Days Transcript Thursday 2/27/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 2/27/03--Canada; 2/28/03--USA

By Eric
proofread by Jen



 Sami: Who the hell are -- what are you trying to do, get me kicked out of the apartment building? God!

 Nicole: Do you know where my brother is?

 Sami: Yeah, actually. He's at home. Brandon moved in with me.

 Nicole: What?! He's living with you? Oh, my god! You're not going to give up until you totally ruin his life, you little slut!

 Brandon: Nicky, Nicky, do not talk to her that way.

 Nicole: Oh, my god, Brandon, she is totally leading you around by your anatomy. It's Sami's specialty.

 Sami: Oh, shut up!

 Brandon: Nobody's leading me around by anything. Moving in was my idea.

 Nicole: Well, that's the worst idea you've ever had. 3E5E6E98.JPG

 Lucas: You can say that again.


 Victor: I'd like to speak with the prisoner alone.

 Man: Yes, Mr. Kiriakis.

 Larry: Ha ha ha ha. Victor, Victor, Victor. You look stressed, my man. Is that, uh, hot young wife of yours keeping you up nights? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You know, whoever said money can't buy love certainly didn't know you. Well, Victor, the last time you visited me in prison years ago, you wanted something. What is it this time?

 Victor: I want you to help me solve a crime.

 Larry: Hmm. Okay, I'm listening.

 Victor: The murder of Colin Murphy.

 Larry: Ah.


 Roman: You act like I wanted to arrest Shawn. 3E5E6EEC.JPG

 Caroline: Well, if you didn't want to, why did you do it?

 Roman: Because I had to uphold the law, ma.

 Shawn: You don't betray family! That is the ultimate law!


 Cassie: I begged Shawn not to confess. Why wouldn't he just listen to me? God, if there was just some way I can talk to him before the hearing started.

 Belle: Cassie... would you please stop?

 Cassie: Stop what?

 Belle: Shawn doesn't need your help, okay? He needs his family. He needs me. He does not need you.


 Bo: Mickey, hold on. We need another minute with our son.

 Mickey: Bo, we can't keep the judge waiting. 3E5E6F24.JPG

 Bo: Shawn, listen. You got to take back your confession.

 Hope: Honey, please.

 Mickey: Bo, Hope, I'm sorry about this, but --

 Hope: Just a few more minutes, okay?

 Mickey: We got to get into the hearing room.

 Bo: When the judge asks you how you plead, say "not guilty." Shawn, you got to do that much for yourself.


 Abe: Come on, come on! How can the medical examiner not be available? Is he testifying in court? Is he examining a dead Bo-- yes! Yes, it's an emergency! Have him get in touch with me A.S.A.P. Damn it! 3E5E700B.JPG

 Lexie: Ouch.

 Abe: Sweetheart, I'm -- I'm so sorry. I know I wasn't home all night, I didn't call. I'm sorry.

 Lexie: Don't be. Honey, I know you're busy. I understand. I brought you something to eat. You know, you never take care of yourself when you've got a big case.

 Abe: It's not just a case. It's Shawn.

 Lexie: How is it looking for him?

 Abe: Bad.

 Lexie: What do you mean?

 Abe: The boy could end up serving time for murder. Possible life sentence, maybe worse.

 Lexie: Oh, god.

 Abe: He's just such a -- such a bright kid. So much promise. Hey... 3E5E703A.JPG

 Lexie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. This is the last thing you need, huh -- your wife getting all weepy on you?

 Abe: No, you're just upset for your friends, that's all. Don't ever apologize for that.

 Lexie: When I think of all the hope we have for our baby, all the joy that we know he'll bring us... well, Bo and Hope had just as many dreams for their son. Now what kind of future will they have with Shawn facing murder charges? All their hopes, all their dreams... gone.


 Bo: There's a lot going on right now, but you got to keep your head and stay strong. Look at me. You have every right as a citizen to plead not guilty. Shawn, you got to do that. Give the evidence a chance to clear you. Okay? 3E5E7078.JPG

 Bailiff: We've got to start the arraignment.

 Mickey: Let's go.

 Hope: Shawn...

 Bo: Shawn, do as I tell you.

