Days Transcript Wednesday 2/26/03


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday  2/26/03--Canada; 2/27/03--USA

By Eric
proofread by Jen




 Jack: You're making a big mistake.

 Abe: We had no choice. Shawn confessed, and Roman had to arrest him.


[ Country music playing ]

 Roman: What the hell?

 Kate: Very sloppy -- the shot and the grooming.

 Roman: What the hell are you doing here?

 Kate: Don't you dare ask me that question.


 Hope: Yay! Who's mommy's big boy? Hi.

 Caroline: No.

 Shawn: Oh, I bet Zack would love to go upstairs. Wouldn't you, little one, huh? Would you like to play with your electric trains, huh?

 Hope: Would you like to play with your electric trains, bunny?

 Zack: Yeah.

 Hope: Yes, big guy? 3E5D1D28.JPG

 Caroline: No comment. Look, we're trying to run a business here, so please don't call again. Another reporter.

 Shawn: Well, they're vultures. They're just circling around looking for something. A piece of garbage.

 Caroline: Hope, you haven't touched your breakfast.

 Hope: I'm not very hungry.

 Carole: No, of course you're not. Listen, you think it's -- Zack might be a little sleepy?

 Hope: I don't know. He doesn't seem very sleepy. You sleepy, baby? No

 Caroline: He gets cranky, you know, if he doesn't get his sleep. Tell you what -- why don't you let Shawn take him upstairs, lay him down for a minute or two, and if he fusses, we'll bring him right back to you. 3E5D1D52.JPG

 Hope: Okay. Hey, want to go to grandpa Shawn, sweetie? Want to go look at the trains?

 Shawn: Here, there's my big guy.

 Hope: Okay, sweetie, I love you, baby.

 Shawn: Okay. Here we go.

 Hope: [ Sighs ] Oh, dear. Oh, my gosh. How could they do this?

 Caroline: What?

 Hope: How could Jack and Jennifer write a front-page story on Shawn's confession?

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Ring ]

 Caroline: 10 to 1 that's another reporter.

[ Ring ]

 Hope: I'm not talking to the press.

 Jennifer: Not even me?

[ Ring ] 3E5D1D84.JPG


 Belle: Can you at least take the cuffs off?

 Man: Sorry. I'll be right outside.

 Belle: How are you doing? Did you get any sleep last night?

 Shawn-d: No, my dad was here most of the night. He's in total denial. But I know I did it. I-I know I'm guilty.

 Belle: Well, I didn't get very much sleep last night, either. I don't understand any of this. What were you thinking?


 Victor: You haven't touched your breakfast. Cook's going to be very upset.

 Nicole: She'll get over it.

 Victor: Wonder why you've lost your appetite.

 Victo m mm, wait. Could it be because you're a murderer, and now I know it, too? 3E5D1DC8.JPG

 Nicole: You think you're so damn clever, don't you?

 Victor: Oh, I'm not as clever as the district attorney. Would you rather be having breakfast with him? What is it, Henderson?

 Henderson: "Salem Spectator."

 Victor: You know I don't read the paper until I get to the office.

 Henderson: I believe you'll want to make an exception today.

 Victor: Get Bo Brady on the phone now.

 Henderson: Detective Brady is already here, Mr. Kiriakis.

 Victor: What?

 Henderson: On the terrace. I was trying to tell you.

 Victor: Well, why didn't he come in?

 Henderson: He's not here to see you, sir. He's searching the scene of the crime for more clues. 3E5D1DF9.JPG

 Victor: What are you doing, Bo?

 Bo: What do you think?

 Victor: I just saw the newspaper. I'm terribly sorry.

 Bo: My son did not murder anybody.

 Victor: Of course he didn't. Definitely not.


 Caroline: Why don't I let you two talk?

 Jennifer: Thank you, Caroline.

 Hope: "Salem's murder at midnight solved. Detective's son confesses to shooting distinguished doctor in cold blood." How could you do this?

 Jennifer: Hope, we were -- we were reporting the facts. Everybody's reported it. You could go anywhere and -- and read about this right now. 3E5D1EE6.JPG

 Hope: I suppose.

 Jennifer: I am sorry.

 Hope: No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being angry. You're right. You were doing a job.

