: No, it's real. I'm here. Really.

 Mimi: You do seem to be. Besides, I could always tell reality from a dream, even though I could never tell a dream from reality. Isn't that totally bizarre? You know how you wake up from some insane dream -- like your brother turns into a pencil or something equally outrageous -- and you think, "how could I have just bought into that?" But this -- this is totally buy-into-able, even if it is totally strange. 3E63BD7B.JPG

 Shawn-d: What are you talking about?

 Mimi: I don't even know. Because that's what I feel like doing. Hawn-d: No.

 Mimi: Why am I rambling on like an idiot? Shawn, I'm so glad to see you.

 Shawn-d: Same here.

 Mimi: Oh, no, you're gonna catch my cold. Stay away from me. That's why I'm here, by the way -- sleeping in Belle's dorm room, I mean. My coughing was keeping my little brother up all night, so I thought I'd do my parents a favor and leave. And since belle's in Paris and Cassie hasn't been around, I didn't think I'd be bothering anyone here.

 Shawn-d: Actually, Belle's not in Paris anymore. 3E63BD9C.JPG

 Mimi: What?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, she's here.

 Mimi: Why is she back? Well -- well, wait. The even bigger question is what's going on with you? Why are you not in jail?

 Shawn-d: Now, that -- that's a long story, Mimi.

 Mimi: So? I've got time. I've also got a fever, I swear. But I don't think it's from the cold. I think it's that I'm so excited to see you, and now you tell me Belle's not in Paris. Do you realize that since you kissed me on the cheek about two minutes ago, my whole life has changed for about 1,000% for t better? And oh, my god, here I am making it all about me. Isn't that typical?

 Shawn-d: No, Mimi, it's okay. You can make this about you. 3E63BDBE.JPG

 Mimi: But that's so selfish. I should be thinking of how you feel, not how I feel about how you feel. It's like, oh, sure, let's make this all about Mimi. I mean, come on, who cares?

 Shawn-d: Yeah, well, I do care, except I don't know what you are talking about.

 Mimi: Me neither.

 Shawn-d: Yeah. Well, I can say that you are the funniest friend that I have. I haven't laughed in a really long time, so I am just really grateful for that.

 Mimi: Huh. Hug me again so I know I'm definitely not dreaming. I'll hold my breath so you don't get too many germs, okay?

 Shawn-d: Sure.


 Bo: Did that help? Talking about it is supposed to help relieve the stress. I want this thing to be over for you. 3E63BDF1.JPG

 Hope: I know. Believe me, so do I. Okay, you know what? Larry Welch is not going to rob me of one more minute of my life with you and the boys.

 Bo: You got that right. Look, I know you're not feeling 100%, so I'm going to focus on making you feel safe and secure.

 Hope: Brady, I need to do that on my own.

 Bo: No, this is something we're going to do together. You're not going to try to protect me from your fears anymore. You're going to tell me everything that's going on with you. We'll work through this thing together. We're gonna get back the life we had. Nobody's going to steal our happiness. You got that? Yeah. 3E63BEC1.JPG


 Harold: Thank you, thank you.

 Jennifer: Listen, we need to work together on this now. Okay, metro is taking two more columns on the front page.

 Harold: I got the presses before they rolled. They're waiting on you, boss.

 Jennifer: Oh, excellent. Frank, the economy story -- we've got to move it to page 10. Everything you have on Larry Welch -- we need it all. All right, Harold, go down to the police station. Whatever you get, call Jack with it. Betsy, pictures. We need Kiriakis wedding, Nicole Walker...

 Jack: What I really need to know is why the D.A. Dropped the charges. Get me everything you can on physical evidence, okay? 3E63BEDD.JPG

 Harold: You got it, Jack.

 Jack: Bo, Shawn, Hope. Bo, Shawn, and hope.

 Jennifer: Okay.

 Jack: Uh... Jennifer, can you get me something?

 Jennifer: Yes. I can get you absolutely anything you want, Jack Deveraux.

 Jack: What was that for?

 Jennifer: I'm just happy. Is that a problem?

 Jack: No, not at all. I guess the question is, how happy are you?

 Jennifer: Well, I guess you could say that I am about...this happy.

[ Jack typing quickly ]


 Hope: Okay, come on, I'm ready. Let's go.

 Bo: Hey.

 Man: Hey. 3E63BF0D.JPG

 Bo: It's okay.

 Gus: We'll be back bright and early tomorrow.

 Bo: Okay. Thanks, Gus.

 Gus: No problem.

 Bo: What you thinking?

 Hope: That we need to get some clean clothes to bring over to your folks'.

 Bo: Do you want to stay there again tonight?

 Hope: Well, unless you want to spring for a hotel, Brady.

 Bo: Oh, no. I've got a much better idea.

 Hope: What's that?

 Bo: You and I will stay right here.

 Hope: No!


 Marlena: Oh...

[ Sniffles ]

 Cassie: Mom.

 Marlena: All right. Everything is going to be all right. I promise, I promise, I promise. Oh... 3E63BF5E.JPG

 Brady: Uh, Belle. Belle, you can't leave. Come on.

 Belle: I don't care! I'm not staying here.