 Bailiff: All rise. The honorable judge Goldberg, district 23, Salem's criminal court, presiding.

 Judge Goldberg: Be seated.

 Bailiff: The people vs. Shawn-Douglas Brady.

 Judge Goldberg: What are the charges?

 Judge Goldberg: Mr. Brady, you are accused of the following acts on the date of December 31st, 2002, at the residence of Victor and Nicole Kiriakis. With intent to cause the death of Colin Murphy, you brandished a loaded firearm, fired off one shot, striking Mr. Murphy and causing his death. How do you plead?  3E5E710D.JPG


 Sami: Nobody needs you putting your two cents in, Lucas!

 Lucas: I have a real interest in this -- more than she does. My son is at an impressionable age.

 Sami: Your son?

 Lucas: Yeah.

 Sami: You freaking idiot!

 Brandon: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sweetie, time-out. Let's break this up before the neighbors start weighing in on it. Samantha, why don't you and Lucas come inside? Nicole, you and I can step out in the hall.

 Sami: Wait a second. Just because I made a kid with him does not mean I want to be alone with the jerk! Brandon, I --

 Brandon: Samantha, he's got a point. He's Will's father, all right? Let's try to bring him on boar with our new living arrangement. All right? I don't want will resenting me. 3E5E71A8.JPG

 Sami: Will is crazy about you, Brandon.

 Brandon: Samantha, just do it, all right? Five minutes out of your life. That's all I'm asking.

 Sami: Okay. Okay, I will do this for you and for Will, not for him!

 Sami: All right...come in! God, let's go!

 Lucas: Thank you, thank you. I really appreciate that. You're so sweet. And you know what? Don't act like you're doing me any favors here. I'm his father. I have rights.

 Sami: Don't remind me.

 Lucas: Did you ask Will about it? Brandon I mean, did you ask his opinion? Did you even care about the boy's feelings at l?

 Sami: Well, I didn't ask his permission. I'm his mother, not his slave, and I'm entitled to my own life! 3E5E71D4.JPG

 Lucas: Oh, yeah, that's right. You know what your problem I you're obsessive. You don't know how to have a normal relationship with a guy, Sami. You're so afraid of losing Brandon that you just jump into bed with him, and then next thing you know, you drag him into your apartment -- the same apartment you share with your son? Tell me, Sami, who's going to be the real loser here, huh? It's not going to be Brandon.

 Sami: He is committed to me.

 Lucas: You keep telling yourself that.

 Sami: Brandon loves me.

 Lucas: Yeah, he loves your cleavage.

 Sami: Look, Brandon is going to be a good influence on Will, okay? He is a good role model, which is more than I can say for you! 3E5E71F6.JPG

 Lucas: All right, you know, I know you disapprove of me. I know that. But I've got just as much say in will's life as you do.

 Sami: What are you trying to say? Are you threatening to take Will away from me again?

 Lucas: I don't know. What if I am?

 Sami: I will make you sorry that you were ever born, loser!


 Nicole: How could you be so blind, Brandon? I mean, she can't be that great in the sack! And sooner or later, you are going to get tired of her tricks and you are going to realize that she's a controlling, manipulating creep who's stolen the best years of your life.

 Brandon: Whoa. Whoa. Who are we talking about here, Nicky -- me and Samantha, or you and Victor? The way I see it, the only person being manipulated and controlled here is you, by your new husband. 3E5E722B.JPG


 Larry: There's no mystery. Everybody knows who killed Colin Murphy. I mean, it's in all the papers. You can't even turn on a TV, even here in the joint, without hearing how Shawn Brady is being arraigned for the crime of the year. Oh, gee, I'm sorry. That must hurt, huh? Your grandson being nailed for murder one. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, lord. You know, to tell you the truth, I'm a little ticked off at the kid -- I mean, all the publicity he's getting. I mean, he kicked me off the front page. Well, big deal. I mean, Shawn pulls the trigger, puts a bullet in the guy. It's boring compared to my brilliant crimes. 3E5E7257.JPG

 Victor: Don't worry, Welch. I'm going to see to it that your crimes get back in the spotlight.

 Larry: You know, now there's an attention-getting statement, Victor. You would have made a very good lawyer. No, no, what am I saying? Scratch that. It would have cramped your style... made it hard to operate in the top echelon of crime.