 Jennifer: Well, it is my job, but it's not more important than my family, but it's like I said -- the media is all over this. I want to help you. I want to help you. You know that.

 Hope: He's a good kid.

 Jennifer: Yeah. He is a good kid. He is the best. That's why Jack and I are convinced he didn't do this. He's protecting someone, the same way Jack confessed to protect me.

 Hope: I hope you're right. Speaking of Jack, how are you two, huh? 3E5D1F0F.JPG

 Jennifer: We're, uh, we're -- we're fine. But, Hope, I really --

 Hope: What? Jen, please, come on. I need to get my mind off of what's happening in my own life. How's Abby?

 Jennifer: She's fine. Actually, she's ecstatic at the moment.

 Hope: She is? She's ecstatic?

 Jennifer: Yeah.

 Hope: What is she ecstatic about?

 Jennifer: Well...

 Hope: Wait. Does this mean...

 Jennifer: Yeah.

 Hope: Oh, my gosh.

 Jennifer: Yeah, that's what it means. It means that Jack and I are back together. Ha ha. 3E5D1F35.JPG


 Jack: Okay Shawn confessed to Murphy's murder, but just last night, he was a hero, Abe -- a hero. Saved his mother and girlfriend from certain death.

 Abe: No comment.

 Jack: Innocent people have confessed before, Abe. Hmm? Maybe he's covering for somebody. Has anybody even thought about that?

 Abe: You know, it's just too early in this investigation for my department to make a statement.

 Jack: Ah.

 Carson: Commander Carver may have nothing to say, but the D.A. Would be more than happy to make a statement to the press. Shawn-Douglas Brady has confessed to murder, and we intend to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. 3E5D1F60.JPG


 Victor: I know my grandson. I mean, Shawn isn't capable of cold-blooded murder.

 Bo: Yeah. I was up all night talking to him, going over his testimony.

 Victor: Did you come up with anything?

 Bo: Well, the details of his confession don't square with the forensics report.

 Victor: Is that a fact?

 Bo: Yeah. He might have shot at Colin, but there was another gunman, and that person, whoever it was, is the one who killed Colin Murphy.


 Shawn-d: What was I thinking? How -- how can you ask me that?

 Belle: I-I wasn't talking about the murder. Whatever happened, it must have been an accident, but how could you not have told anyone? Your mom, your dad, me. How could you go through this alone? 3E5D1F96.JPG

 Shawn-d: I haven't exactly been going through this alone.

 Belle: What do you mean?

 Shawn-d: Not completely.

 Belle: What are you talking about? Shawn, did someone know?

 Shawn: Yeah. Cassie.


 Man: Whoa. Where do you think you're going?

 Cassie: I have to see Shawn Brady.

 Man: I don't think so.

 Rex: Come on, come on, Cassie. Come on. We're going back to the dorm.

 Cassie: Let me go!

 Rex: Let Belle take care of Shawn. I'm getting you out of here.

 Cassie: Not until I see him.

 Belle: You told Cassie before you told me.

 Shawn-d: No, I didn't tell Cassie. She saw me shoot Colin. Then she told me not to tell anyone else because they would become accessories, okay? But bottom line, I should have confessed that night. I never should have lied and tried to cover this whole thing up. Belle -- 3E5D2033.JPG

 Belle: Don't, Shawn. Just don't.

 Shawn-d: You have to understand.

 Belle: Understand? It was hard enough for me when you put me in the dark and just pushed me out of your life. This whole time, you've had a shoulder to cry on, and it's been Cassie's.

 Shawn-d: I didn't have a shoulder to cry on.

 Belle: No, I -- Shawn, I -- I really need to get out of here.

 Cassie: You don't understand. This is important. Just go back to the dorm.

 Belle: How could you? How could you do this to me?


 Kate: I've been looking all over town for you. I called the police station, I called your parents' house, I called your house... 3E5D2058.JPG

 Roman: They tell you how welcome I am there?

 Kate: Why didn't you come to me, hmm? All I've heard for the past few weeks is how much you wanted me in your life, how much you cared for me.

 Roman: I do.

 Kate: Then let me in. Let me be here for you.