 Mimi: This just proves that life is totally unpredictable, right? I mean, first we find out Larry Welch is still alive. And as if that wasn't creepy enough, he confesses to murder.

 Shawn-d: Mimi --

 Mimi: Oh, my god! You know what I just realized? These pajamas are see-through!

 Shawn-d: Oh, well, no. I hadn't -- I wasn't -- um...

 Mimi: Shawn Brady, why didn't you say anything? Wait, I know why. It's because you didn't even notice, which I'm insulted about. I know it's just because you have your mind on Belle. Belle -- of course. You came here thinking I was Belle, and all I've done is chew your ear off when all you want to do is see your girlfriend and tell her you're out of jail. Shawn, you have to find her. 3E63BF90.JPG

 Shawn-d: Okay --

[ Cellular phone rings ]

 Mimi: My cell phone! Where is it?

[ Ring ]

 Mimi: Hello? Belle, it's you! I couldn't believe any toothpaste could get my teeth whiter.


 Jennifer: All right, everyone, excellent work. Thank you so much. Frank, perfect. Betsy, the pictures were incredible. Thank you so much. Everyone, you did an incredible job! Thank you so much! We made the deadline! Whoo! Okay. There is nothing like that rush to race a deadline with a hot story.

 Jack: You're a pretty hot story yourself. 3E63C020.JPG

 Jennifer: Oh, really?

 Jack: Yeah, really.

 Jennifer: No, we can't. We can't do this, because we can't go home, because we have to stay here until the paper hits the street.

 Jack: One moment. You step right over here.

 Jennifer: Okay.

 Jack: I'll take care of that.

 Jennifer: Mmm.

 Jack: Now who said anything about going home?

[ Both giggle ]

 Jack: Mmm.

 Jennifer: Oh, Jack!


 Mimi: So where are you?

 Belle: Uh, where are you? You sound funny.

 Mimi: Hmm, I'm in your dorm room. I was just trying to get some rest. I've got a killer cold. Uh, what are you doing out? 3E63C07C.JPG

 Belle: You wouldn't believe the stuff that's happening. I'm just out trying to clear my head.

 Mimi: Well, maybe you should come back to the dorm and tell me.

 Belle: Mimi, I've got a lot of thinking to do. I'm going for a walk along the pier. Can you come out?

 Mimi: Uh, me? I don't know. Not -- not with the way I'm feeling. I actually better get back under the covers and take some more cough medicine. But I'll talk to you soon, okay? Yes, yes, yes!

 Shawn-d: What? What? What?

 Mimi: She's taking a walk along the pier, and I'm sure nothing would make her happier than for you to show up. Ah, you know, under the stars, the moonlight behind you reflecting in the water, your eyes glistening, her heart beating a mile a minute as she runs into -- 3E63C0A8.JPG

 Shawn-d: Mimi, thank you. Thank you.

 Mimi: You're welcome.

 Shawn-d: All right. Feel better.

 Mimi: Okay.

[ Sighs ] I already do -- much, much better.


 Hope: Okay, everything may look fine, but how do we know it really is?

 Bo: Hey. Do you think I would let us stay here if it wasn't safe? The carbon monoxide has been cleaned out, the pipe has been fixed --

 Hope: But, how do we know?

 Bo: We just looked at it, Hope. Everything's in per--

 Hope: Okay, well, what about upstairs?

 Bo: We'll be safe in our bedroom. Sit down. I think it is very important for the two of us to stay here together alone tonight. 3E63C0D7.JPG

 Hope: I don't know if I can do that. I know, I can't let Larry dictate my life, but that's a lot easier said than done.

 Bo: Mm. So you're just going to let him win.

 Hope: I don't want to.

 Bo: Don't you feel safe here with me?

 Hope: I do with your arms around me.

 Bo: Well... then that's what we'll have to do. Hey, come on. Come on.

 Bo: How about we have ourselves a night to remember?

 Hope: Let's go, Brady.


John: Whew. Maybe we ought to go after her.

 Brady: No, dad, I think Belle just needs some time to digest things. Okay? 3E63C10D.JPG

 John: Yeah, you're probably right. All right, I'll give her an hour.

 Brady: She'll be fine, okay? Belle's a pretty tough girl.

 John: You think?

 Brady: Yeah.

 John: See, I don't see it that way, I guess. I mean, I know she's smart, I know she takes after her mother when it comes to analyzing things, but she's been through a hell of a time lately.

 Brady: I still think that she'll come and speak to us when she's ready.

 John: Mm. So how are you doing?

 Brady: I'm okay, I guess. I still can't imagine how you feel.

 John: Same as you -- okay, I guess. 3E63C132.JPG

 Brady: You were pretty cool in there, trying to make everything okay, extending yourself to Cassie. I must say, I'm really impressed.

 John: Well, the twins are a part of doc. I gave her my word that I would do my best to include them in our lives, and that's what I intend to do.

 Brady: What about Tony?

 John: Yeah. What about Tony?

 Marlena: Oh, we have so much catching up to do.

 Tony: Well, now that I've been blessed with two beautiful children, I promise I will always, always take good care of you -- my family. Nothing is more important.

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