 Victor: Just shut up, Welch. I've got something I want to show you. I found this on my property. Does it look familiar? I find the engraving particularly interesting. It says "Bo." Can you see that? I figured out your plan. This bullet was supposed to kill my son. What went wrong? 3E5E728A.JPG

 Larry: Hmm.


 Judge Goldberg: How does the defendant plead?

 Mickey: It's okay to change your mind.

 Mickey: This is tough, I know, but you've got to answer the judge.

 Shawn-d: I did it. How can I plead not guilty?

 Mickey: The defendant pleads guilty.

 Belle: Shawn, no!


 Sami: When you took Will away from me before, he was too you to realize what you were doing. You pull that crap with me now and he'll hate you for it.

 Lucas: Yeah, he was young, but now he's older, so if I do decide to sue for sole custody, he can tell the judge who he'd rather live with. He's old enough now, right? And that just freaks you out, doesn't it, Sami? 'Cause you know damn well he'd pick me. 3E5E735B.JPG


 Brandon: Nicky, talk to me. What's Victor doing to you?

 Nicole: I'm as good as dead.


 Victor: Don't bother to deny it. I've already solved that part of the mystery. I know you put a hit out on Bo. What I want to know is why it didn't work.

 Larry: Why it didn't work? My incompetent hit man blew it, that's why.

 Victor: The late, unlamented Colin Murphy.

 Larry: I'm sure not crying over him. Not only didn't he get the job done, he was stupid enough to let someone kill him. You know, I-I don't get it, Victor. Obviously, you're not sorry that your son Bo is alive. And I'm behind bars here, so I can't go after him now. You win. I lose. 3E5E7391.JPG

 Victor: You don't know how right you are.


 Belle: Shawn, please, you're not guilty! I know you're not guilty! Just tell them that!

 Judge Goldberg: Order in the court!

 Belle: I'm sorry that I got so mad at you before and I ran out on you, but I believe in you and I know you're innocent! Please don't let them do this to you. We need to be together!

 Judge Goldberg: Young lady, if you don't end this outrageous display, I will have you removed from my courtroom.

 Belle: Shawn, please. Shawn, tell them you're innocent. Tell them that you're not guilty.

 Judge Goldberg: Bailiff, remove Mr. Brady's friend from the courtroom. 3E5E73B3.JPG

 Bailiff: Let's go, young lady.

 Belle: No! Shawn, please! Shawn!

 Jennifer: Let's go check on Belle. Men, we'll be right back.

 Jack: Right. Poor kid.

 Judge Goldberg: If the histrionics are quite finished, I would like to get back to the defendant. Mr. Brady, your attorney has entered a plea of guilty. Do you confirm that plea? How do you plead, Mr. Brady?

 Mickey: Shawn.

 Judge Goldberg: I'm running out of patience, young man.

 Shawn-d: I'm changing my plea to not guilty.


 Sami: Damn it, Lucas, Will is my kid, too!

 Lucas: Yeah, and I'm his father -- the only one he'll ever have, Sami, like it or not. 3E5E74AC.JPG

 Sami: Well, I don't like it. I hate it! I hate you!

 Lucas: Well, tough. And here are my ground rules --

 Sami: I don't believe this!

 Lucas: Oh, no, believe it. First -- first and foremost, Will never calls Brandon "dad," you got that? So that means if you have some parent-teacher conference to go to, muscle man stays home. Okay? He's not his father. He's not even his stepfather.

 Sami: Well, he will be when we get married.

 Lucas: When you what? Oh, my god, Sami! You really think Brandon's going to marry you? Jeez, that's sad. That's so sad it's almost funny. In fact, it is funny.

 Sami: What is funny about it? Shut up! 3E5E74D5.JPG


 Brandon: Nicky, don't talk like that -- saying you're as good as dead. You've got -- you're young. You've got everything to live for.

 Nicole: No, I don't. Not anymore.

 Brandon: Why did you really come to see me today? What did Victor do to you?

 Nicole: I shouldn't have come here.

 Brandon: Where else are you going to go? Of course you should come to see me.