 Roman: Look, I'm sorry. I guess I've been pretty much a loner for so long that when things get rough, it's kind of a hard habit to break, handling things on my own. When's Shawns' arraignment?

 Roman: Today, but I'm not going.

 Kate: Roman.

 Roman: Best thing I can do is to remove myself from the case. It's better that way. 3E5D2080.JPG

 Kate: No, you can't. You can't do that.

 Roman: Carson Palmer's been watching me and Bo like a hawk, looking for any excuse. As a matter of fact, I hope Bo is being very careful, because if the D.A. Even thinks he's covering up anything, he's going to be in a whole lot of trouble.


 Carson: Ha ha. We are taking this confession very seriously.

 Jack: Oh.

 Carson: And you can assure your readers that Shawn Brady will not be receiving any special treatment just because his name happens to be a Brady. And speaking of the Brady's, perhaps if they would have spent as much of this city's time and money pursuing Colin Murphy's murderer as they did hunting down Larry Welch, then Shawn would have been in prison by now. And then again, maybe that was the whole point. 3E5D20B0.JPG

 Abe: What the hell are you implying?

 Carson: Shawn-Douglas isn't the only Brady under investigation. So you can tell your colleague Bo that if he does anything that even hints of compromising this case, I will personally see to it that he and his son have adjoining cells at Statesville.


 Bo: Could you do me a favor? Stand right here. That's where Shawn said he was standing when he fired at Colin, and... Colin was standing right here. Could you pretend like you're holding a gun? All right. Colin turns, the gun goes off, and Colin falls down. All right, from that distance, that angle -- trajectory of the bullet... all right. The forensics report says... aw, man. Listen, I got to get going. Shawn's arraignment's this morning. 3E5D20F3.JPG

 Victor: Can you get him off?

 Bo: I don't know. D.A.'s hell-bent on putting a Brady behind bars.

 Victor: Burden of proof is on the prosecution.

 Bo: Not if Shawn sticks to his confession. I cannot exonerate him unless I come up with facts, which I will. I'll let you know what happens.

 Victor: And if there's anything I can do to help, Bo.

 Bo: Thanks. I may take you up on that. See ya.

 Victor: Is that a look of panic I see in your eyes?

 Nicole: I'm going inside.

 Victor: You should be panicking, my lovely slut wife, because I'll be damned if I'm going to let my grandson take the fall for a crime you committed. 3E5D21EB.JPG


 Hope: Wow.

 Jennifer: Hope, I don't want to talk about me right now.

 Hope: I want to hear about it. I'm so happy for you. I was so concerned for you.

 Jennifer: Thank you, and I am so glad that Jack and I are back together, I really am. But I'm not going to be happy until this whole nightmare with Shawn is over.

 Hope: Yeah, well, there's got to be some other explanation for what happened. I'm going to find it.

 Jennifer: Yeah.

 Hope: Whatever it takes.

 Jennifer: Okay.


 Shawn-d: I'm ready to go back to my cell.

 Abe: Not so fast, Shawn. We have some questions first.

 Mickey: Hold it, Abe. You're not going to talk to my client without his attorney present. 3E5D221C.JPG

 Shawn-d: It doesn't matter. I've already confessed. I'll tell him anything else he wants to know.

 Mickey: Shawn, come on. Let me do the talking.

 Shawn-d: No, I have made up my mind. I don't want you here. I'm taking responsibility for what I did. That's what Brady's do.


 Cassie: Listen, honey, don't yell in my face.

 Belle: Oh, you think this is yelling? 'Cause you haven't even begun to hear me yell.

 Rex: Belle, stop.

 Belle: No, no, she is a manipulative liar. You knew what Shawn did, and you used it to get closer to him.

 Cassie: I helped him.

 Belle: Cassie, everything you have done has made this worse. How can you not see that? 3E5D223C.JPG

 Cassie: Everything I've done is for his own good. I would never hurt Shawn. He's all I care about.

 Man: You kids can't stay here. Come on.

 Belle: I am onto you, Cassie, and it's over. Do you understand me? I'm not going to let you get away with this.


 Kate: Ooh! Yes! I did it, I did it, I did it! Look at the table. I cleared the table.

 Roman: So, Salem slim, is this how you make me feel better?