 Nicole: No, that's not what I meant. It's -- you know what? Never mind. I-I'm fine. I am fine.

 Brandon: Don't lie for him.

 Nicole: Look, Brandon... Victor didn't lay into me, not the way you're thinking. All right, we had a fight. We have lots of fights, but this time... he got fed up because I went down to the Cheatin' Heart. Victor didn't like that. Mrs. Kiriakis doesn't go to the bars alone. He ordered me not to do it again. Look, let's just forget I ever came, okay? Look, I was just feeling a little trapped. I'll get over it. Millions of women would love to be in my place. I should be counting my blessings. 3E5E751C.JPG

 Brandon: You're kidding.

 Nicole: No...really. Victor has a point. I'm a married woman now. I can't go boozing at low-rent bars. Victor didn't marry me so that I can embarrass him by flirting with bartenders. I guess it's time your sister grew up.


 Bo: Hey, you did the right thing. You won't regret this.

 Cassie: Poor Shawn. What a hard decision to have to make.

 Rex: Well, we should let belle know.

 Cassie: One of the courtroom people will tell her.

 Rex: She should hear it from friends.

 Cassie: You're a friend. You go. I want to stay near Shawn. 3E5E754D.JPG

 Rex: No, come on. You're coming with me.

 Belle: Doesn't Shawn understand? His whole life could be over!

 Caroline: Oh, sweetheart, it-it'll be all right somehow.

 Belle: Mrs. Brady, I just want to help Shawn. I don't know how.

 Rex: You did help him, Belle. Shawn just pleaded not guilty.

 Belle: He did? Oh, my god!

 Rex: And it's all because of you. You changed his mind.

 Belle: Thank god!

 Jennifer: Hey, it was, uh, worth getting thrown out of court, huh?

 Belle: Ha ha. I guess so.

 Caroline: Good girl, Belle.

 Belle: Mrs. Brady!

 Judge Goldberg: Counselors, let's hear your arguments on bail. Mr. Palmer, make the case for the prosecution. 3E5E7576.JPG

 Carson: Your honor, Shawn Brady is accused of a brutal crime -- murdering a man in cold blood. The prosecution believes that the potential danger to the community is simply too great to allow Shawn Brady to remain free. We also believe, based on favoritism shown to the defendant by relatives and friends within the police department, that Shawn Brady poses a flight risk. We respectfully request that bail be denied.

 Bo: You can't do that! You can't keep my son in jail.


 Abe: [ Sighs ] All right, sweetheart. Here you go. Some nice hot tea.

 Lexie: Oh, thank you, honey.

 Abe: Yeah. You know what? And, uh, you need this a lot more than I do -- you and the baby. 3E5E7687.JPG

 Lexie: Thank you.

 Abe: Here's a napkin for you.

 Lexie: Thanks.

 Abe: Okay. You know, you, uh -- ha ha ha -- you look like you haven't slept much. Oh, you're still beautiful, just a little bit ragged around the edges.

 Lexie: Well, I just couldn't get my brain to shut down last night, especially after my false alarm and --

 Abe: False alarm?

 Lexie: Oh! I wasn't going to tell you. Look, I came here to cheer you up, and that's exactly what I want to do.

 Abe: Tell me what happened last night. Was this after I left for the station?

 Lexie: Yeah. I-I just had some pains, that's all. 3E5E76AF.JPG

 Abe: Labor pains?

 Lexie: Braxton-hicks. From stressing over Shawn's arrest and worrying about Bo and Hope. You know how I get, honey.

 Abe: Why didn't you call me? I would have come right home. Now, how long did these pains last?

 Lexie: Not long, and I was very responsible. I went to the hospital to see dr. Bader, and she said it was false labor. Honey... I'm okay now. Really.

 Abe: Look, Lex, Lex, you've got to promise to tell me if anything like this happens again.

 Lexie: Okay, okay, okay! I promise.

 Abe: Look...

 Lexie: What?

 Abe: Mmm. Oh! You okay now? You all right? Huh? No more pain? 3E5E76D9.JPG

 Lexie: No! No more pain. Now stop fussing over me, okay? It's time for you to concentrate on helping Shawn.

 Abe: Yeah, well, the commissioner disagrees with you.

 Lexie: Let him disagree. Come on, Abe, we both know Shawn isn't a murderer. I don't care what he did.

 Abe: Well, you know what? That reminds me. Shawn's being arraigned right now.

 Lexie: Well, shouldn't you be there?

 Abe: Yeah, yeah. I'll head over there right after I drive you home.

 Lexie: No, I can drive myself. How do you think I got here? Honey, stop worrying about me.

 Abe: I do love the sound of that word. 3E5E76FE.JPG

[ Both laugh ]

 Woman: I need a word with you in private, commander.

 Abe: Uh, just let me walk my wife to the car.

 Lexie: No, you don't have to do that. I'll be fine. I'll see you later at home, okay? I love you.

 Abe: I love you.

 Abe: So what is it?

 Woman: Thought you'd like to know Larry Welch has a visitor.

 Abe: Who?

 Woman: Victor Kiriakis. He's in Welch's cell right now.


 Victor: There's quite an impressive list of charges against you.

 Larry: Thank you.

 Victor: There's one missing. I'd like the you out with that.

 Larry: You know, Victor... I feel a case of déja vu coming on. Years ago, you had me take the fall for a crime I didn't commit. Is that why you're here? 3E5E7742.JPG

 Victor: You're smarter than you look.

 Larry: Mm. Well, I'll bite. What do you want me to take the fall for this time? I'm not saying I'm going to do it. I'm just curious.

 Victor: I'll give you three guesses, but I'll bet you can do it in just one.

 Larry: Colin Murphy's murder. No damned way. I am not going to put my ass on death row so your grandson Shawn-d can skate!

 Victor: Keep your damn voice down.

 Larry: I'm not doing it. No way.

 Victor: You'll do exactly what I tell you to do, otherwise you're dead. And you know I can arrange that, even in prison. 3E5E7772.JPG


 Belle: I wish I could talk to Shawn and tell him how proud I am of him.

 Jennifer: Sweetie, I hate to tell you, but that judge is not going to let you back in that courtroom today.

 Belle: No, I know! Uh, Mrs. Brady, why don't you go back inside? Jennifer, you go with her. Shawn needs all the support he can get right now.

 Caroline: Oh, you're such a sweet girl, Belle. Well, I think I better get back in there because I don't want my Shawn getting all worked up.

 Jennifer: Yeah. I'll go with you. You take care of yourself, okay?

 Belle: Thank you.

 Jennifer: Come on, let's go.

 Rex: That was a really brave thing you did in there.

 Belle: I wasn't trying to be brave. To tell you the truth, I wasn't thinking very clearly at all. I was so scared. Shawn cannot be convicted. He can't. 3E5E779E.JPG

 Cassie: That won't happen.

 Belle: Cassie, I was wrong before when I told you Shawn didn't need your help. He definitely will when he goes to trial.

 Cassie: Shawn knows I'd do anything for him.

 Belle: I know, but what I'm talking about is very specific. If you're asked to testify, you have to be very careful what you say. You cannot say anything incriminating. I've known Shawn practically my whole life, and he's an honorable person. He would never murder anyone. So whatever happened, it had to have been an accident. That's -- that's the only way it could have happened. Shawn just -- just got the gun, and it accidentally went off. He never set out to kill Colin. 3E5E77C6.JPG

 Cassie: I'll help Shawn any way I can. Belle, I want to keep him out of prison just as much as you do.


 Judge Goldberg: Mr. Brady, unless you want to join miss Black out in the corridor, I suggest you sit back down and be quiet.

 Hope: Bo, please. Bo.

 Judge Goldberg: Thank you. Now, Mr. Palmer, as you were saying.

 Carson: Thank you, your honor. In addition to my previously stated reasons, I believe that Shawn-Douglas Brady is a danger to himself, as well as the community at large.

 Judge Goldberg: What proof do you have, Mr. Palmer? 3E5E77F5.JPG

 Carson: The prosecution has found evidence that the defendant was taken to the emergency room at university hospital just prior to being formally charged, suffering from a drug overdose.

 Bo: Damn it, Mickey.

 Mickey: Your honor, the defendant is not a drug addict. He -- he suffered from an adverse reaction to medication. It was not an overdose.