 Kate: Oh, come on, relax. I know that you let me win.

 Roman: Then why are you so excited?

 Kate: Because I don't care how I won. I won, and it was fun. Ha ha. And now I'm hungry. 3E5D2267.JPG

 Roman: Worked up an appetite, did you?

 Kate: Yes, I did. Ooh, steak and eggs. That's not too fattening, now, is it?

 Roman: Ha ha. You know, pop used to make us steak and eggs every Sunday when we were kids. After church, we'd all sit down to a big breakfast. Yeah, I guess that's what makes it so tough. You know, I'm just not used to, you know, being on the outs with my family. Hell, I keep thinking about the time when I was 17, pop got really sick. Mom needed help with the kids. So I sort of became a father figure to Bo, Kayla, even Kimberly.

 Kate: Was that hard for you?

 Roman: In some ways, yeah, in some ways. I was heartbroken about pop, but, uh... so I decided that I would just do anything I could to keep the family going, but, hell, I was kidding myself. I was just, you know, I was getting interested in all sorts of new stuff. 3E5D22A8.JPG

 Kate: Ha ha.

 Roman: That I was too busy at home to go out, so, yeah, yeah, that part was real frustrating, but I think it was even a whole lot harder on Bo. See, even as a kid, he was a maverick, and, uh, I was the one that always was pulling in the reins. I guess I was always a little bit more by the book than he was. Probably still am. At any rate, he hated it then, and, of course, now he's... still got all those resentments inside, and...

 Bo: My son's going to have an arrest record for the rest of his life, all because you wanted to prove to the D.A. That you could follow his damn rules. Do you really believe the system works? Think about Stefano Dimera or his son Tony. What about what happened to Sami? I may be the younger brother here, but you're the naive one if you think you can justify what you did tonight.. you chose your job over your family. I'll never forgive you for that. 3E5D22F6.JPG

 Roman: With this situation with Shawn, I just... I don't know how in the hell wee e going to overcome this.

 Kate: You know, Roman, it may take time, and even if the worst happens and Shawn is convicted of murder, I don't think Bo's going to blame you. He's going to forgive you, don't you think?


 Bo: Hey. Where's Mickey?

 Abe: Shawn asked him to leave.

 Bo: He's your lawyer.

 Shawn-d: He's family. He doesn't want to believe that I did it. None of you do.

 Bo: Listen to me. We're trying to help you.

 Shawn-d: Okay. You can't.

 Bo: Talk me through the shooting step by step, exactly as you remember it. 3E5D232A.JPG

 Shawn-d: You mean like we did all night last night?

 Bo: Do it again, Shawn.

 Shawn-d: I was outside. I saw Colin pointing the gun through the window.

 Colin: Quit chatting and get back to your place, Bo, so I can blow you away.

[ Tree rustling ]

[ Both grunting ]

 Shawn-d: What the hell are you -- why are you after my dad? Stay away! Get back!

 Colin: Don't pull the trigger, Shawn.

 Shawn-d: Why not? You were going to kill my dad.

 Colin: Why shouldn't I? What makes you think your precious father has the right to live? What, just because he's Bo Brady? Like that's something special? Well, he's not special! Time for him to get knocked down off of that damn pedestal you and your grandfather and the rest of the family have put him on. You are going to find out that Bo Brady's just a poor mortal, just like the rest of us -- breathing one minute, dead the next. 3E5D2388.JPG

 Shawn-d: No.

 Colin: Who's going to stop me?

 Shawn-d: Who's got the gun? Now, you're going to go back inside with me, and you're going to tell my father exactly what you just said.

 Colin: Then it'll be your word against mine.

 Shawn-d: Come on. Let's go.

 Colin: You're not going to shoot me. Mommy and daddy wouldn't approve. Ha ha. It's wrong to shoot me in cold blood. Besides, you don't have the guts! Hand over the gun.

[ Tree branch snaps ]

[ Gunshot ]

 Abe: It couldn't have happened. 3E5D23C8.JPG

 Bo: That's what I've been saying.

 Shawn-d: Dad, I know what I did!

 Bo: I believe you. And I believe you're telling us the truth as you know it. Forensics doesn't back up your statement. You said you shot Colin from a distance in the back. The M.E. Concluded he was shot in the gut at close range. So you didn't do it. You couldn't have. Shawn, you're innocent.