 Judge Goldberg: How do you know that?

 Mickey: The drug that the prosecution is referring to Shawn understood to be a mild sedative. It turns out that he was mistaken. It was basically an accident, your honor. 3E5E7814.JPG

 Judge Goldberg: I don't believe in accidents when drugs are involved, Mr. Horton. Thank you. Given the gravity of the crime and what the prosecution has just revealed regarding the defendant's recent history with drugs, I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Palmer. The defendant is a risk to himself as well as others. In light of that, bail is denied.


 Sami: You don't know anything about Brandon.

 Lucas: Yeah, I don't have to.

 Sami: Get out!

 Lucas: I know you. You like to lie and play games, don't you? You know, every man you ever tricked into bed has gotten wise to you, Sami. 3E5E78DE.JPG

 Sami: Aah! Lucas!

 Lucas: That's it! You throw one more thing, I'm going to break this vase. Go ahead, do it! I'll break it.

 Sami: Just get out!

 Lucas: Sure, no problem. Be happy to. Yeah, but first -- first, I got one last thing to say to you. Brandon will never marry you.

 Sami: Get out!

 Lucas: Have a good day!

 Brandon: What is going on? Are you all right?

 Sami: Yes, I am fine, now that he is gone. Look, could you just please come back inside now, Brandon?

 Brandon: Yeah, but you can hold on for one --

 Nicole: All right, you know what? Don't worry about me, all right? Just get back to your girlfriend. I got to get home, anyway. 3E5E790D.JPG

 Brandon: No, Nicky -- just --

 Sami: Could we -- can we just go inside?

 Sami: Look, can you just promise me that you'll never ever make me be alone with him again?

 Brandon: Samantha, he's -- he's Will's father. You're going to have to be alone with him sometimes.

 Sami: I hate him.

 Brandon: Nicky is in... such a bad place right now.

 Sami: Look, Brandon, let's not think about Nicole or Lucas or any of their damn problems, okay? Let's take a break, okay? Let's just focus on us.

 Brandon: You are too much.

 Sami: Not for you. I am perfect for you. The best thing that ever happened to you, just like you were the best thing that ever happened to me and Will. It's going to be so good for him having you living here. He needs a normal family life desperately. In fact, now that you're here, maybe -- maybe we should make things official. 3E5E7968.JPG

 Brandon: Official? Are you talking about what I think you're talking about?


 Lucas: Slow elevator.

 Nicole: Great.

 Lucas: What's your problem? I thought you'd be on top of the world by now ever since you bagged Victor Kiriakis.

 Nicole: Yeah, well, I'm not.

 Lucas: Well, if there's anything I can do to help, Nicole, you just let old Lucas know.

[ Snickers ]

 Nicole: Sure, Lucas. Can you spare me some change?


 Victor: Are you sure you got it down pat -- all the details, the gun, where Colin was shot?

 Larry: Yeah. I'm straight on it, okay?

 Victor: You damn well better be. 3E5E79A3.JPG

[ Footsteps approaching ]

 Abe: What do you want with this prisoner, Kiriakis?


 Judge Goldberg: The defendant is hereby remanded into the custody of the corrections department. A preliminary hearing to follow in 30 days. Court is adjourned.

 Bailiff: All rise.

 Mickey: Okay, okay, now, I'll be over to see you as soon as I can. You're going to have to go into custody.

 Hope: We love you, honey.

 Shawn-d: It's okay.

 Carson: Your family's gotten you special treatments so far, but that ends as of now. The only visitor you'll be allowed is your lawyer. No mommy, no daddy, no girlfriend, no uncle roman. Not even commander Carver. 3E5E79D0.JPG

 Bo: Leave my kid alone.

 Carson: Oh, but he's not a kid, not in the eyes of the law. And he's not a Brady, either. He's just another common criminal. No --

 Hope: Bo! Bo, stop, please.

 Carson: Don't you think you should be setting a better example for your son? Excuse me.

 Mickey: Bo.

 Hope: Bo. Please don't.

 Roman: Bo, don't! That's what he wants you to do.

 Bo: He's making this personal. He's punishing my son to get back at the Brady's.

 Roman: Look, I know you want to tear him apart, but you can't do that, so calm down! 3E5E79F0.JPG

 Bo: Like I'm going to take the advice of the cop who arrested my son.

 Roman: You can't just go spouting off. You need proof to establish innocence.

 Bo: I have proof! And if you'd let me talk to my son before you arrested him, they wouldn't be dragging him off to jail right now!

 Roman: What kind of proof are you talking about?

 Bo: Shawn said he shot Colin in the back.

 Roman: In the back?

 Bo: Yeah. Kind of strange, huh, considering forensics said he was shot in the gut.

 Roman: Well, hell, that is great. I mean, if this is true, then Shawn's got a good chance of getting off. 3E5E7A0C.JPG

 Bo: I don't believe you. He shouldn't be going to trial in the first place! If you'd have talked to him, taken the time to find out what the hell was going on --

 Roman: Bo, I heard him tell you he killed Colin.

 Bo: He's a kid. I don't give a damn what the court says. And he's your nephew.

 Roman: So, what the hell am I supposed to do, treat him different? Is that it?

 Bo: Damn straight!

 Hope: Bo, don't do this here. Not here.

 Roman: All right, listen to me -- both of you. If Shawn is not guilty, I want to help clear him.

 Bo: Now you want to help.

 Hope: Bo, stop, please. Look, I'm not thrilled with the way you've handled things with my son, but if there's anything you can do to help us, we'll accept it, okay? All we care about is getting my son out of jail. 3E5E7A39.JPG

 Belle: Shawn! No, no, please, just -- just one second. It's okay. Now that you're willing to fight for yourself, everything is going to work out. We can't be together right now, but when -- when you have your trial, they're going to find you not guilty. Until then, just remember that I love you, okay? Okay? I love you, Shawn.


 Brandon: Samantha, I moved in with you because I love you.

 Sami: I know.

 Brandon: And I'm committed to you, to us. Now, I want this to work.

 Sami: Of course it's going to work.

 Brandon: Samantha, we could have it all. That's why I don't want to move too fast. I want to take it step by step to make sure that this is what we really want. You do understand, don't you?

 Sami: Oh, of course. You're right. I mean, there's going to be a lot to get used to, and we should definitely wait. You do put the cap back on the toothpaste tube, don't you? I mean, if you don't, I'm going to have to rethink this whole thing. 3E5E7AFD.JPG

 Brandon: If you want the cap back on, I will put it on.

 Sami: Well, okay.


 Lucas: You want change? Like what, like a nickel or a quarter or something?

 Nicole: Just a coin. Any coin.

 Lucas: Let me see what I got here. Oh, yeah. I got a penny for you. It's about all you're worth.

 Nicole: Heads, I stay. Tails... I run.

 Lucas: Isn't it a little late to flip a coin? I mean, the wedding's over. You, uh, you made your bed, as they say.

 Nicole: Heads. Looks like I'm turning myself in.

 Lucas: Ah. Really. Turning yourself in to what? Hey, give me my penny back. 3E5E7B45.JPG


 Victor: I wanted to get a good look at the man who almost killed my son's wife. I want this man to pay for his crime.

 Abe: Well, as police commander, I can assure you that Welch will pay a very heavy price for what he did to the Brady's.

 Victor: That's all I wanted to know.

 Larry: Commander Carver.

 Abe: What is it?

 Larry: There's something I want to get off my chest.


 Shawn-d: Just wait! Don't cry, okay? It's going to be okay. I love you.

 Man: Hey.

 Shawn-d: All right.

 Bo: Hey, Santos, hold on. Son, it's going to be okay. The real killer is out there, and I'm going to find him. Carson Palmer cannot get a conviction without evidence, and he doesn't have it, not even close. 3E5E7B7F.JPG

 Shawn-d: Okay.

 Hope: I love you, honey. I love you.

 Shawn-d: I love you, too. I love all of you... more than ever. Take care of belle for me, okay? All right, all right!

 Hope: We will.


 Roman: We need to talk.

 Bo: Okay. I'll start. Go to hell. I don't know what makes me angrier -- the fact that Shawn is in jail or that my brother put him there.

 Marlena: I'm your mother.

 Tony: And I'm your father. We're a family now

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