 Hope: Shawn's covering for someone. I'm convinced of it.

 Jennifer: Yeah, he is, but who? Who is he protecting?

 Hope: I don't know.

[ Cellular phone rings ] 3E5D24A6.JPG

 Hope: It's Bo. He needs me at the station A.S.A.P. I've got to go. Could you please say goodbye to Caroline for me? And give Zack a big kiss for me, okay?

 Jennifer: I will. Okay. And we'll see you at the arraignment, okay?

 Hope: Yeah.

 Jack: We both will.

 Hope: Thank you, both of you. Bye.

 Jennifer: Oh, I am so worried about Hope and Bo. I am really worried about Shawn.


 Shawn-d: No. No, no, no. What you're saying is impossible. I shot Colin, dad. I know I did.

 Bo: You said you shot him in the back, not the abdomen. 3E5D24C9.JPG

 Shawn-d: No, what I said was he was turning around. I don't know. It was happening so fast. Maybe he didn't turn around completely, but I never stopped to check where the bullet hit him, all right? I fired the gun, he fell to the ground. He was dead.

 Bo: Shawn, listen to me. You said you didn't shoot him at close range.

 Shawn-d: I was close enough I could s-- I could see the look in his eye. Da-- dad, I -- I had to kill him. Otherwise, he was going to come after you.

 Abe: Then you have a defense, Shawn.

 Bo: If you killed him to stop him from killing me, you can't go in that courtroom and plead guilty. 3E5D24F2.JPG

 Shawn-d: Why not? Who is going to believe me? I shot an unarmed man. Whether it was in the back or not, it was murder. I am guilty of murder.


 Belle: Cassie. You have been after Shawn since the night you and Rex crash-landed at that lookout point.

 Cassie: Shawn gave me life that night, Belle. Something magical happened when we kissed.

 Belle: It wasn't a kiss. It was mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. And since that night, you've been embarrassing yourself with one desperate needy act after another.

 Cassie: Really, this is hilarious. Who is acting desperate and needy now? 3E5D2516.JPG

 Belle: You managed to manipulate Shawn into not telling his parents or me about the shooting just because you wanted to keep it some romantic little secret! Cassie, because of your selfishness and stupidity, Shawn could end up in jail for the rest of his life. And if that does happen, this whole thing is your fault.


 Nicole: Victor, what are you going to do?

 Victor: Whatever it takes to keep my grandson from being sent to prison.

 Nicole: But what about me? Don't you care at all about me?

 Victor: If you wanted me to care about you, you wouldn't have slept with Colin Murphy like some common whore! If you had a shred of decency, you wouldn't have killed the poor son-of-a-bitch! 3E5D253B.JPG

 Nicole: He was blackmailing me!

 Victor: You killed a man! You took a life!

 Nicole: You're hurting me!

 Victor: I want to know exactly how the shooting went down -- now!

 Nicole: All right. I walked out onto the terrace... I saw Colin lying in the snow. There was a gun beside him. I was so scared. I didn't know what to do. And then... I figured it was my chance to finally put an end to the blackmail.

 Nicole: We argued.

 Colin: What the hell are you doing? Give me that!

 Nicole: Stay away from me.

 Colin: Did you hear me, you bitch? I said give me that gun now! 3E5D2571.JPG

 Nicole: I thought maybe someone might overhear us. Do not make one move in my direction.

 Colin: Ha ha. I knew you were a fool and incompetent, but I didn't think you were insane. Now give me that bloody gun!

 Nicole: No. Only if you promise me -- promise to stop the blackmail.

 Col: You lowlife slut! I'm not promising you anything!

 Nicole: He tried to take the gun away from me. We struggled. I was holding on to the gun as tightly as I could, and then...

[ Gunshot ]

 Nicole: I didn't mean -- I didn't mean to shoot him, just scare him. I didn't know what to do, so I just ran. And that's the truth! That's exactly what happened! 3E5D25AB.JPG

 Victor: And you're willing to ruin my grandson's life to save your own neck.

 Nicole: Oh, if you didn't invite Colin to the wedding --

 Victor: Oh, shut up and go get me the gun.

 Nicole: What makes you think I kept it?

 Victor: Because it's the murder weapon. You wouldn't risk it falling into the wrong hands. Now get me the damn gun!


 Roman: Bo asked me to cover for Shawn. I couldn't do it.

 Kate: And it sounds like you haven't forgiven him for asking.

 Roman: I'm a cop, Kate.

 Kate: Well, Bo wasn't being a cop. He was being a parent. You know, I've covered for my family more than once, and it turned out to be a mistake. But if my kids were in trouble, I would do it again in a heartbeat -- whatever it takes to protect them -- and so would you. 3E5D26B8.JPG

 Roman: No, not if --

 Kate: You know something? You stayed quiet when you suspected Sami of killing Colin.

 Roman: Until the evidence came in, and it cleared her. But if it hadn't, or if she had confessed, I would have had no choice. I would have arrested her.

 Kate: Your own daughter?

 Roman: Look, you can't have one set of rules for the world and another set of rules for the family. The system can't work that way, Kate.

 Kate:'re always going to stick to the rules, and I'll always be willing to bend them.

 Roman: Well, I guess it seems that way, yeah.

 Kate: Is there any hope for us?

 Roman: There could be, yeah. 3E5D26E7.JPG


 Jennifer: I don't know, it just doesn't seem fair -- everything that hope has gone through with Larry Welch, and now this. And I know. I know that life isn't fair. I know that great things happen and I know that sad and awful things happen, and if you don't meet the challenges head-on, you just fall apart. Don't you love it when I pontificate?

 Jack: I do. I do. I love just about everything you do.

 Jennifer: I am so happy that you are back in my life and Abby's life.

 Jack: I'm not going to let you down again.

 Jennifer: I know that. And, Jack, I'm not perfect. I'm so far from perfect. But I'm going to make sure that I don't let you down, either. 3E5D271D.JPG

 Jack: All right, that's it. That's it.

 Jennifer: What? Ha ha.

 Jack: I was going to wait to give you something...

 Jennifer: Yeah?

 Jack: But now is the perfect time.

 Jennifer: Oh. Okay.

 Jack: Here.

 Jennifer: Oh! Ha ha! What's in here?

 Jennifer: Jack!

 Jack: From now on, I'm going to devote my life to keeping you happy -- just like that.


 Cassie: Rex, it's just not fair. Belle got to see Shawn last night and this morning. Why won't they let me see him?

 Rex: Would you calm down?

 Cassie: I'm the one that helped him and stood by him. I'm the one that kept his secret! 3E5D2758.JPG

 Rex: Shh! If any of those cops hear you say that, they will turn you over to captain Brady, and he will throw you in jail for aiding and abetting.

 Cassie: Don't worry about me.

 Rex: We can't trust anybody, Cassie, not even the police! I didn't understand that before, but people, no matter who they are or what they say, are only out for themselves.

 Belle: Rex, we have to have hope and believe that life can be positive and wonderful. Well, I'm going to go to Shawn's arraignment.

 Cassie: I'm going, too. I can't let Shawn down, now, can I? Not when he needs me the most.


 Hope: Bo, Abe, what is it? What's wrong?

 Bo: Your son won't listen to me. 3E5D2784.JPG

 Abe: Thought maybe you could talk some sense into him. Get in touch with us as soon as you're finished.

 Hope: Hey, honey. Oh, sweetie. Oh, gosh, it's so good to put my arms around you.

 Shawn-d: What are you doing here?

 Bo: We need to prepare you for what you're going to say at the arraignment.

 Shawn-d: I told you what I'm going to say.

 Hope: You did not kill Colin. Honey, you can't keep saying that you did.

 Shawn-d: Did dad and Abe tell you their new theory about how Colin was killed?

 Hope: What?

 Bo: The department hasn't released the details yet, but forensics proves Colin was shot in the abdomen at close range, so Shawn couldn't have done it. 3E5D27A3.JPG

 Hope: You're not guilty.

 Shawn-d: I aimed the gun, pulled the trigger.

 Bo: I'm not saying you didn't. I'm saying you didn't kill him. You interested in hearing my theory? Shopping for a used vehicle that runs like new?

 Bo: Shawn, I believe you shot at Colin, just like you said, but I think you missed him, and Colin fell over, pretending to be dead. When you went up to him, you didn't check for a wound. Did you check for a pulse?

 Shawn-d: No. I was in shock. But if I missed him, how come the investigators never found the bullet?

 Bo: I went over to Victor's this morning. Considering where you said you were standing in relationship to Colin, if you missed, the trajectory of that bullet would have gone through the woods out into the lake. 3E5D286C.JPG

 Shawn-d: Okay, then, how did Collin die?

 Bo: What did you do right after you fired the shot?

 Shawn-d: I-I told you, I walked over to him, saw that he was dead, and I-I dropped the gun and I ran.

 Bo: The police on the scene did not find a gun. I think someone else came up, picked up the gun, shot Colin in the gut at close range, and then took off with that gun.


Victor: Odd the police never found any shell casings at the scene.

 Nicole: I picked them up.

 Victor: Remarkable presence of mind... and your first instinct always was self-preservation. Two shots fired, huh?

 Nicole: What are you going to do? Victor! 3E5D28C8.JPG


 Roman: I'm glad you tracked me down. You're a good detective.

 Kate: I learned from the best. And the best does not run and hide from his problems. Now, I know it's not going to be easy, but you need to go to Shawn's arraignment. You need to be there for your family.


 Jennifer: Why aren't Bo and Hope here?

Jack: Well, they're probably in with Shawn. How about if I check in with the office?

 Jennifer: Right. I'm going to talk to uncle Mickey and see if he can tell us anything.

 Jack: Good.

 Jennifer: Uncle Mickey...

 Cassie: Hi, belle.

 Belle: You don't belong here.

 Cassie: I am here for Shawn. 3E5D2907.JPG

 Belle: Yeah, well, you're not helping him. He's not going to want to see you.

 Jennifer: I just wanted to wish you luck.

 Mickey: Thanks, darling. I'm going to need it.

 Belle: Mickey -- hi.

 Jennifer: Hi.

 Belle: What are Shawn's chances of getting off?

 Mickey: I'm afraid that at this point, uh, not very good.

 Belle: Shawn is innocent. He has to be. Mickey, there's got to be something that you can do.

 Mickey: Darling, I've tried, but Shawn has vetoed every defense that I've suggested. He is adamant about sticking to his confession, so if he does that, I... 3E5D2998.JPG

 Rex: Belle's right. We shouldn't be here.

 Cassie: I can't let Shawn go to prison. I've got to do whatever I can to help him, no matter what.

 Roman: Kate. You know you didn't have to come with me.

 Kate: I didn't have to track you down this morning, either. Shall we?

 Roman: goes.

 Jennifer: Oh, there you are.

 Jack: All's quiet at the paper.

 Jennifer: Uncle Mickey just said that Shawn refuses to recant his confession.

 Jack: I got an unsolicited statement from Carson Palmer earlier. The D.A. Is out for Brady blood.


 Nicole: Henderson, where's my husband? 3E5D29DC.JPG

 Henderson: Mr. Kiriakis said he was heading to police headquarters.

 Nicole: [ Thinking ] Oh, my god. He's turning me in.


 Woman: Can I help you?

 Victor: Yes. I'd like to arrange a visit with one of your prisoners. Larry Welch.


 Shawn-d: Your theory doesn't wash, dad, and if I don't buy it, why is a judge going to --

 Bo: Shawn, you got to give me a chance to try.

 Hope: Honey, please. You have to retract your confession. At least give uncle Mickey a chance to build a defense --

 Shawn-d: You two have always taught me that a man -- a Brady -- always takes responsibility for his actions. At least let me make you proud of that. 3E5D2A0E.JPG

 Man: It's time.

 Bo: Shawn... you cannot plead guilty.


 Lucas: You like to lie and play games, don't you?

 Sami: Be quiet!

 Lucas: You know, every man you ever tricked into bed has gotten wise to you, Sami.

 Sami: God, Lucas!

 Brandon: Nicky, talk to me. What's victor doing to you?

 Nicole: I'm as good as dead.

 Man: How does the defendant plead?

 Mickey: Defendant pleads guilty.

 Belle: Shawn, no!

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